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Chapter 47: To Seduce Four Beasts At Once

In the Red Lounge I recline on a black leather couch while Serge stands right in front of me. The distance is all but minimal between us. I can physically feel the heat from his legs, or perhaps that was just the heat of his electricity. I think his chosen stance is because he wants to look down at me while I clench my hands to stop them fidgeting from showing nerves or weakness.

In a stroke of luck, I had managed to avoid getting tied up. But, now that I was at the mercy of four horny beasts, I had to find a way to survive their wrath in the midst of four cocks that wanted to soon pound into me to teach me a lesson.

Jose, Ace and Dale have gone up to retrieve the crushed car for repairs later on, while Serge keeps me hostage.

“So...” I breathe, looking up to meet his gaze bravely, to feign a casual, completely un-stressed out vibe, “Why were you going to assassinate the New World Leaders at the New World Congregation? What was the purpose of such a strike?” I ask.

“I’ll certainly answer your questions, generously, Mrs. Reporter,” Serge mocks me for asking questions with such a professional tone, “We were going to make it look like a blood bath between their own, we would have never truly been there,” Serge explains, “We’re not just soldiers trained to enter, target and destroy. We’re methodical. There is a method to our madness.”

“And your ultimate goals?” I ask, “Besides complete world domination? Where everyone is either a whore, a sex slave, a gambling fool or a dancing, drunken douche bag?”

"I follow Dale, stupid whore,” Serge snarls, unhappy with my quick tone, “You can ask him about his ultimate goals of world domination. I’m sure you’ll be licking his balls while he’s on the throne. And I’ll gladly memorise such a moment to simply make fun of you with when I’m bored fucking and punishing all the dumb fucks that need a good lesson or two in discipline. I’d be the army general. Command, shock, destroy. Eat, fuck, sleep. Repeat. Sounds like heaven to me.”

“But isn’t it a little too cliche, Serge? What about the responsibilities of ruling everyone and ruling people who will never like you?” I ask.

“You don’t have to rule from a public position, doll... even in a supposedly perfect world, there are always underground influences, corruption, money, weapons, threats -”

“What about hope? For safety and peace -” I still try to counter him, just to see how far he’ll really go with his first statements.

“In a world that’s already been bombed to hell and back?” Serge asks, “Are you serious, doll? Happiness is a state of mind. An individual state of mind. The world will always have issues, states of war and peace. But real freedom comes from in here,” Serge taps his head and slowly squats before me, one of his hands grabbing my thigh and another hand grabbing my hip as his eyes roam over a body he longed for, for two whole tortuous weeks.

I ask him, “What makes you free, lightening?”

“Accepting no responsibility in who I kill in a world already damned... a world already fucked,” Serge’s answer is boldly honest, but dark and terrifying.

I don’t like his response, but his unblinking hard gaze tells me that he isn’t joking. Or maybe he was. I don’t know. He was a hard beast to read.

“But,” I sigh, “...even if the world has states of war and peace, death, terror or even hope and safe moments too... everyone ultimately wants peace-” I have to bite my tongue when I see an electrical spark in the blue grey eyes of a wounded and tortured beast. Honed to be a killer, a monster and a mass destroyer of lives.

Perhaps his words weren’t truely faked or melodramatic for no reason. Perhaps he was truly evil... voluntarily.

“Be careful putting that assumption on everyone... doll,” Serge clenches my thigh as he adds, more gently, “Not everyone has such a kind heart as yours. Even if you are a stupid Ultimate.”

This conversation was getting too dark for my liking... and my mind told me his answers weren’t a true reflection of himself. He was just trying to scare me because he knew no other way of behaving.

Ironic, that my beasts always wanted to tame me.

Yet they were the animals that needed collaring... at least that’s what it felt like half of the time.

“I have no heart, Serge,” I feign a pout, “You all took it, quartered it up and ate each part,” I manage to get a tiny smile out of him, but it doesn’t last, so I quickly add while I still can, “Seriously, Serge, you were gifted and given an opportunity to use your power for the better of human kind. Haven’t you ever thought about it that way?”

