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Chapter 7: Wet Gun

I’m wearing killer high-heels, a short red dress with no straps and black, glossy lipstick. I’ve literally spent hours getting ready to look this good. I’m so focused on my appearance to rock James’ world and show everyone at his party I was more important than a lone suicide mission just because I was someone’s type in looks and they had no one else to fit the role.

It’s almost time to leave when there is a knock at my door.

I get my hopes up that it will be James to take me to his party and I open the door while biting my lip.

I don’t expect for my eyes to travel down towards a little kid. He looks about eight years old, with striking blonde hair and contrasting dark eyes. His hand is holding a little box and a letter.

It looks like a present.

“Hello, is everything alright?” I ask, not sure if he lives here or is just a visitor.

The boy smiles and reaches out his free hand to shake mine with. I take his hand and give him what he wants, shaking his hand very gently so I don’t accidentally injure him. After our quick introduction he continues to hold out the box and letter towards me.

“My name is Casey,” he introduces himself, smiling, “My dad told me to give you this.”

“Your dad?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

“I’m his adopted son,” he tells me like I should know, “Are you going on a date with him tonight?”

“What?” I ask, furrowing my eyebrows, “Does James have a son?”

“James?” Casey looks utterly offended as I speak out with, apparently, the wrong name.

Casey pauses, puzzled, but then he just ends up shrugging while seemingly disapproving of me now.

“…what?” I ask, also confused.

“So you’re dating two guys?” Casey reluctantly lets me take the present and then crosses his arms over his chest.

I hold it with both hands and look at the present with confusion, I wonder if he had the wrong door?

“No, I’m not dating two guys,” I deny, and add, “…but I do have a date tonight. I don’t think it’s your –” my mouth hangs open as I suddenly realise what I’ve missed from the start.


I had forgotten about him.

“My dad doesn’t buy gifts for girls he doesn’t like,” Casey explains, like he is still unsure of how stupid I am.

Right now, I felt pretty-damn stupid.

“Do me a favour,” I get down on my knees, biting my lip as I try to think of a way to get Casey to like me, perhaps the truth was the only way to fix this, “Don’t tell your dad I’m going on a date tonight. We just met yesterday, I had no idea he wanted to date me,” was this the truth though? I had an inkling he might have wanted more than to just offer me a job… “Please, Casey, you’re a loyal kid, I like that. You’re smart too. Please don’t tell your father I’m going on a date. If I had known he wanted to date me, if it was made clear… I wouldn’t be going out tonight. Your dad is… um… sweet?” I try to think of the right word.

“He isn’t sweet,” Casey looks offended again, “He’s a man.”

“Ah – yeah, I know, just, don’t –” I can’t finish because Casey rudely shrugs half way through my pleading and starts walking off, looking over his shoulder at me with intelligent, cheeky eyes.

“If you expect me to lie to my dad, you’re wrong!” he calls out to me in a sing-song voice as he goes, leaving me really worried about his intentions and the consequences of everything about to go down.

I can’t stop him going and I quietly shut my door, looking down at the gift in my hand.

I sit down at my desk straight away and open the letter first. Inside is a white card with two words and a signature.

‘Bad girl’ – Dale.

What? What did I do wrong?

Freaking out, I quickly open the present itself – what could it be?

I gape when a see the glittering glass box.

It was an extremely expensive perfume in a black and gold glass case. It was famous, too, because it was ten thousand dollars a bottle, guaranteed to bring attention to those wanting to get into the Gang of Shadows.

It was called after the famous clubhouse, Black Lair.

Sprinkled with gold leaf inside and real diamonds at the bottom.

There are no other notes, just the two words from Dale and the perfume inside the glass box. The perfume bottle is round like an egg, with a real gold sprayer on top.

What on earth could he mean by this gift? And who knew someone so young, attractive and evil, would adopt a kid?

I couldn’t forget my objective, however. Even though Dale was intriguing and dangerous… his ring was still my target.

I can’t help myself, I open the glass box. I sprinkle some of the perfume on my neck, too curious to find out the smell but knowing it will be perfect. It subtly hits my nose but when the smell registers, it’s like breathing in euphoria – it’s absolutely divine.

I purse my lips, of course I had two options now.

And, of course, Dale had to ruin it. I look at his note, ‘Bad girl’. What the hell, though? What did that mean? He didn’t even ask me to go on a date! I just left him a friendly message to say I was busy tonight.

I honestly didn’t understand where I went wrong. I shake my head as I get to my feet and grab my clutch, still broken from last night, I had just taken out all the sequins. No one would notice.

