The Blessed

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Chapter 14

"Checkmate," Lucius smirked, as he took Sam's final pawn. Sam frowned tipping the black king over,

"You are cheating, somehow," Sam frowned, but a small smirk said otherwise. The chess pieces moved back into place as the druid knight waved his hand.

"No you just suck," Hope chuckled, as she looked away from her book a moment. Sam rolled his eyes.

"Face Sam, your good with the short term but your long term strategies fall apart after five moves," Darius explained as he kept an eye on Daean thru the sniper scope. Alicia paced back and forth as the group waited for the outside the small gathering of blessed members being brought it to protect the twins.

Daean kept rubbing his hands together, as he looked around. The twins Vicky and Hail where sitting with their legs crossed next to the woman who had requited him; the three seemed to be talking as Daean looked around the set up of small . Most were men, a few had metal arms but most were well mercenaries from the looks of it. The twins nodded as the woman in charge walked away, Daean walked up giving them a quick wave. The two spotted and smiled and scouted over and patted the space between them.

"So what with all the protection," Daean asked as he sat down,

"Not are idea," said Vicky who was sitting on his right.

"Elleana informed us and she offered to protect if we were willing to give her town more annual 'benefits'. We were worried that she may have been right so we agreed," answered Hail

"You freaked out I told you it would make us a target. We have been fine for years why should we get trouble from them now," Vicky shot back.

"All the same I am concerned," said Hail, Daean resisted the urge to rub his ears,

"You have nothing to worry about," said an all too familiar voice.

"Ra-heem," Daean smiled as he got back on his feet. The two shook hands.

"So who are your two friends here," Ra-heem asked as he looked at the two girls.

"They are the twins Vicky and Hail. I take it you were hired as well?" asked Daean,

"Yeah after that little attack I decided to try and find new line of work, oh this is yours as well," said Ra-heem as he handed Daean a small pouch inside was a small gem. "You never picked up your pay,"

"So you're going to take us to diner right Daean?" Vicky smirked,

"Well, uh" Daean stammered out,

"Vicky, your horrible," Hail pushed against her sister. Daean started to turn read as he looked back over at his work friend.

"Well if it's an us I would mind I suppose," Daean smirked as he gave a sid ways glance to the two girls. Vicky waved him of while Hail hid her face, Ra-heem gave a slight shove,

"Hey you can't take all the beautiful girls to yourself," Ra-heem chuckled, as laughed.

"I can if they want to be," Daean chuckled back,

"All right that's enough you two, head over to Nicolas, he'll get you two flirts a spot to work, far away from the woman preferably. Now get," The woman smirked as the two boys frowned but the two chuckled as they walked away all the same. The two pushed each other as they headed off to find the man. The two walked into a small group of shade tents to see a man about seven feet tall with graying hair. He looked down at his map rubbing his white beard. The man wore a brown long coat and brown slacks and shoes. The men despite his ages was very muscular as he seemed to be concerned about something as he looked down at the map.

"Something wrong asked," Daean, as Ra-heem plashed his hands behind his head.

"You sense it two?" Nicholas smirked,

"No friends in low places if you know what I mean," Daean answered,

"Great if that's fact, I'm going to have to re write the whole plan," Nicholas frowned, "Here you two are to position you selves here, and here on the caravan a small group of merchants joined up last minute. Both of you will have the honor of keeping an eye on the two heads of that little group," Nicholas gave them both a slip of paper, and the two walked off to find there spot in the group.

Daean chuckled the group had taken almost three hours to start up, The merchant he was with squinted at everything and was mostly just telling the 'young lad' about the good old days. Ra-heem looked like he was ready to run as wrinkled old woman who jept pinching his face.

"You remind me so much of my grandson," the woman went on as Ra-heem's face seem to pulse red. Daean chuckled as he kept in step with the old man he was hunched over. He kicked his wheel for the fifteenth time this hour.

"This is un herd of in my day we just got move'n this all waiting around thing is anoyen the pants of me," The old man grumbled as he licked his gums. The old timer spit, "Get up on the wagen boy and keep a good look out don't want nothing sneaking up on us," The old timer ordered Daean frowned a bit but didn't hear the man. 'Wack'

"Ouch hey al right I'm moving," Daean shouted as he climbed up, the wagon was filled with old clothing all tied up tight. Daean stood up tall the sun was getting over head and the ehole groug seemed lined up fairly well. Nicholas Was at the head along with Elleana. The first wagon started to move a head and soon the whole group was moving. The group was made up of old trucks some moving under their own power others pulled by oxen. The hardy animal was also responsible for the moving of the wooden wagon. Daean turned to see a small group of walked not too far behind one shining like a green reflector.

