The Blessed

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Chapter 18

Darius opened his eyes as he soon got an eye full of a very bright light. Darius tried to lift his hands to drown it out but his hands were chained to the table. A man sat down in front of him, of average build but his postured showed military back ground and he clasped his hands on the desk.

"Hello Darius," Said the man, "Sorry about the restraints, but I here you are very skilled and not a man to take lightly," The man paused a moment as Darius raised his hand. "Trust me I was well prepared for you amazing abilities. I saw what you did to Elleana, I was impressed and that my friend is not easy to do,"

"So glad I could, but I seem to be at a disadvantage in more than one way," Darius frowned squinting his eyes.

"Call me Adam, we met briefly baking in the MRF," Adam answered, waving it off as it were nothing in his eyes.

"The Adam?" asked Darius as he moved his hands again seeing a shaved blond hair cut.

"The man you were sent to kill, I have to admit I wasn't very impressed at first I taught you a joke, but Mabush was from Rome and a master at the coliseum. Elleana a former druid knight, top of her class if I recall. Both are not easy to handle but you have proven to be a man worth my attention," Adam praised.

"Elleana I can understand but Mabush I doubt. Where are my friends?" Darius asked,

"Your concern is noted but the children are far from harmed. Daean is very interesting I may talk to him next. But they are fine both would make a fine addition to my army,"

"You already blow it with both of them," Darius frowned,

"Nice try, but I have defenses even at the base mental level. Still fighting even now, Michael was right about you, always trying to win even when there is nothing to win," Adam sighed. "I know you're a smart man, but I can't respect you working for Kami. I suppose there is something to blind loyalty, I guess you are as he said a dog of the military," Adam chuckled.

"Coming from the lips of a traitor that's not say much," Darius frowned, When Adam got up and slammed his head into the table.

"I am no Traitor!" Adam shouted as Darius tried to rub his damaged forehead. "They betrayed me! I am going to save this world and anyone who joins me will have the honor of bringing down that Egomaniacal, MAN, Kami," Adam shouted as he folded his arms behind himself. The man stood in silence as Darius recovered from the blow. "I know you have other friends as well, tell me about them," Adam commanded as he calmed back down.

"Not going to ask where they are?" Darius asked as small smirk on his lips having pissed the man of rather effectively
"Like they would stick around, I am not going to insult you intelligence please don't insult me. They are either long gone or hiding around they will appear one way or the other. No what I want to know what they can do," Adam frowned, as he leaned into Darius's face.

"Sure I'll tell as soon as you brush your teeth," Darius turned away. Adam shrugged I have three other people I can talk to but in case I can't," Adam frowned "No food or water for two days give him nutrition pill and a small cup of water I won't him in decent shape in case my other two leads don't work out," Adam ordered the fallen Angle saluted the man before the door opened and Adam walked out.

Daean frowned as he tried to work up a charge but his hands were chained to an antenna in the desk that kept on attracting anything he tried to unleash.

"I know you're here, I can feel it," Daean growled frustrated that he could do anything. The light stayed of as he watched his revolver get placed down on the table. The figure remained silent as he continued to stare at him. "Well what do you want?" asked Daean but the man just stood before him.

"Who was your father?" as the man,

"John," Daean answered "What kind of question is that?" Daean asked a little confused, the figure pulled out a small coin like object.

"Analyze the name John, to any people going in and out of Eden in recent years," The figure commanded when a rectangular screen shout out of the side of the coin. Daean watched in controlled curiosity as pictures flashed by to quickly for Daean to comprehend. The screen stopped for a moment and the man satisfied pressed down on the coin and the screen vanished. "Well let's get down to business," Adam sighed. Either it was annoyance or relief Daean couldn't tell, "Now you'll betray all your trusted comrades tell me everything you know blah, blah, blah," The figure mocked. "I'll never tell, something heroic, exedra," The figure waved his hands around during his own little conversation. "here's how it work you tell me what I want to know don't and well, your Girl friend will feel a taste of all that electricity you used," The man smirked. Daean went wide eyed but quickly hid his fear behind a twisted frown. "Now then I have reports there are three people in your group but the exact Nature of those powers is unknown," The man explained. "And just to make sure we understand each other," Adam smirked as two bars flouted down in front of the two. "I'll show you what will happen if you lie," The man smirked, energy rippled as a screen appeared between the two bars and it looked like the room had doubled as Alicia appeared chained to a table as well.

"Alicia!" Daean shouted yanking on the chains to get free. "Let her go!" Daean shouted. Adam frowned a bit as he looked into the teens eyes for a brief moment he swear he saw a spark.

