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Chapter 2: The Black Lair

As I prepare for my lonesome mission in my shitty little apartment I called home, I think about how dangerous this assignment will be – at least just for myself.

At first I thought the way the Five Reds operated was seriously badass and awesome.

Besides the five super powerful members of the hero-squad that were the face of the city, two extreme rules ran everyone else behind the operations. The first rule was self-reliance. Once you were handed the documents of everything they knew about your mission, you completed the rest yourself. With dire circumstances and the end of the world imminent, we were told whatever means necessary were approved by the Government.

The second rule was top level confidentiality. To keep documents, identities and plans secret, your phone could contain nothing about the Five Reds. In fact, your co-worker’s mobile numbers had to be stored in your brain’s memory only. The Five Reds would do a sweep of your physical home once a week to make sure nothing was written down. While 24/7, your electronic devices were scanned for damaging information.

Red Headquarters didn’t want any members of the Gang of Shadows to hack one person’s phone, where they’d be able to steal extremely important information.

I thought the Five Reds were extremely diligent and therefore intelligent for organising all this.

It wasn’t until now, fitting on a black dress with thin chain shoulder straps… for obvious reasons… and doing my makeup, that I can realise the darker side of the Five Reds.

If I died in this mission? They wouldn’t care. Nothing would trace me back to them.

Already, three people have infiltrated the Black Lair Clubhouse and all three had been murdered.

My documents suggested that getting inside was easy. It was getting close to Dale that was hard. Three body guards kept him safe at all times… they assumed. It was only a guess that he had three in total. He could have more.

As for the three ones they had information about, I remembered the descriptions clearly. One with tattoos all over his body, one with a record in the military, specialising in guns and one with a bad habit of electrocuting his victims to death.

Then there was the awry description of how the last infiltrator died. The body was never found. I could not forget the words I read…

‘They are not always near him, they are sometimes [in the distance].’ We assume our last spy was about to complete the coded message with ‘in the distance’. We will never really know, because this was the moment her mission came to an abrupt end while in communication with us. Communication is only necessary if you believe your life to be in imminent danger.

I frown, thinking about my obstacles. After reading the documents I had to shred them at the office. However, because I knew how dangerous this mission was, the words were burned into the back of my brain anyway.

I didn’t have to worry about forgetting any details. I had to stay alive, it wasn’t an option to die.

My deadline for the mission was seven days. If I failed… I didn’t want to think about the consequences.

I stand up from my tiny dresser and swirl to take in my reflection in the mirror. I had a short dress on, it came up just under my ass. It was low cut at the front, right down the middle. It couldn’t be anymore slutty, but I preferred less fabric anyhow.

My skin was shiny smooth on my legs. I was marginally lucky that my hair on other parts of my body, like my arms, legs and nether regions, grew out more soft and silky. Like normal hair. So I could wax etc. It was just my head-hair and nails that were the problem.

I usually had to wear open toed sandals too. For the moment I’m wearing black hooker heels. I didn’t believe in accommodating for a mission. In this one, I wanted to fit in completely to where I was headed.

The Black Lair Clubhouse was where I was going tonight.

Besides, a spy wouldn’t run around in hooker heels. That’d just be stupid. Hence, no one would suspect me of being one, right?

Something told me there would be no point running when I was there anyway. It’d be too suspicious. I’d be dead before I got out the door.

If all went to plan, I wanted to grab that golden ring with the green emerald… and walk calmly out that front door like nothing had ever happened.

The taxi driver has three arms, two to drive and a third to grab my money. He’s nice though, and he’s fast. He drives me to the darker side of Frank City, where the clubhouse was located.

Friday nights were open for girl’s nights. Aka, girls were welcome in for free. Guys could still come, but apparently, the Black Lair Clubhouse was mostly intimidating for females because of it’s reputation.

Friday’s helped change that.

I smirk to myself, after paying the taxi driver I hop right out where the line stretches along the side-walk to get in. The clubhouse was a huge black building, with many highlights of gold. The gold adorned the doors, window sills, and even the pillars holding up the balcony to the second level.

The whole place oozed a luxurious vibe. Girls were lining up and so were a ton of guys. Most were already tipsy, all leaning on each other for support. It was an hour to midnight. I wanted to make sure I was coming in while it was busy.

Even as I go to the back of the line, my heart is already strangely calm as I spot one of the body guards.

Mr. Tattoos was with the bouncers, eyeing off everyone being let in.