I straighten my back and decide to make my way to James’ place.

I was still determined to go to this party and make some friends. I couldn’t spend this long getting ready, just to bail.

I just had one issue out of my control; Casey.

I simply and desperately wish that that kid decides to trust me and listen to me.

Otherwise, I just hoped that the Lord of the Underworld wasn’t the jealous type.

When the taxi heads down the street full of mansions, dropping me off at 11 Eve Street, my first mistake hits me hard as I’m left on the curb. I’m watching the latest group to arrive at the mansion walking in wearing a peculiar choice of clothes.


I had completely forgotten. I had been so caught up in the idea of getting famous, I had forgotten a key theme to the party.

Everyone I see at the front is wearing revealing clothes. I see a lot of women wearing sexy night gowns, some even just wearing matching sets of panties and bras. The men are wearing pyjama pants or boxers.

I raise my eyebrows as I watch the taxi turn at the end of the street and head off. I was truly stuck here now.

Cringing all the way as I walk towards the front doors, I end up spotting familiar faces near the entry. Some admin girls and some low level spies like me.

James the Brains is also at the entrance; completely naked except for a strapped on straw hat covering his most intimate area.

I won’t lie, the ridiculous hat doesn’t take away from his extremely buff, veiny superhuman body. Although, even though he looks like Hercules, it looks a bit too much. James slaps everyone into his house, nearly knocking people over as he does so.

When he spots me, his eyes widen at what I’m wearing and he reaches out a hand.

Oh god, he wanted to push me in as well. I hold up my hand, too, shaking my head.

He clearly gets the wrong message.

Out of nowhere, he grabs my hand with his crushing fingers and he pulls me close. He puts another hand on the back of my dress while he goes in for a quick kiss.

The hand he isn’t grasping, I put on his chest, digging my claws in. I have to use a bit more extra force to break his skin open. Not to mention, his straw hat is poking into my stomach and making me feel like I’m being assaulted by a homeless country guy that’s wandered his way into this party.

James’ doesn’t try to kiss me anymore but lets out a long exhale, everyone else quiet around us as blood starts running down his chest from my five dug in nails. Gulping… they squidge as I pull them out because I stuck them in so far.

“Really, diamond spy?” he asks, raising a brow at me, “That hurt, so bad, ouch,” he’s clearly sarcastic and shakes his head, grinning. I watch in irritation as his chest quickly heals up.

Super strength equaled super healing.

“I forgot about the theme… oh, and you spelled my name wrong, too,” I speak, deciding to just avoid addressing the fact he just tried to kiss me and he still wasn’t taking his hand off the small of my back.

“It’s Alysa, right? Like A-leece-ah?” he raises a brow because he thinks he’s aced it and he couldn’t look anymore proud nor cocky.

I just shake my head and try to move away from him and his straw hat... except trying to escape is like moving back against a solid wall. He won’t let me go until he wants to let me go.

“No. Not A-leece-ah, it’s Alyssa, pronounced Alice-ah – big difference,” I find myself subtly insulting him with my tone, I can’t help it.

“You’re a real bitch, you know that?” he states, still smirking though, “But I like it,” he snaps his teeth together. Something that could be so sexy, fails on James the Brains.

I try not to laugh out-right.

“I tend to be a bitch when I find someone incredibly stupid,” I retort, smiling back, “Can I go in and get a drink or what, you just gonna keep holding me here against your straw hat?”

“I’ll let you go but I’ll come find you, later,” he leans in, to whisper into my hair, despite the imminent danger, “…you’ve got a bed here tonight, you know that right?”

I don’t say a word as he finally lets me go and I turn from him, I can’t even look at him.

I felt so violated and repulsed. I try to get away from him by walking towards the crowd in the kitchen and lounge area directly ahead through the gigantic white and cream coloured halls.

What the fuck was with James?

He was such an unexpected creep!

“You didn’t say happy birthday, Alysa!” he calls out after me, pronouncing my name wrong, again.

I turn around as I walk, just to give him a disgusted look, but I end up barreling straight into a lump of jiggling fat as I try to walk through the arched entrance into the party area.

I’m rebounded back out of the fat and I turn to see I’m facing Prof. Hedgy who has nothing but boxers on.

“The almost spy, welcome,” Prof. Hedgy tries on as much fake enthusiasm as I’ve ever heard anyone force into a conversation, “You’re not in pyjamas. Did you forget, poor dear?”

“Yes. I forgot,” I answer, professionally, “At least I still look the part.”

