The Blessed

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Chapter 13

Daean looked out the cave at the now transparent smoke coming out of wave city; Sam walked up behind Daean and after a moment spoke. He looked down he was about two stories high up a mad man hill.

"They never had a name, but the on given to them the fallen angels, I once believed in them," said Sam. "However as you can see they are not as noble as they once claimed to be," Sam finished as he looked up at the smoke.

"Who?" asked Daean,

"The Fallen Angels, the group that has been attacking villages as of late. If we must give them a name it started with a man, a man who worked for 'God'," Sam spat, "Commander Adam Green, a name that holds some meaning for your friend Darius. He worked hard and is the very first Blessed man to be Part of The MRF. His power wasn't something that worked well in the city of Eden. No he found out something, something that are "God" didn't want him to know so he ran. He took some psychic with him as well the M.R.A. He ran hard and fast as far away from Eden as possible. On his way he picked up other blessed people the elite you met during your hometown's last day," Sam explained

"You are well informed," Daean realized as he looked back at Sam.

"It keeps me alive," Sam shrugged before continuing, "He stated gathering people giving them the special armor. Angel's forbade giving out a global statement that anyone who got the treatment was an enemy of God. The people dried up fast and soon only those who had already taken the shot, stayed. Not that they had a choice anymore; Adam got mad at this he soon started to recruit criminals those that feared MRF and their God. Before too long started to force it onto the people first by people then Villages; Darius is wrong about a lot of things but it was a matter of time before you would be stripped of your home. Time and time again he has done worse and worse things, and fear if it continues we may be forced to chose between two evils,"

"Why haven't the Angels done anything it is there tech," asked Daean. Sam shrugged

"Maybe they don't care maybe, they know of an off switch Adam doesn't know of. The last one I doubt, But I think cause the Angels started gaining more support ever since Adam betrayed god, there were others but none so big and never a direct threat. It won't be long soon a world that hadn't seen a war since the American civil will soon be wrapped up in perhaps it's First World War. All the same I would prefer to stay out of this but for all its Faults Angels never forced people into service, so when Hope came to me with an offer well, why fight alone," said Sam.

So who are you?" asked Daean

"I think we threw the exposition ball around enough for one day," said Sam, "You can practice if you want to I am going to relax we got all the time in the world to deal with are personal problems; find our place in the world and all that good stuff," Sam waved as he retreated farther into his cave. He sat down in a big red chair and grabbed an old worn book, and started to read. Daean turned and started to work on his electricity as he shot random rock on the outside.

Night fell quickly as the two kept to themselves, neither spoke as Sam thumbed through his book and Sam continued to shot rocks.

"I guess now would be as good as any to turn in, Sam you take the bed it's lumpy but it is better than the dirt," offered Sam

"What about you?" asked Daean,

"Not enough room for the both of us beside you're not my type," chuckled Sam "I don't sleep much I'll catch what I can in my chair," said Sam as Sam walked past him and past a red curtain. A small cot for a bed lay on a flimsy wood for support Daean crawled in his days work screaming in his muscles as he felt the itch from the worn orange blanket but was too tired to care as he fell asleep. Sam walked out as he over looked the barren dead lands.

"Dena, Dena," his phone rang, he lifted his hand a pressed down on a black bead on his left ear lobe.

"Hello, Hope so how is my favorite manipulator?" asked Sam, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Yeah you keep telling me I would have joined your group one way or the other, but I hear 'is you have no choice due as I say' Yes I am training, meet you were?," Sam paused a moment "fine we'll be there you know you really didn't need to shake him up that badly he will help. Well I don't approve," Sam snapped the last part "I don't care if you don't care what I have to say, why are we moving so fast you told me to at least keep him for a week," Sam asked "Fine don't cry to me if he isn't strong enough," Sam frowned as he clicked his ear peace off.

