The Diamond Spy ➺ [FC Series Bk.1]

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Chapter 31: Beasts of Need

The liquor burns a flame down all our throats as we clink the shot glasses against the bar. As we’re done, Ace grabs about five more shots quickly and downs them one after the other. His eyes go a little red, like he might... cry? And we all stare at his effort, wondering what the hidden issue is.

He was drinking out of distress and he obviously wasn’t keen to speak about whatever it was upsetting him.

“Is there something you’re not telling us, Ace?” I ask for everyone, confused.

“You constipated?” Serge asks as Ace attempts to retain a serious, neutral look, but it’s too tense as he leans on the counter and pretends to look okay.

“Fuck no,” Ace waves a hand at Serge, growling.

“The after effects of grabbing my dick... maybe?” Jose adds, dangerously but Ace quickly straightens and puts out both palms, for all of us to shut up.

“We all cheered to weapons of love but my baby is still locked away in DynaPrism,” Ace murmurs, trying to keep his tone in check, “My favourite fucking sniper... okay? Now, please don’t talk to me about it. I’m trying not to remember that she’s gone.”

“So... why don’t you go back and take it?...she...?” I speak up, plainly, which has Dale’s chest behind me tensing and all the beasts looking on at me in disbelief.

“You do realise, doll,” Serge nearly snarls at me, patience already snapping, “That escape attempt was a piece of cake because our fucking psycho creator made it easy? We’re lucky we stepped foot outside that room. East Wing is Preventative Care. West Wing of the Old University is all DynaPrism... fully encrypted and incorporated with Lumen Corp technology only the madman himself designed, so that we can’t possibly prepare for when the freak show professor makes new traps that do god knows what to us!”

I pause as I listen to his explanation and toy with the empty shot glass in my hand as I think about it.

I eventually reach my conclusion.

“Pussies,” I whisper and in turn, Dale’s hand curls in on mine on the bar, causing my nails to chip the bar wood. Ace gasps at the damage while I watch and then feel Dale’s other hand dramatically rise and encase my entire throat. He pressures my head back so I have to look up into his purple tyrian eyes, far above me as he towers over my seated form.

“What was that, kitten?” Dale asks me, his gaze unbreakable.

“I...” well, I was about to come back at him with a smart ass, witty, reply until his left hand runs along my arm towards my shoulder to the left strap of my leotard. I gulp against his warm, certain hand and his lip curls in a smile as he pushes the strap down, over my soft skin, “U-um... how did you make Strawberry and Raven give you their wrists to take out the tracking devices?”

“Persuasion... ” Dale explains, raising a brow as he bends the strap over my elbow, “...with the promise of brownies,” Ahuh. One of my breasts is soon exposed, the warm curve of it rubbing against the DNA mixed material. Ace boldly looks on, clearly stricken as he thinks about his beloved sniper, lost to the madman, the only man or thing, that they all feared.

When I glance to my sides, Serge and Jose are both leaning in, pretending they’re not having a good perv as Dale takes off the whole strap, switching firm hands on my neck, to use his right hand to take the right, remaining strap in his hold.

I close my eyes for a moment, not sure which way to look. Even though they all took my first sexual experiences, for some reason this time I’m even more nervous. I guess their expectations were a lot higher now. They did all the work, perhaps they wanted me to do more this time?

Where would I begin?

All I can think is, at least the feminine squeals and whimpers of delight are now non-existent, my squad sound asleep. I’m glad, because I don’t want them to watch... how I want my beasts to defile me. I didn’t mind their rough hands or their rough manners. Or their perfect bodies and perfect skills.

I gasp open as I flicker my eye lids apart, to look down at my now exposed chest. Dale is highly amused by my languid body, already relaxing back into him, allowing him the control. He pulls me backwards with the stool and makes me stand with a firm hand to the small of my back. So I stand on the edge of the stool’s foot rest while his own boot keeps the back foot rest weighed down so I don’t topple forward.

With one tug, my leotard is rolling over my waist, hips, thighs and down my legs by both of Dale’s steady hands.

I step out of it and let it slip to the floor below the bar stool. Dale grabs a bunch of my hair and holds me steady as he kicks the stool away so I have to step down. I cringe as he applies pressure again and I have to look back up at him as he pulls my head further backwards.

“That was quick,” I whisper, “Is that why you made a leotard, to sweep off one layer off your kitten... easy access?”

Dale just smirks but doesn’t reply as he starts to walk back, dragging me abruptly with him so I stumble with backwards steps to keep pace.

“Couches,” Dale says the one word and his team all straighten their backs, eager to obey instantaneously on this occasion.

Serge happily waltzes around with the others towards the couches while Dale waits for his fellow beasts to take their seats. I can’t see properly until he drags me around the couch and I see Serge, Ace and Jose lined up on one big black leather sofa. I smile even with my hair held back but Dale abruptly lends me some slack so I can lower my chin and he starts to braid my hair.