“Sweety,” he says, quietly, “I need you to make sure James has a good night tonight, he doesn’t like many girls, usually,” a flat out lie, but anyway, “…he’s been talking about you a lot tonight. He couldn’t wait for you to come. Some might even say he fancies you… surprisingly.”

There it was, the last word to destroy anything nice he could have said.

“And you sir, are very confident to come in boxers… surprisingly,” I don’t know where all this sass is coming from but I’m pretty damn proud of myself as I skirt around him and head for the drinks.

All the administration ladies, the ones who liked to throw papers at me, are by the wine.

“Hello,” I intercept into their conversation as I grab a bottle, holding it to myself.

“There are glasses,” one of the women points out, furrowing her eyebrows.

“Oh, I know, ladies,” I reach out, pretending to give them a cheers, “James said I’m very welcome here so I assume I am also very welcome to his alcohol.”

Smiling to myself, as they just watch in disbelief, I take a swig and head out towards the open French doors. There’s a pool outside, with a nice unexpected garden. I was impressed, at least the grass wasn’t plastic.

I find a seat by my lonesome near the pool, overlooking everyone on the inside. It was slowly filling up and my eyes search for the other members of the Five Reds.

I spot them, eventually, all lounging about in the living area near the huge ass television. Coal, a woman with the ability to move and break objects with her mind, is sitting down looking solemn and annoyed at the three men with her. Kyle is playing an old-world classic Xbox. Jackle, who could regrow limbs and pull off limbs at will like a human jelly… he was laughing with the last member, Dash. If you hadn’t guessed from his name, he could run fast, but he was young and naïve and the newest member to the Five Reds.

He was replacing the last girl who used to be a main member of the Five. Katie went missing and never came back about half a year ago. She used to be Coal’s best friend. Katie could control minds so they use to be a real pair.

Coal catches my eye now as I’m staring at her, thinking how we’ve never met properly. However, she seems to know who I am because she says a few words and then the rest of the squad look my way.

I smirk to myself and drink more of the wine.

Asshole James the Brains had talked about me to his squad, huh?

It is at that moment, a couple of people are pushed aside by a mostly naked Captain, clearly searching the crowd for my face.

I had already made up my mind; that I was having nothing to do with him.

I’d simply ignore him, make him look like more of an idiot. I’d stay the whole night to get his hopes up and then disappoint him by hopefully – some sort of public humiliation.

I could make him look like a fool in front of everyone here.

I drink my wine, eyeing James as he finally decides he can’t find me and he heads over to his squad.

I quickly stand up and head back into the crowd of people, slamming my wine bottle down on the bench. The bottle is empty already after my contemplating and quick drinking. Already, ideas flood my mind. I hadn’t eaten dinner and the alcohol was hitting me quickly.

I look up to see Prof. Hedgy waddling his way over to me so I quickly dodge back into the crowd and this time I leave the main area.

I find a winding stair case and head up to the bedrooms. No one is up here and I walk to the most obvious room to be James’. It was the master-bedroom overlooking the front garden.

The curtains are open and for a moment I admire how large and spacious this gorgeous room is. The next moment, my eyes swim over the furniture but they can’t help but suddenly halt on the bed.

I gasp when my eyes hit something shocking.

Were there really leather shackles hanging from the bed posts or was I imagining things?

I come in closer to inspect and laugh out loud – of course. Yes. Yes, there was, and they were no doubt to restrain me down so he could fuck me.

“Never, ever,” I hiss, jumping onto the bed I slice my fingers through the big fat duck feather pillows. I write in the words, ‘NOT’ and ‘ME’ on each pillow, so it’s clear to him. I then jump up and spy the immaculate thick red curtains.

I slowly walk up to them and run a hand through the material, so close to shredding them.

Except now I can see the front lawn and street.

Once again, my eyes have a reason to light up.

I see a familiar black car parked on the street. I narrow my eyes when I see a figure in the front seat, the window rolled down.

I lean forward and try to work out what that big long metal thing is poking out.

For a moment, I see a flash of red to my right.

I look and don’t see anything.

“Stupid alcohol,” I whisper, surely it was making my mind see things that weren’t there. But – no! There it was again, a red circle – a red dot! Slowly making its way over the curtains, into the bedroom, towards me.

I swear I can feel the heat of it suddenly on my forehead.

Oh, shit.

I drop down to my knees, seconds before the window shatters above me with a flying, silent bullet.

Suddenly surrounded by shattered glass, I quickly roll over the dangerous shards and then half stand up as I run out of the room, nearly barreling into the opposite wall.

I stand up and run towards the stairs, and down, my heartbeat off the charts.

Surely I was about to have a heart attack.

