The Diamond Spy ➺ [FC Series Bk.1]

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Chapter 11: A Loved Whore

I dream of euphoric smells, light touches, soft sounds and vivid sights. Beautiful roses, clear skies, a light breeze and running water. Buzzing bees, sun rays, green grass and fresh orange juice running over my taste buds. However, the red rosy dream of beautiful things was quickly turning darker. Suddenly all I can do is feel. Soft leather, sticky, sweaty skin, body trembling and limbs tightly constrained.

I have awoken half delirious, shaking uncontrollably as I glance down at a red leather love seat, curved with my body spread out over it. I’m totally naked, with leather binding my wrists and ankles.

I glance my heavenly location, beautiful and luxurious with grey floorboards, antique and modern furniture… and Ace sitting on a stool beside me, flicking a drip lodged into my arm.

My eyes scan the cord, connected to a bag of clear liquid.

“Stop shaking, fuck,” Ace growls, flicking the drip again, a bit harder, I flinch and he finally notices my wide eyes, “Alyssa…” he stands up, just as Dale comes over, shoving him out of the way.

“Move,” Dale is holding a blue syringe and my trembling increases as he grabs my arm forcefully and holds me tight, “You don’t want me to stick it in twice, kitten, relax,” just as he finishes saying the words, I have no time to think nor react as he stabs in the needle and injects me with the blue liquid.

Almost all at once, my body stops trembling, my sweat stops leaking from my pours and I lie panting in relief, still clearly naked on the couch.

“Blue Purity, of course you have it,” Ace rolls his eyes.

“I know how to make it,” Dale shrugs like it’s no big deal.

“Did you drug me?” I ask in a whisper, I had never heard of Blue Purity before. However, I felt betrayed. I didn’t expect Dale to resort to drugging girls. He was more of a high-class criminal, at least I thought so…

“It’s not a drug,” Dale glares at me, wearing a different suit now as Ace comes to stand beside him and they both watch me watching them with skittish eyes, “but it is a drug, technically…” Dale lowers his tone, “…just not the kind you’re thinking of.”

“So it is a drug,” Ace reconfirms, while gazing at my reactions with interest.

“Yes… it’s a purifier, destroys all adverse reactions in one hit, only top secret government scientists know the ‘recipe’,” Dale turns around and I watch him place the syringe on a magnificent coffee table made of old style wood. It looked like a classic from five generations ago, before the beginning of the apocalypse.

I had never witnessed the style outside our history books.

I stay silent as Dale nods at Ace now, gesturing for him to leave. Ace glances at me, frowning, disappointed he can’t keep ogling my breasts, no doubt.

“We’ll cross paths soon, I’m sure, Alyssa,” Ace gives me a wink and I watch him head off, down to a marble wall with an inbuilt industrial style lift. The whole place gave a vibe that it must be like a penthouse. However, the glass walls, said otherwise. Looking around it seemed the place was surrounded by a greenhouse of all kinds of natural plants. Nothing plastic.

“Don’t look so concerned, we’re still in our beloved city… well, kitten… under it,” Dale smirks and walks off towards the kitchen. It was a large kitchen with a huge industrial stone bench top. There was a clear white theme. I watch in confusion as Dale grabs a towel and wets it under the sink.

I am still speechless, yet again, as he comes back over and takes a seat on the stool that Ace had been previously occupying. My eyes do not leave Dale as he moves in closer and then dabs the towel over my forehead, rubbing off the sweat. Next he moves it under my chin, rubbing gently. I stop breathing as he slowly heads down further, between my exposed breasts, my stomach… down to…

“Stop,” I beg, clenching my thighs together as hard as I can, “Please.”

Dale pauses and chooses to leave the cloth on my lower stomach as he pulls his hands back. I relax and watch him eye my drip. Now with two free hands, he grabs the needle, expertly taking it out of my arm.

“Why did you have me on a drip?” I question, terrified he has put god-knows-what through my system.

“I cleansed your system of the vaccines, Alyssa,” he moves the drip bag and cord out of the way, finally coming to rest his elbows on his spread knees, his chin in a cupped palm as he eyes me thoughtfully, “I suppose you’re confused why you even woke up. You probably thought I gave Serge an order to kill you, isn’t that right, kitten?”

