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Chapter 35: Lessons in Obedience [by Beasts] 1/3 [18+ ONLY]

The street is littered with soldiers that Blue had electrocuted. Clearly, her ability was similar if not the same to Serge’s power. Silently, we all walk to the alleyway next to the Freeman Complex, where STRIKE should be parked. The Brownie Squad is ahead of Dale and I, while Casey is still slung over Dale’s shoulder, groaning in pain.

The street is eerily quiet after all the commotion once Dale shot Casey in the head and Blue fucked up the lighting of the building and electrocuted all the government soldiers that had come into the Freeman Complex to kill Dale, give me to Reuben as a whore-slave, and to steal Casey for the Five Reds.

Plus, I couldn’t get my mind off a few points. Like... how after I pulled a gun on Dale, how he threatened me with a good time with bad intentions. I was nervous and excited. But also a little distracted by something else I wanted to talk to him about. The purpose of an Ultimate.

Dale threatened Lumen and everyone at the ball that with Casey dead, they needed him to save the world.

I didn’t understand it. Maybe he just said it to be dramatic at the time? But Dale wasn’t one to choose words meaninglessly. I was starting to think there was more to him than he had ever let on.

“We are all alive, yay!” Strawberry spins on her heel to face Dale and I. Raven turns with Strawberry while Blue turns the corner next to witness who the sudden and audible dark chuckles are coming from.

“Yes, yes we are,” I hear Ace and then see the rest of the squad, safe and not locked up. Or... well... recently escaped. Jose, Ace and Serge lean against the back of their beloved car. They’re all covered in blood from tip to toe. They had clearly fucked up some poor soldiers who didn’t know what they were getting into. You couldn’t cage beasts... well, if you tried, you’d be meeting the gates of the afterlife sooner than you’d want to... and most probably, it would be a painful and slow way to go. Dale and I halt in the entrance to the alleyway and Ace looks over Dale and Casey first, “...fuck, we need drinks...” Ace’s eyes light up as he glances me over next, “Alyssa, hey doll-!”

“Disobedient whores don’t deserve such a welcome,” Dale cuts off Ace with a harsh, firm, tone and Ace’s eyes widen, as do mine. I hope desperately Casey has passed out again... although, as I think that, I hear the kid chuckle quietly and my face blushes a bright red.

The Brownie Squad simply stand back in a perfect line, watching me and awaiting instructions. They aren’t emotionally charged by the insult from Dale to their Ultima... but hey... I was.

“Disobedient-?!” I open my mouth to protest as Dale stalks forward and opens up the back door to lie Casey inside.

“Ah, ah,” Serge puts up a hand, his eyes alight in amusement as he watches me with a hooded gaze and easy, raised hands, pretending to ‘calm’ me down, “Alyssa...” he warns, “You’re going to get fucked bloody when we all get back, you may as well accept it, doll. It’s not like you won’t enjoy it -“Jose snorts at Serge’s exaggeration while Ace also smirks uncontrollably even though he tries to keep it in when my glare turns ferocious.

“That. Isn’t. Funny,” I snarl each word, unblinking as I glare Serge down. Ungrateful bastard. I fucked him to heaven and back and now he wanted to tease me, huh? With fucked up humour? “Why don’t we work out, how we’re all going to fit into the car this time?”

“Boys?” Dale slams the back door shut as he leans up and doesn’t even glance at me as he walks to the driver’s side.

“See yah there, doll,” Jose winks and I watch, simply gawking as the three men file into the car, completely ignoring the Brownie Squad and I.

I hear STRIKE roar to life a few moments later and the reverse lights flash on. I step back but the Brownie Squad stay in the alleyway, unaware what the white lights mean on the tail lights.

“Move,” I hiss just as STRIKE pulls back so fast, Raven, Strawberry and Blue jump out of reach just in time.

I turn and watch as Dale spins the car and takes off down the road, bumping over a few felled soldiers without a care in the world.