“Human kind carved me up and pushed me to the brink of insanity, time and time again -” he snaps an automatic reply and it annoys me, so I cut him off.

“So you’ve experienced great pain. So what? Tell me what brings you happiness? True inner peace?” Serge pauses at my words to look into my eyes seriously.

And it’s almost as if I hear him choose... you.

But he doesn’t answer me vocally, even if I think I’ve read the answer out of the energy in his gaze.

Serge continues to squat by me, and his hand reaches up and flicks one of my nipples through the leotard, making it tingle and go hard.

“...what are you thinking?” I whisper, trying to ignore his small attempt to distract himself from answering me.

“How to train a betraying, disloyal whore... to be obedient and loyal like a dog to it’s master.... doll... I believe... if the world was damned a final time... I would want to spend every last day fucking the most beautiful woman on the planet into it’s tainted and fucked soil. Luckily for me, the scientists and doctors that made me, didn’t cut off my dick and balls,” Serge smirks and his eyes light up with humour while I narrow my own gaze back at him.

Now, he was thinking about punishing me for leaving. I can tell by the small change in his gaze, from humorous to calculating.

“I’m a human, Serge. I make mistakes. And yes, I made a mistake by leaving all of you when you actually saved lives that day. I even said sorry repetitively. I reflected in a cell, that I, practically, willingly walked into. I also willingly walked back into this place just before... and here I am now. Threatened to be changed into a pet, loyal to sex and domination. Do you all forget that above the hormones, I am an Ultimate? Dale proved that point to all of us, including myself, by showing me that I have an inbuilt DNA memory of pass codes to nuclear weapons that can end the world again... but sex... of course, sex is the only thing I’ll be ever good for... right? Do you understand how silly that is? It’s not realistic. It’s not long term -”

“No,” Serge opens up his palms, letting go of me as he stands back up and growls down at me, “It’s not the only thing you’re good for, doll. It’s a fucking deal with the devil, too good to pass up, baby. Who cares about the world? Fuck the world. Look after yourself. We’ll provide you with as much pleasure as you provide us. It’s not really selfish is it... especially if you fall pregnant. You’d be doing the world a favour. Also, you don’t have to worry about saving the world... with all my talk of not giving a fuck... believe it or not, we’re actually trying to make a difference. We were trained to kill and co-ordinate... but our choices have always been ours to make individually. If we wanted the world to burn, trust me, doll, it’d already be covered in more ash and bone.”

“Gosh... that was a mouth full... why are you so talkative now with me...?” I ask, raising a brow, “Did you happen to miss me, Sergey boy?”

“Hell yeah, doll... I missed you,” Serge unzips his pants dramatically “I missed this-”

"Hold up!” It’s Ace who provides the cock block.

The lift doors are open to show the rest of STRIKE now returned. Serge tries not to snarl at Ace for interrupting and I willingly and quickly lean forward to do the zip back up on Serge for him.

“All done,” I pretend to smack my hands together, “One beast done. Three to go!”

I wink at Serge and he stands back, a little gobsmacked by my statement.

“You think you’re smart, don’t you?” Serge asks.

“Just because you were the chosen Degenerate prototype they could make mistakes on... and I was the chosen Ultimate... doesn’t meant you have to try and scare me with your base insults, lightening. I’m eight or nine classes above your level of intelligence,” I pretend to dismiss him with my hand as the rest of STRIKE come into the room.

I also hope he is more humoured rather than offended by my dark attempt at joking.

I jump to my feet while Serge is a little confused by my unexpected bout of returned confidence and attitude.

“Our car is aside for repairs... which we will continue... after we fuck this whore,” Dale explains to Serge, while his eyes roll over me and Ace and Jose head to the bar to grab drinks.

I get a genius idea and I like it instantly.

I was going to turn the tables.

They expected me to retaliate. But... they’d have no idea what to do if I just gave in and submit fully. How could you punish the willing?

You couldn’t.

