The Blessed

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Chapter 22

Lucius frowned as he stepped up onto the roof; he looked behind to see the ground slowly lower back down. He smirked as he looked up at the night sky. Sitting down cross-legged he wrapped his cap around himself as he looked up at the constipations.

"You know the only one I could ever keep track of was the big dipper," Sam commented as Lucius spun around to look at the teen. "I always loved the night sky sadly I rarely found myself able to enjoy it," Sam smirked as he sat down next to him.

"Well I figure I'll get a good look at it, before all the fighting starts up. I am not looking forward to the bloodshed," The druid Knight admitted.

"I'd call you crazy if you were," Sam smirked, the two sat there as Sam's smirk fell from his face. "She was here," Sam admitted as Lucius looked over at Sam a little confused. "Elleana, I saw here," Sam explained. "I let her go," Sam added hastily remembering the man's desire.

"Thanks, I think," Lucius muttered,

"Why, she is a traitor to the druids wouldn't it best to kill her. That's what Darius is planning anyway," Sam pointed out looking behind himself, as if expecting the man to behind him.

"Darius feels the betrayal is directed at himself, mine is different, at least I hope it is," Lucius looked down in silence. "She was a friend my best and I knew her better than anyone, she strong much stronger than me. I looked up to her she was everything a Druid Knight should be, but she went to the worst place to try and help," Lucius sighed. "I warned her, it's not an easy place to go and not get swallowed up in the hate,"

"So you think it's true?" asked Sam a hint of disbelief

"No she wasn't angry at me she was angry she was angry at us," Lucius frowned. "Back when the druids were fist established we were rather thick on how we would deal with crime. When Rome started to gain popularity we as a group decided to wipe them out. It didn't go so well, we lost a lot of good people, worse a lot of innocent lives were taken and in the end we lost," Lucius frowned. "We rearranged are ideals and became peace keepers. Sadly the damage was done and we decided not to involve are selves with Rome, with that things got out of control and the city of crime flourished. Every now and then when a druid is knighted they head there to try and keep the peace. Most cases they don't come back alive and in other cases they give up and join," Lucius explained. "She didn't seem like either she must think something of this Adam and that he will somehow bring peace to Rome," Lucius thought aloud.

"Possible she may not be as far away as you think Darius maybe able to tell you more but I thing she doesn't believe in Adam's ideals as much as you'd think," Sam smiled as he stood up The Knight gave him an odd look.

"Darius what would he know?" asked Lucius, as he rolled his eyes to the top of his head in thought. The green Knight turned to see Sam was gone, "How in the world did he do that?" The man wondered as he shook his head. "All the same I should ask him, I doubt Sam would bring up something without a point," Lucius closed his eyes and laid back content to sleep for now.

It was about six in the morning with Daean laying on one of the prison beds. He closed his eyes wondering to himself. "How much pain have I caused her over the years, did it really not bother her or is she just trying to protect me?" he wondered. "I think I would have preferred her to yell at me," he frowned as he sat up. "What did I get myself into?" he wondered aloud, as he looked up at the ceiling.

"Something life changing," Hope answered as she walked in, Daean frowned.

"What do you want?" he snapped as he glared at the woman.

"What a way to make a woman fill welcome," Hope chuckled crossing her arms and leaning up against the cold wall.

"Well liars aren't well received in my book," Daean frowned as he glared at the woman. "In fact it would surprise me if at least half of the situation I am in is your doing," Daean growled.

"Hardly, I just told you what you need to know your reactions and how you deal with that knowledge is up to you," Hope shrugged. Daean narrowed his eyes,

"That's hardly what I want to hear now of all times, lucky for you who ever you are I don't want you to leave," Daean frowned.

"And why is that," Hope asked,

"I feel much more compostable and safer with you in plain view," Daean explained, Hope snorted. "That wasn't a joke now if you don't mind I should gather up the others we need to be leaving soon," Daean stood up and pushed past the woman.

Daean walked into the cafeteria to find the place a mess the whole place seemed to have been used and cleared out of recently as the sounds of movement traced its way to his ear. Daean opened up one of the doors to see close to everyone marching in strait single file groups.

"One, two, three, four," Sam marched as he stood to the side making sure everyone was marching in line. Daean looked over to see Darius meditating over to the side,

"Care to explain?" asked Daean as he looked down at his friend.

"The basics most military forces usually spend the first week or so marching in place and uniform regulations. Not the most fun thing but we need organization first. Let's get going the van is packed and we need to get going," Darius instructed as he stood up. The two walked side by side, the van started up Hope, Alicia, and Lucius were already in and ready to go.

