The Blessed

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Chapter 20

Sam flinched as he moved into the shadows, leading with his left foot to lead as he slowly moved he weak leg behind him. Sam looked up at the moon as he silently shifted a light passed by him as Sam casually moved through the base. He had spread the word all that was left was to find the area Daean was in. Darius was there but was out when he was unofficially moved, and since nobody had been there he was on his own. Daean started to move again remembering the argument they had earlier with the druid.

"Your sending a cripple?" asked Lucius as he looked at Hope pure confusion etched into his face.

"His skills despite his broken limb he is the best option unlike either of us he can get a much better lock on the area even with the Cylinders around. Daean has more experience in these matters and I trust him to get the job done," Hope answered,

"You're a time traveler couldn't you do this yourself?" Lucius asked,

"And where would that get us I am here as guide and a shield I will not do you dirty work. Besides this is all pointless he's already gone," Hope Pointed out as the green Knight realized she was being honest.

Sam smirked a bit at the memory disappearing without people noticing was so much fun. Sam took out a marker and started to write down a second note not bothering to look up as he moved to the shadow under the center tower missing the search light by a hair. Sam frowned as he started to map the area out passing by the plastic explosives he had planted a week ago. Sam rolled his eyes, following orders to the letter was a fallen Angels job thinking was limited to the controller Adam. Sam rolled his eyes Adam may be the power house in the Dead lands but he has been slowly decreasing in quality in his work. Not that Sam would complain just made his job easier, Sam slowly worked his way around dodging the light with little problems. Sam slowly moved to a new door, as a small green light caught his eye. Sam sighed as he inspected the devise,

"This is probably it," Sam mussed to himself, "No challenge," he muttered as he circled the building east to the main tower. Sam watched the troops walk above him before slipping into the shadow of the building. Sam kept on hand to the wall as crouched down. Sam smirked as he found his real target, the yellow glow flickered from around a corner. Sam smirked as he slowly found the access panel and quickly pulled the bane of his existence out of the devise. Sam smirked as he placed it with a flashlight in a yellow light to replicate the appearance. The Base cleared up a little more allowing the teen to peg the major areas and could now locate Daean. Sam quickly retraced his steps before returning to the whole Lucius had dug out earlier. Grapping a blanket that replicated the ground he recovered it as he ducked down into the tunnel. The tunnels were pitch black as Sam flipped on a flashlight eliminating the tunnel it was a story where three people could walk side by side with no hindrance. He tossed the Achilles crystal in the air, catching soundly before smashing it into the ground and watched as the yellow rocks faded into the dirt. Satisfied he moved back to Hope and the green Knight.

"So we have complete information and just have to wait to see if Darius can fix the problem the other blessed are troubled with," Lucius summoned up as Sam reappeared around the camp fire.

"We have about six people in the detention area along with Daean so if we can get them out they will be the most help. Under optimum circumstances," Sam added hastily not really sure how the others would react.

"That's interesting to know I'll head there first and see if I can recruit anyone," Lucius decided, looking over at Hope expecting her to disapprove. The woman didn't respond, for a moment as the two men started to relax.

"You best bet after that would be to head to the basement there is a hand held devise that will short out the chips suppressing the blessed," Hope added on. "Daean can do the same but if the clouds are anything to dictate, I don't know how open to suggestion he will be when he gets out,"

"Elleana she is in the base but outside of her I don't think we will have much trouble," Sam added looking over at the Knight. The Knight shifted on his rock stool but the flexing of his fists said he was either ready for a fight or concerned about something. The group sat in silence nobody comfortable enough to talk or joke as they stared at the fading fire.

Darius frowned as he looked at Nicholas's neck there was a small chip just under the skin, Darius twitched as the devise slowly moved away from the spinal cord. Daean smirked as the devise shifted under the skin to the arm where Darius pulled it out along with a little blood trickling away from the exit.

