The Blessed

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Chapter 11

"I am really missing that truck, damn that brute," muttered Daean, as he emptied his dirty water bottle. He licked his lips as he tossed it into his oversized backpack,

"Personally I prefer my feet on the ground," said Alicia,

"So you plan on stopping at the next nameless town?" asked Lucius "Have a farm doing threw same thing over and over again year after year," the green knight drowned.

"You getting at something?" asked Daean, as he eyeballed the knight "on a unrelated a note how in the world can you walk around in that bulky armor in this heat?" asked Daean as he whipped some perspiration form his brow. Daean looked behind him to see hope in what he believed to be a similar satiation with the brown cloak.

"I have a built in air-conditioning unit," he answered, Daean narrowed his eyes,

"AH shinny metal reflects heat? I think I am cool thereby I am cool?" Alicia chuckled.

"Honestly," Daean shook his head covering his smile with a face palm.

"Special metal, the Druids created mines a bit different but it had no heat conductive properties, like most metal. The cape keeps sand and wind issues to a minimal and my helmet we'll let you imagination decide how that works," smiled Lucius.

"Still didn't answer my question," Daean grumbled, Alicia giggled at his expense. Deaen kept his eyes on the never changing waste land

"Nothing grows nothing changes, this road I walk is the same seven miles back, makes me wonder if I'm walking forward or Walking back," Rhymed Alicia,

"Your Middle eastern not black raping is not aloud," Joked Daean,

"Says the one of what three white boys in the land of the dead?" Joked Hope,

"Hey this white boy would like to keep his ears from bleeding,"

"Hey!" shouted Alicia as she dashed up and smacked him upside the back of his head.

"Learn fast and don't complain, about a girl's sinning voice, well raping," laughed Lucius as Daean nursed his pride. Hope smirked at the display of affection as she watched the display.

"Hey are those mountains?" Asked Alicia as the growing rock structure, "why are they shaped like a wave"

"Nobodies sure people thing the act of god, that happened a good hundred years or so ago, but nobody knows the town is one of the few in this entire area that has a name, Wave point, it is a big trading point, and has its own it own water that doesn't rely on the old water pipe system the Druid government put up," said Lusius.

"Which those two twins you where womanizing with supply the water for as well as the food for a lot of areas correct?" asked Alicia

"A good portion of Africa and what little is left of Asia, and hey I was not womanizing," Lucius defended. Daean chuckled at the hurt look on the knight's face, as the roaming group returned to silence outside the idle folk songs from Alicia. The road turned steep as the group walked up Daean turned back a moment.

"Damn, what a view is that that fort we slept at?" squinting at the helicon shape in the distance.

"Man we went far and the green splotch is the oasis, as well as the black," Alicia cut short as she turned around. She hid her face in her own shadow as Daean rubbed her back in support before she turned and hugged Daean rested his chin on her head. After a couple of sniffles a familiar voice rang true.

"Well, well, its Daean, Alicia, and Lucius," said Darius as he dropped down,

"Hey Darius you still ticked about your lack of information what are you doing out here?" asked Hope.

"My informer is stationed here I am a bit concerned with the recent information, so I was heading up in the shadows, I don't trust the roads," explained Darius, as he stopped on a rather jagged rock.

"Good idea, we got attacked based on knowledge that you where with us," explained Lusius,

"How do you keep to the shadows in the middle of a barren wasteland?" asked Daean, the grouped blinked and he vanished,

"The mind controls all things your eyes see me but your brain doesn't I can be invisible to anyone I chose to with the exception of another telepath," Darius echoed. The bearded man reappeared slowly "Sadly the more people looking at me the harder it is to keep up, I can only strain myself so much," The bearded man smirked.

"Now that is cool," Daean nodded, an impressed smile, on his face.

"That's nothing," snorted Hope, as attention went to the woman,

"You would know this how?" asked Darius,

"Turns out she is a time traveler and stuff like that, she's lived this stuff a lot and knows basically what's going to happen?" answered Daean everyone shot him a look like he had grown a second head.

"It's true, Alicia here can manipulate time and space," asked Hope. Everyone turned to looked at Alicia in wonder "No hopes boys as far as I can remember, only once did she learn to time travel and she died a few weeks after words,"

"If it wasn't for the fact I can read people's minds, I would be inclined to call BS, on a second Note This Hope would be a clear sharing of information, if you would have told me I would have stuck around," said Darius.

"But I so love to keep you flailing around in the dark, dear," she smiled back.

"Who taught you how to keep information in the dark so well," Darius asked as he dropped down to his feet.

