The Blessed

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Chapter 21

Nobody spoke as they looked at Daean leaning over the rail, until after a moment of eternity a man spoke up.

"I was hired to protect the twins, trap or not I will fulfill that at the least. I was paid to do a job and I will finish it!" Nicholas announced as many others who were part of the group nodded in agreement. Murmuring started to irrupt amongst the people note sure if they wanted to fight of flee. Daean looked over the people somewhere crippled missing a leg, other had sagging flesh but the mass looked on a whole looked in much better shape than the average occupant of the land.

"I say we hand out old equipment make ourselves comfortable for the night and return to the Cafeteria after a good meal and discuss this. I for one cannot decide on an empty stomach and a sleepy head," Sam announced the group nodded to each other and the group started to disperse.

"I think it be best if those able to take a position on the outer wall for now to keep an eye on things those able report to the cafeteria now," Darius shouted some people nodded in agreement as a good amount shuffled into the central tower to retrieve their goods while other just left the area. Daean walked into the rooms looking over the men and woman. He gave a small grimace as he walked over to a man hobbling in on one foot. Daean walked over him and offered him a hand.

"I take it they took a robotic limb?" Daean asked,

"Yeah not the fondest move they could make," the man chuckled as Daean grabbed the man's arm around his neck to help the man move down the hall. The Two entered the room, as men and woman, mostly men. Started grabbing there mercenary equipment. The two looked around but didn't see any mechanical attachments. The two hobbled over to five more rooms before they found a room neatly organized with Maniacal limbs. Organized well the limbs where lined up against the wall and were numbered for each individual prisoner. Daean sat the man down as he inspected the man's number. After a quick glance around he found the man's limb. The power was drained and Daean rolled his eyes as he sent a small stream into the object. The lib went back online as he handed it to the tan individual. The rest of the room was staring at him in surprise as the rest realized the limbs where all drained of electricity. The man tore of his right pant leg revealing small circle of metal, and just like a jar he twisted the limb into place. The limb like most in the dead lands was very square with the exception of the two joints it replaced. As with most the thinnest parts where about four to five inches thick and most of the internal workings where covered up metal sheets held to a frame with very poor welding. Daean spun to find himself surrounded by people asking for a quick charge. Alicia leaned on the door way her old clothes had been thrown away so for now she was stuck in the jumpsuit. She smirked bemused as she watched the rather large storage room converge on her friend.

"Okay give me a moment I don't want to over load anything," Daean replied to the claimer of people as he started to zap the devises refueling them. Daean stopped when a streamlined arm came into view. The arm unlike most which were even more bulky than the leg, and sometimes only three fingers was smooth and almost human like. The Talking stopped as Daean lifted the arm up like it was made of glass.

"This is your correct?" asked Daean as he looked at the owner. The man was very pale looking and clean shaven, he had a small scar boomerang shaped scar on the right side of his face curving around his cheek bone. He had spiked black hair and brown eyes, which Daean believed to be a little lifeless. The man nodded and Daean charged the arm up handing it back to the man. The man gave him a node as he re attached his right arm and walked away.

"By the way, that was Jordan, he's a high class mercenary he never leaves a job on finished but be careful I here he does a lot of work for the Mafia," The man Daean had helped earlier pointed out.

"I'll keep that in mind," Daean frowned as he watched the man leave the room. "You would be?" Daean asked as he looked back over at the man.

"Sarten, Sarten Smith at your service Mr. Daean, I am in your debt for helping me out," Sarten smiled shaking Daean's hand with a wide grin on his face. "I know a bit of everything around here and if I can help the new leader out I will," Sarten smiled as Daean pulled his hand back. The man was balding a pit on at the top of his head and looked to be in his mid forties.

"Leader?" asked Daean not sure how he felt about the name.

"Well yeah I guess, why not you gave the rousing speech and lighting killed more of the fallen Angels we figured you where in charge of the whole operation.

"Right, well I don't plan on leading an army," Daean frowned not liking the idea of becoming a war monger.

"The best leaders are those who don't well I'll be heading back out it would be beast not to stick around. You know taken up space other need an all," The man shuffled his arms as if expecting something. After a pause the man turned away and walked out of the room. Daean quickly followed as he rushed passed Alicia in the hall.

"Leader?" Said the voice of his father, "Not sure if I should be proud or worried," Daean pushed the idea to the back of his head. Daean entered the upper room and entered the security room Adam had once occupied.