“No, no, boys,” I hold up my hands to Jose and Ace and they spin to me with curiously raised brows, “Don’t drink. I have a pussy that’s got a leak... and I need a plug,” I wink and bring my hands up, with as much sexiness as I can muster. I grab the shoulder straps of my leotard and I pull them down over my arms, exposing my breasts. I do it slow, until each beast is focused upon me, “In fact...” I push it down some more, exposing my belly button, “I have many holes that need to be plugged...” I sigh as I pull the leotard down over my thighs and I bend over provocatively so my butt is exposed to Serge while I step out of each leg hole. Now I’m only left in socks. I stay bent over as I take off each sock, laying them on top of the leotard. I then slowly bend back up, and my inner sex demon smiles when I find Serge has backed up into my ass already... his hands on my hips... his torso safely clear of my hair... while Dale is at my front.

He is the only one not amused.

“She does think she’s smart,” Dale drawls, mocking me in front of his men, “...well, kitten?”

“I don’t need to be smart,” I whisper, hooding my eyes and biting my lip, “I need to be filled. I’ve dreamt about it every night. Your cum, his cum... all of you... on me... inside of me... stretching me... pounding me raw. Until I scream your names. Until...” I step back into Serge willingly and I feel a hot cock, already freed from it’s pants, tapping against my butt as he tests out the extra warmth he had been missing by sending out those static shocks I missed and craved, “...until I’m loved. Thoroughly. By. Four. Beasts. That. Are. Mine,” I growl the last words, in a threat that I hope... will come across as a turn on.

With every word, Dale has closed the distance a little further, until his nose brushes mine and his lips hover over my own.

“ least you’re ready for what comes next, kitten,” Dale breathes across me and motions Jose and Ace into the bedroom with a flick of his wrist, while Dale takes a step forward and traps me between Serge and his body. I feel another cock, still trapped but hot long and prodding against my stomach through black pants. Dale grabs my hair and he starts forcing me down between the two of them.

I slip down willingly and I even bow my head as Dale unzips his pants next.

I smile, revelling in a small fantasy, of them all submitting to my seduction, while I’m on my knees... until I jerk in surprise when I feel two hot streams hit my head... and they start pouring down my face, the sides of my neck and my back. I gasp and wait as the two streams of piss continue to empty out onto me and I don’t dare to raise my head incase any piss gets into my fucking eyes.

“The carpet,” I hiss, “What the fu-?”

“Get on your hands and crawl to the bedroom. Now, kitten,” Dale growls this and stands back. I raise a hand to fill the wetness on my cheeks, ”No, sweet pea... don’t even think about wiping it off. Just get moving. Do as you’re told.”

Dale and Serge wait for me to crawl and I only hesitate for a moment.

Then, I get on my hands and knees and I make my way to the bedroom, my heart racing in fury at the piss they just emptied out onto me... before they were going to fuck me... out of the damn shower, too. Seriously. What the fuck?

“Where is she?” Ace calls out, impatient, “I thought she said she has holes that need plugs?”

His whistle of appreciation reaches my ears as I crawl into the bedroom, glancing up to see Ace and Jose naked and awaiting my presence. I grit my teeth and I can’t even make myself smile.

I didn’t know which one I wanted to puncture with my nails first.

But, unfortunately... even as I think that... a electric charge, equivalent or perhaps a bit less than a taser, strikes my spine. I collapse to my side, trembling with the charge while my mildly irritated thoughts of murdering them quickly change to outright fury.

“F-f-fucking... f-f-fucks...” I stutter out and I eventually stop trembling, but Ace and Jose but pick me up and move me to the bed.

“Soon,” Ace pats my head as they lay me down face first onto the bed with my legs hanging off the ends, “I bags her ass.”

“Pussy,” Jose growls next.

“Ass,” Serge chuckles.

“Ass,” Dale goes in last and my ears have to do a double take.

Did I... did I hear three choices that were the same?

“Did I hear pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy? Great,” I reply sarcastically into the covers as my fried nerves quickly heal and I try getting up onto my hands and lifting myself up further onto the bed.

Wrong move.

Because Serge hits me with another shock.

