The Blessed

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Chapter 26

One, two, three, Four," Repeated Nicholas as he walked along the recruits Mostly men but dotted with a few woman. Nicholas looked over to see Sam with a shield and a small group lined up in front of him as Sam whirled thru the basic motions. Alicia was in that small group with a small shield each trying to replicate his motions.

"Greetings, Nicholas I believe," greeted The druid Knight as he walked over to the graying man. "Anything I can help with?"

"Sure there is a group running laps, you Druids are trained to handle most weapon, would it be too much of a stretch to say you can use a spear or a sword?" asked Nicholas, as he pointed with his thumb at a group that passed them by.

"I can teach a thing or two, why is that so important for them, most of us have blessed powers wouldn't it be wiser to teach them that?" asked Lucius.

"Take too much time, we have a week and that's pushing it. So we will keep to basic military and use standard weapons, besides most of us here can use are blessed powers well enough," Nicholas answered.

"Fair enough I guess I could teach them how to use a sword," Lucius shrugged, as he quickly moved over to the group. Lucius jogged up to them "Excuse me," He called but was ignored. Darius frowned as he raised his hand and a wall of Dirt rose up. The group stopped as he found himself in the middle of attention again.

"Cool," replied one of the troops in awe,

"Now then grab a sword it time to show you boys how to do more than look good with a sword," as he pointed back at the wall they all looked to see it was layered with sword hilts. The group quickly looked back at him.

"List nice trick but I doubt those swords will be usable," One commented as he looked at the six foot tall wall of stone. Lucius chuckled as he pushed past the group,

"Don't insult mother earth, she provides those to those who ask and she is not one," HE smirked as he grabbed a hilt, "To make mistakes," he grunted thru his smile as he pulled out a long sword brandishing it as he spun around his cape flowing around him. "Rockies he muttered to himself as they dashed to the wall. Lucius turned and each pulled each pulled out a sword, "Now then gather up and find a partner I will see if I can fix what I see, begin," ordered Lucius as he folded his hands behind his back. He soon found himself correcting form rather quickly, as he worked around the clash of rock.

"Lucius you work fast," Sam admired as he looked at the group of troops, each using a weak but usable form of sword play.

"Thanks see you heal fast," Lucius recognized as he looked over at Sam's leg,

"I could say the same for you Hope gave me an overview of what happened Dr. Eyes claims you should be dead by all accounts," Sam countered with a sly smirk.

"I guess I am made of much tougher stuff," Lucius smirked as he flexed his fingers.

"Well then you know if you break a bone enough times the body learns to repair itself faster from memory," Sam responded.

"Must have gone thru hell then," Lucius commented,

"Who knows," Sam shrugged off, "Well let's get back to work we don't have time to be standing around," Sam walked back to his group.

Daean rolled to the side as he charged up a stream of lighting blasting rocks as best he could, Darius was a good ways away lifting as many rocks as he could and sent them showering back down at him. Daean dashed hard as more rocks rained down,

"Daean blast them don't just run," Instructed Hope as she frowned watching Daean run around and being pelted with small rocks; it was amusing at first but now she was just getting frustrated with lack of progress. "Stand your ground," Hope ordered as Sam shot her a glare only to get pelted by even more rocks. Cutting of his gaze Daean raised his hand over his face and started to run again,

"Slave driver," Daean muttered,

"Darius more rocks at a time," Hope instructed as she looked over at the man.

"Is this really necessary?" asked Darius who in all honesty was bored out of his mind, the small rocks where hardly any trouble at all.

"Fine then, you want something to do as well, lift up me and all are equipment and still keep the number of rocks moving," Hope ordered as she fixed her gaze on Darius. Daean stopped moving to catch his breath, "Did I say you could stop moving?" Hope growled throwing her staff at him Daean dodged it by a hairs breath. "Get moving," She ordered as Darius started to lift the bags and camping supplies. Hope looked irritated as she was suspended on an angle. After a moment of waiting she started to glare at Darius who had a bemused look on his face.

