The Diamond Spy ➺ [FC Series Bk.1]

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Chapter 26: To Satisfy Beasts 2/2

Dale’s threat doesn’t go unheard and I can’t deny it does faze me, but I’m determined to pretend it doesn’t. The three beasts in the room watch me as I step back away from our boss and I finally slip off my leotard. It’s satisfying to me that the material doesn’t break, with the same makeup as my skin. As I’ve rolled the material down over my breasts, my waist and the length of my legs, I step out of the thin, almost see through material.

Now, I’m not just naked but elevated because I’m still wearing my purple and very deadly high heels.

I don’t take them off, I simply spin and put my hands on my hips, looking Serge and Jose over with a flutter of my eye lids while I let them inspect my naked beauty.

“For once, the term beauty is pain, applies to both you beasts and not just me,” I nod to Serge and Jose, “One touch of these,” I raise my claws, “And you’ll be slit open… except him, of course,” I turn to watch as Dale leans in to whisper something to Serge, before he heads to the wall of weapons behind him, “Wait. You’re not actually going to shove another gun up my pussy… Dale?” I ask, directing this question to the Ultimate man in the room.

I was truly nervous about his intentions and it was getting harder not to tremble with worry.

“I don’t believe you’re thinking straight, kitten. It’s our pussy. It doesn’t belong to you anymore,” Dale doesn’t have to look over his shoulder as he scolds me, heading towards the erotic toys, next to the actual weapons, “Don’t get your pronouns mixed up next time, sweety,” I pause at the new menace barely held back in his tone when he growls that last part.

I knew then.

Dale was done playing nice.

I glance to Serge, nervously, as Jose steps forward and slips a hand across my hip and along my back, leaning in to press a soft kiss to my shoulder. I instinctively lean back into Jose’s warm chest, as I recognise his gesture is to help sooth me. Now, I’m hoping Serge does something similar.

Serge looks me up and down, a knowing look in his eye after whatever Dale just whispered to him before. I’m hoping Serge can give me some sort of hint that I’ll be okay.

“Catch, lightening,” Dale calls out and I watch as Serge raises a hand. He doesn’t have to glance a single look behind him to know the pair of hand cuffs that have just been flung through the air from Dale’s casual throw over his shoulder, will land perfectly within his palm.

“How did you two do that?” I ask, smiling nervously , “And why are there handcuffs?”

“Our boss just informed me of something, necessary,” Serge delights in my nervous stance as I purse my lips and anxiously await for him to explain further. Jose, behind me, grips my hip a bit tighter and kneads my skin with his fingers. I try to lean further back into him but he hisses a warning, “Not too close, doll,” Serge speaks for him, “Your hair is an issue.”

“Handcuffs will fix that issue?” I ask, curiously.

“How wouldn’t they?” Jose asks, low and sexy behind me as his hand smooths from my hip down to my ass cheek, gripping it firmly and kneading that instead. I almost lose my footing; Jose has a good massage technique.

My eyes glance back to Dale, to see that he is finished with his inspection of his toys.

“You ready to play, kitten?” Dale asks, coming over holding three more handcuffs, lots of rope and a gag.

I open my mouth, but I don’t expect Jose’s hand to come up and cover my lips, stopping me from replying. I turn my head and I already know my hair is slicing through his suit, but he risks it anyway to clamp my mouth shut as his other hand still kneads my ass.

“We’re going to break you right in, doll,” Jose growls and his friendly demeanour is all but gone as well.

One at a time,” Dale snarls, correcting Jose, “We’re not going to pound into her all as one, not for her first time. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t show her a world of pleasure nor the high limits of pain we can treat her to,” he simply nods to the bed as he stops beside Serge.

Dale’s simple tilt of the head has has his two men instantly working for him.

“I go first,” Jose slaps my ass, “Turn around, sweety,” I do so, knowing to disobey would be a bad idea right now, “I have to give you a reason never to point a gun at my cock and balls, ever again, now, don’t I, kitten?”

“I suppose you do,” I give him that point and he grabs one elbow, as does Serge. They help me onto the bed, hauling my ass further up the sheets. My head is on the pillows and they each hold my arms stretched up over my head. Serge passes his vice to Jose while Dale chucks in another spare one for Lightening.

I hold one leg up to Dale, pointing my heel at him.

