The Diamond Spy ➺ [FC Series Bk.1]

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Chapter 41: Tears of Beasts

Any moment I expect to hear gun shots, yelling, screaming or explosions of thunderous lightening. However, I am shocked to hear nothing but silence. For a moment I believe perhaps STRIKE are holding back on the assassination of the Presidents of the New Worlds; Sir Greg of Avalon and Miss Grace of Atlantis.

It was a simple venture and an easy mission for the super soldiers to complete. It certainly wouldn’t be something difficult for STRIKE to accomplish with the two important figures in such a vulnerable position today. The New World Congregation was clearly an easy target especially after Lumen made the event known to us, by passing on the information through Coal’s phone call.

And then, as I’m bound and helpless in the storage room... my Ultimate mindset clutches onto that one outstanding factor; Lumen!

Before he invited Dale and I to the Freeman Complex for the Government Gathering and also the New World Congregation today, two weeks prior... he had wanted one thing; Casey.

Lumen then changed his mind, and offered those invitations... but it wasn’t until now that I realised there must have been a greater motivation behind such offers. He had changed his mind too quickly, far too quickly.

Clearly, the men and women out there not only expected STRIKE to come today, but Lumen desired his creations to be present among them all.

Just as I think the silence will become everlasting, the break is interrupted by a loud shrill laugh. Muffled voices then sound from the white lounge next door. I can’t hear exactly what is being said, but it doesn’t sound to be in the favour of the beasts out there.

Not that I wanted them to succeed in their assassination attempts.

But, I didn’t want them to suffer through some sick plan concocted by the master mind that created them.

And I knew they’d be suffering already just by witnessing those formaldehyde pumped bodies, stuck up on display.

My sore muscles and fried nerves, eventually repair themselves after the massively damaging shock generously handed out by Serge; the cruel bastard. However, luckily I could regenerate to full health quickly, maybe not as fast or as impressively as Casey with a bullet straight through his brain, but I was still quick enough to regain physical function after a few minutes.

I instantly jump up to my feet while my arms are still stuck to my sides painfully by the belt. My lethally sharp nails and hair are out of the reach of the belt wrapped around my elbows and middle. I try to loosen the vice by wriggling around but it doesn’t help, it only seems to get tighter. I try walking towards and reaching for the storage door controls but it’s locked and won’t slide up for me to exit even as I stand before it.

I curse under my breath, until the muffled happy voices in the congregation outside are abruptly shocked into another silence.

The one light above me shatters and explodes, sending my storage area into a pitch black darkness. I look for some light from the corridor outside just beneath the door that had a gap that was just a tiny slither. However, I see nothing but the sun filtering in from the hall and the lounge connected to it through two open archways.

In other words, all the synthetic lights were blown and every slight hum and buzz in the air of electricity is no longer existent.

It’s like the energy from the place has been sucked dry.

I believe it was Serge, but, regardless, I was still stuck, even amidst the now electricity-free building and the still silent congregation.

Which meant I was still useless right in this moment.


I spin so fast and I nearly scream, but I’m lucky I bite my tongue and don’t make a sound.

I see a sparkle of light dancing between Blue’s fingers and up her arm, creating some light for us. I stand, shocked and gaping as Strawberry slides up behind me to undo my restraint. Raven has an arm around Blue’s shoulders and grins at me, while Blue winks as I remain gaping.

“Impossible,” I whisper, “How did you -?”

“I’m not allowed to tell you,” Blue whispers back, her eyes shining bright with hidden knowledge, “I can teleport, myself and others... when we physically connect.”

“You knocked us out, boss!” Raven adds, her smile quickly changing to a briefly confused and downturned mouth and narrowed eyes, “ didn’t want us to get hurt... am I right?”

I bite my lip and nod - I had to be truthful with them.

“But we’re here to help you, it’s our job and you can’t get rid of us,” Strawberry slides her hands on my waist and turns me to the door that is quickly struck by Blue’s electricity.

The door slips up and opens soundlessly as I am escorted out by my Brownie Squad before I can protest.

I see Strawberry is wearing blue jeans and she is also wearing a matching jean jacket, looking like the typical urban city bum with green nail polish on her fingers and unbrushed hair. Raven was wearing a nice black dress with black boots and Blue was wearing blue PJs... typical. They looked so out of place, but cute and comfortable.

They had all been making funny clothing choices for the last fourteen days as they tried to find out more of their unique identities.

Now, I quickly fix my leotard DNA suit and raise my chin as I find my Ultimate mind leading my bodily functions.

Step by step we walk down the hall, turn into an open arch and stop momentarily to come face to face with the inevitable brawl, soon to happen, before us.

Vana and Reuben are still by the bar, a drink in each hand as they watch on tensely.

The New World V.I.P.s and Lumen, Freesia and Porky... are all seated on the white leather couches.

Before them, are four beasts, kneeling and as still as can be, almost as if they are frozen in time.

My gaze runs over the open balcony archways leading to the white concrete balcony overlooking a magnificent sun set and tall metallic sky scrapers in the far distance. Then my gaze runs over the murmuring New World Congregation as I step into the middle of the room and slowly make my presence known behind STRIKE, to face the main leaders that have been discussing their future plans.

