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Chapter 36: Lessons in Obedience [by Beasts] 2/3 [18+ ONLY]

WARNING,18+, far more extreme sexual content and extreme suggestions in this episode. It may be a little gross to your taste depending on how hard core you like rough sex and domineering men, so there may be possible triggers present.

Serge zips down his pants and whips out his cock. Dale shoves me forward and I’m almost instantly chocked by Serge’s long, hard dick, the base to my chin and the head down my throat. It’s so sudden that I gag and Dale pulls me back off Serge’s weapon to give me a chance to breathe while spit dribbles down out of the corner of my mouth while Serge smirks down at me. Lightening holds out his hand and he pinches my nose to tease me because he knows I hate it and he raises a mocking brow, too.

“Too much for you, doll?” Serge is happy when Dale forces my head forward again and Serge’s cock fills my mouth once more before I can manage to reply.

Dale lets go of my hair to let me do the work, but this time I’m determined to finish Serge off quickly to embarrass him. I suck on his cock and run my tongue across his shaft and over his head in a deep, long massage. When I glance up to see Serge swing his head back and groan in pleasure, I know I’m doing a good job.

“So, let me get this straight, boss,” Ace speaks up while my head bobs up and down Serge’s dick, “...our obedient kitten held a gun to you, disrespected your command and didn’t trust you enough to pull off the plan?”

“Tonight she’s ours, boys,” Dale growls back while I take Serge deeper down my throat and I bring my hand forward and tickle his balls with one lone sharp nail, to heighten the pleasure... to scare him... no, to heighten the pleasure, believe me.

"Just tonight?” Jose asks with a hint of attitude in his smart ass comment. However, Dale just chuckles, while I hear Serge hiss in anger as he grabs my wrist, not trusting me as he jerks my sly hand away from his precious balls .

“Tonight, we’ll teach the whore a few things about the animal kingdom... specifically when it comes down to just us five and how in the end, the one on their knees will always be our obedient and well trained kitten,” Dale’s words have me gasping around Serge’s cock! What a bastard! I almost pull off but I decide to keep going as Serge is raising his hips and growls at me in a warning not to stop. I decide to listen more while running my tongue over his tasty lightening shaft as I take in the exchanged banter around me, “...after some brutal punishing, for the rest of eternity, she’s our exclusive fuck toy. Our cute and obedient kitten, to take our commands, our cocks and our pleasures seriously, as not just a form of her own entertainment but our own. We rule the world, boys... our cocks will instruct hers.”

Serge growls low in agreement as I feel load after load of cum hit my tongue as I suck on his head nice and tight. I keep my head down to pretend I’m going to swallow... but then I raise my head slowly and purse my lips quickly... moving to the side... before I open them... to let the bitter salty load onto Dale’s pants instead... right over his groin.

I spit out the last drops of Serge’s cum down onto Dale’s pants to top it off and now it looks like he has some guy’s cum on his pants.

A silence descends upon the private booth and all I can hear is the club music and bass pounding in my ears.

However, I soon feel Dale’s hand slide over the nape of my neck, where he clasps it tight as he pulls my head forward into his groin and he leans down to growl at me, “Not a very wise choice, Alyssa... clean it up,” Dale isn’t amused any longer as he holds my head in place and I lick off Serge’s cum hesitantly while glancing up into Dale’s calculating stare.

However, just as I’m done, Dale pulls me up and I turn in the leather booth’s seat to get comfortable while Serge’s arm snakes around my waist and he gracefully pulls me into his side... a kind gesture to contrast what comes out of his mouth next.

“You ever do that again, doll,” Serge doesn’t even look at me as he motions to a waiter to drop off more drinks, “...I’ll personally stop your heart, fuck you while you’re dead, then bring you back to life and fuck you again.”

I have to pause a good long moment to take in that threat.

“Casey wasn’t joking about you being completely fucked up,” I murmur, my mind wondering if Serge was even half-joking with that statement. And damn... what he said wasfucked. Like, legitimately, fucked up. I’m almost too scared to look into his eyes to confirm if he’s being serious.

“You’ll like my humour one day, when you hear him at his worst,” Ace pipes in and winks at me while I can’t contain my anxiety. My jaw drops and Jose can’t keep a straight face in response to my own astonishment. He bursts out laughing in a deep brawl while Dale licks his lips and grabs a few shots of whiskey. He downs one and then holds the other to my lips, also, without even looking at me. He tilts the shot glass back and I swallow it while Serge sends a few static shocks into my waist where he holds me. I almost forget to swallow as he times the shocks perfectly to interrupt my swallowing.

