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Chapter 38: Lies and Lamborghinis

I sleep that night on one of the couches in the Red Lounge after Jose covers me with a spare blanket and passes me a spare pillow for my hair to shred instead of the leather. My beasts, in unison, drink some more and pass out on the other couches too. It was funny to see them so content and relaxed for once.

Clearly, fucking me was a good way to release their stress and anger.

The next morning, however, all the beasts are gone. I retrieve my leotard and I soon find out from Casey in HB that STRIKE are out on morning patrols or whatever else it is they did, without me.

It stresses me out a bit, but only because I didn’t want to be thrust aside. I didn’t like the thought of them hiding something from me or honestly starting to think I was just a whore.

So, to distract myself, I round up the girls, Strawberry, Blue, Raven and Viola, along with Casey, who is having the day off from school and I take them down to the kitchen penthouse area with the surrounding greenhouse, in order to cook them all pancakes.

My girls are in borrowed clothes that Casey gave them from STRIKE’s supplies. So, my girls wear long t-shirts and boxer shorts while Viola wears Casey’s clothes and Casey wears his superhero PJs.

“Turn on the TV,” I ask Casey to do so as my Brownie Squad sit on the love seat, while Casey and Viola sit opposite on another couch.

Casey looks tired and so does Viola, who hasn’t said much.

“Sure thing,” Casey grabs the remote from the table, switches on the television and I see my squad’s eyes light up.

“Porn!” Strawberry grins and then quickly shuts her mouth when everyone looks at her funny, “Not... porn... sorry,” she smiles cheekily and Casey face-palms himself while Viola narrows her eyes.

She might not be able to hear, but she was probably deciding if she lip-read correctly or not.

“I’m glad I had the day off from school,” Casey speaks up, “I can teach these girls some... uh... normalness?”

“I thought you were a super genius, Casey,” I tease him for choosing a non-word as I pour some milk into the flour and then grab the eggs, “But I know what you’re saying, they need social... refinement. Just to, you know, understand how the real world works.”

“Are you saying we’re dumb?” Blue turns to look at me, quite offended.

“No, no,” I pause my recipe behind the counter as I try to explain myself better, “You all grew up in isolation, so there is plenty more for you to learn. Plenty more.”

“What do you think our purpose is?” Raven asks me, honestly and with no humour in her tone, “We know what the scientists told us, what the doctors told us... but was it all really one big lie? Or are there parts of us that are designed to truly be whores.”

“D-” I gasp in a breath and exhale it in frustration as I gaze to a very distraught Viola and a smirking Casey, “When there are kids around, don’t traumatise them with sexual terms they don’t understand, please, girls.”

“Oh, right,” Raven looks confused as my squad all pass each other funny looks.

Viola jumps up and walks over quickly towards me, seemingly sick of reading into the conversation. She looks a little uncomfortable but I can’t blame her.

“Why are you two soo tired?” I ask both Viola as she approaches but Casey stays on his couch and blushes.

“I was talking to her all night,” Casey says really quietly and shrugs, looking anywhere but at me.

“Just talking?” I ask Viola now and she nods vigorously. She waltzes around until she finds a stray pen and a pieces of paper from one of the many pieces of Old World furniture. She comes over and scribbles a note. When she shows me, it says, ‘Casey and I talked about what will happen to me here. He said girls die here’.

When I read the note my eyes widen.

“No, yes, no,” I shake my head, “Maybe in the past, but... no, just, no. STRIKE are, are - kind.”

Viola rolls her eyes and scribbles another note as she takes a stool opposite me.

‘I’m not saying they’re not. But maybe you haven’t seen all sides of them.’

I whisk the eggs, flour and milk together briskly while I try to think of a way to respond.

“They’re kind,” I snap, placing down the bowl, I ask her, “What are you really doing here? Who threw you off from that building? Remember, Dale saved your life.”

“I can hear you!” Casey calls out from his couch, “Don’t ask her such personal questions.”

“Hey, listen here,” I go red in the face as I pick up the bowl again and whisk even faster, “You little shit, you listen to me because I’m an Ultima and I have more life experience than you. I’m not being rude to Viola, I’m having a conversation.”

“Just don’t be so rude to her!” Casey snaps out at me and Viola smirks and writes another note for me to see.

‘He has the biggest crush on me. No idea why.’

I read her note and can’t help but smile and she blushes a bit too.

“I know and I’m sorry if I sounded abrupt, I’m... just curious about what happened and I’m happy to help you and be your friend,” I say this quietly so Casey won’t overhear and he just glares at me from the couch because he is protective of Viola.

“Look!” Blue calls out while pointing to the screen, “More taxis!”

“They’re cars and that’s a traffic jam,” Casey points to the screen, “Taxi’s are yellow. Jeez.”

“You talked about school,” Raven speaks next, to Casey, “...and they showed one on the screen before... what does... what do, um, what do you learn there?” Raven asks.

“Anything and everything, besides whatever the hell you three were taught,” Casey rolls his eyes while attaining the biggest attitude.

