Mikassa's Fall

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Messing With Time

We were nearly at Middle Earth. The closer we got the more agitated Mik became. Saje also fed the fire by pestering him about a new body. Death hadn’t lessened her spunk one bit. She was so cute floating around. I wondered if I’d ever be able to be with another woman like I used to. I could feel what was coming and I wanted to spend as much time with Michón as possible. I knew I was being an ass but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I hoped I’d snap out of it. She was already looking at me sideways. For that reason I set her loose for the rest of the meshane while I concentrated on directing Allison Mae’s life. Part of the reason I didn’t like Mark Ulf is because he had no qualms about fucking with the timelines. I’d never made such drastic changes. Not since that time long ago when I’d erased everyone’s memories after our fight with Karia. I’d known since childhood I would gain more and more control over time. I damn sure rarely exercised it. Especially with the ripples affecting others so close to me. I guess it was time to start, though. I geared myself up in a wrestling match with Mitch and Micala.

Mitch had me in a headlock and I had Micala pinned beneath me. Might as well try it now, I thought and leaned in to kiss her. Mitch watched silently, smirking. Micala pushed up against me, grabbing my hair and tugging it hard. I moaned and released her other arm so I could grab her breast. She took advantage of that by knocking my head into Mitchell’s. Dazed, both from the acid in her spit and from the blow, I fell back. Micala jumped on us and sent her punches onto every part of our bodies. We guffawed under the onslaught before using our combined power to subdue her. She wriggled away from us and kicked us both in various places. I loved playing with them. We’d missed out on a lot of time after Karia fucked up our planet. I was so happy they were here, though I’d hated it when they’d first come back. I was so happy I’d kissed her and felt that spark. Maybe I could forgive Razi. And maybe I’d finally make the time to sleep with Saje.

After Micala beat our asses nearly as bad as our dad had I got down to business. I retrieved the coordinates from Mark Ulf, sat by myself, and then warped to Lombardi’s governed universe. This time I knew better and flipped myself before landing. The first time I’d gone there the lot of us had shown up upside down. I didn’t fancy the blood rushing to my head so made sure I was right side up this time. The first place I appeared was Allison’s childhood. At the start, I simply examined her encounters with Mark Ulf. I studied his actions with her to better prepare myself. She was the weirdest little girl. I could read her loneliness and pain. Of my ilk, I thought. Despite myself I felt a connection to her forming. I watched over her. The way she hid herself until Mark came around. The way she’d occupy her time by dreaming of space and learning law. The way she danced when she was alone.

Allison Mae was a lot like Michón. I started to see why she’d be able to break Mikassa. She paid attention, remaining on the sidelines until she needed to act. A hunter. Reconciling this child with the woman I’d met left me feeling bizarre. Recalling the way her energy had changed when I’d previously visited this place and what Mark Ulf had shared with me I found my answer. This girl was not yet Queen Aeryn. As each of us had changed after touching the Tree, so she wouldn’t change until the day she was struck in the Tree. And as always, if you haven’t a clue what I mean for the last damn time read the other stories, moron! Do you expect everything to be spoon-fed to you? For the love of Gangos! Anyway, I skipped back and forth in time, growing more enamored day by day. I wasn’t her only stalker: these two vampires-one Jean Claude and the other one very similar to Stuart-followed her for a while before deciding she was Aeryn. They planned to corner her on a cruise this boy named Sam suggested. Sam was a friend of her family as well as a new kind of creature. A creature that apparently originated with Mark Ulf. Definitely had to drill him about that later. Many of these later events I remembered from the glimpses I’d received during my previous visits here. I picked out moments I’d need to step in and plotted my course. There were moments she wouldn’t even notice I was Mark Blue instead of Mark Ulf. How fun!

After all, I was still an asshole.

