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Chapter 25: To Satisfy Beasts 1/2

I understood now, exactly what this world was reduced to. The world was in complete disarray. Bodies littered cities blown to pieces. The Earth was practically uninhabited. Two rich cities bathed in New World protection and security hid away on the other side of the globe. And not so far away, in a distant part of the Earth, was a rebel city that smelt of death, shit, piss and gas. Frankincense City; a city of living freaks. Not buried under rubble to destroy the mutated humans.

Protected by a Gang of Shadows and their bunker of missiles.

The Black Lair.

A well disguised club house with luxurious black leather booths, three full bars, great music, unlimited alcohol and filled to the brim with Dooms Day clubbers.

The club doors had opened at 8.30 for the theme Dooms Night.

The VIP section of the club wasn’t even closed off but opened up to let in the massive crowd of young rebels. It was only 9.30, so an hour had passed and the place was already packed. I can see as I exit the restrooms after fixing my hair, the beasts that took me in… nor do I forget so easily that they tried to murder me in the morning.

Dale, Serge, Ace and Jose. Not in the leather booth I left them in when we returned from shocking that huge SWAT team and disabling their government vans. I will always remember the crunch my heels made through the bloodied, shattered glass as we walked out of that massacre.

Oh, it was nasty, but as I saw bodies twitching from bullet wounds and powerful electric surges, the power of STRIKE had hit home with me.

Especially the moment I saw their car, untouched and not tampered with in anyway, parked right behind the government vehicles. I understood in that moment, the enormity of their power.

Three cities ran this planet, the rest all decimated.

Two of those cities hid from us.

Frankincense City was Dale’s City. His missiles meant the world was his just as much as this city was his. I knew, without a doubt, the records of my beasts’ creations would be spread amongst the richest men and women whom resided on the other end of the globe.

The ultimate human weapons didn’t reside with them, however, and that was their biggest issue.

Instead, they were here, drinking, gambling, flirting – which I admit, annoys me to no end – as my eyes scan over the crowd for their locations.

Dale is speaking to a group of attractive men and women. Serge, Jose and Ace are by the bar, talking to a bunch of lonely looking girls.

I curl my fists as I think how one single trip to the bathroom, and my beasts I was designed to match, were already stalking down extra prey. I mostly held their attention, so I shouldn’t get too jealous, but I feel all sorts of emotions in this moment.

I lean back against a wall, wondering of this dramatic change in my life. I was partnered to the four most powerful men on this planet – and they were drunken, far too attractive, gangster men made for the military… and they had taken control of their own life.

As I watch, however, I can see how they have so much influence over the fellow mutated humans around them. People were drawn to them, men and women alike. No one challenged them. Clearly, they were born and manipulated to win, rule and succeed. Now, as I think more about it, I could also recognise why they went rogue. Why they couldn’t be controlled.

They roamed the place like the masters and kings of the city, like it was their jungle and their play ground. They were too smart to follow orders. So they played. How beasts played.

Fighting. Fucking. Hunting.

I scoff to myself as I think about it. Designed to be weapons. Yet made so damn intelligent they knew better than to listen and bend to another authority. So, the bastards were mucking around, because they could. They whored around, because they could. They fucked around, because they could and they killed whoever they wanted… because they could.

So, what was my purpose?

That’s what all my thoughts boil down to.

I was a female. That was obvious. My nails and hair were lethal. Also obvious.

But being a partner, an equal, a match to four beasts? What the hell was the point of that? To calm them? To control them? To please them? Was I simply designed to be their sex toy?

“Jealous? You know, I picked up on Katie’s mind reading skills pretty well when she was around,” a low, husky female voice reaches my ears and I jerk my head to see Coal – standing right next to me.

Holy shit.

I hadn’t even noticed her approach. Damn it, I had to be more vigilant.

I spin, taking a few steps back as I turn to face her, confused by her sudden presence. She is wearing jeans and a casual jacket, mascara staining her cheeks.

“What do you want?” I ask, on edge because I’m waiting for her to attack.

“I was demoted,” she grins, laughing to herself hysterically. I can barely hear her over the music so I take a cautious step closer to her, “…thanks to you, sweety.”