“Casey,” I snap, “Do you know what a hypocrite is? You’re being one right now. I won’t be rude to Viola... but you can’t be rude to my girls.”

“Whatever... mum,” Casey murmurs the last word to himself, as if testing it out, and I stop whisking the mixture to gaze at him.

“What did you say?” I ask him.

"Nothing!” Casey blushes a bright red and changes the channel to give himself a reason not to glance at me.

I turn to read Viola’s new note, ‘He likes you too.’

“I thought so,” I wink at her and she shrugs, glancing up at my ready mixture, she licks her lips. She jumps off the stool and rounds the bench to turn on the stove for me. My Brownie Squad are whispering to each other as they watch television and Casey is trying to correct them on details they don’t understand yet. Viola finds me a frying pan and she puts it on the flames and steps back while I empty some oil into the base, “Thanks, sweety.”

I watch as Viola stands back with a big grin and flits around the bench to sit on her stool again.

Casey looks annoyed she is straying from his side, and I try not to laugh as I pour some pancakes into the rapidly heating pan.

“It feels like we’re all one big family down here,” I laugh as I grab a flipping utensil and glance back at Viola as she scribbles another note. As the pancakes cook, she holds up the larger note and I read it with interest.

‘I was on the streets. Met the wrong man who said he was my father. He threw me from the building. I think I knew too much. He claims to be your father too. And I’m not joking... but... I think I might be your sister.’

“...sister?” I whisper, looking her over and seeing her nod. I turn back to my pancakes and flip them, all the while thinking of her announcement, “Really?” I turn back to her and she shrugs while writing another note.

‘Maybe. Could be a lie. Where’s STRIKE?’

“I don’t know,” I murmur, “Do you need a home... Viola? Would you feel safe living here with us? I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you.”

Viola hesitates and seems a little overwhelmed by my offer. I turn from her and grab plates from the cupboard to fill them with a fresh pancake each. Viola stands up to grab some cutlery and instantly takes the four plates over to the three girls and Casey on the couches. She hands out the plates while I cook more.

She returns to her stool after she’s handed out the breakfast.

“Ice cream!” Casey calls out, ”You forgot the ice cream, Alyssa!" I turn to glare at him and I point to the freezer.

“If you asked nicely I would have happily got some for you. Say please next time, now get it yourself,” I use a harsh tone and Casey sighs and stands up, angrily stomping his way over to the freezer.

Now, as I watch over my next batch, Viola scribbles a reply and my Brownie Squad all sigh in delight.

“Thank you, Ultima!” Strawberry cries out to me, so happy, eating her pancake like a taco. Raven rolls hers up and Blue folds it up and breaks it into four pieces. They all ignore the cutlery. Probably because they didn’t know how to use it.

“Casey, show them how to use a knife and fork, please,” I ask of him as he scoops out some ice cream and plops it on his pancake. Then he scoops out a much bigger scoop and plops it on a spare plate for Viola.

“For you,” Casey smiles and puts the ice cream back in the freezer while I wait for him to answer me, “Alright, alright, I’ll help them.”

“Thank you,” I nod to him as he runs back to the couches and Viola finally shows me her note.

‘Yes, please.’

“You’d like to stay?” I confirm and she nods, shyly, while pointing to the word ‘please,’ “Done, welcome to the... family of Misfits. We’re all super soldiers here...” I glance over to see Casey showing my girls how to use a knife and fork, “...although it might not look like it.”

Viola laughs and smiles while I flip out more pancakes and give her two and save two for me to snack on while I do another batch.

“More!” Raven calls out to me.

“Not long now,” I stand by while Viola sits opposite me, finally looking relaxed. I focus on her limp long hair and I wonder if it’s rude of me to ask if she’s really scared of showers.

However, I don’t get time to ask such a thing when the lift doors audibly slide open and Casey grins from ear to ear.

“Dad!” he calls out and I suddenly feel a rush of embarrassment and anxiety as I look down at myself holding a spatula.

I pray my beasts don’t make fun of me for being in the kitchen... because then I actually would rip their balls off.

The Brownie Squad all wave to STRIKE and Viola turns in her chair nervously as the beasts turn the corner from the lift and instantly spot me in the kitchen cooking pancakes.

“Where were you four this morning?” I ask, trying to sound casual.

“We walked into a car shop,” Ace speaks up and clasps his hands together as he waltzes over first.

“We asked politely,” Dale continues.

“Can we have the pink lamborghini?” Jose finishes while they all take seats on the stools and face me cooking as I turn and flip the pancakes and I try not to grin.

“Don’t you want to know what happens next?” I hear Serge and I spin to see him sitting next to Viola as Ace sits on her other side. She looks completely dwarfed and folds up her piece of paper to hide, but not before Dale reaches over and snatches it from her.


“What happens next?” I ask, while watching Jose at the end crack his knuckles and smile far too smugly.

“Nothing,” Serge shrugged, “He just gave us a set of keys and we were on our way.”


“Are they for us too, doll?” Jose asks me slyly as I turn and empty the four I just made onto a spare plate. I pretend to think hard about it.

