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Chapter 30: Weapons of Love

The living area has a archway to the kitchen, so I go in to find the fridge fully stocked, with all sorts of fresh ingredients. The Brownie Squad might love brownies, but I make them all some healthy sandwiches instead. As they all eat their share, Dale leaves to retrieve a device from his lab after fixing up Viola as best as he could.

She was resting now, in Casey’s room as he offered to look after her while she was sleeping and in recovery from the fall.

I sit on my couch with my squad, Blue to my left and Raven and Strawberry sprawled to my right, with Raven lying on top of Strawberry while they ravaged through the sandwiches I made them. Staring at us, silently and with strange stares, are Serge, Ace and Jose. Serge’s arrow wounded shoulder was healing on it’s own while he reclined in his corner, scowling over us.

In the mean time, my girls were also silent and an awkward tension had quickly filled the air.

“Stop staring at them like that,” I speak up first, breaking the ice, “They’re not zoo animals.”

“Zoo?” Blue asks me, confused, while the three men look completely offended.

“Kitten,” Ace speaks up, tut-tutting and shaking his head, “They’re threats, we’re just assessing their... threats.”

“Threats or assets?” I ask, as Blue turns to me and tilts her head.

“Zoo?” she repeats.

“A place where animals are kept in enclosures so the public can watch them,” I explain. She nods, taking it in as new knowledge. I turn to see if Raven and Strawberry are listening but while Strawberry lolls her head back on the arm rest and closes her eyes, appearing to nap. Raven yawns and turns to her side, snuggling into Strawberry’s huge breasts.

I try not to smile but when I look at STRIKE, they just seem confused. I guess it was a shock to the system, going from just themselves, to all of us dolls also occupying their secret bunker.

“So... your dolls don’t know anything besides... fucking?” Jose asks me, raising a brow, “And they can’t love?”

“Well, don’t ask me, ask Blue,” I nod to her and she sits up straighter, looking excited to be asked questions.

“Do you know what love is?” Ace asks, spontaneously while Blue furrows her eyebrows.

“I have never learned the meaning of the term,” she explains, “But I have heard that we cannot. What is it?”

“Do you know what it means to care for someone?” I ask her, “It’s like that.”

“Caring. Taking care of a man’s sexual frustration,” she nods at me, “I know what that means.”

“Caring for someone and loving them can be about fearing for their life if it is in danger, man or woman, friend, family, lovers... it can be anyone you like,” I explain, “Love is more than caring, it as an extreme sense of attachment. It means you will care for them for life... or that is what it feels like... in here,” I put my hand to my heart and Blue’s eyes open wider with recognition.

“I feel that, all the time and every day, Alyssa,” Blue says, “I love Raven and Strawberry.”

“Now you understand what love means,” I smile and look up to see Serge roll his eyes.

“Sounds like your heart is achin’, doll,” Serge drawls this at just the appropriate time... as Dale walks back into the living room. I know it is a complete coincidence but I can’t help but feel a blush creep up my neck, to my cheeks. Unfortunately, in that moment, all eyes are on me and all notice the warmth making me go red.

“I-I am simply thrilled to have my own squad,” I explain, “I feel an inbuilt need to protect them.”

“That’s completely off topic and irrelevant!” Ace raises a mocking brow, “What beast has your heart?”

At this point, I feel anxiety kick into my very soul and I can’t even raise my gaze to look at Dale or I might... I don’t know... puke out all my fucking guts? His knowing eyes were too hard to handle when he caught ahold of new information.

And, not to mention, this was not how this conversation was meant to go... this was terrible! I didn’t want to talk about feelings! Not with them and least of all with Dale, the megalomanic with a trail of broken hearted girls that they all chucked out... for the very reason that they fell in love with him.

“Leave her alone,” Jose unexpectedly sticks up for me by grabbing Ace’s hand and choosing his pinky. He snaps the small finger with one tiny squeeze and I hear a bone snap. It makes my spine crawl. Ace instantly jumps to his feet, his own face going red as he tries not to roar in pain. Jose winks at me and I can’t help but smile.

At this point, Dale decides its a good time to have his say on the matter.

And it’s nothing less than typical.

