The Blessed

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Chapter 24

"You did what, you told me you heading straight to the base, that had a mass amount of supplies and instead you went to the base they were holding Shiva!" Sam shouted. Hope flinched away as Sam shouted at her thru the ear phone. "Not to mention all of the metal and supplies that was destroyed, this making things much more difficult than necessary!" Sam growled.

"Hey don't yell at her, Phlor caused most of the damage, and I was the one who egged on the woman," Darius responded doing his best to keep from hurting Hope's ear.

"Then I suppose that would be the reason, lucius is lying in the back of my van unmoving for the past couple of hours!" Sam shouted the last bit.

"Stop shouting in my ear," Hope yelled back, rubbing her ear.

"Sorry bit this is not an easy job you left me Hope," Sam growled his anger finally subsiding. "So you plan on sending Alicia back with the van to get Lucius some treatment while the rest walk on the next destination?" asked Sam.

"That honestly doesn't sound like a bad idea, we can walk and stretch are legs and we can get are Knight back on his feet," Darius realized.

"We have the supplies and Sam can point Alicia in the right direction, besides I wouldn't hurt to walk," Daean agreed.

"Well what do you know, Sam came up with a good idea," Chuckled Darius,

"Well I do have my moments," Sam responded, a small humph at the end.

"Sadly I wish he had his moments more frequently," hope joked back. Everyone stopped for a moment and stared at her. "Wow, been that long since I cracked a joke?" she gave a weak smirk.

"Well Alicia you up for it?" asked Daean, She nodded yes but returned to looking back where they had come from. Daean clamped an arm on her shoulder.

"You okay Alicia?" Daean asked as he looked at his fair haired friend.

"Yeah, I am fine, glad to be of some help," she muttered to herself as she opened the front door of the van.

"What's wrong with Alicia I have never seen this upset, we are all alive what more can you want?" asked Daean as he looked at Darius.

"He clearly doesn't understand woman in any sense of the word," Sam chuckled.

"And you do?" asked Hope,

"I know enough to keep from getting my head bit off," Sam responded.

"I doubt that," Hope frowned,

"Everyone acts differently around other trust me I can be nice, however none of you with the exception of a few have ever had the decency to say hi in the morning," Sam explained.

"I don't say hi once and you just won't let it go," Daean threw his hands in the air. Hope watched as Daean's lips turned into a grin.

"For Kami's sake drama king, I wasn't talking about you," Sam grouched back. "All the same I got work to do tell me when you want me to send you some reinforcements to help bring back supplies, Sam out," Sam remained as Hope clicked her ear phone off.

Alicia frowned as she looked over at the staff and shot gun, "I am way over my head," She frowned as she looked down at the steering wheel. She frowned and started to play with the radio. Time seemed to move forward but stop as she drove; with only the sun and the occasional rock nothing interesting outside the van really concerned her. Alicia was all but asleep at the wheel suddenly the sounds of gun fire irrupted outside.

"Can't I do anything without something coming along to," Alicia ranted in frustration cutting herself of before she swore. "Forgive me Sam but your van might not be staying in once piece," She muttered to herself. A rusted brown truck suddenly swerved out in front to cut her off. Alicia swerved away only lo ram into another truck to her right. Alicia gritted her teeth fighting the urge to grab her seat in panic. She glanced back at Lucius who was still not moving in the back, She closed her eyes for what felt like fore ever. Alicia's eyes shot open as she slammed on the gas, and grabbed the shot gun. Alicia turned as she pressed the button to lower the window, suddenly the rumbling was muffled and the speed of the window started to crawl downward. As soon as the window was down she fired of the shot gun a giant hole entered the trucks door. The shot gun clicked as a shell fell down to the bottom of the van. Alicia frowned raising the gun a bit higher to get a second shot of as the rusted truck pulled away. The Van swerved a bit as she pressed the button for the other window to head down. She aimed again as the other Truck hit the brakes and slammed into the back of the Van. Alicia dropped the shot gun as she wrestled for control of the van. A thump slammed into the other side of the van she looked back to the other truck. Alicia growled as she weighted her options. Suddenly shots started to ring out she twisted her head to the side of the dash as bullets started to pelt the side of the van. She spun the wheel around slamming the truck to the right. Alicia frowned as the van responded to the touch when it suddenly lurched; she looked at the fuel tank to see it was slowly losing gas. "Shit," She swore slamming her hand on the dash board. The van started to spin out as it slowed to a sudden stop.

