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Chapter 46: Inertia & Blast

“So, this is their vehicle,” Coal laughs arrogantly to her new refurbished team of five, using her hand and telekinesis to flip the damaged, upturned vehicle back over onto it’s wheels upon the pavement. The back end license plate of STRIKE squeaks as it hangs from just one screw. All the windows are smashed as the roof of the car is what smashed into the bricks of the opposite abandoned building. However, as the new and revamped Five Reds peer into the interior... there are no occupants for them to see.

“So, uh, where are the Gang of Shadows?” one of the new guys -the one with a belt of grenades- scratches his head, confused.

"Clearly because they knew we were here, Blast, seriously, Coal... Dash... jelly dude. I may be new to this,” the handsome one, who seems to be the replacement for James, seems even cockier than all the rest, ”I knew this would happen. They saw us coming! This,” he circles his finger in the air to point out the empty car, “...was just a distraction.”

“I didn’t realise you were so experienced in the field of crime fighting, Daniel,” Coal snaps and pauses as Daniel spreads his palms, offended by something, “... oh sorry... ‘Inertia’... as you prefer to be called. We’ll soon see if your power is any use. You need to trust HQ. The Black Lair Clubhouse had a huge loss of power and our team back at HQ managed to hack their systems hours ago, we looped the security footage so we weren’t detectable outside this building,” Coal growls back.

“Uh, g-guys and g-g-girl...?” Dash, who is looking really damn nervous, as usual, is off to the side and he is the first one to turn and face us. Therefore, the poor kid has the first four guns pointed in his direction.

Dale holds his infamously favourite gun aimed perfectly, while Ace holds up his sniper with one hand and Jose holds out Serge’s two guns. Serge stands to the left of them, hands shoved into his pockets and his eyes narrowed, while a few feet away, I stand in front of Blue, Raven and Strawberry.

All eight of us had stood on our side of the road, on the side walk. We had patiently waited for the Five Reds to turn and see our presence while they were too engaged with the damaged vehicle.

“Woah,” Daniel sticks up his hands in mock defeat before raising them further to thread them through his long mane of brown hair, trying to tame it while he blushes, “There’s a gang of super hot girls too? No one told me this!” he laughs nervously and Coal just rolls her eyes.

When I glance back to the Brownie Squad to gage their reactions... they all look disgusted by Daniel’s ogling and heated gaze.

“Stand back,” Coal puts out her hand and steps forward, wearing a long brown leather coat over black thigh high boots which match a very dark eyeliner. I narrow my eyes at the appearance, as it’s the old one she used to wear when Katie had been a part of the team, “Good news, Dale, I have a far shorter message for you today!” Coal smiles and holds out her hands, tilting her head to take in all of us.

“You fucked up our favourite car, baby,” Dale drawls back, narrowing his gaze, “My ears aren’t really open right now. Before you’re all bleeding and on the ground, moaning... why don’t you fill us in on your new additions? I hear you have an Inertia and a Blast in your ‘hero’ squad now?” Dale seems intrigued, but I know he can’t truely be.

I let my eyes scan the back of the building and I see movement in one of the windows. Two figures, watching on.

Casey and Viola have managed to, somehow, survive and sneak into the building without being seen. I’m a little in awe of if they did it while the car was flying through the air, or when it had smashed to the concrete.

Dale was asking questions just to provide a long enough delay to make sure they weren’t found.

“You destroyed your own car, putting it on autopilot -” Coal speaks but Dash runs in front and points at the car and at us.

“No,” he whispers, loudly, “Someone was driving that car. I swear it.”

“Holograms, kid,” Dale explains, instantly with a perfect alibi, “To distract you all long enough to turn your backs. It gets boring in this city sometimes because everyone is so stupid. Occasionally the cats have to play with the mice for some entertainment. It only took you a full minute to even notice we were standing here. In that time we could have put a bullet in each of your pathetic brains.”

“Instead you want to know who our new members are?” Coal asks, raising a brow.

“I’m Blast,” the grenade dude with slicked back jet black hair, grey eyes and an army uniform, smiles as he speaks to us. Coal seems annoyed by his zest and over the top enthusiasm, “I can control the direction and the movement of explosions of energy. Grenades, bombs... even lightening strikes,” Blast points to Serge, cocky as ever, “I’ve always wanted to try it out... try me.”

