The Blessed

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Chapter 15

Phylor, frowned as the chopper loaded the last of the blessed onto the Chinooks, the duel blades started to spin at full speed. Frowning he tired to move but his body would not allow him, only able to turn his head he looked over a wall of dirt partly crumbled. The van had seemed to be obliterated and Adam, was impatient and was giving the orders. What Adam wanted Adam got, the man turned and with the flick of the finger all the choppers started to rise above the ground,

"Well that's that, too bad I lost, Adam is going to have my head, but a fitting end to those who defend that bastard," Mabush grunted as he relaxed in the bench, the left part of his body rapped up with gauze.

"They were loyal at least one maybe three knew the truth, one thinks we are extremist, one thinks we will fail and need to be stopped, and the third refuses to admit the truth to himself. They are alive, that explosion shouldn't have destroyed them so soundly," Phylor.

"Then why not order the men to inspect the area," asked Elleana, as she pushed her black hair out of her eyes.

"You know as well as Ithey will not follow my orders only Adam's. He will not hear reason, so we will do as ordered. The man closed the door, and the choppers quickly flew of back to home base.

About ten feet under lay the van, Daean started to rise, he blinked as his eyes adjusted Lucius was sitting cross legged in perfect meditation. Daean blinked as he looked out the window, a healthy layer of dirt surrounded them and the only source of light was from the van's indoor bulb. Ra-heem was still out,

"How long?" asked Daean,

"Almost five hours now," Daean hushed, "We should try but they are too well spread, we wouldn't be able to take them all out even if we tried, so sit tight they're packing up as we speak.

"What's with Lucius?" asked Daean as he looked over at the knight, Darius shrugged,

"It's a trance Druid Knights are taught in times of confusion to meditate and reflect on what has happened, something must have greatly disturbed him, maybe Elleana," Hope explained,

"Who?" asked Daean.

"Ellena," Lucius called as he poked his old friend in the back of the head, He sat down, in a huff. The woman was in the Druid Green armor. She was sitting soundly on big Ben, overlooking the snow as it fell gently over the city of London. The two sat in silence before the man spoke again, "So you're a druid knight now, how does it feel?"

"Like I gained about fifty pounds," She frowned, the two shared a hard laugh, "But truthfully you'll have to become one to find out,"

"Well I'll pass next time," he dismissed as he straitened his green robe, "So where will you go?"

"Not sure, maybe the dead lands, not many of go there I am sure I could, find a great amount of good to do there," she smiled.

"Well the elders have been pushing for people to head there, and the seeker agrees," Lucius added.

"You know the weirdest part about that statement was is that the two agreed on something," Elleana joked, the two stopped when a deep chuckle sounded behind them.

"Hey big G," Lucius smiled as he looked over his shoulder, The man was about Six foot tall, his body was wearing a large dark green robe and was tightly wrapped in it. Her wore a tight beanie hat, over his ears and copper brown hair curled from under it.

"I really don't feel like correcting you," The man smirked as he sat down next to Elleana opposite Lucius. He sat down with a grunt, and hunched over as the three looked out into the dark snowy sky.

"Hey Big G" Lucius smiled as he looked over at his friend,

"Okay now it's getting on my nerves," Elleana complained as she shot her friend a dirty look.

"Got any hot coco on ya?" The younger man asked,

"Don't I always?" the man asked, He closed his eyes a moment and a small swirling vortex appeared a foot away from the man, he put his hand in and out came a steaming cup. He passed it over his friend as Elleana glared at the cup being passed before him.

"Were is mine?" she asked, as Big G held her cup in front of her, "Thanks," she chirped ash she took the cup.

"Gotta love that pocket dimension," Big G smirked as his large hands wrapped around his own cup. His plump face twisted into a smile as he raised his hand and started to count down.

