The Blessed

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Chapter 10

Lucius shifted gears on the stick as Alicia pressed her fingers into the seat under her as she looked behind her at Hope and Daean glaring at each other. The truck rumbled again as Alicia quickly grabbed a hold of Lucius's arm.

"First time in a truck?" asked Lucius as he shifted again, Alicia's face had lost a bit of her color as she stared at the dirt flinching at every bump in the road. She practically screamed when the truck went air born for a second as she held down her long jean skirt. She frowned as she dusted of her white tank top.

"Ha ha, calm down this vehicle is perfectly safe," Lucius chuckled, as he shifted gears, he looked in the rearview mirror; Daean wasn't faring better as his dirty nails gripped the rusted bed of the old pickup truck. Hope must have lost interest in Daean's death glare and took to looking of at the distant mountains.

"What's wrong?" asked Daean not really caring but whished anything to take his mind of the speed he was moving.

""Just remembering, like I said a time traveler I have been thru and seen things before it is literally déjà vu,"

"What was I like in your past?" asked Daean now a little concerned.
"Well," she took a moment her eyes shifted a bit but Daean didn't seem to notice, "You were different, I'll admit it, you're not the same and I haven't been treating you as such,"

"What does that mean?" asked Daean, as he shifted his weight to the right now his full attention fully on Hope.

"Well you see the events that happen in a person's life shape them and one moment is changed a person's outlook can be changed," she answered seizing the change in topic.

"That's not what I meant but, okay," Daean raises his hand for Hope to stop. "These events have happened differently?" Daean asked.

"You have no idea," groaned Hope "I used all the energy in this stupid devise trying to change the events that you and your friends went thru.

"Wait so why did my dad have to die?" asked Daean his temper clearly rising,

"Well not to say I didn't try, but I, your dad's pretty mean with a shovel," she answered looking down.

"How is that you took down so many men and held your own against a psychic ninja that's got to be badass in someone's book. How could my old as dirt pacifistic dad be mean with a shovel?" asked Daean not believing it for a moment.

"I had a very bad case of underestimating him, I went looking for you confronted him and he hit me in the back of the head with a shovel, I was out for a long time," she answered clearly embarrassed at the turn of events.

"So why not go back again?" asked Daean,

"You can only recharge a battery so many times, this baby has got nothing left," said Hope as she tossed the devise into the truck bed. Daean looked at the thing before looking back at her,

"How many times have you lived this adventure?" asked Daean as he looked back up at her.

"To many times, boy I may look twenty but I am much older kid, and running out of options," she murmured. "To answer you first question it would take a life time to explain all the different versions of you I have met you'd be surprised how changing a single event in your life can alter a man's entire life,"

"Part of me would like to know about the me you first met," said Daean,

"That one he was the closest," said Hope,

"To what?" asked Daean as the truck hit another bump.

"Well lots of things you here of the butterfly affect well after the first it been all downhill. I'd be lying if I expected anything different from you," Hope dismissed,

"Boy talk about hope for the future," muttered Daean,

"Boy I've tried everything, altering every event before and after the burning of your town, every time something wrong happened and, most if not all your friends die," she replied,

"Die?" Daean repeated,

"Yes Die fell, for some odd reason Chad hasn't died from any of the changes I have made,"

"Chad? Chad who?" asked Daean a bit confused,

"You know Chad from accounting," said Alicia crack a small smile, Daean just looked even more confused at the miss placed attempt at humor.

"Question how is you go back in time and change history, before and after these events but I don't remember them," said Daean scratching his head "Why do you look so young?"

"Don't think about it too much," she smiled,

"So any idea on how to get over this fear of killing?" asked Daean as he looked into the cab at Alicia. Hope seemed to think a moment before explaining.

"So you're a druid Knight correct?" asked Alicia, The man smiled at being recognized correctly.

"Yes, I am, one of the few groups of people on this continent that truly abide, by a set law, the Mafia, may have a rule set up but that's as changeable as they are," said Lucius

"I heard you don't believe in god either, that you don't respect the military and worship the devil," Alicia not saying it as if she believed it.

"Who in the world said that pack of lies," he asked the truck swerved, a giant thumping sound hit the bottom of the truck bed. The two looked back to see Daean cursing on the floor, both waved nervously, before turning back. "That is not true who gave you that… shit," Lucius, trailed off, He acted fast quickly Kicking, Alicia out of the truck as both doors were thrown open. The Knight rolled out as the truck slammed into a large man who had leaped in front of the truck. The giant slammed both fists into the hood the truck collapsed further as Hope and Daean were thrown into the air. Hope leaped of the shock wave into the air while Daean was thrown into the dirt from the impact. Daean skidded and rolled as he stumbled to his feet his left hand shooting electricity when a single spark hit the wrong fluid. Luscious's eyes widened as he called the earth to protect the four people creating large mounds to cover them from the explosion.