“Demoted?” I ask, “You were the most powerful member. You can control inanimate objects –”

“Shut it, I don’t want to talk about me. I’m here to ask you, Alyssa – why?” she looks me over, numb from being overwhelmed, “Why did you turn on us? I thought you wanted to fix the city with us. I thought you were good.”

“You handed me over to a mad man who wanted to open me up,” I remind her, “Your brainwashed – by the vaccines. You can’t think straight on them.”

“Yeah, right, I’ve heard this crap before,” she rolls her eyes and leans back on the wall, looking up to the ceiling in exasperation. I see she is holding off more tears.

“Why are you here, Coal?” I ask, confused.

“Why do you think?” she asks, suddenly glaring at me, “You fell out of your mission, someone had to take your place. Why don’t you help me, tell me where it is and I’ll be out of here quick smart. No one will have to die –”

“Coal,” I close the distance quickly and put a finger to her lips, shutting her up as my finger brushes her nose, ready to slice if need be, “How many times have you fought against the Gang of Shadows, when it was all five of you?”

“All the time,” she raises her hand, smacking mine down and away from her face.

“Then you know how dangerous they are,” I hiss at her, “Leave. They will kill you as soon as they spot you talking to me. If you can’t defeat them in a team, you’ll be killed in seconds on your own.”

“I can deflect bullets,” she speaks in a monotone and shrugs, uncaring. Clearly, her tone suggested she didn’t care if she was even killed anymore.

She was broken.

“Jose will crush your neck while Ace distracts you by doing something stupid like stripping naked… or they’ll probably convince you that you can be their friend… before Serge fries all your nerve endings when you turn your back for a split second. You can’t deflect a surge of electricity, can you?” as I point out where she’ll inevitably go wrong, I hope she chooses to leave and go home.

“Just because I was sent here to do the mission, doesn’t mean I’m here to actually do it,” she leans in to scowl at me, “I’m here to join you, sweety. You killed my friends. You took my job. Now I want you to give me something back. Otherwise, my life is worth nothing. Killing you is pointless. As easy as it would be. You owe me and I know you’re nice enough and weak enough to feel guilty. So, Diamond Bitch, make it better for me,” she drawls, clearly a little too drunk.

I don’t think twice. I stand back, raise my hand and slap her, as hard as I can. My nails leave five paper thin cuts across her cheek which instantly start to seep red. She gasps as girls and guys near-by exclaim in excitement about the fight they hoped was just beginning.

“Listen, bitch, if you want a purpose, you better learn to ask nicely next time,” I snap, so done with the bullying I had received from the Five Reds, just to have her hunt me down and try to bully me some more for my choices. All my choices were to do with survival and I was constantly reprimanded for it. I had even been locked away for it.

Now, I turn from her, I don’t even care if the Gang intercepts her anymore. Her insult about me being weak, really upset me. I storm off, taking a couple of steps around one line of people just to walk straight into another unbreakable line, but this time it’s nothing I can get around. I am faced with unmoving barrelled familiar chests.

I look up to see Dale, Ace, Serge and Jose all standing to together.

They had approached quickly to find out what was going on.

I’m surprised as I assumed they’d be busy with their hunting of whores. Clearly, I didn’t give their senses enough credit as they instantly came to check on what was happening with me.

“Escort her out,” Dale snaps coldly towards Coal, while instructing Ace. Ace steps forward and grabs a crying, distraught Coal by the elbows, forcing her arms behind her back. Ace leads her out and I glance up to Dale, not really knowing why I’m glaring at him, “…that wasn’t very nice, kitten,” he murmurs down to me… clearly he saw me slap and swear at her too.

I don’t get time to reply as Jose speaks up next.

“You’re temperamental, aren’t you, kitten?” Jose adds, glancing at me skeptically. I’m about to try and lighten up and try to joke with them… until I see a line of extremely pretty, dolled up faces just behind Jose and Serge, clinging on to their suits.

When I glance behind Dale, I see three girls waiting for him.

I pause.

And an all-consuming rage seems to fill me.

Well, fuck, if I was made to be a sex toy – why the actual fuck were there other girls here to replace me?

In fact, my eyes curiously glance over the girls to notice one particular shared accessory amongst them all.

They all share a silver, thin choker with the symbol ‘K’ dangling from the chain.


In this case; side kittens.

When I glance at Dale, Serge and Jose as they slowly turn to face their whining companions – I realise the three men share a common look of amusement.