"Leave that to me, besides you as all people know that plans change," said Hope. As she hung up she turned to see the rest of the group. "O am so tired of seeing you all die so tired of trying and failing please just this once let us all make it out alive, you may hate me at the end but please survive so that you can," she said as she turned to them not a tear came down her face as she walked back to the camp fire and readied for bed.

"Do here the sound of a roster," groaned Lucius as he blinked, he un-rapped his green cape, from around his body, as he sat up up the sun was just rising another fine day to bad mother earth is in such pain. Well best to breakfast," he smirked as he quickly put together a pan and spices. He kicked the coals a bit and the fire started up in a flash. "Just like flint," he chuckled as the smells of food soon rouse the rest of the camp.

"That smells good," smiled Alicia as she grabbed a plate digging in with a grin on her face, as well as a bit of food.

"Looks like you got a healthy appetite," joked Lucius, he handed a plate to Hope and Darius, Hope sat up and quickly pulled her hood back in place as she slowly ate. Darius eyed the food and after a bit of a debate admitting he like the food. Darius whipped the egg of his beard as he quickly gather his stuff, Alicia did the same and soon the group was ready to go,

"So we shall see Daean soon right?" asked Alicia, hope nodded

"Earlier than intended but don't be surprised if he is surprised to see you," said Hope Alicia tilted her head in confusion but didn't get time to question the comment. The group formed up and stated heading north.

Daean rose to find Sam standing outside the cave his sniper rifle slung over his back as well as combat knife holstered on his left shoulder. Sam turned in a swift moment Threw the blade at Daean, Daean expelled a pulse of electricity, the knife spun away imbedding itself in stone. As Sam charged Daean drew his blade as Sam pulled out a second knife from his belt to block the blade. Daean electrified the metal as Sam leaped back; the blade was now a lighting death trap. Sam quickly drew his sniper rifle grabbing old worn glove used for repairing electric cables. Sam blocked the blade,

"What but how?" asked Daean,

"The rapier was made for thrusting and lighting fast cuts and stabs, you use it like a broad sword. You lighting makes that sword almost un-defendable, but if someone is well insulated you're out of luck, you lack the lighting fast motions for that kind of blade, so even something like my sniper rifle can stop you. Good thing I took the bullets out or we both would be in trouble," Sam chuckled. Sam backed off as he looked at the thin blade. Sam relaxed as well putting the sniper rifle back on his back.

"Time to meet up with Hope," said Sam, but when he turned Daean hadn't moved, "Something wrong?" asked Sam.

"I don't want anything to do with them, thanks to them Alicia is dead, thanks to Darius my life is gone," he whispered. Sam grabbed his wrist with his right hand and neck with his left lifted him up and slammed him into the wall.

"What proof do you have, did you see her body?" asked Sam, Daean shook his head, "Do you believe everything you are told?" asked Sam "Think for yourself, boy Alicia is not dead she is alive and well. Hope wanted you to get use to the idea that people can die, strengthen you both physically and emotionally," said Sam as he dropped Daean to the ground. "Hope thinks you're the key to all this, now you are stuck, when you tried to find a new home you un-intentionally wrapped yourself up in this. I don't know why you of all people but if you want any hope of making a home for yourself in this barren wasteland your best bet is to help Darius out,"

"Never, because of Darius my Father dead my best friend almost died!" Daean growled, as he tried to get up. Sam shoved him back down with his boot.

"You honestly think it was his entire fault? Boy they targeted five other small villages at the exact same time the only difference was those other blessed people where there to handle Darius," Sam replied as he looked down at Daean. The teen's eyes widened in realization,

"So either way, we were done?" Daean asked, Sam nodded,

"Darius being there might be the only reason Alicia is alive right now. So let's get going,"

"Wait you telling me not believe everything I hear and yet telling me what to do the next moment?" asked Daean as he sat "Come on I am not getting my hopes up even if half of what you say is true,"

"I'll let you drive the van," offered Sam, Dean looked over as Sam dangled some keys from his right hand.