Fucking savage.

Of course.

“Where is somewhere warm while we wait for their return?” Strawberry asks me innocently. She pushes her blonde hair behind her shoulders and Raven and Blue wait by her, all three of them hoping for a good answer.

“...they’re not coming back...” I speak this slowly and eventually recognition shines bright in their eyes and they look quite upset as they gawk, just as I had when I saw the men all file into their car in the first place.

“How will we return?” Blue asks me, pouting... looking... sheepish... and mischievous.

“Well, how did you get here?” I ask, confused. Blue slowly smirks and so do the other girls. My eyes widen as they all smile at each other. There was some sort of inside joke going on, but clearly they weren’t going to tell me straight away, “...Blue?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Blue shrugs and smiles warmly. I narrow my eyes... wondering why she doesn’t tell me straight away.

“We’ll take a taxi,” I change the subject, deciding I’ll ask Blue later on what she was keeping secret from me. I’d find a way to work it out, one way or another. It’d help if I could get Blue alone.

“Yes, Ultima,” all three of them nod at me and wait while I look up and down the street. I point away from the direction we need to go, only because there was a long stretch of soldiers out cold all over the road. So, we had to get somewhere that wasn’t so deserted.

The three girls follow me while we cross two blocks. It still seems empty, however, I watch one car float by in the distance... Vana’s floating limo... or perhaps it was Reuben’s. However, after that, a Taxi stops by a corner a few blocks down, lets out party goers a moment later and then starts in our direction.

“That’s a taxi,” I point at it while the yellow cab draws near.

“We’re ready,” Blue calls out to me, while Raven steps forward, arm raised.

“I’d like to be the one to take the taxi,” Raven says and I shrug and let her step forward.

“It’s called hailing a taxi, just wave it over,” I stand back as it was time to let them socialise, to grow aware of the social norms in the real world.

To do that they needed to experience things themselves.

The yellow cab pulls up, Raven did a good job waving it over. I then wave Blue and Strawberry to approach but they stand back and shake their heads.

“Raven wants to take it,” Blue says.

“We can all fit in-” I don’t finish my sentence however, when I hear a door slam open... and not just open... but ripped open, like, literally, off the hinges. I spin to see Raven one handedly throw aside the door, reach into a screaming taxi-man, rip him out of his seat belt and throw him so far backwards, he flies through the air and smashes through a window pane to a shop... which happens to be a mattress shop... lucky him... so he lands on a bed, out cold.

While I gawk, Blue and Strawberry are clapping quietly and smiling, while I turn to see Raven stand back and watch me with hopeful eyes, looking for appreciation.

“The taxi is ours,” Raven doesn’t wait for me to get into the driver’s side. She hops in herself while Blue and Strawberry run forward and hop in the back.

“No, no, no, no,” I run forward and grab Raven’s shoulder as she grips the wheel, “You can’t drive.”

“You said we could learn?” Raven asks, pouting, but when I bite my lip and nod, thinking of what I said earlier... she smiles and takes my nod as a yes, “Thank you, Alyssa!” Then, Raven reaches forward and grabs my shoulders, hauling me over her lap and into the passenger seat.

Her grip and strength is equivalent to James the Brains. I sit back in shock, in the front passenger seat while Blue and Strawberry recline in the back.

“The right pedal,” Blue points out, while Strawberry also points to the gear stick.

“D for dick, that’s what makes the car move,” Strawberry is dead serious... and so are the girls as they all nod.

I literally burst out laughing, in spite of everything that just went down.

“,” I barely manage to get the word out as I can’t stop smiling, “It’s D for Drive. Not dick! And when I said ‘take’ the taxi, I meant he or she, who drives the cab, will drive us... for money.”

“Money?” Blue asks, confused, but Strawberry interrupts by gasping loudly after my explanation.