"Lucky bastard," Ra-heem muttered as he walked alongside the old woman's slow moving truck.

Daean blinked as he felt a staff pock him in his arm, Daean shook his head as he looked down the old man tossed him up geranial bar, Daean frown as he bit into it, the rectangle was not tasty but it was free eats. The sun was nearing twilight Daean frowned realizing he had fallen asleep. Not too far ahead was a small town.

"Are we stopping?" asked Daean,

"Nope, we got a city to get to, after Gorge City, there are a few other cities we are head to I believe we are heading to wave next.

"What?" asked Daean "That place was burned down less than a week ago,"

"No boy, not the one crater made it's the only water port in the the area that isn't controlled by the druids it the closest thing to a true city. Wait wave was burned?" asked the old man,

"Yeah the fallen Angels were trailing a murf investigator and the group pretty much burned the city.

"That's not good, well I got something to talk about tomorrow," the older man muttered, and went silent. Daean soon closed his eyes as he leaned back and slowly fell asleep.

Darius smirked as the van slowly rose up from the dirt, Sam frowned as he started to dust of the caked on dirt. Darius frowned as he looked threw a pair of binoculars,

"I'll take first watch, you can all get some sleep," Sam got intoVan and slammed the door behind him.

"How selfish didn't even offer us some shelter," Lucius frowned,

"I don't mind," Alicia replied,

"wait for it," Hope smirked, Sam reopened the dot tossed a bag to the ground and polls that rattled as it dropped the ground. Sam tossed a pillow to Alicia,

"Wow, this is, soft," Alicia smiled as she crushed the pillow in her hands. "Thank you," Alicia smiled as she gave Sam a big hug and quick peck on the check. Sam grumbled as he set up a metal hammock and taking out a hand stitched quilt curled up on the makeshift bed. Luius smirked as he pitched his and Hopes tent. The druid knight sat down, on his green cap as Hope entered her tent.

After an Hour Sam turned to face the fire, glaring at the light, He grabbed the blanket and kicked it to the bottom of his bed. Sam grumbled as he slipped his hands behind his head.

"Can't sleep?" asked Lucius, as he used a metal poker to stir the fire.

"I can't sleep with light on," Sam grumbled,

"You complain too much you know that," Darius budded in,

"Was that a complaint?" asked The druid knight chuckled, Darius grabbed a stone and tossed it at the knight, the rock bounced of and the group shared a small laugh.

"So were you from Sam?" asked Darius,

"Me?" asked Sam as the hammock , almost tossed the teen off.

"No you imaginary friend," Joked Darius,

"Well, I lived in Eden for most of my life, and an accident put me outside of the wall, where I got my blessed power, and I did a lot of travelling and after a while I ran into trouble and I've been hiding out here ever since," Sam concluded. The two looked at him for a moment, "Look I hardly know you two I am not spilling anymore," Sam finalized.

"Fair enough," Lucius shrugged, "What was Eden like?" asked,

"White," Darius summed up as he went back to his watch,

"Perhaps the most un-natural place I have ever seen, it is the greatest human accomplishment it works like clockwork everyone has a reason and purpose. Every day and every night there is a set pattern to and almost yearly predictability. It is the greatest human achievement and a symbol of the very destruction of humanity. It runs to well there is no thought or creativity just a set purpose," Sam frowned.

"That sucks," Lucius muttered,

"What's the point to life if you have no reason, people have choice, but every person is needed, we still have art and culture," Darius defended.

"The lack of something dose not promote its growth, there has not been any great art, since the invention of the moving picture about a decade after the end of the American civil war," Daean shot back.

"The moving picture is art,"

"That is gripped with in the hands of Kami himself, Art is not something to be restricted," Daean countered.

"Doing more with the less is art, working with in limitations," Darius stood up on his face to glare at the man.

"This is pointless, I will argue no more on something we will always disagree on," Sam smirked, as he turned to his other side.