"He, he, dear boy she can't hear you," Adam chuckled. "Poor girl all by her lonesome self, Poor thing probably thinks you abandoned her," Adam frowned. "She will be let lose like the others when I get my information. If you lie," Adam frowned as he pressed a button on his coin.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh!" Alicia screamed as lighting shocked into her from the chains. She stood up trying to escape the pain but fell down. She lay there her arms dangling of the table as she tried to slump to the floor. Daean watched unable to speak as he looked down at his hands.

"Some friend you are, so tell me what is the druid Knight capable of?" asked Adam. Daean didn't speak. "Hello, I hope you're not testing me I am not sure how much this girl can take," The man theorized. "I really haven't done my homework on how potent your abilities are,"

"I am going to kill you for this," Daean growled as he watched the figure strut around the table.

"Sure you are now about those powers," The man repeated as he waved the coin in front of his face.

"Hope the cloaked woman has the power to control the earth," Daean admitted as he lowered his head in seeming defeat.

"That does add up with what snake mentioned," the man admitted continue.

"You already know what I can do as well as Darius; So the Druid has the power to sense things around him. He is mainly a long range fighter but Sam usually carries the weapons," Daean lied.

"Why, that a bit convoluted," The man answered as he eyes Daean

"The armor is part of his culture so a gun slinger seems odd, but the two are almost always near each other. Besides Sam can teleport he isn't a druid and the two work well together," Daean explained.

"A teleporter interesting Snake didn't mention that," The man mused.

"Snake wasn't trusted, those powers are true," Daean admitted as the man studied him,

"Your telling the truth for the most part," The man admitted "Okay let the girl go to the yard, but the boy stays here he is too dangerous to be let out," the man ordered to his coin. "Soon boy you will work for me just like everyone else here so don't get t comfortable," The man smirked, he made a weird clicking noise with his tongue before walking out the man paused for a moment as Daean glared at the man's square face. The man frowned "Sorry" the man apologized as he shut the door behind him.

"Sorry guys," Daean frowned as he slumped to the floor. He frowned as he watched a man in a silver suit moved forward setting down a bowl of food in front of him. Daean eyed the food but he was shaken as he gut grumbled at him. "I just hope Alicia is safe,"

Alicia slammed into the dirt she was glaring at the two silver figures that tossed her out. She rolled up her now grey sleeves. Like all the inmates she was now wearing a grey jumpsuit on with a number printed on the back. Sighing she flicked her hands as he sleeves cover her hands, the suit was way to big as she had to cruel up the legs just to see her shoes. She shivered having had to change in front of the two figure neither touched her but she wasn't too keen on being watched.

"Alicia?" asked a voice, She looked over to see a familiar face,

"Big Mama," Alicia smiled as she brushed her hair out of her eyes, the little woman quickly ran over and picked her younger up and big bear hug.

"Thank Kami, your alright," The woman smiled, the short and slightly plump woman was like everyone else wearing the jump suit. "Poor thing looks like your drowning in that outfit," She frowned as she bit her nail in thought.

"So what are they doing here?" asked Alicia as she looked up to see the fallen Angels patrolling the walls as well as some odd devises hiding in corers aimed at the area.

"Well I guess you could call it a re education center, every day they herd us like cattle to small rooms trying to brain wash us. Each day it's the same thing breakfast, than a class, Lunch, than a class, then outside, than a class, dinner, than a class, then to bed, it's the same thing day in and day out. It really very boring," Big Mama explained as the two woman started to walk around the courtyard.

Sam frowned as he lowered his binoculars the square looking object snapped shut with a flick of the wrist as he slide it into his back pocket. Sam quickly flipped opened a note pad and quickly wrote down some notes. Sam slowly hobbled back over to the van, where Lucius leaned frowning as he watched the sun move over head.

"You could just tell us," The green knight frowned as he looked over at hope, the woman sat as Sam opened the van up which was almost flooded with small yellow prices of paper.

"What would that accomplish, so instead of bitching how about you help Sam," Hope frowned as she looked over at the man.

"Sloppy work these idiots are making this two easy, two hours and everything is still running like clockwork,"

"Isn't that bad?" Lucius asked,

"Not necessarily, the robotic nature means if I find one opening," Sam smiled as he looked out of the van.

"You find a door way in," Hope finished. Sam nodded as he as he pulled out a large paper, and drew a rather poor sketch of the base.

"How did you come up with so fast in one night," asked Lucius as he looked down at Sam. The two raised an eyebrow at him. "Right your blessed ability, so what do you have so far?" asked the knight as he got down on one knee.