“I didn’t realise the disobedient Ultimate whore had a say...” Serge drawls, “Now shut the fuck up, Alyssa. Don’t move again, or I’ll shock you every time I thrust into your tight asshole... doll, that ain’t an empty promise and you know it.”

“Me first,” Ace is far too excited as he is the one to lunge forward and grab my hips first, “Hey, kitten... you ready to get pounded from behind?”

“You know me,” I drawl back, pretending to sound excited, even as I feel a drop of piss leak into the corner of my eye, “Urgh, so gross, someone get me rag - argh!” I think I hear Ace spit on his cock, and then I feel more saliva being spread around my asshole... and then I feel his cock slipping into said asshole.

Luckily for me, my body is elastic as fuck, otherwise this would surely rip any normal human open with minimal lubrication.

At least I was designed to survive this assault.

It didn’t make it any less invasive, however, or any less overwhelming.

But it does send warmth flooding straight to my womb.

Ace shoves forward and I cry out into the covers, forgetting about the piss on my face as he pulls out and starts pounding into my ass. I clench the fresh sheets, surprisingly unable to pierce the material... and through my ass pounding, I think up that Dale must have 3D printed out sheets and covers with some of my DNA threaded through the material, like my leotard.

“How you feeling, Alyssa?” Ace asks as he leans down and smacks his hands over my flailing wrists, holding them down as he grinds into me and stretches me wide, “Damn... is that a piece of shit I feel? I better shove it back in, to somewhere it can stay... you aren’t shitting, pissing, eating or sleeping until you’re used, abused and hopefully spasming your way into eventual submission. But babe, just stop struggling, seriously,” Ace jokes now, just to make me feel even smaller, “If you thrust back hard enough you might throw me off.”

Ha ha.

Ha ha ha.

I was laughing so hard internally.

Ha ha.

But, no, really I was glad to sink my teeth into the covers while Ace starts thrusting into me harder. I almost think my teeth will shred the sheets, until he finally thrusts in deep and holds himself in, releasing his seed into my ass.

“Fucking finally, hell yes, you beautiful goddess,” Ace kisses my shoulders as he pulls out, sounding like he was in heaven from finally cumming inside me after so long.

And I get about... hmmm... a two second brake? Right before I look over my shoulder to see Serge shove Ace away, only to grab my hips, hold my ass up... and slowly move my hips and body... to make me fall back down onto his cock... which was already up, tight, hard and ready for release. I moan as the fresh cock slides into my already used hole, now stretched and ready for more.

“Careful, you might get pregnant with lightening junior,” Serge makes fun of the fact he’s now lodged into my ass... hence no risk of impregnation... right before he starts thrusting slowly and deeply. Slowly and shallow... a little faster but deep and short... and just as I moan with a bit of relief from the fast pounding from Ace... Serge pulls out all the way, his hand reaches around to my womb across my stomach... he sends me a shock, which targets the muscles that clench while I orgasm... and I scream; as loud as I ever have, while he thrusts back into my ass and starts fucking the shit out of me, no longer going slow.

I gasp over and over as the shock of his charge, sends my orgasm sky rocketing through the roof. I start panting and the intense pain is soon an unbearably good kind of pleasure.

I rock back into him, willingly putting my knees up onto the bed, just so I can bounce up and down off Serge’s cock. He controls my hips as he fucks me senseless, but this time I help him out.

“Yes, oh god, yes,” I gasp, and just as Serge becomes even harder inside of me, I clench as hard I can around him and he snarls with his release.

"Good whore,” Serge slaps my ass, “...for once in your life... you seem to be learning...” he pulls out and I almost collapse onto my face.

Until Dale saves me, by wrapping his fist into my hair and grabbing one of my hips in his large hands.

“Round 3,” Dale’s only words, as he positions his cock up to my gaping ass... to shove in and pound as hard as he can straight from the beginning. I both pant and cry during the onslaught of his cock inside my ass, making me feel destroyed and completely owned in the most degrading manner possible.

“Just, cum,” I beg him, “Just cum, just cum, just cum,” my words get a round of laughter from the other beasts looking on, while Dale slows his thrusts and starts fucking me as slow as possible.