“Oh, my gosh!” Strawberry’s shocked hand rises to her plump lips as she blushes, “That was soo silly of me to say dick. I just... oh... my... drive makes more sense.”

“Don’t worry, you’re just learning -” I gasp in air as the car jolts forward so fast I’m pushed back into my seat.

I can’t talk, I’m speechless, as Raven slams her foot down on the pedal, all the way to the bottom. The taxi roars to life and she laughs like a maniac as she turns the first corner like a race-car driving pro, before turning another one into an alleyway.

“W-what are you - ” I scream as we fly past dumpster bins and rats, the sides of the taxi scrapping against buildings and the bins themselves... but only marginally.

“I have a feeling this is quicker,” Raven turns to look at me as she turns a corner at top speed.

I close my eyes, convinced we are all going to die.

Legitimately die.

I feel the car turn once... twice more... and then...

...Raven slams on the breaks and I nearly fly out of my seat... because I forgot to put on my seat belt. However, my hands hit the dash and I open my eyes to see lines of teenagers and young adults filing into... into... the Black Lair Clubhouse.

“That was easy,” Raven fist bumps Blue and Strawberry and then holds her fist to me.

Trembling, I knock my fist into hers and watch in shock as she jumps out, as does Blue and Strawberry... already sick of the taxi adventure.

The line of young adults all turn to watch us as we stand out of the battered taxi... and I’m secretly starting to feel really smug... and proud... by my amazing Brownie Squad.

Until my moment is cut short, as I hear a familiar rev and rumble of an all too familiar engine.

I turn around, to see STRIKE, blocked and unable to turn into the garage... because... Raven parked across their entry. I stand back, while Dale revs the engine again... and I just grin.

I can’t really see my beasts because the windows are too tinted.

“Get inside,” I turn and whisper to the girls, to see them standing together and looking shocked by the lines of young adults watching us.

“But Alyssa, we’re being infiltrated,” Blue whispers to me, in a hiss, “Shall I electrocu-”

“No!” I shake my head, holding up a hand to stop her, “They’re our friends, now listen to me and run. Run. Now! Quickly!" I run forward first, my pink dress thankfully flexible as I sprint ahead. The Brownie Squad follow me while everyone stands back and simply gawks at the pretty girls... and the abandoned taxi.

I run past the bouncers first, who recognise me and let us slip through the VIP entrance. I grab Blue’s hand and she grabs Strawberry while she grabs Raven as we filter into the densely packed night club.

They follow close, looking wide eyed and confused from the deafening music, the hundreds of bodies and mix of male and female bodies.

I can’t stop grinning as I drag them into the VIP section and into a circular and private booth.

Blue slides in next to me while Strawberry and Raven slide in on the other side. They push up nice and close to me so they can find out why I can’t stop smiling.

“I love you all soo much!” I tell them all through literal tears of joy, “We not only beat STRIKE back to their own lair, but we blocked their way into the underground garage. That is called Karma, ladies, which means if you do something bad, then bad things will happen to you, but if you do good, good things will happen to you... my god, Raven, Blue, Strawberry... we deserve drinks,” just as I say it, a server of alcohol to the VIP’s comes swinging by, offering glasses of champagne.

“Ladies?” he asks, lowering the tray of champagne glasses down to us. There are eight, tall, thin glasses. Perfect. Two for each of us, “Would you like to empty my tray... my manager, he’s watching, and he’ll love it if you take them all... and then I can go home early,” the bar-tender winks and speaks through his teeth, to indicate he shouldn’t ask that but he was hoping for a favour, “Pretty please, girls, it’s my trial tonight... I’d love to get this job.”

“Ultima?” Raven turns to me, wondering of my response.

“Of course, we’re more than happy to empty the tray for you. Thank you so much, you’re doing a good job,” I smile and quickly look over our booth to check if STRIKE are making their way inside yet. I can’t see them, so hopefully they’re going into the garage and they’ll be a little longer, “Raven,” I turn to her as she is closest to the tray of drinks and the server. She looked apprehensive before at the male’s proximity, but with my approval she nods to oblige.