I let out a nervous breath and pick up my hair and chuck it behind my shoulders, it was already scraping my chains holding up my dress. I didn’t want my hair wearing out the cheap metal links too soon. My eyes scan over what I’m wearing and I hope I look good enough. My power helped give a healthy shine to my hair. My tawny hair was red-brown, and the red highlights glittered in any form of lighting.

However, I’m so caught up on standing in line, thinking about getting past the first obstacle – that I don’t notice everyone’s sudden quiet. They are all holding their breath until a few girls at the front of the line start squealing.

I quickly look up, alarmed that someone is being murdered.

But no, there is simply a black car pulling up at the front. I watch as a beautiful man, with an incredibly powerful aura compared to everyone around him, exits slyly and walks to the front. I’m trying so hard to grab a better glimpse but I only see a momentary second of his head as he enters through the VIP double doors.

I find myself extremely disappointed, I’m at least relieved that Mr. Tattoos follows him inside and now it is just the general bouncers at the door.

It only hits home whom the man’s identity is, when everyone starts chatting about it. Already I can hear he has a million titles; the club owner, the mafia boss of the Gang of Shadows, the King of the Shadows, the Lord of the Underworld.

That wasn’t just a random, ridiculously good looking VIP member.

That was Dale… and damn, he had so many badass nicknames it made me jealous.

I didn’t know if it was stupid that I was so excited all of a sudden.

I couldn’t wait to get closer.

I was 18 and prepped for fame. I really wanted to be known as The Diamond Spy. How cool would that be? It would represent my tougher-than-diamond hair, nails and my successful theft of Dale’s ring.

If I failed, this would surely be engraved into my stone; ’R.I.P Alyssa O’Brien, almost a spy’

How embarrassing. I cringe just thinking about it. My parents probably wouldn’t even show up to the funeral. I can’t really think of anyone who would. But I couldn’t think like that, I had to keep my optimism with me.

I’m both nervous and extremely excited to check out my surroundings. As I eventually show my ID to one of the bouncers, I’m let in for free.

I grin, waltzing into the shuddering walls of the bass pounding clubhouse. I can feel the vibrations of the subs through my heels.

I continue to waltz through black diamond shimmering corridors before it all opens out into a crowded, but beautiful club.

I literally stand at the front for a few minutes just gaping at how awesome this place is.

So many black leather booths for friends to slide into. About three different bars to grab drinks. All the bar benches were lit up with gold lights. The ceiling was dotted with a golden sky.

The Black Lair smelled of money, gold, brass and liquor. There was the whole dance floor which was packed already, and then there was also one secluded bar around a huge separating wall. That wall was made of threaded diamonds. I liked that quiet area, it seemed like a good place to talk to people.

I find my legs taking myself there. There are hardly any people over in that area and I’m not sure why, I guess because they all wanted to dance?

As I approach, I notice even more shimmering lines of diamonds hanging from the ceilings, through threads of silk. It was an expensive option to separate booths and create some privacy, however, I loved it.

This could be a nice place to die, I guess.

I walk my way up to the secluded bar and I order a raspberry soft drink. No alcohol. I needed to keep my senses about me.

I find a bar seat and I plop down onto it, all by my lonesome at this particular bar. I’m completely at ease as I lean back on the counter and just gaze at everyone having a good time.

I had felt so many eyes on me already as I walked in, so I knew I had to be careful of strangers too.

For the moment I just couldn’t believe I had entered Dale’s Lair successfully. I had made it.

The Black Lair Clubhouse.

I frown as reality seeps in amongst the euphoria this place created around my senses.

I was also one step closer to my death. If I failed. I couldn’t forget that.

A movement catches my eye and I lazily look to my right.

I pause as I see a figure moving towards me through the darkness.

My heart stops when the occasional flash of lights catches his face for a spilt second and illuminates his features.

Oh, fuck.

I look to the front of the area I’ve entered and suddenly notice the restricted entrance. The body guards. The line of people holdings invitations slowly gathering.

Oh, my gosh. How did I not notice this?! How was I so stupid not to realise what I had done?

I had slipped into this area between the diamond threads… which I wasn’t meant to walk through. Duh.

Completely unknowingly.

Like the biggest idiot…

I had walked into the VIP section.

And the Lord of the Underworld himself – had spotted me. He was heading straight for me, the lights flashing had shown a curious but dangerous look in his eyes.

I was so not prepared for this.

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