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Chapter 45: STRIKE vs The Brownie Squad

Ace is in front, driving PRINCE33 into the Black Lair Clubhouse garage while we all follow suit in STRIKE.

“...what, we have to fight them? But, boss, t-the third fresh batch of brownies just got done baking, please... do we have to?” Raven complains to me through the mobile on speaker that I borrowed off Dale to make the call for back up.

“This fight. It’s... a... uh... it’s a science experiment, sort of. You’ll get brownies at the end,” I promise and she relays the information to the rest of the girls. I can hear them arguing in the background while Casey tries to bud in with his opinion too.

"Go! You whores should kick their asses for me, hahaha!” Casey encourages them with a passion and honesty I don’t expect from him, followed by a crazy kid laugh.

“You’ve had enough time to chat,” Dale snatches the phone rudely out of my hand.

“Get up to the garage now, girls-!” I yell out quickly, before Dale abruptly ends the call... then, no further words can leave my mouth as Dale reaches out a large hand to cover my mouth for me, pushing me back into my seat.

“Your mouth doesn’t need to open for anything other than our cocks, sweet pea,” Dale growls as he mocks me before running a finger down the middle of my purple lipstick stained lips, “At least it’ll be worth it when we do teach you. This test of strengths will be fun.”

Dale watches me glare him down, quietly amused, while Jose parks the car a second spot next to PRINCE33 where Ace awaits for us to join him. I turn to Dale with a raised brow, “You know my girls were made to overpower you lot. Even Casey wants me to kick your asses... why would he be so passionate about his dad losing to me, anyway? A mere whore whose only use is apparently sucking on four cocks, day in, day out and all night?”

“Casey’s been temperamental lately,” Dale growls this as he zones out temporarily while thinking of his kid.

“By the amount of loads you’ll get, doll, you’ll never have to be fed extra meals... low cost whore... I like that,” Serge mocks me too as he opens the door and hops out before I can reply.

Dale also exits the car, leaving me with a disgruntled Jose who is still eyeing me through the rear view mirror.

“Princess of the Shadows,” Jose brings up the old title they had given me, when I had been, in their eyes, a proper ally.

“A penny for your thoughts?” I raise an eyebrow and Jose narrows his eyes.

“We never joke about you, doll,” Jose murmurs, in his quiet way, “Never. So. If you’re really our weakness then we’re going to fuck you, pound into you and steal all your senses until we become your weakness. We know you love our cocks inside you. We aim to make you a slobbering, needy mess... I just wish Dale didn’t agree to the Brownie Squad matching us in a battle. It’s just a minute longer I have to wait until you’re down on your knees again. Two weeks, doll. Two fucking weeks. Not many ways to cope with a hard cock when the whore of your life isn’t in reach.”

“It’s called masterbation,” I raise a brow and Jose rolls his eyes.

“The hand doesn’t cut it... not when we had you bending over for us,” Jose looks over his shoulder and catches my gaze without the need for a mirror. His deep brown gaze is full of emotion as he looks me over, lust and meaning hidden in the deep depths of his irises, “Get out, doll. So we can kick your ass and then fuck it.”

“Seems to me you beasts are all a little distracted with wanting to fuck me,” I murmur as I turn with Jose at the same time to hop out of the car. He jumps out the driver’s seat while I jump out the right side.

I quickly walk with Jose towards Dale, Serge and Ace, who stand together.

It’s my first mistake as they quickly box me in between the four of them so there is no escape. Shoulder to shoulder, I am in the centre of four lethal super soldiers who all share the same look; extreme need.

Aka; sexual frustration.

“If your hair didn’t cut through everything,” Serge murmurs, “I’d tighten a chain around your neck... lead you around... tie you down to things when you get annoying.”

“How sweet of you,” I nod and smile sarcastically while each beast has their turn at suggestions, venting their frustrations.

“How sweet it is between your legs,” Ace buds in, “I remember, I can still taste you. Now... as you are our prisoner I’ll just have to convince you otherwise that my head between your legs is a great thing.”

“I know it is, buddy -”

“Don’t let your minds wander from the punishing we have to hand out to our little kitten,” Dale drawls and Jose cracks his neck from side to side.

“It’s the first thing on my mind,” Jose growls.

“A pink whipped pussy sounds good to me,” Ace drawls, practically salivating with the idea as he eyes me over.

“Where is my Brownie Squad?” I ask while trying to look over the beast’s shoulders unsuccessfully.

“Argh,” I hear a not so feminine sigh from Blue and Dale and Serge part ways so I can see the girls exiting the lift. They look frustrated and tired, with brown smears on Blue’s mouth at the corners, “A full stomach and now an impending fight... fantastic...” Blue elbows Strawberry in the side, as she holds an arm over her stomach, wincing from the pain.

“Too many,” Strawberry wheezes as she stumbles closer and Raven holds her hands behind her back... before dramatically bringing them forth and showing a fresh brownie in each hand. She takes a bite from the left and then the right, left and right, left and right... until both slices are demolished.

