The Blessed

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Chapter 16

Sam opened the back door to his van, He smirked as he heard Alicia gap the back was filled to the brim with everything possible. Everything from extra rations to bullet proof vests,

"Wait why do have some of this stuff some things I don't understand why you would need. Like this shot gun why do you have one when your power makes it nearly impossible to be snuck up on," Alicia asked as she looked at the older teen.

"In case of Zombies," Sam replied in a dead tone,

"Is that a raft?" Alicia asked,

"Just in case of a flood," Sam answered, Alicia looked up a moment than raised an eyebrow at him.

"Let me guess you have rope, for mountain climbing," Alicia asked putting her fists to her hips. Sam smirked giving the side a small pounding as military grab robe swung down from the ceiling. Taking out a few boxes opened the bottom to pull out harnesses and hooks. Alicia gave a small smirk, "What about for driving in the snow?" she asked, Sam pulled out some chains, "Romantic dinner for two?" Sam rummaged around an bought out three candles, two dinner plates, silver ware, and about a half a dozen cooking utensils and a table.

"Sadly I am not a very good cook," Sam admitted, Alicia face palmed.

"Than why do you have it?" Alica asked shaking her head.

"If a friend of mine ever needs to impress all he would have to do is worry about the food. Any person I call a true friend I got their back," Sam smirked "Sadly true friends are hard to come by, you can't just pick them out of a crowd. They need to be earned, and well nobody around me has lived long enough. Well the ones worth being called friends any way," Sam replied. "Besides in case a girl ever asked if I had one," Sam smirked as he turned his attention back to Alicia. He grabbed his gear and changed his clothing settling for a black tank top, and a pair of baggy short. The two walked to the gorge, Sam quickly geared up and placed the first hook.

"I am coming as well," Alicia announced,

"I am just checking something out, this shouldn't take too long," Sam but Alicia crossed her arms and glared at him. "Fine, here," Sam tossed a helmet to her. Alicia nodded as Sam instructed her on putting on the proper gear.

Sam planted the anchor and then grappled down, as Alicia struggled to move more than a foot shift down. "Relax!" Sam shouted Sam started to walker her thru the motions and after an hour. Alicia slide down next to Sam the two slid down. Sam tossed his black helmet down as he unclipped a silver flash light.

"So which path do we take?" Alicia asked looking around at five good sized caves. Alicia looked at Sam,

"Hmm, Eieny, Meany, miny, moe," Sam said pointing at the closest.

"You just picked that one cause it's closest," Alicia pointed out.

"Yeah you caught me," Sam admitted as he started walking.

"Here, I thought you'd have some way to track people, using evidence around us you know stuff like that," Alicia commented.

"To many tracks this area is very high in traffic," Sam chuckled, as he entered then gave. Alicia clicked her tongue and quickly followed after him. Sam held the flashlight above his shoulder as the two headed down. Alicia covered her ears a moment, "Pressure on your ears?" Sam asked, Alicia nodded,

"Yeah it is so irritating," Alicia admitted as she gritted her teeth,

"Take a drink it will help, ease the pressure," Sam instructed as he handed her his cantina, Alicia took a quick chug, spilling a bit as she put the cap back on.

"I see a faint yellow light, up ahead keep low, just in case," Sam instructed as he moved to the side of the cave. Alicia followed as Sam pulled out a knife as he turned a corner, "AH," Sam muttered, as they turned the corner to see a large tube in the center was a glass and a yellow diamond suspended in it. The glow was cruel as Sam leaned over and puked, Alicia looked at it for a moment,

"Sam?" she asked as she looked over at the teen who as leaning over, She walked over in front of him She snapped her fingers, in front of his face, when he shook his head.

"What now, sorry must have spaced out," Sam frowned as he looked at the yellow rock. "So this is what's been giving me headaches," Sam frowned,

"What do you mean?" asked Alicia,

"This rock was discovered about five years ago, and it has a weird effect on those with blessed power. I saw some tests done, people with metal based bless powers, like my sensory or like Darius's Psychic powers get all messed up. This is usually what causes my blind spots," Sam explained as got back to his feet.

"So why did you puke?"

"This the first time I have been exposed to such a large amount, I never thought they would advance its use so quickly," Sam muttered.

"What about those with powers, like Daean, and Hope?"

"Usually it puts them in a flux, sometimes it can unleash the full potentially or substantially weaken it," Sam frowned.