"Yeow," Lucius screamed as he waved at his tongue,

"Taste good?" Elleana asked, The man nodded as his friends shared a chuckle at his expense. "Just like clockwork. Can't you drink it a bit more slowly?" she mocked as her friend shrugged and started to drink again. The three stat long into the night, drinking coco and watching the snow fall, when Elleana spoke up again "I decided, I am going to Rome and will do everything I can to help the people suffering there. You two better behave while I am gone," Elleana announced,

"I understand your conviction, but I will play devil's advocate if I must. We both know how dangerous that place is why the most experience Druid Knights of the order try to steer clear of that area," Big G frowned as he looked over at the black haired woman.

"Do you doubt my skill I may be a rookie but I am the best, the Knights have ever trained. If anyone can do it it's me," She announced.

"No one doubts your skill, Bit I think you're setting you standards a bit high maybe if you could beat me in a fight you would survive, but I," he started but was interrupted.

"Ha beat you listen you here, the reason you beat me is because I can't use my blessed power, your pocket dimension ability gives you a major advantage with all the subtle things you can do. I can beat you I am just handy capped,"

"Yeah you could beat me, you could easily kill me; the thing is that's not what a druid knight does anyway so your point is moot. You need to learn subtly and until you beat me that will be a weak point," Big G pointed out as he stained out his hat. Elleana glared hotly at her friend but said nothing as she turned away. Lucius looked at the two before rolling his eyes.

"Sorry, but I don't want you getting killed out there," Big G apologized, as he leaned forward to look at Elleana. The girl turned away. Lucius raised an eyebrow as she smiled at him. "Fine ignore me," He growled as he turned away. Elleana winked as she silently got to her feet, and stood up behind Big G,

"Ahh G I didn't know you cared," She cooed as she hugged his neck from behind,

"Can't breathe," he wheezed as Elleana started to tighten her grip, Elleana, twisted causing Big G to fall onto the cooled wood, she leaped on his back and grabbing his wrist and pushed up.

"Say Uncle," she ordered, as Big G struggled.

"Never," he growled as he put his weight on his opposite shoulder twisting himself around and throwing Elleana off his back. Big G smirked as Elleana put her fist in front of herself and started playfully striking at his shoulder.

"Hey easy you two this floor isn't the safest thing to wrestle on," Lucius warned as he tried to keep his drink from spilling.

"Relax even from this height, Elleana would just have to on her hard head and she'd be fine," Big G laughed.

"Well a drop like that's just like tripping for some one of your height so guess you're the only one who has to be worried, huh Lucius?" Elleana Chuckled as she stopped messing around. The two shared a laugh as Lucius Chuckled Nervously.

Big G and Lucius stood outside the seeker's room, Each Knight who left was required to meet her at least once she was like a councilor of sort.

"That's bull," Elleana shouted as Both Men winced at the sound of her voice. "What do mean that's my fate?" she shouted. Big G looked down at his friend both frowning not everything the seeker saw was a good thing. Elleana all but tore the door of the hinges as she left, Lucius looked inside spotting a wrinkled old woman sitting in a rather large purple robe. The old woman winked at him and Lucius was of and after his friend. Lucius ran after his friend to see Big G already talking to him. Lucius tried to stop when he stepped on his robe and slammed into he cold dark red floor. Lucius looked up at the two a sheepish grin on his face.

"Um the stone seems a little more grey than usual," He chuckled as Big G grabbed him by his collar and picked him up, gently putting him on his feet. "So what did I miss?" The two gave a frown seemingly taking the situation so lightly.

"We are your best friends you can tell us anything," Big G continued, She turned away folding her arms.

"I can take care of myself, your only bothering me cause I am a woman, if it was Lucius they was shouting you probably let him 'Deal with it' on his own," Elleana snorted,

"Maybe but that's just cause, he never yells and a mad Lucius would be potentially more dangerous than the entire Angel army," Big G chuckled. Lucius shot a glare at his older friend but returned a worried gaze to Elleana.

"The seeker told me I would be killed off by my best friend. That my death was a necessary lose, for another to help save the world," Elleana mocked. "How dare that woman call my life's blood a necessary lose,"

"Well Big G is out of the question, he's stuck her cause of his family," Lucius pointed out.

