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Chapter 37: Lessons in Obedience [by Beasts] 3/3 [18+ ONLY]

WARNING: 18+ only, extreme sexual content, extreme sexual suggestions and very rough, domineering sex, so possible triggers.

STRIKE are right on my heels into the master bedroom, so I speed up my pace and I quickly decide my best course of action is to sit on the edge of the messed up bed and await the inevitable. As soon as I sit my naked ass down and my lethal nails clench into the sheets in anticipation, I watch as Ace winks at me and heads towards the wall of toys.

Serge can’t take his lust filled eyes off me as he starts to strip, as does Jose.

Dale is still shamelessly naked and he is the one to approach me now.

“It’s Ace’s turn to show me the dark side,” I remind Dale as respectfully as possible.

“Kitten...” Dale reaches a single finger under my chin and lifts it as he stands so close his legs touch my knees, “’re still being punished so open your ears... no more words are necessary,” now I just raise a brow and his light touch on my chin quickly becomes a hand forcing my mouth open, “Open, sweet pea... I need you to clean me off... and get me nice and hard... cause I’ll be fucking you in the ass again like the first time.”

My eyes widen but he’s already shuffled in and his already semi hard cock brushes against my soft lips. I roll my eyes and open my mouth further for him so I willingly clean off his long shaft.

“Lightening,” I hear Ace call out to Serge and something is passed over that makes Serge chuckle out loud, “...and the beautiful Jose, you too, heads up.”

“...she’s really getting fucked up tonight,” Jose murmurs and I finish sliding my tongue over Dale’s lengthy cock to then pull my head off and glance behind him.

Serge has a metal stick with ankle cuffs. Jose has handcuffs.

“She’ll be spread right open like a good whore,” Serge catches my gaze and growls while Dale smirks and takes a step back away from me, his cock already nice and hard.

“Pass it to me,” Dale holds out his hand and Serge shrugs and passes him the pole.

“What’s that for?” I ask, confused, “I can just spread my legs and keep them open willingly too, you know.”

“Alyssa,” Ace is the last to strip and he takes off his shirt as he adds, “No body asked you to open that mouth for words. We only need it for sucking and swallowing.”

“How about I just bend over and open myself to your invasion,” I can’t help myself, “...and just act like an immobile, stupid doll? One with no humour, resistance or fun,” I dramatically fall back on the bed and pretend to be a limp lifeless body, “Press. Clit. Make. Me. Happy. Grab. Breasts. Clench. My. Butt.”

I purse my lips as I try not to laugh and I look up without moving my cheek which is against the sheets, to see the four beasts circle around me at the end of the bed.

“Wow, she does learn fast,” Jose teases me and I snap my eyes to him, right before Dale reaches down, scoops up one ankle and quickly cuffs it into one side of the metal pole. Serge does my other ankle while Ace tilts his head while assessing me.

“Do you even know what’s happening, doll?” Ace asks.

“Fucking. Each. One. Have. Fun,” I put on the robot voice again and he smiles so evil as the others chuckle. Once both my ankles are locked in and spread, I sit up dramatically and cross my arms over my chest, “Oh, no, how will I ever escape?” I ask, “All I have to do, is slice one of my nails through that pole and - woah!” I gasp when Serge grabs the middle of the spreading poll and dramatically flips it up vertical. I have to spin with the movement as my leg is strained, “Ow - you - argh!” I land on my face with my hands clenched in the sheets and the smell of sex up my nose.

“You’re getting fucked by three of us,” Serge explains for me, instead of Ace and I feel him pull the poll backwards, “But first I want your ass, doll. Dale said it’s like being stuck in a vacuum on full throttle... but I think I can turn it up a notch.”

My legs slowly slide off the edge until my butt is raised and my feet hit the ground, my legs are now impossible to close.

I look over my shoulder as Serge grabs both my butt cheeks and spreads them while they all have a good look.

“I was created to kill,” Serge murmurs, “Lucky you were created to get fucked by beasts, doll... lucky you...” Serge looks up, a smirk on his face as he tickles the rim of my butthole with his finger before pressing it slowly inside, until it penetrates me all the way.

“Just fucking? I was made to rip your balls off, lightening,” I can’t help myself as I snarl back. I didn’t mind being used for sex when I was equivalently enjoying it as much as them. But I wasn’t just made for them. I was also a weapon. The next generation. Technically better than them.