*Aeryn’s perspective

What the hell had happened? Had I really been abducted? I’d never seen this part of the A Seriesen before. At least the walls weren’t black. I stretched and assessed my situation. I had survived. I’d had Jean drain me of all my blood and had lain dying in Georgia while most of my family had watched. Then, against my wishes, Mark had appeared and taken me up into his ship. I didn’t know which one he was yet. He’d saved me by making me drink from this Japanese boy. Ever since then I’d had these memories and dreams coming back of my very first life. I’d known I was Lilith for years but most of that life had been lost to me. Now I was gaining it back. I wondered why I was here. Mark had left me alone for the most part, telling me to rest. His thoughts were either nonexistent or too foreign for me to pick up on. I huffed. He could have at least told me if anyone besides my family had survived the cull. He could have told me whether or not any humans or vampires or Others still lived on Earth. What had happened? And why am I here? Somewhere in space. It hurt to think about it. I needed answers so I could execute the best course of action.

I paced to and fro, wondering about my next meal and what he’d done with my knife. I scowled, deducing this had to be Mark Blue’s work. Mark Ulf wouldn’t be so careless. Breathing heavily, I alternated between my predatory form and my normal one, going stir crazy. I wanted to run, to hunt, to conquer, to fuck. I’d never felt so alive. This room was sealed for sense and energy so I could detect nothing of the world beyond. There was no doubt the ship was immense; I recalled the size of it from the outside as well as the enormity of Mark’s room from my dreams. And I was stuck in this cramped space. Like an angry cat I hissed and spit at the walls, which changed colors to match my mood. Oh, Bastet, how I miss you. My little goddess.

When would he be back? Had it been days, weeks, since he’d first abducted me? I began to tremble, wishing I could kill him. I kicked one of the walls repeatedly, spending my energy the best way I could. There must be some option. I kept kicking the wall-the exact spot I’d worked on for weeks (days?) now-until it began to bend. It became a golden white: plasma. Fantastic. I concentrated my fire on it, burning it open. My head split open and my nose bled yet I pushed on. Almost free. I was blacking out when a hole appeared and grew. A hallway was revealed through the opening. On the other side of which stood...Mark Ashton? Sera? But the smell was all wrong.

He regarded me like a deer in the headlights. “Michón?” he gasped, puzzled.

“Lilith,” I responded and seized him by the collar of his vest. He’d do nicely.

“D…Damon!” he sputtered as I yanked him towards me.

Damon ran up from a spot I couldn’t see. “Queen Aeryn? What are you doing with Stuart?”

“I need blood. And relief. You come, too,” I spoke gruffly and gestured with the crook of my finger for him to come closer.

Mesmerized, he haltingly stepped up to me. Gesturing with my hand, I directed him over to the strange-looking bed while biting into Stuart’s neck. He was definitely a vampire. Tasted like a scaroth to me. His memories poured into me, filling me with information. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people in his life. Too many. Gods, fairies, elves, oh my! The A Seriesen crew. So some of them still lived. Interesting. Maybe I could save the remaining members. Authors? Why such fear around this word? More time to explore that later. My gods, is Mark Blue insane! I thought as I came across some early memories. Sated for the moment on blood, I dropped Stuart to the floor and focused on Damon. “Allishuan,” I called, giving him my most powerful stare.

“Aeryn, what do you require?” he asked obediently, his hazel eyes glowing ever so slightly.

“Physical pleasure. His name, his middle name means any kind of sex. Teach him how. Give me your best,” I commanded.

Damon nudged Stuart, who sprang up immediately and kissed my fingers. Rapidly, his kisses moved up my arm. Damon kissed me on the lips, all caramel goodness. Stuart was a fire igniting my own. Yes, yes! I delighted, pulling them against me. Running hands over me, they lay me back to worship me. They stripped themselves then me. They devoured me: kissing, licking, prodding me all over. Stuart nibbled on me in total ecstasy as Damon consumed my core. More, more! I begged them mentally. I swallowed Stuart down, reveling in him. He moaned and ran his hands through my locks. My wave built and crested under Damon’s tonguing. Finally he pulled away to taste my breasts. Stuart moved beneath me, lifting me and impaling my ass. I groaned and brought Damon’s face up to mine to kiss him through the pain and pleasure. He slipped down into me easily, pumping me smoothly and fully while running his hand through my hair. I bit his lip and he called out in surprise. I angled my bottom better for Stuart and screamed out as they fucked me. Six times. Can we make it to six times? We must. Please, please. I sounded like a witch chanting the way I was.