“Take them off for me,” I ask, gently, “Please? They’re uncomfo –”

“Sweety, they’re staying right where they are,” Dale grabs one ankle in a light but unbreakable grip as he does a few expert ties.

A handcuff covers my ankle, but because the bedpost isn’t close enough because it’s a huge bed, he uses rope to go through one cuff and around the post, giving me a surprising amount of slack. I’m looking on in confusion as Dale does the same to my other ankle.

“Are you anxious, kitten?” Dale asks, passing some spare rope to Serge and Jose, letting the ends trail over my breasts as he passes the pieces over my body, “We haven’t even started.”

“You really do share,” I whisper to myself as I glance at Serge and Jose, fastening my wrists to the corner bedposts with handcuffs and rope, just like my ankles, however there is less slack on my wrists, “Why not just rope?” I question, bewildered.

“It’s called the special treatment,” Serge smirks and settles beside me when he’s done, leaning over to flick a finger across my nipple, letting out a tiny charge while he’s at it. I literally squeal at the contact. That tiny charge was packed full of volts, “Special treatment involves more pain, doll –”

“You fucking bastard, if you do that again –” I admit, that was a poor choice of words on my part. Serge simply reaches over and flicks my other nipple, charging that too… but thankfully with less of a shock, “Serge. I hate you. The most.”

This comment has Dale laughing his head off and even Serge and Jose share a funny look.

“What?” I ask, confused, just as Jose leans over from my other side to to cup my jaw, his thumb pushing across my bottom lip to open my mouth so I can’t exactly talk, but only because my mouth is forced open, instead of shut, “...aey –”

“Dale has you last,” Jose smirks, leaning in to bring his eyes inches from my own, so he can stare threateningly into mine, “And I guess he won’t be using any restraints. He won’t need them.”

“Ahy?” I barely manage to ask ‘Why’ properly as Serge unexpectedly shoves the fabric gag into my mouth. Dale must have passed it over. Serge bunches it in between my teeth, before slapping a hand over my lips so I can’t spit it out.

“Why?” Serge repeats what I tried to ask, “We’re doing this to please you, obviously. Funny… aren’t I, doll? You better stop asking stupid questions, or you’ll receive stupid answers,” he pats my cheek and adds, “Don’t spit it out or I’m shoving it back in their after I wipe off Jose’s load and you can suck it right out of the gag, while we take turns stretching your pussy out, how does that sound?”

Not too bad but, I just glare at Serge anyway as he lifts my restrained arm and the rope, ducking under to rearrange the pillows to recline on, with my arm over his legs.

He holds my wrist nice and tight as an added vice to the handcuffs and rope, so he can trail his fingers along my skin, sending out tiny static shocks that have me flinching, but not with pain. It was just an uncontrollable reaction. I couldn’t get away from him as he continues to play with my skin and the hairs on my arm, which in turn, plays with my mind.

I was stuck.

I watch as Dale is now free of any dangerous gadgets. The predator boss, get’s comfortable on the corner of the bed by my left ankle, opposite Serge. Dale leans back against the post, kicking off his shoes and bending his legs as he simply rests one hand along my inner calf, his finger-tips applying a feather light touch to the corner of my knee.

It was strategically placed. It is a slight tough, light and tingly, over an erroneous zone almost at the back of my knee. It was a strangely sensitive place, sending shivers straight to my womb.

I watch, gasping as the door to the bedroom is suddenly filled with Ace holding a huge platter full of everything I asked for. Waffles, stacked with melting ice cream, chocolate sauce and a glass of creamy bubbly soda.

My eyes are devouring the plate that he rests on an unused desk in the corner of the room, but my gaze is quickly blocked by Jose as he stands up and then heads to the end of the bed, to witness my very spread legs.

Jose doesn’t hesitate. He starts to strip, the first of four beasts to come in and take what was supposedly theirs to play with.


My gut was filled with all sorts of butterflies and warm fuzzy feelings as each layer of clothing comes off my first tattooed beast. Jose’s skin is darkly tanned, with scars lining his chest and abdominals, which stands out among the tattoos. After he has taken off his shirt and blazer, he starts on his pants.

This is the last layer of clothing as he steps out of his disguise. I guess it’s the only way to describe such a transformation. They were already all very handsome and unique in their own way, but as Jose has completely stripped, I get to see the naked, raw, animal version.

The base of these weapons.

Every part of Jose is large, strong and muscled. Not one layer of fat must cover his body, nor his… oh my gosh.