“Feisty?” Serge growls mockingly and laughs as he nods to Jose, who happily climbs on top of the bed and grabs my elbows, forcing my arms behind my back, he then easily handcuffs the wrists together. I try to struggle for one second, but in the face of his super strength, it is literally like trying to resist a machine, “Funny that... because I was feeling a bit feisty too...” Serge moves in until I feel his hips backed up into my exposed ass. His cock slides against my pussy and spread thighs while his free hand moves around my hip and his finger brushes my clit... sending out one shock.

But it’s not static.

It’s soo intense, I literally scream on impulse embarrassingly, and I bite into the sheets.

I tremble and I hear footsteps, only to turn and see a naked Ace by my side.

One second I feel a cock slide off my pussy, I hear Serge spit on his hand and rub it against his cock... and then there is a cock head poking at my asshole, prodding... and forcefully sliding in. Serge groans while Ace kneels down and holds my gaze, his chin resting on his hands.

“What the - ah, ow, Serge,” I gasp as Serge pushes in further and my body responds in kind by opening up to him so it’s less painful, “A-Ace, what the fuck are you doing?” I ask him.

“The submission in your eyes,” Ace murmurs, “Is a real turn on, kitten.”

“Ha...” I jerk forward as Serge shoves into me all the way, pulls out and shoves back in as he starts to fuck me, “Ha.”

I purse my lips as Serge starts to pound me and while I look at Ace as I’m sliding across the sheets with Serge’s fast pace, Dale slides over and squats by Ace too, to also look into my eyes.

“Submission?” Dale asks Ace, while holding my gaze, “She’s just getting her ass stretched. She hasn’t truly submit. Not yet.”

“I’ve got her pussy,” Ace growls and Dale smirks.

“Ass,” Dale gets in his vote while I hear Jose swear.

“Fine,” Jose whispers, annoyed, “The throat it is then.”

“She’s a good whore,” Serge laughs as he slows his cock down and I feel him take long and deep strokes, slowly in and slowly back out, repetitively, “But a punished whore, is a better whore.”

“A soldier without a dick, is a better solider,” I hiss through my teeth as Serge sends a little shock over my clit again.

“My dick’s inside your ass, doll,” Serge reminds me, far too smugly, “Shut the fuck up and stop whining.”

“My legs are spread and my hands are cuffed,” I snarl out and he starts to pick up the pace, “I’m allowed to whine.”

“You can beg me not to piss on your face at the end of this,” Serge growls out, “... but that will probably just make me hard again and you’ll get fucked again.”

“She is whining too much,” Ace nods and agrees with Serge, “Make her suck your cock clean, lightening... maybe that will shut her up.”

“No,” I whisper, looking to Ace in a panic, “No. That’s so gross, his dick is in my...” I go quiet and bite my lip as Serge starts to fuck me really fast and deep, until he shoves in all the way and groans in his release.

“Speeding me up wasn’t a part of the deal,” Serge takes his cock out and I feel cum rush out of my spread ass. I close my eyes as I pray Serge doesn’t follow through with Ace’s suggestion.

“Please,” I whisper.

“Since you asked so politely,” Serge murmurs and grips my hips, lifting me easily back up onto the bed.

My knees are bent and my ass is up. I turn my cheek to the other side of the bed and I see Serge making his way around. I shake my head at him but he simply gets up on both knees himself onto the messy sheets.

“No, no, no,” I shake my head and I feel Dale’s hand slip through my hair, gripping it tightly. He rises to stand and pulls my head right up.

“It’s just tender, love and care, doll,” Serge holds out his dick to my mouth and Dale holds my head up painfully.

“Take it... and don’t bite,” Dale leans over and growls at me, guessing my exact thoughts, “Or I’ll get the clamps out, and you won’t like them, kitten, I assure you.”

“Ah...” I gasp out a breath as there is no where to go. I close my eyes in disgust as I take Serge’s cock into my mouth and taste his cum mixed with my ass. I almost gag but Dale keeps my head shoved forward.

“Suck it clean, doll,” Serge warns me not to do anything otherwise and I give into my submissive side and clean him up as best as I can. After the ten longest seconds of my life, he pulls out and climbs off the bed, “That’s why I love you, doll, always a trier.”