“Sure, sweet pea,” Dale outright lies, and continues to fuck me slowly, delaying his release, just to see if he can make me cry some more, “The tears will help wash off the piss, Alyssa... you should be thankful.”

“Thank you, so much, boss,” I respond hysterically, closing my eyes and wondering if this torture of slow fucking in my ass will kill me or cripple me... because it honestly felt like his cock was just getting bigger inside of me... especially... when he starts fucking me faster again. His sudden change has the desired effect, “Oh god... oh god thank you, thank you,” and this time the thank you is honest.

“You’re welcome, kitten,” Dale lets my hair go so I face plant into the bed covers while he thrusts deep inside of me, letting a third load of cum fill my ass.

“Ah...y....a-” I don’t know what I’m even trying to say as he releases my hips and a pair of gentle but firm hands grab me again and flip me around.

I end up on my back and I blink through tears, piss and sweat as I see Jose looking down at me, his hands sliding down to my thighs and massaging my legs.

“Don’t worry, doll... your pussy won’t be neglected tonight,” Jose is somehow reassuring in this statement as he bends my legs back and gets onto his knees on the bed. My eyes roam over his tattooed body, and I wonder how such a scary beast can be so gentle in a moment of a literal gang bang he was also enjoying, just as much as the rest of them, “I promise you’ll cum three more times...” Jose positions his thick cock up with my pussy, which is flooded with wetness from my previous mind blowing orgasm.

Jose slowly pushes inside of me, places his hands down either side of my head and raises one hand to wipe any piss off my cheeks and lips.

“You sweety,” I huskily whisper out as Jose smirks and leans down to lock his lips with mine.

And then he starts making out with me, while he thrusts into me.

It takes away all and any pain while I find my legs willingly opening to the last round.

I move my hips to meet his.

Our tongues clash and dance together while his cock is slobbered up in my abundant and extra juices.

Eventully his hands tease my nipples as he looks down into my lust filled gaze.

An orgasm rips through me and it’s surely bound to pull him over the edge with me.

But, Jose just keeps fucking me at a steady pace into my clenching pussy... then, he changes tactic. He decides to pull out, flip me again with his hands on my hips... and starts fucking me from behind... this helps send me to another orgasm, which sort of quickly but also slowly pushes through me. The impending climax seems to always stay at the edge, never fully releasing.

And I find this is the worst torture of all.

“Jose, please,” I beg, “Please, please, please... please....”

He thrusts harder after I beg, until the second climax finally rocks my body and I whine into the sheets, crying out some more tears of pleasure.

But he just keeps fucking me. Like a damn fucking machine. I decide, no, this, this is definitely the worst pain of all.

A cock that never goes soft.

I had never looked forward to a soft, spent cock as much as I did right now in this moment.

But Jose fucks me steadily for another thirty solid minutes, each minute filling like an eternity... and then he does something different.

He uses his super strength, to pull out and pull into me, so hard... it’s like being shattered through my final orgasm.

I almost black out from it, while Jose continues to fuck into me, using his super strength which he had never unleashed upon me until now... and he only releases when he is ready.

I barely notice the difference from when he stops... from when he was completely owning me.

But eventually, he is finished and my body is free of needy cocks.

I lie trembling and gasping while slowly being filled with exhaustion. It creeps into every part of my body, my blood and my brain.

I am spent.

I am so done.

“Impressive,” Ace congratulates Jose, who laughs proudly in the face of his achievement.

“It’s called my end game,” Jose explains, smugly in his quiet drawl.

“Let’s take a drink...” Serge murmurs, and I feel their eyes on me moments before I fall asleep, my breathing now shallow and slow. They think I’m asleep, I know they do, especially when Serge adds, “ the return of Alyssa.”

I almost stop breathing when he doesn’t call me a whore.

My heart floods with warmth.

Especially when the other three beasts agree and reply, “ the return of Alyssa. Princess of the Shadows.”

And then, even after a lengthy and torturous punishment, I fall into a blissful sleep.

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