They wanted me to be be jealous.

I don’t appreciate it.

“Take us to the Lair Lounge,” I hear many of the girls beg for this, “Please, please, sir, please, take us!”

Dale has now fully turned his back on me as have the other beasts.

As I contemplate how to react, Ace also reappears and leans in to peck my cheek before shoving in between Dale and Serge so he doesn’t miss out on any of the attention.

In the mean time, I am stuck behind all of them… my ears offended by the girl’s begging… while my eyes barely want to acknowledge what’s happening. So, my eyes wander away naturally from the unwanted sight before me. Consequentially, my gaze ends up focusing on a bulge at the back of Dale’s belt.

Smirking, I step forward, my hand sliding underneath his black suit, smoothly, as my fingers find the halter of a gun.

Once I’ve grasped it, I pull it out quick, before Dale can stop me. I feel him jerk around just as I side step under his arm to push in front of the three girls crowded in front of him.

I hold the gun up, not pointing at them, but pointing it up to the ceiling so it is in front of my gaze and their gazes – I make sure they can all see as I manoeuvre myself between the side-kittens and my beasts.


No one else’s.

Everyone halts to see exactly what I’m about to do.

Without even facing Dale, I reach up my spare hand behind me until my hand can feel his cheek. I run down my fingers lightly across his skin while the girls’ shocked stares quickly turn to glares of fury and possession.

But before they can fight me, now I point the gun towards the tallest girl’s chest – as she is closest to me. I slowly slip the front of the gun across her chest, under the silver chain, until the barrel is pressed against her jaw.

I don’t shoot, but I pause to let her think I will.

Then, I jerk the gun backwards, towards me, and I break the silver chain right off her pretty little neck.

“Step back,” I snarl, stepping forward and taking my hand from Dale’s cheek, I point the gun at the next girl and do the same thing. I notice none of the girls actually try to run, not because it is so packed and there is hardly a space to move on too – but they, instead, expect their favourite beasts to save them.

To bad that doesn’t happen.

One by one, I flick the gun under their chains and break off their gifts of ownership.

Kittens. Blergh. Dale is their Master.

Correction; was their master.

Once all their necklaces are broken at my feet and the girls are trembling in their high heels, I turn and press the gun to Dale’s chest, giving it back to him.

I then turn to face the girls as I take a step back and reach my hands up, my fingers curling through Dale’s hair and Serge’s hair.

“These beasts are mine,” I hiss at the ex-kittens, who stand still, shocked and teary-eyed by my actions – and Dale’s approval, “If you want to get fucked, find someone else, or fuck each other – these men are off limits, so piss off.”

The girls give final pleading glances to Dale, Serge, Ace and Jose. Then they all turn to each other, bewildered as they stumble off into the crowd. I feel an arm around my waist as Ace pulls me back against him unexpectedly.

“This chick,” he exclaims, “My god, Alyssa, I want to pat you so bad, but I can’t.”

I roll my eyes as he instead grips my waist through the leotard.

Dale and Serge turn to face me, a little bewildered by my claim and Jose also stalks around to stand directly in front of me, watching me with… offended eyes?

What the fuck was that, doll?” Jose asks, exasperated.

“Did you have a fucking problem with me staking my claim?” I ask, glaring at him, but he looks to the ceiling and holds his hands in front of him, curling his fists as if crushing bone.

“Hell, no. I fucking loved it!” he looks me over again and shakes his head in disbelief, “Did we switch something on inside of you this morning, Alyssa? You’ve changed, doll.”

I smirk at this.

“The Lair Lounge, let’s go,” Serge smacks Jose on the back of the head and urges him to hurry off with him. They wanted us to follow. But not before Dale intercepts me first while Ace continues to hold me back against him, refusing to let me go just yet.

Dale is smirking above me as his hand grabs my chin.

“Kitten, did you just put your claim… on all our cocks?” he asks, leaning in until we’re nose to nose. I nod and he leans up, kissing my forehead, while he now looks back at Ace, “What do you think, Ace? How about we play a game of strip poker… in the pool?”

“I wouldn’t have any objections, boss, as long as our kitten is swimming with us. And we get turns equally –”

“I will choose who I go to,” I snap, glaring up at Ace and then Dale, “I will choose what I do, too.”

I wait as Dale turns to face me, and I wait for him to politely agree.

