The Blessed

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Chapter 23

The small band was now wide awake and as well rested as possible as Lucius poured on the gas. The earth opened up above them as the van roared to love into the enclosed bas right under the wall. Darius thru open the door before the van hit the ground jumping out with his sword. He sliced strait down on of the troops. As he dashed quickly cutting two in half at the same time before raising his fingers blasting the others into the wall. Lucius quickly called up a wall of dirt quickly shielding Darius from the troops patrolling the wall as well as the rest. Hope stabbed her staff into the ground and Darius gave her back her pole ax as she vanished from sight. Alicia quickly hid behind the van as she turned the safety off. Daean noticed her shaking as he pulled out his revolver and after a moment to aim shot a trooper strait in the visor. Lucius slide his helmet back on and drew a sword and shield from the earth and leaped after Darius.

Suddenly an alarm went off as Daean winced as the sound blared into his ears "Now that's annoying," Daean frowned as his eyes flashed back to the bolts and concentrating shut it off. Lights fell off as well with mid morning sun just starting to peak over there was still enough night to give them cover. Darius smirked his face no longer covered as he gave everyone a quick toss to the walk way above the wall. The second base was just like the first separated by walls and walk ways. Alicia gasped as he feet hit the metal walk way. Daean quickly grabbed her hand to help her up as the group headed to the center.

"Can you feel where Shiva is?" asked Darius noticing Daean had his bolts active.

"Yeah she is where the surveillance room was last time, holy crap she has four arms and even on her knees she would come up to my shoulder.

"Details how many guarding her?" Darius asked, "oh," he realized as he looked ahead of them, the interior was gutted inside was a garrison off troops in a large opening surrounding the center tower. "Never mind," Darius frowned when Hope appeared next to them.

"Wait there is something weird with one of them," Daean pointed out as the group turned to look at him.

"What do you mean?" asked Darius as he studied the blacker haired teen.

"The one in front, all of them have a aspartic electric current thanks to the suits feeding off the human body, so I can't shut them off. However one of them seems to have double it and has a seprate battery at the base of his neck. That and his howl body seems to have metal impended into his skin man that guy looks like his whole body is being held together thanks to the metal he has implanted into his skin. That must have hurt why would anyone want to do that, oh that's even better, the wires are stemming in his spinal cord and into his brain?" Daean questioned. Darius frowned even more as he tried to pick out who he was talking about in the crowd. Lucius raised his sword hand as a wall appeared between them and a thousand bullets aimed at their heads.

"Shit he is coming right at us!" Daean shouted, the wall shattered as Phylor leaped in front of them standing right in front of Darius. The man raised his hand the group braised themselves as Lucius quickly shielded Alicia and hope with his armored body.

"Daean Shut the devise off!" Darius ordered Daean panicked not sure how that would affect the man. "Just do it if you don't were are as good as dead!" Darius yelled as he started to skid back the metal making up the rail way started to peel back as well. Daean frowned,

"Do it!" shouted the voice of his father Daean snapped his fingers, the pressure stopped as the man seemed frozen. Darius walked up slowly moving to see if his had doomed his master to a quick or slow death. Darius raised his hand braising himself for anything Phylor could throw at him. He slowly tapped the helmet.

"I can MOVE!" The Phylor shouted grabbing Darius than hugging the man as he helmet slide down. "Darius it can move myself again," the weapons clicked behind them as the troops took aim. Phylor turned his head and winked on eye.

Daean watched as a wave of what appeared to be dust suddenly ripped into the troops throwing them line after line up into the air. "What?" asked Daean, as he looked between the man and the now grounded troops in confusion.

"Darius you must kill," Phylor demanded as he grabbed his friend by the shoulders giving him a good shake.

"What?" Darius asked, as he looked back at Hope but she was as gob smacked as he was. "What I don't understand you betrayed the MRF why do you want me to kill you. Aren't you suppose to be trying to kill me?"

"I have no time to explain Darius, you need to kill me now if that devise gets re activated I won't have a choice anymore," Phylor pleaded as he quickly formed a rather poor blade from his hand as he went for his own neck.

"Stop, devise what are you talking about what does that mean," Darius asked grabbing the weapon to keep his mentor alive to get answers.

