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Chapter 4: Kitten

I keep my distance now, after a couple of hours or so later, I’m simply making my way to different parts of the club, hoping to think of a genius way to get closer again. I was mind boggled with confusion. Multiple times I convince myself to sneak into the VIP area again. Half the time I believe Dale will come find me. I just had this feeling…

But no. I just – I couldn’t work out how to get close enough to steal his ring.

Okay, I admit. I knew exactly how. I just didn’t want to go there. If I wanted to get close enough I’d have to start showing interest. Which meant I had to flirt, sweet talk… I had to seduce him to keep me close to his side. But… that would mean potentially having to sleep with him.

I knew any means necessary was important for me to complete the mission. However, I had never considered the possibility of seducing someone; let alone the Lord of the Underworld. It only made sense as the night went on that Prof. Hedgy sent women for a reason. He mentioned Dale’s interest in BDSM, submissive women and that I was Dale’s type.

Even the documents from the Five Reds asked me to get physically close with the target.

At the end of the night, after wandering around aimlessly and slapping off drifting hands that kept trying to grab my ass, I start to give up. I try to manoeuver the densely packed club while I try to think… but I was simply too chicken to get close with Dale.

Being in his presence for a good two minutes was honestly the hardest one hundred and twenty seconds of my life.

It was probably his dominant nature; I could tell he loved to look down on those beneath him. I was definitely at the bottom of the food chain in his eyes.

My only occasional glances towards the VIP area show me a huge bunch of richly clad women and men, laughing and dancing, eating and gambling, flirting and clinging to one another. Numerous times, I had seen the most gorgeous women of my life, approach Dale.

Every time I felt… weird. It almost felt like my stomach would flip.

I would then witness him dismiss the women or even completely ignore their presence and it made me even more confused. But was I confused about him? My mission? Or myself? Because I wasn’t sure if the last few hours I had been considering my options, or if I had actually been replaying our interaction over and over again in my mind.

His voice, his mannerisms, his personality, his power, his haunting eyes.

He was top dog, untouchable. Please him, and have a world of treasures at your finger-tips. Piss him off, and who knows if you’d even survive the consequences.

Stop,” I snap at myself just as I find a tall stool next to a small high round table. I couldn’t keep wandering around like an idiot especially since I was banned from the VIP zone. I check my phone, of course it’s now 2am. I had been wasting all my precious time, thinking too much.

I was done. I was leaving. I would come back better prepared with another plan. I couldn’t continue whatever the fuck I was doing right now.

For the last damn time, I look up to the VIPs.

Dale is now surrounded by what must be his three favourite men. Mr. Tattoos, Ace and the crazy electrically charged dude. I can’t truly know this but my instincts told me I was most likely correct in my assumptions.

I glare at all of them, narrowing my eyes. They were standing near the VIP entrance, having a discussion. They were intimidating standing together, I see women skirt around the edges of their group, curious but too scared to interrupt them. Just as I’m about to look away – Ace looks up and randomly catches my eye. He raises a brow in recognition and automatically nudges Dale.

I quickly look towards my phone, trying to appear distracted.

I can’t help myself, though, I impulsively take one tiny glance up as I stand off my seat, shoving my phone into my bag.

Bold male eyes watch me. A tyrian purple pair are focused onto my body, while the body guards seem curious to spot the figure that has their boss’ attention.

I just shake my head to myself.

“Get out of here,” I whisper under my breath as I hug my clutch close.

For some reason, a sudden flood of nerves hit me, making me anxious to get out of here as soon as possible.

I don’t look towards the VIP area again.

The crowd eventually dissipates and I make it to the exit. I’m too scared to look back.

Once I’m outside, I spot two taxis on the curb and I let out a sigh of relief. Thank god –

Ah... so much for relief. I come to a staggered halt as both taxis are hailed down by one group, and a lone male who all jump off a wall and run to the transport vehicles.

Disheartened, within thirty seconds my only two hopes of escaping quickly are dashed as the taxis pull out and head off.

I walk quietly to the curb, trying to ignore lude comments from groups of drunken girls and boys yelling my way. They were still hanging around the outside of the club, probably chucked out for being too drunk. Thankfully, they don’t get too close as I stay on the side walk and look up and down for more taxis.

I can’t spot any for the moment. I guess I’d have to call one. Sighing in frustration, I rip open the zip on my clutch and accidentally snap the zip off its hinge.

Fucking fuck,” I hiss under my breath, tears welling up in my eyes out of sheer frustration at how this mission was slowly falling apart. I chuck the broken part of the zip on the asphalt.

This night had been a complete failure. I couldn’t get close enough to Dale. I was thrown out of the VIP section. I wandered aimlessly all night. I couldn’t catch a taxi. And now I had broken my favourite clutch.