"Coward," shouted Daean, as Lucius smirked, the two kept bantering back and forth neither letting the other get the last word as the druid knight put a bit of dirt in each ear and curled up to go to sleep.

Darius frowned as he laid back down to watch the camp, Daean was fast asleep, "how that kid can be so relaxed is beyond me," Darius muttered, as he rubbed his beard when all of the sudden Sam fell how out of his Hammock. Darius couldn't help himself he gave a satisfied smirk when Sam suddenly grabbed his binoculars. "Hey,"

"I thought so," Said Sam, "take a look he is moving around,"

"Who?" asked Darius as he snatched his back binoculars,

"Daean," answered, Sam as he frowning taking out a rather large Utility slashSam quickly strapped across his chest and grabbed three throwing knifes in his right hand.

"So what people move in their sleep all the time," Darius frowned as he spotted Daean,

"With their feet held in the air?" asked Sam, as he silently jogged into the night. Darius frowned, as he unchained his katana dashed off after him. Darius followed, into the caravan, the shadows seemed long under the moon light which gave off a small green haze. Clear knights were not uncommon in the dead lands and just like all nights, there was always someone awake. Darius, had an impossible time trailing Sam, he moved like an assassin his footsteps made no sound. He took to the shadows making it impossible to track if it weren't for the small foot prints he left randomly he would have lost him by now. Darius focused his telekinetic blessing, and leaped high, he slowly dropped himself down next to Sam. Darius ducked low as Sam brought his knife around almost slicing his throat,

"Don't sneak up on me," Sam hissed,

"I agree," Darius whispered, "There are three of them, one has his legs and to carrying his arm,"

"I know, the one with the legs is a level three fire elemental, The one on the right hand side is a level five speedster, and the one on the left is only a level one telepath. Nothing to dangerous, The telepath should only be able to throw your balance a bit the speedster is the only real issue, so take him up as the case may be, you levitate him up I'll knife the other two," Sam advised.

"We are not killing them," Darius frowned,

"Fine, aim a blast, here and here," Sam directed pointed to two points on the body that would force them to drop. Darius nodded, watching as the three men carried Daean outside the caravan line. Darius acted first quickly moved around the caravan knocking the two men down. Sam leaped of the same wagon the final man shot a blast of fire but same hit the dirt first Sam twisted his torso avoiding the food wide fire ball. Sam quickly grabbed the man's neck and using his arm cut the man's oxygen off. Darius quickly got out some rope tying the other two men up as the third one struggled under Sam's grasp. Sam's eyes soon bogged out of his head, and started to grit his teeth as the man, dropped to the ground.

"H, Hot," Sam gasped out as he pulled his sleeve up to see two red hot hand prints on his arm. Sam grabbed his arm, trying to keep himself from yelling in pain. "Ouch," Sam whimpered, as he let go off his arm and started to shake it. "Hey the pains gone," Sam realized,

"You're welcome," Darius replied as he levitated Daean and walked back over to the wagon he was charged with. Darius let him down easy and tossed the teen's blanket back on him before heading back to camp. Darius sat down in front of the fire as Sam bandaged up his burn,

"Not bad, were you taught?" asked Darius,

"I worked in north America as an assassin I worked in a small group of people around my age we weren't well known enough to be heard of so I doubt you would know," Sam chuckled,

"Well that's enough excitement for one night," Darius smirked as he looked over at Sam,

"ARGHHHHHHH! "Roared some odd number of people as a good thousand chrome covered solders suddenly charged the caravan.

"Guess you spoke to soon," Lucius frowned as he plunged his gloved hand and drew a broad sword.

"Never a dull moment since I signed up huh?" Sam chuckled. As he went over the van to check up on Alicia, Darius looked over as Hope opened up the tent, she stabbed the pole into the ground,

"I need a pole Ax," she announced as she looked over at Lucius. She pulled out her newly formed weapon, "Sam find are young friend and lead the way,"

"What am I his keeper?" Sam asked as he looked over at the older woman, she folded her arms as she eyes him up "Follow me," Sam directed.

Daean woke with a jump as the whole caravan was soon ablaze with torches, as a lone man started running around giving orders

"Take to the sides," The man shouted, "Get your blessings and weapons ready to defend the caravan. The group of mercenaries quickly lined up, Daean felt his innards turn as soon the whole field was little by every type of possible projectile imaginable.