"Okay," said Daean as he got up and grabbed the keys From Sam. Daean walked out of the cave Sam waited a moment, and then looked at his wrist as if to look at a clock. "Um, Sam" asked Daean as he looked around the side of the cave back into the cave.

"What do you think I am some crazy old hermit?"" Sam asked as he moved the make shift bed, Daean looked down to see a slide.

"Is there an end to this?" asked Daean,

"Yeah I got to grab a couple of things so see you in a moment," Sam shrugged as he pushed Daean down,

"AHHH!" Daean screamed, Sam, stopped a moment before looking back over his shoulder,

"Shit," Daean swore as he turned, swinging his foot into the wall. Daean hissed as he grabbed hold of his foot. "Oh, SHOT!" Sam yelled as he fell backwards down the escape slide.

"So glad it's a slide," Sam yelled as he leaped onto the escape route and followed Daean down.

"This is not good," Daean announced as he tried to claw at the smooth surface, Daean watched as his nails quickly vanished before burning of part of his fingertips. Daean waved his fingers in an attempt to cool them. Quickly slipping both under his armpits he slammed his eyes shut. "I am going to die," Daean whimpered as the wind whipped at his fast as his speed quickly increased. Daean pulled his legs in, and waited when he quickly slowed then stooped. Daean blinked as he realized he was safe and at the bottom. "Mattress?" Daean felt the familiar if musty object.

"Weeeee!" Sam Laughed as he slid down the slide slowing down stopping right next to Daean but was laying on his back.

"Why did you go down that death trap like that?" asked Daean, "Backwards of all ways?" Daean added,

"Death trap, man kids a quarter your age, slide down things like this all the time for fun," Sam chuckled as he got to his feet.

"So you are either crazy or childish," Daean bit back as he finally worked up the nerve to move,

"Meh, A little in between," said Daean as he walked over and flipped a switch, the lights bulb flickered a moment as the rather small cave was eliminated. A single light bulb hung from some exposed wires,

"That can't be safe?" said Daean,

"What do you got to worry about?" Sam commented, "You are after all a living battery that should look like a meal not a hazard," Sam chuckled. "Our ride is over here," Sam directed, as Daean looked over, to see a black Van, rust eating away around the bottom, and the paint looked a baked. Daean approached squinting at the tinted windows. Daean quickly unlocked the doors, and Sam saw the inside. Flawlessly clean, the carpeting lined the walls perfectly leather seats black dashboard as well as a small fridge with two cup holders on top. Daean ran his fingers, along the seat,

"You getting in or what?" asked Sam who now sitting his belt strapped on clearly wanting to get a move on. Daean hopped in as well strapping in as well as Sam explained the gears and how to start the van. Sam quickly reached up the driver's seat and pressed down on a remote. The grinding of gears filled the room as light from the sun seeped under the now growing door.

"So where do we go from here?" asked Daean as he listened to the hum of the engine. "Well? where do we go?" Daean repeated as he looked over at Sam as the final door closed. Sam pointed east as Daean gingerly put his foot on the accelerator; the van rolled forward, and slowly gained speed. Daean's chattering, soon filled the silence between them, "Why do you have the air up so High I am freezing," Daean chattered as he looked over at Sam,

"Eyes on road," Sam directed,

"There is nothing on the road, hell there is no road," Daean Shot back.

"So I hate this hot weather deal," Sam answered with a sigh,

"If you hate this weather why are you out in the middle of it in a cave?" asked Daean.

"No more questions I hate questions," Sam muttered as he looked out the side of the van watching as the wheel's kicked up dust.

"Yeash," said Daean as his hand went for the radio, "Wow looks a lot nicer than my old one," said Daean as he turned it on taping his hands on the steering wheel, to the beat, Sam taped his foot to the rhythm as well as he opened the fridge popping, out to glass bottles. Sam popped them both open,

"Drink up boy this here van makes no stops," Sam spoke as he clanging his bottle lid with the other one, quickly downing a quarter of his drink. He sat it down in the cup holder, as he started to sing along with the radio, Daean laughed as he started singing as well. "I know my singing voice sucks but you know I really don't care," Shouted Sam over the music,

"Me either," Daean yelling over the music as he went back to singing as Sam turned it up.