“Sweety? You’re incorrect in your assumptions,” he takes his gun out of his black suit and raises it to my mouth, tapping the barrel across my slightly parted lips, “You want our cocks, so you will take them how we please. Do you understand, sweet pea?”

“As long as there is no other kittens,” I whisper back, in a hiss, “I. Couldn’t. Care. Less. How. You. Choose. To. Defile. Me.”

I spell it out and Dale can’t help but grin, catching Ace’s gaze.

“She’s ready,” Dale chuckles, low, his tone bemused and mocking, “I’d say she’s wet, too,” he lowers his gun and nudges it between my legs, up against my thin, already tight leotard, “Am I right, sweety?”

I just purse my lips and glare him down as he grabs one of my arms and Ace eventually slips his arm from my waist, grabbing my opposing arm.

Sweet virgin, goddess,” Ace whispers, “Isn’t this exciting?” he asks me, also curious to see if I’ll answer him differently.

“Stop it with your made up mumbo-jumbo sayings,” I roll my eyes, “Sweet virgin goddess, seriously, what the hell is that?”

“Well, I guess soon, their might be a bit of a mess when we pop that sweet cherry –” Ace is still being annoying so I cut him off.

“I’ve always hated that term, cherry. I wouldn’t worry about my blood, anyway,” I think to myself as we finally part through the crowd and come to the lift, “…I’d worry about all yours spilling first.”

“Was that a threat, Alyssa?” Ace asks, letting out a quick exhale of disbelief, like a scoff, “I’m too nice to you.”

“You’re not mean,” I instantly retort, “Jose, Dale, Serge… but you? You’re kind.”

“The devil is in the detail, kitten,” Dale murmurs, under his breath and I watch as the light and dark haired beasts share an amused look, “…she has no idea.”

“No idea about what?” I ask, confused.

“Ace doesn’t cum easy,” Dale smirks, “Which means he doesn’t fuck easy.”

“Why the fuck would you know that?” I ask, curious of Dale’s reply.

“I know everything about my brothers,” Dale snaps back, growling at me, “I don’t fuck easy either, so shut that smart mouth.”

“And I don’t suppose Jose or Serge fuck easy?” I ask, “What if I can’t walk?”

The lift doors open and we head in, while Dale and Ace share another bemused look.

“Is that… going to be an issue, boss?” Ace asks, playing coy.

“There is only one rule for her... defilement,” Dale eventually speaks up and I quickly spin on my heel to glance up at him, intrigued by what he’ll have to say. But, I also feel defensive so I cross my arms over my chest, a little worried for his answer, “We’re not sharing her all at once tonight. We’ll take turns. One man at a time.”

I raise a brow at this.

“Aww, I thought I was getting a cock in my pussy, ass, mouth and hand,” I drawl, suggestively, “There’s only one way to learn, isn’t there?”

My sweet go –” before Ace can finish I lunge at Dale and pull out his gun from his jacket, instantly pointing it at Ace’s forehead.

Shut the fuck up,” I tilt my head slowly as I turn off the safety latch.

Ace slowly puts up his hands in surrender, smirking.

“You got me, doll,” he laughs and even Dale is finding this funny.

The lift slowly comes to a halt and the doors open behind me.

I take a small step back and I lean into the metal so the doors don’t close again.

“If you think, for a second, that I’m playing around – you’ve got to be kidding me,” I snarl at both of them, “You tried to murder me this morning. You think I’m going to fuck you all tonight? Do you think I’m stupid?” I scream this at Ace, probably sounding a little crazy – probably because I was.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! What’s going on here?” I hear Jose behind me and two pairs of footfalls as the other two members hurry up behind me. I quickly twirl and point the gun between Jose’s legs, while I glance up at Serge.

“What happened?” Serge asks, completely bewildered.

They all are. Points for me.

Ace steps out of the lift, leaning on the wall while looking me up and down, confused.

Dale also steps out and he is eyeing me with irritation.

Yes, I had been a cock tease... but they deserved it.

"What do you want?" Jose blurts out, scared that the gun is still directed at his most precious parts.