"We need to talk," Daean replied as he entered the room where Darius, and Hope had set up a table with a map of the Dead lands folded out on it.

"About?" asked Darius as he looked at Daean not really expecting the teen back just yet.

"Someone has assumed I am the new leader of, well whatever this is," Daean stammered out as he throwing his arms out behind him. "Me a leader we need to clear this up before it starts to spread," Daean shouted out. Hope looked uninterested as she looked over at Darius indicating she wasn't going to bother. Darius walked over to him patting him on the back as the two walked out of the room.

The two walked up and up the spiral stair caser past where Daean gave his speech and up to the old flood light. The area was small and people could see them but at the height nobody could hear. The flood light looked like someone put an ax to it and the bars where bent from Sam's explosion but the metal under them supported them with no complaints. Darius opened his mouth to speak but closed it, he fell a bit leaning against the metal base one used to turn the flood light picking at the glass shards that lay there.

"There's not much we can do with your little speech you just became the figure head of this purging of the fallen Angels," Darius final explained.

"You won't have too, Sam will be leading and training anyone in the area for us we will be heading out in a couple of days to the other re education center. Daean there isn't much we can do I'll take care of the planning. Sam will help train, we got the bases cover you just need to rally the troops look bad ass and have a hand in anything major alright," Darius explained giving him a weak smile.

"You're not telling me something," Daean realized as he crossed his arms, not really believing it would be that easy.

"When you gave that speech you made yourself a symbol. More to the point a target, even when this is over you're not going to be able to go home and pretend this never happened. Daean as far as the deadlands are concerned you'll either become a Hero or another fool fighting against the Fallen Angels," Darius pointed out gazing right into Daean's eyes to drive the point home. He stood up and grabbed Daean shoulders. "I promise you, I will protect you with everything I am, you have helped me more than you realize and just for that I would help you. So keep your chin up and keep a straight face, I'll do the rest," Darius smiled patting Daean's shoulders before walking away. Daean turned to look around when he heard the sound of feet on metal heading up the stairs. Daean reached slowly for his gun when copper brown hair came into view. Daean relaxed as Sam walked up to him neither spoke as Daean realized the older teen was using a walking stick made out of metal.

"So," Sam spoke up looking over at Daean,

"So what?" replied Daean not really knowing where Sam was going with the conversation.

"Wow this will the conversation of Legend, Where the great Daean, Informed his commanding officers of his great battle plains and strategies," Sam mocked in a rather fake deep voice.

"Very funny Darius should have been the one to talk, now I really regret opening my big mouth," Daean frowned as he looked down at the metal bar.

"You think you got it hard they saddled me with training these guys," Sam frowned as Daean looked over at him. "With my leg they decided I should rest and heal since I know some military standards. Well they asked me to put them thru basic training," Sam frowned as he looked over at his friend.

"Well I know it's not too late so how about we get some training done?" asked Sam as he looked over at Daean for a moment. Daean shrugged,

"Sure why not," Daean replied he turned to see Sam with a very cruel grin on his face. Daean swallowed he felt like he just signed his own death warrant.

"Daean!" The crowd Chanted as Daean rubbed his mouth with his wrist. Sam smirked as Daean pushed himself up to his feet. Sam smirked as Daean charged again Sam moved back smacking Daean in the face, before side stepping a fist. Daean frowned as he put his fists up to protect his face as he moved after Sam. Daean swung in small concentrated bursts, his father having taught him how to defend himself with his fists. Sam kept backing up in circles batting at his head like a cat, Daean over extended his punch and Sam bent down and swept his feet out from under him. Daean fell on his back against he rolled over to push himself back to his feet. Daean gritted his teeth as he ignored the sting on his hands and back.

"Keep your feet up and bend your knees a bit you're too stiff," Sam couched. Daean took the advice as he dodged a second blow to his knees. "Keep moving!" Sam ordered as he went on the offensive. Daean felt his arms go sore taking each hit while trying to move out of Sam's range. "Duck!" Sam ordered Daean ducked down avoiding a hit to the face. Sam looked down as he pointed to something. Daean followed to see Sam's bandaged like an inch and at eye level. Daean glared at Sam for a moment before standing up.

"I get it, I get it," Daean repeated not wanting to be criticized. Sam shrugged but didn't seem to bothered. As the two put their fists up and started to circle around again.