"Did someone just throw a bone?" asked Ra-heem as he looked over at Daean. Daean shrugged, as he looked over at his ally. Ra-heem closed his eyes and almost instantly swerved as about a good fifty fell to the ground. As shots started to erupt from both sides, as smoke and dust started to cloud the vision and the metal that once shined was now drowned out in dust and the sound of gun shots. Daean had to fight to cover his ears as turned away from the battle field.

"Anyone how does this for a living is nuts," Daean shouted when his eyes widened, He saw a needle not too far away from where he was, impaled in the ground. Daean turned over to Ra-heem but he was down and out cold. Daean jolted himself with electricity as he picked up a Ak-47, and started to shot, the fallen Angels started to walk toward the caravan, the bullets started to bounce of as the army started to walk in on the group. The dust started to clear as the chrome armor started to close in on them.

"Charge," shouted Nicholas as near one hundred mercenaries charged the fallen angels, Daean stayed back as the fallen angles reach behind themselves turning the shields of and another round of darts pierced the charging group.

"well, well," said familiar voice, Daean turned around to see Mabush, towering over him Daean charged up his electricity in his right hand as he started to back away. The man was cracked his neck as his helmet grew back over his face. Daean chanced a glance around him to see the shy being light up in fire.

"Form up and fall back," Nickolas ordered as what seemed like a fraction of what charged pulled themselves back to the cover the caravans provided. Mabush was soon attacked as man with stone skin rammed into the armored man in the side.

"Nicholas?" Daean question,

"I'm surprised your still alive," Nickolas turned,

"Your death will give us nothing," said Mabush, "And you will have to hit me much harder if you wish to hurt me. A woman in wave caused me more grief than you,"

"Big Mama?" asked Nicholas,

"How did you know?" asked Daean as he looked over at the man.

"Everyone Knows big mama," Nicholas smirked as he the two men charged, slamming into each other.

"Good thing you've got stone skin," Daean announced as he blasted Mabush with lighting. Neither seemed fazed, "What?" shouted Daean. "Why didn't it work," the teen questioned too himself when Elleana leaped down fully armored.

"Well, well, you're still standing that's a surprise, I knew I had seen your face before, and I bet your friends are not too far away as well,"

"You would be right woman!" shouted the green armored figure of Lucius. The woman drew her blade as flames wrapped around her sword, Lucius Hammered at the woman faster than one would think possible. Using his large size and upper body strength into the ultimate advantage,

"Druid, you bloody hypocrites!" The woman shouted as the top blades crossed, she planted her feet hard. Her whole body light on fire, Lucius raised his arm and a wave of dirt rose up protecting him from the heat. Both fights stopped as the caravans started to rise up and the merchants ran away.

"Let them go they are not important," shouted Psylor, as the armored men and woman parted letting the merchants run scared. The man had levitated himself up in the air and about twelve people were on the ground out cold Sam and Darius were on the ground not too far away.

Psylor, tossed and old truck at the two Sam ran at the man driving under the truck, as Darius raised his hands as he stopped the truck cold. Sam leaped high his knife a blaze with plasma stabbing into the shield overloading the shield generator. The explosion sent the two flying as the wagons fell to the ground. Sam dropped on one knee as Psylor fell on his chest the back of his armor charred from the explosion. Sam drew his sniper rifle, when he was sent flying back, form a blast from the metal telekinetic. Darius charged His Katana drawn over head the armor gave way to spear, Darius dodged right as he brought his blade down to slice at the man from the right.

Mabush turned away from the three as he grabbed Nicholas, by his center and lifted the stone man above him and threw him into the truck Darius had stopped. Hope flashed into existence above him driving her pole ax into the man's shoulder Blood stained the armor as an explosion rocked the ground. Nicholas charged out of the explosion and threw his now glowing red fist at Mabush's Face. The man caught the fist Nicholas thru his left and it was caught as well he looked down at the six foot man and slammed his head into Nicholas'. Again and again, until the rock started to crack and blood started to trickle into the cracked armor. Nicholas dropped down out cold from the repeated blows to the head. Hope started to back away next to Daean as Mabush turned his eyes to them.

"I learned for are last fights your lighting spells aren't going to hurt me anymore," The man lumbered at the two.

