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Chapter 32: Queen

I get dressed back into my leotard after cleaning the cum between my legs with a cloth by the bar. I got a disapproving scowl from Serge for wiping away his possession but we were heading up stairs so I wasn’t going to traumatise Casey or Viola if they saw anything gross like that.

I’m sure Lightening would understand.

Clean and fresh, now I stand in the middle of the lift, surrounded by my beasts. Ace and Jose are behind my shoulders and Serge in front. I stare at his back... he’s tall like the perfect beast who needs a beauty. I see him cringe a bit, almost like he’s read my thoughts. Or perhaps it was the electricity constantly surging through his veins.

I can’t dwell on it as the lift opens up at Home Base [HB] a moment later.

We walk down the eerily quiet hall, which is only quiet for about three seconds before that silence is interrupted by a raging Dale from inside Casey’s room.

“ can tell Lumen to shove his dick into the fucking corpses of his failed experiments that he keeps for show - shut up while I’m talking darling or you’ll be next... like I said, Lumen can fuck those corpses while I fuck him from behind with a fucking gun up his ass, blowing his insides to pulp while he finds his last ever cum dump fucking over his dead wife -also an experiment, sweet heart- with Ace’s beloved sniper down his throat and Serge slicing him open for science while he’s still breathing... ahuh... right... that kid you’re speaking of is dead like the rest of them - ”

“No, I’m noooot!” Casey sing songs back at his father while we all appear in the open door way. Dale has hung up his phone just as Casey yells out cheekily. Dale is leaning against the left wall at the end of Casey’s bed, where Viola lies, still asleep. Casey sits in his computer chair, grinning while running his finger tips together like an evil master mind, “Tell me more about my real purpose, dad.”

“If you don’t shut up, kid,” Dale growls this low, trying to keep it together while we now enter the room and stand around, waiting for more details, “Or, I can lock you in here to play through all your video games with nothing but water and bread for food... for the next fucking decade of your life, how about that?”

“Sounds fucking perfect,” Casey snaps back, shrugging his shoulders while I gawk.

“Don’t swear in front of him-” I glare at Dale, who quickly cuts me off with a dark look and harsh words.

“Would you like him to be exposed to swearing... or being sliced open? They’re our options, kitten,” Dale asks me, rhetorically.

“Still,” I shake my head, “You should know better. If you’re trying to give him a normal life then act like he’ll have one no matter what.”

“Hey!” Casey raises his hand, shocked that no one has turned to him yet, “Hey, listen, I’m right here and... newsflash, I don’t want a boring life! I want to be a super villain!”

“We’re not villains,” I scold Casey and add, “We’re, we’re her-... we’re normal people, okay?”

“No, you’re super soldiers,” Casey cuts me off with a raised brow and a really bad attitude, “And apparently... so am I. How cool is that?”

“Not as cool as you think it is, kid,” Dale looks about ready to blow again, so I quickly walk to Casey’s side and sit on the stool next to him.

“You should respect them, listen to them,” I speak gently to Casey, hoping to stop him provoking Dale into another rage. Casey, however, just rolls his eyes.

“Not if I’m the Ultimate Weapon,” Casey murmurs, “Which is what I heard Coal say outside.”

“Shut up,” Serge looks pissed off as his permanent scowl settles into place, “As soon as you grow up and every man and woman in the government is put on high alert to catch you for the sole purpose of using you to their ends until your untimely death, you’ll wish you were a hermit, on a deserted island with nothing but pretty ladies, food and a few slaves to torture when you get bored.”

“Dude. That’s fucked up,” Casey leans forward, his hands on his knees as he scowls back at Serge, “Why are you always so fucked up?”

“Stop swearing,” I hiss at Casey, but he just turns to me, quick witted and nervy.

“No. You shut the fuck up, Alyssa,” Casey snaps at me, “You’re just their whore.”

“What the f-...” I gasp as he uses that word. Unfortunately Ace, Jose, Serge and Dale all grin at this and almost burst out laughing. However, the smiles are temporary and they quickly shake it off and pretend to scowl a few seconds later.