"I never betrayed I want you to kill me, they planted a devise I can't control my action let me die now before Adam finds out and turns it back on," Phylor pleaded his body despite the suit couldn't fight against Darius for some reason.

"Wait so all that talk was just so I would kill you, why you need to explain it please, why did you leave then. Why are you here?" asked Darius now in a panic, his face etched with worry and panic as if knowing the answer but not believing it himself. Phylor opened his mouth to answer when a large trunk, it was followed by another. The noise echoed as the color from Lucius, Darius, Hope, and Phylor's faces all drained.

"How much did you shut off?" asked Lucius as he leaned over to Daean's ear. "Daean?" asked Lucius, as he shook the teen. "Daean answer me how much did you shut off?" Lucius was practically shouting. Suddenly a door went flying at them it , Darius caught it with his mind facing them was a crumpled metal door almost five inches thick with a single footprint in it. Darius dropped it to the ground it clanged silently as eyes slowly found the culprit. Towering the being bent her head under the door way and standing at full height a near nine feet tall. Her body was covered from head to toe in purple fur, and black claws lined each finger and all ten toes. She wore a brown loin cloth covering her waist and chest only as a tail swished around her feet, but far from being her only attachment she also had an extra set of fur cover arms under her normal ones. The second set of hands seemed just as sharp and big as her above ending just a bit passed her others. Her fur was striped around her sides and limbs with dark black stripes. Daean gulped as he raised his eyes to the beings face. Long bluish and purple hair lined her head dropping down to her waist she had four stripes on her chin and a human face covered in fur with three prominent stripes on her checks which almost stretched to her noise. Daean than did something he almost immediately regretted, he looked her in the eyes her Yellow slited eyes his legs felt like jelly. Shiva grabbed one of the fallen men with her upper arms and grabbed a leg in each clawed hand. With a cruel disgusting sound ripped the body apart skinning the now bloody corpse of the metal. She balled up the metal before striating it out green like energy formed around her hand as she compressed the metal. She frowned in disgust reveling a sharp fang with the twist of her lips. Soon a sword started to give shape almost as long as her body she drew her black nail along the sword. Everyone winced as she sharpened the blade with her inch long black nails. He heard a thump as Daean turned to see Alicia who had collapsed her hands over her ears and eyes clamped shut. Her purple cat like ears sticking out of the top of her skull twitched as her yellow eyes took notice. Darius took a step back, lowering his sword as he weighed his options. The cat like woman slowly started to move forward brandishing her new sword in the now dawning light. The suddenly in a purple blur she stood in front of Phylor.

"Fallen Angel," She hissed revealing a mouth full of sharp triangle like teeth. She swatted him with one of her hands and Phylor was batted of the ramp and down to the inner wall that ran parallel to the outer wall. He fell onto the wall immediately dropping to the ground. She jumped gracefully down landing next to him. The group watched in Silence not sure what to do as she raised up her right foot and stomped it down onto Pylor's hand.

"Argh!" the man shouted as blood splattered out of the now crushed armor. Darius's eyes snapped open as Shiva raised her foot again aimed at his head. Dairus raised both hands as he mentor was pushed away as Shiva's foot stirred up dust, she glared as Darius automatically realizing what he had done.

"He is mine, s-stay your hand least you be next on the chopping block," She hissed at him as she walked over to Phylor's prone body.

"If anyone has a right to him it is me!" Darius shouted regaining his never,

"Don't do this," Hope warned, as she whispered into his ear. "Telling her what to do never ends well," she warned.

"Really?" she asked, "And why pray tell gives you that right?" Shiva asked as she turned to face Dairus.

"Don't do this, she is not to be trifled with, we have done what we set her to do," Hope reminded trying to get him to relent on his claim.

"He betrayed the MRF," Darius started, "Don't" hissed Hope, "as a former comrade his life is mine by fault,"

"So you are with the MRF, and I see no hate between you, are you with them as well," Shiva realized as she locked eyes with the others.

"Darius walk away now," Hope frowned as her face started to crease with worry.

"If we are," Daean asked his voice betraying the fear he was now feeling, Shiva now glared at him, then a look of confusion.