“Fuck. You,” I growl at Serge as Dale lets my hair slip and I face plant dramatically into the sheets. I turn my head, “And fuck you too,” I add as I glare at Dale as well as he simply waltzes to the end of the bed, shrugging through my insult.

“I will fuck you, kitten,” Dale murmurs and Ace smiles.

“I’m ready for the dark side, Ace,” I hiss at him and narrow my eyes, “Surely you can’t be worse than them.”

Ace raises a brow and I hear a new sound. A low vibrating buzz in the air. My eyes now widen as he slowly brings into view a small vibrator he was hiding from view.

“Do you know what happens when you cum while this is against your clit?” Ace asks me, “While all your holes are filled?”

“I explode into a million pieces?” I whisper and Ace pretends to look up and think like he needs to assess how much he wants to scare me. At the same time I feel two fingers behind me spread into my pussy, in and out, gathering my juices... Dale.

“’s going to feel great, in a positively and horribly forced way,” Ace meets my eyes again and quickly stands until I can’t see him because he is too bloody tall.

“W-wha...?” I gasp the question as the bed compresses and Ace lifts my handcuffs until it painfully stretches my arms back.

“Oh, doll,” Ace sighs and all I can see is his humungous thighs as he moves in front of me, “It’s going to be fun hurting you. Dale? Hair.”

“It’s always fun hurting her,” Dale agrees with a chuckle and I look back briefly to see him spread my pussy juice over his cock, so it’s ready for my ass. Just as I look forward to Ace’s thighs, I feel my ass pulled back suddenly and split open on Dale’s cock. There is no hesitation. And then, just as I’m comprehending that there is a second cock in my ass, his hand slips into my hair and pulls hard. My back arcs and I’m pulled up so Ace can slip under me.

I close my eyes in pain, but very quickly I feel Ace’s legs slip between my spread ones, over the pole... and then I’m pushed forward and down until my legs bend enough for my pussy to drop right onto Ace’s cock. Dale uses one hand to steady my ass and pushes it down while I’m still filled by him.

My pussy engulfs Ace’s cock while I rest on his hips and his hand sticks between us... pressing the intense vibrations of the small round device, against my clit.

I instantly start squirming but I can’t move far with both entrances shoved open with two massive cocks.

I feel tears fall out of my eyes as Ace simply holds a hooded, contented gaze, far too entranced by my pain and pleasure.

“It’s not over yet,” Ace warns me not to forget Jose, just as Jose quickly hops on the bed and he spreads his knees either side of Ace’s chest, where a third long hard cock sticks in front of me.

Dale pulls my head back roughly and then makes me position myself perfectly for Jose.

I open my mouth to breathe and his cock is shoved in nice and tight.

I close my eyes and I feel Dale’s hand grip the handcuffs, keeping my arms held up behind me.

I keep my eyes closed and then the fucking begins.

There is no warning and no time to prepare.

A cock slides in my ass, one slides into my pussy and Jose takes full advantage of my punishment by sliding his cock fully into my throat.

Three thrusts into the movements, I feel I might explode with the overload of pleasure and sensory exposure. Everything was full, everything was tight and everything hurt on some level.

But what was really worrying me was Ace’s vibrator. He has a hand between us, and he forcefully keeps rubbing the vibrator against my clit, over my clit and into my clit. If he holds it directly on, I want to scream.

He knows it and I know if I do, I’ll be gagging in an instant.

“Like an angel,” Jose’s soft words build me some confidence, but Ace just seems to take the opportunity to push the vibrator against my clit harder until my wave of pleasure can not be held back any longer, and it bursts forth.

I cum while three cocks are lodged inside of me and I start convulsing rapidly.

Dale has to steady one hip with a hand and Ace grabs my other hip with his free hand.

Jose’s hands stay safely away from my dangerous hair, while I’m rocked through my spasms and my beasts slow down.

And then they speed up again.

“Enjoying yourself, doll?” My eyes are closed but I hear Serge close by, watching on, clearly far too amused by my predicament, “Don’t forget you’re getting pissed on at the end of this...”

“I doubt she’ll forget this night,” Dale uses his free hand to smack my ass, nice and firm and marking me jerk uselessly, “Used like a little bitch... but... I think whore suits her better.”

