The Blessed

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Chapter 27

Darius shielded his face as an explosion kicked up dirt and rock banging into his metal helmet. Giving it a slight tap he dashed forward as he pressed the cylinder on the back of his belt. He quickly slashed at the neck of a fallen Angel not bothering to watch as the body dropped to the floor. Zack was not too far behind him as he decked one of the Fallen Angels Darius had missed crushing the helmet in with a solid punch. Darius reached out with his mind, Daean wasn't too far away and was making his way to the wall. Darius switched off as he motioned for Zack and Nicholas hold position,

"Well this different," Zack frowned as he pulled his shield up to block a sword aimed at his heart. He pulled out the sword from his shield and stabbed into the visor as more of the troops started to gather at the base of the wall. "Sam how are we doing?" asked Zack as he pulled out a rather blocky radio communicator.

"Not bad so far no major losses things are going rather well," Sam fizzled over the communicator. "Daean is making short work on his side keep up the good work, over," Sam finished. Darius smirked satisfied.

"Okay we need to start scaling these walls and start clearing the area, give me about ten feet and I will bring the wall down," Darius ordered everyone nodded. Nicholas took point as the other army men opened up a small belt the flap fell down to show a rope tied around two hooks to keep it from getting tangled. Darius quickly grabbed each with his mind and tossed them up as Nicholas held out his arm. Darius leaped up and the man tossed him up onto the wall. Darius land and extending both hands strait to both side blasted everything out of the area. Zack got up as the rest quickly cleared the area. Closing his eyes for a flash the metal started to crumple down to the ground. The groin was terrible as a few shielded their eyes as the wall opened like a can of spam. As it finally crumbled down the troops rushed into the whole in the wall. Nicholas as well as a few others climbed up next to Darius each giving a nod as Darius dashed down along the wall. Darius looked to the side the troops were pouring in as best they could, however the shield here taking a pounding. Suddenly a whistle started to erupt in the air.

"Shit rocket launchers," Nickolas frowned, when suddenly a wall of dirt created a make shift wall. "Looks like Lucius has made his move. Let's shut down the eyes of this operation," Nicholas smirked as he eyed the generator building.

Daean frowned as he blasted a charge of electricity, five Fallen Angels dropped before his lighting arced to one of the lightning rods. He slapped the cylinder and fired of a few rounds with his revolver before putting the shield back up. Daean looked over to see the wall crumble,

"Start to break down those lighting rods," Daean ordered and much to his own surprise the troops complied and started to target the lightning rods. Daean quickly went for the metal whole as he turned the corner his shield took the impact of a rocket. "I think I just saw my life flash before my eyes," Daean swallowed. Lucius waved at him as a wall grew up creating some over, Daean took a deep breath and charged the wall diving behind it, he was quickly followed as a few other soldiers where crouched down as well. Daean closed his eyes as a diagonal bolt appeared din each eye, taking a deep breath a single bolt of lightning manifested itself above his shield. The bolt flew at the group only to be re directed.

"Wow, you would think after having your lighting re directed once you get the idea it doesn't work," Laughed Mabush. Daean smirked as all the other troops dropped to the ground, Daean leaped over the wall to face the giant. "You did that on purpose, didn't you?" asked Mabush.

"Just proving a point," Daean smirked,

"Well you're not the only one who learned a trick or two, besides you still can't hurt me," Mabush paused a moment. Daean charged the man as Mabush opened fire, the bullets deflected of the shield as he summoned up more electricity behind the big man. The bold blasted into his back as Daean, Daean Drew his rapier swing at the man's helmet the blade grazed but the electricity connected all the same. Mabush shielded his face quickly back pedaling. As he summoned up a long Hammer swinging it to bind some time, Daean weaved under it grabbing his arm as he sent a charge into his body.

"How?" asked Mabush as he threw Daean of his arm, holding it in as the electricity dispersed. Mabush shook his hand hopping to ward of the numbness.

"I can see and control currents, as long as I am touching you your battery failsafe is useless," Daean thought to himself.