"Ouch," Alicia grumbled as she flicked her fingers. She placed it under her arm trying to dull the pain as she glared at Darius.

"Less glaring and more paying attention," Darius smirked as he swung at her head. Alicia ducked under the blow as Darius brought the wooden staff back spinning it above his head. Hope gripped her staff Swing at his chest. Darius stopped the spinning blocking each blow flinging it back away from him. "Keep your legs spaced properly we use you whole body when you swing," He instructed as She continued to block the rain of blows. Darius rolled his eyes not too pleased with her progress.

"Look I am trying the best I can," she growled in frustration as she swiped at his head. Darius ducked. Darius then felt the staff hit him on the top of his head.

"Not bad," Darius admitted rubbing his now sore skull. "Sorry I am not in my best of moods today," Darius admitted.

"So that's why you've been defending the entire practice session?" asked Alicia stabbing her staff into the ground.

"Huh?" asked Darius as he looked over at her a moment as his hand went to his cleanly shaven face.

"Never mind, you look so weird without it," Alicia replied.

"I feel naked I swear I am going to get that woman for shaving me," Darius growled remembering the event.

"Something else is bothering you?" asked Alicia Darius had been out of it for a while and his heart just wasn't in it today.

"Yeah I am fine just things that need to be taken care of. Instead of training we should start clearing this stuff I'll go see if I can gather up some help. Hope watched from the top of the tower as Darius grouped the people together and started to move the bits and pieces from the explosions and last night's fight to the outside wall. Sarten as it turns out was a metal molder able to reform and even mesh metal together like goo. The outer walls were starting to reform slowly cause of only a single man but he had inadvertently became Sam's new best friend. Hope tapped her foot as the bodies of the fallen Angels where stripped over their metal uniform. Hope looked out of the walls to see Lucius was opening rectangle shaped wholes in the wall giving the men and woman proper burials. The men with the exception of Sam all seemed to have their minds on something else now but Hope wasn't going to interfere.

Daean grunted as he set down the slab of rock onto the ground. The pile was almost as tall as he was now. He wiped the sweat way from his brow as he looked over at Big Mama. The little woman was carrying to large bits of rock over her head. Daean sighed

"I can feel my masculinity slipping away," Daean frowned as he looked over at Alicia struggling before slamming a plate of metal next to him. Daean jumped in surprise as he looked to see the girl. "Was that really necessary?" Daean asked as he looked over at Alicia. The girl grinned at him with her unusually white teeth.

"Yes," she answered after a moment of thought. Daean frowned a bit hiding his amusement with an annoyed look on his face. "Hey Daean," Alicia.

"Yeah?" repeated Daean,

"You think you could go talk to Darius he seems a little out of it recently. I tried to get him to talk to me and well I got nothing," Alicia frowned. Daean looked around for him a moment then back at Alicia. "Yes you have to now get moving," Alicia ordered. Daean ignored at the chuckling for the few that were surrounding him and went off to find Darius.

Darius was packing up the van tomorrow the group would be heading out. Taking out a slip of paper and started checking off things he had packed.

"You know there is a fridge that would fit in here. Probably more useful than the color as longt as we don't pick up any hitch hikers," Daean offered as he walked up to him.

"Oh yeah I saw that. Not worth it it would kill the battery and gas hard and," Darius began explaining when Daean charged electricity between his thumb and index finger. "Right, I'll go get it then," Darius smirked as he walked of Daean walked behind him. The two walked in silence as they listened to the sound of people working.

"I can't wait to get out of here," Daean frowned as he looked over the area. "Not my most pleasant of memories,"

"Mine either," Darius admitted, "Something you want to talk about?" asked Darius as he looked back at Daean for a moment.

"Me no, actually Alicia wanted me talk to you said something about bothering you," Daean answered.

"Huh. What ten minutes since I last saw her. Damn she works fast, either that or she's got something one you," Darius laughed amused at the idea. Darius kept walking but the echo of Daean foot prints stopped. Turning around he saw Daean staring at the ground,

"What happened?" asked Darius as he starred at the man. Daean flinched under his gaze Darius quickly walked up to him and pushed him into a building not too far away. "Daean something happened you where in there for more than two days what did they do?"

"Nothing," Daean frowned not wanting to talk about the incident.