I turn to Blue and Strawberry.

“You’re going to love a few drinks after what you’ve been through and-” my lips seal quickly shut, however, as I hear a loud crash, glasses shattering and a shocked cry from the male waiter. I quickly turn to see Raven’s hand on the tray... she’s flipped it, and the glasses have spilt and crashed to the ground. Her smile drops from her face as she holds the tray to the distraught waiter and he doesn’t take it. There’s glass and champagne all over the floor.

“I emptied it for you,” Raven keeps holding out the tray and the waiter snatches it from her, his once kind face, growing red in anger.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he screams at her and throws the tray on the ground, ”What the fuck?"

Raven looks distraught as she shuffles back into the seat, leaning into me as the waiter shakes his fist, pursing his lips as if he wants to grab her.

“You have to stop taking things so literally,” I whisper to Raven as we all wait for the waiter’s next move, however, he turns and stalks away to talk to the manager. Raven turns to face me, as do Blue and Strawberry.

“But he said empty the t-”

“No,” I shake my head at Raven, “He didn’t mean to literally empty the tray, that was glass that shattered everywhere. It’s dangerous. You were meant to place the glasses on the table... we were going to drink from them. Have you never had a drink from a glass?” I ask.

“I don’t understand,” Raven shakes her head, “We were fed and we had our liquids on our drips,” she explains, shaking her head, “...tell me what I did wrong. We were all taught, repeatedly, that we should take everything that is asked of us, very literally. For example, if someone says they want us to choke on a cock, we must literally, do that,” Raven shakes her head at me, “Why does that rule change now? Take the taxi. I took it. Empty the tray. I emptied it.”

“Maybe I’ll get you guys to watch television,” I murmur, “You can learn from that.”

“Tell... vision?” Blue asks, “When someone tells you something, and you see it?”

“No, it’s... like a screen, with, images and film... do you know what film is?” I ask, confused.

“Porn,” Strawberry hits her fist on the table, “I’m right, aren’t I?”

“...yeah, I guess, half-right,” I sigh and lean back into the couch as my three girls exchange confused but also intrigued expressions as they slowly learned about what real life was all about.

Something told me we had a long way to go... and I was a little afraid to ask them exactly how they were taught all the sexual things they knew. It was common sense that, clearly, Lumen was a freak show if he seriously put these girls through training that deprived them of any basic knowledge, about anything, for 18 fucking years, so that they knew simply sex and pleasure and pain. Nothing else.

But, I had to hand it to them. They were fast learners. Extremely smart. Raven worked out how to drive within seconds, perhaps even in a shorter period...

...however... now, I have a light bulb moment.

That is why Lumen taught them nothing but sex. They were extremely intelligent. Extremely bright. Extremely fast. And extremely dangerous because of their powers, which mirrored STRIKE.

Which meant, the more they learned, the more dangerous they’d become. They were already defying me and even listening to Dale more.

I get my back up, now, thinking about that. The Brownie Squad were going to become real sassy ass bitches with really bad attitudes if I didn’t start toughening up on them. Well... I didn’t mind if they were all that... but I wanted them to listen to me. It occurs to me now, also, that Dale knew this. He worked this out before me. The girls were changing, fast, learning, fast and rebelling and testing limits, fast.

Which means I had to also toughen up and learn to control them, fast. In case they really did cause trouble one day.

I hear a disgusted gasp as I look up and see a pot-bellied waddling man, stand with his hands on his hips as he witnesses all the broken glass and the spillage. He shakes his head as he meets my gaze and waddles up to the table, resting his hands on the edges of the wood to lean down and look at me.

I feel like I’m in school again as he continues to just shake his head and watch me in disapproval.

