Hiding Behind A Face (The Maskless Trilogy #3)

By K. Weikel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Thriller


Quill looks out at the Hiders, who haven’t moved a muscle since his threat was given. He can see the excises and lies and worries pass over their faces, in their eyes. He has made them afraid, and fear makes it easy to manipulate.

He points to the nearest boy, who jumps at the man’s sudden movement.

“You,” Quill says, his voice slicing through the air. “Come here.”

The boy looks around, focusing on Victoria for a moment, who lifts up her thumb as if she was going to press down on the lit up red button to set the bomb off. The boy gulps and stands up, his legs wobbling slightly as he walks over to Quill.

He stops a few feet from the man, his face covered in fear. Quill beckons him forward until he is standing about a foot away from him.

“What’s your name, boy?” Quill asks.

“Cameron,” the boy says, his voice quivering.

“Cameron,” Quill repeats.

Suddenly, Quill has the boy turned around and is holding up a small gun to Cameron’s head.

“I want you to build something. If you don’t, so help me I will follow through with my threat. There will be no survivors.”

“What is it?” A guy from the back calls, leaning over an old-fashioned radio. “What are you wanting us to build?”

Quill smiles, feeling the power return and flow through his veins.

He starts to talk, when he is interrupted.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Quill scowls as the person wearing his mask steps out into the center of the Hiders. She slips off the mask, revealing Becca’s smirking face.

“Becca Reed,” he hisses, pressing the gun harder into Cameron’s temple, making him whimper.

“Hello again, Quill Henson. Been missing your mask lately? It’s mighty comfortable.”

“What do you want?” Quill growls, his patience growing thin.

“Calm down, old man. We’re on the same side. Neither of us are that special anymore. Well, unless you consider me something like the Face of the Maskless and you the Leader Who Fell. Then one of us would be special. But for right now, we’re on the same playing field. So calm down and let the boy go. Victoria, Twitch, and Nixon have this under control.”

“What are you talking about?”

Becca glances up at Quill and purses her lips as she turns slightly to look at Victoria.

“You do have this under control, do you not?” She asks her. Victoria looks at her strange for a moment before nodding.

Becca turns back around. “See, Quill. They’ll do what you say. You’re threatening the whole city’s life. Not just their friends. Calm down.”

Quill watches her movements. The unpredictable side of Becca has come out, the one that faces him in the court room after Banshee...

“We’re on the same side here, Quill.”

“And what side is that?” Quill hisses.

Becca smirks guilely and turns around. “Everyone does what I say, no questions asked and no talking back. The Face is back.”

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