The Blessed

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Chapter 25

"Lucius," Dr. Eyes growled as he tried to tip toe out of the room, "Mr. Lucius I understand your plight but you are in no condition to be moving," Lucius frowned at the comment as the woman walked in now wearing a white lover coat. She frowned as she cleaned her black paints of a bit of dirt,

"You know a black skirt would look much nicer," Lucius smirked,

"I hardly think that would make my job any easier, now then I believe these, cards, or whatever belong to you," Dr eyes frowned as she tossed a purple velvet bag at Lucius.

"Easy these, card, as you so fondly put them are very dear to me," Lucius looked down on at his cards a very concerned look gracing his face. Dr. Eye pulled pack a bit worried she might have seriously offended the knight as he unwrapped them. The cards un-harmed he gave a small as he pulled the food table over with his right leg. "Tell your future?" offered Lucius as he waved a hand at the chair.

"I don't believe in that kind of stuff," Dr. Eyes frowned as she walked over to a rather empty metal desk to pick up a metal clip board.

"I can tell a lot, but to tell you whole future would take far too long, something resent?" Lucius offered, "Something you want to know about, events, important people, you past? Perhaps even love?" asked Lucius as he watched the Doctor chew on a pen. She turned her eyes over pretending to look at her clip board.

"One reading nothing more, so long as you don't give me anymore trouble," Dr. Eyes frowned at him.

"I give you my word, one reading I only read those who are willing," He gave a soft chuckle as she brushed her coat to the side and sat down. "Please shuffle," he smiled handing her the cards, he folded his hands as she slowly shuffled the cards careful not to harm them. He set the cards out out in to three rows of three, as he glanced over them. "Oh oh the death card," Lucius quickly covering his mouth,

"you don't mean?" she frowned,

"Not at all the death card often deals with the end of something and not necessarily life. It seems your current station will be short lived, and you will eventually travel over a body of water,"

"That's not hard to believe, if I leave the area I will likely travel over water," Dr. Eyes frowned not too happy about the earlier joke.

"Want me to continue?" the knight offered as she looked at the cards. Dr. Eyes gave a light smirk. "Well as amusing as this is I have tests to run so that be all for now,"

"Fair enough," Lucius smirked, as she held out a small light,

"I need you to watch the light please," Dr. Eyes instructed, "So tell me any medical problems I should need to know about?" Lucius shook his head no. "All right moving on,"

After a quick rundown of the basic physical information a soft tap at the door alerted the two,

"Dr. Eyes it will be about one more hour before lights out," Zack informed as he poked his head into the room. The Doctor nodded as she finished writing everything down.

"I will have to ask Sarten for a filing cabinet when he gets back," Dr. Eyes muttered, as she set her pad down on the desk. She went over to the door and went flip the switch off when she looked over at the knight. "Where did you get those cards from anyway?"

"A dear friend," Lucius answered, with a soft smirk she shrugged as she clicked the light off and shut the door behind her.

Daean frowned at the tent he had put up, the green ten was sliding back down and the flaps where tangled up cause of the zipper. The tent finally collapsed as Daean howled in frustration. Darius chuckled in amusement as he started to stomp out the fire.

"Need some help?" asked Darius as he rubbed his re-growing facial hair,

"No I can do it," Daean dismissed waving the older man away as tried to get the rear back up of the ground. Darius smirked as he looked over at his bag, it un-zipped on its own and in a moment a cabin shaped tent was up. Daean frowned but didn't say anything as he went back to work., Darius entered as Daean started to fumble with zipper half tempted to take a blade to it as he looked over at his rapier.

"Get out!" Shouted Darius Daean jumped as turned to see what was going on as the rest of the tent collapsed. Daean grumbled as he briefly noticed Hope get pushed out of the tent, Kicking the ten t in frustration He looked over at Hope who was now putting her own tent up. Daean walked over and hovered a bit hoping to get an Idea on how to put his up.

"Can I help you?" Hope asked frowning as she looked up at Daean, He gave a weak grimace,

"No just trying to figure out how to put up the tent," Daean explained, as Hope looked over at Daean's tent for a moment than back at him.