“People can get hurt with all that broken glass,” he shakes his head even while he talks, “How many stupid women do I have to deal with, every night? I sometimes question the intelligence of young women and men nowadays. Trouble makers everywhere. But, they aren’t welcome... so, I want you all to leave this venue. Immediately, girls. I’m not playing around. Get up. Leave. Or I’ll call security to help with your departure,” as he slowly drawls his speech to a closed end, while my girls look on in disgust at his fat stomach... I don’t think they had witnessed such a stomach on anyone before tonight... the manager is quickly shadowed by four men. He literally squeaks as a strong hand grips his shoulder - Jose.

“We got that sorted,” Jose helps the man stand back and pats him on the back, “You did a good job.”

“Watch the glass,” the manager squeaks as he walks backwards while Dale, Jose, Ace and Serge stand at the end of the booth. Our two exits to slide out of are blocked as they stand and look down at us... each one of us... with confusion, disgust and frustration.

“You three,” Dale points to Blue, Strawberry and Raven, “Up. Get down to HB and speak to Casey. Go.”

The girls all hesitate for one second before abiding by his command.

I am speechless as the three girls slip out and hurry through the crowd to the elevators. My jaw hangs open as I see them slip away, beautiful, intelligent and very... apparently... rebellious.

At least with me.

They were obedient with Dale.

But he was more dominant. I needed to be more dominant.

That thought is hard to think about, however, with my beasts all eyeing me with... yes... very bad intentions.

I straighten my dress nervously as Dale and Serge slip into the booth first, shuffling over to sit either side of me.

Then, Ace sits next to Dale and Jose slips in next to Serge.

I am effectively stuck between four of them at the back of the circular and leather booth.

I open my mouth and close it, about to be a smart ass, but then I think twice...

...but then I decide I have nothing to lose.

“What took you so long?” I ask, innocently, “Were you held up by someth-?”

I bite my cheek as Dale slips his hand through my hair and bunches it up, effectively making my lips snap shut as I glance up at him... but I can’t for long as he holds my head steady, while pulling my hair... down.


“Get down,” Dale growls at me as he pulls so hard on my hair, I cringe my eyes shut until I slip down to relieve a tiny bit of the pain, “Under the table, Alyssa.”

His use of my first name definitely suggests I’m in trouble. So, I slip under, his hand still in my hair even as I turn around to look up, the top of my head brushing against the booth’s table. Serge spreads his legs and Dale helps pull my head and body back, before jerking me forward, guiding me between Lightening’s legs.

I look up to Dale as he smirks and glances down at me.

“What do you want?” I ask, furrowing my brows.

“I want you to be a good whore, kitten,” Dale growls and leans down so I’ll hear, “So, be a good whore.”

“Just Serge?” I ask, my eyes unfortunately lightening up with... argh, yes... lust. Okay? This was getting interesting. Quickly.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t enjoy that this was happening. But I had been expecting punishment. I would endure it. I can’t lie... I’d probably enjoy it, too.

“That’s an awfully stupid question, Alyssa,” I hear Jose growl from beside Serge and I glare up at Jose next and grab his knee, pushing my claws in... to make him bleed... only a little.

“What?” Ace asks, from his position, clearly witnessing Jose’s look of sudden pain, “What did she do?”

“N-Nothing, fuck,” Jose scrunches his nose up and shakes his head, trying to appear tough, while I smirk, until Serge grabs my wrist and takes my claws out of Jose’s knee.

“Get to work,” Serge snarls down at me, angry that I’m delaying. I turn to glare up at my blue haired beast but Dale finds his hand back in my hair and literally shoves my face down into Serge’s pants... and a noticeable bulge.

I breathe in his scent.

It makes my hormones rage straight to my womb. My blood warms and I moan a bit... but I’m sure the music drowns it out.

I was excited.

And the reason why was embarrassing.

But I couldn’t lie.

I knew this was just the beginning...

...of a very, very long night.

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