"Talk about a double edge sword," Alicia frowned remembering her powers acting up.

"This proves my theory we need to get back to the town, this shit is really keeping my powers from working," Sam frowned as he turned around.

"So you'd say you not in much shape to fight?" Asked a voice, Sam stopped as Alicia quickly looked beyond the odd device. There was a man he had a small hump on his right shoulder and was leaning forward, his head was slightly balding, he wore a pair of brown trousers and a lose cloth jacket.

"Why you have a nice face," Alicia commented, Sam looked at her with an expression that screamed,

"Seriously?" Sam wondered as he looked over at Alicia.

"Well it he looks rather handsome in spite of the hump," Alicia admitted,

"So I have a hump and that automatically makes it required I look like Egor?" The man asked,

"Sorry for saying something nice," Alicia huffed.

"No would not be a good time to upset the man, Alicia I would recommend running,"

"Why?" The other two asked in unison,

"One, we have no idea who he is, two, he could possibly have back up, three we are in no shape for a confrontation. Four odds he is working for the Fallen angles, and they are not exactly the nicest people in the world. And my final point would be, I need a damn reason lets run!" Sam finished with a shout. Alicia frowned nervously when the man, tossed a grenade at the two.

"Oh shit we are going to die," Alicia frowned; Sam quickly moved grabbing Alicia and twisting the two away from the blast. "Were not dead," Alicia realized as she blinked,

"No but I am blind," Sam frowned. A projectile zipped in the air, Sam twisted and the arrow cut part of his arm. "Shit, I can't see Alicia,"

"Yes," She answered looking at the man behind her.

"You need to tell me where he is," Sam instructed as he pulled out his plasma knife and a throwing knife in his left. Alicia looked behind them and the figure was missing,

"He's gone," Alicia frowned, a bit of rocks fell onto her shoulder, "Above us!" She announced as an arrow was released from the bow.

"Drop," Sam instructed as he sliced the arrow with his Knife, the figure vanished upward. "We don't have time start moving backwards. Back to back I can hear him if he comes my way if you see anything, call it by time," Sam instructed.

"By time," Alicia asked, when another arrow came at his head,

"Yeah twelve o' clock is strait," Sam explained

"What about up and down?" Alicia asked,

"North and south will do fine," Sam answered,

"Northern, eleven O' clock," Alicia announced, Sam swung in front of her slashing the arrow out of the air. Sam returned behind to his spot, as the two slowly moved, "one o' clock," She shouted, as Sam slashed "South!" Sam pushed her forward, and ducked as an arrow flew over his head. The two moved slowly as Sam sliced at anything in the air.

"I can see, a bit, when I say go you need to run, for the exit," Sam instructed, When a hand came out from under them and grabbed Sam's leg. Dragging it down,

"Run," Shouted Sam, and the woman quickly dashed not knowing of Sam's plight. The man shattered the earth and aimed an uppercut at Sam's face, Leaning back and falling down Sam dodging the blow. Sam leaned forward as the man disappeared back into the earth, Sam frowned as he turned to get back to his feet when a pair of hands shot out of the ground grabbing his neck and pulling his face into the hard rock. Sam's forehead was bleeding from a cut above his left eyebrow. Sam panted his Hands as the grip tightened his neck. The man started to rise up from the dirt a death grip on Sam's neck,

"Well that was easy, I have to admit I expected more from you Sammy boy," The man smirked as he looked up at him. Sam blood dripped over his closed eye as he spit into the man's face. "I see solitude has done nothing for your attitude," The man sighed as he wiped the spit of his face. Sam used the distraction to bring both his hands over his head and slammed them into his face. The man dropped him as Sam quickly grabbed his knifes to find the man vanished, back into the dirt. Sam turned to the sound of rumbling,

"You got to be kidding me," Sam frowned as he stated running, as about three arrows flew at him. "Where are these arrows coming from now?" Sam shouted as he dived back out into the sun light. Sam looked up to see Alicia running down another tunnel; Sam titled his head when he turned around to tee the whole wall starting to crumble. "Damn it I thought I was done," Sam slammed his palms on the ground before running after the woman.

Sam quickly caught up when the new tunnel started to crumble, the two started feel a steep incline when the man from earlier ran up beside them.