"Yeah and can you imagine Lucius her killing anyone let alone you," Big G agreeing with his shorter friend.

"So long as I stay away from Rome when I become a Knight," Lucius started,

"If you become a Knight," Big G corrected, Lucius glared at his friend,

"When I become a Knight," Lucius stressed "I will stay away from Rome, and Big G can stay in London. Then nobody has to kill anyone," Lucius concluded.

"All three of us know that the seeker is always right, One of you two is destined to kill me," Elleana frowned.

"She is also known to tell you what you need to her not what is truly going to happen," Lucius pointed out.

"True," Elleana muttered,

"Then you have nothing to worry about," Lucius announced, the two fre4inds nodded, at his logic.

"So your saying not to worry about," Big G summed up, Lucius nodded. "Works for me,"

"So before you head of want to go play paint with Elder David?" asked Lucius, The two glared at him for a moment. "For old times' sake," Lucius asked, Big G and Elleana looked at each other for a moment.

"Fine," the two agreed, as the three dashed off for one last prank to pull.

"Hey Lucius," said the younger version of himself,

"What," Lucius Blinked and hunched over next to him was Daean, "I don't mean to bother you but Ra-heem here is getting Claustrophobic. Lucius Looked behind him to see a very paniced looking black teen,

"Get me the fuck out of here!" The nineteen year old shouted at the top of his lungs as Sam struggled to keep him from braking any of the windows "Get the F*** of me you son of a bitch!"

"You break my Van I break your neck, " Sam Threatened as He pinned the black teen to the bottom of the van. Alicia was giggling as Sam clamped down making it impossible for him to move.

"Rape, You Gay son of a bitch," He shouted. Sam frowned at the comment and pushed his arm a bit higher than it was suppose to go. "F**********!" Ra-heemm shouted as he kicked and tried to bit Sam's left arm.

"Please his screaming his getting on my nerves," Daean pleaded, The Knight nodded, as the van rose up and out of the ground. Ra-heem finally jumped out of the van landing on his hands and knees gasping for breath. Hope and Alicia got out as well, checking up on the poor teen.

"That holding move you used on him that was a basic wrestling move taught in the MRF," Darius spoke out. The bearded man turned his head to look at the man next to him.

"You accusing me of something?" asked Sam as he Glared at Darius.

"Maybe I am," Darius replied returning the look.

"Hey ass wipe, I an't done with you," Ra-heem growled. As the three started to yell and scream at each other accusations.

"Calm down you three," Lucius ordered as he started to yell trying to get the other three to calm down. The three yelled at each other as Ra-heem leaned into his face,

"Shut up!" shouted Alicia tying to get a word in on the shouting, Hope put in some head phones in not wanting to deal with a head ach. Daean clamped his ears with his hands when a spark of inspiration entered into his mind. A sinister smirk crossed his lips as he put a hand on the van zapping nearly everyone on or near the car. Daean was rewarded with a simultaneous yelp

"OUCH!" The group shouted as they all turned to look at Daean.

"We don't have the time or the recourses to keep arguing, we have only one gallon of water, and enough food for two days. We can argue when we get back to Groove City. We can sort out are issues there everybody in," Daean explained. The group seemed to seethe for a moment as the three that started to glare at each other but everyone piled into the van. Alicia sit in the middle Sam and Ra-heem either side of her.

"Excuse me this is my van," Started Sam, but was Cut short when Daean gave him a disapproving frown. Sam sat down in a huff as Alicia sat down between them, Daean backed out of the van and turned to see Hope. The two looked at each other a moment before she got in the passenger seat. Daean gave a confused smirk before getting in as well.

Darius relaxed, stretching out his mind in order to go over what had happened, the morning sun was still early in the sky but he felt like a beaten dog. Looking out at the rugged and cracked land to the right,

"I wonder what I look like right now, probably not as bad as Sam and Darius that's for sure. But these damn notes in my hair are driving me crazy maybe I shot cut it short?" Darius blinked for a moment as he turned around Alicia hadn't said a word.

