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Chapter 44: Desmond King

“I’m showing you this, kitten, so you understand,” Dale is leaning back on the main control board after ordering Ace, Serge and Jose to head up and prepare STRIKE for our trip to Desmond King’s place of residence, “It’s the ultimate reason why you should trust in our choices. Let me make it clear,” Dale reaches out a hand for my own as he stands up off the control board. He flicks a switch to light up the whole dash. I take his hand and watch him curiously as he wraps his own around the back of mine and he pulls me forward to stand in front of him.

He hovers my hand over the lit up dash of the control panel while my other hand clenches the gun he gave me.

The flickering lights have my eyes entranced and my hands are twitching on their own with the call of the control panel. It’s such an odd thing.

“What is this sensation?” I whisper as he continues to hold my hand over the buttons.

“DNA memory, a new concept, proven to be a reality a hundred years ago,” Dale murmurs and let’s my hand go, “Press ‘Launch’.”

I see the big red button and I glance at him in confusion, as I know instantly it has to be a weapon pad.

I have an odd sense of trust in Dale now, including in my own fingers as I press the Launch button.

On a small computer screen above, writing appears ‘Enter Launch Code’.

“Uh...” I find Dale grabbing my hand again and he hovers it over a key pad while my eyes scan over the number of digits that need to be entered.

“Twenty three,” Dale answers for me, coming in so close I feel him right behind me as his hand leaves mine but he closes in my body so I can’t back off from the control panel, “Guess on your first try, kitten.”

What he asks is ridiculous, but guessing a random twenty three combination is pretty unlikely, even with a memory I didn’t even have a feeling of.

It wasn’t like any numbers were coming to mind.

I lay down my hand and start pressing random numbers.

9 6 3 5 1 7 5 3 8 5 5 6 7 2 3 9 1 7 4 5 6 3 7

After I’ve filled all twenty three slots, the control panel lights up ‘Accepted. Preparing for launch in 60 seconds. 59 seconds. 58 seconds. 57 seconds...’.

I panic and try to turn into Dale but he leans forward and presses ‘Cancel Launch’ casually.

Then, he switches off the power to the control panel while maintaining a close proximity.

“Thanks for not breaking the key pad with your claws, kitten,” Dale growls his approval in the most menacing way as he now faces me after I’ve turned into him, chest to chest... I feel like a midget as he places his hands either side of my hips and locks me in until I can’t move.

“What is that?” I whisper up to the Lord of the Underworld, hoping to distract Dale from influencing my own heart... I wanted to say I missed them... but damn him and all of STRIKE’s physical influence over my own body, “DNA memory?”

“The first time I randomly entered the numbers I didn’t have a feeling either, or a memory to hold onto... I just did it... and I was as shocked as you were. I had to try multiple codes to make sure it wasn’t just accepting random entries. I soon found out it only had one pass code,” Dale happily explains while I’m squished back against the panel, “Only Casey, you and I know the launch codes,” Dale explains, “Perhaps now you understand why, willing or not, enemy or ally... you’re staying on a leash now. And my tolerance for your disobedience will be short lived if at all existent. Do you understand, Alyssa?” Dale tilts his head down at me.

“So are we friends -?” I can barely finish the question before I get my snapped response.

“Did Serge not inform you that you are our prisoner now?” Dale questions me, raising a brow, “Controlled. Contained. Safe. Our of harms way. Out of our way.”

“What about this trip to Desmond King, is it not to prove my worth as a - a p-partner?” I ask, confused while trying to find the right word.

“You’ll kill that fucker to provide us with some sense of justice,” Dale growls, while slowly smirking, “You’ll do it to please us. No other reason is needed.”

“To please you?” I ask, raising a brow, “Of all the uses I have, my only use -”

“Is to please us... you are very correct, doll,” Dale drawls as he then leans up and without gazing at me he waltzes towards the lift and raises his hand to motion me to follow him, his arrogance pure even through a single gesture.

“And after this mission to prove my loyalty again is over?” I ask, hurrying to keep up with his ridiculously long strides.

Despite the whole degrading conversation, my mind was having a tug-a-war with my heart on how I should react.

The dirtiest, secretest parts of me loved the idea of being nothing but a whore for them.

It was sexy and hot... well... the fantasy for sex was.

But I was built to fight with them, too, and I loved those fantasies just as much as the whore fantasies.

So, did I submit now and let them vent their frustration, have amazing make-up sex later, and then hope I am eventually elevated up to equal status?

Did I stand my ground to be more than what they wanted from me... or would they just despise me for trying to have a say after I betrayed them to live with a freaking child trafficker for two weeks?

