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Chapter 20: A Gangster's Bedtime Story

Since the very moment I woke up covered in sweat and cleared of the vaccines, I hadn’t eaten. The only thing I had consumed all day –after being intercepted at Red Headquarters, then imprisoned, then escaping, then going on a run with the Gang of Shadows straight afterwards – was two shots of alcohol.

Just alcohol, for the whole day.

Surprisingly, I still didn’t have an appetite. After seeing Kyle the Child squirm in his slow death and after having James’ hands force me over a desk and rip the back of my top open… I was ready to rest.

The Gang of Shadows had just parked at the Black Lair Clubhouse a few minutes ago and now we’re making our way down into the bunker through the second lift while I listen to their banter and hang towards the back, behind all four of them.

“…touch my ass again,” Jose speaks to Ace in a monotone, “By ‘accident’? And let me show you how I crack a pelvic bone.”

“No, no,” Ace puts up his hands in surrender, “I thought you said ‘Ace put your hand on my ass and caress me sweetly’.”

No, I’m pretty sure I said, shut your mouth before I shove a gun down your throat,” Jose clenches his fist and I know his patience is about to snap.

“Relax, ladies,” Dale intercepts just as the lift stops on the Lounge (L) floor.

“That’s right. Relax. Before I plummet this carriage right down to the bottom of this god forsaken bunker and we find out how deep it really goes,” Serge grabs both Ace and Jose by the shoulders and shoves them into the lounge.

As they all exit, I follow, barely holding the back of my white tube top together.

And all I can replay in my mind, over and over again as I walk, is Kyle’s childish whimpers from a man sized body. James’ eyes as they lost their light. The gurgle of the blood flooding his throat and pouring out of his mouth.

The adrenaline had worn off, and although I was excited to be alive… I guess this is that feeling of shock, hitting me, after someone takes a life. Like in all the movies, when people go insane with guilt.

Except I didn’t feel guilty.

I felt consumed with confusion and numbness.

“Charge my shots, Sergey boy,” Ace hurries behind the self-serving bar to grab a large bottle of whiskey. The lads cheer, including Dale. I choose not to lag behind pitifully. So, I also hurry around the counter, dwarfed by the four overly large men. Larger than most; tall, masculine and with clear alpha genes. The tallest was obviously Dale, but that didn’t mean the rest weren’t intimidating especially when they all stood so close together.

And Serge’s scar… well. The left side of his face was scarred significantly. His light blue hair seemed natural which was even more curious.

I gaze at him now, as I inspect him properly for the first time. My eyes narrow as he takes a bar seat with the others. Ace is pouring drinks and everyone goes a tad quiet as I bounce up right next to him, reaching into the cupboards to search.

“Alyssa,” Dale warns me quietly, “…what are you doing?”

“Exploring,” I grab a bottle of champagne and stand back up, slowly closing the cupboard, “Comprende?” I pop open the bottle with one nail and the cork goes flying across the room gracefully, “I have nowhere to live… so I’m going to scout out a place to drink myself to unconsciousness and pass out. If anyone has any objections. Call me, leave a voice message. I’ll respond… in the morning… maybe… if I’m awake,” I start to down the alcohol with fresh gulps as the men watch me with curiously raised brows.

“Take it easy, doll,” Serge warns me, he almost sounds concerned and jumps to his feet as I keep gulping down the liquid. Dale just watches me with a curious gaze as I drop the bottle from my lips and give Serge a smirk.

“I’m just exploring, I promise, the rest was a joke,” I turn and indeed, I start to explore the lounge. It is my aim. I had noticed a door on the other side of the room, which I go to now.

“Hey, hey, hey, doll face!” Ace calls out, “I wouldn’t go in there if I were you –”

At this stage I already have my hand on the doorknob of an immaculately red wooden door, a similar colour to my auburn hair.

“Oooo, stop me, Ace,” I flick my braid over my shoulder and open the door. I enjoy teasing them.

To my delight, the door opens to a master bedroom.

It’s utterly delightful, too. Giggling with joy I hop over past a fur rug to a humongous grey four poster bed with black covers and white pillows. I hop on the edge, and it’s only then that I notice the wall of the room that I hadn’t even glanced at when I walked in.

My gaze had been on the four-poster bed, that is where my eyes had focused.

However, now, I see what Ace was worried about me witnessing.

A wall of pain.

I start giggling some more.