“You really want to die, don’t you?” Serge asks, “I’m more than happy to oblige...” Serge let’s out a bolt of lightening, that literally makes Dash squeak in fright uncontrollably... while Blast blinks.

With that one blink, the lightening curls into the air into a crazy pattern and fades out.

“You did that, right?” I whisper to Serge, but when I glance at him I see him reaching for his guns, which Jose is still holding. Serge swears under his breath and when Dash calms down and can see Serge’s panic, he laughs a bit... and then quickly stops and pretends to cough instead.

“If you didn’t believe me, now you do,” Blast gives us a corny thumbs up and Dale cocks his gun in retaliation, ready to fire.

“What about bullets?” Dale seems to have lost his patience, and he fires the gun.

But not before Daniel literally tackles Blast aside and puts himself into the line of fire.

The bullet falls from the air and bounce on the tar road just before Daniel.

Dale fires a few more shots to test it out, and we all watch the bullets harmlessly clatter to the road.

"Inertia... dudes, I’m the anti-inertia. I stop all moving objects before they can touch me,” Daniel puts up his hands, shrugs and winks at myself and my dolls behind me.

“Are you as mentally fucked as the last Captain of the Five Reds?” Jose asks, lowering his guns and pocketing them, “Leave these fuckers to me, ladies.”

“We’re here to kill you,” Coal snarls and steps in front of her team once more, “No more ‘capture alive’ requests. Psychopaths like you need to die. We have to protect this city from the real villains... the ones who live in it.”

“For the record,” I call out, “Serge doesn’t molest and eat children,” I come to stand forward and Coal turns to face me, looking conflicted.

“Why are you even here?” Coal asks, “You haven’t been seen with them for weeks. I thought you finally got away. Where were you... in a sex dungeon getting fucked for a fortnight?”

“What -? N-no,” I look conflicted with my answer as I glance back to my team where I see Ace grinning from behind his sniper.

“Sure,” Coal murmurs.

“Oh, for fucks sake,” Jackle finally steps forward, “I’m done chatting with criminals that we get to kill. No more talk. Let’s fuck them up already.”

“Kill the men, leave the girls unharmed unless they attack... you don’t need to die,” Coal nods to me, as if she is conflicted about what should happen to me.

“Wait,” I stick up my hand as I glance at Blast, who reaches for a grenade at his belt. I wasn’t ready to see people’s limbs being blown off in a fight to the death, “Coal... did you find Katie at the Government Gathering or sometime thereafter?”

Coal hesitates and nods in my direction, without verbally answering my question, “Stand back, Alyssa... don’t try to interfere. None of you girls need to die. Get yourself and the whores to safety.”

“They’re not whores,” I crack it at that, after so many accusations towards my dolls.

Everyone always assumed wrong.

“Well, we were whores once,” Blue adds in, very helpfully, “And we can be.”

“Oh... really?” Daniel looks excited by this fact, and he blushes again.

I turn to Dale and I see him pocket his gun and motion to Ace to put down his gun as well.

“On the contrary, the only whore here is Alyssa,” Dale points this out to everyone while shrugging and Coal just narrows her eyes at Dale before glancing at me.

“Well... ah,” I don’t know what to say as Coal takes further steps forward, eyeing all of us.

“It doesn’t matter,” Coal murmurs, “Did you put the guns away because you want to die quickly? It can be arranged,” Coal focuses in on Dale last as she stops in the middle of the road, “Unless you’re actually going to beg us not to kill you?”

“No, I’m just going to let the little girl do the work for me,” Dale shrugs and Coal narrows her eyes, “V?” he calls out and the whole Five Reds look confused.

“Oh, yes!" Strawberry calls out, super excited as she pumps her fist into the air, “Go, Viola!”

“Strawberry,” I warn her to keep quiet, putting up my hand.

But as the Five Reds try to work out who we are speaking of... they have no time to see her.

I watch in amazement as I see a figure slip out of a window and move with the shadows, so quick and agile.

I can barely see her move, she is so lithe. She grasps Dash’s shoulder and knocks him out first, before she’s pulled a black samurai sword from her belt and she dices up Jackle into lumps of jelly, silently. Then, the hilt of her sword smacks into Coal’s temple and she ducks and weaves behind the car. Blast and Daniel try to follow her movements, but they are both left worrying about watching us and trying to find V.