I was a target.

I find myself heading towards a small study near the front door. I was curious, to have one more look at the man with the sniper. I wanted to see if more people were with him.

I wanted to confirm it was…

I didn’t want to say it.

I still felt delirious from the red dot… the bullet… the window shattering.

I shakily get down to my knees and peep my head through a closed curtain, hoping I won’t be expected to be in another window. Only a fool would put themselves at risk like this, but for some reason I was morbidly curious to confirm…

From down here I can see the car moving, in fact it is rolling down the curved drive way of James’ mansion right this moment.

The number plate becomes clear.

It is the same as last night.


A seemingly stupid number plate, but in this moment? Terrifying. It just felt so much more violent, the meaning behind it…

I continue to watch from my window, no idea if they can see a slither of my head poking out the side, watching.

But I no longer see a sniper in use.

As they roll in closer, a window rolls down at the back.

I lean out of sight for a moment, just as there is a huge boom and crack!

It’s impossible not to see the massive bolts of blue electricity explode out of the car, making the whole house shudder under my feet.

Instantly, lights pop out and the music abruptly stops mid song.

Ironically, despite being nearly killed, I’m extremely happy that James’ party has been ruined. I start to hysterically smile about it, when –

“Found you, kitten,” I can’t scream even if I tried to.

A hand has clasped around my mouth, cutting off any noise I try to make.

I’m pulled backwards, just as I feel a gun pushed to my head.

With the cold metal pressed against my temple, I glance back at my captor.

Dark hair, perfectly styled on top of gorgeous killer features with those tyrian purple eyes.

I blink slowly, knowing my own eyes were flashing with recognition but also acceptance.

I was going to die.


Dale suddenly manages to lower the gun.

It looks like it takes most of his self-control to do so.

He is growling, like it’s hard for him to stop himself. He takes his hand from my mouth and grabs my arm behind my back instead, pulling me out of the study. He takes me down a deserted hall as everyone from the party runs to the front of the house where the huge explosion sounded from.

But… why was I still alive?

It’s as if he reads my mind as he takes me further down the dark corridor. He leans forward and whispers in my ear.

“You’ll be much more fun alive… but you’ve been a very… very bad girl,” he opens a door to a random library and shoves me in.

I stumble forward, gripping my elbow. The window is open and the thick curtains swirl about in the wind.

It starts to rain then; acid. I can tell when it sprays in and hits my cheek, stinging slightly. I could feel the sting was worse than usual... it was a bad batch of rain.

Dale swears under his breath as he realises but he also chuckles.

“…fucking perfect,” he closes in on me from behind and I spin, swiftly, aiming to grab the gun from him. I’m a second too slow and he simply kicks out one of my high heels, causing me to drop down. He grabs my wrist before I can fall all the way and he jerks me back up, “Perhaps I’ll shove you down into the rain and fuck you right under your boyfriend’s bedroom, how about that?” Dale wraps an arm around my back, pulling me into his chest and looking down at me with an evil smile.

I hadn’t seen this mean side of him before.

“I was nearly shot in the head because of you! Here I was thinking you were coming to save me from that asshole, when I recognised that car from upstairs,” I speak clearly and a little hysterically.

Dale ignores me, but his hand with the gun goes searching. I jerk when I feel Dale’s gun slipping under my dress, the cold metal poking up through to my panties. I hold my breath as the gun slips up my thigh, through the material, gaining a grip. He twists the barrel to pull the panties down.

All it required was one little turn of the gun. I shake my head, glaring up at him.

“What did I do wrong?” I hiss, not bothering to struggle now when I accept I can’t get out of his hold.

I mean, I could keep trying but he’d probably just shoot me.

My panties slither down my thighs on their own.

“Playing games with me doesn’t work, kitten,” Dale presses the gun’s length slowly between my butt cheeks, sliding it towards my exposed pussy. He starts to rub it back and forth, “You know what I do to bad kittens, Alyssa?”

“You murder them?” I ask, biting my lip when an unexpected wetness suddenly forms between my legs.

This was the wrong time to start feeling turned on.

I mean... why the fuck?

“Lives matter not,” he growls, “Pets however… they’re a lot harder to take, don’t you think?”

“What are you – no… you think I’m some sort of lap dog, don’t you? Your sex kitten. At least you want me to be,” I state, knowing that’s probably what his original intention was from the start.

But I had been too much of a chicken to acknowledge it.

“I suppose Captain James has been between your legs, Alyssa?” Dale asks, seriously, ignoring me once again while still rubbing the gun along my pussy, this time more firmly.