"Interesting, sadly irrelevant in the grand s-scheme of things, if this true none of you will walk out of these walls," She frowned to sharp fangs slide in between her dark purple lips. Everyone took a step back now. Daean edged closer to Alicia, when suddenly Shiva stood before them the group was covered by her dark shadow. Darius raised his sword as she raised her claymore. In a flash of purple and chrome Daean blinked and Saw Phylor in-between the two holding back Shiva's weapon with a combination of his blessing and his armor. Shiva blinked in surprise but was undaunted,

"I can nothing of my own life, I will not however see the blood of my comrade before my last droop is drained from my body," Phylor Shouted his hand made a fist lifting Shiva up and with a punch like thrust throw the being back into the tower. The slam dented the tower as it seemed to bend inward from the impact.

"That can be arranged," She frowned as she slammed her four elbows into the metal creating a crater behind her as she dropped back down to her feet.

"Looks like I get one last fight in before I die," Phylor smirked back at Darius. Darius looked back at his mentor confused no more than ever. "Well you just dragged yourself into one last fight with me you and your friends up for it?" he asked as a kind smile formed on his worn and ragged face. The being blurred again charging fast, Lucius acted first waving his right hand inward as spikes shot up from the earth. Shiva zigzagged dodging each, as Darius started to pull up rocks and chunks of dirt adding to the projectiles. Shiva leaped into the air slashing at the rocks with her sword and claws. The rock turned to plats falling to the earth as she dived down at them. Phylor didn't flinch as a wave erupted at her, the rock Darius had thrown turned to dust as the wave blasted at Shiva hard throwing her back at the tower. She landed on her feet and hands, as the tower started to bend even more. She rocketed of barreling at the group. Nobody was fast enough she swatted Phylor down breaking the walk way he was standing on. She slashed at Darius he defended with his blade but was thrown back over the railing. Metal clashed against rock as Lucius brought down the full weight of his sword against Shiva's. Daean could almost see the knight's teeth gritting as the walk way grid under him started to groin in protest. Her under arms grabbed his shoulders as she raised her left fist slamming him hard on the helmet the metal grid under him collapsed as he fell strait down. Luicius seemed to struggle but collapsed either out cold or worse. Daean stood in front of Alicia his hands charged with electricity. She looked at the two for a split second before turning to see Phylor. The Fallen Angel waved one hand and the two teens were sent down the walkway.

Darius spun as he twisted onto his chest, He drew his revolver. Phylor concentrated and sent another blast Shiva was blasted back again she reached the end of the walk way, her feet flew of as she grabbed the iron grid walkway with all four hands. Phylor concentrated harder the center tower started to collapse when the end of the walk way broke off. Shiva vanished into the collapsing tower as sand and dirt soon clouded their vision. Darius leaped back up standing behind Phylor,

"She's not down is she," Darius frowned, when suddenly a part of the wall was suddenly falling at them. Darius swatted it away with his mind as two more torn bits of the wall flew at them next. Darius caught both of them as a purple appeared on the steel pillar that was once used to hold the walk way up. Her Hands grabbed a hold and ripped the walk way up Alicia Slide to the side falling under the arm rail Daean grabbed around the chest.

"Alicia!" Daean shouted shaking trying to wake her from her shock. The walk way twisted more and more and soon the two fell to the ground under them.

Darius concentrated aiming a small blast at her neck, her eyes bulged a fraction of a centimeter and charged, the Psychic energy started to manifest around his right fist. Shiva glared at him then swung the whole walk way. Darius grabbed hold as she lifted the near 20 yard walk away strait above her head.

"This not a good idea but," Darius thought as he released all the energy. A fist like impression was all the warning Shiva had as she was slammed strait into the ground. The walk way started to fall down "SHIT!" screamed Darius as Phylor and Darius leaped off.

Hope appeared next to Alicia and Daean grabbing both teleported both to the opposite wall as the rail way crashed back down. She dropped them both to the ground as she vanished again, quickly arriving back at the van she quickly grabbed a hand full of C4 charges. Setting the timer on the small back she tossed them to Darius,

"where is Lucius?" Darius asked Hope,

"Worst case Dead, most likely still alive on the left side of the wall," Hope frowned as she tossed the explosives into the air.