“You’ve already put out a kill order on me before,” I remind him, “So you don’t have to make it out like I’m too dull not to think otherwise. Don’t ask me stupid questions.”

“You’re alive. I’ve told you… remember, sweet thing? That I’m a megalomaniac, so watch your tone, kitten, you like to provoke others without thinking twice... and you shouldn’t provoke me,” there is a clear impatience in his gaze and a warning.

I still feel a need to explain myself.

“I had no choice but to follow through with my job –”

Dale puts up one finger, just one, and it’s enough to stop me in my tracks. His tyrian purple eyes also forbid me to say no more and when I halt my lips from moving, Dale smirks, satisfied.

“I’m aware of how the Five Red’s recruit their spies,” he raises an eyebrow at me, “But they do not force people to join; you willingly signed up for an interview. I’m curious, Alyssa, why? I suggest you tell me. The fact you are alive is even curious to me… but I admit I find you somewhat... intriguing.”

“I suppose when I become less of an interest to you, I will become expendable,” I mutter, quietly and I instantly see another warning evident in Dale’s eyes.

He was extremely hard to read.

He was clearly some kind of psychopath.

However, as I intrigued him, he intrigued me.

And I equally, like him, didn’t truly know why.

“How do you know how to create Blue Purity?” I ask, the question was still in the back of my head, bothering me. It was top secret, he said, made by scientists. Was he a –?

“The thing is, Alyssa… and listen carefully to what I say next,” he rests his chin on two clasped hands now and my eyes just happen to travel down between his spread legs. For some reason, I see a bulge, and it has me instantly nervous because I’m laid out before him, naked and completely at his mercy, “You will answer my questions, you will not avoid them, your mouth will fill with nothing but the truth… or your lips will be parting for something else… do you understand me?”

I open my mouth and close it, almost speechless.

“I – I… forgot your question,” I blush, embarrassed by his unexpected threat but also because I truly couldn’t remember what he asked.

Dale blinks slowly, totally arrogant and in control, before kindly choosing to repeat, “Why did you join the Five Reds?”

“Like I’ve told you before… I… I’m 18. I left school and my parents kicked me out of the house for disrespecting their order… I shredded something I shouldn’t have. A paper. Um… I was moved into a GB block, my application accepted as long as I took the vaccine and found a job. I couldn’t get a job, no one would take me… and then I grew desperate. The Five Reds had an opening; I got in. I thought I’d be helping the city; for my second job I was given a suicide mission. Retrieving the ring. You have to hand it to me; I nearly succeeded, which is somewhat impressive, am I right?” I wink, trying to add in some humour, even if it didn’t sound all too convincing.


I mean, if Dale’s eyes didn’t blink again soon, I would probably die of the emotionless look in his gaze.

Pure, menacing evil.

So eager to tell me the truth, kitten?” he asks rhetorically, after a long pause. He murmurs the next question, “You know why I’ve got you naked, Alyssa?”

I shake my head and I blush as his eyes travel over my bare skin.

“Because I could have you this way –because I love to share – as I’ve told you before,” he smiles, dangerously now.

A wall of nerves slam into me with his choice of words… and his clear intent behind that smile.

I instantly panic.

Please don’t. I don’t know what you want from me but, please, please don’t gang rape me with the others; I’m a virgin. And please, stop scaring me. I never know when you’re joking or when you’re serious,” I’ve blurted this all out and I slowly come to a stop, “Dale… you… terrify me.”

“I’m glad, sweet pea,” he murmurs and I watch with a steady gaze as he lazily grabs the towel from my stomach. He starts up further again. My shoulder. He rubs it down one arm, then starts on the other, before moving to the outside of my legs. As he cleans the sweat off, I try to relax, but I’m too nervous now, “I have one last question.”

“Yes?” I ask, quickly. I was hopeful we could eventually start discussing my release if I satisfied his questions… somehow.

And I admit he was being gentle now while cleaning my body.

It helps me relax… a tiny bit.

“You shouldn’t even be here; the Black Lair; this place here, is a bunker, it is what lies beneath Frank City,” he slowly trails the towel up the inside of my calf, my knee… my thigh… I squirm and try to stop him but he is too strong. He manages to slide the towel up to my private flesh, rubbing the towel in deep to clean.

