The Blessed

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Chapter 17

Daean walked ahead of the group Snake floating next to him as Daean light up the tunnel; Darius and Alicia where the only two people with them since Sam, Lucius, and Hope were driving above.

"So why didn't you help Sam's leg it seems mean to leave him with the fan.

"Cause the Dumb as ran out to the mouth of a Giant worm that idiot needs to stop being so," Darius couldn't think of a word as he snapped his fingers.

"Such an adrenalin Junky?" Snake asked,

"Yeah," Darius agreed,

"So will you let me go?" Asked Snake.

"No," Darius shot down, Snake frowned, Darius looked up, and the static lighting the way reminded him of stars just a little noisier. The small buzzing noise they made was oddly relaxing in the dry silent caves the four were walking.

"It's so pretty," Alicia admitted, "Hey do you think you could make it so you could sparkle?" Alicia chuckled.

"No!" Shouted the two older men in unison as they got odd looks from the two younger members of the group.

"What are you so worked up about it was a joke," She asked raising an eye brow at the two men. The group walked in silence when, Daean final decided break the ice as second time.

"SO did you dig all this?" asked Daean as he looked around,

"I wish I could say I did," Snake admitted. "However when the great Cataclysm went off a lot of the people got killed off With this area was uninhabitable A lot of people who were disfigured, like me started to dig to create habitable places to live," Snake explained.

"People are not quick to welcome those with disfigurements," Alicia admitted. Snake nodded in agreement.

"No they are not that's the reason so many still live out here, even with prostatic limbs. After a while these tunnels became unstable so they were forced back to the surface. Luckily the advanced technology despite its ware and tare was usable. So the People named the area the dead lands and started to make a living. Then the blesses showed up and all sorts of crazy shit happens,"

"Well thanks for the history lesson, but I am sheltered not stupid everyone knows that story. But why so many tunnel. The amount of people that lived originally was in the five hundreds," Daean pointed out.

"Well early on water and food were even scarcer then than now so people split of based on who they use to be. These tunnels were attacking and defending points and I just jointed them. This use to be my area only until the Fallen Angels took over," Snake explained.

"You're not squeezing any sympathy out of me so stop this pity party," Darius frowned not really caring for the topic at Hand.

"Oh sorry we don't have much else to talk about these lands kill the people out faster than the food they try to grow," Snake snapped back bitterly. Daean gave a silent nod of agreement, as his mind returned to his father.

"You think he'd be proud of me," Daean asked as the eyes turned to him. "you my dad, you really think he would want me to do something like this," Daean spoke more to himself.

"I am proud you at least tried to do right by me. It's not your fault; you need to do something," said John.

"I said, you're doing the right thing by him, at least you tried to live a normal life. Most in your position would be burning inside," Darius repeated. Daean looked back at his friend before giving a solid nod. Straitening himself out the tunnel seemed to brighten just a little bit.

"I am surprised you are not screaming like a baby," Lucius chuckled as the Van speed along at the not so fast speed of ten miles per hour. Sam grunted something but nobody could make it out,

"Hope how are things going oh great time traveler," Sam asked,

"Besides the increased amount of Sarcasm I get from you things seemed to be moving at a fair speed," Hope answered

"You don't seem to satisfied you've been brooding a lot lately," Lucius pointed out. Hope kucked the back of his seat and he laughed a bit harder.

"Glad to see your in such a good mood," hope frowned.

"I never was one to worry needlessly. I am upset don't get me wrong but stressing out over something isn't my style,"

"Wooing the woman of the local tavern is my style," Sam mocked; the green Knight gave him a confused look. "you do hang out with a lot of woman," Sam pointed out the man still didn't understand. "Never mind," Sam dismissed as he closed his eyes and relaxed.

The group in the case kept walking in silence when Daean suddenly stopped, "You said that it was long walk to base One right?" asked Daean as he turned slanted his head to look over at the man.

"Yeah," The man stretched as he looked over at Daean,

"Then explain to me why it is so bright up a head," Daean ordered as the group noticed the light as Daean dimmed the static around them.

"We better head back, Shit," Darius swore as they noticed a light behind them growing as well. The group looked at Snake expecting something from him but the man was resting his chin on his face in confusion. The group watched as his eyes slowly started to widen,

"Run, Draw your fucking weapons and RUN!" Snake shouted as the cavern started to get swarmed by small yellow glowing worms. Daean started running in the direction they had started and started to blast away strait a head. Daean Drew his revolver when as he drew near the swarming worms. Suddenly a giant one dug into the cave. Daean quickly brought his gun around and put a Bullet in its brain. Darius Thrust out his left hand blasting a run bath for them; He quickly unstrapped his Katana and tossed it to Alicia.