As I edge forward, I am able to see STRIKE are all open eyed and unmoving, tears leaking from their gazes as they are seemingly entranced by the dead pinned up bodies of their mothers on the wall at the end of the room by the couches.

“...and who are these unexpected arrivals?” The woman with a shrill laugh, pink hair and almost fluorescent white teeth, asks Lumen.

Lumen is intently watching us, with a calm and neutral expression. Smart; he wasn’t giving away anything.

I couldn’t tell if he was shocked or not. Scared or calm. Reassured or surprised.

“I’m here for two reasons,” I speak up as my squad of girls stand either side of me. Raven has her eyes trained on Reuben and Vana in an unblinking warning, so that they won’t make any unexpected moves. Strawberry stands to my right and Blue stands to my left while she crosses her arms over her chest to stop any tremble at the sight of Lumen.

It was clear to me, all of his creations were terrified of him; but I was not.

My now dead parents had managed to save me from a torturous upbringing by saving me as a baby.

“What are your reasons...?” my eyes are pulled towards Freesia, the politician from FC who wears a black suit and has perfectly straight blonde hair all the way down to her waist. I can already smell her unique perfumed smell, wafting to fill my senses, “You look familiar... Alyssa... the friend and/or just side-whore for the members of STRIKE?”

“That’s me, well... not the description,” I put up my hand to take back that first part as I add, “I mean, I am Alyssa, however I am neither these beasts’ friends or foes... neither am I their whore. But I do have a purpose. I had come here to save Sir Greg and Miss Grace, the Presidents of Avalon and Atlantis, from STRIKE’s assassination attempt... but I am also here to escort them... back to Frankincense City, where -”

“Come, now, Alyssa,” Lumen interrupts me and puts up his hand as he motions over the girls who stand with me, “Don’t ignore the elephant in the room. 2, 3 and 4 and now you, 1; all together in the same room. What a sight to behold!”

“These are the others you spoke to us of?” a man with spikey black hair straightens up and fixes his tie, “T-the um, the super sex-dolls? Reuben paid a hefty price for No.1...Alyssa?... the others... are they up for market yet or are they not for sale? You said they were still in training.”

“Oh, they still are, that isn’t a question, but a fact,” Lumen shrugs and nods to Freesia, “But I will sell them more quickly for twelve million each if you wish to buy them early. The blonde is well versed in every sex act to absolute perfection. The black haired one has the best hands... the blue one, she’s very sweet - ”

"Enough,” I take a step forward and I turn in front of STRIKE, who all still remain kneeling. I try and hope to catch my beasts’ gazes. I also try looking down into their eyes one by one but they aren’t mentally here. Each one looks as if they are in a trance, “Did you drug these men?”

“They’re not men, they’re animals,” I spin back around to the sound of a husky voice from an old man wearing round spectacles, “...and from Lumen’s word, so are you. Just because you speak well, does not rid you of your design and your purpose. Meer whores. Which begs the question and I must ask it as the President of Avalon, why are they here, Lumen?”

“Sir Greg, I did not expect their presence,” Lumen shrugs, “They are harmless, no one should worry.”

“I am far from harmless, old man,” Strawberry warns Lumen with a cold icy glare and a voice that drips with venom. Blue still looks shocked but watches me for instructions.

“Just say the word, boss,” Blue nods to me and electricity bounces over her fingers.

I hear the New World leaders gasp and they all sit back in their seats.

“You said the powers were dormant,” Reuben snarls out to Lumen from the bar, grabbing Vana to him protectively, “You’re a liar!”

“He is a liar,” I agree with Reuben, as much as I hated him.

I trusted Lumen even less.

“Come, now,” Lumen laughs and waves a hand dismissively at Blue, “She is not aware of her devices. That is merely a nervous habit she acquired as a child through her education to be useful in the bedroom and useless in every other factor of life. There is nothing to fear.”

“You make me sick,” I spin to glare at Lumen and then at the other New World V.I.Ps who all cower as I walk forward and stalk around their coffee table full of liquor. I look each one in the eye until I stop by Freesia. She is sitting, trembling while I fixate my glare upon her. She was the one controlling STRIKE, “Nice to meet you, Freesia,” I hold out my hand for her to shake.

She takes the bait.

She raises her hand nervously and I clutch that hand of hers tightly, my nails instantly piercing her wrist until a generous flow of blood seeps out of her skin along with her scream of pain.

“Release me!” Freesia begs as the New World V.I.P.S all jump to their feet and back away from the couches to create distance from the rogue ‘super sex-doll’. Even Porky, from FC, runs back to safety with the others.

“Release you? Oh no, you’ll release STRIKE from the perfume you’re using to control them, when I say so... also, how exactly does it work, Freesia?” I ask her, clearly and slowly.

“W-well, it works through emotional... uh...” she gasps in a breath as I dig in a nail a bit deeper and she blurts out, ”Extreme emotional compromise means they are completely under the influence of compulsion from my words after my fragrance consumed their sense of smell.”