"Okay fine," he smirked as she was corrected, as he returned to focusing on Daean who was starting to pant. "You think we can give him a moment?" asked Darius, He looked over at Alicia, "We don't want to give him heat stroke," Darius advised, Hope looked up at the sun for a moment but nodded in agreement.

"Fine, get a drink and sit under the canvas tent we will start back up when I feel you have rested enough," Hope ordered as Darius raised his hand and four polls, they were stabbed into the ground and a tent cover soon stretched over them creating a decent cover from the shade.

"Man they have been standing since we got here," Daean frowned as he walked back over to the groups splashing water over his face to help cool down.

"They are mindless drones controlled by Adam, they have no free will of their own. If you watch one will leave and another takes its place he has about twice as many troops inside the building sleeping and eating before shifting the troops around. It takes lots of concentration and will limit any offences he can pull against us," Hope explained.

"Which is why he has yet to try and take back his base," Darius realized, "I found it odd he didn't counter attack," He admitted as he capped his drink.

"It is hard and pressing work and not something done without amazing strain its why he has Elleana and Mabush he can only do so much so powerful troops that follow his orders willingly are very valuable," Alicia explained.

"If that's the case why hasn't he tried to recruit others, Capturing doesn't seem a very effective way of bringing people to his side," Daean pointed out.

"Would you join an army that would one day fight against Kami, and his legions of Angels?" asked Hope as she looked over at him. Daean instantly shook his head. "Exactly," Hope finished, as she looked up at the sun.

The Sun soon set as the group got back out into the field, Daean gritted his teeth as his body started to get more bruises than it could handle and he spitefully shot a bolt at Darius.

"Shit," Swore Darius as he lost concentration as Hope and all the stuff he was levitating dropped as he deflected the bolt. The Bolt now heading for a recovering Hope no,

"Stop!" Daean shouted as he raised his hand the bolt stopped humming in mid air as Hope turned to see it about an inch from her noise.

"That will be all for today," Hope swallowed as she slowly inched away from the bolt as Darius looked at the energy bolt levitating in mid air with a large amount of curiosity.

"I don't think this should be physically possible," Daean frowned as squinted at the bolt,

"Blessed powers came from Kami himself logic has no bearing on the matter," Darius explained, "You know with this ability you could use you lighting without the fear of disrupting your shield now,"

"Let me guess more practice," frowned Daean as the bolt slowly fizzled out,

"Well yeah what did you expect, this isn't something you just magically have mastered," Darius frowned, it turned into an amused smirk as Daean deflated a bit as he tried to replicate the motion again. Hope watched the pair a satisfied smirk on her face, she hummed a slow tune to herself as she watched the sun slowly set in the west.

"Here," Said Crest as she tossed big Mama a rather large box. The Hispanic woman looked at the blond a moment as she opened the box to see dye.

"How did you get this?" asked Big Mama as she looked at the Blond a moment,

"Just something I found lying around," Chrest shrugged with an amused grin on her face, as the looked over the old jump suits.

"Somebody get Sarten I need some scissors I think it's time to finish these uniforms, Chrest nodded and shifted into water as she slipped under the door.

"So we line them up in to rows with three on each side, that way," Nicholas explained to Sam as the two were suddenly doused with water.

"Hey stop rusting my base up!" Sam shouted after the woman. The woman vanished around a corner as he looked over at Nicholas "I never thought I would say that in the middle of one of the driest area in the world," Sam admitted.

"I wonder what that was all about," Nicholas mused as he rubbed his salt and peppered chin. Sam gave a small smirk,

"Not sure but my common sense is telling me it will mean trouble if we follow," Sam responded as he got a weird look from Nicholas. "I have this nagging feeling when I ever someone is need to try something on, go shopping. You know stuff we really don't want to do," Sam explained,

"How did you get that?" asked Nicholas,

"My Superior was, bless her soul, was a very sadistic woman when it came to punishment in my own personal opinion so I got a knack for figuring out when to make myself scarce," Sam frowned, Nicholas raised a graying eyebrow as Sam quickly made himself scarce. Nicholas shrugged as he walked after Sam only to hear the Familiar rumble of Chrest down the halls again. The man sighed as he was flooded again, he watched the water vanish around the corner.