“Little lad,” Ace speaks, quietly, “Don’t say that word, it’s bad. Fuck is okay. Whore is not okay. It’s extremely... rude and degrading and only the stupidest females get called that. Okay, buddy? Don’t use that word.”

"Fine,” Casey rolls his eyes and gives in, while I just grit my teeth and glare at Ace for trying to provoke me. Ace winks at me while I just don’t bother to reply... stupidest females, huh? I’m sure I could find a way to show him how stupid I was if I accidentally bit down on his cock while taking it down my throat! Ungrateful bastard.

Serge is smirking at my clear annoyance while I simply sit and keep my mouth shut before I started swearing in front of kids too!

“Let me do the talking,” Jose murmurs to Dale and grabs the phone off his boss while it vibrates in his hand with an incoming call. We all go quiet as Jose answers the phone and coughs into his hand professionally to clear his throat, before also adding professionally, “Hello, how may I help you? You’re speaking to Jose GivesNoFucks, are you ringing to enquire about a full bone that needs a breakage?-...” once Jose’s speech is up, he goes quiet while Coal clearly yells at him from the other end.

Casey is laughing so hard, no sound nor air leaves his body as he hits his amused fist against his arm rest while he covers his mouth with his other hand. I roll my eyes - of course he finds this amusing.

Ace and Serge are also amused, but by Casey’s amusement more than Jose.

Dale and I are the only ones not laughing. We share a look and I know he is thinking fast, to try and come up with a solution, as am I.

“...mmhmm,” Jose continues to speak into the phone, “Hey, hey, hey, shut up bitch, one second, please hold...” Jose hangs up on her and with pursed lips, he points to Dale and I, multiple times while his eyes look knowing, “She wants you two.”

“What did she offer this time round for the kid?” Dale asks, “Get to the fucking point.”

“She’s not interested in the kid anymore. She just wants you two to do something in exchange for Ace’s sniper,” Jose flips the phone to Dale who snatches it mid-air with an exasperated and very forced smile.

“Perfect, any deal not involving my kid is preferable to me,” Dale opens his phone and calls Coal, this time putting the phone on loudspeaker and motioning me over with a curled finger. I stand and hurry over, glad to be included and valued this time round, “We’re listening,” Dale speaks as soon as she answers.

“...good, it’s getting chilly out here,” Coal sighs, “Lumen said, if you won’t give up the kid for anything... he’ll accept your intentions to go to a Government Gathering ball. A Counsel of Moderators. All the rich and famous will be speaking on neutral terms in a relaxed environment tonight at the Freeman Complex on the other side of town. It’s a huge phase of diplomacy currently keeping the three last cities standing and cooperating. There will be no funny business. If all goes well, he is inviting STRIKE and the... 1, 2, 3 and 4? Uh... I think that’s what he said... uh... to the New World Congregation in two weeks time.”

“Why does he want us there?” I ask, while Dale considers the offer.

“STRIKE is as big a threat as the remaining nuclear bombs and SD missiles you hide. There are many people dying to talk to the leader of the Gang of Shadows. Misfits are rallying from the streets, causing trouble in a... peaceful... city... and your presence will allow communication, blah, blah, blah. Look, stop making me talk crap. Can you agree or not? If you do, I’m leaving the sniper for your collection. If not, I’ll fucking break this piece of shit in half. Give me an answer, please,” Coal doesn’t sound impressed that we’re keeping her waiting this long.

“They’re going!” Ace calls out, nodding at Dale and I, “And I’m coming to get my sniper!”

Ace waits for Dale’s nod and once Dale rolls his eyes and eventually jerks his head to the door. Ace turns and sprints for it.

“We’ll go to the Government Gathering, the New World Congregation is a no go unless I see reason,” Dale explains to Coal, “Leave the sniper, fuck off back to HQ for your Five Reds meetings and don’t step anywhere near the Black Lair again... or you won’t leave with a head, got it?”