“Why does it matter what heart she craves?” Dale smirks, “She’s ours to fuck with whenever we want. She’s got a good bargain. Four beasts. Four cocks. It’s a shame she only has three holes,” Dale gets a smirk out of Serge while I sit back on the couch and glare up at him.

I don’t say anything as Dale turns to meet my gaze while holding a small silver tracker locating device - to find and remove any in the dolls, to allow them access to other levels.

Dale stands in front of Blue with the device, which does a quick scan over her body.

“Right wrist,” Dale holds out his hand for Blue to pass him her arm. Except, she simply stares up at him blankly. Dale slowly glances at me, his purple eyes inpatient and irritated, ”Kitten.”

“Give him your right wrist,” I speak gently to Blue, who instantly follows my own commands by raising her arm, “Will this hurt her?”

“Absolutely,” Dale is unapologetic as he presses the device to the inner wrist and there is a quick sucking noise and a cringe from Blue. She doesn’t cry out, just grits her teeth and then pulls her wrist back to her. There is a tiny bit of blood but also a healed wound in place of the exited tracking device.

Blue shuffles closer to me and links her arm through mine while leaning into me for comfort.

“I don’t want to fuck him, I don’t like him, but I will if you ask it. I was trained to do so,” Blue whispers in my ear, very quietly and with apprehension.

“I will not ask you to please assholes,” I hiss under my breath to see Dale take a step back and gaze over at me with menace.

“Take Blue down to the lounge, I’ll handle the last two,” Dale nods at me to leave and I quickly stand up. Although I do not reach him in height by any measure, I feel a little more empowered than just sitting down.

“If you think you’re going to break those two in, you’re wrong,” I explain.

“I didn’t ask for your thoughts, I gave an order,” Dale snarls this as well, “Get moving.”

Raven and Strawberry are awoken from their nap by his tone, and I watch as they quickly sit upright, gazing on at him neutrally as he waits for me to leave. I feel my dolls all looking at me, waiting to see if I’ll jump to his harsh tone.

I step forward into him, looking up at him with a challenge in my eye.

“Yes. Dale. I heard you. Loud and clear. When they don’t listen to you, as you undoubtably try to make them - you know where I’ll be,” I whisper this, unblinkingly with fire in my gut. As I’m about to turn, Dale puts a hand on my waist to stop me.

“Don’t forget who you’re so eager to please, kitten,” Dale says this quietly and something in my chest cringes.

“Come on, Blue,” I turn to her quickly and she stands up to follow me. After that, he let’s me go but not without a promising glare. No words or threats had to be spoken. He was going to have words with me soon. That much was clear.

I quickly exit the living room with Blue while STRIKE all give me their original, typical looks. Serge smiles hauntingly from Dale’s words. Ace winks while holding his broken finger. Jose puts a hand on Ace’s face and shoves him back into the couch while he waves me off.

I can’t help but purse my lips and try not to laugh as I enter the lift with Blue. I press for the first Lair Lounge, with the red themed liquor bar and master bedroom. Blue seems a little anxious to leave Strawberry and Raven but I know they’ll be able to handle Dale. They seemed completely unfazed by STRIKE in every sense.

Most females were intimidated by them or turned on by their good looks and typical and shared bad boy charm. Which made females nervous. However, Blue, Strawberry and Raven couldn’t care less about their mannerisms or their intense sexually frustrated vibes.

“Do you like to please men?” I ask Blue, curious for the answer, “I know you were taught it, but I want your honest opinion.”

“We are the best, we know how to do anything, to help a man find release,” Blue answers and the lift slowly stops, opening up to the Lair Lounge. She walks out with me and she looks nervous as she glances at me, “Boss... Alyssa... I have never loved pleasing men.”

Unsure of if she was referring to how she was unprogrammed to love, I decide to change my question.

“Do you enjoy it? Do you like it?” I ask.

“We must, make it seem like... that we do,” Blue explains, looking down shyly, she finally speaks out, “But none of us enjoy it.”

“Then you have my word, you don’t have to please any man ever again unless you want to,” I say, firmly, “I can help you explore what you were truly born to be. You were all born with unique abilities. Powerful abilities.”

“We were made to satisfy STRIKE,” Blue tilts her head, “We have to fuck them. We have to please them.”