"Two hours," Darius frowned, as he flopped down on the bad. "Ouch," he grumbled rubbing his head he slammed into the wall behind him. Nicholas flexed his arm as a layer of solid rock appeared over it before vanishing.

"Well I am ready, I went around and pick up a few people I Know with powers that will help, let's see if we can get a few good men to join are break out," Nicholas smirked as he stood up.

"We aren't so much planning a break out as much as a takeover," Darius clarified as he looked the older man in the eye. "I am from the MRF and I was sent to take back some technology the fallen Angels stole. Help in that would be appreciated," Darius finished as he looked up at the man.

"Well, I am A mercenary I don't care much for either side so long as I get paid," Nicholas responded. Darius sighed a bit not rally expecting help but disappointed all the same. "However I was hired to protect Vicky and Hail, I still haven't earned my pay since they were captured. I and every man in this prison have a obligation to finish are job of getting them to their destination. Since you and your small group seem to know more than the rest I suppose you guess would be the best people to lead," Nicholas explained. "You'll have my help when the final fight comes," Nicholas nodded as he held out his hand. Darius smirked as he stood up and the two shook hands.

"Okay let's get some sleep and start taking out chips in the morning," Darius smiled as he lay back and went out like a light.

Darius worked every moment he could, Breakfast, as well as all the classes he kept on removing chips left and right, until about 25 men at the end of the day where able to use their blessed power. Darius frowned as they were escorted to their cells for what Darius hopped to be the final night. The bearded man frowned as he watched the sun set and the order for lights out came into effect. Darius opened his eyes after waiting an hour or so. Moving silently he went to the door and start to bend open the metal door. Darius frowned as he slowly and quietly dented the plate moving his hand across it slowly pushing it out until. The door clanged on the floor as both men winced waiting for some kind of alarm. Nothing happened as the two straightened out.

"Hi Darius," greeted a man standing next to the pair.

"Oh hi Jordan," Darius waved before stopping suddenly and turning to look at the shaggy man. He was a bit shorter than Darius with messy shoulder length hair. "Jordan?" Darius questioned as he looked over at the shorter man. "Let me guess you can walk through walls?" Darius questioned.

"Nope I can pick any lock computer or manual, with just a wave of my hand," Jordan explained. "You want me to start freeing the others?" asked them man Darius nodded,

"Keep it down and send them to me to see if I can free and people, before the signal goes off," Darius ordered. Jordan quickly ran passed each door as the clicking went of and people started to open the doors. The men were about to start celebrating when everyone realized they couldn't talk. Everyone started grabbing at their mouths in a panic. "Hey, relax crouch down and move down to the ground level. I'll explain after everyone is down here," Darius order each silently agreed and started moving down. The jump suits all gathered around Darius as he released his little trick on them as he started to go over the battle plan.

"Anyone, that can temporarily create a black out?" Asked Darius as he looked over the group for a show of hands,

"It's not a power but I know enough about computers I could cause a small one," Explained one person in the back.

"better than nothing," Darius nodded as he started to direct the men to different exits. Darius looked over at the man who would be causing the black out.

"My name is Chris, Mr. Commander Sir," Chris stammered out, as he looked up at Darius. He was about sixteen years old, with short black hair with unusually angled eyes.

"What's wrong with your eyes kid?" asked Darius noticing the rather small difference in the shape.

"Nothing why is there something wrong with them?" asked Chris in a slight panic.

"Nothing's wrong you got a blessed power?" Darius asked, feeling rather uncomfortable bringing it up in the first place.

"Well, when I keep my arms still, they don't get damaged. I tried with bullets and so long as my arms stay relatively still I can take anything," Chris answered. The lights outside dimmed a moment as the sound of rumbling echoed above them.

"We might not need that black out after all," Darius frowned as the sound of thunder made everyone in the room jump. Every single person looked at Darius,

"It's been almost 18 years since the last storm to rock the dead lands. Even the twins could never bring on a storm," Nicholas frowned. "Who in the world does Adam have locked up here that could bring a storm to these wastelands?"