"Sarten," called Zack as he finished brandishing his sword, "Not quiet balanced enough," Zack replied as he held the blade out in front of him. Sarten frowned the man was sitting in a chair with a rather large pile of metal in front of him.

"It's a short sword it's not suppose to be balanced," Sarten replied, "Besides I think I should get the swords made first before I start fixing the old ones," Sarten motioned to the impressive pile in front of him.

"It would take two seconds and then I would be long gone," Zack replied hoping to convince the thirty something year old man to fix it. Sarten released a small breath as reached over and bent the blade.

"There now you have no sword," Sarten snarled as he handed the blade back, Zack frowned as he glared at The back of the man's head, trying to burn a hole. Zack stabbed the blade into the ground as he grabbed the sword Sarten was using and crushed it.

"Now we are short two swords," Zack growled, as he tossed it at Sarten's feet. Sarten looked down at the sword as he stood up.

"Pick it up," Sarten growled as the two glared into the others eyes,

"No," Zack answered, "Not until you fix my sword," Zack shot back,

"Pick it up, now or I swear to Kami I will give such a beating," Sarten growled as he leaned closer, Zack finally had enough as he decked Sarten,

"Keep your greasy noise out of my face!" Zack shouted as Sarten swept the man's feet out from under him. Zack hit the ground hard as Sarten leaped on top and went to punch his face when a hand clasped his wrist.

"Nicholas," The two frowned at the same time, his hands turned to rock as he lifted the two up of their feet.

"Now why are you two rolling around in the dirt like a couple of children?" Nicholas asked as the two glared at each other.

"Nicholas we need a few able bodied men to help model for the new uniforms," Chrest informed as she smiled the two men paled as Nicholas smirked,

"I got to for you right here," Nicholas smirked as he turned around showing Zack and Sarten to her.

"No I have work to do, Sam has me on special assignment, this work needs to be done," Sarten answered, as he looked down at Nickolas.

"Well then," Nickolas smiled as he seemed to thing for a moment, "Well you must be done, if you where horsing around," He smiled a big grin, "Unless you were laying down on the job, that would be interesting to see how Sam would handle that," Nicholas theorized out loud. Sarten frowned as the two were dropped. The two dusted themselves off. "You got your 'volunteers' right here," Nickolas smiled as he pushed the two woman.

"We will need you as well," Chrest smiled as she grabbed his hand as well. Nicholas faltered a bit as he could feel Zack and Sarten smiling as well at this development. "So come on," She ordered as she led the three off.

Sam frowned as he looked at the pile; Sarten was nowhere to be seen, "Soldier," Sam stopped a local grunt, "You seen Sarten?"

"I hear Chrest and Big Mama got them playing dress up in the base," The trooper Chuckled as he ran off. Sam frowned as he walked off to the base, only to find the room in question surrounded by troops

"I don't know do you think the new uniform makes my butt look big?" asked a voice as Sam pushed to the door only to blink. Sarten, Zack, Chrest, and Nicholas were all standing in a rather lose fitted cloth as Big Mama and a few other woman surrounded them with thread and needle.

"Your ass looks fine," commented Zack as Chrest tried to look behind her, Sarten looked at Sam and mouthed,

"Help," as he flinched poked with a needle. Sam gave him a sly smirk as took a small level of satisfaction. "Big Mama, can you release Sarten I kind of need him," asked Sam as he walked into the room. Big Mama looked over at him with about six needles in her mouth,

"I need a model of his body size, unless I can get someone to take his place I am going to need him for another hour or so," Big Mama responded. Sam turned around and all the men at the door took a step back.

"Well I am about the same size," Sam shrugged, as he took a step forward. "Besides wouldn't be much of a commander if I wasn't willing to follow thru on my own orders," Big Mama gave a small smirk as she nodded her head and Sarten was released. Sam shivered as soon standing next to Sam as Sarten gave Zack an evil little grin.

