Mikassa's Fall

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Sweet Escape-Damon

I waited until she woke up to speak with her. “Where’s Ripley?” she asked sleepily.

“He’s talking with Stuart,” I explained, stroking her head.

She bristled at the mention of Stuart. That gave me hope. “That dumbass. I can’t believe him,” she grumbled.

“Michón, my darling. I have a proposition for you,” I began, leaning over her.

She reached up to touch my face. My eyes closed and I shivered. “What is it, Damon? You sound so serious,” she said softly.

Capturing her hand, I kissed her fingers fervently. “Stuart has chosen Alana. Mark has run off with Aeryn. You don’t have to stay here waiting,” I paused, swallowing hard.

Her brown eyes studied me intently, fully awake now. “Tell me,” she commanded.

“Come with me. And Karia. See my home ark. Learn about me. Let me learn about you. I’ve already discussed it with Ariel and she understands. She doesn’t mind putting off the wedding for a while.”

Her eyes widened. “Are you asking me to elope with you?”

“Uh…well…yeah. Run away with me, Michón?” My heart practically beat out of my chest.

“What about Rafael?” she asked carefully.

“Mitch and I are raising him together. He’ll make sure you see him. My ark isn’t the most child-friendly place,” I laughed wryly.

“I imagine not. Save for the ones born there,” she noted dryly.

“You’re right about that…”

Drawing her hand away from me, she crossed the room.

"Mica..." I called after her. She glanced back at me but didn't reply. Frustrated, I walked over to her. This was nothing like dealing with Saje. Michón was unpredictable and complex. I took her hand again. "Let me bathe you. Then we can leave," I decided to try a different tactic.

"Oh? So you're more or less kidnapping me, then?" she blinked slowly at me.

"Might as well. But you know you want to," I whispered in her ear. Come to think of it, I realized she was probably punishing me for ever having slept with Aeryn.

"You wanna bet?" she retorted playfully, dancing away from me.

"Where do you think you're going?" I followed her. "Hey, remember the first time I tackled you?"

"Mm, yeah."

I caught her and held her from behind in my arms, my hands covering hers. "I fuckin' loved it. That was your first time kissing me."

"So it was."

I lifted her up and took her to the bathroom. I sat with her on the edge of her tub slowly stripping off her clothes, smoothing my hands over her soft skin. She began to tremble as it dawned on her that I was going to punish her right back. Deliberately and with patience, I peeled off one clothing item at a time as the bath filled. As I slid her bra off, I cupped and squeezed her breasts. When I unzipped her pants, I slipped my finger down into her pussy. She moaned as I finished removing her pants. "You're such a mean person," I told her as I slid her socks off. Gently but firmly I set her in the tub. I grabbed the liquid soap and conditioner after adding bubbles to her bath. I started with her hair, expertly dipping her head back to wet it. Bringing her up at an angle, I massaged her scalp.

Her eyes refused to stay open. "Holy shit," she murmured as my fingers danced through her hair. I smiled to myself as her head automatically rolled and followed the motions of my hand. I worked the conditioner deep into her scalp, working out tension. I dipped her back into the water to rinse it out. I rested her head on a little pillow and lathered the soap into my hands. Starting at her neck, I rubbed it into her skin thoroughly. I worked my way down her arms, lifting each hand in turn and delicately cleaning her cuticles. She purred, lost in my attentions. "That's right, love. Enjoy yourself. Think about me doing this for you every evening," I sang, feeling my eyes glow. I rubbed her back, softening the kinks in her muscles. Leaning down, I grabbed her ass with both hands. She moaned, deeper this time.

My hands glided to her front, sweeping over the curves of her hips and belly up toward her breasts. I grabbed them as well, massaging her. I drew my hands back until my forefingers and thumbs remained, my movements like those of a master pianist. I carefully sensitized her nipples, salivating a bit as they hardened. My hands travelled down to her leg, smoothing over her thick thighs and muscular calves. I stroked her foot, pressing just hard enough to avoid tickling her, and then moved on to her other leg. I gave it the same amorous attention and then rinsed my hands. Michón was panting now. I watched her chest rise and fall. I parted her legs so they lay to the side and used a gentler soap on her sex. Her moans grew louder, higher in pitch. I fondled her puffy lips, loving the feel of her on my hand.

I quickly rinsed my hand again before plunging my middle finger into her. She curled up and I held her up with my free hand. "Best bath you've ever had, huh?" I teased her, pushing on the back of her clitoris (what idiots referred to as the G spot). She let out a cry, gripping my shoulder so hard she drew blood, and gushed into the water. "Fuck!" she shouted, collapsing back against my supporting hand. Once her vagina stopped squeezing the shit out of my finger, I slid it out of her and stroked her arm. "Damn you, Damon," she whispered.