"I don't know how to use this," she panicked as she caught the hilt.

"No time like the present don't let them bite you!" Shouted Snake as she mimicked Darius normal position slashing widely at anything close to her. Darius drew his blade,

"It feels a little heavier than normal," He realized as he charged it full of lighting. Time seemed to slow as the thin weapon moved like the wind anything close to the swing was instantly fired. Daean quickly moved slashing at anything in front of his feet. Darius gritted his teeth as he tried to keep snake in the air and blast anything trying to leach on to him. Alicia was practically walking on his heels as she poorly sliced say anything behind her. Daean started to charge a ball of electricity creating an almost blinding light. Then released it down the tunnel, the ball let of miniature lightning bolts as it moves almost too fast for the eye to see, the worms were fried as they started trying to attack the new heat source.

"Do that again but do it behind us quickly I can't keep these things of us forever as Daean chanced a glance behind to see a growing number of them floating in mid air. Daean started up a second one as everyone dashed to the side for a quick moment the blast was let loose and the worms from behind started to disperse a bit. Alicia moved past Darius and started slicing the worms flouting above them. Darius drew his .45 and started unloading behind them.

"This is bad I think I hear more of them coming," She shouted as larger snakes started to burst from the Ceiling above them. Darius raised his hand quickly crushing the heads of the attackers. Daean Started sending wave after wave of electricity in front of him. But with each corpse three more seemed to appear as the yellow glowing seemed to intensify each moment.

"Let me out I can help!" Shouted Snake,

"So you can run away don't think so you fate is the same as ours," Darsiu shouted back as he hovered his gun above shoulder. Sweat started to build up above his face as he kept moving. Alicia noticed as Daean made a small trip as the worms started to pup out from under them as well. Daean quickly summoned up as much electricity as he could and touched the walls filling the earth with as much electricity as he could. The corpses fell as Daean stopped his body incapable of producing any more energy. The group stopped as Darkness started to overtake them as Darius dropped to one knee. The run finally caught up with them as all three started gasping for breath as they lost the ability to see.

"The van Above them suddenly stopped as the Hope looked over the seat to see the Standard MRF tracker stop moving. Sam was trying desperately to pin point where they were, when they the bleeping intensified and the group was running again.

"What are they doing down there it's hard enough with almost 20 feet of rock between them to get a good lock on them,"

"I told you this was a bad idea," Hope growled as Sam motioned For Lucius to start driving again. "If you had just opened the caves upon enough to drive the van down there we wouldn't be worrying about are friends twenty feet below us," Hope snarled at the druid.

"I will not stand here while you yell at my belief system, I do not wish to call on mother earths power for such trivial things," Lucius shouted back.

"Does it seem trivial now when comrades are may be knocking at deaths door?" Hope shouted.

"Doesn't matter you two screaming in my ear will not help. We figured Darius could handle it and we didn't expect any trouble down there they couldn't handle, so shut up and let the man drive," Sam snapped as he tried his best to focus in on the group.

"Can you lock in on them with your bless ability?" Hope asked.

"I can't get anything it's like the tunnels suddenly became one big blind spot worse yet this transmitter is two straight forward to tell how deep they are way we need to get down there," Sam instructed.

The worms came back in droves as Darius took point creating a wall in front of them. Darius pushed with all his metal ability as the worms pressed against his wall. Alicia was behind Darius and Snake slashing over head at anything digging at them, as Daean stopped tossing balls and was now reduced to bolts of electricity. Darius started to slow as the wall kept getting harder to push forward when the wall shattered and the resulting energy blasted Him as well as the worms back they way they Came. Daean quickly stepped up charging a large electrical blast at the giant dead end of worms fringing them into a charred black for the sheer volley of electricity.

Snake started to struggle with the mental grip on his body when a metal Clang stated up as Darius got to his feet trying desperately to keep Snake in place despite being thrown to his back. Darius looked behind to a fear full shock. When a fully armored Angel Dashing to them wielding to blurring bladed weapons and oddly enough a Scarlet scarf around the lower have of the helmet. Darius flinched as the Angel spun around him and in a swift motion of Chrome quickly eradicated all the worms around him. Alicia looked in pure wonder as the armor seemed to be alive. The Sliver steal seemed to move with the motions, when she noticed an image in the shifting armor a pair of wings seemed to flap on the back of the armor and waves seemed to echo from them. She blinked at the figure was moving ahead quickly will dashing up the cave wall slashing and Slashing a giant worm that had just appeared and readied to attack Daean. The head fell to the ground as Daean twisted to look at the figure as a small grove in the helmet of the armor seemed to rotate around the top of it. The blades seemed to liquefy in bid swing splashing back into the armor before the armored finger extended into three foot blades. The new tips moved like snakes quickly impaling hundreds of the worms in front of them the man turn and for a moment the snake like nails seemed to hover before moving back to the armor. The hand went for its side as the armor acted like a pool. The hand entered the side causing a new ripple in the armor and out came a small package. Darius looked behind them to see the worms triple to the point that the rock was completely covered. The figure grabbed Daean's color as he leaped tackling the whole group the armor seemed to splash around them as a sonic blast went off in the cave. The blast went bright blue as sound seemed to be destroyed for a split second and a deafening Blasted Shattered in the cave.