"However you are doing this I won't be letting you keep it up, suddenly a mass of blades started to poke out of the armor and they all started to spin like the bottom of a blender. Daean's eyes widened as Mabush suddenly charged at him.

"If that hits I am a dead man," Daean frowned as he quickly retreated, Daean jumped back over the rock wall. "Scatter," Daean ordered as Mabush busted thru the wall still chasing after Daean. Daean dashed around the corner as he skidded to the side he pushed against the ground to keep himself moving. Quickly slashing a clearing for himself he started to wonder how the hell he was suppose to kill the walking, spinning death trap of a man.

Alicia was keeping her head down as she quickly splashed more water onto a wound, the water pooled a bit keeping the blood in and calmed the injured man down. Suddenly the sound of rockets exploding drew her attention back up. Not too long after the army suddenly spilt as Daean ran like a bat out of hell with Mabush running behind him.

"Alicia use the staff!" shouted Hope, Alicia looked at her in confusion as she twisted it out she turned to ask but Hope was gone again.

"And she wonders why we don't trust her half the time she never explains herself," Alicia frowned when she took a closer look at Mabush. The armor was spinning Alicia quickly put two and two together and took off to help.

Daean frowned as he took out another foot soldier, Mabush figured out if he could touch he couldn't control his current well enough to get around the battery. Daean felt his neck hurt having kept looking behind him and in front when he suddenly saw Alicia running strait at him. "What are you doing?"

"Haha, you woman has more guts than you," Mabaush crackled, as Alicia swung out a metal staff and with a solid motion stuff one into the ground and the other into the giant man's gut. Daean spun around grabbed the pole and Blasted lighting into the man's armor.

Daean pulled the Staff back as he swung his rapier stabbing at the helmet. "What are you doing here?" shouted Daean as he glared at Mabush. Concentrating more electricity the sword started to brighten. Mabush back of not wanting to make any more blows,

"Saving your life," Alicia growled back, "A little appreciation wouldn't hurt!"

"Appreciation you risked you life, I thought you were given the medic job to keep you out of trouble, not dash into the middle off it," Daean frowned as he ducked under a Hammer. He lowered his shield for a split second and unloaded a few rounds at Mabush. The man turned away to avoid them as the electricity arched hitting the man in the side.

"I can take care of myself not that you stuck around to talk let alone notice," Alicia frowned still a little swore about being so quickly ignored. Daean rolled his eyes when he pushed her out of the way of a fire ball. Daean dispersed a blast at his and Elleana swerved to dodge the lighting strike. Daean allowed a small smirk she wasn't prepared to take a hit for his attacks. Reactivating his eyes he dropped his Blade and both hands light up.

"Putting a lot of faith in your power, do you really think you can hold your own against a former druid?" Elleana frowned under her visor.

"No, not that arrogant I am however an excellent distraction," Daean smiled, as the metal wall's suddenly explode. The attention was turned for a moment as the outer wall light up like a fireworks display. The outer wall started to bend outward as the attackers roar in victory as the clash of steel irrupted almost as quickly as it erupted. The sound of the battle was drowned out again as blast of lighting shinned over the group. "All I need to do is survive," Daean frowned as he raised both hands and blasted at the woman. Mabush frowned,

"Your fight is with me little boy!" shouted Mabush, Daean rolled out of the swing. Grabbing at the man's leg with his right he sent a stream of electricity Mabush roared but didn't slow as his hammer came down. Daean rolled to the side as quickly as possible. Alicia trust her staff into the Head allowing Darius to get back to his feet. Mabush grabbed the staff Hope pulled back easily reclaiming her weapon. She spun it extinguishing the blasts of fire as Daean leaped onto Mabush's back sending a course of lighting into the man's body. Elleana hover when a spear plunged into her armor,

"Don't forget, you got an army to deal with!" Sarten shouted, as he bent over making a make shift diamond shield and tossed it to Daean. Mabush went to grab it as Sarten used his second spear to stave off Elleana.

Alicia swatted back Mabush as he revved up his armor, "I have tolerated you long enough," Mabush growled, Daean grabbed the shield and quickly slammed into his side as electricity ripped into the shield and into Mabush.