Needless to say, I still felt like a massive idiot.

Dale stands in the lift, holding the doors open for me after I’ve stopped to think deeply for a moment.

I hadn’t even noticed that the lift doors had opened and he was waiting for me while I had been thinking.

Just another thing to add to my embarrassment.

“After this mission is over... well...” Dale eventually answers for me... in a low growl... but then a large grin just spreads across his face.

I huff out a breath and try to maintain my cool... but he just leaves me on the edge as his tyrian purple eyes glow with intent, and then he raises a brow when I take too long to get moving again to join him in the lift.

“What does the launch code... launch, exactly?” I ask, deciding to change the subject.

“You know exactly what it launches. Casey, you and I? We were built to rule, kitten,” Dale says this as the lift starts to ascend after I’ve joined him, “We were the only ones given that information. So that we could rule the rest of the barely-alive world. Human errors were made and 85% of people vanquished. Ultimates don’t make mistakes.”

“Except me,” I murmur, “Because...?”

“You were not brought up in a highly regimented environment to prepare you for that life. In a way, you’re lucky,” Dale murmurs this with a tiny, tiny hint of vulnerability in his tone towards the end.

“Oh, really? Lucky that I just get to be a whore and nothing else, I suppose,” I respond dryly while I clench my fists, waiting for the slowing lift to open up again so we could get on with the mission.

Dale pauses as if he regrets speaking with me so much.

I don’t think he’ll answer until the doors do open and he murmurs so quietly I almost miss it as he stalks out first.

“Your mind will always be free, Alyssa.”

Hmmm, okay?

“Wait up,” I follow him through the Black Lair Clubhouse, my socked feet almost slipping multiple times.

I keep thinking of what he said.

Free? How was my mind free... how could it always be free?

Dale strives ahead and I manage to reach his side outside by the time I slip out the entrance and see him holding the back door of STRIKE open for me.

He opens his palm and motions for me to enter, where I see Serge waiting in his usual spot on the far side. Jose is driving and Ace is in shot-gun with his sniper, as usual.

As I slip into STRIKE, I buckle up in the middle seat while quiet club music with a deep bass plays in the background.

Dale enters next and slams the door.

“Time to shake up the break up,” Ace fist pumps Jose and I’m pushed back in the seat as Jose floors it out of the drive way of the Black Lair Clubhouse.

“What does that mean?” I ask, skeptical but also pretty damn sure of what Ace was referring to.

“Your new boyfriend,” Ace speaks casually and the vibe in the car just dampens instantly.

“Boyfriend? What, so I suck up to men double my age now?” I ask, “Desmond King was a friend, cleverly disguised as a villain of FC. I was given no hints to his roll in drugs and providing people with extra vaccine doses or child fucking trafficking... clearly he can cover his tracks... so he’s smart.”

“Or you’re just an idiot,” Serge happily rubs this in while Jose glares at me through the rear view mirror.

“What I don’t understand,” Jose adds, “Is why you could consider trusting him... over us? Alyssa. What the actual fuck?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry... how many times do I have to say it before you all believe me that I’m sorry!” I exclaim.

“Dale,” Ace calls out, coughing into his hand to interrupt me and grab his boss’ attention, “What’s your opinion now that our doll is back? Do you think she’ll willingly submit into a life of servitude?”

“I’m right here,” I growl and Ace puts up a hand to silence me.

“Wasn’t asking you, doll.”

“Undoubtably,” Dale replies while Serge laughs deeply.

I roll my eyes and sink back into my chair, deciding not to bother with their banter right now. After all, they were clearly going to keep taking it out on me until they got their fill of pussy to calm their cocks; aka their brains.

I zone out of their banter and simply wait for us to arrive at the expected destination.

One thing was for sure, I was determined to ask Desmond King numerous questions.

I know we’ve arrived when we pull up on a street that has a bright pink lamborghini.

I sit right up from my slouched position.

“That cunt,” I hiss through my teeth, “Last time I checked it was inside the community garage.”

“Expendable casualties,” Ace points out, to rub it in, “He thinks you died and your girls died too, trying to save you from us. Free lamborghini for him, hey?”

“I have become rather attached to that lambo,” I switch off the safety on the gun and reach past Serge to jerk open the door.

“Woah, woah, doll,” Serge snarls as I grab his shoulder to lunge across, all the while my nails slice through his suit and into his skin, making him bleed.