"Fine," She sighed, "get a flash light out of one of the bags, why Darius stomped out the fire I will never know," Hope frowned, as Daean quickly got the silver flash light and clicked it on. She swiped it out of his hand as Daean flinched away keeping a good distance.

"Maybe he doesn't trust you?" Daean replied shrugging his shoulders,

"Have nothing but the best intentions," Hope dismissed,

"Sure have a funny way of showing it," Daean muttered under his breath. She glared at him for a moment but quickly went back to setting up the tent. "Did you ever you know, go back in time to see the parents and they way where brought up?" asked Daean trying his best to hide his intentions.

"Yeah, I did try to change things like that but normally it did more harm than good," Hope answered as she picked up a Hammer driving down a spike.

"Did you I don't know, learn anything about our parents?" asked Daean as he looked up at the sky glancing a quick look down at the woman. She stopped her work for a moment and sighed,

"I know where you are going with this and no I will not tell you anything about your mother, it will do you little good," Hope advised as she looked back at him for a moment before reaching for the Hammer.

"Not me Alicia, I haven't been talking to her a lot and well I want to show her that I still care by you know giving her something she would want," Daean droned on a bit stopping as he realized Hope was studying with a very critical eye. She took a deep breath and released it,

"The things you ask while heartwarming are not the things you should be worried about," Alicia frowned. She raised her hand to stop Daean as he opened his mouth before closing it again, "Your curiosity with what I have seen is understandable so I will share and equal truth I have seen the origns of many of your friends I can tell you when each discovered their powers. I could tell you the proudest moments of Lucius's Life, the Happiest in Darius's, the fondest of Sam's, and the most important memories Alicia has. However these things are not mine to share for while I share could haves and maybe's with you they have a purpose of pushing you to the path that will guarantee your safety. That being said, I have not once ever seen Alicia's parents I believe her parents were blessed and left he there in a flash cause no matter how much I try I have seen nothing besides her just showing up one day,"

"Oh what about you?" asked Daean,

"Me?" Hope questioned, taken back by the sudden interest,

"Yeah you go back and see your parents?" asked Daean, Hope frowned a moment considering her words when she finally replied.

"Yes, I have seen them but to be honest I have long since lost my identity as an individual an more of a stranger in a strange time," Hope turned back to the tent.

"That must suck seeing all your friends and them not knowing anything about you and what you did together," Daean realized. Hope didn't move as Daean clasped a hand on her shoulder. "We may not be the same you remember so could you treat us as such I honestly don't trust you thanks to what you did, it would do as all a big favor if would join us instead of well you know," Daean smirked, as he turned back to his tent. Hope watched him struggle with the tent, her nostrils flared for a moment as she watched him work.

"Who every you are you are not the Daean I remember," she realized, "But what did I do this time to create this change, he seems," Hope dismissed the train of thought as she looked over to see Daean who just rolled out the sleeping bag. Hope suppressed a chuckle as she hammered in the last spike and set the tent up.

The three lay down as they watched over the third base in front of him, while the base was set up the same as the first two with one minor difference.

"Well at least they are taking us seriously," Hope shrugged as Daean and Darius glared at her,

"Three times the normal Guard is hardly serious its borderline obsessive," Darius frowned as he handed the binoculars to Daean on his right.

"I could just bolt them," Daean offered as he looked over at the two,

"Normally I would agree, but you see those polls will take any long distance blasts," Darius explained as he pointed to one surrounded by a large crowd of troops. "And before you ask it seems my mentor is back as well I can't do anything at this distance," Darius added hastily. Daean nodded,

"Well we do have an army of supper powered men and woman why not put them to use?" asked Daean. Darius looked over at Alicia,

"Well let's call him up and call in some troops," Darius smirked as he pulled out a walkie-talkie.

"Your leg seems to be working rather well," Commented Dr. Eyes as she looked down at his fully working right leg, Sam gave a weak smirk as Sarten entered the room breathing heavily.

"We just got orders time to move the troops," Sarten breathed out, Dam frowned at this as he rubbed his chin.

