Hiding Behind A Face (The Maskless Trilogy #3)

By K. Weikel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Thriller


Banshee told her a story. Not the right story, of course, but it was close enough to the truth to make her second-guess herself. She sits on the bed, listening to the half-truths and trying to make sense of it all. Soon she’s overcome with exhaustion from her wound and trying to counter everything Banshee’s saying, trying to question every syllable coming from his mouth.

She finds herself laying down, feeling a strange calmness wash over her although Banshee is in the room. She feels sleep creeping in on her broken body as Banshee finishes his story about how the Maskless manipulated her and deceived her, tricked her. They only wanted her to hide behind. They wanted to hide behind her face.

Darkness starts to fall on her brain and she feels her breathing slow and her brain quiet down.

Banshee had been silent for a good minute before saying something else, startling Becca and irritating her brain, keeping it from falling asleep. But it’s not when he said it that bothers her. It’s what he said.

“It was Eduard that shot you, Becca.”

His voice burrowed deep in her brain as her heart started to wake her up. She uttered a “What?” right before drowsiness brought her back down into a dark blank space. Eduard had been the one that shot her? He couldn’t have… Or maybe he did. She did hold a gun up to his head, she did do what he didn’t want her to… Isn’t that enough for someone to want to kill somebody? She was a threat to him. That’s why he did it.

He never cared for her.

She felt a piece of her heart break as it woke her up a tiny bit. Banshee’s voice droned on and on, beyond where she could hear through the tiredness weighing her down. Why was he still talking? She was asleep. Sort of…

She drifted back into a slight-sleep, the lies Eduard had told her replaying in her mind. She wondered, Why me? Why, out of all the people in this world, why was I chosen to be the Face? What made me different than everyone else?

And then sleep fully took her, Banshee still talking, still brainwashing as he does.

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