“Just because someone said that, doesn’t mean you must,” as I explain, she looks overwhelmed with exhaustion as she rubs her eyes and yawns at the same time.

“Are there any brownies?” Blue asks mid-yawn, “We always had them before bed with the medicine. It helped take the nasty flavour away.”

I pause for a moment and realise she must be talking about the vaccines.

“Medicine?” I ask about it anyway, to reconfirm.

“Yes, to help us think better,” Blue nods, “Otherwise... well... people die.”

“What do you mean?” I question more and Blue suddenly looks frightened as she turns from me and takes some nervous fast paced steps away from me. She turns to me after thinking for a bit, her eyes now teary.

“Our trainers, w-we... um,” Blue’s lip trembles, “Will you hurt me if I tell you, Alyssa?”

“I will never lay a hand on you,” I whisper back, “I promise you.”

Blue instantly relaxes and lets out a shaky, relieved breath.

“We were trouble,” Blue explains, “Lumen never got word of what we did. Our doctors, Lisa and James, helped keep us calm after... well... they brought in harsher trainers. They had knives, whips, tasers... they beat us until we were purple and blue and bleeding. The lesson was to take everything they did without protest. But Raven broke first. She ripped out a spine of a man training her... and Strawberry and I saw it and reacted. Strawberry bit off her trainer’s genitals while I... I did something very bad. I charred my trainer until he was just blackened bones... and there was nothing left...” Blue frowns as she explains, “The medicine helps us listen and not hurt. We feel less pain. Without it... our will... I’m not sure what the word means... but our will... is too strong. They said as we matured, our wills were becoming unbreakable. We could not be controlled through physical means. Chemical control was the only option.”

I can only stare at Blue in shock at this admission. I simply walk forward and wrap her in my arms, in a tight, protective and carefully placed hug so my hair and nails don’t cut her. She holds me back, just as tightly and by the time I let her go, she has a different kind of tear in her eye.

A tear of relief.

“Why did they do that to you?” I ask, reaching for her cheek with my hand and looking down into her tortured eyes, ”Why?”

“They said STRIKE would fuck us like that,” she explains, “Brutally and without remorse. They said they’d use us even if we refused, so we must learn to tolerate brutality.”

“Why would they say that?” I ask, “STRIKE have never forced that upon anyone.”

“That’s not what the records show,” Blue shakes her head, “They defiled many female scientists while contained in DynaPrism. They showed us footage. The way they... hurt them... was the same way we tortured and killed our trainers when we lost control of our wills.”

This takes me by surprise.

But only for a moment as my brain quickly processes the new information.

“You’ve been taught wrong, Blue, you didn’t lose control. You gained it,” I point to the bedroom at the back and nod, “Do you want to lie down? You girls can sleep in there. I’ll strip the dirty sheets off.”

Blue follows me compliantly into the adjoining room. I quickly strip off some of the top covers and make sure she can get comfortable. Once I’m done, I turn to see her gazing at the wall of weapons and toys.

“It’s just display,” I reassure her with a white lie and she turns to me, smiling.

“I don’t mind. It sounds like I don’t know what many things are, but I know what all these are!” she explains, “Dildos! Restraints! Rope! Vibrators! See?” she turns to me with a big grin.

“Very impressive,” I laugh and sit on the edge of the bed and she walks over to join me, her eyes still scanning the toys, “I promise you, Blue, I will never let another man touch you, any of you, ever again. And you can trust STRIKE not to hurt you. Whatever you saw on those tapes... I refuse to believe they’re anything like that now. When you’re locked up in a lab all your life, it only makes sense that you’ll act up. Don’t feel guilty about your actions. You were an innocent life taken and used for another’s purpose, but I’ll teach you that you can create your own path. You don’t even have to follow me... but I can help teach you more if you do.”

“I want to follow you,” Blue states, emotionally, “I crave to be led by you, Alyssa. I desire you. I care for you. I love you!”

I nearly burst out laughing with how passionately she attempts to use the new words I’ve taught her. However, at that moment, we both hear lift doors clink open in the adjoining lounge and much banter. Everyone had come down to join us which meant Dale did find a way to make the two remaining dolls co-operate... I decide I’d have to question him about that later.