"Whats he doing here?" Alicia called back at Sam,

"Turns out throwing a mountain wasn't the brightest idea in the world," Shouted the man,

"No way never would have figured that a mass cave in would have accrued," Sam shouted,

"…K you," The man tried to shout over the running,

"What I can't hear you over the sound of how bad you are failing," Sam shouted back, as he blocked a arm the man tossed at him.

"Stop your flirting and move your ass!" Alicia shouted,

"We are not flirting," The two shouted back,

"You not very convincing!" Alicia shouted back as the maniac charged in front tripping Alicia as ass he ran ahead. Sam quickly grabbed her wrist keeping her from falling down as the two quickly chased after the man.

Darius frowned as he finished drink when a man burst out of the floor board. "Snake?" asked Darius as he looked at the man.

"Oh shit," Snake muttered as he started running. Darius tossed his gems

"Keep the change I feel a lot better now," Darius shouted "Hope find me Sam and Daean, as Dust erupted from the whole. "Damn you get results,"

"Your, welcome?" Hope answered a little uncertain, as Darius ran out after the man.

"Come back here you bastard, you're going to pay for trying to kill such a hot woman!" Sam shouted having recovered from his near death situation. "That is something I can never forgive!" Sam shouted as he ran out door. Alicia turned read as she and Hope ran after the two. Lucius got of his chair, and paused a moment before grabbing the bottle and ran off after them. The bartender quickly started to grab the gems with the rest of the patrons.

Darius had a wicked grin as he chased after snake, the man quickly ran after snake as the man cleared the homes off the small town. Daean turned as he looked over to see a man being chased by Darius followed closely by Sam, Alicia and hope. With Lucius drinking out of the bottle not far behind, Daean's jaw dropped for a moment as he gathered his wits and ran after the group. He caught up with Sam, "What the hell is going on?" Daean asked,

"That bastard tried to trip Alicia during a cave in," Sam explained,

"Let's kill him," Daean growled Sam nodded in agreement as they started running even faster after the man.

The man twisted folded his arms across his chest and suddenly the dirt under him gave way. Sam Leaped in first and Daean right behind him, Sam skidded to a stop as Daean mirrored him.

"Damn it," Darius swore as he skidded to a halt, behind the two. "he's heading down this is bad we need to catch him if he gets away they will know we are alive for sure," Darius frowned.

"Hey I can't fit hold still this is going to take a moment," Lucius slowly raised his hand as the earth started to crack. "Move with me great mother, and Rise!" Lucius shouted as a near football field size of the earth start to rise up into the air. After about two stories up Snake popped out of the bottom,

"Shit," the man swore as he looked down to see Alicia waving at him.

"So it's just us three against snake. With all the time in the world," Darius smirked, As the Giant hunk of rock shifted.

"What was that?" asked Daean, the group looked at each other but nobody answered.

"First things first, we need a game plan, now that he's trapped he's probably going to start making a maze to either A confuse us, B split us up, or C make it easier to hide from us. Or D all of the above," Darius explained, "So walk in a single file line keep an eye out front any weak points and watch every angle the best you can," Darius instructed, the three nodded as Darius took point, Daean took middle and Sam took the rear. The three quickly turned on their flash lights and started to follow the path way Snake had made.

"SO can you find him?" asked Darius, as he inspected the cave in front of him.

"Nothing, I can't pinpoint him," Sam growled, "The worst part is I am getting a massive migraine trying to pin point him. This is the pits I swear I haven't had this much grief tracking someone in years," Sam chuckled to himself. Darius look behind him to see Daean behind him with a rather apprehensive look on his face.

"Daean are you okay?" Darius asked, Daean gave him a weak smile.

"Never been better," Daean answered,

"Don't tell me you're," Sam started, Daean seemed to wince. "Afraid of heights, we are pretty high up. Especially for someone who keeps their feet on the ground," Sam theorized; keeping his eyes focused on the space behind them.

"Yeah, terrified, this shaking isn't helping either," Daean quickly admitted.

"That's not it," Darius thought to himself but kept his eyes ahead.

"Tick tock, time again, time for me to Kill amen," Snake chimed; the three men quickly went back to back leaning on each other as the chant echoed. "Let us roll the dice my friend, for soon I will make amend," The man chuckled.

"Big talk coming for a man of your status; why do I have this odd feeling you don't get a lot of repeat customers," Darius goaded.

"It was your life or mine, Darius you can't blame for that," Snake called back. "After all how many men have you killed to stay alive?"

