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Chapter 27: Force of the Military

It’s not until the next day that I feel sore, used and bruised. I assure you, in the best way possible… but it doesn’t help being awoken out of a pleasantly sweet dream in a dark room; with the lights being switched on to blind me.

I’m clutching onto a pillow, naked, my claws penetrating the flesh and spilling out the insides of the defenceless head-rester. The covers behind me feel shredded and messy like a ravaged dog-bed savaged by the dog, or a torn open duck feather pillow; yep, welcome to the life of Alyssa.

I can’t help but think sourly as my hands clump together, sticky, and I realise as I groan and open my eyes, that it’s because I got up half way through the day to eat the melted dessert, drink the creamy soda, and then I collapsed back into a sore heap and went back into a deep sleep.

Now… though… I peel my eyes open, still naked and clutching the ravaged pillow to see four pairs of eyes looking over me. I feel a poke in my rib cage from Ace and a pinch on my nose from Serge.

“Hey!” I snarl, opening my eyes wide quickly I suddenly sit up right, a sore, outright, naked mess. I chuck my torn pillow at Ace and look over my body. Bruised hips, thighs and tingly breasts and lower back, “I feel… wrecked…” I breathe out in a panic, “Why were you so rough?” I ask, glaring back at Serge as he did the worst damage which was just topped off by Dale’s ass fucking afterwards.

“You were begging for it,” Ace exclaims, shocked, “Literally begging for it…”

“The bruising was unavoidable,” Serge sounds a little guilty but still backs up his team while I curl my fists and try not to punch him in the face.

“Unavoidable?” I ask, “I’m not saying I didn’t have a good time, dickhead – I’m saying you didn’t have to electrocute my fucking pussy –”

“Dale ordered me to teach you a lesson, so I did,” Serge shrugs, glancing at Dale, who is simply watching on with amusement while holding my leotard.

“Get up, stop complaining and get dressed, kitten,” Dale also chucks me a wet towel so I can wipe my hands off before passing me my outfit. I stay silent and glare at him, before glancing at Jose.

“I liked you the best,” I tell Jose, “Would you like to kill the rest of them as you suggested?” I ask.

“What did I do wrong, Alyssa?” Ace looks so offended, he throws his arms up into the air and turns to storm from the room, “I’m grabbing my sniper and the car – hurry the fuck up, sweets.”

I can’t help it, Ace’s constant attempt at lame jokes give me a corny idea and I suddenly smirk.

“If I’m sweets, Ace, you’re salty,” I call out, which actually makes Serge grin – for a second, then he remembers to scowl. Jose leans forward and grabs my hand, helping me sit further upright with a gentle touch to my palm.

“Doll,” Jose leans forward, his free tattooed hand coming up to caress my jaw, “Seriously. Are you okay… after last night?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” I grumble as I push past him to stand up, feeling dirty. I take the opportunity to fold the warm cloth to a clean side and I rub it along my pussy and ass, “No offence… ‘ladies’… I don’t mind feeling sticky – but not before I get dressed.”

“Doll, did we say you could clean up our mess?” Serge growls, joking about it after I’m already done. I watch as Dale steps forward, grabbing the cloth from me. He chucks it on the bed, to hurry me up.

“No offence, kitten,” Dale also grabs my chin, tilting his head to the side as he looks down on me with his tyrian purple gaze, “…you need to move quicker – we’re late.”

“What time is it?” I ask, curious.

“10pm, doll,” Jose explains, “We got streets to be running and we ain’t gonna leave without you.”

This takes me by surprise for two reasons. I didn’t realise I slept so long. I also didn’t give them enough credit for taking care of me. They wanted me to come with them, still, even after fucking me senseless – so at least they weren’t treating me like a dumb, only-to-be-used occasional whore.

Just because it was amazing getting fucked by them, didn’t mean I would tolerate complete degradation. Which is why I was skeptical on Dale’s lifestyle of making women submit. He enjoyed it – and I can’t lie, I liked how hot it was during sex. But I was also weary that it could potentially overtake my whole life if I let him believe I was okay with it all the time.