“Out of my way,” I hiss as I slide off his lap into the street. I look up to the doors lining the side walk. Desmond directly gave me his address for emergencies and clearly STRIKE had access to it as well. Door 122. I reach the door and see the blue lights of a television glowing from the rooms out through the tattered curtains. I knock hard and fast to grab his attention and yell out to emphasise my impatience, “Desmond!” I call out with feigned panic, “Desmond help me, I need your help!”

Not long after I hear some steps pounding through the corridor and then the door is swung open.

Desmond King, in nothing but a loose white shirt and boxers, meets a gun pointed at his face.

“Alyssa -” he chokes up when I take a step in and keep the gun trained on him. Mr. King stumbles back multiple steps while I hold the aim steady upon his forehead.

“Desmond,” I speak politely, “The man who got rich off child trafficking and encouraging vaccine overdosing?” I ask, raising a brow.

His eyes widen with my words.

“I swear to you, Alyssa, I was a bad man... but I’m good now. I swear, I’ve changed my whole life to redeem my actions,” Desmond’s charisma shines through and I narrow my eyes as he drops to his knees before me, bowing his head, “I beg you to forgive me.”

“What a show that is,” Dale mocks as he comes in to stand to my right while my other beasts back me up even though this was my test to prove loyalty again.

“No!” Desmond whispers in a panic, looking up through his messy hair. He scrambles to his feet, his hands trembling in the air as his eyes blaze when they meet mine, “You’re with them again? Alyssa, after everything I taught you... I thought you knew better.”

“You are in no place to lecture... you had Strawberry suck you off twice?” I ask, raising a brow, “She admitted it to me -”

“Are you blind and deaf?” Desmond asks, holding out his hands, he doesn’t dare look at the four beasts surrounding him. He only dares to look at me, “That girl is a compulsive liar... have you never seen it? She’s smarter than she appears.”

“They all are, and whether she is a compulsive liar, a damn monk or an angle... she can’t lie to her Ultima...” I smirk and he looks confused.

“Ultima?” he asks, as he if recognises the term but doesn’t quite know what it is.

“Did you know my beasts saved a bombing from happening in The Square?” I ask Desmond, “I didn’t. Because they don’t gloat when they save lives. You, though - you hide how you’ve destroyed lives to make money and preach day and night that you’re a good man. That’s all you ever tried to reassure me of... that you’re a good man... did you go back and save every child’s life that you stole? Did you help get all the men and women addicted to the vaccines, clean?”

Desmond is speechless.

“When funds were low for his campaign,” Jose steps forward and lowers my gun with his hand over the barrel, a fiery look in his eye as he then pushes his hand to my chest to push me aside as he approaches Desmond next, “You sold off five boys and two girls last weekend to boost your chances at becoming Mayor with the added cash...” Jose holds out his hand politely and I watch as Desmond is confused by the dramatically lighter and accepting tone Jose now portrays, “Well done, Mr. King. I can respect a man of such intelligence and bold attitude. Nice to meet you,” Jose convinces Desmond to shake his hand.

I hear a crackle of multiple bones in the next moment and a squeal from Desmond as he drops to his knees again.

To stop the screaming, Jose punches Desmond’s throat and guarantees some silence besides the wheezing for breath.

“Enough,” I try to make Jose back off and surprisingly he steps back gracefully and allows me to come forward.

“He’s all yours, doll,” Jose nods in approval and I take the gun and press it to Desmond King’s forehead as I squat down opposite his red face as he gasps for air and tears roll down his cheeks and into his mouth.

I press the barrel in hard as I say my next words.

“Release all the children. Burn your extra vaccine dosages. Drop out of the run in for mayor. You have 24hrs to redeem your mistakes. Otherwise I’ll hand you over to someone far worse than my beasts... or even myself,” I hold up my hand and trail a finger down his cheek, slicing a small line to see the blood pool out, emphasising his vulnerability, “ this...or I’ll hand you over to Hacksaw myself.”

“He’s not r-real...” Desmond wheezes as he fights back some of his voice and I stand up to leave with my men.

I look around and as expected they all look suddenly closed off.

They weren’t going to show Desmond they disagreed with me, but clearly they did because they expected me to kill him.

“Goodbye, Desmond, you piece of shit,” I turn and pass Dale’s gun back to him as I swiftly stalk my way into Desmond’s kitchen where I find the set of keys for the pink lamborghini.

As I walk past STRIKE, they are all watching Desmond like they can’t wait to pounce.

However, as I wait for them by the front they finally turn to leave while Desmond trembles on the floor with his crushed hand, bruised throat and bloody cheek.