"Daean, we had heat lighting striking down outside during the attack what happened?" Darius asked again but Daean looked away not wanting to answer. "Listen something happened that got you to rain don't lighting down on the ground. A few people think it was Kami himself but I know it was you what happened?" Darius asked again.

"They, I," Daean muttered something but Darius didn't catch it.

"What happened?" asked Darius grabbing the teens shoulders and giving him a shake.

"I tried to get out, I use my power to," Daean stammered out,

"Too?" Darius urged shaking him again as if it forced Daean to talk.

"I tried to get out and they used the electricity to shock Alicia each time I didn't answer a question. They used my power to hurt Alicia," Daean wailed out twisting out of Darius's grip and slamming his fist into the metal wall. "ouch," Daean murmured as he shook his now swelling hand.

"They did what?" Darius repeated using his pinky to clean his ears.

"They," Daean started again. Darius put his hand out,

"First things first we need to get that looked at," Darius pointed out as he lead Daean out of the metal building back out into the sun. "Maybe we can talk to Dr. Eyes or Chrest,"

"Who is Chrest?" asked Daean as he Darius pushed him out.

"One of the people I met when freeing you out of the main tower," Darius explained. The two walked over to the old female compound where the woman had set up camp simply out of convenience; after they tore every metal door out and gutted the electric wires.

"Do you know where Dr. Eyes or Chrest is?" asked Darius as he ushered a very nervous teen into the front door.

"Yeah, Eyes she has a small line of injured on the third floor. Chreast she is on the second floor if I remember correctly," The woman instructed.

"Thank you," Darius thanked Daean did so as well,

"No problem it's the least I can do for the great heroes of the dead lands," she smiled. "If you want to I can take you to my room tonight and show you how thankful I am," she teased as she ran her fingers down Darius's trench coat.

"No thank you ma'am," Darius smiled pushing Daean away from the woman to the flight of stairs not too far away. The brown haired woman giggled as the two men quickly walked away.

"Told you," smiled the brown haired woman "he's a real MRF man to his core," the brown haired woman told one of her friends. Darius looked back at the now growing group of eyes focused on him.

"Let's talk to Chrest first I want to get out of here as soon as possible," Darius frowned as he picked up the pace he was moving at.

"Why you, got a thing against woman?" asked Daean giving the older man a knowing look.

"Don't change the subject you still owe me an explanation as to what happened in that room," Darius accused also trying to change the subject. The two walked up often stepping aside for the ladies to pass when Darius finally found the woman in question. The blond in question was just filling up a hand stitched container and filled it with water.

"Much better," She smiled as she sat down before looking over at Darius and Daean. "Welcome to my new home, do you like my bed?" she asked patting it. Daean smiled walking over to sit down, he grinned as he shifted one the water bed.

"Not to get of topic yeah it looks nice. But my friend here has an injured hand do you think you can stop the swelling?" asked Darius.

"Sure thing," she rolled her hand a moment and water formed in a ball as she grabbed Daean hand. The teen winced then relaxed as the cool liquid left good. "I can fix this up all the way my water has some healing abilities. Nothing amazing mind you but I should fix your hand up,"

"That would be nice thank you," Daean smiled as the water started to glow a bit and the red hand started to retain it natural color.

"So explain to me what happened," Darius ordered as he looked at Daean with a tight frown. Daean sighed as he explained everything from waking up, the lake of food and the growing anger he had felt, at both Adam and himself. "Well that explained you behavior," Darius nodded understanding his own anger flaring up but kept to a simple clenching of his fists.

"You poor thing," cooed Chrest as she brought Daean into a hug Daean's head found himself between two generous scoops. Daean gave sigh of relief, "You must be hungry we should get you some food," she realized. Darius looked down to see his own gut grumble in agreement. "Then its settled follow me I can cook like nobody's business," she smiled pulling Daean out of her room Darius quickly chased after down the stairs. Darius gave a weak grin to the brown haired woman at the door before chasing after his friend.

"Not much to work with," Daean frowned looking over the kitchen supplies. Chrest cracked her fingers over her head as she started to clang the kitchen ware around.

"Nothing to worry about I'll have this place jumping in no time," She smiled as she slammed a chili pot onto the stove.