The exploding truck didn't faze the two armored warriors, as the two pushed against each other, The flames started to spread as both armored figures shinned in the night like a beacon. The woman dropped delivering a sweeping kick to Lucius's feet. The armored man fell but as he fell aimed a fist at her side. She rolled to the side, as he slammed into the ground the earth moved as a growing hill rising him back up to his feet.

"How did you know of that weak point in the armor?" Lucius asked as he drew his sword just below his eyes.

"Not everyone will sit by in a castle and let the world crumble around them," she spat as her flames receded using the blade like a whip. She quickly started snapping her sword at him, The druid was confused as he slowly backed away. His mind reeling from the possibility, she snapped and he dropped his blade and it turned to dust as it hit the ground. The whip came around he grabbed it as she started up her flames again trying to burn him.

"This armor isn't just for show," he shouted under his green horned helmet. The sword strengthened in his hand. Returning to a sword, the Druid quickly let go and charged delivering a fast blow to her shoulder the fire shut off as she stumbled back. His body turned away from her as she tackled him to the ground. Lucius put his guard up as she started to wail on his face, moving with the blows as she cracked blow down after blow on his arms. His arms fell for a moment and she brought down a hard blow to his helmet. The armored body went limp, the black haired beauty quickly went for the helmet and tossed it to the side as she pulled back for one last hit.

"Go help Lucius he just took a bad hit, I can handle him," Sam shouted, Darius looked at him like he had grown a second head. "That girl is one giant match stick; I'll live longer against him, now go!" Sam shouted Darius dashed off to go help his friend. "Come you canned psychic, come and get me," Sam shouted as he chucked about five grenades and rapid succession. Psylor raised his hand, and the grenades returned to the sender. "Maybe I spoke to soon," Sam frowned, as he looked at the two grenades "Run away!"

"Game over," The man stated as he hovered over Sam, opening his hand and started, Sam smirked as blasts started to rain down. Sam started jumping and running as the ground started to look like a meteor shower hit. "How did you know?" The man questioned as Sam continued to predict were each blast would be.

Mabush, frowned as he looked over at his two comrades he twirled his finger Hope and Daean soon found themselves surrounded.

"As much as I would love to keep this up to are beat, okay take'm down," Mabush ordered as he took a step back. Hope reached behind her activating, her shield around the two as the darts started. "This Is so demeaning there is no challenge in you two," Mabush started to walk forward when a brown trench coat delivered a kick to the man's chest, sparks flew as the two attacks collided, the coat flew of reveling chrome armor just like the fallen angels.

"So even the Angels have come out to play, wait that was a an actual move beyond the normal club like swings of a normal mindless drone. You're an Archangel aren't you?" asked Mabush as he called of the fallen Angels. The figure removed the red scarf around the amours' neck and nodded. "Crap as if mercenaries were not a big enough issue, Adam warned us of your possible arrival," Mabush clapped his hands together and drew out a massive hammer. "Let's see what you got," The figure attacked in a single blink the figure had closed a ten foot space landing a rain full of blows before the giant could put up his guard. The two figures slid apart for a moment,

"Your fat at least a level eight in pure speed, but I am built like a Iron, and this armor just adds you can hit me all you want you can't hurt me," Mabush chuckled under his helmet.

"Your understanding of the armor you use is pathetic. Didn't Adam teach you anything?" The figure asked in a heavily synthesized voice. Holding out his hand a small circle appeared in the palm of his left appeared. The group blinked and they saw the figure having stabbed Mabush with his right hand Pulling it out blood dripped from the now clawed right hand. The giant dropped to one knee as he coughed, the armored figure held his right arm to the side and in it formed a metal scythe, stepping to the side the figure prepared to decapitate him. Mabush, seemed to bleed out when he quickly tossed his own blood onto the figures visor slamming his hammer into his attackers chest with his left hand. Mabush smirked as the now dented armor fell from a good twenty foot arch from the single blow. The man took a step forward when his own helmet the man was stunned the blow almost took his head off as he slowly got back up.

"How in the world?" asked Daean as he looked over at hope,

"He used his momentum, after he landed, he charged at full spped with a battle hammer of his own the speed combined with weight of the blade and near invulnerability of his own armor allowed him to make such a devastating attack. Mabush tried to get up but the scarlet figure charged again and again. The villain fell to the ground as the scarlet figure appeared over him as the back of his hammer gave shape to that of a workman's. The back fell fast tearing into the armor blood started to spill out as the figure pulled back ripping the armor off the giant. The man's own hand went to cover up the blood he was losing as the scarlet figure prepared to cave the man's skull in.