My knees were starting to feel it but I didn’t want to show him. I bravely catch his eye as I prepare to admit...

“You’re wrong. No one. Has ever. Been between my legs. Ever,” I state slowly, trying to get across my point, “I’m eighteen, I just graduated high school away from a bunch of boys too afraid to sleep with me, let alone date me,” I sound pitiful but I didn’t like him thinking I was some kind of whore.

I’m lucky.

My words seem to grab his attention and his eyes light up. But he doesn’t speak, he just continues to rub my pussy up nice and wet.

Him ignoring my words starts to drive me a little insane. My patience flies out the window.

“You’re clearly a jealous psycho... and your friends are waiting,” I nod over my shoulder, “Leave my innocent virgin pussy alone.”

No… no,” he shakes his head, drawling out the words, finally answering me, “I’m a megalomaniac, there’s a difference.”

I just purse my lips.

That’s it, huh? No fucking reassurance at all? Nothing?

I then wait for him to stop with the clit teasing but he doesn’t.

I crack it again.

Get your gun off my pussy,” I hit his chest and try to knee him but I can’t, he just holds me tighter until I have no movement available to me. He smirks as I breathe heavily, trying to struggle despite it being so futile, “Get the fuck off me. I’ve heard you like submissive women. I might look like the women you choose, but I’m not your type. I’ll drive you insane. I’m more likely to slap you and ignore you rather than give you whatever you want.”

Dale opens his mouth, trying hard not to smirk, a light in his eyes as he leans down to whisper in my ear.

“Then why are you riding back against my hand, kitten?” he growls and I suddenly can’t contain myself, I tremble. He starts to rub the gun even rougher between my pussy lips.

My knees wobble and he ends up supporting most of me against him.

I’m not,” I hiss, breathlessly in denial, complaining as my blood continues to flood to low places, “Please – stop.”

“You don’t get to ask, kitten” he backs me up towards the rain, taking his gun from my pussy he puts the barrel into the oncoming mist; before shoving it back up against my flesh.

I wince as it stings and itches. But that meant everything is suddenly heightened and I squirm.

“Better? Does that hurt, kitten?” he asks, condescendingly, “You poor thing… Alyssa. I was never offering you a job, I was warning you before I came to take you to be trained as one of my many kittens,” he takes his lips away from my ear and hovers them over my own. He is not kissing me, but filling my breath with his hot breath as he speaks against my lips, “You going to cum yet? Or are we going to stand here all night until you do?”

I wasn’t going to lie, I was already close to a climax and his words, for some reason, push me higher.

I purse my lips while shaking my head. My cheeks must look so red right now because I was almost panting and it was embarrassing as all hell.

I can’t take it, I quickly push past his cheek and bury my head in his neck, biting his suit at his shoulder.

“Good girl, don’t hold back,” he growls, rubbing the gun harsh and rough against me, always bouncing it off my clit, rubbing backwards and then hitting that most sensitive bud again, and again, and again, “I haven’t even started, sweet thing…” he chuckles to himself just as I cry out and bite harder into him, wetness leaking down my thighs in a rush, no doubt spreading over his hand as well.

I open my mouth to breathe heavily in relief as he suddenly lets me go. Standing back, he leaves me there, standing alone, trembling and vulnerable.

He raises the hand with my juices on it, towards his lips. He tastes me, his eyes unblinking as he watches me.

“Ladies first,” he smirks when he has finished tasting. I just stand there while he twirls a finger, “Out the window. Now.”

I turn, walking awkwardly to my destination with my panties around my ankles. I reach down to grab them.

“Leave them where they are, kitten,” he warns, and I straighten my back, already doing what he says.

I try to convince myself it’s because he’s holding a gun, not because I was consciously giving in.

At the window, he surprisingly chooses to help me. He hoists me up with an arm around my waist.

However, once I’m outside he let’s me go again so he can watch me walk ahead while I struggle. On the grass, in the sprinkling acid rain, I turn my head and I see lights flicker back on in the house. I briefly hear everyone cheering from the inside.

Someone had fixed it. Clearly no one knew there was a shattered window upstairs.

Not yet, and probably not for a while.

Dale continues to walk behind me as I waddle across the grass with small steps, trying not to slip because of my thin heels; one of which was nearly broken. Up ahead I see the black car from before, slowly edging forward closer to the curb. It had obviously done a once over around the block.

I guess this is what it was like to be kidnapped.

Stupidly, I’m blushing like crazy.

I could barely deal with Dale.

How would I face his three menacing body guards...

...with wet thighs and my panties forced to stay around my ankles?

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