Hiding Behind A Face (The Maskless Trilogy #3)

By K. Weikel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Thriller


The rising smoke is thick as Eduard walks through the debris. He’s coughing as he calls her name, the fire making his skin glisten with sweat.

“Becca!” He calls out again, trying to strain his ears to hear a voice over the crackling flames around him.

Soon he’s out of building to search through, the sky stretching forever overhead. He looks out at the city, the concrete jungle, and wishes he could go back in time and have everything just the way it was with Mikey being alive and everyone else being normal

Eduard turns to face the wreckage once again, ready to trek through it once again. He’ll look one more time, peeking through doors and calling her name out, listening for a response.

So he does. His skin feels hot and as if it’s being cooked the longer he looks, but he can’t leave her behind. Not now that he just got her back, more or less.

He reaches the end of the cackling flames with no luck.

Eduard begins to make his way down the other wing of the building, hoping that maybe she’s there.

Quill’s office, he thinks suddenly, a bubble of hope rising deep within him.

He starts out at a jog, letting the hope fill him up. Then his legs move faster and faster, his heart beating at a quickening pace. He reaches Quill’s door, pushing it open just as a white piece of paper catches his eye.

The room is empty as he says her name, all of his hope crushing on the inside of him. The window is open, the moons light making it seem as if the moon is trying to slip into the room.

Eduard turns his attention to the paper on the door, his brain thinking it might be a clue to where she disappeared to, if she’s even alive…

Eduard closes his eyes to shake away the thought that makes his heart ache with a pain he doesn’t want to experience again.

Do this.

Think. Ponder. Realize. Dig. Find. Persuade.

Find Becca. Use this.

Or you die, Eduard Millen.

Play the game.

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