"So far I got nothing everything runs like clockwork, so well it could take a week to infiltrate," Sam frowned. The other two frowned, "However I only have half the full base studied but so far it is made up of five outer areas that border the outer wall. Where the captives are sent out around 2 o'clock and if the clock work of the guards is anything to go by this is the same case every day. We have five main bridges to each of the five points and each one has a guard post. With the main flood light tower centered in the middle about here," Sam pointed out, on the map. "However they have two other important places we need to worry about here and here," as Sam pointed to a power generator and a antenna. "The power, fuels the lights as well as a lot of the cameras which would cut are infiltration short fairly quickly. The other is a Communication building, if they don't have back up coming now they will as soon as an alarm goes off. And if they still go by MRF protocol which they seem to the building will have a power generator; making it are prime target if we get in without being seen," Sam explained

"When, we get in," Lucius corrected Sam nodded as he pocked himself in the chin with his pen.

"We have about five days before reinforcements would come if they called already either way would prefer not to chance it," Sam added.

"All save you the speculation you have four days," Hope frowned. The two looked at her a little concerned about the time shift. "You have three days for planning and then we need to act. So you rule out the communication tower," Hope explained taking Sam's pencil and crossing the point off.

"You know how hard it is to work with you?" asked The Druid as he stood to his full height. "All you do is tease us with has happened. You give us no relevant information and then we decide to do something you inform us about a little detail w could have used as soon as the problem became relevant," Lucius shouted at the woman.

"Follow my lead, and I will tell you what will help and not hinder your growth. I am dealing with time travel every sting that I pull has consequences! You need to realize this and accept my help when I feel it is needed," Hope argued back. Sam looked at the two as he rolled up the paper and flipped back open his binoculars. He lay down on the ground rolling his eyes at the two antics, as he pulled out a pen and started writing information down, when he noticed a familiar figure.

"well at least I know someone is trying," Alicia frowned, "So any attempts to break out?" asked Alicia.

"Look around we heard that only three of six where captured and if your friends are smart they might spot something odd," Big Mama explained. Alicia looked around watching only a few people were walking around while most were standing to the side with someone else.

Sam frowned as he watched the yard that Alicia was in she was looking at something around her. "Okay this is odd," Sam frowned as he started watching the other people only about six people were moving. Sam started scribbling down the movement until to the two adults had long since retired to opposite sides of the van in an aggravated huff. Sam frowned as the people were corralled away and Alicia glance a look back as she was pushed back inside.

Hope frowned as she was pushed into a single file line; she frowned as she rubbed her solider. The men and woman were split up as Alicia was lead to a cell with only a bed and toilet. She looked around to see a figure lying down on the bottom bunk.

"So you're the new girl?" The woman asked, as she looked up at the top bunk.

"Yes word gets around fast; I guess I get the top bunk?" Alicia asked as she looked over at the woman. The woman had long brown hair and a muscled body for her gender. But what stood out the most was that her right sleeve was tied in a knot.

"Sure, oh you noticed my trophy?" The woman asked, he almost white eyes flashed up at Alicia as the girl jumped back. "You want to know where I got?" she asked as she leaned forward. The younger girl backed off as she was soon pressed up against a wall. "Well I was born with a bad arm, so the doctors had no choice but to amputate, so get it out of you system in keep you pity," The woman dismissed as she turned back to her bed. Alicia relaxed a bit but she didn't move much after being release so to speak. "My names Christina, no last name worth mentioning and you are," Christina rolled her head then stared at Alicia.

"Alicia, also no last name," Alicia answered "May I ask why you are here?" asked Alicia as she slowly paced the opposite wall.

"You may but I doubt you'll get a fantastic story," Christina frowned as she sat down on the bed. "But I guess we have nothing better to do. I was a doctor one of the few in the dead lands. My blessed ability, a move I like to call blood vision. Allows me to see the blood work so it makes surgery as well as diagnoses easy. As such I was targeted and captured last week,"

"Must be hard to work with only one arm," Alicia commented, as she watched the woman cross her legs as she told her story.

"I have a Mechanical arm not the big bulky shit you see most fools and mercenaries carry around. But a second level one, for detailed work however its fitted so I can keep all my tools so they stripped of me before I was thrown in here," She admitted as she leaned back. "What about you?" Alicia stopped a moment.

"Me and my friends were led here by a guy by the name of Snake and half are group got captured," Alicia admitted.

"Odd I haven't heard of any new inmates," Christina replied. "I wouldn't be surprised if you're friends were put in the rouges gallery. Before you ask it's a building near the center were they housing those with strong powers or strong wills," The woman explained as she lay down.

"Well I hope they aren't causing too much trouble," Hope frowned as she thought of her two friends Darius and Daean.

"Well let's just hope your friends get our message," Christina frowned as she looked outside. Alicia frowned a bit not really sure the message herself.