"It feels weird not being able to stay in one place," Daean frowned as he looked behind himself one last time.

"Trust me boy you'll look back at these days with fondness you are part of something and even if it hurts now these will be the days you'll tell your kids about," Darius smirked as he opened the van door. The two got in and Sat down as the Van shifted gears and left the base.

Daean frowned laying down on the back seat watching light jump from finger tip to finger tip. He turned his head to look up at Alicia who was sleeping slouched in her chair. Daean winced remembering her scream vividly in his mind. The electricity stopped flowing as he rested his hands behind his head. Daean closed his eyes as he started to ignore the belt that was poking into his back.

Sam frowned as he inspected the cylinder in front of him, "Okay everyone gather around, time to give you a nice little tech demo," Sam announced. "This here is a force field, this here will stop anything going over 80 MPH. In or out, so this here will make bullets to RPG's stop dead and you come out unscathed," Sam announced. Everyone shouted out random words "Sweat," "Cool," "That also means that nothing goes out that fast either. "In terms of numbers and over all weapons are best way to save lives is to go a little prehistoric. So we will be teaching you four basic weapons to use, Pistols, shot guns, Swords and spears," Sam explained, "But first the demonstration that I am not a lying son of a bitch," Sam smirked.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Nicholas as he held an RPG,

"Well one of three things happens, it works, I disappear magically, or I die. Either way we didn't gather here for no reason," Sam smirked as he pressed a button on the cylinder a transparent blue orb surrounded the teen. Nicholas hesitantly fingered the trigger as he looked at Sam,

"Please don't make me kill you," Nicholas pleaded,

"Just shot the damn thing already," Sam frowned growing impatient, the blast went off and after everyone in shielded their faces Sam looked perfectly fine standing perfectly still. "See I told you, these things have the ability to take around five times the amount of punishment a human could ever hope to take and still keep you safe. The down side is its not consistent if about ten people fired of RPG's at once at me I would be killed. This will not prevent drowning suffocation or any type of bladed weapons. Also any long range weapon can be used as long as the gun is inside the bubble like so," Sam explained as he walked over to Nicholas the bubble didn't pop as Nicholas was partially enveloped as his head was sticking out the top. "If he fired know I would die he would as well but I doubt he wants to kill both of us. Note that if I pull back the barrel is still in however since in most projectiles the speed exceeds that of 80 mph before it reaches the end of the barrel I won't be harmed. However I wouldn't chance that. Each of you will be given a number and are to check out one of these devises before reporting back to the field," Sam instructed as the group of mercenaries and former civilians quickly fallowed orders. Sarten quickly jogged up to him,

"Sir we are having a bit of a problem with the uniforms you may want to help take care of this," Sarten explained. Sam sighed as he looked over at Nicholas,

"You know what to do, I better take care of this," Sam frowned as he craned his neck and Sarten directed him to their destination.

"We should stick with grey!" Shouted Big Mama, "It easy and we have lots of jump suits to work on,"

"Grey is a horrible idea they would stick out on the brown landscape like a green thumb," Shouted Dr. Eyes, "We should go with brown Camo it blends in much better,"

"To what the area is flat as a rock we don't have the time or the recourses to be messing with color the majority of the landscape flat as a brick," Big Mama countered. The two men entered the shouting match as the two were almost in each other's face. Sam cleared his throat to gain the room's attention.

"So we have a problem?" asked Sam,

"Well, Christina here," Shouted big Mama, but Sam raised his hand for her to stop,

"I know I heard," Sam frowned, "We have neither the time nor the recourses for you both to argue. Christina if you can work something out with what we have you are more than welcome to use it just check with me. However until then we go with what we have," Sam reasoned. "Big Mama do we have the resources to make the grey jumpsuits battle ready so to speak?"

"Honey, I could do anything with the right amount of time, with Sarten's help we can add in to jumpsuits and layer in some metal inside with have some coition, but it will get the job done," Big Mama explained.

"That and adding on a thick layer of metal around the outside of the torso, the forearms and a basic military bowl helmet we will have more than enough metal for the weapons. However our guns and ammo are only those confiscated from mercs. It would take more metal than we have to make them and enough ammo for everyone," Sarten explained.

"Work with what you have and leave the guns to me," Sam frowned, "I'll call up Daean and Hope and see if they will be able to bring something back. If worse comes to worse I have a small stock pile myself but not near enough for an army. For now stick to the basics and worry about the guns after everyone can at least hold a sword and a shield," Sam frowned as he walked out of the room.

"Sam," Called out Chreast as the blond ran up to him, Sam seemed to struggle to keep eye contact with the woman as she stopped next to him.

"Report," Sam barked as the two started to walk back outside.