However, there is a sudden hush from the loud drunken groups of boys and girls behind me.

The skin on my neck feels hyper aware of important figures roaming the area.


Don’t look. Don’t –

I glance over my shoulder and then quickly face the road again in a heartbeat.

Too impulsive.


I clearly wasn’t the only one who had it on their mind to leave at this time of the night. Dale was outside with his body guards. My small glance gave me the entire picture. They are standing at the doors just after exiting, two of them had been giving me casual glances. I do notice, however, that Ace was not with them.

I’m terrified Dale will notice and approach me. However, glancing to the side I see the black car from before pulling into the curved paved drive from the road, to pick up the VIP guests. I just thank my lucky stars they’ll be gone soon.

I stand stock still, looking at the other side of the road, pretending to be seriously interested in an overflowing rubbish bin with fluttering plastic bags and rats crawling around its base.

They’ll be gone soon. I tell myself this repetitively.

I hear men laughing.

They’ll be gone very soon.

Car doors open and shut, a car engine rumbles slowly.


I wait by the curb, letting out a trembling breath as I hear the roll of the rubber tyres getting closer and closer to my position. The front of the gangster car pokes out onto the road, in front of my vision now. However, it stops abruptly by my side.

I try to ignore it. I look up and down the road – where are the bloody taxis? The street is empty.

My mouth slowly down turns when I finally let my gaze rest on the black car suspiciously. It was not moving and the windows are tinted, reflecting back a tall figure approaching directly behind me.

My eyes widen just as there is an unescapable, warm hand resting on my hip.

I squeak and almost stumble backwards but the hand tightens and I don’t fall, I simply slide back into a warm, strong, chest. A spicy male scent and the smell of money encases me and it can only belong to one person.

I glance up, breathless, and try to jerk away when I see that it is, indeed, Dale.

“Oh my gosh –” I breathe out, but I can’t get away. His hand is not leaving my hip.

“Let’s go, kitten,” he is smirking and his laugh is so low it’s equivalent to a husky chuckle.

I watch with wide eyes as a black door opens up from the inside of the car and Dale manoeuvers me in towards the large, spacious seats.

I don’t have time to react. I simply slide in, he was too close behind me for me to willingly back up into his body again.

I end up sliding into a seat next to the third man I had assumed was the other body guard; with light blue to silver hair and a scar across his cheek.

“Don’t get too close,” Dale warns him as he also slides in next to me.

I’m stuck in the middle seat, in a complete state of shock and sudden fear.

I hadn’t even had a moment to consider maybe I should have screamed before sliding into a car full of villains and murderers.

My shoulders are hunched so I’m not touching either of them, my clutch is between my tightly squeezed together knees. I’m grabbing it close and I hear a few of the sequins on the pattern pop and fall off as my nails get too dug in.

“Oh, shit,” I whisper as a whole line of sequins scatter onto the car floor.

Ace is driving, Mr. Tattoos is in the front passenger seat, watching me unblinkingly from the rear view mirror. The light blue haired man just leans back and has an arm around the back of the middle head rest as he also watches me, unblinking with irritated eyes.

I quickly glance at Dale, after slamming the door shut, he leans back and blinks slowly at me. The corner of his mouth lifts in a tiny smile like he can’t quite believe how easy it was to guide me into this car.

“Where do you live, kitten?” Dale asks me, “You need a ride home… don’t worry, I’ll get you there.”

“Um…” I consider whether or not I should answer, but I honestly felt like I had no choice, “…government block…26,” I mutter.

“Get us going, Ace, GB 26,” Dale relaxes back into his seat, suddenly ignoring me, “Jose, what’s the deal on Gage not getting back to you, huh?”

I glare at my clutch, confused as all hell as to what was happening right now.

“Oh, he did get back to me,” Jose is the man with the tattoos and his voice is so quiet and deep you can just make out his words as he speaks, “He complained that Serge was running late, thought the only threat was electrical currents. So I proved to him I can see his spine through his neck. I broke his larynx before I asked where the address was… funny how things work out.”

The scared faced man beside me growls; he must be Serge.

Idiot,” Serge snarls under his breath, pissed off about Jose’s apparent lack of discipline to his job.

“Hmmm,” Dale hums, impatient, “Don’t fuck up next time. You’ll have another shot again next week.”

“You know you should have sent me. Perhaps you should let me do the jobs with all the talking from now on… how about it?” Ace eyes off Dale from the front seat with a smirk as he stops at a red light.

“Your face is too kind for people to believe you’ll go nuts,” Serge kicks the back of Ace’s driving seat, “Anyone would believe you’d rather hug them then crack their head open.”

