The Blessed

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Chapter 12

Hope sat up on a shake as she watched the fireworks Darius was just finding out he was over his head. Taking out a file she Started working on her nails,

"He's got to learn at some point I'll help him if he gets to hurt, to bad I believe, hurt means almost dead," she smiled as she continued to ignore the increasing explosions. She looked over to the side to see Alicia running of in the direction of Darius, "Can't have that now can we, good intentions aside This something That Darius needs to learn the hard way, And we don't need you getting killed, yet anyway," said Hope As she reappeared Behind Alicia a quick blow to head and the girl fell to the ground.

"Son of a," Darius muster out as He dashed Hard, "It's around here someone where, Bingo," Thought Darius a rather large propane tank rusted but it got the job done. Time slowed down a bit, "If I toss this up her fire could ignite an explosion powerful enough to rip her shield apart if only for a few minutes. The problem she can dodge something of that size or just turn her powers off. I get to close and she sees it she could use it against me. So then we need to block that view of hers," he thought. Consecrating he send one hell of a psychic blast Dirt and Dust, where picked up every were.

"Honestly this isn't going to work or did you forget this armor is all lot more a shield, just a bit of dust, ah Inferred, and into a house oh joy why not burn it?" she asked She snapped her fingers as her screen became a little more blurred.

"That's it, keep on playing my tune," Darius smirked as the house of wood and rust started to burn. He dashed up the stairs and saw a window right at the top he leaped past shielding his face. He rolled to the ground pulling out a few shards of glass. He pushed of the ground with his telekinetic power. Using his mind he started to spread the fire a bit as he kept the dirt flowing her sensors were having trouble keeping everything in check.

"Screw this," the armor shifted a bit and soon she was holding a grenade launcher.

"She wouldn't," Darius said as he slipped around another corner. A large explosion rocked the area as the sounds of a house crumbled to the ground. Darius whistled hard gaining the girls attention. The grenades went flying as Darius grabbed each one with his telekinetic power and sent them back.

"Shit," swore Elleana, as the grenades were blown to bits. Darius vanished into a second home as Elleana recover from the blast.

"Come out come out where ever you are," Elleana growled out as she scanned the area, slowly descending down to the tops of the house. Darius moved quickly two finger to his temple as he slowly sent a psychic impulse to desend into her mind.

"Common closer just a little bit closer," Darius gritted as the girl hover over the building. Darius coughed a bit as he covered his mouth part of his coat. The smoke was a two way time bomb, the smoke could help keep her blind as well as cut out her inferred as well as any other variations, the fire the house everything blinding her, but if the fire didn't bring the house down the smoke would definitely kill him. Using his physic, energy he stopped her not to far from a propane tank, "Time to give her an incentive," The house rumbled and soon the area was filled with Smoldering hunks of rust and wood, Most deflecting off her shield.

"Son of a," she screamed as a massive explosion brought he back down to earth her amour cared a bit of fire as she twisted into homes and dirt an unseen wave suddenly smashed her again then water, she slammed into it her armor taking her down like a pair of cement shoes. The armor separated and soon found its ways back into the pours on her body. Her clothing underneath shined threw She wore a black coat and worn jeans a tit fitting sweater and lastly a crystal around neck. She slipped back up to the shore she looked up to see Darius levitating a bit of the ground. She snapped her fingers to see her fire wasn't infighting. Her armor returned to her body reforming her sword as well. Using what little heat she could gather she brandished her blade. She blinked Darius had a blade to her neck, cutting in to her armor less than a centimeter to her jugular.

"How?" she breather out as she looked at Darius threw the corner of her eye.

"I can manipulate just about everything in your mind, I can predict your motions as well as urge you to do things a smart person wouldn't. While Hope was right about my telekinesis my psychic powers are top notch,"

"So the moment I resurfaced," Elleana asked

"Yes you were done, if I tampered to much with you when you could light your fire I feared you might go nova so I settled for a simple plan to get you all wet," said Darius.

"Not a man to take chances huh?" she smirked under her visor.

"Nope," smirked Darius, sown a pair of hands started clapping as a second armored figure walked over to the side of the water.

"Not bad, not bad at all Darius although I am a bit disappointed, in all honesty you could have shut her powers down and let the fall soften her up a bit," said a calm voice.

"I have some honor, besides I have no knowledge of her armor could keep her alive from such a fall," said Darius as he tried to prop for the sound of the voice.

"True but as men of war go victory at any cost should be your main priority because of your lack of desire many people lost their homes, many more may be dead or worse yet dying," said the man.