"You well your past self told me there are tricks of the mind to keep people out," she smiled

"Damn that past alternate version of myself," said Darius not too sure as to how to word his frustration. Hope smiled in satisfaction.

"You are a cruel and twisted chick you know that?" swore Darius as he glared at her.

"I know," she chimes in an all too happy tone. "You take your fun were you can get it after a while,"

"SO who did your run into?" asked Darius as he motioned for the group to follow.

"Mabush that giant with the hammers, answered Lusius, "no much of an issue in my opinion, it the second individual that I worry about Radius I believe," explained the green knight. Darius tensed at the name. "Very powerful mopped the floor with us all to easily,"

"Which is why I am staying out of this," interrupted Daean as he pushed past the two. Darius nodded satisfied with the turn of events.

"Well I know a few friends we can hook you up with a house and some land as well as a job, you be left alone this area is to far west to be touched it stands alone this far out, and would be pointless to attack,"

"So a good place to stay, can you help?" asked Daean as he looked at the group. Then Daean looked at Hope a moment and after no response the group headed up the mountain. Alicia had a skip in her step as the group walked in most gave a curt nod to the green knight and Smiled at Alicia as she smiled at nearly everyone anything. Daean gave a soft smile Alicia was the happiest he'd seen since they burning of the home town. Lucius made a stop at the sheriffs and after a hand shake the group was lead to a small home inside of town. Alicia spun in the center of the room as she looked over the barren house imagining all the stuff she would need.

"This so great this will be my first home ever," she stopped and covered her mouth.

"What now?" said the whole group excluding Hope.

"What you didn't know she's your best friend how can you not know?" asked Lucius and Darius,

"Me? What about you, Darius you should have been able to pick up on such a thing as well, mister mind reader? As well as you mister fortune teller," accused Daean as his attention quickly turned back to his best friends. "Why didn't you tell me?" asked Daean,

"You had your problems and I was more than capable of taking care of myself, okay?"

"Not okay you could have stayed with us at least having a roof over your head," said Daean.

"I WAS TAKING CARE OF MYSELF LONG BEFORE WE BECAME FRIENDS!" shouted Alicia as the group tried to file away from them.

"Listen I feel bad enough about this as it is not catching on for who knows how many years, but now you have to put it into a female independent stick as well?" asked Daean.

"Independence, terribly sorry if I didn't want to intrude some people don't like pushing themselves on others," shouted Alicia.

"Intrude you're my only friend my father may have been new but we could have helped. Even a little heck you could have used the old work shed if it's a privacy issue," shouted Daean,

"Stop trying to turn this into a girl thing, except the fact you are absent minded," shouted Alicia.

Darius, Hope and Lucius each hide their faces in embarrassment, "Anyone really understand the point of this argument?" chuckled the Knight.

"One can certainly tell how much they care for each other," Darius shook his head. Hope said nothing,

"They never end up together, they always separate as many times as I went back it never works out, She usually ends up with a guy named Sam in most cases he ends up dying for her and in some cases she dies before she ever gets a chance. Don't look too much into it nothing ever works out the way you'd expect," explained Hope as she walked away from the house. The two men stood in silence not a word was spoken as they promised to keep that to themselves.

The two kept together like glue, Alicia was a good house keeper, the house was clean, considering the dusty area, and despite the level of poverty the group had a good amount of furniture as well as a locked doo, for the bathroom as well as Alicia's. Darius waited outside the old worn front door, he stroked his beard. He had called in a favor and managed to get Daean a job. The village fed of a damn that kept a lake filled to the brim. The damn was the villages livelihood so skilled guards were always needed, and a blessed guard was a true find. Daean walked out knocking on the door frame, before turning to see his bearded friend.

"So first day with my first job, I am so nervous," said Daean, Darius smirked and with a flick of his neck motioned for Daean to follow. "Man what if I trip or something, man what if they hate me, what if my manager hates me?"

"You'll be fine, listen your blessed powers are known and you will be helpful so long as you follow orders. All you have to do is protect the water okay?" asked Darius, Daean nodded in affirmation as the two walked down the dusty road. Lucius was stationed outside talking with two scantily clad woman one blond one red, the pair seemed interested as he took out his warn tarot cards and the girls dragged him inside to a table. The two shook their heads as the knight worked his magic.

"So why guard water?" asked Daean as he looked up at the bearded man.

"Water in these small towns is worth twice no three times its worth in gold; those twins have a near monopoly on water. Intentional or otherwise, Bill is the only one in this area, which can give water off for a small level of competition in the area, which is why wave is so successful, as well as the need for security," explained Darius. The two walked on in silence, neither spoke as Daean yawned a bit.