"Little much?" asked Darius,

"GRRRR!" Shiva shouted as the walk way was flipping back towards the,

"I am more worried about not enough," Hope frowned as Darius quickly set the explosives moving. The explosions went off the flames ripped up into the sky as Phylor appeared next to the two.

"Damn it still not enough," Phylor growled. "I think are best bet is to run for it and let a single person keep her distracted," Phylor. Darius dropped his jaw,

"Excuse me," answered Darius "What happened to never leaving a man behind," Darius frowned.

"Oh you shaved you beard you look nice," Phylor complimented, a small smack sounded in the air as the two looked over to see Hope cradling her head in her right hand. "I would never say that unless I felt we had no other alternative,"

"Don't remind me," Darius frowned as they watched Shiva exit the destruction, he lower hands keeping her Loin Cloth in place, She calmly retied the cloth her fur not even singed. Daean moved quickly over to the others,

"Wasn't he trying to kill us earlier?" asked Daean,

"Circumstances, determined otherwise," Phylor smiled at Daean, who slowly backed away as the group returned their attention to Shiva. She didn't seem bother by anything so far,

"We could try to stun her, with a mental attack," Darius advised,

"Already tried, the trick won't work, and in order for it to work we need a lot bigger of a distraction," Phylor frowned, as Shiva Fixed her outfit, un concerned with the conversation around her.

"How big?" asked Darius a little concerned he wouldn't like the answer,

"Have an army lying around?" Phylor asked snide smirk on his face, Darius didn't dignify it with an answer.

"I really need to find more suitable cloths, this is frustrating having to strop fix my outfit then start again," Shiva frowned.

"Sadly I have the feeling not many people are quick to sell things to you," Phylor frowned. She cracked her neck. Suddenly the ground started to rumble,

"YOU DENTED MY HELMET!" Shouted Darius as the wall exploded the earth suddenly rained down on Shiva. She shielded her face as a large hand suddenly erupted around the thumb being about the same size as her. The hand rose strait up stopping at the elbow before violently slamming down. Shiva punched out of the ground glaring at Lucius, he stood not too far away the sun shining down on him and his torn and battered cape. Shiva pulled herself out of the ground and survived the people around her.

""You die first," She growled, pointing one of her black claws at Lucius, He didn't move,

"Ready whenever you are," Lucius frowned, As Shiva blurred, grabbing both his arms with her lower arms clasping the other poising to slam them down into his helmet. Suddenly two spikes spiked out from Lucius gloves, spiking Shiva's lower hands she quickly pulled her arms back as Phylor raised his hands to stop her upper arms from crushing down on Lucius. She growled in frustration before kick Lucius back into the wall. A crack sounded in the air as Shiva's hands broke out of Phylor's controls.

"Wait your turn," She snapped as she charged Lucius again this time grabbing him she tried to pull him out of the wall. Tossing him at Phyor and Darius he crashed into the ground the solider leaped to the side as a giant ditch was created form the blow. She suddenly appeared crouching over him warping her arms around his head and grabbing a hold of his chin. Suddenly Light ripped thru the air slamming into her body. She released Lucius as she craned he neck in pain Daean walked at her putting in all the electricity he had at her.

"Ahhh," Daean winced as the being screamed in pain,Daean's hands started to shake as he wanted to cover his ears. Suddenly a second voice joined the screaming as Lucius roared in pain as well. Daean pulled his hands back quickly back pedaling. Shiva shock her head glaring at Daean with her yellow cat like eyes. Daean held out his hands charging them with electricity but her legs were now planted on Lucius back. Phylor held out his hands, when Darius pushed them down,

"We do this the old fashion way," Darius ordered as he charged Shiva, Phylor gave him a confused look when he noticed Her clawed foot had dug into Lucius armor if he blasted her he would be sent flying as well. Lucius grunted as he grabbed hold of shiva's leg planted next to him side.