“I’m no worse than them, sweety,” Desmond calls out hysterically to have his last shot, “I’m like a sneaky fox... a fox who gets what he wants as I plan it... while you’re fucking men equivalent to cannibals with the shit they’ve done. Open your mind, sweetheart. If you want to know... you come to me... I have videos of them doing things they’d never want their whore to see. No whore is good if she’s always dried up, is she?”

Serge hits him with a bolt of lightening for good measure and then slaps me on my ass before I can even reply.

“Move it, doll,” Serge growls at me to hurry and I have Ace sneak the keys from my grip.

We exit the front first.

“I’m driving the...” Ace jumps down two steps out the front door, “We need to give the pink lady car a name... oh... ah no, crap, fuck,” Ace curses and I see what he sees.

The careless parking on the sidewalk has given my Brownie Squad’s pink lamborghini a huge graffitied dick on the left side with a crown hanging off the head of the dick... and smooth shiny balls, hairless but coloured in metallic blue.

A blue balled dick with a gold crown.

“Let’s leave that on there, I think my girls will find it funny. I have a name too... Princess,” I suggest, smiling, “The number plate we can change to PRINCE33. Why not?”

“Nice,” Ace agrees and I turn to Serge, who is waiting by STRIKE.

I turn around to see what’s up with Dale and Jose... but just as I face the front door from the side walk, that’s when I hear the gun shot.

I jerk and blink a few times in shock as Jose walks out the front door with bloodied knuckles and Dale walks out with a steaming gun.

“Let’s move, ladies,” Dale nods to Ace and Serge hops into STRIKE impatiently while Jose shakes his head at me in disapproval.

“Did you kill him?” I ask them both, needlessly, as Jose walks by and Dale stops by me to pocket his gun and to blink slowly down at me like I’m a disobedient dog.

“Did you forget the trial period was over?” Dale asks me, shortly, “A short leash, only. Yet even now you disobey. A disobedient whore is usually disloyal too, and oh my how you prove yourself time and time again in that department... I don’t care if you’re an Ultimate or a brain dead vegetable, how about we teach you the meaning of loyalty when we return... excited... kitten?” Dale’s question is one that fills my gut with dread. My one moment’s hesitation to think about his words, is already enough to set him off, “Turn around and get in the fucking car, Alyssa.”

I had failed their first task, to prove my loyalty again, but I didn’t expect them to react that badly to the option I gave Desmond.

So, now I had failed in their eyes and I had agreed to fuck them afterwards anyway.

Something told me it wasn’t going to be a sweetly given lesson in obedience.

Especially if it was to teach me loyalty. I could only imagine what sorts of depraved ideas they had in store for me this time. For two long weeks I had imagined all sorts of scenarios in my sleep, even while hating on them.

Because... hate or love or neutrality aside... their cocks were innocent in all this.

But even that in itself, was a very dangerous thought to believe.

Especially when it distracted from my real thoughts, fighting for coherence in the back of my mind and in my heart... besides them... what about me?

Was I guilty or innocent?

I wasn’t sure I even had the morale, after living like a fool with Desmond for two weeks... to judge my beasts.

I had a feeling they’d let out their raw emotions when we returned. I just hoped I survived the assault and even if I didn’t... I hoped it was a fun way to go.

Gosh -


I was spending way too much time taking note of Serge’s dark ideas and Ace’s humour.

If I wasn’t careful, I’d end up in the same wagon as them; insanely smart with crazy minds, strong hearts, lethal hands, perfect aims and ridiculous ideas of justice.

That’s what scared me the most. I was proud I didn’t just kill like them, even if someone did wrong... but my beasts were far beyond that point of giving people mercy.

So, either I’d teach them differently... or they’d influence me.

Only time would tell.

I slide into the car and Serge is in shot-gun, so I have a middle seat to seperate myself from Dale for once. Dale notices how I breathe a sigh of relief as I buckle up and he smirks.

“Feeling safe over there, kitten?” Of course, Dale can’t help but mock me.

“My Brownie Squad will protect me,” I murmur, pretending that I don’t feel extremely threatened right now or overwhelmed with various thoughts.

“You’ll need more than them to save you from us, sweety... they were trained in sex... not combat,” Serge rubs this in, as he seems to be wanting to rub in multiple facts tonight.

“Let’s make a deal, then,” I suggest, raising a hand like I’m in class. I turn to Dale, “My Brownie Squad vs STRIKE. We lose... I’ll be your bitch for all of eternity. If we win, I get to hold it against you for the rest of your damn life.”

“Deal,” Dale holds out his hand to shake mine and I shake it back, hard.


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