"This is the guy that saved me he's acting like a child, Dad would, and no not going there I can't think about that not now. Revenge is bad I think on it to much that's all I will think about and then," Daean thought. Darius looked over at the young teen for a moment who was looking out a window. Daean seemed to twitch as he looked out the window.

"Dum, dum, dum," came a very musical thought, Darius looked behind himself again to look at Sam. "I wonder what it is I really want, do I want fame, love, money, or power. What would really make me happy? Love is good but in the end it can also hurt you badly, I don't want to hurt anyone like that. Disappointing people is such a terrible thing to do. Wouldn't you say Darius?" Darius blinked as Sam who was resisting his face on his knuckles. The young adult looked at him out of the corner of his eye, "I know your listening in on my thoughts, stay out," Sam thought as his eyes went back to the left hand side window. Darius turned back to his set. Stretching out a bit he started to listen in on Sam wanting to know if he was a MRF traitor or is he knew of one.

"Hey what is that song?" asked Darius asked out loud as he looked back at Sam,

"Ode to Joy," Sam answered a little confused,

"Thanks cause now stuck in my head now," Darius thanked,

"That's the problem with most psychics, they can only read so far into someone's mind. A merry and catchy tune can keep a man at bay for years," Sam smirked.

"You've been listening to are thoughts?" Nearly everyone in the car exclaimed as they all looked at Darius.

"Well no, not intentionally I try not to use it just happens when I relax," Darius frowned,

"You haven't been reading mine, have you?" asked Ra-Heem very panicked.

"No, why?" Darius asked as he looked directly behind his seat.

"No reason," said Ra-Heem,

"Why so worried, got something to hide?" asked Sam who couldn't resist japing at teen.

"Don't worry about it and go look at your side of the van, and leave me alone," Ra-heem, more or less ordered.

""Well, sucks to be you I don't know you nor do I trust you, so maybe we should be informed of what you're thinking about," Sam accused.

"My mind is my f***ing own I am not going to take this shit!" Ra-heem shouted as he got on one kness fully facing Sam. Alicia seemed to sway as Sam turned to me the glare.

"Your little trick isn't going to do you any good with me I don't need my eyes to kick your ass. Your making yourself more suspicions by the moment own up!" Sam shouted matching Ra-heems height.

"Both of you sit down!" shouted Hope who was all but snarling at the two,

"Scary ass," Ra-heem muttered,

"I said Shit up and sit down," Hope snarled from under her hood. "both of you are acting like children. What your problem Sam?" asked Hope

"well," Sam tried to explain,

"Rhetorical!" Hope cut off. "You out of anyone should be the last person to be losing it now off all times. I have never in all my years seen you act so childish!" she snapped Sam seemed to shrink. "And you," she turned her gaze to Ra-heem. "You are here because we had a few extra minutes and your life is meaningless to use you do not have the luxury to make demands. I could you drop you off out there and loss a wink of sleep," she snapped. "Now than Sam. Why are you trying to pick a fight with him?" Hope asked.

"I don't trust him, we know nothing about him he has been at two locations that the fallen Angels have been involved in," Sam answered "A very unnerving coincidence after having played the facts together," Sam explained. "Not to mention his reaction when I did push for a thought scan he, seemed to freak out. I am even more concerned than ever,"

"Why should we be worried about him he is a mercenary, I am worried about as far as I can tell you throwing are eyes of him. If anyone it's you who we shouldn't trust," Darius growled as he turned to the back seat. Alicia started to hunker down and tried to move away to the front of the van. Ra-heem's right hand twitched and Sam quickly went for his Knife. Darius picking up on action as Soon as Sam thought it quickly used his power. In one Second, Sam had a knife at Ra-heem's neck, And Darius was all but pushing Sam's head of his shoulders. Alicia froze having just barely moved of the seat as the Van came to an abrupt but seemingly unnoticed stop. Sam's head was being pushed back as he glared at Ra-Heem his face seemingly smashed against some unseen force.