“Your thighs are already dripping...” Serge mutters, hardly believing his shocked eyes. I blush as I notice them all staring at my pussy and the glistening wet juice already starting to leak from me. Without asking, Dale seems to hear Serge’s plea so Dale steps me close towards the three of them. Serge reaches out a hand and presses it between my legs, his fingers boldly sliding through my folds to test how wet I really am.

I gasp at the fresh contact while Jose and Ace just watch on in admiration of my pussy’s generosity... clearly eager for a good work out. I watch as Serge takes his hand from between my legs, two fingers moist and sticky as he raises it to his lips to taste the fresh mess. Serge sticks them in his mouth and his eyes are happy with the taste.

“Fuck this,” Ace grabs my hand gently and misleads me of his intentions as he very gently ushers me to stand directly in front of him, “You done, boss?” he asks, impatiently.

“She’s ready,” Dale slaps my ass and I jerk forward in fright, but before I can work out what Ace aims to do next, he leans forward and runs two steady hands over the outside of my thighs. He abruptly hoists me up in his steady hands and I quickly grab onto his messy blonde hair for unnecessary support as he abruptly sits me on his shoulders. He leans back, grinning up at me like a puppy that just caught it’s favourite toy... although the way he spoke of his sniper... I was quite possibly second on that list.

I’m shocked, even though I shouldn’t be at this stage, when Ace’s hands under my ass and thighs, are so steady, I don’t even need to grab his hair anymore. I frown when I see shredded pieces of hair floating down over the back of the couch, but I decide he can wait to hear I just gave him a grunge hair cut.

“Hold your hands behind your back, kitten,” Dale advises but when I hesitate because Ace hoists me further forward so his tongue instantly collides with my wanting pussy... Dale grabs my wrists for me and pulls them behind me. He let’s go to test if I’ll hold them behind me as he ordered.

I don’t for long, though, out of distraction due to my predicament.

Soon, I hear a tie come loose. Not long after Dale slips the warm material through my wrists and binds them together behind me, while Ace explores me. Ace finally prods his long, masterful tongue inside me and I find myself trying hard not to whimper.

I barely comprehend Jose swearing under his breath after his phone buzzes on cue.

“Take a load of this,” Jose beckons Dale over to his side while Ace gazes up at me with lust... and love. As I see the warmth and emotion, my own heart blooms with corresponding love. Perhaps my beasts could love me and were already... I just had to see the signs. Ace’s hands holding me up were both firm but loving, rough but protective. I smile down at him, my cheeks flushed and when I glance at Serge, he was actually staring at my face, relaxed... but looks away suddenly, scowling automatically.

I know he was embarrassed I caught him watching me kindly. I can’t laugh at him though, when Ace starts to flick over my clit, making me squeeze my thighs around his head tighter. He also pulls me in against him, growling in satisfaction at the juices my pussy is unleashing upon his greedy tongue. I know excess is probably dribbling down his chin too.

“...sniper,” Jose jumps to his feet, after having a conversation with Dale that I failed to comprehend, now Ace’s tongue slows against me and his eyes swing up to Jose while I glare at him for interrupting, “A trade, Ace. Coal. Outside -”

“Oh!” I nearly tumble to my death as Ace almost shoves me off him as he stands, but he quickly regains a hold of me in his arms before I plummet completely. I glare up at him while my heart races from a near knock to the head for sure and the other beasts wait impatiently for me to be handed over.

“Sorry, doll, forgot for a second you weren’t just a... never mind,” Ace shakes his head and gently places me over Serge’s lap with a guilty but rushed smile. I’m not stupid, he thought for a second as he shoved me off that I was just some... whore.

So much for love!

I’m glaring at him while Serge kicks a leg up so I can lean back on him comfortably while my braid is also a fair distance from his suit, and Ace consults with Jose and Dale.

“Well, go help them,” I growl at Serge, who simply smirks, waiting for them to go.

“We’ll check it out,” Dale nods to Serge and doesn’t even acknowledge me as they walk by.

“You’re not going?” I ask, raising a brow and his electrical eyes don’t break from mine.

“Back up,” Serge just reconfirms Blue’s observation, that Serge was always hanging back as the last resort, in case anything went wrong.

“You are Power, after all,” I smile and he reaches a tentative hand forward and grabs my chin, gently.

“Why are you always looking at me like that?” he questions, seemingly annoyed by my watchful, questioning eyes.

“How did you get that scar on your face?” I ask and his eyes instantly darken, his finger’s tightening on my chin.

“There’s a reason I hang back, doll,” Serge growls out, letting go of my chin, he suddenly uses his hand on my back to hoist me up and then he grabs both my elbows. He shoves me forward and down so I drop to my knees. I sit back, looking over my shoulder, hoping for more of an answer.

“Tell me then,” I murmur. He raises his brows, exasperated but lets out a sigh and manages to smile as I see him going for his pants. He starts to unzip and glares at me when I don’t move.