“A-argh, ow! Get your hands off me!” I abruptly jerk away from Serge and place my hand strategically on his neck, my nails at his throat. With my fingernails acting as a metaphorical knife to his throat, Lightening slowly releases me with a raised brow and an uncontrollable smirk. He can’t help but be happy with my terrified reaction. Clearly, he liked to know he scared people so well. Even me.

I end up in Dale’s reach, where he happily grabs my hips and sits me on his lap sideways so I feel like a kid on his lap. He was a beast, after all, forever the giant.

“You ready for the ensuing pain?” Dale asks me, his purple eyes hooded as he brings another shot glass up to my lips, “...drink, kitten.”

I do so and continue to look into his eyes as memories from the Freeman Complex rush through my mind. Questions and ideas.

“...the animal kingdom...” I speak up after I swallow and before they start to exchange banter as Dale places the empty shot glass on the booth’s table. Dale happily slides his gaze back to mine as I mention this, clearly happy to answer whatever I ask next, “’s generally for the animals who eat other animals. Animals who out wit and survive and can kill others... which gets them placed and ranked higher on the list. Just because I’m female... who’s to say... I’m one rank lower than you four? Or even you, Dale. You act like I’ll always be on my knees just because of that simple fact.”

Dale shakes his head, his lip curling as he tries not to laugh. The boys seem offended and they lean forward with narrowed eyes and expecting faces as they wait for Dale’s response to my statements and questions.

“It’s not about gender,” Dale shakes his head, “It’s about cruelty... dominance... brutality,” Dale blinks once and I see his eyes turn to purple slits as he holds my gaze, his voice now growling, the animal side of him speaking, “You’re an empathetic sweet kitten, with a backbone... but you don’t have my instincts,” he leans in close and I almost expect him to kiss me or bite me, but he simply stares into my eyes, nose to nose, before he slowly inches back with thoughts swimming through his gaze, “You don’t have mydesire for power. No one does.”

“Let them speak for themselves,” I whisper back, before using the opportunity to glance at Serge first.

“I want to kill people, doll,” Serge winks and Jose cracks his knuckles.

“Doll, I want to beat the living shit out of them and fuck the living shit out of you,” Jose winks too and lastly I glance to Ace.

“I desire nothing more than my sniper, my woman,” Ace nods to me, “And my best friends by my side... holding my hand when I’m sad... when I’m lonely... not to sound too cliche, but you guys are my best buds-”

“I told you,” Serge snarls at Ace, “You’re a fucking pussy, sissy fucking school girl underneath that pretty head of blonde hair and blue sparkling eyes.”

“I would have said I’d like to make a fucking difference in the world... but that would sound a little too New World oriented,” Ace shrugs, “Despite how mean you are and how much you hurt my feelings, Lightening, I will always love you. In the gayest way possible. When I pray for us to survive our next battle, I only hope you let me suck you off... just once... just once, Lightening-” Ace gets a lightening strike to the shoulders in response and he jerks while his hair stands on end. He shakes off the pain and laughs as he winks at me last.

“Fucking lunatic,” Serge leans his elbow on the table, clenching his fist and staring Ace down without blinking his crazy eyes once as he warns, “One day, Ace... I’ll melt down your sniper... spread your ass, fill it up... full... until it burns to your guts and rips them out when you try and shit it back out -”

“Serge!” I yell at him, raising my hands, ”What the fuck? Seriously.”

“I’m getting too comfortable with the doll here, clearly,” Serge leans back, giving up and raising his hands too, “...I’m forgetting you’re just a baby.”

“Well, not anymore with the shit you say, my mind is ruined enough,” I turn back to Dale and now I have the confidence to poke my finger into his shirt, into his formidable and strong ribs, “...and what do you want? To rule? Do you know what I’ve always wanted? Something very similar. To survive. And the best way, from an Ultimate’s perspective... is to be on top... of everything... even if the illusion suggests I’m on my knees... it’s just what you see... but reality... could be a different story... catch my drift... boss?”

“Under my hand works just as fine, sweet pea,” Dale finds my words funny as he grabs another drink and I feel almost a little warmed in my heart by the corresponding warmth from his tone. He was clearly protective of me.

However, I can’t help myself... taunting Dale was both dangerous and fun... because you never knew how he’d take it. Lightly. Seriously. You’d better hope he’d take it lightly... but it was fun to test his limits all the same.