“...My Brownie Squad wanted seconds first,” I say, “But... you did steal me a lamborghini... it’s for me and my squad, right? So, I guess you can have this round,” I spin to grab more plates and ice cream while I hear Ace talk to Viola.

“How are you feeling, sweety?” he asks her. I turn to see her biting her lip and nervously glancing at Dale.

“She’s one of us now,” I speak up for her, “Take it or leave it, but if you leave it, you’re leaving me. Dale...” I catch his attention and he glances up to me while handing the note back to Viola.

“It’s up to me, Alyssa, but yes... she can stay,” Dale shrugs and rests his chin on his hands as he looks me up and down, “Thanks for the pancakes, kitten.”

“At the base, we’re all human,” I remind them all as I place out the plates and fill them with pancakes and ice cream. Serge takes one, and so does Ace, while I hand over the other two to Dale and Jose.

In this moment, everything couldn’t feel more perfect.

But of course, that is when the bad news just happens to arrive.

“Um... dad!” Casey calls out and we all glance over as he turns up the volume “You might want to hear this.”

Instead of making another round of pancakes, I pause to hear the first line from the reporter on the TV, “Recently, a hundred dead and electrocuted, and now a famous function centre, splattered in a child’s blood... and hundreds of preciously few light bulbs, blown apart with a super charge of electricity...!”

I walk around the kitchen counter to glance at the TV while Blue blushes bright red.

“Woops?” Blue whispers while I stand by their couch and STRIKE simply listen in while they eat their pancakes and ice cream from the kitchen bench.

I watch a screen of a woman reporter with too many mutated fingers and a third eye, speaking into the camera.

“...this breaking news report from the ‘Prince’ of Avalon’s’ statement, suggests, action, must be taken,” the screen flips and an image of Rueben appears as he speaks, “LumenCorp in conjunction with DynaPrism promised me a safe outcome and a neutralising solution to the super soldier creations that they couldn’t control. I have been told they have a back up in their brains, called primary instincts. With the right sort of force, we can train the beasts to be primarily... well... without being too brash... sex robots. Slaves to their desire, to fulfil others. Their powers and need for violence, is fuelled by their primary instincts. Don’t be fooled. They’re not human. They’re not naturally born. They are creatures designed for an ultimate purpose. With the right training, they can be used as harmless pleasure beasts. This has been tested on female subjects that were of the same nature in DNA. What I propose is a revolt against the Gang of Shadows and STRIKE. We need FC citizens to rally against them. They are supported for their rebellion and their way of anarchy. I am therefore allowing the release of their biological makeup, online, to all who wish to see further evidence that STRIKE are notweapons. They are dangerous beasts simply full of lust and base emotions. An experiment gone rogue. They must be contained.”

“In contrast,” the news reporter then shows a message from Atlantis where Vana Alon had this to say.

“Reuben was speaking from the shock of last night’s events. STRIKE should be allowed to live aimlessly while the other citizens live in peace around them. No action needs to be taken, that is where the city of Avalon lies.”

The news reporter then flashes back on the screen, “Despite all this, Frankincense City has their unique answer, unified and strong in Calob’s voice. Calob is a leader of Neo-Aristocrats, where his people were murdered by, we assume, Serge and infiltrated by STRIKE.”

A man with a bald head and spectacles on a hawk like nose, now appears on the camera, live. He has four ears and gross, green coloured teeth, “With all due respect, we don’t assume it was Serge from STRIKE who electrocuted so many to death. We know it was him. No one else possesses such power. He not only murdered the government forces who were protecting our people, but our people as well,” I gasp at this, as this is a straight out lie, but then he continues, “I was not there but the reports are final, everyone was electrocuted. There were no bullet wounds, and many bodies were so charred they were black to the bone,” another lie, and I see STRIKE all stand from their stools to now face the television. Serge looks red in the face, completely consumed by a quick resounding rage, “I propose something simple. STRIKE should not be accepted to live in our city, threatening out safety. The only threat to this city is the Gang of Shadows. The apocalypse is a hundred years past. It is time for us to start living again. This world has had enough mayhem. We don’t want STRIKE in this city, unless they give us good reason to believe they can be controlled.”

“Thank you for your time,” The news reporter is back on the screen, where she pauses and adds, “More news... just now, please stay tuned.”

A man outside a car shop with frizzy hair and a bloodied nose cries to the camera, “...they came in, just minutes ago, they s-stole a lamborghini. Pink. Why would they steal the pink one?”

“Turn it off,” Serge growls at Casey, who picks up the remote and switches the channel.

“What does this mean for us?” I ask Dale who also looks majorly pissed off.

“Reuben spoke way out of line, considering what weapons I hold under my hand,” Dale growls, “Vana spoke out of fear for Reuben being so reckless, as she knows what threats we hold against them overtaking FC. Calob... clearly... has been fed lies for a reason. I think you can guess why, kitten.”

“They can’t control any of you,” I suggest, “So... the New Worlds... they’re trying to turn the whole city against us, aren’t they?”

“You’d be right,” Dale curls a finger at me, “We’re going to need more pancakes kitten... we’ve got a big day ahead of us... and a lot of statements to make.”

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