Darius grumbled as he whipped the dirt for his beard, "Curse this sun, curse this dried up land how I miss the green domes of Eden," Darius grumbled as he gently juggled a few rocks in his left hand. "So we find Snake, find this Fake Angels, get the top secret armor system, head home and take a long vacation," Darius listing off his objectives as he unscrewed a cantina.

"Can we come?" asked Alicia, as she looked over at the man.

"Sure, with your blessed appearance, you should have no issues in fact the MRF is always on the lookout for new recruits. To the point almost everyone in Eden is part of it, well at least two thirds of the population," Daean explained.

"We could always take a vacation in Europe the druids would have no issue, Damn France in the middle of winter man the snow there just sparkles," said Lucius as he closed his eyes as if envisioning the view.

"Please don't talk about cold weather it seems so inviting right now," Darius muttered, "But when we get there, we are going to complain about how cold it is," Hope chuckled, as if hearing an old joke,

"Something's never change no matter how hard you try," Hope chuckling as she shook her head.

"You've tried?" asked Lucius,

"It can get a little depressing his double thinking," answering as she snatched Darius's water, the bearded man glared as she took a small drink before returning it. "Let's get going already Sam and Daean will be waiting for us,"

"Are they here yet?" asked Sam, as the two sat in front of the van under the only shade tree in the city, of Gorge.

"No," said Daean as he shifted on the rock he was sitting on, "So why don't we go pick them up?" asked Daean.

"They are heading here from the east, we came from the south west, and the gorge is nearly 30 miles in length with only a few bridges crossing the distance apart. By the time we get around it they would have already gotten to the bridge, it would take far too long and we don't want to waste gas it isn't cheap," Sam answered as he opened up a book to read.

"Gas isn't the only thing that's cheap around here," Daean muttered, "Ouch," Daean yelped, rubbing the back of his head, he shot a glare at Sam who was picking his book back off the ground, and went back to reading.

"Be happy I didn't make you walk," Sam replied re-opening his book. "Why don't you study the area or something?" asked Sam. Daean rolled his eyes but had nothing better to do. The area was more like Scavenges without the outer wall; the place was well crowded as people walked along the wooden porches. The area had about five major roads each lined with houses, oddly enough the area had some trees and the outer parts of the city had some decent crops growing kind of like his home. Daean looked over the crowds were much the same as the last two towns metallic limbs, some people had skin falling off, and the same old glares he got at home nothing to out of the ordinary. Daean kept looking around spotting the occasional hoarse drawn car when Alicia's head popped out of the crowed, and Daean smiled zipping of the rock he had been sitting on; Daean grabbed Alicia, and pulled her into a bone crushing hug. Sam looked a moment before kicking the rock over, Putting his paperback book away walked over to the group.

"Thought you were dead," said Sam as he picked her up of her feet,

"Please put me down I am alright Daean," she smiled before Daean let her down gently. Daean looked over at Darius a moment; He took a deep breath in before speaking.

"It wasn't your fault, I am sorry I snapped, but I am still mad at you all the same," Darius nodded giving a soft smile,

"Sorry I lied all the same," said Darius, as he looked over at Sam, "So are you joining as well?"

"Not like I have a choice one way or the other I am involved, so long as the Fallen Angels are in the area," Shrugging as Sam looked over at Hope giving her a quick glare before returning to Darius.

"Your little song is a nice trick, so can you tell a little about yourself since you won't let me in?" asked Darius.

"My thoughts are my own, but yeah I am a sensor type blessed. I am able to track most kind of people, places, and objects, in a near 600 mile diameter but the farther I stretch to that limit the harder it is to track individual things. I can also focus on my immediate surroundings making me hard to sneak up on or hit. Also well as an added bonus I come with transportation," Sam informed pointing to the van behind him with a thumb.