“Don’t just wait for me to fuck you into the floor, doll, put your face in it for me,” the way he asks, low and without effort because he knows the power that pulses through his tone... has me wanting to obey. I turn and get excited about the thought of my ass up and my pussy completely exposed for him.

I know my arms are tied behind my back and this will hurt, somewhat, but I’m okay for that type of pain. So, knowing I’m now alone with Serge, I feel a bit more confident in that I can get to know him better. I lean down, my cheek against the red carpet, my ass held high.

He growls happily as he slips off the couch, his knees hit the floor and I feel heat quickly slide up behind me. Serge’s hands are on my hips a moment later, squeezing and pulling me back against him. He sure doesn’t muck around. His cock pulses against my entrance and he sends me a little static shock and chuckles when I yelp out in dramatic fright, thinking it would be as painful as his punishment shocks from last time.

“Relax, doll,” Serge growls happily and I feel one of his hands grab the tie, around my wrists, to use it as a harness to pull my arms back further behind me, arching my back as he slides his cock past my wet folds... and into my sheath.

"Yes,” I whimper the word out uncontrollably and Serge takes that as an okay to start fucking me with a steady to fast past, “” I whisper this out between pants and Serge chuckles once more.

“No need to thank me, doll, you’re doing me one hell of a favour satisfying our needs... our tastes... no woman before has been able to take it.”

I gasp through the pleasure of him pounding into me, but even in this moment, I can’t ignore my unanswered question.

“Tell me,” I beg again but I cry out as Serge snarls and halts deep inside me, this time shuffling forward to increase the penetration. Clearly he hated being asked about his scars, or the one on his face.

“They cut me open,” Serge surprises me by actually answering me, “All of us. That’s all you need to know.”

“But you’re scarred -”

“There’s always a prototype,” Serge uses my hips to pull me off his cock and bounce me back off him, while I happily drown in the newly increased pleasure, I also think of his words. It takes a few more seconds for it to process because of the new and very deep grinding sensation.

“You’re older than them?” I ask.

“By two years, I’m not fucking ancient,” Serge suddenly starts to fuck me hard now, “No more questions, doll.”

I don’t think I can manage anymore, anyway.

I’m in heaven and I groan as my hips continue to bounce off him, my cheek rubbing against the carpet.

He notices and I do too, as he fucks me rougher, more wetness floods out, my climax very quickly finding it’s peak in the midst of his unbreakable grip on my body and unrelenting cock pounding me inside out.

I could continue this forever, if it wasn’t for the fact there were three other beasts to contend with... and the story of our lives.

Just as Serge is reaching his climax through mine, the lift doors spread back open and only Ace and Jose walk out of the lift into the lounge. As they approach, my pussy is flooded with hot and welcome cum. However, I know there is something wrong because their faces are pale and the sight of me just getting fucked seems to be the last thing on their minds.

“What the fuck is it now?” Serge asks, pulling out while his bountiful seed sits inside my womb. When I try to roll over he steadies me, to keep me still, with another hand on my hip, “Stay.”

Well, that one command shouldn’t have me pursing my lips in delight.

But it did, okay?

“He’s raging,” Jose mutters and Serge raises a brow.

“Really?” Serge asks, confused, “What the fuck went down out there? What was the trade about?”

“It’s not exactly good news,” Ace mentions.

“Enlighten me,” Serge is impatient, clearly just wanting the answer.

“My sniper, for the kid,” Ace explains, reaching up to scratch his head, he get’s a fright when some hair fluffs off to his shoulder and across his shirt from when I accidentally shredded it. He glares at me as he realises what I’ve done, while Jose sighs.

“They know we have Casey,” Jose reconfirms.

“But Casey’s just a k-” I don’t get to finish as Serge slaps my ass.

“Oh really, doll?” Serge snarls, now doing up his zip, he stands and I wait for him to untie me.

“...hello?” I prod him and Serge almost walks off, before he sighs and turns around to grab the tie, hauling me to my feet.

“Now will you keep quiet?” Serge slips off the tie around my wrists so I’m unbound. I turn around to face him, Ace and Jose.

“No,” I reply, instantly, “Why is Dale raging about... is... oh...” my mind clicks into place a few missing puzzle pieces that I hadn’t thought much about before until now, until it became important, “Who wants Casey?” I ask.

“Lumen,” all three beasts answer me at once and I cross my arms over my bare chest as I realise my assumptions are correct. However, I also quickly hold my thighs together as I feel cum starting to leak out of me.

“Casey’s not just a randomly super smart genius, is he?” I ask and they shake their heads.

“He’s the last one,” Jose explains.

“Of what?” I wonder aloud.

“The final weapon,” Serge growls, “He doesn’t know it, either. Which is why Dale is raging. Casey overheard the trade through his set up for our security.”

Right, now I knew.

Now I understood.

Casey’s presence as Dale’s adopted kid suddenly made sense.

Casey was another beast.


A Little Beast.

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