“Don’t,” I growl, squirming.

“No one knows you’re here, kitten, I can do what I like,” he removes the towel, bringing it to his nose. As he inhales, it is accompanied with a growl in the back of his throat. He slyly smirks as he gradually lowers the towel and witnesses the instant glare I have on for him.

“You’re like an animal,” I accuse, annoyed he just freaking rubbed the towel across my pussy, only to smell me like he owned my body.

“I was born one, kitten,” he shrugs, sitting back in his stool and lowering the towel. His eyes are glued on my expressions, wanting to thoroughly assess my reactions.

I lick my dry lips, slowly and instinctually. If anyone did what he just did, it would have been majorly creepy, but he did it different. It only made me want to find out more, to dig deeper into his brain. I wanted to find out how he worked. Why he said what he did, how he could be so emotionless but also do random acts of kindness… and do all this while remaining incredibly attractive.

“You shouldn’t kill me,” I shake my head, “I don’t think you would, anyway. I just… have a feeling that you won’t. Can I admit something?”

“Please do, sweet thing,” he tilts his head, “I’m all ears.”

Weirdly my heart warms that he is so eager to hear my admission.

Argh! No.

He affected me way too much.

I had to change that. But I’d worry about that later.

“I don’t know why... but I had fun… in STRIKE. I enjoyed your banter. Everyone’s banter. Um, Dale, would you mind answering... why everyone says you love, uh, you love BDSM?”

“Why do you seem excited?” Dale raises an eyebrow, because he notices, as do I, I am fucking up my sentences and blubbering due to sudden eagerness, with anxiousness quickly fading, “I thought you were terrified, sweet pea.”

“I generally am, of you,” I slow my words down and gulp, relaxing my head back as I stare at the ceiling. Perhaps if I didn’t glance at him, I could compose myself. I’m about to admit more, but he suddenly chooses to explain.

“BDSM… kitten, you know what it stands for?” he asks and I shake my head, because I couldn’t remember exactly what, “Bondage… Domination… Masochism… Sadism and Submission… words that make my blood warm…sweet virgin,” he is thoroughly amused when I am instantly insulted by his choice of words. However he just leans forward, happy to explain further, “Having total power over a human being, who is eager to slobber all over my cock and my friend’s cocks. At the end of a hard day; that is what makes it all worthwhile. I control the Misfits which means I control the city and at night, I control my women. And suddenly being a megalomaniac is far too fun, sweet thing, do you wish to be controlled in such terms?... Would you be surprised if I told you, I already know your answer?”

I bite my lip as I glance at him and then quickly at the ceiling again. I focus on the stunning white and think of an appropriate response.

“I… had fantasies, that night that you dropped me off at my GB unit,” I pause and he patiently waits for me to continue, “I had a fantasy that I was a part of your, group? STRIKE. Five of us. I don’t even know what your aim is, or your goal. I just found you, all of you, fun,” I admit, letting out a quick exhale while I blush madly, “I sound like an idiot.”

“Well, you did fit in surprisingly well, kitten,” he stands and my eyes quickly flick to his as he towers over the seat. I forgot how tall he was when he stood. Not many men were this tall. I would be utterly powerless against him if he chose to take further advantage of me. I freeze as he leans down to grab my leather strapped wrists. I watch him pull a strap and the whole knot unravels.

My wrists fall either side of me and I quickly sit up right, moving my knees to my chest, I shuffle towards the back of the couch.

I gulp and watch as he then grabs the leather straps around my ankles and releases them as well. He chucks them aside, to the other end of the couch and he takes a step closer to me.

I cower in the corner of the love seat, completely unsure of his intentions.

I flinch as he runs a hand through my hair, wrapping it around his fist and pulling my head back to look up at him.

“You want to follow my demands, kitten?” he asks, again, but with a low tone and unblinking, intense eyes.

“To join you? Yes,” I twist my answer.

“To join my ‘squad’?” he asks, raising a brow with an amused smile on his face.

“Yes,” I nod and wince again as he applies a bit of pressure from his hand so he is pulling on my hair a bit tighter, “Yes,” I repeat my answer.