True to her word the smell of food brought the whole mess of people into the room and the tables filled up. Most dangled their feet off the higher levels as life was brought back to the somber crowd. Soon the room was roaring with laughter and noise other soon started to help cooking as soon everybody was no packed into the room chatting away as if it was only natural. The day turned to night and with everyone full and laid back Darius stood up on one of the cafeteria tables. The group clamored down in silence as all eyes fell to the once bearded man.

"Well I see everyone seems to be full and I believe now would be as good as any to decide what happens next," Darius announced. The men and woman nodded chatting agreements to those around before calming down again. "Many of us where captured during the recent events surrounding the twins. As off now each of us must realize life in the dead Lands is not easy, and that the Fallen Angels will not allow us to live in peace of any kind," Darius clamored. Shouts of agreements returned, "Each one of you have been taken from your homes or tricked fiendishly on the battle field. Worse they have stolen the only two people that can keep these lands alive and life-giving. I will not force you to fight but something must be done, Am I right!" Shouted Darius

"Something must be done," Chanted the crowed. Darius lowered his hands in a calming gesture, the crowd calmed down.

"Another factory like this exists, me and the a few others will be liberating this camp and hopefully double our numbers!" Darius shouted. The crowd cheered in approval "With their release we will find this Fallen Angel hideaway and show them this Land is made of people who will not tolerate such an outrage!" Darius shouted raising his fist. The group agreed, "Make no mistake there will be blood, we will need to train and organize gain food and water but in the end we will drive these silver monsters out of our home and Back where they came from!" Darius finished the crowd shouted in agreement.

"We are the Dead Land reservation army!" Shouted Daean as he stood up as well, the crowed clamored up chanting freedom standing up together. Sam got up and walked over to Sarten who was chanting as well.

"Come with me, you and I have work to do," Sam smiled Sarten returned the grin as the people soon exited the building leaving behind a select few.

"Well I did a total count, we have enough food reserves to last us a month comfortably. Old supplies and equipment has been re distributed and everyone has a place to sleep," Alicia explained. The group all looked at her for a moment. "Well I was in the watch room and looked over the supply records," Alicia admitted.

"There should be an eco room in the lower basements we can grow food in. Most Angel and MRF outposts have the to keep them self sufficient," Darius explained adding that to the information.

"What did you mean by work to do?" asked Sarten as he looked over at Sam,

"I found shield cylinders and with all the metal we have left over we could use your skills to create enough armor and weapons for us to be a decent fighting force," Sam explained.

"We should get to work as soon as possible on the equipment see if you can find any blacksmiths that can help," Darius added. "Since Sam is still injured I think it's best to put him, Nicholas, and Big Mama in charge if we can," The man rationalized as he looked at the two men in front of him respectively. "This is moving too fast but we need to too do so once the Fallen Angels recover you can bet this place will be attacked," Darius reasoned as he looked over at Hope. The cloaked woman said nothing to counter him.

"So you'll be taking my van then?" asked Sam frowning a bit.

"It's the most reliable besides you'll be busy with other things," Darius countered,

"Probably just want to keep me under your thumb," Sam muttered but he was ignored all the same. "Well that's all the big stuff will you be heading out soon enough?" asked Sam.

"Despite recent revelations and desires we made are move and we need to act fast so first son rise we need to move out," Darius frowned remembering the torment Daean went thru.

"I'll be fine I just wish I had more time," Darius frowned as he looked over at Alicia. "What about you are you ready to get moving?" asked Daean concern etched into his face.

"Well the bolted me with some electricity but don't worry Daean I know you didn't mean it," She smiled walking over and giving him a quick hug. "Sorry?" asked Daean a little confused.

"You've been shocking me for a while know I am not too concerned Daean. You didn't mean it and I don't want you to worry about it," Alicia smiled having already forgiven him for the incident and just wanted to forget it. Daean gave a weak smile but decided now was not the time to talk about it.

"Um not to be a bother or anything but um where are we going to sleep?" asked Sam, Lucius opened his mouth to answer but nobody seemed to have an answer to the relatively simple question.

"I got dibs on the van!" Alicia shouted running off to find it. Sam blinked as he looked over at Daean.

"You said she got electrocuted right?" asked Sam as he looked over at Daean. The teen nodded, "I am a little concerned she doesn't seem to be to bother by it," Sam frowned.

"I can't say I blame you that's not something you live thru without being scratched by," Lucius added as the group dispersed for the night. Darius gave a glance at Hope the woman didn't respond as he walked away not sure he was really expected an answer.

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