Alicia frowned as she picked up the gun and jumped to the back seat of the van. Kneeling down she checked on Lucius. Still breathing she kept her head low as she scanned the van for anything useful. She than spotted the staff Darius had trained her with. She opened up the shot gun,

"Of course only one bullet," She growled slamming the weapon closed, she looked outside quickly watching the group surrounding her there where only four men all together. Each crouched down. Alicia smirked waiting as they got closer as simple plan formulated in her mind. The four men opened the doors the four looked down at Lucius,

"Hello," Alicia smiled as the four scruffy looking men turned to face her. She raised the shot gun, "So which one off you wants to die?" The four men looked at each other a moment,

"Him!" They all shout each pointing in a circle to the next guy, Alicia frowned as she nairowed her eyes.

"Is there no honor among thieves?" Alicia muttered resisting the urge to slap her forehead. Pushing the poor feeling in her gut away, "Well if you can't deiced you best bet would be to leave," She smiled the four goons looked at each other a moment. The two closest, lunged at her, one went for the shot gun the other grabbed at her cloths. Nailing the one grabbing at her cloths with her fist the shot gun went off blowing a whole in the ceiling. Hope kicked the other back as she quickly crawled over the seat and grabbed hold of the back door handle. One hand grabbed her foot with a swift kicked and ths sound of a bone crunch the door flung open and she collapsed on the hard floor shot gun in one hand and staff in the other. She tossed the staff as she aimed the shot gun again.


"You move I blow your head off," She growled, the two raised their hands up. "Out of my Van," she ordered as they crawled over the back seat when the other two popped out with Lucius in hand.

"Hand over the gun or your friend here will get a second hole in his neck," Order one as he smirked under his twelve o clock shadow. Alicia frowned and chucked he weapon to the side the two released Lucius when time started to slow again. She grabbed the staff and charged, slamming the bottom end into the fist thug losing a few teeth, then swing it around taking the other of his feet. The other two startled ran slowly back to lucius but she leap up kicking both to the ground.

"This is not good," She frowned to herself as she stood in front of Lucius. Time reverted to normal as one quickly crawled over to the shot gun.

"Ah HA," He smirked as he pulled the trigger, "oh" Frowned The goon as he realized the weapon was empty.

"No fuel, no food, and no ammo. Perfect this a waste of time," another frowned.

"You know we could do something else," Hinted the third as he glanced over at Alicia, the woman frowned at that implication as the other three looked at him.

"Somebody shot him," Growled one as another threw a knife at him. "I have better things to do than that, let's go I have a wife to fend for and this venture is pointless let's go,"

"Great, they attack me then they find out I have nothing they just leave me here," She frowned slightly relived as the trucks drove off. Suddenly a small clap echoed behind her, she spun to see the Angel from before sitting on top of the van glittering in the sun.

"You would be?" frowned Alicia, not backing down, as she glared at him. He leaped down and walked over. Alicia crouched down bracing herself for a possible attack. The Angel raised out a single palm and suddenly the words started to etch themselves into his palm.

"Gabriel" Alicia read out loud,

"Have you been following me?" Alicia frowned, the Angel's palm went blank for a moment before a new message was etched in.

"Keeping people safe as best I can, came to help you if I could," Alicia read again, she relaxed a bit standing up right.

"I can believe that, but I want you at arms length all the same," Alicia warned as she bent down to check on Lucius. Gabriel, bent down and lifted the much larger druid knight over above him than set him down on his shoulder. The Angel raised his arm letters rose out from it. "Lead the way, Okay I get it well lets going I just Hope Sam isn't too worried,"

"Sam, Sam Mattson?" The words flouted up from his free left arm,

"I am not sure never told me his last name," Alicia dismissed, "So why are you out her Angel?"