The damn seemed small at first but when they got up to it they looked down to see a rusted metal wall stories wall. The water kept moving slowly splashing against the rock and metal a wood office stuck on top of the damn, felt out of place. Daean followed meekly behind Darius as he saw a dust and greasy man behind a desk held together by twin and extra boards. The man was well shaven as he stood up and shook Darius hand a face splitting grin on his face, the one thing that stood out about him was his color unlike the last town as well his home town this man had dark skin were most here well tanned just not that dark. He stood up to his full height a huge 7 feet high, as his belly shook with the movement. He straightened out his Short sleeve shirt that was much too small for his frame as his belly button poked out. He seemed to slide around his desk pulling up his tan pants as the massive key ring jingled as he moved.

"Good to see you old boy," The man smiled, "Been a good year, an all say this that little treasure you found?" asked the man.

"Yeah Bill he's Daean," smiled Darius as he pushed Daean foreword. Daean felt very, very small in front of the man. "He's the blessed dude knows his way around a gun, a sword, and his powers as well. Lighting based so keep him out of the water," laughed Darius. Bill nodded as he pushed the two out he put two of his sausage like fingers in his mouth and whistled. Five men around twenty to twenty five years old each equipped with weapons of ranging from machete to a shotgun.

"Ra-heem, walk him threw the round and explain any questions, kay, just make sure he gots what it takes," Bill ordered. Another man with the same skin tone as Bill took a stepped forward. He wore black cargo pants and a white t-shirt with a red winged skull. The Young man adjusted his black vest as he nodded as he looked at Daean "Good now get your black asses out of here, get back to work," the man dismissed.

The two stared as they walked around, the water both analyzing the other, "So what you looking at never seen a black guy before?" asked Rahem. Daean shook his head his eyes still studying "Never seen a white teen before, thought you all a legend or a myth seems odd an all mostly you see those sandy Arabic guys around here. Were you from any way," Daean blinked as he kept staring. "Boy can you speak?" snapped Rahem.

"Sorry, it's just I don't have much to talk about it's just weird you know, never noticed how pale I was, you forget when nobody really reminds you," said Daean as he looked at his hands.

"Still most white boys keep to the east, you think you parents were running from something?" asked Ra-heem. "Well best keep walking this eater isn't going to protect itself. Sorry none of my business, anyway do you have a blessed power?" Asked the older man as he took out a wood brush running it threw his short black hair. Daean smirked as he held his hand out and electricity danced between his digits.

"Do you have one?" asked Daean,

"While being as good looking as I am is as big of a blessing one could ask for, I was given one as well watch this," the pair stopped a moment as Daean waited. Daean rolled his eyes a moment and tried to step forward. Daean foot weaved and he fell. Daean blinked as his vision started to blur then return.

"Incredible," Daean muttered as his vision stopped slurring.

"To bad it's the only effect," Ra-heem admitted "Yeah, my brother calls me the intoxicator it's not as fancy as you're but all the power in the world is useless if you can't hit me," He smirked.

Darius kept his eye on the then a bit before, as the two walked on before turning to Bill.

"You think he'll do alright?" Daean asked as he turned to Bill.

"If he's nothing like you he'll do fine," said Bill, in a serious manner, "Ah I'm just kidden you all right Darius, now get out here you talk'en to much I got work to do," hurried the man as he pushed Darius out the door.

"All the same, I need to meet my informant," said Darius, shoving his hands in his brown trench coat. He walked down to big mama's bar, Rugged and made of whatever scraps she could find Big Mama's house was a place people went to when they wanted to drink in peace. Every now and then someone would try to start something it usually ended badly for them.

Darius Stepped over a half drunk man bits of glass scattered around him, "Tried to mess with Big Mama?" asked Darius, The man looked up a moment,

"Tried to mess with big Mama," He admitted before going limp, Darius walked past him to cross three block before standing outside the bar. "Her aim has gotten better," he smiled as he walked in,

"Darius?" Said a rather small woman, at only four foot nine the Latina woman, smiled as she walked over to Darius giving him a large hug.

"OUCH" Darius yelped as the woman almost crushed him in her grip "Easy there I need that back in one peace. I saw your handy work outside, another young gun given you trouble?" As the black haired woman turned away and leaped over the bar.

"Ah these brats these days they thing they are so smart, trying to ruff up a small and pretty girl like me," Big mama smirked, Darius nodded noting that the woman was way part her forties. "Well what can I do for ya?" she asked, as she picked up a glass and started to clean the best she could.