His cock is wide, long and absolutely deadly.

I can’t talk through the gag, so all I can do is make an unrecognisable noise and gasp. Dale taps a finger a bit more firmly at the corner of my knee, while he watches me with a tilt to his head.

“You ready for your first dessert?” Dale asks me, casually, before turning to Jose, “Don’t cum inside her, cum on her face when you’re done.”

It shouldn’t turn me on, something so vile, but just that command has me squirming at my restraints as Jose agrees with a nod and a resounding satisfied growl at the back of his throat.

“Hello, sweety,” Jose jumps on the bed and shuffles forward. He places his hands either side of my breasts to lean down and look into my eyes, “I’m going to test if you’re really designed to satisfy how we fuck. Are you ready?” he doesn’t have to ask it but he does anyway, knowing that with the gag in my mouth I can’t respond.

“I hope you’re excited for the actual dessert I grabbed you,” I hear Ace speak as he has approached and also chooses to recline on the other corner of the bed, adjacent to Dale while Serge is still under my left arm, his fingers continuously playing with a low level of static electricity.

“When I fuck her,” Jose growls under his breath, staring over his shoulder to warn Ace, “If you touch my ass even once, I will throat fuck you with my entire fucking fist… do you understand me?”

“Your ass doesn’t hold my attention, our kitten is far more attractive than you, Boner,” Ace laughs at his own lame joke and Jose just shakes his head, before leaning down and placing two soft kisses, one above each nipple, teasing me.

“Perhaps, I’ll have to kill all of them just to have you to myself,” Jose growls down at me and even smiles at me. I shrug in return, as best as I can, trying to encourage him to fight them.

However, Jose abruptly sits back on his ankles and puts his hands under my thighs, spreading my legs further and pulling them back, as far as they can go with the ropes. He stares at my already wet and eager pussy lips.

“Glistening and drooling for a cock, just like a desperate unused pussy… not that I’m unhappy to fulfil your needs, Alyssa,” Jose continues to stare at my pussy and in turn I feel myself becoming wetter from his possessive gaze.

I breathe more heavy as I fully admire Jose’s cock, which he is already lining up with my entrance as he slips a hand under my waist and over my ass to hoist me up. If I didn’t have the gag, I’d be panting, so instead my breaths come in and out fast through my nose.

I see at the corner of my eye, that Serge has noticed my increased breathing. The bastard raises his hand and pinches my nose shut for a split second just as I’m about to inhale.

I shake my head, violently, almost spitting out the gag. I glare my best at a smirking Serge as he takes his hand away, but only to place his fingers over my breast, the tips of two fingers lightly placing static over my left nipple.

I can hardly focus on that however, as I feel Jose edge into me.

I admit, my pussy had… in the past, opened very slowly for other things, inanimate things, when I tried to pleasure myself. And I remember how I had a secret fetish for the wider brimmed objects.

Yet, my pussy does something strange as Jose pushes his enlarged cock further forward into my pussy. I almost moan as he stretches me open, my pussy allowing him entry while already pulsing down over him, again and again.

“Holy, fucking, whoa,” Jose can’t help but exclaim as he suddenly shoves his cock all the way inside me and my pussy seems to pulse hard at his full entry. And there is, unnaturally, no pain.

Simply pleasure.

I stare up into the ceiling as he pulls his cock out of my body while his hands clasp my hips, a little too tight, which is the only thing that hurts as he pounds back into me.

I squirm and writhe and he starts to use my pussy just like you’d use any fuck toy. But not because he wanted to hurt me but because for some reason my body was allowing it and opening fully to his wide, huge cock. While at the same time, clamping down enough spasmodically to give him the best sensations over his whole shaft.

I even raise my hips to his instinctively as he pounds into me faster. Jose isn’t holding back, but my pussy was aching with every thrust. It wasn’t enough.

I didn’t know why it wasn’t enough.

It just wasn’t.

I forcefully spit out the gag, using my tongue to help push it out of my mouth so I can demand more of my first beast.

Harder, what are you, a pussy?” I snarl at him, provoking him to see exactly how hard he could go. He gives me one shocked look, considering he was already stretching me and filling me, over and over, at a pace that would already be considered brutal. So, he accepts the challenge and I gasp out in delight as he manages to speed up his pace.

I close my eyes, gasping in breaths as pure euphoria feels my aching womb. He keeps pounding and when I dare glance at Serge and Dale, I see them exchanging very pleased looked.