"Darius was sent on a suicide mission, I am here to make it less so if I can," Alicia read the words nodding.

"Wait a suicide mission, why would someone send Darius on a suicide mission?" asked Alicia.

"He knows thing both him and Michael know of details insides the Angel and MRF structure that don't deal with the peoples best interests," Alicia read what the Angel had to say.

"Why would Kami allow that off all things?" she asked,

"Kami is impossible to read neither Darius nor Micheal have ever been able to read him and he has been in this world for over two hundred years,"

"What do you think he plans to do?" asked Alicia, The suit of Armor shrugged when more words formed on the armor.

"Friends close enemies closer," Alicia read, the teen accepted this nodding to her head.

"So um, what's it like in the armor does it feel weird?" asked Alicia, Gabriel raised his hand shaking it to indicate so-so. "Interesting, you don't mind me asking all these questions do you?"

"Not at all, I don't get much company," she read. "What about any friends or family?"

"I would rather not talk about this if possible," She frowned turning away she felt a metallic hand on her shoulder a small pat and it was gone.

The two walked in silence as the clip of the armor being the only sound, "I um, I never knew my parents I was raised by the village," Alicia admitted, "Now that my home is gone all I have is Daean," Alicia admitted.

"Hoping to hold onto that last piece of home?" Alicia read she shook her head,

"Maybe a little, but he is my only friend and all this just happens to us and I am just don't want to fight, sadly I don't want to leave him alone with all this," Alicia frowned as she started to talk, "But I am here I don't want to be a burden, and now Daean won't talk to me and I think it is cause I am not helping a whole lot and it just not fair," She frowned.

"What about your family?" Alicia read,

"I don't even want to think about that of all things please don't," Alicia pleaded as she looked at the black visor. A moment passed and Gabriel nodded in agreement. The Angel then held something out for her to hold. Alicia went to grab it but hesitated a moment, Gabriel turned his hand over to reveal a six inch pole. "This would be a?" she asked looking at the Angel he swung down with his free hand, and she followed soon a staff stretched out in front of her. "Um thank you but I already have one I don't need two," she smiled.

"You can't hold both a staff and a shot gun, this can be stored in a pocket freeing up your hands," Alicia read.

"I see your point, oh crap Sam is going to be pissed his van is trashed, how am I going to explain this to him!" Alicia panicked realizing she left the shot gun as well as everything else out in the open.

"I locked everything up, besides you can blame it on Darius the two lock horns as it is no big deal," Gabriel dismissed as the words faded from his arm.

"I don't think I could lie to him like that, hey you're an Angel, why are advising to lie to Sam?" Alicia accused.

"Testing," Alicia read as she flashed him a skeptical glance, when suddenly Lucius started to stir, "My time is now short I doubt The Knight would be pleased to see me when he wakes," Alicia read as he set the man down. The armor suddenly gave way to a long silver cape as Gabriel bowed low; pressing her hand to his visor he suddenly vanished in a blur of speed. Alicia waited and when the blur vanished she knelt down to see if Lucius was waking.

"What hit me," frowned Lucius as he tried to sit up,

"Well an eight foot four armed can woman hybrid," Alicia answered honestly,

"Tell me she left a number," he chuckled as Alicia slapped him upside the back of his helmet,

"Ouch," he winced as was poked by the wooden staff; he quickly grabbed it and picked himself up. Standing tall even when beaten he looked around, "Okay how did we get here, don't tell me you dragged me from are fight," Lucius frowned as he grappled with his helmet before finally taking it off.

"It's a long story and we need to get you back to base so how about we keep moving and I do my best to explain things to you," Alicia offered the man nodded his agreement as the main base came into view.

Christina frowned as she finished Bandaging up Lucius who quickly put his green armor back into place. "Just where do you think you are going?" Dr. Eyes frowned as she looked at Lucius who was sitting up in the bed.

"Um nowhere?" replied The Druid knight not sure of the answer.

"Well put now lay down, it a miracle your alive as it is," Dr. Eyes frowned as she pushed him back down. She looked over at Sam who's right eye was now twitching rather badly

"That's how I got here," Alicia admitted smiling nervously as she looked at a rather forced smile on Sam's face. "I am so sorry about your van," Alicia admitted as she looked at him with pleading eyes.

