The Diamond Spy ➺ [FC Series Bk.1]

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Chapter 43: Define Mercy

I cross my legs and meditate as I have nothing else to do after Blue is eventually let go from the chamber next to me a mere hour down the track, while I am left in my own cell. They must have found a good reason to provide her with some freedom. Her chamber door lifted automatically after she was asked through the speakers to make her way down to GH. When she exited she had blown me a kiss and an empathetic smile after the lights had again been switched on.

I, however, am left for what feels like continuous hours while my urge to pee gets worse and worse.

My Ultimate brain can’t help but think like Dale in this situation. I bet he’d consider it a great joke if I peed myself like an animal in my ‘enclosure’... after he now knew from Blue’s admission, that I thought they were all animals, and had called them so, for the last week behind their backs. 101 times.

I guess that was a mistake I would live to regret for awhile. I grudgingly admit, in their shoes, it would be pretty damn frustrating to be called an animal... by the one that was made for you... when everyone else treated you like freaks already.

It had my mind going in circles with questions I kept dwelling on, over and over. I had doubted STRIKE, but why had I?

Was it because of Hacksaw, the ghost legend of FC, when he had whispered in my ear at the Freeman Complex, stating that they were animals and I needed to separate myself from them?

Or was it my own decision even after everything I had been through with STRIKE so far?

...I guess... it was because... I had never met anyone like them. No one, no crush from high school, no jock or nerd or even a Five Reds member, could compare to the intelligence and strength behind each individual super soldier. And all together? STRIKE were impossible to beat and intimidating to the highest degree.

That sort of power was frightening, not just personally but politically. They had the potential to do so much damage... but I hadn’t thought about how they had the potential to do so much good. Despite all their military training, the experimentation and brain washing they must have been forced through... they still had minds of their own.

My heart had started to become attached to them; beings such as them... I mean... my god... I had convinced myself that was a dangerous situation, too dangerous.

But still, they had emotions and feelings too because they had hearts as well. Serge expressed his ability to feel through the anger that blazed from his eyes, Ace expressed it through his humour while Jose showed his heart by being unexpectedly humble despite his X-ray vision and love for breaking bones for the team. Dale... he was the best at hiding his heart, but it was clear to me that he showed a slither of his true feelings in moments of complete trust.

Perhaps that is why he liked BDSM, I knew trust was an important factor for those types of relationships even though I had not been educated in the meaning behind the lifestyle. I guess with first assumptions, trust was the basis for such an intense bond.

Not that I should assume anything, as that seemed to land me in deep trouble.

I fidget with my legs and try to get comfortable as the urge to pee overtakes me again.

Damn those beasts.

Of course... I couldn’t complain, I fucked up real bad.

But still!

“Argh!” I call out even though I’m sure no one can hear me, ”I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry! Please let me out of here, I feel like an idiot. Please... I’ll do anything...” I murmur this last part quietly, knowing it was a dangerous thing to offer with men like them.

I had tried to stay positive for hours by thinking statements like; I’m glad my Brownie Squad gets to be treated to some brownies. I’m glad they have a chance to catch up with Viola and help her out with her first period. I’m glad STRIKE weren’t as evil as I first convinced myself they were. I was glad Dale didn’t tell Casey I ran, and that Casey missed me.

But through all this positive re-enforcement, the only thing I wanted right now was a damn toilet!

My eyes focus on the vertical acronym opposite my chamber.

I had started to think of words to distract from the urge to pee in my DNA leotard... I could pull it aside, pee and wipe it up with my socks... I had already thought about that option multiple times; that’s how bad the pain had become.

I try to distract myself again.


Words, words, words.

Saucey Panda Nipple Kite Yen

Sea Piss Naughty Kinky Yikes

Sponge Petal Anal Nasty Kettle Yawn

...and the original expansion... Special Purpose Alterator of Naturalisation by the Knowledge of Yesteryear.

Genius or stupid, I didn’t know. Maybe it was just created by a nerd with a kinky side, perhaps.

I’m so focused on my ridiculous thoughts in the silence, that I get a shock when the glass door starts sliding up out of no where. Again, it’s a slow progress but I instantly jump to my slippery socked feet, my eyes searching down the corridor to see one lone figure.

I had hoped someone like Casey or Viola or my squad would come to release me.

However... it’s the worst man you could hope for if you were looking for mercy.

It’s Serge.

I frown a little as he turns from the control panel by the lift, his common scowl not in place... but replaced by a smirk.

That couldn’t be a good thing.

I wait patiently for Serge to close the distance while I try to appear unfazed by the fact I’m being escorted out by him.

I watch the giant, blue haired, muscled beast approach, almost forgetting about his ridiculous height and even the prominent scar on his face... as Serge now slows and stands opposite the slow rising glass. His eyes are half hooded as he glares at me when I’m simply trying to catch his gaze.

Being away from all of STRIKE for two weeks... then being thrust into their midst again... suddenly makes me nervous.