Then, when I glance at Ace on his corner of the bed, as my body rocks with Jose... Ace is just dumbfounded.

Dumbfounded no one else is saying or doing anything.

“Oh, hell no,” Ace hops off the bed, standing and looking at Dale and Serge with exasperation, “Can’t you see it’s not enough? This is like child’s play for her. She needs to be filled up some more… am I right? Is that what you want, Alyssa?” Ace asks me to reconfirm as he already starts to strip.

“F-fill my throat, please,” I beg of him and Ace glances at Dale, who whistles low under his breath.

“She asked for it, so fill her up,” Dale approves, “I don’t suppose your ass stretches just as wide… kitten?” he asks me, seriously curious of my response. Even Jose fills me to the brim and pauses to look into my eyes, waiting for my answer.

“Just my throat and pussy,” I whisper, before glancing up to Jose, I hiss, “Why did you stop?

“Sorry, princess,” Jose laughs as he starts up his pace again, “I never dreamed you to be the demanding type. Are you secretly a masochist, too?”

“I don’t know,” I answer truthfully, biting my lip as I glance to see Ace now completely naked. His crossed sniper tattoos hold my attention. Then, my gaze stretches across his wide chest and thin waist. Jose was more bulk with muscle but Ace’s shoulders and chest… fuck… they were a fucking master piece how impossibly wide they were.

I gulp as Ace is lithe in his moments as he hops on the bed, dropping his knees either side of my head. My hair is still safely in braids behind me. His cock is already mostly hard, but he lifts it to expose his large and soft balls.

“You want a taste?” Ace asks and I nod as he leans forward, putting a hand on the head board to steady himself as he lowers his balls past my lips… into my mouth… to rest over my tongue. It tastes so salty, and the soft, warm texture in my mouth drives me crazy while Jose is still pounding into my eager pussy.

I suck on Ace’s balls, licking them while feeling slobber seeping out the corners of my mouth as he sits down further, letting me taste them for longer.

“Good girl,” Ace approves of me and is surprisingly calm with his balls in my mouth. I’m surprised he trusts me not to bite down on them, “Hey, doll, you going to cum for my hard working lady back there?” Ace is referring to Jose with a smirk and unfortunately, Ace was correct that I was quickly reaching one of my peaks. It was coming a lot faster because of the balls in my mouth.

It was hot. I loved being filled from both ends.

I’m so scared of how hard my climax will hit me, but there is nothing I can do about it as an ultimate spasm sends my womb into an aching overload. My pussy contracts so hard, I hear Jose swear at the top of his lungs as he shoves inside of me, my pussy literally holding him in, refusing to let him go until I’ve drowned out every last drop of cum.

“So much for cumming all over her pretty little face,” Serge scolds Jose for fucking up and I hear Dale chuckle.

“I’ll let that one slide,” Dale is appreciative that I’m not just an ordinary female as Jose pulls out and Ace pulls his balls out of my mouth. I literally whimper as he does so, I liked them inside my mouth more than I’d even knew I would.

“Shh, baby,” Ace grabs his cock and runs the head over my lips, “I haven’t even filled you properly yet. Serge, she’s cold, warm her pussy back up.”

“If you can shove your lengthy cock all the way down her throat, I wouldn’t mind seeing that happen, first,” Serge scowls, “Then I’ll warm her up.”

I try to glare at Serge but Ace is progressing forward.

“Open wide, sweety,” Ace requests me politely and I’m further turned on by his firm tone, so I open my lips and feel him slide in the head. I want to lick it but already he slides in further, quickly reaching the back of my throat.

This is where it should get hard, but a light switch is flicked on in the back of my head and I bring my own head, willingly further, off the pillows and forward, to catch him down my throat. Ace shuffles along even closer, until his balls rest on my chin and his cock is literally all the way down my throat.

“Well, fuck me,” Serge can’t believe his eyes and I plead with Ace to start thrusting.

“I’m happy to, sweety,” Ace reads my mind and pulls out, before thrusting back in, testing my resolve.

It’s there. I don’t know how, but it is. For some reason I can handle it just fine.

Ace slowly fucks me faster and harder, but only very gradually as Serge starts to strip out of my sight.

At the moment, my eyes are preoccupied by the gorgeous blonde beast pinning me down from above, filling my throat with his cock.