I step into my leotard and I decide to wear my purple high heels again.

“I feel like a villain from a comic book,” I mutter as I strap on my purple hooker heels and stand up straight, feeling sexy, sore and ready to gangster. Ok… I made up that saying on the spot, but it was pretty accurate, I think, “What’s on the agenda tonight? More Misfit hunting?” I ask, glancing over Serge, Jose and Dale, knowing that is what they seemed to do most nights.

“Kitten… just follow, alright?” Dale motions with a nod of his head for everyone to start moving out, and tests my level of obedience. I simply shrug and wait for Dale and Serge to lead the way. Jose waits back and puts a hand out, allowing me to go next.

“Doll,” Jose winks and I smirk; clearly he liked being my favourite.

I feel my body awaken properly by the time we walk out the busy front doors of the Black Lair to find Ace reclining in STRIKE, awaiting us while girls look in the tinted windows, trying to see who else is inside.

When Dale appears with Serge, out the front first, the girls take a step back with excited giggles. When I approach with Jose, I literally watch them take another two steps back as their eyes frightfully meet mine.

I didn’t recognise these girls as the same ex-kittens as the night before but I assumed word had spread about my show of possession.

As the doors open and some people spot a sniper across Ace’s lap, people visibly back off while Jose shoves some randoms away who stray too close regardless of the danger. However, I also hear multiple encouraging comments of ‘Good on yah boys’ and such, which I find intriguing.

Finally, when we are all in the safety of STRIKE, we head off – and this time I’ve managed to grab a seat in the front. Serge, Dale and Jose squish into the back, snapping at each other when they touch too close, which has Ace smirking as he drives.

I give Ace a quizzical look, hoping he can answer the question I’m thinking of. I don’t ask it out loud because Dale already warned me not to ask too many questions.

“Fifth Street,” Ace winks, “Apparently there are some huge wind-ups of college students on Tuesdays. Misfits galore –”

“Just get us there quickly, you drive like your 80,” Jose snarls, kicking in the back of Ace’s seat.

“You complain and drive like you’re 3,” Ace retorts, winking at me again as he looks for my approval.

“Very good,” I nod, and turn back to see Jose literally gawk at me. Just when he thought I was on his side.

“… bitch,” Jose jokes under his breath as his phone vibrates in his pocket, “Here’s some action,” Jose looks to his screen to read a text, “Paige from Gage’s Club… she’s saying… there is some strange activity going on in the middle of Fifth, causing panicked customers, let me give her a call,” Jose puts the phone to his ear while I glance at Dale and try not to glare at him for being so rough on me last night.

I was still subconsciously scared that he was the type not to… care… deeply… and –

Dale smirks, just as I’m thinking those doubts, it’s like he can read my mind. He raises a brow as I think that too, so I look away from him, to glance to Jose instead, while Serge just looks impatient for the news.

“…fat dude,” Jose relays to us as he hears the drama, “Plants growing out of his head, holding a gun to two… wait… what? Okay… Keeps screaming out their names, calling for us. He wants the Gang of Shadows to know… he will kill this older couple we know of… he is holding… James and Lisa O’Brien –”

“Pfft,” Serge rolls his eyes, “Who? We don’t know anyone by that name, who cares if he kills them –”

“No!” I turn around in my seat, the blood draining from my face as the names instantly register, “No. That’s my parent’s names – that… he… oh my god. Ace, step on it,” I snarl at him, punching his arm and glancing back to plead with Dale, “Please, it must be Prof. Hedgy. My old boss. I’m sure his favourite Five Reds from the hero squad, were Kyle and James. I killed them and he knows it. He probably wants revenge… oh my god…”

“Relax, doll,” Dale leans forward, cutting me off with a protective snarl, but only to shock me out of my ensuing panic, “We got this. You think we can’t handle this sort of situation? We were trained for it. Jose, ask Paige to find out what he wants with Alyssa.”

Jose relays the details and gets back the information quickly.

“Alive,” Jose confirms, “He wants to put her in Preventive Care, or he’s shooting James and Lisa in twenty minutes.”