I can hear the guys laughing out near the bar; no one has followed me. No doubt they were waiting for me to squeal once I noticed the wall.

Instead my giggles turn to loud chuckles. Impossibly quickly, the alcohol stuns my brain into instant drunk-mode.

“Oh, my gosh, haha!” I look at the lines of weapons. Guns, batons, knives, the usual array of lethal materials. But that wasn’t all. There was rope, leather, whips, shackles, more whips. More shackles. Different kinds, “Holy. Moly,” I shuffle back on the bed, crossing my legs under me, I lean back on my palms and my finger nails already accidentally shred the first layered sheet, “Oh, shit!” I cry out, but this time I’m mortified I’ve ruined the perfect bed.

I turn around, clumsily and my nails dig in even more as I stretch out an arm to stop me falling on my side.

“…shit,” I repeat, breathless.

I quickly scramble off the bed and as I stand, I instantly feel dizzy. I almost sway right off my feet.

Shit,” I repeat for the third time and stare at the bed’s pillows, trying to focus.

I needed sleep.


My brain goes to autopilot as the alcohol continues to hit me hard.

Undress. I needed to take off my clothes before I ruined them accidentally as well.

I take off my already ripped top first before I start on my pants. I slip them right off and almost face plant into the bed as I do so. I quickly stop myself with my clenched fists hitting the bed covers, which stops me landing flat on my face.

I turn to the door, secretly annoyed no one has come to check on me.

Instead, I’m surprised to see the door way is filled with curious, gobsmacked open mouths, raised eyebrows and silent, watchful hot-ass gangsters. Heh, heh. Now they watch me stumble around naked to face them.

I run my hands through the stray strands of hair that have come out of the braid. With a smile, I push the strands behind my ear. I then hold up a hand and wave.

“Night, night, sleepy time for ’Lyssa,” I turn around and crawl onto the bed, my naked ass fully exposed to them.

Okay, I admit; I do it on purpose. I wanted to tempt them and tease them. I wanted to make myself laugh and make them laugh. They were awesome. They were so funny. Oh yes, what a perfect time to be drunk.

“Move,” Ace shoves someone out of the way and I hear steps get closer, “Let’s do what I said, Alyssa, darling… are you okay?” Ace stops by the bed as I crawl around and lie on my stomach with one leg bent up comfortably and my chin resting on my folded elbows.

“I’m great, Sniper man,” I drawl, raising my eyebrows up and down at him, “What do you guys want? I thought you were celebrating?”

“We can’t leave you like this, you might vomit and choke… I’ve seen it happen, it’s not a pleasant way to go,” Ace motions the others closer and I smile as they oblige.

“Nope. I’m just tired, not nauseous. And I think Serge… Sergy boy… he needs a hug,” I suddenly get up to my knees in a heart-beat, trying to beat the dizzy-feels. I ignore Ace and I focus on Serge’s expressions; first a scowl, but now a slightly less angry scowl. He is standing right beside Ace and I shuffle over and wrap my arms around his waist, pulling him in and holding him close, “Don’t be so angry all the time… lightening… you’ve got me now.”

“I think this doll needs to be put to bed,” Serge growls, being careful not to grab my hair.

“Please, no, I want to give you a hug! Please!” I hold Serge’s waist tighter and Jose bursts out laughing.

Ace is sighing, jealous and Serge just momentarily delights in having my breasts shoved up against him.

The next moment, however, I don’t expect to feel a hand in my hair, twisting and pulling my head back.

“O-ow!” I whine and open my eyes to see Dale has come over and pulled me back off Serge in a rough jerk.

“Did I say to drink anymore alcohol, kitten?” Dale asks me, his purple eyes judging and cold, “Did I say to take off your clothes?”

“You need to relax, boss,” I slap at his hand, hoping he releases me. He doesn’t, “I’m cold, boss, can we all cuddle and I can… I can try to please –”

“You’ll be doing no such thing, how about we tell you a bed time story instead?” Dale leans in and meets me eye to eye. I grin and nod my head. It hurts with how hard he pulls my hair but I just cringe and giggle as he lets me go.

“I don’t know if she’s a happy or horny drunk,” Ace mutters, watching me suspiciously, “Tell us, Alyssa, what do you think?”

“I’ve never had a cock in me… but imagine having four cocks,” I put out my hands, putting on an exasperated voice, which makes them all snort with amusement. Not Dale though, he watches me with a tilt to his head.