“She’ll always be our little bitch and whore,” Serge laughs but believe me, he somehow, in his messed up way, growls it out with love.

It is the most odd sensation as my body is building for another wave of release in the face of my three way pounding.

Hearing the love and no hate, in Serge’s fucked up insult-compliment, somehow makes me more turned on.

No wonder people fell into abusive relationships. You’d never know you could be loved by an insult until you heard that precious tone in Serge’s possessively growled statement.

They’d kill for me.

They’d live for me.

They’d love me forever.

Because I was theres exclusively. I satisfied their dark needs and they satisfied mine. They loved me. As a whore. I loved me. As their whore.

The lovely thoughts can’t last forever as my second orgasm consumes me and Ace presses the vibrator against me, full force, while Jose thrusts deep in and keep his cock buried both nice and deep down my throat.

Ace and Dale bury inside me too as I rock again and eventually they start to fuck me further still.

So many tears roll down my face and I’m sure they drip onto Ace’s chest below.

“Fucking perfect,” Jose growls out the second compliment and with no warning, all three cum in me at once.

I feel the hot loads fill every hole and in a daze of pleasure, pain and an overload of hormones, I collapse onto Ace’s chest after swallowing Jose’s fill. Dale pulls out and Ace steadies my hips.

“...ah... ah...” I try to form a word but it’s impossible in this moment.

“No resting for you, kitten,” Dale scolds me and I feel myself dragged backwards off Ace by the spreader, “This is a punishment. Not a reward.”

I gasp as I’m pulled off the bed onto the ground. I fall to my knees, my legs spread beneath me.

I tremble as I straighten my back and Dale unlocks the hand cuffs.

I blink through my tears and I see the four men surround me.

“Cutie,” Ace sits on the edge of the bed opposite me and grabs my hand gently and carefully. He gives me the vibrator, “Hold this against you. You’re going to cum... and you’re getting pissed on.”

“Wait,” I bite my lip and look down, “Not on the carpet.”

“She has a good point,” Jose mutters behind me and Dale and Serge both roll their eyes.

“Let’s go,” Dale reaches down and whips me up. He throws me over his shoulder and we all walk towards the bathroom at the end, hidden in the corner through a red door.

I look up to the three beasts trailing behind me and they all seem content with their last job.

“Sick bastards,” I hiss at them, just to see who will rub it in more.

“Always, for you, doll,” Jose winks and Ace wriggles his eyebrows.

“So disgustingly in love,” Ace adds, “...for a very strong woman... with a stunning smile... did I ever tell you that?”

Wow. That was sweet.

“And you... Serge?” I ask him since he is avoiding passing me a compliment as Dale comes to a stop by the shower after we’ve entered an unsurprisingly massive bathroom.

Serge looks a little taken aback that I’ve asked him for a compliment and at the same time he looks a little uncomfortable.

“Argh...” Serge coughs in his throat and tries to look tough as he says, “You have a... a...” he pauses and slices his hand through the air a second later as he snaps, ”Forget it, doll.”

"Tell me, lightening,” I warn him this time and he closes his eyes and counts to three. Dale is simply waiting in curiosity for Serge’s answer.

“I like your... your soul, you’re the only woman who isn’t terrified of me... okay?” Serge surprises me and I even see a slight blush appear on his cheeks. I smile and he instantly scowls, “Fuck you.”

“Thank you, Sergy boy,” I tease him as Dale slides me down his front and opens the shower door, “” I ask Dale and he rolls his eyes again.

“Kitten...” Dale walks forward a step or two and places me on the tiles of the shower and down onto my knees, slowly, “... I like your ability to manipulate my men into paying you compliments. But you won’t guilt trip me for giving you a good time. So... just do as you’re told and start playing with yourself.”

“Hot water, boss?” Ace asks as he comes in too.

The shower was huge, big enough for ten people... so, that meant, just big enough for four super soldiers and their kitten.

“No,” Dale shakes his head, “Cold. Really cold.”

“Really, boss?” Jose asks in annoyance and Dale glares at him for speaking out of line.

“Shut the fuck up and remember why we’re here in the first place,” Dale scowls and Serge steps forward and holds his cock eagerly.

“Punishing the whore, ladies,” Serge adds in while glaring down at me.