“I think I’m going to throw up,” Raven growls to me while she waves through her munching, “...but it’s so hard to stop...”

“Thanks for coming up,” I call out to them and wave them closer. Once they are in the middle of the parking lot I raise my hand, “Perfect, stay where you are, dolls. I can’t express my love for you all enough, for coming up here to help me.”

“Any day, boss, any moment,” Blue answers passionately despite her irritation at having to be here.

“So, how exactly are we going to fight them?” Strawberry asks, pouting. They are all still wearing their random ass outfits from before; black dress and high black boots for Raven, denim, denim, denim for Strawberry and Blue is still in a set of a plain blue pants and tank top for bed, “It’s a 1 vs 1 in teams. First team on the ground, with each member with their hands restrained behind their back and incapacitated, loses the fight,” I explain, “I made a bet with STRIKE. We need to win... for bragging rights.”

My girls all shrug and look me over suspiciously before their unified gazes glance at all of STRIKE sceptically.

“Slow and mean,” Strawberry waves her hand dismissively, “We’re quicker and smarter than them.”

“We got this,” Raven adds in her support while Blue just shrugs.

“Is the fight even necessary?” Blue asks.

Coming from the dolls who were brought up in a lab until a few weeks ago, I assure you, none of them are joking in the slightest... and it greatly offends the men behind me.

“Yes,” all of STRIKE and myself answer at the same time. The fight was still necessary so we could prove our strength against theirs.

“So what, you were designed to beat us in every way,” Dale explains to my girls for me, “Prove it. Rules? No killing. Besides that, there are no other rules. Deal?”

“Deal,” I nod and face my Brownie Squad, “You better promise you fuck them up with me - argh -!” I cry out and all of us hit the floor at once in a flash of blinding light accompanied with blinding pain.

Spasming on the floor, I slowly tilt my head back to see my squad all out, except for Blue.

She cuts the lights, absorbing energy to teleport to the other side of the garage.

“Back lines,” she call out, “If you need space, I’ll jump in and teleport you out,” I like Blue’s suggestion as I scramble back up to my feet in a daze to face Serge, Dale, Ace and Jose.

“Electricity? Your last resort already out in play, huh? How scared are you?” I ask Serge, finally getting to mock him back as Strawberry and Raven jump to their feet. Serge almost scowls but mostly gets a dangerous look in his eye.

“Poo,” Strawberry growls, shaking off the electricity, “I hate shocks.”

“Come try and punch me, cock head,” Raven dares Serge to try, lifting a hand to taunt him closer. She manages to provoke him into taking a step forward.

“Here comes the bitch slap,” Serge takes out his guns from his pockets, which I never knew he even had, and he drops them on the ground, “I don’t need guns to fuck you up, doll,” Serge happily cracks his knuckles like Jose as he approaches Raven to test her strength, “Let’s see if you can break bones.”

As I stand beside Strawberry to wearily face Ace, Jose and Dale, who stand back casually... everyone is seemingly too interested in the situation between Serge and Raven.

Raven stand’s casually, and as Serge lights up electricity at her feet to distract her, Raven squats down just in time to miss his promised bitch slap. But even as she is down, her eyes fire up, she grabs his ankle... and she crunches down.

Serge barely growls but his face goes red with a barely held back roar of pain.

She crushes the bone.

“Move aside, ladies,” Jose jumps into the action. Kicking up under Raven’s chin, she barely dodges but stands, swerves and then lunges for his middle, teeth gritted. Jose tries to shove her back but only manages to get a few feet of distance before they start sparring, one attacking and one blocking so that neither land a hit or a blow, “Who taught you how to fight so damn slow, Raven?” Jose chuckles as he mocks her, all the while, my eyes take in her movements and I try to work out why she isn’t landing a blow... and neither is he.

I thought we were superior... our genes made to combat theirs.

To win.

“My turn,” Ace steps forward and Strawberry gapes at him as he readies his sniper.

“No, you don’t,” Strawberry lunges for my hand and spreads my fingers, pulling me down to force one of my nails to block Ace’s shot. Ace has attempted to shoot Serge’s guns away from Strawberry’s reach as she had clearly been eyeing them before.

After my nail deflects one bullet, Strawberry picks up a gun off the ground and aims it at Ace’s chest. I scramble back to my feet again, suddenly too close to Dale for comfort.

He is watching me as I glare at him while I slyly back up to create distance.

His eyes, now slits, simply watch me like I’m an impending meal.

But first, shots are fired over and over.

Dale and I watch as bullets, colliding midair, start falling to the middle of Ace and Strawberry or ricocheting off to the side.

In one such occurrence I have to deflect a bullet with my nail again, and I try to do it, in a way that it then get’s directed to fly straight at Dale...

...but he literally opens a palm and catches it midair.

“So keen to start playing, kitten...?” Dale asks with a raised brow, “Remember what happened last time, in the Red Lounge, with the lights off?”