"Give me some vodka," asked Darius "You know the special one," said Darius leaning forward,

"Here to that snake huh?" asked Big mama, Darius nodded as he turned away from the bar leaning up against it, the bar shifted a bit, Easy the place is falling apart as it is don't help it along," big mama yelped as she showed Darius off.

"Yeah He's been giving me information that's apparently been given to someone else they tracked me down," Darius explain dusting himself off.

"Wouldn't surprise me the only thing that's good about that man is his money, He down the hall to your right. And don't break anything,"

"Look who's talking, I saw your handy work about three blocks back," laughed Darius,

"Yeah built I pay the bills I can break whatever I want," she shouted back as Darius, the smirk diapered under his beard as the light from outside was reduced to filling cracks. Darius stopped before the door. He rotated a finger slowly as the door unlocked, he raised his hand a bit and the door opened. Darius raised his and before him stopping a razor thin sword from decapitating himself.

"Hello, handsome," purred a woman, she wore the same metal armor the Angels wore, the exception she was in control of her mind just like Mabush and Psyclor. Her armor had flames seemingly moving through here armor. "You like them, you see when a normal human gets a nice suit like this they loss there free will to the controller, When a blessed gets one, they have complete control over the suit, so I customized mine, do you like?" she asked, her helmet unlatched and shifted down into the color of the suit. Her long soft black hair fell back "My name is Elleana, Elleana Hadley, and you have pissed of the man that gave me this suit I am afraid I have to kill you," Fire rippled to life slither along the blade, when all of the sudden the tip bent, Darius leaped back as the woman gain control of her sword again. The blade went limp as the fire vanished from it, using it like a whip, she lashed at his face as Darius back of slowly trying to find a way get out, Win or loss destroying this place would put Him on big Mama's list, not a good place to be. Darius Dashed back as the woman started throwing fire balls at him He leaped over bar tables, and Elleana chased after him. Two men watched as Big Mama dashed after the pair,

"Fan girls, always after the dude in the trench coats," said one as he took a sip of his beer,

"Don't forget the capes," said his companion the two nodded as the town started to heat up a bit.

"Son of a," muttered Darius as dashed down another street the black haired beauty using her fire had now Flying a damn good distance over head. The fire was a pain worse she had a energy shield his bullets were worthless while her fire passed back and forth with no issue. Only objects going at a slow enough speed can go through a shield like that which met her fire picked up speed after it left her shield; that also meant anything he threw at her she could either dodge or the shield would deflect. Then he smirked, he dashed onto a long stretch of porches he used his power to push himself up and onto one of the roofs he concentrated and a nasty amount of energy sent her to the dirt. Big Mama leaped at the woman. Elleana dodged the punch as massive charter appeared in the middle of the street people started to scream now more than ever.

"I've been waiting to for you little man," said the all too familiar voice of Mabush. He cracked his neck as the helmet and black visor slid down, His spiked blond hair, popping up.

"Big Mama, you take the giant I'll deal with the chick,"

"What!" Shouted the giant "Why do I get the tiny old dirt bag?" asked Mabush "I want to crush your head in not hers," he trailed of as the little woman started to glare at him.

"I AM NOT OLD YOU OVER SIZED PEACE OF SHIT!" she screamed talking the brute. She grabbing the metal folds on his shoulders she ripped the man of his feet and threw him a good half mile down the street as civilians screamed from the shower of dirt the impact created. "YOU BETTER NOT BE DEAD I AM NOT DONE YET," shouted as the little woman.

"Yikes," said Elleana as she watched the woman rip through the town of wave point.

"Shall we," asked Darius as he drew his Katana,

"Oh a gentle men so hard to find them these days,", she smiled as her flames returned to her sword.

"Ladies first," Darius smiled, The woman charged, Her blade now just as stiff as any other blade, Darius pushed her back as he stared at the thin weapon.

"Confused?" she asked as she side stepped a large piece of metal that was thrown by big Mama. "My blade is not made of a single piece of metal it is made of many kinds that react differently to heat," she explained as she charged fast. Darius blocked the strike at his neck, the blade whipped back at him cutting his face

"This might make things interesting," Darius smirked. Darius shoved her back a few feet as he licked his wound to stop the bleeding. "If only by a bit," Darius smirked as He blasted her back. She raised an eyebrow before the ground started shooting flames up at him. Thinking fast, Darius levitated himself up and out of harm's way landing on a roof. The woman shot a stream of fire strait up into the air, the fire twisted, up into the shape of a snake.

"Maybe I should have practiced more," thought Darius as he looked up,

"Interesting enough?" she mocked as Darius turned tail and ran.

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