"you guys are fucking insane," Ra-heem muttered.

"You moved just as she did as far as I am concerned that meant you could have goon for a hostage," Sam snarled. "Let off Darius," as his attention shifted to the bearded man. Daean slowly motioned for Alicia to move out of the way.

"I was just staring at her ass man, that's it I was just thing about how hot the girl sitting next to us was," Ra-heem admitted.

"So the twitch?" Sam asked, Ra-heem nodded dumbly, "Oh sorry," Sam apologized as he returned his knife. Darius turned to back in his seat, as he gave Sam a look that said it wasn't over between them. Lucius shook his head as the van rolled forward again, The group sat in a very uncomfortable silence.

"here," Ra-heem handed Sam a couple of gems about the size of a dime.

"What's this for," Sam asked,

"I good a nice long look at her ass, thank to you at the very least I owe you for that,"

"This me very uncomfortable," Alicia muttered as she frowned at Ra-heem. Sam just shook his head his shoulders moved in a silent chuckle.

"This is my best friend we are talking about," Daean frowned. As the sentence left his lip the two young men in the back seat Just started laughing. Sam rested his face in his palm as Alicia glared at the two.

"Zap those to please," Alicia asked her friend. Daean gave a small smirk as he bolted both of them with a small amount of electricity.

"Ouch," Shouted Sam as he glared at Daean Re-heem frowned as the van laughed at the two, the laughter was devoid of humor. Daean frowned as he looked to Hope, nobody was comfortable with each other and as soon as the van stopped at gorge city nobody could get out fast enough.

Daean, slowly walked of into the city not too concerned about his direction, Alica quickly fell behind him when Ra-heem appeared next to him.

"Listen you're a good guy Daean, but you got weird friends, so I'll see you around but there is no way in hell going to stick around," Ra-heem explained as he looked back at Sam. Daean nodded in understanding his friends plight. Daean frowned,

"They are high strung and I don't trust all of them but they are my best bet for dealing with the fallen Angels," Daean explained.

"Revenge?" asked Ra-heem as he looked back at the van.

"No just something I have to take care of, besides I am already involved," Daean answered Alicia looked at her friend a moment.

"Whatever, I have had enough of this I am heading to Rome or something the deadlands are just too crazy I can't hold a job here no matter what I do, Hey you and your girl could come with me," Ra-heem offered.

"Were not a couple," the both corrected at the same time.

"So your available then?" asked Ra-heem as he looked over at Alicia,

"Tell you what stop staring at my ass for more than a few hours and I might let you walk away in one piece," Alicia growled.

"Touché," Ra-heem muttered,

"Thanks for offering but I tried to get out once it didn't end well," Daean answered, "Nothing will change that. So good luck, with your trip," Ra-heem nodded and he held out his hand in front of him. The two shook and a quick shoulder check and the man walked off into the city.

"Why are you so against revenge, that's pretty much what we are involved in it seems," Alicia asked as Daean turned to look her in the eyes.

"My father, blamed himself for my mother's death, he came from Eden Alicia both of them," Daean answered.

"That's impossible," Alicia replied, "There is no way why would he be so far out here that's almost all the way around the world," Daean seemed to shift under her gaze.

"I don't know the whole story, but my father had a friend in Eden, and well his friend got into trouble and dragged him down. In the end both got kicked out as well as my mother. The two split up neither wanting anything to do with each other. His friend returned asking for help. My father in his spite told of his old friend. My father called it his revenge for ruining his near perfect life. Almost three months latter my mother died," Daean frowned, "By trying to keep to his standards I guess I am keeping him alive," Daean gave a sad smile. Alicia released a deep breath, "Are you Okay?" asked Sam both jumped as they turned to see him behind them. Daean frowned at Sam,

"Why you want to chase her of as well?" Daean asked,

"Hostile much?" asked Sam as he walked up next to the two, "I did not know him you expect far too much from me, if you expect me to welcome everyone into are merry little band of misfits," Sam explained.