"You will not harm Daean," he growled Shiva rolled her eyes,

"Doesn't matter what you say your hardly in a position to stop me," Shivia frowned as she applied more pressure to Lucius's back. Darius swung his Katana Shiva grabbed it ignoring the small amount of blood the cut had caused. Hope appeared behind her stabbing her Shiva in the back, the cat woman grabbed Darius by his jacket and threw him at Hope. Darius was sent to flying too fast for Hope to dodge to two crashed into the ground as she reaching forwarded and grabbed Daean. Daean flinched as a shot sounded Shiva looked to her right her side now had a buck shot in it. Alicia stood not even five feet away shaking but holding the shot gun. Shiva looked down at the wound, frowning at Alcicia started to back away.

"I have tolerated this foolishness long enough," Shivia growled her Hand started to glow green. She raised her hand and aimed it at Alicia. Daean blinked as he tried to electrocute her again, she raised her green hand blasting it at Daean. The two energies collided but only for a moment. Daean watched as his electricity slowly was pushed back. Phylor charged his armor giving it massive amounts of spikes and he charged at Shiva. Shiva changed her attack blasting the rock under Daean's feet, Phylor cut of his attack as he caught Daean in mid shift knocking both to the ground. Shiva stepped of Lucius taking extra care to smash his head farther into the dirt.

"Game over," she smirked as she raised her blade to stick Alicia down, another shot echoed. "Enough!" Shiva shouted "I will not tolerate any more inter up," She was cut off as a bullet rocket through her left shoulder. Alicia was suddenly gone, every Daean looked around to see her leaning up against the van and suddenly the Angel from the caves was standing in front of Shiva. She raised her sword but the Angel had already drew his Shiva defended as the sound of metal clashed. The Angel slashed away appearing behind her as giant Sword slash now split her back blood erupted but the Angel was already vanished from the spot.

"Who?" asked Darius, wondering if this was the same Angel from before.

"Gabriel," Shiva spat hunching over, "I had really hoped to see you again," she smiled. "You on in the top ten of idiots I want to kill," The Angel said nothing as a pair of feather like metal wings sprouted behind him. "Still can't talk?" she asked as his armor tossed a scythe into the air up grabbing it. Slicing down at Shiva, she leaped back a few feet, as the scythe returned to the armor in a flash. The gauntlets started to bulk up and suddenly rapid fire shots rained down at as she quickly rain for cover. Shiva made a mad dash for the wall leaping over. Gabriel vanished from sight, behind the wall as well as Hope and Darius got back to their feet.

"We need to get out of here Shiva is too strong for us to deal with," Darius admitted, Hope glanced at him a moment but didn't say anything. "Hope you get Alicia back into the Van me and Daean will get Lucius," Darius ordered.

"That's twice, he has saved are life," Daean frowned, "Think he is following us?" Darius glanced at him as he lifted Lucius up with his mind.

"Maybe he is here to keep me on track, and with that thing we met back after your village was attacked and now Shiva running around I wouldn't be surprised if Kami is watching over me," Darius smirked.

"Believe what you will," Phylor frowned, "But whatever it is no this not everyone who works for Kami has the interest of the people at heart,"

"What do you mean," Darius asked as the Van door opened up and Lucius was slid onto the floor. Phylor's armor shifted down a bit as he turned around showing a Black implant at the base of his neck.

"You friend there shut this device off, even with the knowledge I hold off the workings of Eden I would gladly keep fighting for the peace it represents. However with this implant it robs me of my will to act without orders. Adam took advantage of this fact and so long as this implant exists he will always be able to control me," Phylor frowned. "You go me and Gabriel, will take care of Shiva, you leave build up your troops and ride this land of Adam," Phylor instructed.

"Phylor, I, I understand I will finish my mission," Darius answered giving him a weak smile.

"Next time we meet this trick might not work again, I want you to kill me," Phylor. Darius looked horrified. "And last time we saw each other you wanted my head, Well if I am lucky you won't need to. Oh take this, I am not allowed to carry around the main base but this will show you to your next destination. They have lots of weapons confiscated and collected as well as other supplies you may find useful, Good luck my friend," He patted Darius on the shoulder.

"I understand," Darius answered as he opened the front door of the van. Phylor waved his hand and the front gates opened up for them. The van roared as Darius quickly drove away from the base. Phylor watched them go as he leaped over to the ruins of the center building he crossed his legs. The Base started to crack apart, small chunks of rubble started to rise up the inner wall started to crumble as the bodies of the fallen Angels started to flout up as well. Soon a large ball was forming as metal and concert started to eclipse the rising sun. Shiva slammed into the ground, still warn for the earlier fight she looked up at Gabriel who now also had an extra set of metallic arms extending from his armor.