"Sometimes who you get things done can be just as important as the end result," said Darius

"You always were a man of words sadly you still refuse to understand the importance of saving more lives at the cost of in this case one, honestly a small notion you could have snapped her neck," the man disapproved.

"Lt. Michael Sherman, been a while old friend, still holding on to that cold outlook despite you new level of infamy in MRF," spoke Darius.

"Enough with the debates I am here to kill you," said the deserter. Darius soon froze up as he dropped his sword his body went up as his arms felt impossibly heavy. Pressure applied to his neck as a thin line appeared on it.

"Michael," Darius tried to wheeze out,

"Michael is dead Psyclor is all that remains now," said Psyclor. "Ahhhh," the man screed as he dropped Darius, Lighting traced his armor as the man turned to see Daean standing his right arm charged up with yellow lighting. "I thought I told you boy," Daean's lighting vanished as his eyes went wide. "The next time I saw you would die, I thought I was clear, some just let revenge blind them I suppose,"

"Shove it, I came here to find a home you found me by coming here I even got a job you bastard," Daean spit out as his mouth clamped shut.

"Show some respect to you elders boy, to bad you will not live long enough to remember that lesson," said Psyclor.

"No!" shouted Darius as he charged the man posed to punch him, Psyclor, extended a pinky as Darius was slammed against the ground. The man gave a small chuckle as he readied to finish the teen off.

A single shot rang out as the man lost his concentration, all anyone could see was red long scarf and the butt of a sniper rifle. Psyclor couldn't react as the scarf wearing man slapped a small object on his head. Hope suddenly teleported into the area kicking the new figure and teleporting Psyclor away. Hope appeared back after a split second, but the figure was gone.

"Him him again well thank, thank whoever it was, that was bit too close to death for me," he looked over at Dean. Daean chuckled, then Darius did soon the two were laughing their heads off. The two roared for now real reason other than being alive until Hope brought them back down to earth,

"Enough," she snapped "it is clear we are no longer safe her, it is best we get going,"

"What what about Alicia, and Lucius?" asked Daean "we need to find them before we leave," the boy was about to turn when a vice like grip clamped down on his shoulder.

"They are dead boy, the smoke got them Alicia died when your new home caught on fire, your brave night was killed by the snap of his neck when Psyclor first entered the area, the brave fool leaped head long into the fight and was instantly killed. We need to leave that devise may short out powers but Pyclor will be back that man is an unstoppable force right now and are biggest threat we leave now," she ordered. Daean didn't move, he started shaking his head as a look of pure horror fell onto his face,

"Alicia, she, she was so happy about all this a new home," he swallowed "A new start not fighting she was content she, she, she can't be dead," Daean tried to deny "I need, I need to find her," he tried to pull out of her grip. "She can't be dead my father, he, I lost him I, can't lose her as well," Daean sputtered suppressing a hick up, "I,I," he tired to speak when he just shook his head "NO!" he shouted, "Get of me I have to find her, she can't be dead she's the only person that ever, no she can't die, I refuse to believe that let go," he screamed as he tried to tear of the woman's grip. "Now," Daean demanded as lighting charged around his body his eyes burned with the blue energy crackling as Hope was burned she leaped back as Darius did his best to keep the energy contained.

"Anyway to break it to him, without him going mad with grief," Darius snarled.

"You think you can do better, good maybe you can explain why he lost them in the first place," she snapped walking away. Darius looked at her

"Who are you?" he asked, as he watched her walk away,

"I am what must exist if the world is to keep its free will," she answered as she teleported away. Daean collapsed Hiccupping and doing his best to fight his tears.

"Okay time to go," Darius said as he hefted the boy to his feet, Deaen took his hand as he rubbed his now slightly red eyes. He nodded, the two walked neither looking back as the town burned as well as all of Daean's hope for a normal life.

"You know maybe running away wasn't a good idea," said Daean as he walked his back slouched.

"You weren't running away you didn't want revenge so you left them alone, you wanted out," said Darius. "I would give up just about anything to get out," said Darius,

"Even your friends?" asked Daean, as he looked up at the bearded man.

"Won't know that decision was taken from me a long time ago," said Darius as he turned his head to look at the now burning town the wave like rocks seemed to be a blaze now.

"Every were I have been the place has been attacked should have caught on sooner," Darius said as He stop, Daean turned to face him after a step. Darius sighed "I've been played my informant was informing my enemies to my location your home as well as your new one," Darius closed his eyes after admitting his guilt. The man felt a solid punch hit his face he twisted with it but didn't move. Daean turned and walked off. Daean saw a cantina tossed in front of his feet he turned to look at Darius a moment. He stepped over it and kept on walking. Darius shook his head as he walked off as well,

"That kid needs to wise up or else this Land will be his grave," said Darius as he walked away leaving the water on the ground. As the two parted ways a gloved hand picked the container up, adjusting his red scarf around his face to cover up his nose. A sniper rifle strap around his neck and shoulder as the gun dangled behind him. He took the drink and clipped it onto one of his many belts of ammo going around his body.