Blue whistles through her teeth a distinct tune and moments later, Strawberry and Raven come sprinting into the room, right up to the bed.

“Beautiful!” Strawberry looks at the four poster bed frame, “Smells good too. A sex smell. Pussy juice. I like it.”

At these words I blush a bright red and stand up as Strawberry attempts to sit next to me.

“Certainly isn’t mine,” I lie, laughing nervously as I watch Raven grab a whip from the wall and wrap it around her arm.

“Raven cares for whips,” Blue explains, “We saw a poster of a ‘wonderwoman’ and when we heard the woman was strong, Raven thought she’d be like her. She cares for this ‘wonderwoman’... because that’s what we are. Super dolls! Super at sex!”

“Did a trainer use that line on you?” I ask, feeling more hate and disgust for DynaPrism and whatever else they put these dolls through.

“Yes,” Blue admits, frowning, “Is that bad, Alyssa?”

“Not... bad... or untrue... just... when you come with us on the streets, I’ll teach you more about life in Frankincense City. I’ll have to find you all a good car and I’ll teach you all how to drive,” I add in, getting a good idea about finding a squad car for them. Something suiting. Hot pink?

“Let them sleep, kitten,” I jerk around at the sound of Dale, leaning on the door frame with his own men behind him.

Dale still didn’t look happy.

Talk about being threatened.

“Go to sleep,” I nod at the girls.

They all nod back and Raven slips by me to also sit on the end of the bed, her whip around her arm, the handle in her hand.

They all give me huge smiles as I turn one last time to nod at them on the bed before I slip out the door. I felt like their mother, even though we were all the same age. I then slip past Dale, into the midst of three beasts who cage me in as Dale shuts the door and turns, the last piece to have me trapped between four beasts, all looking over me.

“What... are you doing?” I ask them all, sceptically.

“Soo cute,” Ace reaches up and pinches my cheek, “Alyssa has her own baby-dolls now. It’s adorable.”

“It’s so motherly of you to take care of their needs, doll,” Serge adds, “...what about our needs?”

“What about the bone my boy has?” Ace also adds, reaching over to literally grab Jose’s dick. I watch as Jose swings around to back hand Ace on the face and I use it to my advantage.

I duck between them to escape the cage they had me in.

A cage made of four inhumanely attractive beasts with chests all too wide and physiques far too tall. It was inescapable being in between all of them. Now, having some distance, it was slightly more bearable. I take off my heels and chuck them aside randomly as I head for the bar.

Without looking over my shoulder I know I’m being trailed by all of them now.

I take a bar seat, and Ace quickly slips behind the bar to take out drinks while I feel heat at my back and two arms slip around me. Two large hands rest on the counter, either side of my crossed arms as I’m pushed further into the bar by Dale’s concrete fucking chest at my back.

I squirm but he hasn’t left much room to squirm far.

I see Serge take a seat to my left and Jose take a seat to my right, cracking his knuckles.

“Should I break his cock next?” Jose asks me, of Ace.

“Why ask her?” Dale asks, mockingly, his lips close to my ear but not too close, yet, “It’s not like her opinion matters...”

“Why don’t you say something romantic like that more often when you have your arms around me?” I ask.

“Oh, are they around you? Or am I simply holding you to the bar so you don’t slip off and do something stupid?” Dale growls in explanation.

“” I question back, dryly.

“You don’t think I know how an Ultimate’s brain works... Alyssa?” he asks me, “Even if you’re not thinking of it now, you’ll want answers. You’ll go looking into things I don’t want you snooping into. You’ll start talking to the wrong people or you’ll endanger Casey’s life... that’s another thing, kitten... don’t ever endanger his life again by asking him to help you in anyway.”

“You’re asserting dominance over me because you feel threatened,” I state, which promptly has every beast laughing their heads off, “What’s funny about that? He isthreatened!”

“Doll,” Serge chuckles, “Dale, in his whole life, has never questioned his place as a leader. He’s not threatened by you. He’s asserting dominance... because he’s going to fuck the living day lights out of you. I can smell a needy female from the other side of this planet... doll.”

“I don’t understand,” I blurt out while blushing, pretending to appear inconspicuous.