"And you couldn't have picked us up because?" asked Alicia,

"He is cheap," Daean interrupted, Sam chuckled at the comment.

"So if you can track anyone, can you find a man that goes by the name snake?" asked Darius.

"I could if that was his real name," said Sam, "Good idea but I can't pinpoint anyone under a code name. Before you ask I can't find the fake Angel's headquarters there are ways to block my power, and they figured it out,"

"Far enough, but if we are going to search, I think it best For Hope, Sam, Alicia, and Daean to search" advised Lucius The group turned to him for a moment, waiting for him to explain, "Well Darius has already talked to snake, they will probably know not to tell him, Were as myself my armor would give me away as well,"

"Why is that an issue you could always take your armor off," said Alicia,

"Never I feel so, exposed without it," said Lucuis seemed a little worried about such an idea.

"Well I will park at the local Inn and get, well two rooms and start my search form there," Sam spoke as he started to walk away.

"I will go with you to get the keys and room numbers, and meet you all back at the local bar were the rest of us can start are search," said Lucius. Hope took of her cloak handing it to Darius; Darius took it looking down at it before looking up at Hope.

"You will need to cover you face, well more than you usually do, I would recommend we split up into pairs to keep from drawing more attention than we already have," Hope advised, Daean glared at Hope a moment before everyone agreed, Darius threw the cloak around him putting the hood up following Hope away from the group. Alicia and Daean took another path and Lucius and Sam head back to the van.

"So you're a druid huh?" asked Sam, as he truned the key over and the Van rolled forward.

"Yeah," answered Lucius who seemed to be taken back a bit, that Sam knew even that much.

"What sect?" asked Sam, as he took a turn over to the next road ignoring the amazed faces of the locals, van's moving under their own power were rare in the dead lands.

"I believe in the group that believes in a god and goddess," said the man.

"Ah I always believed in only one god," Sam answered.

"Ah the one that originated from the Muslims?" asked the green Knight,

"No Christianity," answered Sam as the van came to a stop outside a three story inn and the two got out of the van, the van seemed to groan as the armored figure got in. Sam looked over at the man, who rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, as he locked the doors and both went inside.

"I guess I need to loss a few pounds," said Lucius as he patted his armored belly, the two shared a quick laugh before Sam approached the front desk, "Say do you want me to read your future?" asked Lucius as the two waited for the clerk.

"Man I was so worried about you Alicia," said Daean who still refused to release her from his hug completely. Alicia, smiled content with the attention she was receiving,

"So are we going to help?" asked Alicia,

"Well what do you think?" asked Daean. She raised an eyebrow at him,

"I don't know, that's why I asked," Alicia answering

"We don't seem to be able to escape it and if this keeps up every small village and town will be attacked so unless we run to Eden we will be hit again. Beside Hope would probably hunt us down if we tried to leave," Daean grouched, Alicia gave a bit of a chuckle, but she looked over to see Daean wasn't joking.

"You don't like her do you Daean?" she asked but seemed to already know.

"She pulls my emotions like a puppet on strings; she tells the truth one moment and lies in the next sentence. All the while preaching it's for my own good and that I am going places and doing things that may result in my friends deaths, and that I need to be prepared for loss," Daean paused a moment, "And worse she hardly respects me she treats me more like a tool than a human being," Daean balled his fist trying to control his anger. Alicia patted him on the back and grabbed him around his waist with on hand in a small hug.

Sam Hung up his worn Trench Coat and slipped on a dirty grey hoddy, flipping the hood up he gave a quick nod to Lucius and walked out. The hall way was dusty and one could look down to see the hair and hats if the patrons. Slipping down into the bar, Smoke hung heavy in the room, as nobody spared a glance, Over sized Metallic arms and guns lined the tables and holsters,

"Oh shit" Sam yelped as he tripped over a metal limb, the bar laughed in a small uproar as Sam hopped over to the bar stole nursing a sore foot.