"Don't just stand there attack him," Mabush cried out as all the fallen angels troops attacked, Over 30 armored droops quickly started to swarm the man, as Daean stepped forward calling his electricity. A few fell but quickly the armored figures adapted to the new attack and started to swarm the figure. The man quickly swung the hammer around nailing about three as they got to close the hammer vanished into liquid, returning to the armor. Two sharp blades extended from the wrists as the chrome started to overlap each other. Daean turned away as sparks erupted from the group, Daean opened one eye to see all thirty men dead as the chrome armored of the fallen shined in red, Daean almost upchucked at the sight. But his heaving was interrupted as the sound of blades cutting air erupted and about fifty full sized helicopters quickly started to head at them from the horizon. Hope frowned as Daean started to back away in fear,

"A sound plan," said the figure, "Those helicopters will cause more problems than they are worth, a sound time to retreat if any," the figure looked over at Mabush who was still breathing than blurred away.

Darius using his power leaped hard and fast as his shoulder smashed into the cold unforgiving armor of the fallen angel. The blow was enough to push her of but the right side of his face no sported a massive bruise from the impact. Killing of the felling in the right side of his face, his tumbled turned into momentum to as he twisted himself from the spin back to his feet. The woman stopped rolling as the thr sound of helicopters filled the sky.

"Shit," Darius muttered

"Reinforcements," Luicius growled as he quickly started searching for his helmet, Darius didn't bother with the man as he quickly took out a flare gun and shot it off,

"Why did you do that?" asked the black haired woman as she stood herself up, Darius smirked under his beard, "They all ready know where we are you planned this perfectly, but I doubt you will be able to convince many of your new mercs to work for you," Darius smirked.

"That will hardly be an issue, you can just ask your old mentor Michael, I am sure he can vouch for are new means of brainwashing," she smirked,

"What did you do!" Darius shouted as an aura was created around him, his face now twisted into anger, as he assaulted her mind to find the answer no longer caring for any possible damage. Quickly shifting thru memories as the woman the woman tried to call up as a barrier. Elleana, fell to her knees then the pain stopped as Darius dropped to his knees as he found something that horrified him. "NO they couldn't not to him," Darius, aura dropped as his anger faded into shock. "How why is he working for you he was a man of honor, I refuse to believe it," Darius denied as he quickly turned back to Phylor. Leaving the woman to cope with her mind being assaulted he used his powers to boost his speed charging the armored man in a fit of rage. Phylor turned his attention from the announce he had been dealing with when he was suddenly slammed into the ground by some unseen hand. Darius quickly leaped onto of the man; then protecting his hand with his telekinetic power started to pound on the helmet with his fists. The armor dented as Sam lay on the ground stunned as he watched his ally proceed to beat the metal with what appeared to be his own hands. Phylor moved his hand as Darius was suspended into the air before being slammed down. Sam shook his head as he leaped at Phylor, as the man stood up. Sam grabbed hard and fast plunging his plasma knife into the armor as blood as a sizzling noise burning into skin.

Darius shutting of almost all his pain receptors charged "Giving me back my commander you son of a bitch!" Phylor's helmet, retracted into his armor, reviling the old face of Michael. Around his face was a metal like frame seemed to wrap around him like a steel blood veins and he looked much older than Darius had remembered "What happened to your face?"

"Using, my power I gravely neglected my body I have forgotten what it means to be a soldier, and even if I hadn't knowing what I know MRF, Angel, and Kami himself can burn for all I care," the man muttered in Anger.

"Traitorous bastard," Darius growled, "You always told me corruption is everywhere, and that loyalty to one's home was all that truly mattered!" Darius screamed his voice starting to go hoarse from lack of water.