"How is that possible, how can you be how strong how can there be this large a gap between a Fallen Angel and an Arch Angel!" demanded Shiva. Each arm now wielded a short sword each aimed at her neck. "I will not die like this, I refuse," she shouted as she called up a large amount of green energy in her hand blasting Gabriel. The energy dispersed, Gabriel didn't move an inch, and he lifted one foot up as Shiva realized he had spiked the ground he was standing on to keep himself from moving. He looked up at Phylor for a moment and suddenly vanished in a grey blur. Shiva stood up when suddenly the out wall suddenly collapsed at her breaking apart. Shiva was bashed into the rubble, falling onto the ball Phylor was creating. She growled in frustration as more and more of the rubble started to collapse on top of her. "I will Not die!" She shouted pulling her hands free of the rubble that was pinning her. She spotted Phylor Below her, releasing her sword now pinned the ball she used all her lower body strength leaped at him. She raised her arm ready to slice his now exposed neck when one of the five towers came fling slamming her back into place. She looked out into the distance a van driving away,

"MRF, ANGEL, Fallen or otherwise, I WILL KILL YOU ALL!" Shiva shouted.

"Daean frowned as he glared at his hands, I need more control," He frowned as he looked down at Lucius. "I need to be able to defeat my enemies but not at the cost of my friends. I swear I will never be the one running away again," He growled clenching his fists in front of himself.

Adam looked up at the mid day sky the base was nothing but a giant pile of rubble, literally. The wholes and lines in the dirt showed where walls and buildings once stood. Walkking over the dead bodies he found Phylor. Adam waved his hand as two fallen Angels quickly carried a stretcher over,

"I bet our new friend Daean turned that ff for you," Adam frowned as the devise clicked back on. "I hope you enjoyed it cause I will be making sure it does not happen again,"

"Adam, Sir. We searched the rubble but Shiva is no longer among the base. We have no evidence of what happened to her, however we don't believe she left with the rebels," Mabush informed the Leader of the Fallen Angels.

"Luckily nothing important was lost," Elleana shrugged as she walked up to the two. Adam glared at her,

"You are on thin ice as it is, but you are correct nothing important," Adam frowned. "Sadly little was gained as well, I will have to look into the power to see if there is a way to prevent him from shuting off are equipment. Mabush head to the north eastern base, you will wait there for further orders I need to work on this new problem that has arisen," Adam instructed. Mabush bowed deeply as he left the group.

"What will we do about Shiva, she is a large threat to us we both know she has a grudge against us," Elaeana asked worried of what the four armed woman would do.

"We will do nothing, are main base is to heavily fortified, besides she may not be on are side but that does not make her a total waste of resources. With the public against us it doesn't matter if she is released or not. We just need to push her east and across the ocean. Let Kami deal with the, thing," he frowned.

"But sir," Ellenea started but Adam raised his hand silencing her.

"She will be nothing more than a distraction, Darius and his misfits have now proven themselves worth my full attention now and as such he will be crushed. Shiva is a wild card while Darius means to ruin us so he is are prime target," Adam explained.


"That is enough, I have spoken and as your leader you will respect my desion any more insolence out of you and I will turn you into a puppet just like Phylor am I clear?" Adam asked now closing the gap between them. "I am I clear?" asked Adam now an inch form her noise.

"Yes, sir," She sighed as she looked away from him.

"Good now we move out, this area is no longer of any value. Grab anything we can leave with and move out," Adam ordered as he returned to his Helicopter. Elleana stared of into the distance looking for foot prints. She placed a hand to her smooth chin, she shook her head and then returned to the chopper as well.

"You have failed me twice now, you not only released Darius which pretty much cemented are loss of the base you ran away as well. Any more disappointments out of you and I will have you begging for death," She remembered.

"One more failure and I won't be around long enough for you to do anything to me," She frowned to herself. "Just keep pushing me Adam, and Darius will be the last thing you'll be worried about," She growled as the Chopper lifted off into the air.

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