"What a day, probably going to get cold to night a good time for a long walk I suppose," as he looked at the tracks Daean left.

The sun beat down as Daean pushed forward walking no real direction, a suicidal idea but the only thing in his head just keep walking. Daean stumbled as his left foot twisted a bit pain but he could still walk. The sun kept drifting on as the moon soon filled the sky Daean finally dropped and went down.

Darius Gripped his hair as he looked down, "I really should go after that fool," muttered Darius, "but I have my own issues, I need to get this job done. On the other hand Daean would be a big help with this. But," Darius groaned in frustration as the teen vanished over the horizon. Darius gritted in frustration, when he felt the thoughts of a man behind him. Darius without hesitating brought his sword up with a rock flew up from the dirt catching the blade in mid swing.

"A little High strung?" asked Lucius,

"Lucius, I thought you were dead," said Darius as he inspected the man for any foul play,

"Um I got better?" he asked shrugging his shoulders, "I came running as soon as I heard screams but I found someone else taking a nap in the middle of the street," he said as he drew focus to the body hanging over his armored shoulder. Darius turned to see,

"Alicia," he breathed as his hand went to his neck to check her pulse. He released a breath as he felt her feint breath and her pulse. "Thank god,"

"And the Goddess," added Lucius,

"Right, your Druish," muttered Darius as he grabbed Alicia and slowly placed her on the ground. "Well the town is out of question, so we set up camp for here. You still with us?" asked Darius

"I foresee you as well as are young friends shall play a key role in events that will change the world, so you guys are stuck with me," the man smirked. He stretched out his arms, and turned away from Darius as he raised his hand as a small cube of dirt rose up motioning his hand to the side it opened up Inside was a tent as well as all the basic survival equipment.

"How did you?" asked Darius as he pointed at the container,

"By using my powers I can travel un hindered but all me equipment underground, by asking the earth to provide I can always have what I need," smirked Lucius as he got out a worn mattress. A punch of people made out of the earth slowly grew forth and began to set up camp as Darius set Alicia down on the mattress.

"Can't you just make a house with your powers?" Darius questioned,

"I only ask for what I need if we had bad weather or something I would ask for more but for now the tents will be all that we will need," answered Lucius. Darius rolled his eyes but did not question the man's beliefs, as Alicia started to stir.

"So what happened with you?" asked Darius as he got out a folding chair,

"Nothing I saw no action, Even with Hope's help, for a woman who has lived these events time and time again, she didn't do a good job of predicting things.

"Yeah funny how that works out," said Darius as the woman teleported in front of them, "Care to explain?" Darius asked as he turned a hand to Lucius and Alicia.

"Darius you of all people should know one needs to do what needs to be done, no need to worry about are young live wire he is in good hands," said Hope as she unfolded a chair herself.

"So What's for dinner?" asked Lucius

Soup, Chicken noodle filled the air, the borough's scent filled the air, as Daean stirred, Daean turned to one side.

"You getting up boy?" asked a familiar voice, Daean, blinked as he looked around, when he saw a man standing too far away, he blinked hard.

"Dad?" asked Daean, as he looked at what he thought his father. The image shifted as his father vanished.

"Hey we are about the same age I hope I am not your dad," joked a voice as Daean's vision came to.

Before him stood a teen about his own age light brown hair, worn blue jeans and a grey hoddy not too far away a sniper rifle, rested against the cave wall. His surroundings came into view, It was a small cave a worn quilted blanket was hung over a rusty rod at the entrance, three small cots lay around supported by wood, a small stove as well as a few buckets of water.

"Easy their you had a bad case of heat stroke, you're lucky I found you the Dead lands were not given that name for nothing. You must be more cautious," said the teen as he handed over a bowl. Daean looked at it a moment, "its soup kid relax if I wanted you dead I would have left you to die, everybody is so paranoid these days," the teen sock his head. Daean took the bowl, the teen looked at it a moment before eating,

"Not bad," Daean said,

"What you expected it to taste bad?" asked the teen. Picked up the sniper rifle before heading outside, Daean finished his food, and walked out as well.