When we were halfway through our third round I realized Mark was back. He was sort of frozen in the doorway, quite obviously aroused. How long had he been watching? And why hadn’t he joined? I smiled at him evilly from my spot between Stuart and Damon. They were holding me upside down and Stuart’s face was buried between my legs, which Damon held open for him while I worked his shaft. My arm extended gracefully, drawing figures in the air in Mark’s direction. He spaced within feet of me and took my hand, tugging me away from the two exhausted men. “You bad, bad girl,” he chided, smirking at me. “You weren’t supposed to get out yet.”

“Too bad. I needed answers. Can we talk yet or are you still avoiding me?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Fine. You win. Something tells me you can handle it. Come with me. I think they’re half-dead.”

I shook my head. “It should have been women,” I sighed.

*Stuart’s point of view

I was in so much fuckin’ trouble. Ripley could hide my affair with Michón but there was no getting rid of Aeryn’s marks. Big, long red streaks from her nails went down my back, arms, butt, and legs. Her hickeys were all over my body. And I was still dizzy from her drinking my blood. Even for a vampire it was taking me forever to heal from the damage she’d done. Alana was positively livid. “Who the hell is Aeryn and what the fuck did she do to you?” she hollered at me.

“She fucked me,” I stated giddily. “A few times,” I added quietly, daydreaming.

“Why did you let her?” she screamed, kicking me in the shin.

“You’d understand if you met her,” I tried to explain.

“Get out. Leave me alone until I decide a proper punishment for you. This is insane, Stuart. I knew you were a whore but I never thought you could do this to me. I thought I had you to myself finally.” Tears streamed down her face like little rivers. She shoved me out and bolted her door.

What have I done? What will happen to me now? Why does Mark always have to mess things up for me? If he hadn’t brought her here, or if he’d have just watched her, I wouldn’t have been snatched up to feed her insane appetite. Though I tried to lay low word spread fast around this ship. Soon everyone was bugging me about what I’d done to Alana (and the pervs bugged me about what I’d done with Aeryn). I now had no room because Alana had it deleted, she’d barred my access to any other room on the ship, plus nearly everyone else was too afraid to let me stay in theirs. Mark couldn’t let me use his rooms because of his experiments, Queen Aeryn’s presence, and the randomized energy from his latest time-travelling antics floating around. Since neither of us wanted me to accidentally get sucked through time I stayed away. The good thing is that him being busy allowed me the time I needed to sort out what he meant to me without him constantly trying to sleep with me. I could process my emotions without the distraction of his intense presence.

For a while I posted up in the hallway where our old rooms had been. At least the ceiling showed the galactic highways. Ribbons of cosmic strings, wormholes, and gravity wells made intricate, beautiful, undulating pictures for me to admire during sleepless nights. One evening Michón tiptoed up and lay down with me, resting her head on my chest. I tugged her into my arms, so full of relief at the warm softness of her against me once more. “She looks just like you, but thicker. Have you seen her?” I said.

“I refuse to. She’s a bitch,” she replied. “I’ll make you a room if you like.”

“Thank you. I appreciate it. Why are you here?”

“Why did you sleep with her?”

“Have you seen her? You know you’re the one who wrote it.”

“The me in the story doesn’t always know what the one who’s writing plans,” she recited tiredly. “Really, though. Why?”

“You care? You never cared who I had sex with before.”

“I’m considering whether or not to get back with you.”

My ears perked up. “She’s magnetic. Like Mark. I’ve been avoiding her since then. I’ve never been so swept away. She’s…a Domme. Mistress Aeryn. She’s like a super combo of Mark and Micala,” I shared.

“She’s pretty much abducted Damon. Mark’s been yelling at her whenever he’s here. But she’s stubborn. He had to extend a time bubble around her room so at least she can’t leave it. She’s pissed, too,” Michón whistled.

“I can’t imagine what will happen when she gets loose,” I giggled. Michón gave a little smirk. I waited a beat before asking. “Have you decided?”

“I decided way before questioning you. I’m always yours, Stu. From the moment I thought you up.” She lightly pushed my torso.