So neither new member can work out who to watch primarily.

“I’ve got her,” Blast picks up a grenade out of his belt, deciding to take the reigns and blow up the vehicle before V can strike.

However, I see another figure quickly run out of the building in retaliation.

“Hey! No one touches my girl!” Casey bull rams Blast in the back and I see Casey physically take the grenade from Blast’s hand. Casey shoves it down his top, grabs the belt holding the guy’s army pants into place and he swings him around, throwing him across the street with a super strength I didn’t expect to see on a fast growing 9 year old... even a super solider 9 year old.

It’s impressive to say the least.

We all watch as Blast’s body hits the tar road a few hundred feet down the street, and a huge explosion rocks the buildings close by. It’s felt by all of us as the ground shakes.

All his grenades blow right up all at once... and the Five Reds are quickly reduced to four.

But, last but not least, we have Daniel... Inertia... still standing.

He puts his hands up, looking a little confused on how to react and a little pale by the fact his team mate was just blown up sky high.

“Huh!” Viola jumps out from around the car and tries to karate chop him in the neck, but as her blow lands, no impact is made. She tries to kick him too, but even the force of her swings won’t save her.

“Woah, woah... chill out,” Daniel back ups and nearly trips over Dash’s body.

“Don’t let the cunt leave,” Dale growls at the Brownie Squad, “Learn from doing, sweet hearts. Detain him. We can’t kill the fucker, so we’ll take him hostage.”

“Woah, what?” Daniel spins to us, pauses to see Dale is deadly serious... and then he turns and starts sprinting real fast. Casey stands there and laughs so hard, he has to bend over with his hand on his stomach, as he watches Daniel even try to escape.

I stand back and watch in shock at what happens next.

Blue teleports, making all the street lights flicker as she appears a few feet in front of Daniel, holding out her arms.

“Stop!” she yells out, sounding more cute than fearsome.

But, Daniel does halt in shock at her appearance.

“Argh!” Raven roars as she sprints after Daniel full force and then tries to grab him. However, even though she runs fast, when she tries to make contact, she just ends up gently holding his hips, ”What?”

“W-what? Oh, hey,” Daniel spins into her, blushing again, “What are trying to do, cutie?”

“Destroy you,” Raven hisses.

“Detain. Detain. Not destroy,” I call out, waving my arms about to make more of a point.

“Oh,” Raven stands back, “I’ve been watching too many movies. My bad. Can you follow me, please?”

“Well, since you asked so nicely...” Daniel reaches into his pocket and brings out a pre written number on a piece of paper, “Here’s my number... but I got to go... I hope you understand, beautiful -”

“No,” Raven grabs his arm, now, facing Daniel with shock at his suggestion, “Stay. Stay.”

“No-” Daniel tries to pull back but once she grips onto his elbow, her hand is immovable.

“Stay,” she repeats.

“Hey, no,” Daniel tries to pull back but it’s impossible now that her lock on him is affective. Her muscles are clenched and she’s not letting go unless she wants to.



"Are all males as stupid as you?” Raven nearly screams it at him, “I said stay. Can you not learn?”

“W-what? I’m arguing with you!” Daniel seems seriously offended by her accusation of stupidity, “I can hear you, woman, but I want to live-”

“You are being detained,” Raven says, like it’s obvious that he should just give in, “Why would you argue? You can not escape.”

“Okay... okay...” Daniel waits, nervously as I approach with Strawberry and STRIKE quickly follow from behind.

“Do you... uh... torture people -?” Daniel gulps but still has the balls to ask Dale.

“Yes, we do,” the Lord of the Underworld snaps. Dale’s patience was thin tonight.

“They have no need,” I reassure Daniel, “Don’t worry, Daniel... we’ll just lock you up until we have a good reason to trade you for some information or guaranteed peace...”

“Maybe if you ruled, kitten, but the power has clearly gone to your head,” Dale snarls at me now for even attempting to negotiate.

“That’s rich, coming from someone who is obsessed with power,” I snap back at him, turning to face the four beasts... and my heart stops at the shared looks I receive from all of them.

Ace is super offended by my tone, as is Jose. Serge looks ready to gag me.