“Got it,” Coal sighs through the phone, “You know, you’re all pieces of shit, you know that, right? The Five Reds try and save this city from falling into mayhem. You lot encourage it. Anarchy isn’t the way to rule a city. It doesn’t make sense. You can’t just kill, fuck and play with whoever you want whenever you want. This city needs order. You’re all on the wrong side. You’re weapons, designed to protect Frankincense City. You’re not meant to do it on your own terms, but with everyone else. We could all be friends... but you all act like children who don’t want to grow up. Look around you, Dale, look at this city, the mutated people, the shit food, the shit in the streets, the riots when a mutated freak goes insane and kills innocents. You can’t stay young forever. You’ll grow old. You need to protect the city, not help it fall into depravity.”

“I love all things depraved, sweetheart,” Dale growls back into the phone, “And you’re sorely mistaken on a few things, I don’t encourage anarchy at all. I am simply offering a better leader; you can guess who. I also don’t age as fast as you think... not to mention, the Government is funded by New World unaltered humans who want us all dead -”

“That’s a myth people use as an excuse not to take the vaccines that help us live better with our mutations,” Coal snaps back and Dale looks bored by her ignorant reply.

“Anything else you want to add?” Dale asks, “I’m all ears.”

“The Five Reds are getting stricter on Misfit behaviour all the time. Sooner or later you’ll all be too great a risk to go unignored. It’s true, you mostly keep to yourselves, doing whatever the fuck you want. But everyone is aware, with one bad day, a lot of people could die.”

“So you think I’ll go on a murdering rampage for fun?” Dale asks, raising a brow as he smirks to himself, “As pointlessly entertaining as that could be... if I was running down Government soldiers employed from Avalon and Atlantis to protect the New World laws of enforcement... now, that would be fun. Humans evolved, Coal. And even self experimentation on our own genes is the same as evolution... we just became smart enough to alter even ourselves. Howl Inc was a Force of Evolution. The Force of Depravity lies in the New Worlds of Avalon and Atlantis. The Force of Supremacy is right under your nose, sweetheart. Frankincense City is full of the humans mutated to survive this new environment. With time, the old humans in the New Worlds will die off with the weaker genes. It’s just a matter of time.”

“If that’s what you believe, then fine,” Coal growls through the phone, fed up and impatient, “But I don’t care what you think, all our mutations are unnatural and mostly fucked up. Your immediate trouble is self containment. If you all keep acting up, action will be taken. And I’m not speaking about your bone breaker, your sniper or your intelligence, Dale. Everyone is worried about him.”

“Lightening?” I ask, budding in as I glance over at Serge who just scowls from Coal’s accusation.

“His prone to losing his mind in fits of rages,” Coal explains, “Watch your back, Alyssa. Who knows, one day he might kill all of you and then everyone in this city.”

“I wouldn’t kill the whores,” Serge snarls out to Coal, stalking closer to the phone as he adds in so she’ll hear, “What a waste that would be. Let me tell you how it’ll go down, doll. I’ll fuck Ace and then you, while I electrocute you both to death. Then I’ll fuck Alyssa over both your dead bodies. Then, finally, I’ll murder everyone in the city. Sounds logical, right, doll?”

“... I heard that!” we hear Ace from in the distance as he meets Coal outside, “...give me that... thank you,” you can hear him snatch it off Coal while she walks backwards, “Fucking fucked up soldiers,” Coal growls through the phone, “You’re not weapons. You’re animals. I’m sure if we had orders to take you all alive you’d become exhibits in a zoo for failed experiments. You’d probably fuck the animals they put you with in the enclosures.”

“Just hang up,” I snatch the phone from Dale and end the call, stepping back with the phone while everyone watches me with funny expressions.

“Not cool, doll,” Jose puts up both hands after I’ve taken Dale’s phone without permission, while Dale takes a step forward and takes the phone back from me in an instant.

“We have to discuss a few things, kitten,” Dale slips his phone into his pants pocket, “My lab. Now. You and Casey.”

“Me?” Casey jumps off his seat, excited before he frowns, “But who will look after Viola?”

“We’ll keep her company,” Jose adds, waltzing over to sit on the edge of Viola’s bed, while Serge stands back by the door, arms crossed over his chest. He just shrugs.

“Why your lab?” I ask Dale, and he looks at me with impatience.