"I wanted to," Daean started but the teen put a finger in the air to tell him to wait., then motioned for him to join him. The pair was about five stories up on a mountain, the teen slide the scope over as Daean looked down, a group of cloaked figures, walked. "Let me guess Sand people?" Daean asked as he handed the weapon back over

"No, what are sand people?" asked Sam "Anyway we got nothing to worry about, Just Order of the lions Troop, a pro male group they always were black. Outside of that not much is known about them. Every now and then they come and try to get me to join," explained Sam no longer concerned with the group.

"So, you control over your blessed power right, that's how you found me," asked Daean

"Yes," answered Sam "Before you ask each power even those dealing with the same element works differently you need to learn how to use it yourself," Sam cut off.

"Yeah I know that but my power it draws attention, and it wears me down fast with your power I wouldn't have to worry about someone finding me or kicking me when I am down," answered Daean, Sam turned to face him. "Listen I need something to focus on, anything right now," he swallowed a lump. Sam studied him a moment.

"You've lost someone close haven't you?" Sam asked, Daean nodded slowly his eyes now at the ground, as he rubbed at his eyes.

"Okay, there are some universal basics to all blessed powers, since yours is elemental biased it is going to be connected to one of three part of you, your emotions, your willpower, or your experience with using your power. Usually it is some combination, of the three," said Sam as he turned past Daean

"What would happen if a person could call on all three?" asked Daean, Sam stopped a moment,

"That person, would be capable of taking their power to a level far beyond any force known to mankind. your powers are amazing but trust me the competition isn't all that great in this area. In this area Radices is probably the only man in the area that would be a good estimation of the average blessed power house,"

"But he took down, Me as well as a Darius, with not some much of bead of sweat,"

"Your friend," said Sam "if he can be called that, is hardly trained in his powers, neither are you it is no surprise he beat you," said Sam as slide now kicking up dust and rocks. "Looks like are guests are out of view so show me what you can do without killing yourself." ordered Sam as he turned to face Daean. Daean started up as the yellow lighting crackled again blasting rocks as he juggled the deadly force of Nature, Daean looked over at Sam who was sitting cross legged not too far away a board expression on his face.

"Are half asleep or something, or am I that boring?" asked Daean,

"My eyes are always like this now if you don't mind," said Sam as he motioned for Daean to continue.

"Sleeping beauty's up," called Darius, as he poked at the now growing fire, as Lucius drooped a deer, in front of the fire.

"Were did you get the deer?" as Darius as he looked at the green knight. He shrugged; Hope nabbed her by the color of her shirt, dragging her of the tent,

"Were is at Daean?" was the first question as she started to look around.

"He left," said Hope as she glared a bit at the two men, "He is with a friend to help him gain some control over his power," Hope explained,

"What that idiot, couldn't take care of himself the poor guy is probably frying," she exclaimed as she tried to get lose but Hope held strong.

"Like I said he is with a friend, who is more than capable of helping him," Hope repeated, "Now I am going to, help you get a bit stronger," Alicia seemed to shrink a bit, "as for you two would you mind I don't know, finding a moment to um PRACTICE!" she shouted. "Well maybe, just Darius the druid legion usually keeps their men well trained.

"Excuse me?" asked Daean, as Lucius turned to hide a chuckle,

"That doesn't mean your of the hook, Lucius go make some rocks for are bearded friend to use now get moving you two,"

"Lifting rocks using Telekinesis, what a dumb idea to train," Lucius groaned as the group split,

"Now then, on your hands and knees," said Hope,

"Excuse me?" asked Alicia as she frowned at Hope.

"Pushups," Hope Clarified as she crossed her arms not amused by the stalling.

"You're such Demanding Bitch," growled Alicia as she struggled to do the basic exercise.

"I've been told," said Hope as she tapped her foot.

"To think I liked you when we first met," Alicia muttered,

"You say something princess?" asked Hope "you better be nice or I'll make you do real pushups,"

"Nothing," Alicia corrected as she got to work.

"That all you got old man?" asked Darius "I could loft pebbles bigger than this in my sleep,"

"You won't find very many pebbles, this big," Muttered Lucius "This is so humiliating using the Earth as nothing more than an exercise tool,"

"For the good of the people on the earth I am sure the earth is more than willing to sacrifice," Darius dismissed.

"Exercise from what I heard most MRUF Dogs just lay around the yard more often than not, We Druids are a strong group incapable of sitting down in a overpriced bubble,"

"Yes your taste in theatrics is noted, your armor hardly serves it purpose I can spot 7 cracks in it from here,"

"You dare, My Armor is reinforced steel more than capable of matching that manufactured metal so bland and boring it's a wonder Your enemies don't fall asleep counting you instead of sheep,"

"Doesn't matter what it looks like its function is to keep you alive, and I'll have you know we have to deal with three rebel groups at once while you Druids skip around your winter wonderland while the biggest crime city in the world remains uninterrupted.