"Will you come with me now?" I asked her.

"Only if you cum with me first," she relented, leaning up to kiss me.

*Aeryns perspective

“That’s my home,” Archie said excitedly. “I haven’t seen it in so long.”

“It’s beautiful, Archie,” I remarked. It was a large purple and green marble with several inhabited moons. But what were those streaks of color moving about? They were far too maneuverable to be ships (at least any that I knew of). As we pulled into orbit I saw the streaks had large, colorful wings. “Are those…” My jaw dropped.

“Dragons,” Mark Ulf nodded, leaning on the wall next to me.

“How cool!” I enthused. “They’re so majestic.”

“Wait until you see them up close,” Archie laughed.

I squealed in anticipation. “You think they’ll let me ride them?”

“I’ll let you ride me,” Archie replied.

Before I could figure out if that was innuendo or if he was being serious Cel spoke up, “We need you to speak with the C.E.O.”

“Just a moment, Aeryn.” Archie stepped over to the communicator. “This is Archimedes submitting a formal request to speak with C.E.O. Brackamore. Please confirm receipt of this message.” He sent the message to a rather intimidating-looking skyscraper on the planet below. Even from orbit it was massive.

I watched curiously, sucking on a blood lollipop Mark Ulf had stolen for me. Mark Blue put his arm around me. I pushed him away and he sneered at me. Mark Ulf sighed at our antics. Cel shut down most of the power on this small ship as we awaited the reply. A few minutes later, a secretary appeared on the communicator. “C.E.O. Brackamore has received your request. This is a confirmation of your ten o’ clock meeting,” she informed Archie.

“Meeting confirmation received,” Archie tilted his head to the side. The connection cut out and Archie tapped his fingers on the display.

“Your name is Archimedes?” I inquired.

“Yes. Archimedes Yobegan,” he replied.

“I think I once knew a dragon with that name. That’s cool.”

He blushed a little. “Thank you, Aeryn.”

The communicator activated again and what I first thought was a man appeared. I only knew from the shape of the back of her skull that she was, well, a she. She had dark brown hair, a strong jaw, and equally dark eyes. If I ever meet her in person, I thought and nearly whistled to myself. She wasn’t beautiful as a female but she did make an extremely handsome man. “This is C.E.O. Brackamore for Archimedes. State your business,” she spoke briskly.

“Prince Chevel, I’ve come to visit your moon Olean. I’ve brought Queen Aeryn with me,” Archie explained.

C.E.O. Brackamore’s (or Prince Chevel’s? Interesting) eyebrow quirked up. She (or did she go by he) glanced down at something on her desk and then met Archie’s eye. “I’m glad you’re back, Archimedes. I’ve heard many wonderful tales of you and your adventures. You are cleared to visit. I’d also like to extend a formal invitation for you and your guests to attend the Fall Games. They start in a month. I’ll send you the paperwork via courier,” she granted permission.

“My deepest appreciation, Prince Chevel. We’ll visit you in person as soon as Aeryn becomes acquainted with the customs.” Archie tilted his head once more and I realized it was like a nod of affirmation.

Prince Chevel returned the gesture. “I’ll see you soon.” She closed her communicator.

Cel guided the ship towards a blue moon and landed in front of a mansion. All three of them were bubbling with excitement. “We’re here. Follow me,” Archie rushed out first. Mark Blue put a spell on him so he wouldn’t trip over nothing. We approached the large vertical door. The building looked like it was made of glass but it was opaque instead of clear. The silver light from the sun made it appear as if it were glowing. There were dark red plants spread across the grounds but very little grass. Most of the vegetation was in midair, with only one “root” in the ground. I wondered what the hell I was breathing.

Mark Ulf stopped on the massive marble porch in front of the door. The marble vibrated and the mansion sang. The weirdest thing is that I knew the song that was playing. Those chimes were the notes of a rock song that was a big hit around the year I died in my last life. It was one of Jean’s songs. In amazement, I watched the door slide up to reveal three people. The two men were identical. They had green eyes and brown hair. Very handsome. The woman looked suspiciously familiar. She burst into tears when she saw me. The men did as well when they noticed me. Mark Ulf rushed over and cradled the woman’s head. “I kept my promise, Anna,” he told her.

“Queen Aeryn, Allison Mae, Lilith…it is so very nice to meet you,” she greeted me, full of emotion and holding Mark Ulf close. “I’m your grandmother, sweetie.”

I fainted.

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