I shake my head at my boss and lean into press my lips to his ear seductively.

“Who’s to say... one on one... that you’d win?” I whisper this to the self professed megalomaniac, hoping it works as I suspect it will. With a weird satisfaction, I instantly feel Dale’s anger through the way his large body suddenly stiffens with my close proximity coupled with my words.

“Enough chit-chat,” Jose growls, “I want my cock done next. Hand our kitten over, boss.”

“No,” Dale denies him his request as I pull back and see Dale’s intense gaze and feel his hand now firm on the back of my neck as he grips me tight, “Change of plans. She wants a one-v-one... with me... I’ll happily give it to her.”

“I could take you all on,” I say this loud and confident. I was sure I could with my nails and hair that affected three out of the four of them.

“You and me,” Dale raises a hand and waves the other beasts to stand and head off, “Red Lounge. Let’s go.”

This time I don’t complain or question. Now, I’m excited. I follow them out of the booth, closed in between the four of them as they lead me to the lift. We hop in and head down to the Red Lounge where I know Dale is going to try and teach me a lesson I won’t forget. I keep my head held high and as they are surprisingly quiet, we reach the level without a word uttered between us.

I knew what their minds were all thinking.

I exit the lift first with an added sway to my hips and turn around as I walk backwards. My beasts follow out in unison and stop in a line for me to appraise them.

“I love you, doll,” my gaze snaps to Jose who speaks up, “We’re about to fuck you all night and you’re looking us up and down like we’re the meals. That’s either confidence or a crazy like Serge. Because, in reality, if one thing is for sure, sweety, you’re never going to be on top... unless three of us fuck you at once... where you’ll be on top of one lucky beast... while two of us hold you down from above. Fucking your hips forward and your head back. While everything is filled and stretched with our shafts... breaking you apart, all at once.”

“That’s very poetic of you, Jose,” I smile warmly at him and then I look over all the rest of them, “However, first you all get to witness me dominate your boss in a one-v-one of some kind, where I’ll win... don’t look at me like that, ladies... I will find a way,” I lay my hand out to Dale to suggest he is the one who shall lose. They all burst out laughing while Dale just shakes his head and points to the bedroom at the end.

“Head in there,” he nods to Jose, Serge and Ace, “We’re going to play a game of cat and mouse, sweet pea,” Dale nods to me and he seems super chilled out while I was already feeling my nerves kick in to keep my mind alert, “In complete darkness... in this room... I’ll give you a knife and gun. But you must be naked... and so will I... like animals,” Dale reaches into his pockets and brings forth a small dagger and a small gun. He first gets rid of the ammunition and passes me the weapons, “Stick the gun to my head or the knife to my throat... and you win... and you get whatever you want.”

“If I lose?” I ask, slowly and quietly while the other beasts look on with a smugness and confidence not many could boast about. They had every faith in Dale to succeed.

“I drag you into that bedroom and you’ll get punished, fucked... oh, and... because you deserve it for being a shit tonight, we’re all going to piss on you,” Dale starts to unbutton his top after casually throwing in that bombshell.

“T-that a-ah...” I gasp and open and close my mouth multiple times as I try to comprehend that he just seriously meant what he said. As the other beasts hesitate on moving to the bedroom, so they can take in my reaction with pursed lips, hidden smirks and laughing eyes, I finally find my sense, “That’s fucking disgusting,” I snarl at Dale, “What the fuck would that prove? Let me guess. Animal kingdom, right?”

“A lesson learnt well is a lesson no longer needed,” Dale shrugs with an evil smirk and very confident eyes, “By the end of it I want you to understand you serve us at anytime, anywhere, without hesitation. Your life is our satisfaction... in turn you love it anyway. What’s there to complain about? Nothing. But you whine like a bitch just to stir trouble. So, we’re going to fuck you. Piss on you. And you’re never going to stand against my rule again. I kill anyone who stands in my way. Be happy I”m not doing anything worse to you, kitten... you certainly deserve more shit than what I’m handing out to you now... don’t tempt me to bring you more pain than I already have planned. You might just cry if it gets too much... and I might just laugh and hook you up to a fuck-machine just to see you scream in pleasure while you cry in a hard learnt submission. Sounds like fun... doesn’t it? I told you we were going to have fun, tonight, kitten.”