"It seems, Mabush bit of more than he could chew the fool lost about thirty men and almost his own life. It would be best to get him to safety first,"

"Listen to me I asked You a question you dog!" Darius shouted,

"I wonder did you know that that an Archangel has involved himself in are fight?" asked Michael,

"They are myth, they do not exist, don't change the subject, was it not you who held loyalty above all things?" Darius questioned,

"You know exactly why you just refuse to admit it," The man smiled, as he walked over to his fallen comrade "Loyalty to once country is useless when it is not returned you know of many reasons why the MRF and The Angles do not deserve our trust, I will tell you after you have calmed down, for now I am don playing with you to you driver will be here soon enough, come and find me when you are ready to hear some truth," Phylor gave a weak smile as he levitated both his attackers and with the flex of a few fingers sent them back to hope and Daean. "Good bye my old friend, soon enough Michael will die one way or the other," Phylor frowned as helicopters started to hover over head as bodies were being gathered up an taken aboard the man lifted Mabush up and himself up and into the helicopter.

The druid Knight squinted in the dark as he searched for his helmet, when the he suddenly heard the sobs of the woman who had attacked him.

"Wait, that sound familiar no, couldn't be," as hehe turned to look at the woman "Elleana?" he asked,

"Yes?" she returned as he helmet shifted allowing her black hair to fall to her shoulders, "I can't believe you of all people would be here, wanted to see the suffering of the world first hand?" she spat,

"No I was looking for you my friend I went to Rome looking for you but I found nothing," Lucius answered in a whisper.

"So what, the suffering of Rome could not take you from your home but one missing woman can?" she asked "Did you enjoy the show in Rome? The murder, the drugs, or the slavery, was it so easy for you to ignore?"

"We have gone over this before involving ourselves with such a thing we would no longer be peace keeps," Lucius reasoned.

"So we allow that festering slime pit of human suffering to exist right under own noises I will not ignore the suffering of others anymore!" she shouted,

"What does that have to do with anything?" Lucius asked keeping his town calm and quiet

"Everything!" she shouted "The reason I am here the reason I am fighting,"

"At what cost, You have all but abducted near a hundred people and forced them into serves, what are you trying to accomplish?" Lucius asked,

"The ends justify the means when we have gathered enough people, blessed or otherwise we will march on Rome than Europe, and lastly Eden itself!" she shouted "there will be no crime, no slavery nothing crime will séance to exist and I will do what is necessary in order to make sure that human suffering ends!" The woman declared,

"That would destroy you as well as everything you hold dear," Lucius "Stop this before you kill yourself, please come with me," he offered his hand a hurt expression on his face.

"Never I will see this thru till the end," she spat, "It is time for me to leave, leave this place live your life if I ever see you again I will not hesitate to smear your brains into the dirt," she threatened as she peopled herself into the air leaving her old friend behind.

Darius jumped as Darius and Sam dropped down next to him, the Van received up as Alicia drove it up next to them coming to an abrupt and shaky stop.

"Never again," she muttered as she parted her hair out of her face, quickly getting out of the drivers set, Hope quickly got in as the back doors slide open. Darius turned for a moment and climbed into the drivers set slamming the door behind him in a huff. Daean looked around and finding his fallen friend quickly picked up Ra-heem, and struggled to the van. Sam turned to the dead thirty men and quickly grabbed a piece of the armor, before running over to help Daean. Sam quickly put his head under Ra-heem's arm as Daean did the same dragging the dark skinned boy to the van before tossing him into the back seat. Daean quickly buckled the teen in and took a seat next to Hope in the seat next to Hope as Sam and Alicia crammed into the back next the newest passenger. Darius quickly shifted into drive and spotted Lucius driving up next to him, leaning over at opening the passenger door.

"Get in the Van!" Darius shouted,

"I must find my helmet, I refuse to fight with out," The knight yelled back as he started to run around franticly looking for it.

"We don't have time get a new one," Darius shouted.

"It is made of a rare combination of steal and boi-metals it is impossible to replace, just like my honor as a druid knight!" Lucius screamed back as he spotted a dull green shin. Soon the helicopter flood lights found them. Everyone momentarily blinded shielded their eyes as Lucius grabbed his helmet and ran for the truck. Darius called out for his powers as gun fire started up Lucius flew into the car planted into his set as his seat belt clicked over him. The van rocked under the suddenly new weight as Darius slammed on the gas. The rumble of choppers soon blared louder as the light seemed to intensify. Alicia screamed as bullets hit the van, Darius swerved as Hope activated the shield and the bullets deflected off. Sam turned to look behind them

"Son of a," he started as a very cruel sounding whistle ripped into the air, every one chanced a glance as a missile from one of the choppers whistled down at them Lucius acted lifting up his hand to form a wall to defend them when everything went black.

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