Daean had shut his eyes the rumble was fast bits of dirt fell on him, Daean swallowed as the giant came to memory the man Darius had fought against, back at the town, Lighting sparked inside as his furry came back. The shield started to crawl with lighting the shell broke, Daean's body moved fast as the lighting propelled him the giant was taken by surprised, as the lighting dug into the man's armor suit unscathed from the fiery explosion. Rage burned hard and clung fast, as Daean grabbed with his only working hand unleashing more and more lighting until a flailing fist nailed Daean hard. The boy fell to the ground but shrugged it off as the cut he had got from the hit danced with lighting slowly healing, Daean flexed his other hand as motion came back, lighting charged in his hands as he prepped a massive surge of lighting at the giant. The massive man recovered from the blow as he charged the armored fist bashed into Daean who was unwilling to dodge, Daean collapsed blood dripping from his mouth lighting continued to surge, before stopping.

Alicia stood still a moment as she watched Daean fall to the dirt. Ignoring the danger as she ran over to her fallen friend as the brute began to look at the survivors. The green Knight concentrated as a Giant Hand crumbled out of the earth swatting The Fallen Angel away from Daean.

Alicia Slide to the ground and placed her ear to her friends chest to hear a faint heart beat, grabbing Daean's shoulder and started to cry when the heart started to slow. Time around slowed as Lucius started to charge the giant. Then time reversed just around the pair, Daean's wound popped back as the broken ribs returned to normal. The dirt That Alicia had attracted to her close started to vanish as well as the foot print that had been placed on her side vanished, Time returned as Daean blinked back to life as if the hit never happened but still had the memory of the attack,

"What did you do?" asked Daean as the giant roared.

"Were, is he, he should be here the bearded fool, were, is he woman, tell me so I can carve him into bits!" he roared "I am Mabush I am the Coliseum King, I am strength I will not be denied where is the bearded one?" He demanded as his rage grew.

"Friend of yours?" asked Lucius, as he looked at the man,

"Oh yes dear friend, he destroys my stuff all the time, a real mean bastard when he is drunk too," smiled Hope rolling her eyes under her hood. "Take your hammer and shove it, the fool isn't here can't you look instead of shouting you oversized bastard!" Hope yelled back. The armor opened upon his wrist a war Hammer dropped into his hand. The handle grew in size until it could be gripped with both hands. His eyes screamed his hatred at the insult.

"I will silence you Bitch," He growled as he charged, Swing his now sledge hammer with and insane speed, Hope Teleported fast avoiding the blows, she teleported far away a huge fist erupted from the earth dwarfing the man before slamming into him. The giant blocked the earth made hand as he was slowly pushed back from the force. The knight Attacked his now distracted, he pulled out a claymore from the earth slicing the man's left arm of at the shoulder. The metal surrounding the limb moved like mercury and returned to the suit leaving a bleeding severed hand. The armor compensated and quickly sealed of the wound then formed into a metallic replacement limb. The man's relief was sort lived as the hand made of earth smashed into him harder while his limb was being fixed. The giant was thrown like a ball as he rolled and skidded a groove into the lifeless world kicking up dust as he went. Mabush got back to his feet as he charged like a rhino again at Lucius, the man seemed to slow down as the Knight just smiled as dust particles seemed to find itself in the joints of the metal. "What, What have you done to me?" the man screamed,

"Organic metal or otherwise all that dirt that got kicked up has been slowly accumulating and while I won't suffocate you with it, the earth will slow you down enough to make you less than a bunny on my treat list," the Man joked,

"I AM NO BUNNNY," Mabush shouts as the armor groined in protest, as The man grasping, trying to move to crush the man.

"You know metal no matter how refined it is still part of the great mother and is there by still under her power. Your metal suit is nothing compared to the power that Mother Nature is capable of," The giant screamed but was not able to move.

"Yell this is an unpleasant surprise are Intel said Darius was with you, how bothersome, no we most start from the top again," said an average sized man he moved slowly, a feeling of dread as the man stumbled into the group,

"Phylor? What are you doing here, this was my fight," asked Mabush.

"Yes your, leaping around had managed to find them surprisingly, If you waited I could have told exactly were and if Darius was here, impatient fool," he growled. "As for them I am not surprised of your situation a small group of blessed individuals. Your strength gives you power but little over a Druid Knight you fool," the man scolded.

"Whoever you are, you are both dead men for all the pain you have caused," said Lucius, as he leveled his sword at Phylor. One could feel the smug smile appear on the man's face under the helmet. The knight was blasted back skidding into the dirt, he stood up when a hard pressure on his neck, he was choking.

"You and your foolish religion, so adamant to believe in balance the truth is the world is crumbling. Your great mother is soon to fall to a mad man, there is no balance in this hell," said the figure as he walked up to the now down knight. Phylor released his hold, then lifted the man up with his telekinetic powers.