"What the hell is going on down there?" Asked Lucius as the Earth blow them Thumped the Van jumped for a moment before crashing down again shaking the whole group. The green knight quickly slammed on the breaks and jumped out of the Van. Hope quickly did the same, as she watched the knight intertwine his finger and the Earth Gave way in a perfect Circle around them. Hope felt her lungs freeze up as the plummet suddenly stopped. He clenched his fist as he exposed the tunnel under ground.

Sam quickly placed his hand on the knight's shoulder to steady himself, as the three looked in the cave. Hope pushed past the two as she entered the opening. Her boots smashed down onto the now burned corpses of the worms. The two men winced at the sound, as it eerily remind them of stepping on dead leaves.

"Come on you pansies, it's just dead worm," Hope turned to face the two. Sam squinted a bit to focus in on her darkened figure.

"With this leg, with me hopping around I'd probably end up falling over," Sam pointed down to his wrapped leg. Hope tossed him her pole, "Daean caught it soundly "Well my excuse is shot to hell let's get going," frowned Sam as he hobbled over to the cave. Lucius frowned as the Earth spat out his silver flash light. Quickly switching it on her helped Sam into the cave, the two stumbled as the smell of burnt worm flesh assaulted the noise.

"What went off in here?" Lucius asked,

"A mini sonic bomb if I had to guess since the cave seems to be intact," Sam guessed as he knocked on the wall. "Shit if that's true," Sam panicked as he tried to hobble down the cave. As the knight started tossing the light around looking for any sign of movement when a slight shiver caught there eye.

"Cough, oh that stinks," Darius coughed as he sat up, "Where is Daean and Alicia?" he asked,

"How are you still alive a sonic bomb should have liquidated you skin," The knight pointed out as he patted the man on the back.

"An Angel," Darius muttered,

"I doubt that," Sam muttered rolling his eyes,

"No there was no mistaking it the metal on him was moving, only a true Angel is capable of doing that in the middle of combat. He also had a red scarf, I met the person before maybe Kami is back us," Darius theorized. Sam frowned as he surveyed the area,

"Where is snake at?" Sam,

"Present," Snake choked as the group looked up to see him dangling from above.

"Any reason you didn't inform us?" Lucius asked as he looked up at him.

"He was probably hoping to escape, but since he can undo the knot he would just starve," Hope pointed out.

"Could you get of me?" Ask Daean who sounded like he was about to die. Darius looked over to he was sitting on Daean. Darius lifted his legs as Daean rolled out from under him. Alicia finally sat up dusting the rock and worm skin of her body.

"What was that?" Alicia asked as she held her head up with her hand.

"That would be a true Angel one that works under Kami himself," Darius explained as he got up and dusted himself off. Daean spat as he got to his feet.

"What a nasty flavor," Daean complained before sneezing.

"Yes dead worm is not the greatest flavor in the world," Snake mocked "Now get me down!" Snake shouted. Darius held out a finger asking for a moment as he regains his balance.

"I am going to be washing my beard for a week," Darius frowned,

"You could shave it," advised Daean, as he watched Him levitate Snake back down to eye level.

"I'd rather not," Darius frowned "What where those words maybe you can now explain what happened," Darius looked over at snake who was once again.

"Those things were night worms; they feed of the yellow ore that has such a nasty effect on the blessed. I know of a few cases where those who were bitten lost their power," Snake explained.

"I thought that was only a rumor?" Sam questioned, "They usually stay underground most think they don't exist if that's any indication," Sam questioned.

"Well let's just say there use to be more than just me digging in these tunnels," Snake frowned "Let's get going, we don't want to attract anymore," The group nodded as Lucius picked Sam up and held him under his arm.

"Hey!" Sam shouted as he struggled in the man's grip.

"I don't feel like waiting for you," The Knight replied as Sam went lip a look of pure frustration evident on his face. Hope laughed at the teen's plight as she walked along after them.

"Hey if you get in trouble again turn the tracker on and off," Hope advised as the group switched on their flash lights "Oh and one more thing keep destroying those yellow cylinders. You know after about a thousand years you'd think I'd come up with a name," Hope murmured to herself.