"Me hostile, you put a knife to his damn throat," Sam complained,

"Well, it was, I have no excuses. I am sorry," Sam apologized, "All the same it is for the best Ra-heem was an okay guy, I guess if you thought he was cool, but if he stayed with us he would have been killed," Sam

"So that makes it okay?" asked Daean as he frowned at Sam,

"Should it?" asked Sam, "Probably still take silence in the fact he is as far away from this insanity as possible. I would love to say the same about Alicia as well but I have a feeling she would be to worry about you if she left," Sam chuckling a bit. Daean frowned,

"between, the two to tell you the truth I trusted Ra-heem more," Daean frowned as he looked at Sam. Sam shrugged,

"I don't expect you to, just know I want the fallen Angels gone, for my own reasons and as such I will do what I can to get rid of them. Anything else you would be stupid to trust me with," Sam admitted shrugging his shoulders.

"Glad we are on the same page," Daean frowned,

"Well here, I got us a place to stay, so be back by five we will having diner," Sam nodded as he handed him the paper.

Hope, Darius, and Lucius all sat at the bar, the knight was sitting on a stone one that had grown out of the floor boards, a point the bar tender seemed to be very upset about.

"Wood is very expensive you stupid knight Now give me the money or I throw you out!" Shouted the bar tender as he screamed in the knight's Face. Lucius was about an inch away from the other man's face but didn't seem to notice. Darius glared at the man thru the corner of his eye, he made a closing motion with his right hand and the bar tender's mouth was forced closed.

"Thanks," Hope muttered as the man tried to pull his lips apart, Hope gave a bemused chuckle before she went back to stirring her ice with a slightly rusted spoon. The light entered the building thru the only windows at the front of the bar showing all the particles swirling around. There were a few other patrons but nobody moved without the occasional readjustment. Darius watched as Sam walked by the window, Darius frowned a bit as he watched the young man walk by.

"How could I ever work with a traitor?" Darius muttered, looking down at his drink he saw a brown reflection of himself.

"In most cases you didn't find out until having worked with him for a while. In some cases you never find out," Hope answered, than downing the rest of her drink looked over at him. Her eyes had a glassy look to them as the stool turned.

"What difference does that make, all you do is grip about how much more effective we were in the past. Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?" Darius asked. "Stop thinking in the trims of the past woman and think about bettering the moment," Darius growled as he grabbed his drink downing it in one gulp. "You need to stop trying to predict who we are and what we will do. It is your fault we are at each other's necks as it is," Darius accused as he pointed an accusing finger at her. Hope looked down at the bar table, Darius released a breath as he returned his hand to his now empty drink.

"Your right, it is my fault, but you know as well as I it was a good idea to get it all out now," Hope responded.

"Not always everyone has their secrets you really should have let us deal with it at our own pace," Darius frowned.

"For so much wisdom, it makes me wonder why you can't work with Sam," Hope poked.

"Once a Traitor always a traitor, as a Murf solider loyalty is the most important thing in the world; I can never forgive a man who cannot stay true to an ideal how can I expect him to watch my back?" Darius snarled. As the bartender poured another glass.

"That's true, a person who abandons an ideal is trash in that sense that word," Hope conceded "But what happens when that same ideal, betrays them?" Hope turned her gaze back at the bearded man. Darius remanded quiet as he consider the thought,

"I'll give him one chance, only one he screws up he is gone, Deal?" asked Darius as he looked over at Hope.

Daean whistled a short cheerful tune as the two walked, thru the town,

"You really should stop," Alicia replied,

"Why?" asked Daean as he looked over at his friend.

"For one I don't feel very cheerful with the only people we know at each other's necks. Not to mention we got are asses handed to us and you're attracting some very bad attention from the locals," Alicia pointed out as Daean took a moment to look around. The people around them were giving him a cold glare. Daean shivered a bit as he realized a happy tune is not very welcomed.