“B-besides all that,” I wave my hand through the air and lick my lips as I decide to change the subject before more tortures are voiced from the evil plains of Dale’s malicious mind, “This. Right now. Is about... old... um...” I almost get distracted by all his threats as I keep thinking about it and wetness floods between my thighs... his threats were deliciously tempting to fantasise about... but... oh gosh, where was I? Oh, yes, yes, ”This game, we’re about to play, is about old fashioned punishment. To overpower me and degrade me. It’s a bit base for someone supposedly so intelligent... a cave man could think of something more original than that... but I’ll take it... if it makes you feel like you actually control something around here,” I make it sound like he is dumb as fuck and I see Serge scowl at me for speaking to our boss like that.

“Kitten... you don’t know when it’s safe to stop... do you?” Dale growls at me while he simply waves off his team and they file off while looking extremely excited about my impending downfall.

“Maybe you’ll be the one to regret this game,” I retort, while Dale slips off his black blazer and white shirt. Next, his pants come off too. I gulp and pull down my dress and step out of it until I’m naked before him with gun and knife in hand.

I lick my lips a second time as I gaze over his perfectly naked body.

“You have twenty seconds to create some distance before I intercept you and then teach you the fucking lesson of your life. Get moving... oh... and I wish you the worst of luck, doll... only because the sooner I finish the game... the sooner you crawl,” Dale growls as he steps back, turns and flips off the lights near the lift.

I hear the beasts laugh in the other room as I’m swamped in darkness while clutching my gun and knife.

Twenty seconds.

I use my memory of the leather couches to back up as silently as I can with my bare feet on the carpet. I decide to head to the bar, where I hide around the back of the wood frame.

I can’t see a thing. I can only hear.

“I’m coming for you, kitten,” Dale growls from the lift and I freeze as he sounds more animal than human.

Leopard DNA. Leopard eyes.


Holy crap, I was an idiot.

This time I had fucked up big time.

I didn’t even think of his advantage.

He could see in the fucking dark.

Now, my brain comes up with a last resort. I had to keep acting out my stupidity even though I realised that he could see everything. I could use it as a surprise tactic? Maybe? So, I pretend to stand confused and looking ahead into the darkness with no sight while the back of the bar is behind me.

I pretend my aim is to stand still and move later.

But I know he’s probably mere feet away, already, if not right around the bar, deciding how to take me down.

I count in my head and use my own instincts to figure out when he’ll intercept me.

But not only do I see nothing.

I hear nothing.

My only warning is the slightest movement in the air to my left... before I scream as I’m hurled back into his ridiculously oversized chest, in a headlock, his arm around my neck and a gun shoved between my lips.

“Stupid, kitten,” Dale rubs it in next to my ear while he chuckles, and by ‘rubs it in’, I mean his words and the gun in my mouth, “...I didn’t think you’d be that fucking stupid,” he slams me around into the back of the bar’s flat wood frame, so now I’m facing him, my back to the bar but my front encased by the heat of his beastly sized body. I feel the bar shake and hear the glasses inside the cabinets tremble as Dale keeps the gun in my mouth and shuffles his body closer into mine.

One large leg of his easily pops my closed legs wide open. He wraps an easy arm around my waist and lifts me up high. The movement catches me off guard and I can’t see the ground but I know I’m high above it... so I instinctively wrap my legs around his torso... and he drops me... to shove his hard cock straight into my pussy... deep, sudden and brutal.

No warning at all.

I cry out around the gun and he just holds it in deeper into my throat until I do gag on the hard metal hitting my tonsils.

“Too fucking bad, kitten,” Dale keeps the gun in but let’s the handle go. Instead, he holds my chin high up so my jaw is forced closed and my neck is strained tight... and the gun is still forced in my mouth and unable for me to spit out with his large, controlling hand encasing my comparatively smaller, chin, jaw and neck. I might not be able to see him, but he starts to fuck me ruthlessly into the back of the bar, causing the drinks to shake on cue every time I’m slammed back into the wood. The metallic taste of the gun and the firmness of it in my mouth just makes me feel more vulnerable. But somehow, knowing he has full control, even in the face of the sudden fucking he was punishing me with... my womb responds by aching in happiness.

My legs end up curling tighter around his waist to pull him into me.

I hear a cheer from the other room and I blush bright as I hear a door open and the light from the bedroom illuminates Dale fucking me like a mad man into the back of the bar while the glasses loudly shake.

“What are you waiting for?” Dale snarls at them before chuckling deep in the back of his throat, “...get more drinks ready.”

“I can’t wait to piss on her pretty face...” Serge snarls happily to himself and the others as they walk out. I blush further as I suck on the gun with Dale’s cock slaughtering my poor, unprepared pussy. I mean, I had been wet for him... but I hadn’t been prepared mentally... and neither had my pussy... if it had a brain... to prep itself for this fucking onslaught.