“Everyone shut your face holes and let’s celebrate our escape,” Ace has poured a ton of shots with another lame joke, “As many as you can take... drink them all... go hard... or go hard... they’re your options,” and there goes his second attempt at humour.

I try to push back on Dale, to test Serge’s words and to see if Dale will budge.

Dale responds instantly.

He uses his leg to kick my stool right forward, until it’s almost hard to breathe against the bar. He doesn’t let up on his close proximity either. He keeps his arms around me and his chin rests on the top of my head now as he chuckles.

“Comfortable?” Dale asks, “I’m just thinking... kitten... should I spread you open on the bar... on the floor? Or... should I drop you down to your knees... and you can fill your smart mouth with the cock you’re designed to swallow?”

“...before you know it, I’ll have four cocks to contend with,” I mutter.

“Doll...” Serge adds, now he is pissed, “If you didn’t gather, it’s all four of us, or none of us. So, what do you want?”

We all go quiet as sounds from the bedroom quickly become apparent.

It saves me from responding with the embarrassing truth.

A ruffle of sheets and a feminine cry catch everyone’s attention instead.

“I have to see this,” Jose jumps to his feet and is the first to go take a peek. I glare after him but Dale doesn’t budge behind me.

Jose opens the door - but only for a millisecond before he closes it. He turns to us, his cheeks completely red.

“What exactly are they, again?” Jose asks, still blushing.

“Weapons,” I answer, “Weapons of love... apparently... if they’re doing what you’re making it sound like.”

“It’s no surprise, kitten,” Dale keeps me contained as he leans forward, his cheek sliding past mine as he grabs a shot and raises it to my lips, “Open wide... good girl,” he slips the shot in and makes me swallow it with a hand under my chin, “They were programmed not to fall in love with men. That only leaves them with each other. It’s safe to say your Brownie Squad... prefer females.”

“Well... I... prefer beasts,” I opt with that phrase as I smirk to myself and Ace winks.

“So, doll... all of us,” Ace pushes a glass towards me, “...or none of us?”

And here we were again.

That embarrassing question with the embarrassing answer which I decide I should just spit out before I chicken out.

“All of you,” I answer, boldly.

I don’t expect Dale to reply next as he puts his hand over one of mine, down flat onto the wood of the bar. His hand completely covers mine, making me feel small... so small... and insignificant.

“Do you ever wonder if it’s a mistake...?” Dale asks, “Being so willing to give so much of yourself, to all of us.”

“I’m just trying to survive and I do care for you all,” I retort, deciding to provoke him further, “...but maybe one day I will think it’s a mistake. Who knows what the future holds?”

“I promise you, kitten,” Dale reaches for another shot glass and raises it to my lips. I swallow as he continues, “That ‘one day’ will never come. The present is all that ever exists and even if you tried to leave... you’ll be taking my cock down your throat first. You should never attempt to leave a Master unsatisfied... especially one that will only give you a small head start... before I track you down and teach you how to have an aptitude for obedience.”

“Always so romantic, Dale?” I murmur, trying to keep the nerves out of my tone.

“Let me spell out romance, kitten. I rule. You follow. You disobey? I punish. You don’t know something? I teach you. You disrespect me? You get my ideas that will gradually become get more and more interesting... the more you test me,” Dale grabs a shot for himself and downs it quickly, “Do you understand, Alyssa?”


“The wisest thing you’ve said all day,” Serge inputs, mocking my easy submission to Dale when he asked for it more directly.

And I truly enjoyed giving it. I just... I was weary... I was weary I could get hurt. And I didn’t mean physically.

“That’s a good kitten,” Dale smirks past me as he leans forward to pick up another shot.

At the same time, there is a loud... and legitimate... climax, happening in the other room. One of the girls - I think it’s Raven... is almost squealing in delight.

“To the Brownie Squad,” Dale picks up his shot glass, “To Weapons of Love.”

Ace, Serge and Jose all reach for a glass and raise it with smirks of their own.

“To Weapons of Love!” they all drink.

But I don’t say the words.

I simply drink.

The word love was starting to mean something dangerous to me.

Something more dangerous than I could ever know it to mean.

Until I learned.

And that’s what I was afraid of.

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