"Well, if we talk about the ones that paid me or just the ones that got in my way?" Darius asked "Cause I have yet to kill a man that paid me, sorry but I take this personal for one main reason," Darius shouted back.

"Well let's hear it," Snake chanted.

"Cause I paid for your services and you didn't deliver. I paid you for a service, and instead sold me out, not very ethical for a business man,"

"True, how about this I give you the information you seek, the longer we both live the more information I give," Snake rhymed.

"Sounds fair, you start," Darius answered,

"Okay then there are five major out posts in the dead lands, as well as a Sixth one were Adam is hiding," Snake admitted.

"Look out!" Shouted Sam as he pushed Daean down, Darius turned and deflected shuriken, aimed at his neck.

"Not bad, all the area are connected by the caves you saw Sam. Sadly the last tunnel is blocked by a three ton door way even I can't dig threw it," Snake admitted.

"So you are responsible for the tunnels and let me guess the Fallen Angels took them over,"

"Exactly, at first there was no issue but now they are using me to gather up an Army," Snake explained.

"Let me guess they want to take down Kami?" asked Darius,

"Of course," Snake said as Sam suddenly screamed the two turned to see a hole where the young man once stood.

"Why would anyone want to fight god?" Daean asked,

"Humans are not the brightest nails in the shed," Shouted Sam.

"Remind me to get his head checked when we get out," Darius, commented to Daean. Daean raised an eyebrow at the man but didn't say anything.

Sam looked around the only source of light the hole above him. Walking over to the walls he felt the, "Smooth, and me without my climbing gear," placing his right hand he started to circle the room.

"Sam" Shouted Daean, as he kneeled down next to the whole, "Hey!" Daean shouted as light flashed up at him.

"I think I found a way out, don't worry about me just find that bastard," Sam answered. Daean nodded, as he looked over at Darius. Daean went to touch him but some invisible force diverted his hand. He started forward and Daean walked behind him, Darius unsheathed his Katina and turned off his flash light. Brandishing his weapon he started into the dark cave, Daean started to pour electricity into his left hand as he slowly followed his friend.

Daean frowned Darius had been a silent as a mouse. The two heads went up as rocks started to collapse out of the ceiling. The two dived to opposite sides as Daean lost sight of Darius, Daean rolled to the side as more rocks started to fall down at him. A smash echoed as what little light was there was cut off. Daean flinched as his world went black, Daean opened one eye to see three large rocks hovering above him. Darius slid down the rubble next to Daean but neither saw more than shadows. Daean called up a fist full of electricity giving of a dim but need light.

"He's tracking us somehow, Daean watch my back I am going to try and pinpoint him by his thoughts," Darius ordered. Daean nodded, as he stood up his left hand drawing his revolver. Daean turned slowly keeping his revolver level. Daean spun as a few rocks crumbled down, Daean started to shake a bit as he looked up at the flouting rocks.

"What?" asked Daean as he looked up to see some of the sparks still active where is hand had moved. Daean touched it with his right hand and the light intensified. Daean pushed it away as the whole hall started to lighten up a bit. Daean closed his eyes and focused on the light and soon the whole area was one well let room. "What can't I do?" Daean wondered as he looked down at his hand.

"Whoa are you?" asked Snake as Daean spun blasting at him with a bright ball over electricity. Snake ducked back as Daean shot with his left. Snake weaved around the gravel he had loosed then dived at Dean. The teen grabber his sword, swiping at them man with an electrically charged hunk of metal. Darius opened his eyes blasting Snake away and into a wall. Daean gave him a confused look,

"I need him alive, why is it so bright?" Darius realized as he looked around than back at Daean.

"I'll explain later first we need to find," Daean stopped as the rock underneath them started to Elevate up.

"What is Snake doing now?" asked Darius as he looked down at his feet,

"Doing what you slammed me into rock I am human. That's not something I can just get up from," Snake yelled back.

"Wait, were is Sam?" asked Darius,

"I am on a WORM!" Sam shouted as the ground underneath them shattered as everyone grabbed on to the giant Worm as the beast leaped out of the floating rock. The Worm flew into the air as the rock started to break apart

"What in the world!" Shouted Lucius and Alicia,

"Sam what the hell!" Daean shouted "Get of its head!"

"Dude, you got see this Pink worm has about ten thousand teeth," Sam shouted back, Daean and Darius looked at each other with wonder on his face.