"Not enough time in the day perfect I had hoped they would give at least a week to get this working," Sam frowned. "Get me the phone I need to talk to Darius," Sam instructed as Sarten handed him a hand sized devise.

"We got a problem," Sam and Darius spoke at the same time,

"I think I know what yours is," Sam countered, "To many for you to handle on your own, right?"

"Yeah and we three cannot handle this even with Lucius it would be a stretch," Darius answered,

"I need another week, the troops are not ready I can only get them to move in formation. We send them in now it would be a disaster. I mean most basic training at least goes on for three weeks," Sam argued not liking the odds.

"I will see what I can do on my own but I can't guarantee this won't get worse with time," Darius frowned. "Well we could start a cave in and restrict movements to the land and sky and see if we can get a good lay out to see if everything is the same," Darius admitted having planned on doing so anyway.

"Sounds like a plan scout out a good location to hide us and see if you can keep reinforcements to a minimal and I will start specialization instead of training in all forms," Sam admitted.

"Over and out," Darius, clicked the devise of pocketing it. "Well that answers that we have at least a week for reinforcements," The other two nodded as they looked over at the group.

"I have an idea on how to get in," Daean interrupted before anyone could say anything. "we wait until night fall I shut down the lights and electronics as best I can, Hope transports you into the base and you use your mind power to avoid being seen," The two blinked at Daean for a moment then shrugged,

"Works for me," Darius shrugged considering that it was a sound plan, as the group set up for the long wait for night. The group settled up for the Long wait,

"Daean, well can you turn it on?" asked Darius as Daean stat cross-legged as he tried to turn his eyes back on, so to speak. Then had set for about a hour now, as Daean sat trying to get his blessing to work.

"Why is it nothing ever goes according to plan?" Muttered Hope as she thru her hands up in exasperation. Daean raided his hands trying to calm himself down and with a jolt across his body his eyes flared up.

"Okay I have no idea how long this will work so expect it to go back on at any given time, clear?" asked Daean as he looked at the MRF soldier. Hope Put a hand on his shoulder and in a blink he was inside the compound under a stair case with troops running around like crazy trying to find the source of the black out. Darius turned to Hope had vanished,

"Least she could have said was bye," Darius frowned as he concentrated and walked into the crowd of troops each moving around him but not seeing him. Moving silently he started to look out for anything different outside of the lack of prison walls and cells. Darius kept to the sides as he casuall walked un hindered.

"Darius, Oh Darius," A voice whispered around him. The man almost jumped as he spun around looking for the source of the voice. Darius frowned recognizing the voice when he was suddenly grabbed by a fallen Angel but restrained himself as he was lead to the center building the trooper pushed him into an Elevator as the doors closed.

"Relax," Instructed Phylor, "I got this since we have a moment I want to see you one last time before we have to kill on another," the man answered.

The elevator lurched down much to Darius surprise as he caught himself on the support bar behind him. He waited in the dark as the Elevator sloped and opened up to a very long corridor, Darius looked around as he saw the same bar lights eliminating the dark hallway.

"Interesting I guess Daean can't shut everything off, yet," he added as he moved forward. The echo of his boot steps was soon droned out as he thumbed the chain clip on his blade. Then a sliding door came into view stopping momentarily it slid open.

Darius had to keep his composure Michael was sitting down in the middle of a gymnasium sized room. The room was shadowed so one couldn't see a floor as only a cross section walkway seemed visible. The man concern however was his mentor, who was sitting in a small bowl like circle with only a pair of boxers to help keep his modesty. His body was skinning and boney with cybernetics exiting his body around his joints. His head was balding now and his skin badly wrinkled and pail dried blood remained around the cybernetics as the man looked up giving him a happy if not pained smile.

"What did they do to you?" asked Darius as he ran up to his mentor slowing down as he neared not sure how, if he could help his mentor. What once was perfect model of a soldier at the age of 45 now looked like a shell at the age of 90.