"That's, okay," Sam admitted thru his teeth, "we have new beds how about you go get some sleep and I will do what I can about transportation," Sam offered as Alicia practically ran from the room.

"You want I can look at your right eye it seems to have something wrong with it," Dr. Eyes offered as Sam turned to look at Lucius.

"Eye?" asked Sam confused as the twitching subsided finally, "Well I will need to see if there is a replacement, if not we may have to do a quick patch job," Sam realized, well I will have to get some equipment together, get me Sarten we got work to do and Ask Zack if he can find some Gas around here we have no time to waste," Sam ordered two troops outside the door quickly clamored off.

"Your starting to enjoy yourself," Lucius frowned, Sam turned around to look at the knight,

"Hardly it took a lot of hard work to get this group organized, Hope left me here to get things taken care of and I will. Is it a crime to take pride in ones work?"

"Pride comes before the fall," Lucius reminded,

"Realization of the trap makes it all the more easy to fall into it, especially when it comes to a sin," Sam frowned as he nodded to Dr. Eyes the two quickly left the room and Lucius was allowed to rest.

The sun was starting to set as the small group looked up at the Van Sam frowned as Sarten giggled,

"I am so sorry," Alicia repeated Sam glared at Sarten who went to work fixing the fuel line.

"We got you!" Shouted four bandits popping out of the ground each raising their preferred weapons. Sam looked at the four frowning in disgust,

"I thought we already took care of you four?" Sam asked as Alicia, Chrest and Sarten looked to Sam.

"Beat us before?" asked One as the other three looked at him,

"Yeah, your hands are glowing red I can tell under your brown work gloves. You idiots tried to capture Daean back a few," Sam snapped his fingers trying to remember the time looking at Alicia for help. She shrugged, "Well doesn't matter, the thing is you four need to get lost. We got more important things to do than fight cowards," Sam dismissed.

"Trent, can I kill this bastard I was nursing a bad blow for a week because of him," One said to the apparent Leader.

"I don't see why not at least they have water and supplies on them," Trent shrugged,

"I remember that Pig, how are us still alive?" asked Alicia recognizing the man who had insinuated a less than savory action.

"It was all part of the plan miss, you see I was suppose to threaten you and then you would drag the Knight away. We followed you and that Silver fellow to see if you had a camp around," Explained a rather chubby thief, as Trent kept waving his hands to shut the man up. "Then when you showed the place we decided you wouldn't leave the van so Mole over there," The thief explained pointing a painfully thin fellow opposite of Trent. "Dug up some holes and we waited for you to arrive so we can spring this attack and then," The thief started when Alicia appeared behind him bashing him on the head.

"That go someone shut him up," Chrest smiled as she held a blade made of water at Mole's neck. Trent frowned as he quickly realized that his three comrades where either beaten or had a knife to their necks. Sam walked up to him and Punched him hard in the face,

"That's for burning my arm, let's get this stuff loaded up, Sarten how long will it take to get the van working?" asked Sam.

"Sarten shrugged, well I need to check all the lines make sure the bullets didn't anything else but it shouldn't take too long," Sarten answered. The two looked over to see the four idiots tied up together with the chubby one bleeding rather badly. Sam opened his mouth,

"Right on it chief," interrupted Chrest, she quickly went over to heal the man. "So do you feel better?" asked Chrest as she looked over at Alicia,

"Much better, the metal staff works wonders as a blunt weapon," she smiled weakly. Sam looked watched the four as the two woman kept themselves busy.

"Can I get a flash light?" asked Sarten, as the last of the Sun's light finally went out. Sam sighed frustrated that the repairs were taking so long. Sam opened up the back of the truck and turned on the flash light to give them some light.

"Mole can you dig your claws in?" asked Trent as he flipped of his gloves to burn thru his rope. Mole nodded as he started to scrape his cuffs loose. "Okay Grove and York we got to think of a plan, the brown haired guy seems to be in charge Grove, me and you will tackle him, York deal with the staff chick, and Mole I want you to put the Blond into a deep hole,"

"Sounds like a plan," replied Sam,

"Good now," Trent stopped as he looked forward to see Sam staring down at him. "Hi," Trent smiled Sam frowned, as Sam set himself at eye level.