“Our kitten is insane and better than any succubus from hell or angel from heaven,” Serge growls this to Dale, “Where the fuck did we find or? How did we deserve someone like this? Look, Jose’s practically passed out on the floor.”

“Put yah dick in her,” I hear Jose pant from the floor somewhere, “And bloody find out.”

I flinch, my throat clencing on Ace’s dick and making him smile, after I’ve felt a static field encase my throbbing wet pussy. It makes me jerk my hips and I feel Serge’s hands between my legs, two thumbs pressed on either pussy lip to stretch my pussy open.

Not for his cock, but Serge’s tongue.

I feel the tip of it run across my open pussy and up towards my clit. He fondles the precious centre of pleasure which was about to border on pain as Serge doesn’t just lick it. He sends out a charged shock, which has me almost choking on Ace.

“Careful, there, lady,” Ace scolds Serge but doesn’t pull out, “Sorry, sweety… well, not sorry… that felt really good, I can’t lie to your pretty face,” I glare at Ace for delighting as I nearly choked around his cock.

I feel my legs tighten on the restraints when Serge directs another small shock to my clit. He then sucks on my pussy lips, stretching them, playing with them with his tongue. However, his mouth is soon replaced with three fingers and a thumb on my clit.

“Like a fucking vacuum,” Serge chuckles, “A very wet vacuum.”

How romantic.

I wish I could roll my eyes at him, but Ace starts to thrust a bit faster into my throat, his balls now slapping across my chin.

“Just fuck her, lightening, she aint’ done, she’s far from done,” Jose growls, from somewhere still on the floor, recovering. I then feel the bed lower as Serge puts his knees on the covers and he shuffles closer. His hands go under my ass and lift my exposed pussy higher.

“Any other special treatment, boss?” Serge asks Dale, “Or should I just fuck her as hard as I can–”

“No,” I’m surprised to hear Dale intercept and he responds unexpectedly, “Shock her every third thrust, inside her. Test how much her body wants to spasm.”

Even Ace pauses with his cock shoved between my lips at this. He gives me a sympathetic smile and shrugs as he picks up his pace again. I just focus on sucking him harder so he can cum, while I anxiously worry about Dale’s instructions.

“You absolutely sure about that, boss?” Serge reconfirms as I feel the tip of his cock, a similar size to Jose, pushing inside my throbbing, aching walls, “That’s going to hurt her eventually.”

“Hurt her, then, I want her limits stretched when I take her,” Dale explains, “Her pussy is designed to please us, so numb her up. I’m certainly not going to take her ass easy.”

“Her ass, already?” Serge asks, amused as he shoves his cock inside me, “My god, Dale, you are a cruel bastard.”

“Next time, kitten,” Ace explains for me, “You’ll have three cocks inside you. And you’re fucking amazing, do you know that?”

I know he is trying to make me feel better as he thrusts harder down my throat. I wish I could smile at him, his cock felt so good filling my throat… but as he fucks into me harder relentlessly, I also feel Serge start to fuck me.

His cock fills me, three times. And that third time...

...I nearly pass out.

My pussy clenches so hard and some pain emits from inside me as the electrical charge hits my pussy walls. I hardly have time to recover as the same thing happens. One thrust, two, three and again – a charge. I choose to try and ignore it. My hips rise and fall by my will, to meet Serge’s pace regardless of the added pain, trying to show him I can take it.

It had all been pleasure, but now, slowly, the charges were numbing out my core.

“Get ready to swallow, sweety,” Ace doesn’t give me much warning as he pushes in deep, his balls emptying into the back of my throat and causing me to almost gag at the unexpected rush of hot liquid.

I quickly swallow as he pulls out, and he pats my cheek even as I cough after something surely went down the wrong way.

“Fuck,” I cry out, huskily as Ace leans down to place a peck on my lips, before moving off me, to give me some space. He is gone and in my face is Serge, who has paused inside me, on his knees. He is completely at ease with a cocked arrogant brow while I take in his insanely coloured, light blue hair.

I wonder if its because electricity runs through the cells at all times, even the dead one?

He surely was an insane beast of power, as he slowly leans down and rests on two fists, one either side of me so his face hovers over mine. Without a word, he just watches me as he pulls out and thrusts back in. He continues to fuck me while he holds my gaze.

One, two, three – charge.

One, two, three – another.

I’m gritting my teeth as Serge picks up his pace with a smirk.