Adam frowned as he looked up at the sky for the first time since he enter the dead lands he could not see the stars in the sky. Adam started to look over the screens again when he stopped at Darius. "A fucking loop," He realized, as he dashed out of the room. He mentally called out as the troops as he dashed down the hall quickly being swallowed up by the formation of troops. Adam frowned as he swiped his hand over the lock and it opened up instantly. The room was empty, "Where the fuck is he?" Adam asked to himself.

It was at that moment Sam gleefully decided to detente the explosives. Darius smirked as the last door on the woman's cells opened up as all hell broke loose. Darius smirked as he watched the people flood out. Darius quickly ran after them as the men and woman flood the area each grabbing anything from broken metal bars, rocks, and Lunch trays as those with blessed powers started to use them. The groups all came to a sudden stop when the earth parted and a multihued of stone swords erupted hilt up. Everyone cheered as the thunder rumbled over head as the silver fallen Angels charged into the area. Lucius charged thru the ground as a wall of earth formed up around the group. The Fallen Angels open fired on the large group of people as the sound of metal clang to the ground. The firing stopped as everyone realized over the grey jumpsuits had formed a helmet a pair of wrist guards a small shield and stone boots. The group raised their collective swords as the Blessed men and woman of the dead lands charged. Lucius frowned as Darius walked up to him,

"We need to end this fast I can't sustain their weapons forever," Lucius frowned as he put his green Helmet on.

"I'll head to Daean in the center building and see if we can get some more help from there," Darius nodded as he ran off.

"Wait what about you weapons?" Lucius cried after him. The two groups clashed hard as Alicia found herself swallowed up in the mob of people. Keeping her sword raised she kept on her feet to help push.

"For Freedom she shouted!" her voice was joined with echoes as the fallen Angels were slowly. Alicia had to hold her lunch down as she watched the front line started stabbing and dismembering the Fallen Angels in their way. Alicia swallowed her disgust as she brought her shield in and started to push against the slowly growing number of Fallen Angels. The Blessed started to push thru the fallen Angels as a Bold of Lighting struck down. The fighting stopped, Lucius stopped, and Darius as well as Adam all stopped and looked up. The storm clouds gave way to deafening noise as bolts started to rain down at the base.

Darius felt the roar of freedom turn to panic as more bolts started to rain down. The group that had rallied started to fall apart as the lighting started to rain down. By luck or attempt the metal Fallen Angels kept attracting the blasts as the bodies started to fall to the ground. "Daean," Darius realized, "Wait, where is Alicia?" Darius panicked having lost track of the young woman. Darius quickly scanned the panicked thoughts as he found a familiar voice in the crowed. Darius quickly charged, as the Lighting started to fall at a faster pace. He quickly spotted Alicia who had just been knocked to the ground. She raised her arms to her face in a panic, as a man who hadn't seen her drop started to run at her as he looked up at the sky. Darius raised his hand out as she suddenly was dragged to him in a flash as the man stepped where she once lay.

"What's going on?" she asked wide eyed up at Darius as he grabbed her arm pulling her to her feet. "I have never seen so much chaos in one place,"

"Daean, we need to find him now!" Darius yelled over the screams of people as he quickly lead her to the center of the base. The two quickly ran into and with the people as no one seemed to have a direction with the exception of killing anything in chrome. Darius looked to the building tops trying to pick out anyone he recognized as another explosion sent a even more daubery crumbling down.

"Faulty wiring," Sam cursed as he appeared next to the pair, "So what do you think of your fist taste of wide spread panic?" Sam asked an unusually large grin on his face.

"I think I would have preferred never to have known it," Alicia frowned back. Sam nodded, his own silent agreement as his smile vanished from his face.

"Do you know where Daean is? I figure the center would be the best beat but I don't know for sure!" Darius yellowed over the noise.

