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Chapter 3: Lord of the Underworld

I’m breathless as I stay seated, looking ahead, ignoring the beautiful monster of a man that has just approached the bar next to me. He turns to the bar tender, who is anxious to take his order.

“Double shot of whiskey, over ice,” Dale growls under his breath, just like an animal.

I continue to sit frozen in my chair, unsure of how to react. My instincts were telling me he was preparing to intercept me.

I had remembered but chose to not dwell on the fact ... I was his type of woman. At least by appearance, Prof. Hedgy had declined to let me in on anything more that could be useful. Like, hmmm, I don’t know, what Dale preferred in terms of personality?

Because right now my biggest concern was whether or not to play it cool, ignore him, wait for him to acknowledge me or turn to him first…

Nah, fuck that. I wasn’t brave enough to be the one to start this conversation rolling.

It is at this point I notice the sudden impending silence, the tension in the air as I hear the bar tender chuck ice into a glass, ready to pour the whiskey over.

I can suddenly feel the eyes of the predator on me as he turns his front towards me.

He’s drink is in his hand now.

I just find myself nervously waiting to die, because all I can internally think about is how he is in the corner of my vision. All my thoughts of how to react were non-existent. I just felt as if I was being assessed for my worth.

Perhaps Dale didn’t just murder spies – but all those whom he felt were a waste of space. A waste of his vision. A waste of his time.

“No women, let alone little girls, come into this club alone… so, why are you here, kitten?” Dale speaks and I find myself taking a moment or two to finally gain the courage to look at my target.

One thing I was good at, thankfully, was bluffing that I had control. That I knew what I was doing. Everyone in Frankincense city developed independent ways of staying safe. My power was hardly anything to threaten people with especially when so many people were more powerful than I. I learnt to talk and lie my way out of any situation.

That’s why I landed my job in the first place.

Now, I decide to use just that. It was my go to safety mechanism. I give him a once over, my mouth not in a smile – mainly because of the kitten comment.

I see the infamous gold ring on his left hand, which is clutching his glass of whiskey.

I slowly raise my gaze past his black suit to his square jaw, handsomely crooked nose and well… my gaze stops at his eyes.

The picture the Five Reds held in their databases was far too covered in shadow to show the tyrian purple of his haunting irises.

“Kitten?” I ask, with a raised eyebrow and an attitude, “Can’t a girl have a drink at a bar without being preyed upon?”

I watch as Dale curls a finger towards someone he spots in the distance, before his eyes zone in on me again and he clutches his glass a bit tighter.

I have a glance to see who he was making contact with but I don’t find any obvious targets.

“Safety comes at a price, kitten,” he leans in closer when I glance back, until he is fully encroaching on my private space.

A long leg has come out and curls around mine, linking into the foot rest of the bar stool. He passes his drink to his right hand so his left arm can stretch out behind me. I see him about to play with my tawny hair.

He seemed intrigued by it.

“Careful,” I mutter, my eyes zoning in on his ring, “My hair is the reason I can’t land a job… excuse me…” I try to get off the chair but his leg is simply immovable as I try to get going.

I can’t bloody get out! His leg was impossible for me to manoeuver around. I sit back, breathing out in a huff. I couldn’t handle this close proximity much longer; I was running out of things to say to him.

“You’re only going one place, kitten,” he smirks into his glass as he sips his whiskey. His tyrian eyes now take hold of the large male approaching.

My eyes widen as a tall blonde body guard comes quickly towards us, approaching out of no where from the shadows.

“Where exactly am I going?” I ask, while focusing on the guard, I quickly become breathless again and a little lightheaded.

I literally squeak when there is a sudden grip in my hair. My whole head is suddenly controlled as my hair is bunched up, being held tightly as the Lord of the Underworld leans into my ear.

“Nice try slipping in with the VIPs, kitten, but you’re not welcome here,” he says this like he has great entertainment frightening others.

I’m still in complete shock.

How was his hand not shredded open by now? He hadn’t even flinched. Next, he simply moves his leg, hand still in my hair, he shoves me off the seat. I plow straight into the body guard’s chest, almost rolling my ankle.

“Ace, get rid of her,” Dale sounds bored.

“I got her handled,” the guard smirks but jerks in pain when a slither of my hair brushes his exposed collar bone and fine bloodied cuts appear instantly.

At least he wasn’t immune to me. I smirk at his sliced skin and he glares at my defiant gaze.

He carefully turns me and grabs my elbows behind my back as he twirls me around and pushes me towards the exit.

I only get a small glance back when Ace spins me, so I can see Dale finishing off his two shots of whiskey over ice. He downs it and slams the glass down on the bar, while giving me a parting wave with a mocking curl of his hand – completely untouched and undamaged by my diamond shredding hair.

I didn’t understand how he was immune.

It’s not until the body guard has reached the end of the VIP zone that he allows me my freedom.

“Don’t come back around here, alright?” Ace eyes me off until I’ve angrily pulled down my dress and ran my hands through my hair.

I open my mouth to say some sort of smart ass reply but I end up glancing over Ace’s shoulder to see what Dale is doing in the distance. I was still curious.

I knew he would be completely absorbed in another activity by now, but I’m surprised to find him still eyeing me off. Even after all this time.

I can’t help but hold his gaze a little bit longer, intrigued by everything that had just come to pass.

I turn quickly, and fight my way through the crowd. I wasn’t done yet.

Clearly he had an interest in me – and I sure as hell had a sudden interest in Dale.

He could touch my hair! No one had been able to do that since the day I was born.

Not to mention, no one had ever been able to label what power Dale had. It was all speculation.

Now I think I knew.

No mutation or abilities affected him. Clearly he was something special. I think of the perfect description.

Dale was an anti-power.

I feel shivers run down my spine as I disappear through the crowd. My skin was tingling with the feel of a lingering, powerful gaze.

There was an interest, a curiosity, a desire… to find out more about me? I hoped not… and I secretly, strangely hoped so.

Fucking hell, alright… my feelings right now were clearly a little confused.

My natural fear towards dangerous men, was off the charts, too.

I keep glancing over my shoulder, nervous.

It didn’t help that the Lord of the Underworld hadn’t taken his eyes off me.

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