"Oh and Sarten," Sam spoke up in a rather bored tone, "Since I am taking your place as soon as your done with your current job, let's just say I will be expecting a long report as to why you where disobeying my earlier instructions," Sarten's smirk fell from his face not to keen on the implications for fighting with a fellow trooper.

"Well Sam, you tried to avoid it but it seems you just got drawn in anyway," Nicholas chuckled as he winced as another need was used.

"Don't remind me, and stop moving so much it just makes it easier to get poked," Sam advised,

"Not your first time huh?" asked Zack,

"My mentor was a sadistic Bitch," Sam chuckled. "And I had problems with authority so yeah been on the sticking end of needle more than once," The three men shared a hardy laugh as they braced themselves for a long wait.

"Okay everyone, line up we have been practicing this for a week now rows of ten people," Big Mama shouted at the crowed of troops. The little woman kicked one of the troop who was foolishly ignoring her loud tone. He rubbed his leg as she strut down the line making sure everyone was in line.

"Okay, so are we clear on the signals?" asked Daean, Chrest, Dr. Eyes, Nicholas and Zack.

"Okay, what I missed?" asked Lucius as he jogged over to them. The group groaned as Sam pinched the bridge of his noise. Sam waved the group as Sam Lead Lucius up to the front of the group. Sam and Lucius looked back at the large troop. They had lines up and neither could see where it ended.

"You know I have an idea, Okay lucius I need you do a very important job," Sam informed gaining a rather annoyed look for Lusius who felt like he was being treated like a kid. "Now then I am leading odd knows how many men and woman. I need you to head back about five groups to about the middle. I want you to levitate on a rather large bit of rock and relay my hand signals to the others. I don't care how you do it just make sure the information is received clearly," Sam stressed. "Now then strait up means stop, Strait to the right means face right, Left is the same two hands up is a full retreat. I will be a few spaces in front, so keep an eye on me, as well as the others wearing a deep red. Lucius blinked as he looked down at Sam. He was wearing a much more form fitting red Jumpsuit, as well as a belt made of cloth. There was and under line of metal around the shin wrist chest and shoulders. Sam pulled out a Clothe cylinder red hat to shade his eyes. His silver sniper rifle and Knife slash were present as well. Lucius turned to the small army each wherein a similar outfits only dirt brown. Each with a panted brown helmet on each head with a shield, most in the front of most groups had a spear while the rest had a short but wide sword.

"Hi Lucius," waved Alicia who was standing in the front row with her own variation of the outfit. It was much more padded, as well as a back pack as well stuffed to the brim with small metal cantina. Outside of that suit was also brown and fit her form rather well. Lucius picked out a few other men and woman dressed the same way as he looked over at Sam.

"What with the bag?" asked Lucius,

"Water, a very special water, Chrest gave us it gives the drinker a little more time so we can keep the mortality rate down," Sam answered. "Speaking of Which Dr. Eyes will be your charge you prime job outside of keeping an eye out for your friend," Sam informed Lucius nodded and giving a salute and with a slight raise of his hand the ground under him rose up as he scouted his position. Lucius got settled and after some last goodbyes between loved ones the small army left Big Mama in charge.

Darius woke up with a start, tossing of the blankets he looked over at his small folding sink, he poured a bit of water into the basin, and washed his face as he looked into the mirror his facial hair was starting to grow back a bit, quickly pulling out a tooth brush and pouring a small cup of water. Darius looked at his small booklet and marked of the day.

"One week, well we should be expecting Lucius and Sam any hour now," He frowned as he quickly got dressed. Buttoning up his trench coat and strapping on his sword he quickly checked his ammunition for his .45 pistol. Darius tossed out the used water when he stopped half way out the tent.

"Nice place you got here," said Adam, who was sitting over the fire,

"Adam," Darius frowned he looked around to see if Hope or Daean was around, "So what do I owe this displeasure?"

"Always one to voice his disgust, You never change Darius all the same I see you still have that old sword. I am surprised I was sure that was just a metal prop I was sure it would have broke by now," Adam smirked.

"You would be surprised what a little mental reinforcement can do, But I doubt you are here to talk, if you are even her to begin with," Darius frowned.