"You guessed right follow the base of the tower to the right there should be a building where they hid all the equipment and the more dangerous men and woman. I'll head up to the top of the cafeteria and try to pass out what weapons I have," Sam decided as the group started. "Hope!" Sam called out as the woman suddenly appeared behind him.

"I need a vantage point and fast," Sam ordered as the woman crossed her arms. "Please," Sam sighed as the woman put a hand on his shoulder and the two appeared in the north tower. The metal tower was damaged cause of the explosives but outside of the bars and metal walking grid being bent it was usable. Sam nodded a thank you as the cloaked woman turned to leave, "You're not going to stay?" asked Sam as he looked over at the woman as she stoped.

"Yeah I need to pick up the van and get these mobbing men and woman something more effective than shields and swords," Hope pointed out as the two people looked down at the masses below them. The large masses of pensioners that had grouped together had long since dispersed into small groups and most were taking a guerrilla like tactics. With people running into and away from battle there was no set line in the sand to hold. The Lighting just added to the panic as the bolts rained down. One crackled past the two hitting the top of the tower and harmlessly traveling to the ground. Whistled a bit before looking at Hope,

"That was awesome," Sam whispered as he turned back to mob below.

"Now I remember why it was always the north tower," Hope remembered as she vanished from the tower. Sam watched as Alicia and Darius entered the building the sky light up, Sam watched thru a sniper scope as Hope vanished handing off different kind weapons from hand guns to full automatic Machine guns. Sam kept himself hidden as he watched the fight below a man had just entered the field with a layer of rock over his skin as he barreled into a group of fallen Angels. The man had a balding friend right behind him who leaped over him and slammed a punch that destroyed the helmet and its contents. Sam flinched as he watched the bigger man smash two of the fallen Angels helmets together. The balding man had little effort opening the fallen Angels armor with his brutal left hook while the rock skinned man kept his friend protected from any darts sent at him. Sam admired their team work as he finally spotted a line off fallen Angels unloading rounds. Sam watched as one bullet when into the visor effectively dropping a Fallen Angel. Sam Aimed sniping out another, releasing a breath his weapon clicked as he another came into his view holding his breath for a moment the weapon let of a silent blast dropping another. Sam moved fast as his body count quickly reached the double digits. Sam then found a familiar person in his scope. He recognized the blade as well as the use of fire. She was surrounded by about five other drones. Sam lined up his cross hairs and took aim at her visor as he finger started to press down on the trigger.

Elleana panicked as a fallen Angel dropped behind her a solid shot between the eyes as a second one dropped as well. A Shot went thru her leg as she fell to one knee finally spotting a sniper at the north tower a good 50 feet away. Her eyes widened as she realized the next bullet was aimed at her head. She flinched as he visor cracked her eyes closed as she felt something zip past her face a small craze on her left check. Her hand went to her face as she saw the sniper pat his weapon. She nodded understanding his meaning she called up her fire and quickly flew up and out of the compound keeping low she quickly vanished from the prison.

Darius quickly lead the charge as Alicia ran hot on his heels. Darius frowned as he stopped at a door for a moment blasting it open.

"Hello," said a female voice, as he stopped for a moment the room was empty. Darius flinched as two feet bounded into his chest. He flew into the opposite wall as his hand went to his chest.

"Why am I wet?" he asked as he looked down to see upper part of his prison uniform was now soaked. Water spilled out in front of him before it started to form into a sexy pair of long legs. The water turned to skin as he found himself looking up at a very tall six foot ten woman with long blond hair. She chocked her hips as she stared down at him. She had two green eyes, a small beauty mark next to her lips, and Blond eyebrows. As well no clothing,

"Put some close on!" shouted Alicia she leaped at Darius covering his eyes.

"Wait you're not Adam," The woman realized, as her arms slumped to her side. She was clearly disappointed that it wasn't Adam slammed onto the ground before her. She folded her arms across her bare chest in a huff.