"You know, I think I am going to go train," Daean said, out of the blue,

"Oh, well I guess I'll head back to the van I'll see you there," Alicia frowned as she walked back the way they came. Daean frowned after she walked away, his shoulders slumped as he headed outside the dead lands. Daean spread his legs apart and drew his blade, then started to practice,

"I refuse, to be beaten so easily ever again, even with hope I was useless. What's weird is why my electricity didn't hurt him," Daean thought to himself. Daean continued to move his blade, the weapon whipped the air as the sun reflected of the blade. Daean frowned as he work not sure what to make of the situation.

Alicia, walked the town when she noticed a small group of people around the vehicle, Alicia frowned as she quickly jogged over to the van. Suspecting vandals she quickly walked around it but spying no foul play released a breath.

"No need to worry so much I am right here," Sam spoke up, he was sitting in the shade the of a tree cross-legged eyes closed.

"What are you doing?" Alicia asked,

"My blessing works best when I close my eyes, I'm looking for snake," Sam answered opening a single eye for a quick moment.

"What are you looking for?" Alicia asked,

"Well I worked with Adam before, the leader of the Fallen Angels, so I can keep an eye on him. Oddly enough I can't pin point him, even if he keeps to places with those machines working he would need to move at least some things that should give him away,"

"What do you mean how does your power work?" Alicia asked,

"Well, everything in the world has movement to it, yes even rocks are not stationary," Sam chuckled,

"Oh cause the earth rotates right?" Alicia smirked,

"It moves slowly but you get the idea. All Human have many movements, and as such my brain can pick up on them. The best part is when I tag someone, when I meet someone or find a name, a real name my brain can automatically remember where that person is and more importantly where he is moving. However there is a machine Adam invented that creates so many echoes that it becomes a literal blind spot. Which is why I can't find him he set the up all over the world," Sam frowned.

"But enough about me what's eating you?" Sam asked, Alicia blinked at him, "What lose your voice?"

"Now it's not that it's just nobody has ever asked," Alicia admitted,

"I find that hard to believe I beautiful woman such as yourself should be hounded by men, I am sure at least someone you've attracted might get worried if you stopped smiling," Sam chuckled, Alicia turned red.

"You think so?" she asked,

"You've never seen your reflection have you?" Sam asked,

"Well once or twice," She admitted.

"So what is bothering you?" Sam asked as his smile ran away from his face.

"Well, its Daean if you must know. In the van I really didn't take to kindly to his attitude towards me. I wanted to say something To Daean, but I asked him and he told me about my family and I could work up the nerve to really talk about it," She admitted, as she folded her hands in her lap. "I mean next to my problems seem so," she frowned as she looked down.

"Irrelevant?" Sam guessed, Alicia nodded,

"Added to that I have been nothing but a problem ever since we all started walking around. What right do I have to complain, I can't cock, can't fight, I can hardly carry anything, I know nothing about technology. I feel like I am just here to look pretty," Alicia frowned.

"Well I must say you're doing a remarkable job," Sam smiled. She returned a weak one.

"Trust me your powers will grow and you'll learn how to get them to work, eventually," Sam smirked.

"So you know about mine?" she asked, Sam nodded, "You shut down a whole village for about ten minutes of course I noticed," Sam chuckled. They sat in silence a moment as they watched the van.

"So you can't track him, well you would think a bunch of these type of people would be easy," Alicia pointed out.

"That's the problem nothing nobody talks about it, and I can't find any trails it's almost like they have some kind of, path way?" Sam trailed off.

"Sam?" she questioned waving her hand in front of his face.

"You lousy rotten son of, Ha ha I figured it out it all makes sense," Sam snapped his fingers.

"What do you mean?" Alicia asked, Sam quickly dashed off after him,

"Quickly to the van If my hunch is right, we may find a Fallen Angel hideout by the end of tomorrow.

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