Dale... well... I don’t want to know what the King of the Shadows is really thinking.

But, his pupils have turned to slits and that says enough.

“...Dad!” Casey slowly comes towards us, V by his side, but Dale doesn’t even turn to face Casey.

“Inside, kid, both of you, now,” Dale growls this low and Casey rolls his eyes and looks up at Viola and she looks down at him. They both share worried glances and then run for the clubhouse.

“Um, so... I’m pretty harmless, you know... I’m more like... defence,” Daniel tries to keep calm and I’m surprised by his steady tone, besides the sweat beading on his forehead.

“I don’t eat kids, by the way,” Serge speaks up, holding Daniel’s gazes, “But I do eat adults.”

“Shut up,” I snap at Serge and put up a hand to Daniel to calm him, “He doesn’t -”

“Oh, doll, you really want to be punished... don’t you?” Ace asks me.

“Raven, drag this Five Reds idiot inside...” Serge growls, “Strawberry and Blue... you can have full reign of the kitchen,” Serge then turns to Dale, “The Red Lounge, boss?”

“Is that the torture room?” Daniel asks, laughing nervously.

“Actually...” I start, but I can’t finish.

“Sounds fine to me,” Dale answers Serge, cutting me off, “No one is advised to come down to the Red Lounge unless you want to see Alyssa do things you’d rather not see.”

“Sexual things?” Strawberry asks me, in a loud whisper.

“I’ll take a wild guess and say I believe so,” I answer back, already blushing as Daniel, a stranger’s eyes, judge me while swinging back between myself and STRIKE.

“So, you really are a whore, aren’t you-?” Daniel can’t finish.

"Partner in crime but it’s not crime,” I answer.

“This way, dumb dumb,” Raven starts dragging Daniel and he tries to resist but only for a second. Then, he just gives up and starts to walk behind her.

“Tie him up in the kitchen and don’t let him go,” Dale orders Strawberry, Raven and Blue, “Have some fun with him if you want.”

“Rodger that!” Raven salutes Dale and heads off while I’m left on the street with Dale, Jose, Ace and Serge.

I wait as they part ways to allow me to walk back first, through the middle of them.

“...and the rest of the Five Reds?” I ask, “They wanted to kill you.”

None of them answer me.

I choose to walk forward instead, keeping my chin held high.

“Two weeks, doll...” Ace murmurs as I continue to walk through them.

I blush as I know he is referring to what Jose mentioned.

No sex.

The poor beasts were feeling very needy.

As Jose said, it was hard to find release when the whore of your life is there... and then gone.

“Will I ever hear the end of this?” I murmur as I walk ahead and they follow behind to make sure I don’t run off.

“Kitten...” Dale drawls back, to speak for all of them, “The real question is, will you survive this?”

I hear grunts of approval from all of them.

“That’s messed up,” I whisper and speed up my pace.

God knows what they were thinking.

“You haven’t seen messed up, doll,” Jose growls.

“Are you going to fuck me or kill me, it sounds like both?” I ask, without looking back as I walk down the garage ramp next, “What about the car?”

“So. Tie her up, bring our baby in for restorations... then return to the doll?” Ace suggests.

“Sounds like a plan,” Dale agrees with Ace.

“I’ll happily stay with her,” Serge growls and I turn to see him smirking, “...just to make sure she doesn’t escape.”

“I do have claws,” I warn them, “I might make you all bleed.”

They all laugh together, instantly.

“Alyssa,” Ace speaks as I stop by the lift and he steps up to my side, to press the button for me, “You’re so cute, sometimes. Most of the time, you’re just a frustratingly, infuriatingly stupid whore... who needs four huge cocks inside of her.”

“Mmhmm...” I murmur, “Unless I do make you all bleed first. I better start living up to my nick name. Kitten. Be afraid... be very afraid.”

“Do me a favour,” Dale slides up next to me and puts his arm around my shoulder, putting a hand over my mouth, “...shut up, doll... unless you wish to give us another reason to piss on you again. In fact... it’s guaranteed. We’ll just have to keep pissing on you until you start to know you’re below us. Ladies?”

The beasts all growl or grunt in approval... and even though I’m excited to fuck them... now I really actually do want to make them bleed a bit.

So, what the heck... with my mouth covered...

...I growl back.

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