"Clothing," Alicia repeated, as she looked around for something to help cover up the woman's assets.

"Hey give me back my clothing," The woman growled as she grabbed at Darius white shirt.

"It suddenly got warmer in here," Darius frowned as she pulled the water out of his shirt. The liquid went limp but soon turned to cloth as she quickly got dressed. Alicia released her grip on Darius as he blinked. The Woman was wearing a long light blue skirt, a white tank top and a blue long sleeve coat with only two buttons. Darius felt his shirt, it was completely dry he got to his feet as he introduced himself.

"Darius, and this Alicia, I know we just meet but could you help us?" asked Darius.

"Darius huh, so what's going on I can tell your not one of the fallen Angels" She shrugged as she took to one side of the hall and Darius to the other.

"Here's the short version we caused a jail break and now we are freeing the more dangerous people the fallen Angels couldn't control or Implant. We could use your help finishing the plan off," Alicia interrupted more concerned with finding Daean.

"Sounds fair, I'll head outside and see what I can do, I fear I won't be much help here, but be careful Adam is in this building as well," The woman warned, as she quickly dashed off for an exit.

"Wait can we get a name first?" Darius called out.

"Crest, see you around," She yelled back as she vanished around a corner. Darius turned meeting with a glare from Alicia.

"What?" asked Darius as the woman tapped her foot her frown deepening. "Fine let's find your friend," Darius submitted as the finally found Daean after freeing some odd number of people. The room was Dark as the two entered the room.

"Daean," Alicia chirped but as she reached for his hand electricity sparked around his chained fists. She took a step back as he opened his now white eyes; a bolt seemed to play in each one. Darius frowned ripping of one of his sleeves. Throwing it over his hands, Darius frowned as the teen's hands sparked and the cloth light on fire.

"Hot!" Shouted Daean as his eyes flashed back to his regular blue color. Darius quickly removed the cloth before stomping it out on the floor. "Wait when did you get in here?" Daean asked confused no final recognizing the people in the room. "Alicia," Daean smiled as he went to hog her only to jerk back cause of the cuffs. Darius concentrated on the cuffs for a moment and they snapped open, Daean rubbed his wrists having been freed. Daean and Alicia embraced while Daean closed his eyes thankful his friend was safe. Alicia however was worrying about what she had witnessed when she had entered the room.

"I am going to kill that bastard!" Daean shouted dropping the Embrace, and Dashing out the door. "ADAM!" Daean shouted as Darius and Hope quickly charged after the now revenge obsessed teen. Daean had tunnel vision as his mind considered only one place the man could be, up. Skidding across the floor he dashed as fast as he could up the stairs. Not bothering to look behind he started blasting open doors. Daean quickly glanced around not seeing anything of value quickly moved on. Daean passed one room but stopped spotting his old revolver. Quickly checking for ammunition he grabbed his sword, mentally noting he needed a sheathe. Daean quickly spotted a small mess of fallen Angels charging up the path as Daean quickly shot the front most one in the visor the chamber rolled as the gun fired again. Soon six bodies had fallen on the floor when the rest where blasted from behind a dent formed on the ceiling as the Fallen Angels dropped to the floor. Daean nodded to the door as Darius quickly went to find his equipment. Daean quickly charged for the last door quickly zapping the password devise. The system sizzled and Daean forced his fingers into the door and pulled it open.

Adam Stood in the camera room not showing the slightest concern as electricity rippled into the blade.

"Well that's an interesting trick, I have to admit I knew you where skilled but nothing special. All the same would you care to join the Fallen Angels?" Adam asked offering his hand.

"Your offer died the same day the spark was light at my home village," Daean snapped back. "Whatever your reasons for opposing Kami you crossed the line drafting people into your own personal army," Daean shouted tossing his revolver to the ground and summoning electricity into it.