Dale pushes in close, hitches me up higher on the wood and suddenly has an angle to slam into me harder, deeper and longer until I’m shaking against him while my body moves with his. This was soo much, I could already feel my pussy quickly responding in kind. As he was getting harder inside me, my pussy was getting tighter... his purple eyes that were locked with my own, were getting darker with lust... and then... he slows and smirks while he fucks me long, hard and...a-and in slow motion.

Fucking prick!

“Noooo... doll... you don’t get to cum until I say,” Dale murmurs, so deep, so dark, I can only nod and whimper around the gun as it hits the back of my throat again. Then, instead of picking up the pace, he holds his hand against my chin, far more firmly, to remind me as he says, “That gun stays in until I cum. You don’t cum this round... sweetest pea... I’ll make sure you get pissed on, while you cum... because we can do whatever we want to you, kitten... anything at all. Under my hand you have my protection and my word, you will never serve another purpose again...” he picks up his pace as I hear the other beasts high five, laugh and make their way behind the bar to grab drinks in the now dim lighting. Dale pushes in close now, thrusting in deeply and fucking me with short thrusts but a deep penetration that has me slobbering over the gun, my eyes close in pleasure as I’m dwarfed by his fucking massive super soldier body that is constantly pounding me into the wall while I feel like a midget, my chin barely reaches his pecks and he easily looks down on me as he fucks me into oblivion.

I almost feel I’m about to cum uncontrollably... but Dale cums first, just in time, slamming me hard into the bar three times as he empties his load inside my womb.

“...yay!” Ace calls out from the other side of the bar, ”Fuck that whore, boss, well done. She’ll be a lovely right mess when I get between her legs... about time, too...” I faintly hear Ace as Dale pulls off me, releasing me until I almost fall to a disgraceful face plant. I barely steady myself, as I expected him to help me but he couldn’t care less.

While I take the gun out of my mouth and stand on wobbly legs, Dale simply looks me over with a simple neutral expression and he turns to join his mates around the other front end of the bar.

“...oh... lordy...” I whisper to myself as I turn around and think about how Serge already fucked me in my pussy, my mouth... now Dale had my pussy... and two of them were yet to have their turn and all of them together were yet to try me out as an ultimate sharing device for sex.

Oh, yes, how disgusting... except for the fact I was both aroused and eager for it... far more than I should be... what would my Brownie Squad think of me? Oh gosh... I can just imagine... they’d probably just give me tips on how to improve. This was my third round ever with cocks in orifices of my body... I knew what I knew... I guess.

I stumble around the bar, naked with Dale’s cum slowly dripping hot down my thigh as I see Serge and Ace sit on the stools as Jose brings out some multiple bottles to make different drinks.

“To the whore of the century,” Jose congratulates me, “...and to the pain she shall soon receive.”

“ are a poet... for sure,” I gasp as I find a stool and I’m only seated for a second before Dale slips up behind me again from fucking no where... although I think I just lost track of his movements briefly.

“No, no,” Dale speaks politely as he twists my hair through his hand and then jerks me off the stool, “No comfort for you, kitten... the bedroom is your cage... while we drink... and then we’ll come and follow through on round three.”

“What will you drink to... besides me?” I ask as I gasp and repetitively whisper ‘ow’ multiple times as Dale drags me from my beasts... who all wave to me with warm smiles as Dale reaches the Master bedroom and shoves me inside.

“What else? Ruling the world, sweety,” Dale stands back and I expect him to slam the door.

He doesn’t. He knows I won’t dare leave the room or try to test him now... and it just made his point stronger of their place... and my place.

So, once he turns around and walks off to the rest of STRIKE, I turn and see the twice fucked up sheets... fucked by me... fucked by my girls... and about to be fucked on again? I don’t think so. This shit was getting nasty. After considering my options, I stumble over and angrily grab the corner of the bed sheets with my deadly nails.

"Hey!" I hear a distant Ace as I pull the sheet just a little, and then I hear him stomping his way quickly over. I glare over my shoulder. He’s in the doorway, raising both brows in exasperation, “...we already discussed in the limo, doll... don’t worry, Casey was passed out at the time... but, we’re fucking you into the cum your girls left behind... so be a good whore and leave the sheets be. Please.”

“You’re always the angel,” I turn to him properly and smile as I straighten my back and clasp my hands behind my back, stretching as I think of something naughty, “...what happens when I test your patience?”