“You’re doing surprisingly well for someone who should be unconscious,” Serge warns me of the danger of testing me like this. However, I refuse to beg for mercy. I lift my hips to meet his every time, still trying to disregard the pain.

“Clean yourselves up,” I hear Dale order Ace and Jose to leave, while I feel Dale stand up. My head instinctively turns to check on him. Dale starts to strip next.

Even through Serge’s shocking, I am consumed by Dale’s moves as he takes off his blazer, shirt and finally his pants.

Dale kicks aside his pants and delights in the fact I can’t keep my worried gaze off his naked body. I knew he was a predator and I had to be weary of what he would choose to do to me. At first, nothing would seem strange about his demeanor, besides his tyrian purple and cruel eyes, which spell out the real danger. I watch as he heads to each of my restraints and he starts to undo them.

“Pull out to cover her,” Dale commands as he stops after releasing one vice on my left wrist. He leans on the bed with one fist and holds my eyes with his, “I’m surprised you have nothing more to say.”

“I can take anything,” I whisper at him, and although it’s aimed at Dale, Serge takes it as a challenge and starts to fuck me harder.

I feel myself building to another climax, this one more rocky and sure to be the death of me. It comes so quick, I don’t have time to mentally prepare for the way my pussy clenches. Not just throbbing, clenching and wet but squeezing so hard, it’s not even normal for me.

Serge’s charges had tensed my muscles and now I scream uncontrollably at the top of my lungs as I fully climax. Serge pulls out and doesn’t cum inside me, following orders to spurt his hot liquid over my pussy and ass as he was instructed. His eyes don’t break from my gaze, either.

I’m fighting off sleep. My mind wanted to shut off.

“...I think I just broke her,” Serge murmurs, curious but not so gentle as he reaches up a hand to grab my chin, “You okay, doll?”

I think about his charges and I almost laugh hysterically… but I had one hand free now… so I come back alive.

“You fucking cruel asshole,” I yell at him as I swipe my free left hand forward, almost managing to claw his chest. However, Serge quickly jumps back out of reach.

“Couldn’t you have unlocked her after I was away from her claws?” Serge snarls at Dale, who casually walks around to undo my other wrist.

“Get washed up, you did what I asked. She’s mine now,” Dale’s patience is thin as Serge rolls back his shoulders and tilts his head as Dale starts to free my ankle restraints.

“You’re truly a psycho, boss,” Serge mucks around as he glances at me, “Have fun... doll,” he turns and stalks from the room, leaving me with Dale. I watch as he tugs through the last rope, dropping the handcuff with it, to the floor.

Now that I’m free and alone with him, I try to sit up – but I can’t.

Spasms of electricity still contract my muscles and effect my spine. I can move my arms and legs but my hips and back feel useless.

“Are you really going to fuck me in the ass?” I ask, quietly.

“You need to learn to reach your designed limits and stretch them further,” Dale smirks, turning around, he starts to walk towards the door, so I get a good view of his dangerous ass.

God damn, those muscles –

But the view doesn’t last.

He turns off the lights.

I’m fully submerged in the darkness and have no hint of my surroundings.

“The darkness will enhance your senses to feel,” Dale explains as he walks back over, “For me, I have cat’s eyes… I can see just fine in this light.”

“I guess that’s handy for you,” I gasp, as I try to sit up again but fail to do so.

“Let me help you with that,” Dale hops on the bed and I feel his hands at my hips, flipping me over, roughly.

He raises my hips and gets me onto my knees. He chooses not to be gentle.

I feel his hands go to spread my ass cheeks. At the same time he knows it’s hard for me to support myself, so he simply pushes forward so my head is forced down further into the covers.

My movements were still severely restricted by my sore muscles which now felt increasingly numb.

“What a mess,” Dale runs a finger from my pussy to my ass, before sticking it right into my hole, to test if I’ll open to him as I was designed to, “Funny thing is, kitten, this isn’t even the actual reality of what you could be degraded to, this is just the very beginning of a long, lesson into a life of submission.”

“If you think I don’t want your cock in my ass, you’re wrong,” I don’t know if this is the response he is looking for, but his words were unexpected, “Go on, boss, I dare you to shove it. Right in. Try me! –”

“You’re designed to take it, in most of your orifices,” Dale holds me extremely steady as I feel the tip of his cock poking at my perfectly designed hole, “You don’t need to dare me to test that out, kitten,” he growls this low and menacing as he moves forward.