"Let's see how much you can tolerate!" Daean shouted as Alicia grabbed Daean's rapier,

"Daean!" Alicia shouted tossing him his blade. Daean guided the weapon with electricity as he stabbed at Mabush's visor. Mabush grabbed the weapon as even more electricity tore into his body

"DIE!" Mabush shouted as he forced his body to grab Daean by the neck, the armor shifted rabidly as the currents coursed into it as the man's helmet elevated up and down revealing a blond buzz cut and a square cleft chin.

"Eat Lighting!" Daean shouted as he punched using his shield, Mabush dropped Daean as a bolt like scare rippled into the side of his face. Mabush fell to his knees, as Daean poised his blade at the man's neck.

"I wouldn't," announced Elleana as she tossed Sarten to the ground he rolled away as she light a fire close to him. "He dies, your comrade dies," Elleana frowned as a ring of fire erupted around them to prevent anymore interference. Daean looked down to see her armor stained with a bit of blood, Sarten had some minor burns and cuts but nothing life treating. Daean raised his blade but kept his shield arm at the ready.

"Fine we move right I'll move left," Daean offered,

"Better idea both of you can die!" Mabush shouted as he to blades extended to kill the two young adults. Elleana moved her hand and blasted him back with a blast of fire, Daean froze as he stared at the woman.

"Why?" asked Daean as he looked back at Mabush, Then back at her she wlaked in between the two.

"A life for a life you spared his so I saved yours," Elleana frowned, "Once you leave this ring it's for your life again," when Lucius dropped down into the circle. Luicus stomped to her as he raised hi blade when Daean grabbed his arm.

"I must deal with her personally," Lucius snapped under his helmet,

"We agreed as long as we are in this ring she won't attack, give her the same respect, we need to get Sarten to Dr. Eyes," Daean nodded to the down man. Lucius looked back to see Hope applying some of Chrest's water. Lucius pulled his arm loss as he levitated the ground beneath them with the flame. Elleana walked out of the battle field as Helicopters started to echo in the air, as she waved one down with her fire.

Darius frowned, "Form up grab the rocket launchers start defending the wall and get some cover!" Darius ordered. As troops started to grab the ordered weapons,

"Sir we have turrets in the back area," informed Zack as he nodded to the Back Darius called the equipment up and the guns, set them up. Darius than started to make bits of the wall to create make shift cover.

"Spread out and start making a perimeter," Dairus ordered as he drew his Pistol quickly gunning down a Fallen Angel that turned around the wrong corner. Darius pulled out his communicator, "Sam what's the area look like, over,"

"We got those damn rocks out of the way and the inside of the base is been cleaned up Nicholas just finished the last off. Are main base is fine and we should be able to hold the base for at least a week if need be, over" Sam.

"Good Get back to me we need to do a head count and see how many we lost," Dairus ordered,

"No less than 130, over," Sam answered over the comm. "And you should be seeing are good friend Daean in a few seconds, over and out," Sam finished.

"Daean reporting," Huffed Daean, as he gave a lazy salute, Lucius walked past the two as he looked around for Dr. Eyes. The Choppers hover a moment, as Elleana pressed something on the chin of her helmet.

"Wait hold on," Elleana leaned over to talk to,

"We are called Dead Land reservation army!" Darius corrected,

"Oh, well then Dead Land reservation army!" Elleana corrected, "We have your base surrounded, you will surrender or," Elleana started,

"I had enough open fire!" ordered Mabush as the turrets started spinning on the choppers, were drowned out as the turrets opened up Darius raised his hand, As scraps or rock and metal prevented Darius and the others from meeting an untimely death. Darius flexed his fingers and the rock and metal flew at the choppers. Phylor pushed pasted Elleana and the projectiles were stopped in mid air as Darius frowned in frustration. The choppers moved to get a better shot as Daean and the other quickly dashed to find cover near the walls.

"This is insane," Alicia frown, "where is Hope and Sam at?" asked Alicia as she looked around trying to find the other.