“Why so many questions?” he retorts.

“What about the Brownie Squad?” I ask, also.

“Security camera,” Jose picks up his phone from his pocket, presses a few buttons and shows me the master bedroom, with a bed full of three dolls wrapped in blankets and sleeping side ways, normals ways and intertwined in other ways, “Asleep like the dead.”

“Alert us as soon as they’re awake,” Dale murmurs to Jose while he glances at Viola, “She should awaken in a couple of hours also. I want her questioned.”

“I’ll communicate with her,” Casey raises his hand, “I know sign language now. I watched old tutorials last night and learnt the whole sign language.”

“Why?” I ask Casey as he blushes a bit and runs his hand through his blonde hair, nervous.

“I dunno,” he shrugs and plays it off cool while he glances at Viola nervously.

I knew why.

We all did.

It was very cute.

“I’m still waiting for you to move, kitten,” Dale warns me, while I dramatically turn and give in without bothering to glance at him... which would involve dying a bit inside Dale’s always tyrian purple and mastering eyes.

Casey heads out the door first and I follow with Dale from behind. The lift opens for us as Ace stands tall, shoulders wide and sniper held to his chest. A huge smirk adorns his far too attractive face.

“She’s back,” Ace winks and can’t contain his grin.

“What’s ‘her’ name?” I ask, curious for his answer.

“Francis,” Ace says as he walks out and I give him a look that expresses ‘really?’, “No,” he smirks and shakes his head, “Stick face,” this time I just gape.

“What the heck?” I ask.

“He won’t tell anyone,” Casey whispers up at me, “It’s his secret.”

“Damn right it is, lil buddy... but Dale guessed once, cause he’s a smart fucker,” Ace turns around while Dale holds the lift doors open before they close after we walked into the lift past Ace.

“Guess,” Dale turns to me, a challenge in his eye as he continues to keep the doors open.

“Something to match your name, Ace,” I instantly think of the obvious, “Club, Spade, Diamond, Jack, King... Queen?”

“Fuck, you’re good,” Ace looks vulnerable now that I’ve guessed it and Dale actually looks impressed.

“Quick, very good,” Dale approves of my thinking and Ace just stands there gawking as Dale let’s the lift doors close now.

“I thought it’d be something like that,” Casey seems disappointed he didn’t guess it before us.

“Don’t worry, it’s no where near your thinking,” Dale reassures his kid, “You think beyond, far beyond the obvious... it’s how you were designed. The simple answer for you would have been too simple.”

“Thanks, dad,” Casey grins and then suddenly turns to me, his eyes lightened with knowledge, “I forgot to tell you! I did some research for your father, Louis?”

“Did you find anything?” I ask, shocked he went to the trouble.

“There’s a figure going around FC, known simply as Hacksaw,” Casey explains, “His hair is rumoured to be down to his waist and can cut through anything. It looks like steel. But he keeps to the shadows. The most I could get from CCTV footage is a slither of his hair and a hand. I could be wrong. But I think he is Louis. Just cause of the hair thing.”

“Hacksaw. That’s a ghost legend of FC,” Dale picks up on the name, “It can’t be a real person.”

“I think he is,” Casey murmurs, “Honestly, I do.”

“But why would you look into him?” I ask, “For me... as a favour? Or what?”

The lift stops at Dale’s lab and the doors open.

“Well... it’s because...” Casey sighs and walks out first, clasping his hands behind his back, he adds solemnly while looking away from us, “V hangs out with Hacksaw... what I think is ‘Louis’. She’s always talking to a man in the shadows.”

“Who’s side is he on?” I ask, confused, walking around Casey to catch his young, bright gaze.

“No one,” Casey murmurs, “Or, I don’t know... why are we down here?” Casey asks while staring up at Dale who strolls past to his 3D printer.

Dale looks more relaxed down here, in his element.

His purple predator eyes lift a few moments later from his machine after a pause to look over his kitten, and his kid.

“Because, Casey,” Dale smiles while working on his designs already... of... what look to be... formal wear? “The three of us are going to a ball. It’s time I started to teach you about the big bad world, kid. We’re gonna have so much fun.”

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