He slowly penetrates me and as he goes deeper… I know he is bigger than all of them.

He feels wider, longer and stiffer as his cock throbs inside me, matching my own pulses.

He keeps filling me up , and when his balls press against my pussy, I know he’s in all the way. In this moment, it feels almost too much, and as I try to crawl forward, I feel him casually lean over me. His hands grab my wrists, pulling my arms back, towards him, so I have no way to crawl.

“I haven’t even started… and already you’re trying to get away?” Dale growls, his tone literally the epitome of menacing as he holds both my wrists in one hand. He then leans forward again and uses his free hand to push through my hair, until his palm is on the back of my neck, keeping my head down, “Don’t move, kitten, this is perfect.”

I feel him pull out, almost all the way, before he thrusts back in, to the hilt.

My spasms from before are almost set off and I cry out as he pulls out and thrusts back in a second time.

“It’s too much,” I give in, I have to be honest, “This is c-crazy… those charges…”

“This isn’t meant to be pleasure. This is a punishment for a very bad kitten,” Dale finally explains as he leans over me, thrusting hard as he leans down to snarl in my ear, “Don’t ever question my authority, or the only place I’ll ever let them fuck you, will be in your ass. Do you understand, kitten?”

“I like it in my ass,” I try to retort but he pushes in as far as he can go, making me wince.

“Not as much as your pussy or your throat,” he reminds me, “…tell me… Alyssa… do you feel weak?”

“I might… ah,” I hold my breath as he pushes in and pulls out, “I might... pass out – ah!”

“ I have a question for you then. If you do, do you think I’ll stop?” Dale asks, “Do you even realise what you are?”

Your match,” I gasp the answer, but he changes up his pace. He doesn’t do deep thrusts, but shorter ones with a very fast tempo.

“You were made for me,” Dale’s hand on my neck squeezes down, slightly applying pressure to intensify the feeling of domination, “For my pleasure. For my cock to have somewhere it feels satisfied being buried in. Whenever I want. However, I want.”

“Only... i-if I allow it,” I remind him of my choices and he chuckles as he continuously fucks me.

“You will, sweet pea, like I said, you were made for me,” he reminds me of this but it irks me.

He was hinting at something else.

“But why would I… always… allow it?” I ask, curious as he stretches me open again and again while my core goes from feeling numb, to almost nerve-dead. I was thoroughly used and my body wanted to shut down soon.

“You’re body was made for us, for STRIKE,” he explains, “Your mind was. Your heart was. The heart, Alyssa, that’s the most powerful thing of all.”

“But, what are you saying?” I beg for him to answer me properly.

He fucks me harder, refusing to answer. For a long while, all I feel is my ass and body being dominated and controlled by the Lord of the Underworld. Using me up to his heart’s content.

He still keeps me waiting.

He continues to pick up the pace and fucks so hard, he has no option but to finally cum – deep inside – settling in and letting his hot liquid completely fill my insides. He doesn’t aim to make me cum again, he won’t allow it.

But even so, this all feels like a dream now, as my body collapses in a heap. He finally pulls out, and as I lie there, trying to rest, he climbs over me and presses his body down over mine, holding me down. His hands once again, clasp over my wrists and his cheek slides past my hair so it rests next to mine in the very darkness that he could see through.

“You weren’t just made to love us, kitten,” he murmurs, “You were made to love us with your mind and your heart. You were made to fall in love with us. All of us.”

I freeze, forgetting to breathe for a moment as he finally slides off me, leaving me in a used heap on the bed. I feel my mind trying to coax me to sleep, but not before I listen to where he goes.

He opens the door, closes it and leaves the room.

I am left alone.

After being fucked to heaven and then straight back down to hell.

His words have me shaken as a dream slowly comes to me, my eyes slowly shutting.

I didn’t want to sleep, but I couldn’t hold it off. My body needed a deep rest now.

My last thoughts are on Dale’s words.

Perhaps I was made to fall in love with them and perhaps they would use that to further their ends… their needs.

But the only question remaining was too scary for me to face. I do so now and then I decide to bury it so I didn’t have to think of it’s possible consequences all the damn time.

It’d drive me insane.

It was too painful and scary to consider that they might not... might never...


The question was simple enough.

If I was made after their creation and I was made to fall in love with them…

…were they made to fall in love with me?

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