Damn, he really was angry I made him pay me a compliment and he gave in for that split second to do so.

“Icy cold,” Ace happily turns on the water above and the beasts don’t even flinch as they’re hit with the onslaught.

I instantly tense up and Dale’s mouth curls up in a smile.

“Play with yourself, doll,” Dale asks of me again, politely enough for me to oblige.

“It might take longer since I’m soo cold,” I hiss and hold the vibrator to me.

“You’d be surprised,” Dale smiles and Jose happily drops to his knees.

“Allow me, Alyssa,” Jose passionately grabs my hips and pulls me over so he can lean down and suckle on my breasts.

This certainly does help and I close my eyes as his tongue and teeth work by right nipple first, before switching to my left while kissing me all over. He doesn’t do anything mean. It’s all gentle and sweet.

“Spoilt,” Serge growls and I snap open my eyes to bite my lip.

“Piss on me then,” I dare him to do it sooner and before I even have time to consider if he’ll respond, he does.

I gasp and close my eyes, while Jose get’s piss in his hair and he moves back, cursing loudly.

"What the fuck?" Jose jumps to his feet and shakes out the piss under the stream of cold water while Dale and Ace laugh. Serge’s piss hits my face now, I’m pretty sure it gets in my eye... and no doubt, it does warm me a little.

“Ew...” I whisper under my breath but glance up when he’s done to see Serge looking impatient.

Because I still haven’t cum yet.

"Fuck this,” Serge drops to his knees and I gasp when he grabs my hip, pulls me forward and his hand grabs the vibrator from my own hand, to throw it away. He presses three fingers against my sensitive flesh and lets out static, painless but extremely pleasurable shocks that feel incredible.

I gasp and he leans down and... and... he locks his lips with mine.

I open my mouth to Serge and he makes out with me in front of the others while his fingers quickly bring me to a torturously fast peak.

In less than ten seconds of his tongue exploring my mouth and his cruel lips crushing against my own, his fingers finish the job.

Just as I start to spasm for the thousandth time, he pulls away and I feel two warm streams hit me.

Ace and Dale.

I close my eyes and I hear Serge snarl next.

I feel piss on my tits and neck... but when I peak through my eyes, I see Jose pissing on Serge.

“Fuck you, lightening,” Jose continues to piss, aiming it down onto Serge’s dick while Serge stands and I watch electricity bounce back and forth from his finger tips.

“How about I fuck you?” Serge asks Jose, “...or... we can all... dance?” Serge slowly smiles as he steps away from us and his lightening dances towards the water at the bottom of the shower basin.

“No,” literally, Ace, Dale, Jose and I all say the word in unison and Serge just smiles wider.

“Yes,” Serge winks at me and then...


A lightening strike hits the water.

Myself included, all our spines stiffen, our wet hair stands on end and the tips of our finger nails look... blackened... my insides feel fucked up and fried.

My ears ring with the crack of thunder.

I’m guessing everyone else feels the same way as I do right now.

We all glance at Serge and he happily grabs the shower door, ready to exit, “What? You’re all going to heal, you were all born to survive a half body amputation. Don’t tempt me, ladies, I’m one more cock getting pissed on away from proving that.”

“We love you Serge,” I call out, my tongue hurting and my teeth feeling charged as I grind my teeth together, “Do you need a hug, Serge?”

“Uh, no? I’m fine,” Serge holds the door of the shower open to glare down at me. He already knows what I’m trying to do.

“I really think he needs a hug,” Ace adds, playing into my idea and leaning down to undo my ankles from the spreader.

I stand up first when I’m free and I stumble out of the door, right into a stunned Serge. He just freezes as I wrap my arms around his middle while my body quickly starts healing itself.

I hold onto him and Serge tries to pull away when Dale, Jose and Ace turn off the shower and stalk their way forward.

“Come here, you lonely brute,” Dale teases him by putting on an overly affectionate voice and I glance up to see Serge still, giving in for only a moment as Dale and Jose put an arm around Serge’s shoulders and Ace hugs me from behind, pressing right up until he is nose to nose with Serge.

“Poor lightening needs a cuddle,” Ace pouts while his eyes sparkle.

“Fuck you, Alyssa,” Serge growls under his breath and I hug him tighter.


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