“It’s simple,” I finally explain, now that I have all their attention, “You’re going to get me chocolate ice-cream, waffles – if you have them. I want them hot. I want chocolate sauce and a glass of creamy fucking soda. Do you understand? I’m going to that bedroom over there and I’m going to tuck myself into the fucking sheets, and wait for you to bring me that fucking ice cream, waffles, chocolate sauce and creamy soda. If you don’t – or if you forget an item, now that I’ve generously repeated my list twice, I’m going to make your lives a living hell. You can’t kill me… I’m your match… and you owe me… for trying to kill me this morning… but,” I slowly lower the gun to my side and relax my tone as I add, “If you’re nice and get me these things I’ve requested... I will allow you all to sleep next to me in that humongous bed of yours. If you’re really nice. I’ll sleep naked too… do we have a deal?” I ask this very quietly and I see Serge has a pretty scrunched up look of frustration and insults about to be let out my way, so I raise the gun and take a lowered shot between Jose’s legs. It slips past his thighs and lodges into the carpet behind him. Then, I raise the barrel towards his cock and balls again, “Do. We. Have. A. Deal?”

“I think I’m in love,” Ace murmurs, quietly, before they all share looks of outright amazement... love...? And they all start to laugh.

Serge raises a hand and a bolt of lightning has my gun flying out of my grip and smacking into the wall far behind me. My hand hurts a bit as the charge was slightly deflected into my skin, so I grip my wrist, wincing with the unexpected pain.

“I think that’s enough for our doll for one night,” Dale comes towards me, leans forward and literally picks me up, right off my feet, so I’m effectively hoisted over his shoulder, “To bed she wants, to bed we go.”

They all continue to laugh together, still amused as Dale leads the way.

I look up, and see Ace hesitating by the lift.

“I got your demands sorted, sweety,” Ace winks at me and jumps into the lift.

I smile with some relief at that.

“Are you insane, doll?” Serge asks me as he trails behind with Jose, “Or just looking for a good spanking with a gun shoved up your pussy and down your throat? Because, we can oblige.”

“She threatened to blow my cock and balls to smithereens,” Jose growls, catching my guilty gaze as well, “If someone shoves a gun up her pussy, it’ll be me.”

“A girl will do what she must, Jose, for ice-cream,” I respond, winking, “Oh… and we’re even, because you tried to murder me, remember?”

“That’s enough,” I don’t expect Dale to command now, as he smacks my ass, hard, “You’ll get what you want, Alyssa,” he adds in unexpectedly as we enter the bedroom and he slides me down his front, while steading me just before him, “And you will be naked... and you will get your dessert,” he slowly growls as he leans down, to whisper in my ear, “Do you think you can handle four desserts?”

“Is there a limit to dessert?” I ask, “Of course I can handle it.”

“Our sweety is insane,” Serge rolls his eyes, while smirking, “Take off that damn leotard, doll.”

“Sure. But just a word of warning. I want my dessert and if you don’t let me have it...” I reach for the two shoulder straps with two lithe hands, “...blood will spill... and it won’t be mine.”

“Sweetheart,” Jose sighs, “Blood always spills between us. That’s just how we do things.”

“That’s just how you love things,” I correct him, before glancing to Dale’s purple, curious gaze, “As long as you’re untamed, that is how it will always be. Except, I plan on taming you. All of you, beasts.”

At my brave words, Dale narrows his sparkling, purple gaze, though Serge and Jose look at each other and laugh like it’s another funny joke.

Dale, the Lord of the Underworld, however, is the only one, who realises I’m not joking.

The problem with that, is that I’ve clearly hit the wrong nerve.

And, although I liked to join in on the banter, their were lines you weren’t meant to cross. Like crossing him.

I stare him down and I do so unblinkingly.

“You really are pushing it, aren’t you, sweet pea?” Dale asks, in a monotone, barely showing his true intentions or emotions.

“Pushing my ‘boundaries’? Yeah. I am,” I shrug, trying to act casual but also retaining my stubborn streak, despite the obvious new danger of his piked suspicions, “What are you going to do about it? Kill me? You already tried that. Sorry to remind you, but it didn’t work.”

“Kitten... you can take my word that it’s in my blood that I know these things,” Dale stares me down, refusing to let go of my defiant gaze this time.

“To know what?” I dare to ask, but I at least ask quietly.

“...that there are many other ways to break you, kitten,” he smirks, “...and I’m afraid to inform you... sweet pea... but you’ve tempted me to show you exactly how we can achieve that.”

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