"We did and over all count and with the Fallen Angels growth accelerators and water recycling plant we should be solid for food and water for about three years before we have to worry about rations," Chreast reported as she pushed her glasses back into place.

"What's with the glasses?" asked Sam a little confused,

"Sorry, oh these old things I need them to read, honestly it a little embarrassing," She admitted,

"With looks like that nothing could blemish your looks," Sam muttered,

"Pardon?" she asked a little confused,

"Nothing," Sam frowned as the two walked back on the field. Sam walked over to help one of the solider how was having problems with the force field. "Her and here these to buttons on the top," Sam directed as he walked up to the front of the men Where Nicholas was standing.

"Everything is working out me and Zack have almost got everyone set and able to use them," Nicholas smirked. "We are going to need measurements for the uniforms," the bigger man pointed out, Sam slapped his forehead,

"Damn it I knew there was something I was forgetting," Sam frowned as he turned around only to bump into Chreast. "Pardon me," Sam frowned as he scooted around her.

"How about I ask Zack to deal with that, we can send about ten to Big Mama and she can measure them up I am sure she has the paper. That way we can get a decent file on everyone as well, like names and personal information," Nicholas advised.

"Good Idea, make it so I'll go check on the weapons chief and see if we can't start training with shield or something as soon as possible," Sam nodded. "Please you don't need to run everything by me I never ran anything this big before if we have it here just make sure not to steep on to many toes and make it so," Sam advised, not really wanting to be bother by every little detail. The group quickly dispersed.

"You just said that to get them of your back didn't you?" asked Chreast as everyone quickly ran off. Sam walked away from her,

"I have no idea what you talking about," his smirk hidden from view as he walked away. Once out of ear shot "DUH," he muttered, "Hope you owe me big time," he growled as he stormed off.

Daean woke with a jump as he was suddenly falling on the floor. Daean panicked and suddenly the whole van shou ted out the lights when off and the van suddenly sided to a stop.

"What the hell?" shouted Lucius as he slammed on the breaks, everyone was suddenly thrown from their seats but Darius quickly reached out with his mind slowing everyone down to keep everyone from hitting something.

"How about we wear seat belts next time," Darius frowned as everyone was dropped back in their seats.

"For a moment I thought my head was going to go thru the windshield," Lucius frowned as he looked over at Hope the woman seemed un-concerned as ever. He sighed as he looked back at Alicia, the poor girl was shaking all over. "Alicia, hey are you all right?" Lucius asked as the woman nodded her head.

"Yeah, yeah, just can we go slow for a while, I am still not use to this moving thing just yet," Alicia chirped a weak smile pulled at her face.

"Daean what about you, Um Daean are you okay?" asked Darius as he looked behind him, Daean had this long stare he blinked.

"Creepy, "He muttered out loud, "I can see all the electric currents, I can see everything," Daean spoke wonder in his voice. He could see all the wires inside of the van from the lights to the meters. Daean raised his hand and the van started up again.

"Ghosts?" Lucius questioned as he looked at the wheel in confusion, the lights flickered on and off next as Alicia started to freak out.

"This so cool," Daean laughed as he shut everything of again.

"Daean there is something wrong with your eyes," Darius frowned a little,

"What do you mean?" asked Daean, Alicia took a good hard look into Daean's eyes there seemed to be a constant moving bolts diagonally across each iris.

"Ah Alicia, could you stop making me nervous," Daean asked giving a weak smirk.

"Oh sorry," Alicia blushed as she turned around.

"Okay how do I shut this off?" asked Daean as he blinked his eyes randomly. Alicia giggled at he faces he was making.

"Do you have a surging feeling, to your eyes?" asked Lucius as Darius and Alicia looked at him in confusion. "I know a few people who have eye based blessings, and usually they have some kind of energy surge to the eyes they can cut," The Druid explained.

"Hey I do feel something it kinda tingles," Daean realized as he concentrated on it and shut it off his eyes returned to normal. The Lighting stopped in his eyes as his vision returned to normal he sighed, "Now how to turn it back on," Daean frowned as he started to scrunch his face up in concentration.

"Well that should keep him busy for a while," Lucius chuckled as he started the van up again. Hope however kept her eyes on Daean. Darius looked between the two with a twitch of his eyes than sat down properly.

"She's bothered by something, she usually doesn't do anything unless we talk to her first or something happens or needs to be changed. So what is it about Daean that seems to be bothering her so much?" Darius was snapped from his thoughts when everything went dark.