“What the fuck?” I hiss and I feel Ace grip my wrist, careful to avoid my hand. He holds it tight.

“I can shoot him out from two-hundred feet in this city... please, Alyssa, chill… we got their asses covered,” Ace quietens his tone and I try to breathe and relax back into my seat, only to feel Dale’s hand on my shoulder, giving me a light squeeze.

“Kitten, this is the plan,” Dale speaks calmly for me and I hope his plan is worthy of his intelligence. My parents might have been control freaks and assholes for kicking me out, but I couldn’t just ignore a gun to their heads, “Ace will set up in Gage’s Club. Serge and Jose will walk the streets with me. We’ll park STRIKE at the back of Gage’s Club and you’ll approach the professor. Hand yourself over, as soon as your parents are free, we’ll strike him out. Simple, okay, doll?”

“He’s the boss of the Five Reds… are you sure it’s that easy?” I ask, neutral.

“James and Kyle are dead. He’s an angry man and angry men don’t follow through with back-ups or rationality. This is low-risk. He wants you locked up, kitten, he doesn’t even want you dead – ”

“You sure about that?” I ask, questioning Dale’s logic only because I was nervous and something didn’t feel right.

“We’re trained to know if he’ll pull the trigger, and before he does, if he betrays his word – he’ll have a bullet right through his green brain,” Ace reassures me, squeezing my wrist again and lightly placing my hand on his sniper, “Kiss it for good luck if you want – but I don’t miss, sweety.”

“Thank you, Ace,” I’m a little more calm with the reassurance and when I glance over my shoulder, the three in the back look irritated that I doubt their ability to handle this completely, “Let’s do this.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Jose winks and he manages to do it very sarcastically to match his tone. I roll my eyes and get comfortable while my heart clenches.

A gun to my parent’s heads, by a fat man with a short temper and a shit attitude.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

Now I had to put my faith in STRIKE.

I’m not keen on speaking in or listening to their preparation-banter, so I simply wait while I think too much. Ace, thankfully, drives expertly smooth as we approach Fifth Street. We park at the back of Gage’s Club and head out.

My instructions are simple.

Stay hidden, wait five minutes, then approach. Ace would set up in that time frame and Serge was also another back up weapon of choice in case Ace was delayed in any way.

Ace heads into the back of the strip club while Dale, Serge and Jose lead me to the street, keeping a close guard on me until we hit the scene from the alley way.

As soon as we arrive in the crowd, the three beasts with me, back up and move off in separate directions.

My role is simple, I keep repeating this to myself. Approach Hedgy in five. Hand myself in. Ace will do the rest.

Everyone on the street is watching the scene in the middle of the road as a fat man in messy, coffee stained work clothes, holds two guns, one pointed at James’ head and one at Lisa’s.

Both of my foster parents have their hands clasped behind their backs with plastic ties.

It looks like a rushed operation; Dale was right. Prof. Hedgy wasn’t planning with much sense.

I stay behind the crowd and approach closer. However, I stay hidden behind the bodies in the crowd as Prof. Hedgy calls out his demands.

“Someone get me the Gang of Shadows!” he calls out for the hundredth time on repeat, “I have some people they need alive! James and Lisa! Someone call them and tell them now! The Gang of Shadows have to hand me Alyssa O’Brien for her incarceration! Alyssa O’Brien, where, oh, where, are you? I’m waiting for you, Diamond Spy!”

His words piss me off. However, it also reminds me how I am also waiting... for Ace to do the deed, after I hand myself in.

I watch as the Professor walks up and down the street continuously with crowds not getting too close but still interested in his slightly slurred speeches. The hedge on his head didn’t look freshly cut either, so I’d assume this was an extremely spontaneous plan fuelled on both liquor and coffee.

Eventually, the professor stops and looks at his watch for a split second.

“Time’s up, it seems!” he calls out, laughing casually.

I suddenly panic, shoving past curious onlookers, I dart on to the road.

“Wait!” I call out, putting up my hands in surrender, the crowd all gasp as I put myself into the line of danger.