Sam rested his face in his hand as the sun started to set, looking at the Notes trying to find a connection with motions with possible codes he knew were used in the dead lands. "It's not Morse code or anything that looks familiar to me," Sam frowned,

"I got the tunnel working right we should have a few exits in case something bad happens," Lucius informed the younger man as he walked over to him. "You hear me?" asked Lucius as he looked over the young man's shoulder.

"Hey they are kinds a shaped like an A," The knight noticed as Sam face palmed. "Yeah, it looks like an A," Lucius Confirmed as he grabbed the paper and started to flip through it. "Will you try to break in," The man read as he stopped flipping the note pad. "Did you notice that?" he asked.

"Don't want to talk about it," Sam dismissed. "Well then we best give them an answer," Sam smiled trying to change the subject.

"Well how we can't really drop anything and if we make it to obvious the Fallen Angels will notice," Lucius replied as the sun started to set. Sam gave a small smirk as he thought of something.

"We wait until they come back out and we write down are answer in the dirt," Sam smirked as he looked over at Lucius. The green Knight nodded his head in realization.

"I like that idea," The knight smiled, the two fist bounded as they watched the sun set.

"Do you know what they say in Eden about the Green sun set?" asked Sam as he watched the sun set.

"I am not to fluent with Kami's teachings," Lucius "Mainly cause I don't believe he is god. I don't think you do either," The man frowned as h looked over at the man.

"I don't but they say when the cataclysm released a Power called Radiation into the world. That those who where unfaithful to god were melted and killed; that those who are blessed were those who would be allowed into Eden. That that the green sunset is a testament to those who believe and the suffering of those who don't," Sam frowned.

"What do you believe in?" The knight asked as he looked down at the younger man.

"My belief is to weak, I know there is something to all this, some all powerful being but I don't know who is right anymore," Sam admitted.

"Does anyone ever tell you, you think too much?" The man asked "Sometimes the greatest answers are right in front of you," The knight reminded.

"I know but maybe after all this I will find my faith," Sam shrugged.

"For a man who claims to be weak you sure have a hard time letting go," Lucius smirked as he tossed him a book. Sam caught it to find his bible.

"Yeah meaning to read that," Sam admitted as he looked down at it. "Shouldn't you be trying to convert me?" Sam asked as he looked back at the man.

"I think you got more faith in you than you realize," The man chuckled as he headed back to the van. Sam looked to the sun a moment as the light stated to fade away.

"I doubt it," as He looked at the book in his hand. "Why god is life so hard?" he asked as he walked away from the cliff as the night stars shined thru.

"You did what!" Shouted A woman as she pushed Adam into a wall. Adam didn't seem Fazed as he got back to his feet. The woman burred he hands in her long hair, as she looked over at the screen, Daean sat in the chair he hadn't moved all day and hadn't touched his food since Adam had entered. The two were in the center room; the area was filled with screens for different cells and different area. Darius was sitting in one as well and he wasn't moving either.

"We could have changed them brought them to are side you keep going too far Adam I didn't join this group to play accessory to this kind of abuse," The woman growled as scanned the screens ,

"We both know this needs to be done and done fast and being nice has already shown to be impossible. Besides as long as we have that girl of his he is ours," Adam striated himself up, we have about three days and Phylor will be here and then This whole camp will be under are control,"

"I thought we agreed we weren't going to do this," The woman frowned as she looked over the screens. "We are doing just what we are trying to prevent," Elleana pleaded. "Please reconsider, at least in here they still have their thoughts but you plan to strip them of their selves,"

"I will do whatever it takes to get the fastest results; I will not allow Kami to continue," Adam frowned as he looked over the screens.

"Then what about after we are done?" Asked Elleana, as she glared at the man,

"Someone will have to take over at least until a more steady government can be created," Adam admitted.

"And who will lead it you?" she asked crossing her arms as Adam turned to her she glared into his brown eyes as he walked up to her. She looked down into his eyes just a little above his height.

"Why not, haven't you ever wanted to claim control off the world even if it was for a fleeting moment?" Asked Adam as he rubbed his shaven chin, in curiosity as he watched the emotions play of the woman's face.

"Control is not something I want, not now not ever. But I fear it may not matter what I want anymore," She whispered. "Do as you like I don't really care anymore," She admitted walking out of the room as her helmet clinked back into place as single tear falling out as the helmet closed over her suit. She looked down at a silver chain with a picture of three teens. The door slide shut behind her and looked as she looked up at the metal ceiling. "I guess the seeker was right,"

Adam returned his attention to the screens as he sat down and rested his eyes, all he had to do now was wait for his comrade to arrive. The man stopped moving for a moment as Darius's eyes flashed open glaring at the screen.

"I knew you had to sleep sometime," Darius growled.

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