“Let’s settle down with her and tell her a special bed time story, ladies,” Dale slaps them on their backs and I watch in a daze as they all kick off their shoes and socks before settling on the huge bed behind me.

I’m so drunk now, it’s hard to keep track of their movements.

Instead, all I know is what generally occurs next. Somehow they end up in a line against the pillows, their backs to the headboard.

I’m pulled across their legs and my head rests in Dale’s lap. Ace inspects my fingers by holding one wrist and Jose grabs the other. They poke at my nails, interested in how hard they can push it before they get cut. Serge is at the opposite end and simply rests his arms across my legs while his fingers tap along my skin.

“A bed time story?” I ask, closing my eyes after I decide it’s too hard to look up at Dale’s purple entrancing irises. They had turned to slits again and it’s too hard to deal with in my sorry state.

Oh, I admit, I was starting to vaguely recognise I’d probably have things to regret in the morning…

“This is a story about a girl, who waltzed into a VIP bar by accident,” Dale begins and I smile.

“Very funny –”

“Don’t interrupt,” Dale scolds me and I shut my mouth, “She wandered to the wrong bar, sat down at the wrong seat, met the wrong man. She was told she was infiltrating a Gang of Shadows. She’d never know what they really were,” he goes quiet, “Beasts, untamed,” he grabs my chin and I’m smiling with the twist.

Beasts, I like it –”

“Did I say to talk, kitten?” Dale shuts me up by shoving a finger deep past my lips, into my mouth, “There was no Gang of Shadows,” Dale speaks very quietly, moving his finger deeper until I suck on it instinctively, tasting the saltiness of his skin, “There were four men, experimented on since they were children, and as they grew old, violence and lust consumed these men. What woman could ever sate them? None. They tried to find the right one. They tried to create the perfect match. Not even then, could any woman ever satisfy the beasts they created…” Dale pats my cheek and takes his finger from my mouth so I open my eyes, “Their leader found a way to sate that lust… a way to even sate the violence,” he holds my chin and with ruthless eyes, he gazes at the wall and also forces me to turn and look at the instruments of pain, “What fun is there fucking a woman, when we weren’t even born to be human, but animals? Then a woman did come along… the Diamond Spy… the Princess of the Shadows.”

“The first woman to beg to get fucked by all of us,” Jose adds in a satisfied growl and I gasp.

“I did not!” I protest and they all chuckle.

“Four cocks!” Ace imitates me with a terrible impersonation of a girly tone.

“Ha. Ha,” I jerk my hand out of his grip and pretend to slap him. However, I accidentally slice a nail across his cheek, splitting the skin. Blood spurts everywhere, “Oh, no!” I cry out and try to sit up but Dale slams me back down and holds my arms down too.

“A bed time story is meant to make you sleepy, kitten,” Dale warns me, “We’re not going to fuck you.”

“What if I wanted… one of you to?” I ask, with hooded eyes.

“One gun shoved up your pussy and now you want four cocks, sweet pea? Be careful what you wish for,” Dale smirks and I feel a pleasant massage to my feet. I gaze at Serge who gives me a smirk and a secret wink, before continuing to rub my sore feet.

“Don’t worry, Alyssa,” Ace shrugs, “Poor kid, she’s so drunk.”

“No shit,” Jose growls.

“Weren’t you lot going to celebrate?” I ask, “Go, have fun… let me sleep. I need rest.”

“Don’t you want to know how the story ends?” Dale asks me.

“How?” I ask.

“Simple. Four cocks and one compliant, little girl, begging and consenting to the best fucking time she’ll ever have. One cock in your mouth, one in your ass, one in your pussy, one in your hand… but, kitten,” Dale trails one of his fingers down my breasts, tickling me, “That’s for another night.”

“Sleep well, princess,” Jose slaps my thigh, gently.

“I can knock you right out, if you need,” Serge offers.

“No,” I raise a hand, “Thank you,” Dale slams my hand back down to my side and I smile cheekily.

“Sleep, doll,” Serge instructs me, and Dale must instruct them all to move, because I feel myself being laid out on the softest part of the bed. They put a pillow, to it’s unfortunate death, right under my head and hair.

I can’t feel any more hands on me now, as I close my eyes and curl up into a ball. Just a warm blanket, flopped on top of me and tucked in around me.

I hear laughing and banter as my squad – I like to think of them as mine now – leave to party in the other room.

I look forward to my dreams.

And I know, after Dale’s imparting words, what type of dreams they’ll be.

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