"What, why are we underground again?" asked Alicia,

"Be quiet," Lucius frowned as he rolled down the window and taking of his plated glove, and placed it on the hard ground now surrounding them."We have a small group traveling north to our destination nothing specific form what I can tell however. We have been found out and I wouldn't be surprised if we run into to some familiar faces," Lucius frowned. He clapped his hands as a tunnel dropped out in front of them. Lucius slammed his foot on the gas as they speed forward.

"I suggest we hit hard and fast the set up should be about the same we should tunnel under and take the main tower and free the heavy hitters. Then spread out and free the rest we should be arriving around nine so we will have a decent amount of light," Darius decided.

"Don't bother, this base is set up with only one person here," Hope interrupted.

"Who could be so important that they would have a whole separate base just to keep them caged?" Darius asked accompanied by an amused chuckle.

"I think of someone, I just find it hard to believe they caught him," Lucius frowned as leaned forward. He glanced over at Hope, "It's him isn't it," it was less of a question and more of a statement. Hope nodded, "Thought so," Lucius frowned, as he slammed on the breaks.

"What, who, who is captured there?" asked Alicia as Daean was drown from his concentration.

"Didn't it seem odd the Fallen Angels were able to gather so many people so fast?" asked Lucius as he looked back at the three.

"Now that you mention it yeah I mean Justin is a world recognized mercenary. Guys like that don't sign up for random escort missions," Darius realized as he looked up to the ceiling.

"It's also the main reason the fallen angels, before they got their name, they became very well known cause of the capture and holding of this person. They became the place to go for young men and woman of the land of the dead for a while," Lucius explained.

"Until Kami, declared them traitors and branded them the fallen Angels correct?" Daean added the Green Knight nodded.

"I thought he was a legend?" Darius admitted, as he placed his chin in an "L" shape his right hand had formed around it.

"No we was real, her Name is Shiva, a destroyer in every sense of the word. Listen they can keep her locked up for all I care we are not going," Lusius frowned as he glared at Hope.

"We don't have a choice, you remember what Elleana warned you about?" asked Hope as she looked at Darius.

"Oh god No," Darius frowned,

"What?" asked Alicia and Daean at the same time.

"Adam plans to brain wash Shiva into an instrument of the fallen Angels using Phylor," Darius realized ahs his eyes snapped open. The Van went deadly silent, as the two men realized the possibilities of such a problem.

"Wait there is more," Hope added, "Shiva as you know is a person of destruction correct," The two men nodded. "What you don't know is the Ookami Organization I would hardly consider it an organization worship Shiva as the great destroyer,"

"So he gets a new blessed on his side, but the possibility of a much larger following," Darius frowned in realization. "So what is our best bet go in there and free her, or do kill her ourselves?" asked Darius.

"Honestly I have never seen this event work out to well to be honest nothing I have tried to plan out has ever worked. However if they do mind whip her. This little war is over before it begins," Hope frowned as she looked at the two.

"Well then we have no time to waste," Lucius frowned as the Van speed forward the speedometer flicked at the edge as the van's motor roared. Alicia looked like a ghost as she grabbed Darius 's hand for support, Daean frowned but kept his mouth shut as the worry of crashing distracted him.

"Okay Sam, we are going to need you to do that eye thing we will arrive in less than twenty four hours you think you can do one mass shut off?" asked Lucius.

"I'll will see what I can do but I make no promises I can't keep," Daean answered as he focused on his eyes again.

"Good, everyone get your gear ready we won't have time to worry about being subtle this time. Lucky for use it will be just us so no worries on collateral damage," Darius smirked.

"So does anyone has any experience with Shiva?" asked Daean,

"Honestly nothing concert," Darius admitted "Just rumors and a lose description, All I know is she is about eight feet tall has four arms, hears very reviling clothing has a cat shaped face with whiskers and covered head to toe in blue fur," Darius added. Almost everyone looked at him with a look of disbelief.

"That's nothing I heard she was only seven feet had super strength speed and endurance," Lucius frowned. "Sadly no body mention she was a furry,"

"What's a furry?" asked Daean as he looked at the green knight.

"I'll explain it when you're older," Lucius countered, "Everybody try and get some sleep I will switch drives when we have about eight hours left," The group nodded as Hope went to the back and pulled out a shot gun.

"What, listen I like the staff as much as the next guy but teacher of here has yet to sit me down and, I don't know teach I am not going into another life or death situation without a weapon," The group stared at her for a moment. She cocked the weapon. "Any problems?" Alicia asked

"Nope," "none," "No you solid," the boys all muttered as they each looked away from her

"Good," She nodded as she pulled the lever on the seat and rolled curled up around the gun.

"I hope she kept the safety on," Darius muttered as he turned the opposite way and tried to get some sleep as well.

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