Feeling alive, I rolled onto her and kissed her. “I was so worried, babe,” I told her.

“I know. I have to visit Rafael now. I can sense Mitchell getting ready to come. Let me go before he shows,” she pleaded.

I let out a hard breath and balled my fists. “As long as you come back after. I want you right now,” I spoke through my teeth. It had been a whole year since I’d felt her body slide onto mine. Knowing she was available to me had me raring to go. Plus it might have also had something to do with whatever Aeryn had done to me. I felt like Mark.

“I know, babe. I know.” She touched my cheek before vanishing. At the very least I can practice some self-love in peace, I resolved. These women would be the death of me.

*Mark Blue’s perspective

It was so difficult dealing with Aeryn. She was so angry and distraught; not to mention she despised me. Like dealing with Razi all over again, I mused wryly. The most unfortunate thing was that I genuinely liked her now. Eventually, I wanted to taste all of her. I had to make that dream come true. Even if I had to be sneaky about it. And I’d have to be. Telling her about the fate of Earth’s inhabitants had made her livid. “I can’t believe I ever trusted you! How could you let this happen?” she’d screamed, shoving me across the room. “Take me back. I won’t be seen as a coward,” was her demand.

“You know I can’t,” I’d said softly, hearts aching. I swallowed hard when she glared at me. Until that moment, I’d never feared being unable to die-even with Mikassa owning our asses.

“What good are you? Even Mark Ashton never fucked up this badly. You let this happen just so you could bring me here?”

Every word uttered was an arrow in my side. I was at a loss. I sat heavily in a chair and studied this gorgeous woman in front of me. She stood with her hands on her hips, at the ready. After some mindigs passed I’d found my voice. “You have to let me show you. This is so much bigger than Earth. Please trust me. Even a little bit. If you want…I can take the pain for you,” I offered sincerely.

Her expression became pensive and curious. Then she shook her head. “No. I want to feel this. Thank you,” she nodded, done with me for the rest of the day. I’d given her a few days to process free from my presence. Besides, I’d had more work to do.

My latest stop had been at her castle following her attack on Mark Ashton. How fucking hot that was! She’d recently got his heart back and it had been driving her nuts. She’d torn his ass apart until he was begging her to stop. I had the good sense to beat off before talking to her in the theater. It was one of the times she thought I was Mark Ulf because she hadn’t met me yet. I was actually kind of enjoying time travel now. I loved Aeryn’s happier moments. That gave me an idea for a little prank to play on her. Maybe it’d cheer her up as well. Wait, is this anticipation hopeful? What the hell is happening to me? Oh well. I sank down in the tub. Baths were kind of awesome. Bathing cubes were nice but feeling water was a wholly different experience. I wonder if Aeryn will take a bath with me sometime.

Funnily enough, she walked in on me then. “Mark…Blue?” she inquired calmly, seemingly feeling much better.

“Call me Mark.”

“I’m merely ascertaining which you are. There are so many Marks in my life,” she pointed out.

“I know, babe. Still, I can tell who you mean. What brings you here?”

“I see others walking by. I thought the crew had all died.” She perched on the edge of the tub and watched me.

“Many of us did. We’re a fraction of what we used to be. There are less than 30 of us now-down from a couple hundred,” I explained.

“That sucks.”

“Yeah. All of the kids save one died.”

“How awful. I can’t even begin to imagine.” Reaching out, she touched my knee.

My dick popped up and she raised an eyebrow at this odd reaction to her statement. Before she could ask about it I waved a hand and said, “I’ll tell you about that later… But yeah, it really sucks. Mikassa is wrecking everything. You’ll see him soon enough.”

“How bad is it?” she wanted to know.

Staring hard at her chin, I replied with, “Universally.” I couldn’t quite look her in the eye yet.