"You calling us cowards?" asked Lucius,

"Prove me wrong," Darius Challenged, The two glared at each other. Darius soon found that the size of the rock had no bearing on the weight.

"What's a matter, pebble to heavy for you?" asked the green knight, he hid a growing smirk under an armored hand. Darius glared back but stilled his tongue no way was he going to concede to some druid.

"You know, you keep this up your going to get a tan or a burn you know," said Sam, Daean ignored him, "That's you know bad you could get skin cancer," Sam pointed out, Sam's right eye twitched being ignored was not something he enjoyed. "okay then, alright Sam you need to come up with a witty one-liner to get this boys attention, damn it they make it so easy in the comic books. Hey soon to be, wait never mind that won't work," Daean stooped to look at Sam as the older teen started to rub his chin in thought. "Whatever Hey thin dumb and soon to be red get your but out of the sun be soon before you turn red,"

"That was sad,"

"Hey I am working on it," Sam dismissed, "all the same move it, back to the cave," Sam replied as the two started to walk back.

The two walked up, as Sam slipped and fell to his knee; Daean turned and looked at him,

"Sorry, still getting use to walking," Sam chuckled as he picked himself up,

"So what do you do out here?" asked Daean, as he trudged, up to the cave.

"A, a good question, I usually just Hunt, and read, outside of that not much," said Sam as the two pulled themselves up to the ledge and walked into the cave.

"Read?" questioned Daean,

"Yeah you now words on paper and stuff like that," said Sam as he turned back to the younger teen.

"Don't know how to, well maybe a little but I never learned," admitted Daean.

"Well, we got something else to teach huh?" said Dean looked at Sam like he grew a second head. Daean sat down at the table as instructed Sam as he pulled back a red curtain, inside was a large assortment of all kinds and sizes of books. Sam slapped a book on the table as he sat down next to Daean to teach him how to read.

"Ha-ha," Lucius laughed as Darius leaned in a eye level with the pebble trying to get the thing to move.

"What are you doing?" asked Hope as she looked down at Darius,

"Trying to salvage what little pride I have?" he answered,

"You fail," said Hope as she looked at the pebble. Hope turned to the green knight, "Would you be so kind?" she asked. Lucius calmed down; as he closed his eyes the dirt around the pebble rose with the small rock to show the pebble had been attached to a massive bolder hidden by the dirt. Darius shot a dirty look at the knight but the green armored man ignored him. "Now then Darius you got a new job,"

"Are we married and I just not know it, you seem to enjoy ordering me around," asked The bearded man,

"Tell you what we can get married after you shave fussy face, I am not kissing you with those oversized whiskers," said Hope as Darius turned his full attention to her "That and your much cuter without it," said Hope as she placed a staff into his hands. Darius, blushed red, "Now you are going to train Alicia her with the staff.

"Why-why me?" asked Darius as he fumbled the staff,

"Because you trained me besides I know everything about the staff I gain nothing by teaching another you do," she told Darius. "Lucius come with me," she directed Lucius nodded and started to walk past Darius,

"Why are we following her lead?" he asked.

"her wonderful personality?" answered Lucius

"Better than nothing, well time to confront the woman," said Darius he took a deep breath and walked up to her. "Listen this training we need but I came out here to find a weapon not get preached to,"

"True," she agreed as she shifted herself in her chair.

"Are best bet would be to find my not so good friend snake," offered Darius, "He usually stays in one of the four big cities, in the area as well as safe houses I have no idea his exact location. But we may find clues at anyone of the cities," explained Darius. Hope nodded in agreement

"True and let me guess you want us to come with you to help track him down," finished Hope as she turned her head around the back of the chair. Darius nodded "Let me here it," smiled Hope, Darius tilted his head a bit. "Come on I know you're a smart boy let me here it," Darius rolled his eyes as he mumbled something "What was that solider boy?"

"Could you please help me Hope I can't do this by myself," said Darius.

"Good boy, well one more time around on this adventure would hurt," she gave a curt smile and got up "okay start packing up we need to head to are first stop, well you pick,"

"You can't remember what city can you?" asked Darius,

"I can't be expected to remember everything," said Hope as she twisted her finger around her black hair.

"Gorge city is the closest and the biggest odd are he is there or someone knows where he is will be there," Hope agreed with a curt node as Darius and the group packed up and headed off.

"What about Daean?" asked Alicia, much to nobody's surprise Hope answered,

"He will meet us there; I have a rather secretive if not goofy friend keeping an eye on lighting rod. Anymore questions?" she asked as she clapped her hands together nobody replied. "Good," she turned on a heel and lead the way.

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