"This guys nuts, why are you antagonize a bloody desert Worm those things are dangerous they could wipe out cities!" shouted Snake. Sam ignored the man as he threw out his hands and closed his eyes. The momentum ended as the snake started to fall, down to the Earth. Everyone screamed in unison,

"If we live I swear I am going to kill you!" Darius shouted, as they sped towards the Earth. Darius concentrated using his power to slow his decent; Darius then concentrated on Daean next. Snake Flailed around leaned forward diving down after the falling snake. Sam mimicking the motion quickly fell down after him. Daean watched as he started to slow the rock that they had once been running around in was now crumbling above them. Darius turned his body still keeping Daean and himself from falling to fast as rocks started to plummet down at them. The worm twisted as it started to dive back down at the crust. Lucius raised his hands as the earth below them started to spin around. The worm connected with the earth as dirt and sand shot up and irruption Sam grabbed a hold of Snake's leg, as the two vanished into the sand. Darius dropped down to the ground and Daean fell down to his feet.

"No!" shouted Darius as dashed off to the cloud of Sand and smoke "Snake! You coward come and fight me like a man!" Darius shouted. Darius roared as he started dispersing the cloud with swipes of his hand.

"Over, here," Shouted Sam as the group ran over to find Snake, who was now in a lock. Sam had grabbed hold of the man in a full nelson with his left leg wrapped around his waist. On the man

"Hi, Darius," The man froze up as he looked up at the bearded man glaring down at him. "Uh listen about the whole killing you thing.

"Oh no, I have no problems with it, I am alive, however my slimy friend, you still have to deliver on your half of the deal," Darius smiled.

"No I already given you too much information, I can't" Snake shouted as he renewed his struggles.

"You keep squirming you're going to snap your neck," Sam warned. Snake ignored the man's warning he soon felt the ground disappear under him. Snake looked straight in front of him to see The bearded face of a very pissed Telekinetic.

"You will tell me what I need to know, you will tell me everything. Or I will enter your mind and I will ripe every fabric of self from your head," Darius growled. Snake froze,

"You know physical abuse might loosen him up. I create some rocks you could throw in into," Lusius advised. He motioned his hand as teeth like rocks started to rise up from the sand.

"Hit him on his back up the mussel should be weak but nothing life threatening," Hope Chimed in. Alicia and Daean closed their eyes and turned away. Sam remained neutral as he sat up to watch the scene unfold. Darius turned to one of the rocks and with a single thought the rat was soon flown at one of the rocks.

"All Talk, I'll Talk," Snake panicked as he raised his hands in front of his face to prevent him from being hurt. The man opened his eyes to see he had stopped a mere centimeter in front of the rock. "Okay there are five main bases like I said each base is used for storage. Base's One and Three house the man people they abduct. They call them breaking bases they are set up mold people into fallen Angels and they just started being used within the last month or so. Two and four are equipment bases places the blunt of the solders go to eat and refuel for any need equipment. These to bases also hold the blunt of the Yellow Ore to keep sensor blessed blind of the group's movements, they are also the main mining plants. The Fifth base is where they house there transports, and is the home of their quick response vehicles, as well as the most dangerous of the five bases," Snake explained in a rush of words and panic.

"So are best bet would be to head to The first or Third base," Darius advised.

"As sensible as it is we have now way of knowing where it is," Hope answered.

"Always the wet blanket, We have three options, we can wonder around aimlessly and never find anything," Darius pointed out. "Option two we set up camp here and wait for a group to use the tunnels and follow them. Or option three we get are hunch back friend here to point us in the right direction," Darius smiled as said person flouted back to the group.

"No way they would kill me," Snake panicked, shaking his head furiously.

"Than you don't know Adam very well, now that you talked he will kill you. Think of this as insurance we know where one base is we will be able to find the rest based on information at that base. We don't want you leaving us just yet either you could inform them of the leak. Or worse tell them about us being alive. That way we will know you won't betray since doing so would almost guarantee your death," Hope explained

"How does this help me?" The man asked,

"You get to live a little bit longer, either we kill you now. Or Adam and the Fallen Agenls might," Sam stressed "might kill you,"

"Looks like I don't have much of a choice, I'll lead the way," Snake sighed,

"Don't think so you point us in the right direction your feet are not touching the ground," Darius smiled as the group headed back to gorge city. Snake snapped his fingers; Darius looked over at Hope who was playing with her chin. Darius looked over at Snake and decided to confront her about her thoughts at a later Date.

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