Growing contemplative, she stared off at a corner of the wall. Everything about her flowed. I steeled myself for what else I had to say. Time to try cheering her up. I didn’t want to piss her off too much but just enough to prove my point. I let myself look at her. Taking in the white streak in her black hair, her big almond eyes, her pert breasts, and wide hips I told myself it was worth it. Why should Mark Ulf get all the fun times, anyway? Her eyes narrowed at my last thought; she also seemed surprised she could read it. Shit, she had me so messed up I was thinking in English. Sitting forward, holding back my desire with all my willpower, I asked the question I’d been wondering since it happened, “Why Damon and not me? You needed energy and blood so badly and I was right here this whole time.”

“Are you kidding? You do know you kidnapped me, right?” Aeryn rolled her eyes.

“So?” I scoffed. “Can’t I even get a little Stockholm Syndrome?”

Her eyes flickered at my goading, the faintest acknowledgement that we shared a sense of humor. “Maybe I’m just a bitch,” she remarked slyly.

“You want me to prove it? I wasn’t lying about dreaming of you polishing my cock with those puffy lips of yours,” I blurted. What was it about her that made me like this? It’s like I couldn’t hold back.

She got to her feet, uncomfortable now. “Prove it, jackass,” she challenged me.

Standing and flexing, I directed her to take my hand.

As she did, she revealed in her sultry voice, “He’s the positive to your negative. Damon is the light to your dark. You seem more twisted than Ulf. Besides, I could never resist a man with his shirt off.”

“Except for me,” I grumbled, stepping out of the tub and snapping my clothes on.

“If it helps anything, I’m trying to resist you. My hatred for you is now merely dislike. Maybe that’s the only way I connect with guys.”

“Same for me and women,” I muttered. First I cloaked her then I warped us to Jean Claude’s old house in the U.S. “Hey sexy,” I greeted him after knocking on his door.

“Bon soir, dark man. I take it you heard our call?” he replied, leading me (and unbeknownst to him, Aeryn) into his living room.

“Little Allison Mae wants to know about who did what to lead up to the cruise, yeah?” I recalled, using the memory flashes I often received here to behave accordingly.

“Yes. Mark and Amada will be here shortly. May I offer you anything?” He stood there in a sharp suit with his hands folded behind his back. Such a stud! Aeryn sat with her hands around her knees in the corner as she became aware of which moment this was. Her first kiss with Mark was with me. She gulped and refused to make eye contact.

“I’m good. Just a kiss from your fine ass,” I teased the blond. Other than Caily he’s the only one I liked. I tolerated Josh and Lombardi had only ever been a fuck buddy: I was still angry at him for how he’d hurt Michón.

Eyes light green, Jean smirked at me. “All I can spare, ma coeur,” he shared delightedly. I grabbed his hips and planted one on him. He moaned and shivered slightly, feeling nonsexual pleasure in a way I never could. We fell to the couch, running hands over one another. He was somewhat taller than me but I didn’t mind. After all, Li was damn near twice as tall as any of us. Jean was nibbling on my neck and Aeryn seemed titillated (she was breathing fairly heavily as she watched us). A woman after my own heart. I was wondering if I might get to see her masturbate when Mark Ashton barged into the living room trailed by an amused Amada. I continued making out with Jean but he moved back. “We have business to tend to, amour. Je regrette,” Jean lamented. “Mark, you know I prefer it when people knock,” he rose to scold him.

“Fuck that. Go get Aeryn already,” Mark snarled. Over to the side, the Aeryn I’d brought couldn’t help smiling at him. She blew him a kiss he’d never see.

“Have you had enough blood? Why are you always so irritated?” I taunted the redhead that looked dead on Stuart.

“Fuck if I know,” he shrugged.

“How’ve you been, Amada? Still collecting info on containers?” I stuck my hands in my pockets and turned to her. I knew what these creatures were now thanks to talking with Mark Ulf a bit and from the memories I’d absorbed from being here.

“As always. How are you? Still spying on everything from afar?” she joked pleasantly.

“It’s so much fun.” I spent a few mindigs chatting with the Latina while Mark tried not to break anything. Then Jean showed up with Aeryn, we had our talk, and the one in the corner knew for certain that she had indeed swooned under my kiss before. “Now I really hate you,” she seethed as I bent her younger self backwards.

But you can’t deny you want me, I thought to her. I wondered how badly she’d kick my ass for this.

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