However, he doesn’t say anything and neither do I, at least while the glass slowly rises.

All we have is intense silence while the glass finally fully ascends and leaves my opening clear for a grand exit.

“Thanks for letting me out,” I speak through gritted teeth and take a step to the left, only to have Serge also mimic me, while putting out his arm to block my escape.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Serge growls, “Wait there, doll.”


“Step back in or you’re getting a free complimentary charge for all your nerves... doll,” Serge doesn’t have to put on an intimidating tone, his threat is enough. I step back and cross my arms over my chest while I bite my bottom lip, waiting for him to tell me why he is here. Serge’s eyes run over me from tip to toe, very slowly assessing me. You’d be surprised that it is more than just sexual as he was trying to work out what I wanted. Eventually his smirk grows wider as I shuffle from foot to foot uncontrollably and bend over a little to ease the pain of discomfort in my very full bladder, “Sore tummy?” Serge questions, clearly excited for my answer.

"You know what’s wrong -” I start off in a quick hiss of frustration but Serge points to the ground and a thin bolt of electricity sparks the floor by my foot. Close enough to make my skin tingle.

“Doll, don’t be a dumb whore now. Bitches piss on the floor,” Serge is naturally harsh as well as menacing, “Last time I checked, Alyssa, you were a real fucking bitch for fucking off after you made some assumptions... unless that’s changed while you’ve had time to think about how you assessed the situation at The Square two weeks ago?”

“Serge,” I beg, still hoping from foot to foot, “I’m sorry, I really am, I don’t know what else to say,” it was hard to think with the pain in my gut, ”Please.”

“Doll, don’t be shy, just tell me what’s wrong and I’ll try my best to accomodate you,” Serge plays coy while taking a step forward. I roll my eyes and try to find some shamelessness as I prepare to beg further to be escorted to a toilet. When I open my eyes back up he isn’t in front of me anymore. I gasp at his ability to be so silent when I feel a hand on my elbow and a hand on the small of my back, because he has slipped behind me, “ your left...” Serge growls this into my ear.

“Where are we going?” I blurt out the question as I hop forward. Serge doesn’t grip me but watches me flitter off out of the gas chamber, trying desperately to create a little bit of space between us.

“Now straight and left again before the lift,” Serge snaps this impatiently and I skip ahead on my socks to find a door to the restrooms.

I skid in, my bladder about to give way now that I know relief is coming. I run through the small corridor, I open the middle cubicle and swing it shut as I pull aside my stretchy DNA leotard to sit and let myself go.

I feel amazing as I begin to let it all pour out, of course, I feel great until my door is literally thrust open to show Serge happily spin to lean back on the side of the cubicle, arms crossed as he watches me without blinking.


Of course he had to watch me pee.

“Why?” I ask, in an embarrassed growl.

“So you don’t plan anything funny... you’re a prisoner now, you realise that, right?” Serge asks mockingly while assessing me with no held back judgements, “Untrustworthy, disloyal bitch. I need to keep an eye on you.”

“Great, but let’s skip the in-between banter. Are you all going to kill me?” I ask while I continue to sit on the toilet, “I know I fucked up. You have to understand I hardly knew you and I saw differently... you’re super soldiers, I just assumed you could potentially be that brutal... I’m sorry for my assumptions which led me to leave and -”

I can’t finish because Serge is too happy to cut me off.

“We can be far more brutal,” Serge drawls this when I stop peeing and have to dry myself off... only to pause midway... because I’m not sure if there is a double meaning behind what he just said.

I blush and wipe as quickly as possible before standing and flushing.

“Back to my cage!” I turn to face him and slip past, while his hand hovers, almost twitching by his side like he has to seriously control himself from just grabbing me.

He pauses for a bit as he looks through my gaze, reading the anxiety... and he seems satisfied he’s freaked me out enough.

“This way,” Serge holds out a hand to tell me to go first. I start to move and he directs me to the lift, I follow him into the lift silently, glad not to be escorted back to the gas chamber.

As the lift doors shut, I notice Serge has clicked a level I’ve never been to; [N]

“So, why did everyone decide to release Blue?” I ask, hoping for an answer.

“She was drawn to the power cells, we used a truth serum on Raven and she told us what she knew of Blue’s adventures and then we tested Blue as well,” Serge explains, “Sweet girls. Too bad their Ultima isn’t in the same league.”

"What-?" as I gasp out the question, Serge isn’t looking at me as the lift doors open on level [N] and he walks out first, ignoring my exclamation.

I watch Serge stalk his way forward down a metal plated floor, towards a control room with a glass screen currently tinted until it was opaque and unable to see through. The control room is large with multiple empty computers and there are a few blue lights from the ceiling just dimly lighting the area.

I see three other beasts standing around while Dale stands before the main control board. Serge stands with them while I approach in slow motion.

They are all silent as I dare to stand closer, until I am within a bold arm’s reach of Dale and Ace. Serge reclines back on an old control board to the left with Jose while I look up into Ace and Dale’s eyes as they are closest to me.