Ace opens his mouth and tries to look offended, but he can’t help but eventually smile... very confidently.

“Don’t try it, doll,” he shakes his head, “...otherwise you might get piss in your eye... and cum too... and my ballsack.”

I purse my lips as Ace warns me while walking back to finish off drinks.

I stand and listen into their latest cheers... and I try very hard not to roll my eyes.

“To the very real reality that I soon get to take a piss on the prettiest girl in the world,” Serge growls happily.

“To the Princess of the Shadows,” Jose adds and I silently thank him for the compliment amidst the degradation.

“To Queen and Princess,” Ace winks, sheepishly while Serge loses his smile and glares at him like he can’t stand that Ace thinks no one knows the name of his sniper... but clearly they’d all know even if they didn’t tell him.

“To our cute little kitten...” Dale murmurs last and they all clink glasses.

Before they down their liquor, they glance to the bedroom, where I have snuck up to lean on the doorframe with my eyebrow raised.

“To the most dangerous woman in the world,” I add, holding up my hand and curling my fingers and deadly sharp nails, inwards to my palm, “I metaphorically hold all your balls in my palm... you love me... admit it...” I drawl the words and hope they catch the bait.

They all pause and glance at each other, sharing confused looks, while Dale looks secretly smug by their dismissal of me. I watch with narrowed eyes, as, like the grotesque beasts they were, Serge raises his glass higher and snarls out, “To punishing the whore,” and they all repeat his words, clink their glasses together again and then they all down the liquid.

“Get ready for a taste of the dark side, kitten... it’s my turn,” I watch in surprise as Ace doesn’t drink straight away. He waits for them to finish and then he drinks and slams his glass down last. He stands up, cracking his shoulders and neck as he takes the first steps towards me, “You’ve only seen one side of me, doll... I believe... you asked to see the other?”

“A ‘taste’ of the dark side... really?” I ask, raising a brow.

“I was the first one to find BDSM, to let them know, about it’s beneficial purpose to our... needs...” Ace slows his approach to make his speech more dramatic. Right now, his back is fully straitened and I’m just noticing for the first time the strength of his stature... and I realise the strength he truly possessed to withstand so many of Serge’s strikes of lightening was because of his incredibly strong build, “Back in the day, doll, those three laid back here while I went out and hunted down some pussy to bring back and fuck, stretch and pound to their limits... and at the end of every round... since I was truly the first one to learn about the purpose of being a Dominant... a Master... of sex... of females... every female we fucked, begged me to kill them... because by the time it was my turn... they knew they couldn’t survive me again after I fucked them at the start,” Ace pauses in his dramatic approach, to think for a moment, “Ah, yeah, that is pretty fucked up, but true, Alyssa... because-”

“Did you hurt them?” I interrupt him, wanting to know the truth.

“No, we just fucked them,” Ace shakes his head, “But the point is, you will, eventually, bend. Our balls aren’t in your hand. If anywhere, they’re in your mouth.”

“Oooh, I’m soo scared,” I whisper, my eyes widening as Ace pauses and this time he actually does look offended and pissed off... like he has... let down a guard...

I figuratively do a flip in my head as my Ultimate mind works out something I never saw until now.

About Ace.

As this was the first time I can see a hint of darkness in his eyes.

No humour.

Not anymore.

Because the humour was just a disguise for what was underneath; the beast of Ace was something he hid for a reason.

I close my mouth as I wait for him to take that last step and intercept me, but he pauses one last time.

“Well, since you said that, doll...” Ace murmurs and I hear the other beasts stand and start to make their way over. One glance at Dale and he is in his happy element of crazy joy, just as Serge and Jose are in theirs... and Ace was showing me his, “...and you were so sarcastic too... you’re not scared at all, doll? ... but you should be.”

Well... fuck.

My pussy hadn’t been prepared for Dale’s sudden pussy destroying round.

Something told me I wasn’t prepared for Ace and his antics, either.

Not only that but the rest of them were behind him, closing in, blocking off all hope of escape.

“B-bring it on, ladies, b-boys...ah, men," I smile and try to sound confident, but I sound terrified as I stutter over my confused choice of words.

But, I quickly decide I didn’t deserve any self judgement, because I was generally doing well... so far.

Fucking the four most powerful men on the planet, super soldiers, at that, was hard work.

Not just physically... they were mentally exhausting too.

But, there was just something so hauntingly entrancing about their way...

...and not one part of me wanted to leave.

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