"This this is a long time coming," he frowned as he rubbed his scalp bits of skin flaked of Darius winced not really able to look. "I was to powerful, back in Eden some men got together and decided to test a new project on me. A control devise at the base of my neck," He bowed his head to see a black metal cylinder covering up his bony neck. "It worked, and they created a controller, one controller that Adam no has. SO long as it is in his hands I can do nothing against him,"

"Why would they create something like this," Darius asked,

"We both now Kami surrounds himself with Humans is it so hard to believe that someone would fear a guy like me?" asked Micheal. "And with Adam's most recent transgression, if anyone shuts the devise of I will die as well,"

"I could get the devise I could find some way to get you free," Darius offered,

"They made me master my powers Darius; I am no longer fit for duty even if I was I have done such terrible things I could never live with myself. The only reason I have not starved myself is because I was ordered not to," Michael admitted as he hung his head in shame.

"Couldn't Kami do something he is not called a god for nothing," Darius pleaded not sure what to think.

"There is a reason he sent you to kill me, or allowed it I can't live even if I was freed. I burned Homes killed innocent people would you force me to love a life with that weighing down on me?" he smirked fondly.

"Surely you are not giving up the Rebals are acting up again we need a leader like you in the MRF more than ever please you can't leave us," Darius frowned trying to get some Hope that his mentor would return.

"Your too kind, but I have long since accepted my death besides do you not have students of your own, I can read you have been teaching the woman Alicia am I right? She thinks highly of you and her blessing is very dangerous. I think you will have more important things to do than ask me if you're doing a good job," Michael advised.

"But," Darius started,

"Darius that fact that you know what has happened is enough, I know you could never kill me in cold blood, you don't need to but next time give me a fight show me what you have learned. Make me as you friend proud to have known you," Michael smiled as he stood up his bony leg's shaking under the weight. He placed a hand on his shoulder,

"I understand I will finish the mission," Darius conceded, bowing his head in defeat, Michael took him into a hug.

"This the day I died, I have finished everything I need to all I have left is to fight," Michael smiled,

"Here this document has pass codes to get you into the mainframe you do that and the other two basses will be yours. When you get all three type them into the main computer in gorge city and that final cave will open up the final door for you, it leads to the only way in, don't try to dig in you'll set of the sensors and the place will be crawling with more problems than I care to count,"

"Why do they even have it?" asked Darius wondering about the hole in the armor.

"It's a quick access for moving troops a man by the name of the red thief was rumored to be able to sense people moving. So we set up the cylinders and kept to the underground and as such we decided to lock up the man base and have some many seniors any movement would send the troops running,"

"Red thief?" asked Darius wondering if Sam had a hand it the rumors.

"We never met him but some nomad that caused grief for Angels and the MRF we had sent in usually just stealing supplies nothing worth worrying about. Nothing worth worrying about," Michael waved off. "Well that's all I got to say good luck in, well whatever the hell you are doing,"

Darius opened his mouth to speak, when Michael released him from his hug, "What now?" asked Darius not really sure what to do.

"Well, You need to get stronger, help out your new comrades and defeat the evil mad man who destroyed your mentor," Michael instructed. "For now do what needs to be done, and goodbye may next we meet steal your nervous and fight with you pride as a soldier of The MRF, I will be waiting at the man base until then," He smirked as he raised his hand as Darius was suddenly thrown back the doors slide open as he slammed into the elevator. Darius slumped to the ground as the Elevator shot upward. Dairus shook his head as he tried to recover from his mentor's sudden end to the conversation. He got his feet when the Elevator stopped. The Lights flashed on as he stumbled out of the elevator. We was yanked up by an unseen hand and was suddenly thrown out of the base. Darius blinked recognizing Daean looking over at him a concerned look on his face.

"Darius what happened?" asked Daean as he looked down at him.

"I found some peace but now more than ever I need to get stronger," Darius admitted,

"Well we got a week at the very least I think we got time," Hope shrugged as Darius got to his feet.

"So what really happened?" Darius repeated hoping to get an answer

"Let's just say I fell much better but for now I 'am tired let me rest," Dairus sighed, "Let's just say not everything is what it seemed to be," Darius frowned wondering how what would happen to himself at the end of the mission, it was something worth wondering if he had enemies to worry about back home.

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