“Feeling relieved, kitten?” Ace asks me, barely containing his smile.

“You were all watching me that whole time, weren’t you?” I growl this out and Dale is the only one not openly laughing. He puts up a hand to stop any of his beasts chuckling, so that he can tilt his head and look me over.

“Would you like to hear what’s going to happen, Alyssa?” Dale drawls out professionally, like a threat may not be made.

“Well, I’d assume if you wanted me dead, I’d be dead already... and I am sorry about my assumption, I swear it. I will keep apologising until you all believe me -”

“I’ll do anything,” Jose speaks up for me and I turn to him in confusion.

I glance to Serge, who looks all too knowing and then I glance to a grinning Ace and an arrogantly joyful Dale.

“Anything, at all,” Dale adds, “Why do you think we let you out to pee, kitten?”

Oh gosh, they even heard what I said in the gas chamber. I’ll do anything.

“Black mail,” I snarl this and curl my fists, “That’s not fair.”

“Since when do we play fair?” Ace asks, and even in his humour, I can still feel a slither of that tension.

They all still had it; an air of betrayal.

I may have apologised multiple times now, but they were not content with my actions two weeks ago.

“Okay, tell me, what do I have to do?” I ask, raising a brow, “Let’s just get it over with.”

“Fantastic, I love the enthusiasm,” Dale is far too happy as he reaches into his back pocket and brings out a gun. He throws it to me and I catch the handle of his favourite weapon, “You’re going to kill Desmond King. We did some research, he’s not so bright. Charismatic, yes. Support? He’s got it... through handing out extra vaccines to people addicted to the substance. He sells it at the highest price, too. He also deals in the trafficking of young children. Orphans on the street get turned into sex slaves. Besides that, he has a fantastic front for his criminal past. He’s political campaign has been successful so far and he has the words to gather support... as an Ultimate... you probably liked how smooth he was with words... or am I wrong? Actually, don’t answer that, kitten...” Dale trails off while my mouth is now gaping wide.

“Not even a hint?” Ace asks me, “You didn’t even notice he was a little bit sketchy... at all?”

“I-I haven’t been out much, I studied a lot in high school. I g-guess Desmond only showed me what he wanted me to see,” I shrug and almost at once, I notice how stiff the backs of my beasts become. I internally gulp down sudden nerves as I realise how suspicious they are of my statement. They were worried I had slept with Desmond King... even though I didn’t... they were still worried. I decide to change the subject quickly, “So. I kill Desmond King... I’d like to question him first, if you don’t mind... but after that... are we even? Perhaps we can start fresh?” I ask, hoping to get a good answer.

They don’t laugh or reconcile me in anyway.

Instead, the tension gets ten times thicker.

A long silence intervenes and I feel my forehead start to sweat as I glance between each beast, waiting for an answer.

“No,” Dale murmurs, foreboding with a forthcoming promise, “After you kill Desmond King, we’re going to fuck you. Deal? Then we’ll be square.”

“You all... just want to... fuck me?” I ask, a sense of relief flooding me. I admit, pretty much all my dreams had been about sleeping with them again, even though during the day I cussed and spoke out against them for two whole weeks. Now, I couldn’t believe my luck in the easy deal he was proposing.

“No, we’re not just going to fuck you, doll,” Serge growls this, seemingly annoyed by my question.

“Hmmm...” Dale adds, glancing to Serge as they share another all-knowing look before they all glance at each other.

“What is it?” I ask.

But none of them answer me.

“Deal or no deal, kitten...?” Dale asks instead.

“Just tell me you won’t kill me and I’ll say deal,” I try to lighten the mood by shrugging and appearing nonchalant.

“Then we have a deal,” Dale nods.

“So, why am I down here on a new level?” I ask, still curious why we were in here.

“I’m about to teach you what being an Ultimate means,” Dale explains, ushering me over as he stands to the side to expose the main control board behind him, “...more specifically... I’m going to show you what you were born with. What was put in your head, through DNA. Ultimate Knowledge.”

“Why?” I ask, looking up at him.

“Because, doll,” Dale sighs, “After you learn this... if you ever betray us again... you’ll be dead before you even realise you fucked up. Short leashes only from now on. Your trial period is over.”

“Trial for what?” I gaze over the buttons and now he does chuckle with the rest of STRIKE.

“Obviously, to be our pet,” Dale drawls, and his tone suggests I don’t try to defy him on this point, “Some pets just need harsher training. Which we’ll be starting now. I hope you don’t mind... kitten... if you have any objections, we have multiple answers, and those answers will come to you, multiple times a day... maybe just four times... if you’re lucky enough to get a break,” Dale has hooded eyes while I lick my lips and realise my thoughts on BDSM weren’t unfounded.

Those ideas I had were being thrust onto me now.

And I should be angry, I think?

And I was, a bit.

But, I was also guiltily curious for what was to come next.

“Is this your definition of mercy?” I ask quizzically.

“You know it is.”

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