"Walk much," asked the bar keeper as he looked over at Sam, The teen gave a wry grin,

"All the same who do I talk to get a little information around here?" asked Sam

"Taking up bounty hunting boy, listen just go home. A kid like you will never make it," The Bar keeper dismissed.

"Always a bounty hunter," Sam whispered, "Not looking for a gun fight, looking to sell, I am sitting on a bit of information, and empty pocket. Anyone in the business here,"

"Maybe, but folks don't take kindly to rats," The bar tender walked over leaning into Sam's hooded face, "You know snitches get stitches,"

"Fear, doesn't control me or any man who values a life outside this dust whole. Besides it's not on you so do you know a guy or what?" asked Sam ignoring the bar tenders words.

"Nope, not a thing," the bar tender withdrew, "So you going ta buy something or taken up my time,"

"Nope, I'll see you around," Sam Picked himself up and walked out, Sam, walked along the group of buildings, Hope suddenly appeared next to him.

"Anything," Hope asked,

Sam nodded, "He knows something I can tell but he won't sell to me, if you know what I mean,"

"To bad, Can't ask him then maybe Daean will have some luck," said Hope. Sam shrugged,

"Better to be lucky than good, maybe he will get lucky," answered Sam, "I got a make a quick stop my ammo is a bit low," said Sam as he pointed to a munitions shop coming up on the right.

"You never run out of ammo," said Hope looking over at Sam in confusion,

"That's because I buy before I run out," Sam explained as he turned to look at Hope,

"Watch the pole,"

"Pole?" asked Sam stopping in confusion; Hope kept walking as Sam turned his attention forward "Oh, that pole," said Sam as he shuffled to the side and walked over to the gun store. The door shut behind him "wait we forgot to tell Daean and Alicia what to look for," Sam realized.

"Hello, my name is Elleana Hadley," greeted a rather woman, "Please tell me you didn't bump into me to start a conversation," said Sheena as she looked at Daean and Alicia.

"No ma'am," Daean shook his head his face was a little red, Alicia seemed to frown a bit but remained neutral.

"I would say from the look of you, you two are blessed right, the fact you have no mechanical limbs and no mutated body parts. You won't have a power would you?" The red head asked,

"Of Course," Daean answered before Alicia could deny anything, Alicia shook her head no, keeping her mouth shut. "What about you?" asked Daean, She gave a wry smirk and snapped her fingers a small flame light on her thumb. Dean held up his hand and a bit of lightening danced between his Fingers.

"Why didn't you ask?" asked Sam as He and Darius dashed down the street weaving,

"Me?" asked Darius "I've been kick to the side, since when have I had a say in the matter,"

"You read minds, you should be picking up on this," Sam accused, "Latter at twelve o'clock," Darius ducked under as the two stopped at a small intersection. "This way," Darius dashed after Sam,

"You got an exact position?" Asked Darius,

"Yeah, but I could get you to that point faster than trying to give you directions to it," Sam answered. "Quickly toss me up on this building," Darius gave him an odd look, But complied as Sam quickly floated up and dropped down onto a flat roof. Darius Leaped up as well. Sam quickly pulled out his sniper Rifle as he dropped to his belly peering into the scope. Darius dropped as well,

"I recognize that girl she's the Fire elemental I fought against," Darius pointed out,

"Why do think we were running," Sam explained,

"You're as bad as hope," said Darius, as he looked down at the two "Seems she trying to recruit Daean, but wants to ditch Alicia,"

"We can use this, can you push idea's into heads?" asked Sam as he looked over at Daean.

"Mind Trick?" asked Darius,

"We need to get Alicia out if we can, can you convince her?" Sam asked.

"That seems a little grey," said Darius,

"True, but we don't have any options this could be a better lead than snake," Sam replied,

"I don't feel comfortable with this," Darius answered,

"We either get her out now, or we worry about both of them if Daean agrees," Sam told him trying to force a decision.

"I won't," Darius finally said,

"Then we wait," said Sam as his eye went back to the scope.