"I didn't think you would join, that offer was for my own personal peace of mind," Adam shrugged. "All the Same this base is lost," Adam frowned looking back at the screens.

"Don't ignore me!" Daean shouted as he charged, blasting at Adam's back. The man crouched down dodging the three blasts that fried the screens they touched. Daean swung over head at Adam as he rolled to the side. Daean shot another blast as Adam leaped out of the way landing gracefully out of harm's way. Daean looked around to see four cameras in the room itself and with the snap of his fingers a blinding light flared up. Adam blinked as his image fizzled out of existence; he looked down his face fizzling out to snow for a moment to see the rapier had been stabbed into where his heart would have been.

"Not bad, but sadly this is just a dummy here to keep an eye on the base. You just signed your own death warrant boy," Adam fizzled as he glared into the boy's eyes. "I will save this world from Kami, and bring a new age of peace!" Adam declared.

"On the backs of the dead and stained in the blood of the innocent?" Daean shouted back grabbing the Bot by the shoulders. "Kami has ushered in a new age of peace already; there hasn't been a full scale war since the American civil. You are a mad man just trying to destroy the already hard lives of those living in the dead lands now give back the twins you selfish prick," Daean demanded.

"The Dead lands can burn for all I care, you want them you're going to have to find them," Adam spat as the Bot finally fizzled out. Daean let it drop glaring down at the grey humanoid figure as Daean and Alicia ran into the room. Alicia looked down at the grey figure in confusion,

"What in the world is this?" Alicia asked looking over at Darius expecting an answer. Darius kneeled down next to it inspecting the object in question. Lifting up the arm for a moment when he noticed the stab wound in the chest. Darius leaned over to inspect the inside, the inside was filled with small wires and computer chips as well as an intricate pulley system on the level of the human nerves system and mussel capabilities. Darius tested the weight very light but based on the wound easily destroyed since nearly everything inside was needed to keep the devise moving.

"If I had to take a guess, Its probably proto type Proxy Bot," Darius assumed,

"A what?" asked Alicia,

"You know those people with metallic limbs?" asked Daean as he watched the screens in front of him. The fallen Angels had started to retreat in a mad dash leaving in a blur of chrome. "Think of a human made entirely out of that with a computer chip instead of a brain," Daean answered.

"I am surprised you heard of them," Darius commented as he looked up at Daean who had cupped his hands behind his back.

"Well I do love technology, and my father did live in Eden for most of his life I know a bit about computers. I never seen one but I know the basics of them," Daean admitted.

"Really?" asked Darius now wondering who Daean's father was not many got kicked out of Eden, and even fewer still fled so far away.

"Don't look to much into it, He got pushed away because of the Radiation it kept disfiguring the pair more and more over time. So they were pushed father away, my father use to call it his punishment," Daean explained.

"Interesting all the same but I think we better get the group in order outside now that the madness is cleared up we need to figure out what to do next," Darius frowned not sure how to handle such a large group of people.

Sam walked over to the Druid Knight who was kneeling down wiping the sweat from his brow. "So now what?" asked the Knight as he looked at Sam not sure he could have handled another minute calling on mother earth for her strength.

"Well next step is either scattering them to the wind or uniting them to our cause," Sam frowned as he surveyed the people. Dr. eyes was going around with a bag strapped over her shoulder healing those to injured to move. While another woman, In a tank top seemed to be doing something similar with glowing in her hands repairing damaged cuts and bruises. Hope appeared behind the two men as the group of people started to gather around the center tower. Daean, Darius, and Alicia all suddenly walked out of the main tower and appeared in front of the large mass of people.

"I am Daean, I was imprisoned here on my way to find the fallen Angels. As well as stop those from for tearing apart the already hard but in most cases content lives of the people of the Dead Lands. I was forced from not one home but two and as such I wish to put an end to this chaos they are causing how wants to help?" Daean asked the crowd leaning on a bent and charred piece of railing in front of him as he looked down at the group expecting a response.

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