“Fantastic,” I nod my thanks and release her, only to look to Strawberry, Raven and Blue, “Nobody move or say anything. I want you all to hear me out, without interruption.”

“Why should we listen to a whore?” Reuben asks from the bar cruelly, to the point even Vana looks disgusted by his snarled question. She pulls away from him to sit on her stool, fixing her curt blue bob while waiting for my reply with intense interest.

“Because with one word I’ll tell my ‘useless’ fellow super sex-dolls to cover the super soldier’s eyes... and when they come back to their senses... you know you’re all dead... thanks to Lumen... the last man on this Earth you should trust,” I turn around to gaze at everyone and I see Lumen is the only one still remaining on his seat, unfazed by my ranting but seemingly impressed by my persuasive speech. Everyone shuts up and gives me the floor to speak what I want to say, “I’m here because Lumen invited me,” I explain, “I’m here because I was and may still stop the assassination attempts today. I am here to create a reason for you to trust someone of power from Frankincense City. I know you hate mutants, I know you fear that your unaltered genes may one day be altered by the SPANKY dust missiles these soldiers hold against you, with an 85% fatality rate. However, we can have continued peace and form stronger alliances. There. Is. No. Need. For war. We can be friends, even with a mutual connection. You leave us alone, we leave you alone-.”

“A superbly ignorant speech,” Lumen interrupts again and I turn to him with the blood of Freesia’s wrists still covering my hand.

“Am I missing something?” I ask him, feigning politeness.

“You’re missing the most important facts of all, dearest! We already have alliances. We are already friends. The only true fear they have, is of STRIKE. The four beasts just over there, entranced by their surrogate mother’s eyes. Reckless, ruthless and incontrollable... until now, once I showed the members of the New World how the weapons of war are easily subdued. Everyone has weaknesses. This New World Congregation was going very well until you showed up with your fellow sex-bots to... what was it again? Save the guests of this congregation from assassinations? I am their protection, I know STRIKE. No deals need to be made here... and so, I wonder, how is life in FC on the run, dearest?”

“I’m not on the run, Lumen,” I snap and glare him down while trying to work out how his mind worked and where he was going with this.

“Well, newsflash, darling, you’re being hunted! DynaPrism wants the sex-bots back... and that includes you... so I can recondition you for a life in the art of pleasure... to the highest bidder, of course,” with Lumen’s words, my eyes instantly flash to Dale, who is still, like the others, staring into the eyes of the figures on the wall, imagining and seeing god knows what in the mental entrapment, “Ah... yes... I see,” Lumen speaks quietly now and everyone is intensely interested to see what he has to analyse next, “You’re in love... Alyssa... I see it in your eyes... you never had that beaten out of you... so you fell... you fell in love. It’s a dangerous emotion and quite useless. It’s a shame you were never refined and enhanced with the lessons I could have provided you with. And now, dear, I see you’re angry. Mmm... wake up the beasts, have them slaughter us all, or perhaps save the New World leaders, when I have already saved them? You have no real voice here. The points you were making... are all moot. But, you clearly want to do some good... the passion is in your eyes. So... what shall you do now, Alyssa?”

I couldn’t reason my way through a negotiation without all the facts.

But, I could work out what Lumen’s real motives were.

And one thing was for sure, I couldn’t let STRIKE assassinate anyone, especially if they happened to fall out of Freesia’s trance and come back to consciousness sooner than expected.

I had to get them back to Frankincense City; a place they could do minimal harm to world politics.

“Simple, Lumen, I already have an answer,” I smirk and then turn to my girls, “Cover there eyes when I say,” I snap to my squad without blinking or thinking twice. I turn to Strawberry, Blue and Raven, who move to stand behind Jose, Ace and Serge. I walk around slowly and position myself behind Dale, “Alright girls. In 5... 4... 3... 2...”

“Wait,” Lumen puts up his hand, in a panic.

“1!” I raise my hands and my girls follow suit in exact synchronisation.

We cover the beasts’ eyes until they twitch forward, their foreheads hitting our hands as they jerk back to the here and now about ten seconds after their gazes are completely covered.

Without time to lose, as Dale, Ace, Serge and Jose all jolt up, to stand in confusion as they look around and focus their gazes on the congregation... and the mothers on the wall... I quickly grab Dale’s arm and I nod to the rest of my girls.

“What now?” Blue whispers to me in fright, “Alyssa!”

“Take us out of here,” I order, loud and clear.

“Wait, all of us? Are you sure?” Blue asks and I nod, “Where to?”

“Back home,” I wink at Blue, hoping she knows I mean the bunker.

“Home,” she whispers. Then, my squad all follow my instructions on instinct and without hesitation once again.

“What in the-?” Ace growls out the unfinished question, just as Dale turns to glare at me and Jose and Serge share confused and infuriated glances with one another.

“Now!” I call to Blue and we all grab hold of the beasts’s arms and then each other.

In a flash of sucking electricity, splitting apart, pulling away and finally sticking back together...

...Blue takes us all home.

Using the coolest ability ever.

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