Daean, thought a moment when he looked at a small broken mirror and in it he saw Sam, the older teen gave him the thumbs up.

"So it's a small group that protects traveling caravans, sounds like a easy job sure sign me up," said Sam, Alicia looked over at him like he had grew another head.

"Fine you do what you want I am heading back to the inn," Alicia growled,

"You get Alicia and inform her of the situation I'll follow the Angel," Said Darius,

"Right because I can find you faster than you can find me," Sam snapped his fingers,

"Sadly, I would prefer to keep you and Alicia apart but that's beside the point," Darius muttered, Sam gave him a confused look

"What's that suppose to mean?" Sam asked,

"Nothing," Darius quickly answered realizing his slip, Sam shrugged and retreated back down to the street.

Alicia, quickly dashed of fighting back tears of frustration when a soft thump interrupted her thoughts.

"Hey beautiful," Sam greeted, she smiled, "Don't worry about old insensitive, he isn't good at passing messages. Darius is trailing him now," Sam giving a knowing grin. Alicia took a deep breath,

"That idiot, for a moment I thought well, I am not sure what I thought but still we shouldn't be worrying about my momentary turmoil," Alicia demised,

"Fair enough," Sam answered a small frown pulling at his lips but he gave no voice "Lucius, is at the local tavern. She gave him an odd look, "Well he needed something to do," Alicia nodded as Sam quickly lead the way.

The two quickly heard the growing sound of music. The two opened the old push door, as the sound of an off key piano among other worn instruments blasted on. The two saw Lucius Locked arms with two women as the whole tavern danced. Alicia blinked as a random dancer grabbed her by locking elbows. Sam smirked as the poor girl was, juggled around in the mass group as people of people. She looked at same giving him the 'save me look' as Sam laughed. She frowned, and then when she was swung around Grabbed Sam by his shirt. Sam planted his feet, as Alicia was freed from the dance,

"You are evil," she panted,

"You have no idea," he grinned, "I am after all going to steal the life of the party," Sam laughed grabbing her hand. Sam slide along the outside of the dancing group when someone's hand almost hit him Sam back off hit his heel hit the back of a chair,

"Damn it," He frowned as he fell back on the chair, the chair broke as Alicia called pulled down on him.

"Uh hi," Sam nervously smiled, as he looked into Alicia's hazel eyes. "You have really beautiful eyes," Sam, observed; Sam quickly clasped his hand over his mouth, as Alicia quickly got off. Alicia blushed as Sam picked himself up. "I am sorry I, I didn't mean to pull you down," Sam apologized slipping away as quickly as he could, Alicia composed herself as Sam tried to get Lucius down, Frowning Sam grabbed the man's green cape and pulled him off the top of the piano. Sam quickly caught both the ladies that came with him as the green knight fell to the wood floor. The music and the crowed kept going,

"Lucius, we need to go we got a lead but it isn't staying still for us," Sam explained over the music, the knight nodded, as he got up,

"Sorry ladies, duty calls," smiling at the two as they went back to the crowed both waved as they walked away. "Sorry about this things get a little crazy around me," yelled Lucius to the bar tender,

"Don't worry about it, thanks to you I just reached my quota for the week. Get out here, but come back man your good for business despite the damage!" The man shouted back. The three exited the tavern,

"Follow me I got a lock on are friends," said Sam as he quickly dashed off.

Darius leaped from the flat top to flat top shouldering Sam's sniper rifle. Darius went wide eyed when his foot fell through the roof.

"What was that?" asked Daean, looking around, the red head shrugged,

"So who are we working for, as small group of twins usually head to this town without any issues but with the Angels going rouge in the area, they decided to hire some mussel that's us.

"You mean," asked Daean looking up at the red head

"Yes, two ladies who are the life and blood of the dead lands Vicky and Hail," Lucius explained, "They were looking for other people with blessed power"

Darius, frowned his mind entering into the mild thoughts, "This isn't good, They plan on capturing the only two people in the lands that allow people to keep living. This could destroy what little life is out here!"

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