Wow – okay. Did they just forget I was here? Because they were about to remember if my body decided that panicking was a good idea and I… I don’t know… started hyperventilating?

I was pretty sure I was close to it.

“The military didn’t teach me discipline and respect to get myself killed in action. How many head-shots can you count to your name?” Ace riles up Serge, who clearly doesn’t have any patience for anyone or anything, “I’m great at discussions too, I’ve always been into manipulating the fuck out of someone…”

As Ace pleads his case, I can feel Dale’s eyes on me. He spreads his knees a bit further out, as guys do to get comfortable and I physically jerk away from him. My leg hits Serge’s and I straighten myself back to the middle.

Serge catches me glancing nervously at his scarred face. I gasp as I see a bolt of electricity sparkle through his fingertips, one to the other, making me sit quickly back into my seat.

“What you lookin’ at, doll?” he snarls.

“Don’t start,” Dale snarls back at him, “This kitten is under my hand, got it?”

If I could feel anymore tension in my body, especially my back, I’m pretty sure my muscles would start to cramp.

The drive doesn’t last too much longer, it is only filled with their aggressive chit-chats that have no meaning to me. Mostly because I’m sitting here terrified for my life and can’t concentrate too much on their discussions.

When Ace pulls up outside my apartment block, I’m too shocked to believe they actually drove me home and didn’t take me to some deserted location to get rid of me. What sort of situation was this? What did Dale want with me, of all people?

I nervously glance at Dale because I know he can sense my questions are driving me crazy and I can feel his amused gaze on my squirming form.

“Safety comes at a price, remember what I said?” he speaks quietly, reaching into his suit pocket, he takes out a card. He reaches over and grabs my wrist with one hand, opening my fingers with his strong touch.

He then places his card firmly into the palm of my hand. The golden ring, for a moment, touches my skin also.

“What is this?” I ask, just as the three other body guards go quiet and listen into our conversation.

“Get out of the car, kitten,” Dale ignores me and orders me instead. Reaching for the door he opens it and slides out, waiting for me to follow.

I step out after him onto the sidewalk and he shuts the door for me while reaching over and grabbing my wrist. He holds it up between us, the card still between my fingers. This way I’m forced to face him and I can’t run just yet.

“You scared, kitten?” he asks, curiously.

“Confused,” I gulp, finding it hard to look into his eyes for too long. I end up staring at his suit instead. I was getting upset that my only term was Kitten.

“Tell me your name,” he doesn’t ask, he demands it.

I pause and I glance up to see him quickly becoming impatient. He doesn’t like being ignored or delayed.

I lick my lips, my morals said no but… for some reason I wanted to answer.

“My name is Alyssa,” I mutter, keeping my eyes down cast, lest he decides disposing of me right now is better than dealing with me.

“Alyssa…” Dale rolls my name on his tongue, intrigued by it. I let out a shaky breath and he continues with an amused growl, “Make sure you call me, kitten. Don’t make me come looking for you.”

My heart jumps at his words. So, his card had his number on it, apparently. I glance up, glaring at him in frustration.

“But what do you want from me? You don’t even know me!” he loosens his grip on my wrist and I manage to jerk it back down to my side. My quick movement causes one of my chain straps to fall down my shoulder.

I shrug my arm into my side to stop it falling further. After my sudden outburst, I’m too scared to raise my hand up to fix it. I just yelled at the boss of every Misfit in this city, the one guy no one messed with.

Embarrassingly, Dale can also see that I’m suddenly terrified that I spoke out of line.

“It’s not my fault you’ve put yourself in this position,” he chuckles, stepping forward into me, he reaches out a hand to slip a finger under the chain, he tugs it back up for me, “You shouldn’t have made your way into my lounge, Alyssa. You were looking for attention.”

“I wasn’t.”

“Too bad.”

“Too bad?” now I growl, glaring at him one more time.

“It was the biggest mistake of your life, sweet pea, because now you’ve got my attention,” he explains, blinking slowly while his eyes run over my body and dress lazily, “You’ll do alright… don’t be so scared. I teach all my sweet-things very well. You’ll learn quickly.”

I’m gaping.

Excuse me?

Did he just say ‘sweet-things’? As in plural? Multiple? How many women did he go around talking to like this?

Dale leaves me with this new knowledge. I’m breathless but also utterly furious and he knows it.

He turns to his car and hops back in, not even bothering to look back at me. He doesn’t care. Once the door is slammed shut, the black car takes off down the road and leaves me on the sidewalk.

So much about this situation right now made me want to scream.

But… I couldn’t ignore the greatest thing of all.

I had just confronted Dale, Ace, Jose and Serge; the worst villains of Frankincense City.

I had travelled in a car with them.

And I was still alive. So it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Not just yet.

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