“At least now I can see,” I curl my fingers and hold a strong stance... but I do not get closer.

“Huh!” Raven calls out as she manages to land a blow to Jose’s rib cage, but as we all hear a crack, his sharp and quick hand strikes out and hits her in the same spot. They both fall back.

“Bitch!” Jose growls and holds his cracked rib while Raven cries while holding hers.

“Too. Slow,” Strawberry has stopped shooting and I see blood pooling at Ace’s foot after she had done a quick manoeuvre. After she dodges a bullet, she put one in Ace’s foot.

“Goddess, damn it,” Ace growls under his breath, trying not to cry as he shoots the gun out of Strawberry’s hand, “No more fucking guns for you.”

After being distracted by those two, I look around for Serge, because I thought he stood to the side recovering from a crushed ankle... but instead I see him chasing Blue around the outskirts of the garage. Literally like cat and mouse.

He doesn’t use electricity on her because she can just drain it.

I slowly smirk.

“Come on,” I urge Dale on as I turn back to him, but he is no longer there.

I soon find out his location when I feel an arm around my throat, putting me in a tight choke hold.

“What now, kitten?” Dale’s lips growl next to my ear, “It’s like playing with a child. It’s not even a fight.”

“Let me -go!” I gasp as he tightens his hold until I can’t breathe.

I grab behind me, and I manage to slip my hand into his belt, where I find the gun.

Just as I grab it, his free hand grips my wrist.

“Uh, uh,” Dale warns me, “Let it go, baby doll.”

I flick off the safety.

“It’s aimed at your cock,” I wheeze out, telling the truth.

“So it is,” Dale slowly let’s my wrist go, and I pull the gun out as he releases me around my neck. As I spin to face him, he grabs both of my wrists again and I fire by accident, so the bullet goes straight through the concrete ceiling.

I try a dirty move as his cocky smile slowly turns to a smirk. I hope he won’t use it against me later, but I spit at his face, and kick him between the legs, hard. Dale reacts by letting me go... only after squeezing my wrist so hard, I drop the gun.

Midair, he catches it and points it at my pussy.

“Check mate,” Dale winks and pretends his balls aren’t screaming in pain right now. I hold up my hands and glance around me.

No one is winning any fights.

And Serge is still chasing Blue around.

It’s almost comical.

“You have to put me on the ground to win -” I remind Dale, just as I see a shadow of two doors open and close. I turn my head at the same time as Dale to hear the doors shut on STRIKE, “What the-”

“Thanks Alyssa,” I jerk from the boom coming from the speakers around us.

They must have speakers on all levels of this bunker.

“Casey?” I whisper under my breath as silence surrounds me as everyone stops fighting.

“Seriously, thank you for the distraction,” Casey laughs and adds, “V is happy too.”

"Little shit,” Dale mutters and glares at STRIKE as the car roars to life.

“Two weeks locked away in the fucking bunker, dad. I finally had a distraction worthy enough to use the spare keys.”

Everyone’s eyes turn to STRIKE and the garage speaker’s white noise buzz fades out, only to be replaced by the music blaring out of the rolled down windows on STRIKE.

A weird whistle in the song seems to repeat with a clap before we all hear, the lyrics, if I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go... by a kid seeming to sing the start in a whispered, try hard sultry tone.

The car’s gear is jerked into drive and Casey starts revving and swerving around us, with the music blasting.

“You didn’t let the poor kid back out into the real world after he healed, did you?” I ask Dale as everyone stands gobsmacked by Casey’s rebellion.

I see him driving, his hand out the window, flipping the bird to all of us while V waves from the passenger seat.

She is wearing a new ninja set of purple leather clothes.

They had both snuck through the garage and managed to hijack the gangsta car.

No good could come of this.

After Casey circles around us a couple of times, he straightens up to the exit and floors it.

The garage grate is open, he had just been biding his time for it to lift all the way.

However, the exit itself... isn’t empty.

“We’ve got company,” I hiss, to Dale, as I see, just from my position, off to the side walk... a flash of ash coloured hair... like Coal.

A young teen; Dash.

A mangy haired mid-twenties evil human jelly; Jackle.

And two new faces.Two laughing and cocky men.

One looks strong like James used to be... the other looks like he’s... got a belt of grenades?

As Casey flies out the entrance in STRIKE, Coal lifts her hand through the air... and the car goes flying.

It lifts off the ground, it flips and heads straight towards the next building.

The music halts after a huge crash.

STRIKE and the Brownie Squad have noticed the Five Reds at the entrance... and now we watch them skip off towards the crashed car.

“We need to move,” I call out, even as everyone starts towards the garage exit.

“Pick up your guns,” Dale yells at us as he starts forward, “If anyone lays eyes on Casey; shoot them in the head... Brownie Squad... congratulations. Welcome to your first real fight. Get ready to make some cunt’s bleed...” he can’t help but glance at me as he adds, “...the fucking comes after, kitten. Move.”

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