Hedgy spins to face me, his eyes lighting up in victory

“Thank you, sweetheart! Now, I need you to stand over there,” Prof. Hedgy can’t contain his grin. He points to the middle of the road behind him, “Twenty feet away, over there – that pot-hole, go. Now.”

I’m confused by this order, perhaps he was going to shoot me after all?

I walk slowly with my heels still on and my hands up as I make my way to the middle of the road exactly where he instructed. I turn to face him once I’m there.

“Let my parents go, Prof. Hedgy,” I warn him to follow through on his deal but he just laughs again and keeps the guns pointed at Lisa and James. They are blind folded and gagged too, trembling from fear, heads down to the ground, dressed in their PJs.

“It’s romantic, really,” Hedgy keeps the guns pressed to the temples of my parent’s heads, “They tried so hard to protect your identity. Too bad, you’re found out, sweetheart. It’s all over.”

I have no idea what the fuck he is talking about but my hands slowly drop to my sides as he doesn’t lower his weapons.

“Let them go,” I try to speak calmly, before I let my rage through... but the tension is broken as he whistles a high note through the street.

I expect Coal, Dash or Jackle to appear at the clear high-tuned note for back-up. But, I didn’t understand why he needed it when I had already surrendered.

I hear the crowd yelling out warnings to me or crying out in fear. I spin around, hearing the sounds of marching boots.

Out of the crowd, I see at least fifty soldiers, dressed in SWAT gear, coming out to surround me.

I’m just baffled, as each trained man and woman halts on the road, strategically placed, completely surrounding me and raising all their guns in my direction.

I literally have fifty guns pointed at my head.

“She’s dead unless you give me what I want!” Hedgy yells out, putting up his hands, “You can’t snipe all of them, Gang of Shadows – surrender. Now. In the next sixty seconds or your whore is dead. I repeat. One wrong move and she’s dead. One. Wrong. Move… now move it… I’m counting down quickly…”

Thirty seconds pass where my eyes scan over the soldiers surrounding me as I look for STRIKE. I almost think they won’t come out, until I see a line of ridiculously tall men, shadowing over those around them, dressed in familiar black, stalking their way onto the road to face Hedgy. Ace included, his sniper resting in his hand casually by his side.

My beasts hold my gaze and I find it hard to look at them. I was scared something tragic was about to happen.

“Finally,” Hedgy sounds like he is going to start a huge speech to the Gang leaders, but he whistles again and this time I see darts shoot through the air and lodge into each beasts’ neck.

Dale, Serge, Jose and Ace all fall to the ground.

But that’s not all.

Hedgy raises his two guns and fires two shots.

My parent’s knees collapse and their bloody, innocent heads smack into the road moments later.

People scream on the streets and start to run for their lives now that an act of murder has been committed.

I continue to stand, my heart skipping too many beats while my lungs feel like they might give out.

“Don’t kill her,” Hedgy turns to face me, “Lower your guns,” he orders calmly but still raises a gun to me anyway as he slowly approaches with a happy jump in his step, “I need you alive, sweetheart.”

As he approaches, the soldiers follow their orders, lowering their guns while awaiting further instructions.

Why?” I choke on the single word, barely getting the syllable out as I gulp and refuse to look away from Hedgy’s beady eyed stare.

“I need you alive, Diamond Spy,” Hedgy now raises two guns up, both of them pointing at my tits, “You’re their weakness,” he explains, like it’s obvious, “Thank you for your service to the Five Reds, Alyssa.”

“But why do you need me alive?” I ask, neutrally, no emotion.

“No one can make the Gang of Shadows talk,” Hedgy comes in to press his two guns that had just taken my parents lives, right under my rib cage, up against my breasts. I feel violated but I don’t move incase his sweaty fingers accidentally slip on the triggers. He crookedly smiles and tilts his head while a bug crawls down his forehead, “but you will help make them talk,” he abruptly takes his guns away from me.

Hedgy whistles again.

In response, my neck stings with a jolt of sudden pain. My vision goes black and I lose touch with reality.

The rest is history.

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