"The Achilles crystal?" Daean shrugged,

"That work, make sure you get rid of that, it will make it harder for them to travel without us noticing," Hope ordered.

"Yes Ma'am," Daean mocked as he dodged a rock.

"Just get to work," Hope ordered as the earth started to move back into place. The three looked at each other before moving back down the path at a steady pace.

"So what do you think attracted so many at once?" asked Alicia,

"If I had to take a shot in the dark, the heat from all the static, that or the noise it caused. So Daean keep the juice to the minimum," Darius answered as he inspected the worms beneath his feet. The four listened as the rock reformed itself and returned to there.

The group final spotted light ahead of them as Daean bolted another Achilles cylinder. The Darius slowly moved around the corner to see the moon, and a star light sky. Daean walked out into the open as he in hailed,

"That smells awesome," He smirked, as the rest followed him out into the open. The group looked around and in the distance as a large wall, with five gaur towers at each point.

"So that's the place huh?" Darius frowned as he looked over at Snake. Snake nodded, a sly smirk on his face. Darius looked over at him for a moment,

"What are you smiling about I haven't let you go just yet," Darius asked as he looked at Snake who was now grinning. He brushed his hair away from his face as he turned his head to look down at him.

"Your crafty making it impossible for me to touch anything but I can still move, and right now as we are talking I already drew their attention you're not going to finish you mission. They already know exactly where you are," Snake smiled.

"What?" Shouted all three at once as one of the flood lights flashed at them. The group quickly shielded their eyes as a shot rang out. Daean squinted to see the shadow ed figure of Darius to slump to his knees.

"Darius!" Daean shouted as he moved to collect his friend, Suddenly Snake appeared Punchinf Darius to the ground. Daean's eyes seemed to charge up for a moment as he blasted Snake with a bolt of electricity. Snake flow of the ground as Daean still seeing spots from the blinding light grabbed the man's arm and quickly tried to drag him back into the cave. Alicia recovered as she graved Darius other Arm and the two made it back to the cave. The flood light entered the cave as Daean struggled to keep the small group moving. Daean look forward as his eyes widened, Snake stood before him as the exit was blocked.

"You're not going anywhere," he smiled smugly "Darius really was a fool to think I wouldn't have thought a head this far. I mean what a dumb ass your only hope is to run away, leave him here and you can escape," Snake smiled. Daean growled as he bolted the man, snake slammed against the wall as his body spasmed.

"Haha, You just wasted your only shot at escaping and for what a chance to hurt me," Snake Laughed as his skin started to darken a bit. Daean growled,

"Run," Darius wheezed out Alicia looked between the two unsure of what to do as Daean turned to see a shadow enter the cave. Alicia went for Darius Katana but the sound of a shot rang out and she slumped to the ground.

"NO!" Daean roared as he started firing of as he felt a needle inject into his neck. He dropped to a knee as more shadows started to block out the light. Daean aimed his gun ah head but the world seemed to sway and blur. Daean felt the gun go heavy as he dropped the weapon and then fell to the ground. He realized his arms had been grabbed but he couldn't feel it as his eyes suddenly closed.

Three figures stood not too far away from the scene the van parked about a yard behind them.

"This is bad, we would have had a hard enough time getting in without their help this just got a lot harder," Sam frowned as he watched the three get carried off. Lucius took a step after them as Hope stopped his advance.

"We need to help them," Lucius growled as he tried to push past.

"We are in no position to do anything to help them, if anything Snake has probably informed them of us are best bet it to fall back and wait for the bee hive to calm down," Hope instructed.

"We can save them, I could easily get us in and out hell I can drop them into a small area right now it would be as easy as pie," Lucius informed her.

"True, you could but the rest of us would be a target and they would know what you can do and they will be prepared," hope reasoned.

"But snake, he could," Lucius,

"He doesn't know who has what as far as he knows you or I could have that power. And with Sam's broken leg we would also be a target you can't protect the people who are out cold, a Criple and yourself all at the same time against however many people with guns," Alicia reasoned.

"But," Lucius tried to explain, as he watched his friends get dragged off.

"Some things need to happen and helping them now will cause more problems than it solves trust me I lived this situation before it works out better in the end this way,"

"Fine," Lucius frowned "But we are taking a really big risk with this. If we really to much on what you have seen we could end up screwing things up even more," Lucius frowned as he crossed her arms.

"We best get moving it won't be long until they start looking for us as well," Sam frowned as he turned now using to crutches made of soft gravel like material. The group turned away as the van started to sink back into the dirt.

"So how long do we have to wait?" asked Lucius as he slammed the van door shut.

"As long as it takes for now, we map out the surrounding area and hope they survive intact," Hope responded.

"It's not their bodies I am worried about," Lucius frowned.

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