"I am going to warn you my back may be turned but I can see everything and if one of you so much as moves I will use the four of you as practice dummies for my new recruits. Let me tell you I believe practice makes perfect, am I clear?" Sam asked. Trent nodded meekly. "Glad we had this little chat," Sam replied patting the man on his shoulder as he returned to his post. After a moment a knife suddenly grazed Mole's face the man paled as Sam walked over. The other watched as Sam walked over picking up his knife. The four thief's watched Sam walk back over to the van as Mole frowned, Trent stomped his foot in frustration as the four sat there unable to escape.

Sarten revved up the van giving Sam a thumbs up as the two woman opened up the back doors to get in.

"What about them?" asked Alicia as she looked back at the four, Chrest shrugged and closed her door as Sam looked at the four.

"I say we leave them here we know they can escape on their own," Sarten dismissed. "Let's get going Sam we don't have all the time in the world,"

Sam walked over to the four and pulled out his knife the three flinched as Trent stared Sam down. The Knife flashed and the rope dropped to the side, the four stood up as they checked each other.

"Groove?" The chubby man nodded, "York?" and the rather muscled one nodded. "Mole," the balding thief rubbed his wrists but nodded as well. Sam shoved a pair of Cantina's into Trent's chest the nodded in understanding as Sam turned back to the van.

"I understand why, you do what you do but if I ever catch you hurting, stealing, or whatever unsavory activities you lot get into I promise I will kill you," Sam walked over to the passenger side door and the group drove off.

"So why did you help them out?" asked Alicia,

"They were desperate and needed the supplies why else would they track Alicia down, just something to keep them out of the way don't look to far into it," Sam dismissed as he turned to the window. Chrest could you change seats with I me I need to talk to Alicia.

"Sure thing," Chrest nodded as the two shifted it seats as Alicia looked over at Sam.

"Okay Alicia I felt what was going on earlier you've been slowing time down," Sam admitted in a low whisper. "Congratulations by the way time isn't something many people can use properly,"

"What do you mean?" asked Alicia, "Lots of people have similar powers and Abilities. I mean we already meat two people who have control over heat to some extent,"

"True, however all blessed abilities despite themselves usually carry little risk for the individual. Daean, is all but immune to his powers, as well as people like Trent despite his life choices is un-harmed by turning his hands molten hot. Alicia you how ever are not so lucky, I want you to promise not to force your powers in anyway and just let them come you practice with your staff, if you must but I warning I have heard some horror stories involving time altering blessed abilities," Sam advised. Alicia nodded her understanding.

"So what would you recommend?" asked Alicia,

"If I could afford to refrain from using them, some powers are best left un-need. I don't want to be mean but doing what Hope is doing is very dangerous and If not for the fact something's she has told match all to eerily I would have nothing to do with her," Sam admitted as he rested his chin on his clasped hands.

"What do you know about Hope?" asked Alicia,

"I know who she is, her real name where she is living. Basically everything she is one of the horror stories, to go back in time so many times what must that do to a person?" asked Sam as he looked over at Alicia.

"Oh do think I will turn out like Hope, do you cause of my blessing?" she asked,

"Doubtful, Everything she is, literally is her past and well no one no matter how similar to another person. Can ever live the same events and react to them in the same way. Just having met her even if you did go back in time, well your ideas and way of doing it would be colored by however much she has already tried to do," Sam theorized. "You don't have to worry about that, I am not sure how much Hope says is true anyway,"

"What do you mean?" asked Alicia,

"Well has lied on several occasions and if that's not reason enough I don't know what is," Sam replied.

"Good point," Alicia realized, "so what did you do before you came out here?" Sam shifted uncomfortably in his seat as the eyes of the front to passenger came back.

"Um well," Sam sighed, "Maybe some other time my life story isn't something you can just talk about," Sam dodged. Alicia frowned a bit but didn't push the issues the van went silent as they returned back to the base.

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