"You forget the power of faith," Lucius wheezed out when, a spike of earth shot out of the earth stabbing the man's armored shoulder. The power was cut out as the green armored man dropped to the ground. Daean caught his breath and ignoring his earlier attack, blasted Pylor didn't turn as the lighting hit some unseen shield and was deflected away. Daean fumbled out his revolver and aimed. The weapon levitated out of his hand and levitated into Phylor's hand, the man stared at it a moment as the wound in his armor and body resealed. He twirled the revolver on his finger a moment as the knight was thrown into the remains of the truck knocking him out cold. He stumbled a bit before walking over to Daean, the two stood face to face as the armored man seemed to look him over.

"Is it possible?" Phylor asked silently, "No can't be, what is your name boy?" Phylor asked, as he stood back a bit.

"Daean," the teen asked as he looked unflinching back,

"You know something, I could kill you, a simple surge of power I could crush any vital organ you have, rip out all your bones, and stop your blood cold in your body. Stay out of this find a town live long and all that, next time we meet you will die as well as your pretty little friend as well. Come Mambush, no need to play in the dirt," ordered the shorter man and with a blast of power the two leaped away and out of site.

"Some help you were," groaned Lucius, as he rolled out of the remains of the truck,

"They were not looking for us, and even if I did help Phylor isn't someone I could ever handle some powers will never be capable enough to beat others," said Hope as she teleported to the man's side picking him up a and propping him up against a piece of a now chaired seat.

"Whatever," he grunted as hope went to work using the remaining fire from the truck to start a fire with the wood they collected from Daean's old home town. Daean sat down on the ground as he watched the fire.

Alicia looked down at her hands wondering what had happened to cause Daean to return from the near death moment. The camp was silent as they licked their wounds.

"I have a way out; I could move on find a home and become a farmer like my father. I could live away from all this no fear of death I could, next town I get to I will find a house and leave all this camping," Daean spoke.

"I wish I could, but I am not a famer, but I'll help you kid, for helping me out as long as you practice that sword as well," smiled the knight, Daean nodded.

"Fine you want to stop be my guest," dismissed Hope, Daean looked on easily at her remembering all she had said.

"Thank heavens, all this running around is bad for me, and my sore feet can I stay with you?" asked Alicia. Daean smiled, and a quick nod Daean had a way out.

A long way away a figure, with a red scarf covering his face, he looked threw a sniper scope as the small groups. The figure walked away slipped the gun against his back he shook his head as he looked at were the two armored men had disappeared. The figure lowered his hood rubbing his stubbed chin.

"Wondering wither or not to get involved?" asked a hooded woman,

"I was wondering when you when where going to confront me, Interesting a time traveler," The figure muttered "Hope correct? Or should I call you by your real name,"

"Depends on how long you want me to keep yours hidden Sam," Hope answered,

"What do you want?" Sam wondered tilting his head to get a better look at the woman.

"To stay put for now, They will find you, the fallen Angels, all I am asking you is for you to follow my orders. In every time line I altered you where always a wild card; I could never pin your motive or reasons. Your chaotic but you want to stay out of it at least for now, you're a coward. I will inform you when I need you," said Hope as she turned to leave.

"Fine this seems interesting, and I will have to act eventually fine, but if you think I am a cowered or chaotic, than you never really knew me no matter how many times you have traveled," Sam replied, Hope turned to see the figure Sam was gone.

"Impossible," Hope muttered, "This is new, like I said Chaotic," she closed her eyes under her hood and she was back at the camp.

Lucius, looked up at her "So did you great are admirer?"

"You felt him from the vibrations correct," replied Hope as she looked at the Druid Knight.

"Correct, he was rather light on his feet but I could feel him, pretty sneaky, He somehow figured out how not to set of any major vibrations,"

"He a sensor, very useful, more often than not he knows short cuts around other peoples power. He was one of the few people I could never figure out." Hope looked at the fire, the blaze held no wood, as the flames started to whip in the wind.

"Seems to like it will be a windy night," Lucius observed He motioned with his hand and a dome appeared. Around the small group, and a small whole above them for the smoke to vent out safely, Daean tossed his bag to the side and pulled out a worn blanket. "Here," offered the man as he tossed over to very large blanket. "It's a quilt, made by and my Mother, I figure you could use it more than me," the man Smiled as he leaned up against the wall of the dome.

"Dang, this is the softest thing I have ever felt," The teen observed use to worn and ragged blankets he rapped himself up and laid down staring at the fire. Alicia wrapped up with the second and laid down lying against the wall as well her head a few inches away Daean.

Hope watched as the two slept, Lucius as well fell asleep, under his own full body cape.

"This has never happened before they are so close, this is different for all the events before," Wondered Hope out loud, "What changed I altered every major event what was ever important. What changed what altercation have I made?" she asked looking up at the stars, "Even the stars seem a bit brighter, for some reason, even if the smoke seems to shroud them even more,"

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