“I want you to please all of us…” he reaches out his free hand, his thumb running across my plump lips, “… do you think you can do that, kitten?”

“If I ‘serve’ you, I’m sure I can entertain and help,” I don’t fully want to recognise the reality of what I’m actually saying, so I continue, “… I know you want me to please all of you and I’m not saying I won’t. I’m just saying… I… I –” I stop when Dale’s eyes turn lethally dark. He shakes his head, disapproving of my rambling. Impatience consumes him.

“You want to run with us on the streets, kitten, I know exactly what you’re asking… and I think you’d enjoy it… but…” he finally releases my hair and clasps the back of my head, “You will please my men and you will please me, too.”

“Like a whore,” I answer quietly.

“Like a loved whore, with other uses than just your obvious ones,” he chooses to be vague.

But I know what he means.

I glare at him, but I was weirdly excited?

“Fine,” I shrug, knowing he will back off now, “I agree, sort of… but! Let me return to the Five Reds and fix up a few things, please, the Five Reds will–”

I’ve crossed a line.

I abruptly come to a halt as Dale doesn’t hesitate to react. He grabs a gun out of the back of his pants, and he positions it lightly over my forehead. He sits on the couch, forcing me further into my corner while he leans in and casually holds the gun steady in his hand.

“Do you think I’m that stupid?” he asks, quietly, tilting his head.

“You didn’t let me finish. The purpose… is to prove loyalty,” I explain quickly, glaring at him but I was also truly not afraid of the gun. Even though I should be. But again, I had this stupid feeling in my gut that he wouldn’t harm me, “I can steal whatever you want.”

“You want to get revenge on Captain James of the Five Reds for treating you so poorly,” Dale finishes for me in a growl, moving the gun aside, “Correct?”

“You will treat me better, will you?” I ask, dryly, knowing I will be risking his anger.

I don’t expect him to smirk.

“Much better than you know, sweet pea,” he leans in and gives a hard kiss to my forehead before standing back up and grabbing my arm to hoist me up with him.

I stand, awkwardly while naked, next to him.

I cross my arms over my chest and hold my feet together tight as he puts the gun away into the back of his black trousers.

“I want revenge on James, yes, that’s true,” I admit, “But I also want to guarantee my safety with you. You said it comes at a price and I’m willing to put in the effort,” I use his own words against him and his mouth lifts a little in the corner.


“Deal,” he grabs my arm and pulls me in to whisper in my ear, “But if you have been lying to me and you betray the trust I’m putting in you now... we will find you; and you will not enjoy how we defile you.”


“Good, kitten,” he palms me off towards the lift while I’m still naked, “Ground floor is your choice, Ace will escort you where you need to be. Call if you need anything, sweet pea… sweet ass.”

“Pervert,” I roll my eyes but smirk at Dale over my shoulder as I waltz over to the lift, feeling more confident being naked now. I truly didn’t understand my random reactions around the Lord of the Underworld. I however, quickly choose to add, “You should stop threatening me with guns and big fancy words, Dale,” I tease, “I know you don’t mean it.”

“I like to see you squirm… Alyssa… Ace will clothe you, I hope you don’t have any objections?”

“To being clothed? Gosh, no,” I know I’m a smart ass but I don’t care.

“Careful on that tone, sweet thing,” he blinks slowly as he looks me over with clear desire in his eyes; desires to do god-knows-what to me.

I’m about to enter the elevator when I remember something.

“Where’s Casey?” I ask, turning to question Dale.

For once in my life; I see easy clear, stark emotion in his eyes. One prominent thing stands out; passion.

“In school,” he responds, growling, “Go now, kitten, before I decide to fuck you first for asking too many questions.”

My eyes widen and I bite my bottom lip. I quickly turn and open the elevator doors, stepping in and pressing the ground floor (G) button.

The elevator doors begin to shut and I watch Dale watch me, his eyes narrowed, as if he was already regretting letting me leave so soon.

I remember to breathe when the doors click shut. I exhale loudly, going to the wall of the lift to rest my head on the cool metal, my whole body shaking with relief.

Because for a second time, I managed to allude the Lord of the Underworld.

But this time I knew there was no escape.

And I didn’t understand it.


…I didn’t really want to.

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