"Strait to the point just like Michael, sadly you lack your mentor's tact," Adam frowned,

"You have little right to use his name he is a great man despite the limitations put on him. Limitations you seem to be utilizing all the same," Darius frowned,

"You can blame your superiors, not my fault they don't trust blessed individuals. All the same I doubt you are going to listen to me," Adam shrugged as he picked up a bowl to stir last night's dinner. He frowned disgusted at the food,

"I don't really care to tell you the truth I have a mission, and it's to kill you traitor," Darius frowned,

"Well you temper is under control but I feel I have now taken Phylor's place. Would you be surprised to know I am in a similar situation as him," Adam admitted, as he watched the soup slide back into the bowl of the spoon.

"Why someone controlling you with a little devise as well," Darius mocked,

"Hardly," Adam chuckled. "I was one of the best, as you know. With computer, that is my blessing, I happened along some information, it turns out Blessed individuals were implemented in the Angels already," Adam looked up Darius didn't respond. "Seems you already knew, yeah the Arch Angel apparently exist, sadly the Angel serum can't control the," Adam explained,

"Not interested I, The serum is hardly something either of us could understand," Darius frowned, "Trying to explain it is like trying to explain Kami, it's just not possible," Adam sighed as he nodded his head.

"Perhaps all the same, we pissed of the wrong person and when they learned of Michael, they couldn't have someone like him without a, how we say leash?" Adam answered, "They began to worry they decided no blessed, cut my trip short and last I heard they were downsizing the Angels and started to work on robots as more effective means of control. It seems that Kami is losing faith in us humans or isn't in control to begin with," Adam shrugged.

"I doubt that the god works in ways we could never understand," Darius responded,

"Ever the faithful I see, well this conversation is pointless getting you to join was too much to hope for I see," Adam frowned, "Well one way or the other I suppose you will die it matters not I guess,"

"That's sad it took that long to realize," Darius frowned, "Michael, preached loyalty above all things so long as the MRF exists I will be a soldier. Anything less I would become a hypocrite," Darius replied.

"So you will follow your honor until you die then?" asked Adam Darius nodded. "Then it seems I have no reason to be here," Adam shrugged as he set the bowl down. Darius stopped the man's feet,

"I wouldn't be much of a soldier if I just let you go," Darius smirked devilishly,

"What happened to your honor?" asked Adam with a slight frown,

"I see no what flag," Darius implied Adam frowned realizing he had gained no grantee of any kind for a safe leave.

"Well that's what I get for trying to be a bad ass," Adam shrugged, as he swated the bowl at Darius, he held up his Hand to stop it.

"You can put the gun away as well," Darius replied as Adam realized Darius had his pistol floating in front of him the sights lined up perfectly. Adam frowned, "It seems we have company," Darius pointed out as Adam turned around expecting Hope or Daean. What he got instead was a large group of marching soldiers. Adam opened his mouth to speak as the sound of marching boots started to echo. A few miles back as the Dead Land Reservation army marched like a well oiled machine, Darius walked next to Adam a smile on his face as Lucius waved at him, he spotted the others when Alicia gace him a rather lose salute and Darius returned it.

"You have just dug your grave," Adam snarled as he looked over at Darius, "But I am not out of plays yet," Adam frowned as the proxy dropped to the ground.

Hope appeared next to Darius as she gave a small lip curl, "It never gets old watching him run away like a coward.

"Would he ever succeed even if we weren't here?" asked Daiurs,

"Nobody has," Hope answered, "besides why would you attack or even want Kami to win?" asked Hope,

"Well I have people I care about, but like I said my loyalty is to the MRF, I never said anything about the Angels," Darius smiled back.

"We shall see," Hope frowned as she walked back to the camp,

"I wonder how Daean is going to take this after all he is the leader," Darius smirked shrugging of what Hope had to say.

"You have got to be kidding me," Daean muttered as he dropped his water to the ground, "This getting out of hand I never thought this would happen even in my wildest of dreams," Daean awed at the sight started to wonder what he had gotten himself into. "If my father could see me now,"

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