"There he is," frowned Daean as he pointed out Sam how was sprinting on the walls. "What is that Idiot doing?" Daean questioned as he looked over at Alicia she shrugged.

"This is going to be the end of my story," Sam muttered as Leaped up at Helicopter, taking out his plasma knife he slashed into the windshield. The glass broke as Sam rolled in, slicing both of the pilots at the neck. Blood poured out as Elleana panicked, Hope appeared behind the woman grabbing her by the arm and shoulder tossing her out of the opened window as Sam tossed a C4 pack under one of the seats, Mabush turned swinging with his Hammer. Sam slid under the swing before stopping on his back kicking him with both feet out of the chopper. Phylor turned back Slamming Sam out as the chopper was slammed with metal and rock. Sam twisted as he flew grabbing onto the second of near fifteen choppers planting a C4 charged on the bottom. Hope grabbed him in mid drop and the two reappeared on the ground. Hope gave a light smirk under her hood as she set the explosives off with the click of a button. Phylor Jumped out at the last second as the Helicopter started to blow simultaneously up at the same time.

"Get the stragglers, Phylor is mine!" ordered Darius, "Charge!" Darius dashed drawing his blade as he quickly appeared in front of Phylor. The Fallen Angel drew his own, the two blades clashed as a shadow appeared over them Darius kicked Back as Mabush landed swinging at him, Sam Dashed to his Side Grabbing his wrist and slammed Mabush to the ground with a quick grabble. Phylor blasted Sam with a blast of psychic energy; Sam folded his arms in as Elleana shot a blast of fire after him. Lucius stopped in as a giant shield rolled up from the dirt, as big a house, the flames parted around as the edges turned red. The Flames cut of as Mabush busted threw the shield as he crossed both arms in front and Charged Lucius. Lucius crouched drawing a sword form the planet, as the Hammer and Blade clashed. Phylor reached out blasting Lucius of his feet, Sam Ducked under as his plasma blade glowed green reflecting on his faced as he leaped slashing at Mabush's Neck. The man swatted Sam to the ground as Daean Bolted him in the chest bring the man to his knees. Sam kept rolling as Blasts of fire rained at him, Hope Grabbed his uniform and the two vanished from sight again as Lucius raised the ground and Bashed it into Mabush.

"Why is very one picking on me?" Mabush shouted as he lifted a large out of the waist high dirt.

"What can I say you're a big Target," Daean chuckled,

"I am big boned!" Mabush roared, as he lifted himself up and tossed a hammer at Daean, Darius redirected it at Elleana, she leaped back as Mabush charged Daean arched his shield,

"Mind the ribs," Sam frowned as he watched Mabush get blasted of his feet by Darius,

"Hold still, I can't believe you are in one piece to be honest, what were you thinking?" asked Alicia as she unscrewed a bottle of water.

Phylor blasted everyone back, as Daean rolled onto the dirt as everyone faced off, the group soon hear a helicopter. Daean chanced a look to see a twin bladed chopper raise over the area,

Mabush looked around the Fallen Angels were down to three, "This is not good, this is the third base we lost we can't afford to keep this up," Mabush growled at Elleana.

"Stop glaring at me," Elleana snapped,

"Why not I could have killed the two brats, and you stopped me, You have kept our enemies a live better than any of their allies," Mabush accused. "Why you haven't been turned into another Phylor yet is beyond me," Mabush frowned.

"Maybe because he wants someone with more than a half a brain around, besides I am the only person keeping any sense morality alive in this group," Elleana frowned. Daean got to his feet waiting for someone to take lead. Darius waved him down for now he was more concerned with the chopper than the arguing enemies.

"Your morality is going to get us all killed," Mabush argued back as he rolled his shoulder, still feeling the effects of Daean blasts.

"Anyone else feel like we are being ignored?" asked Sam as he walked over to the others, "Honestly it no wonder we have had so little trouble they hardly get a long at all," Sam realized.

"That doesn't make them any less Dangerous," Darius frowned as he waited for Phylor to make a move. After the chopper hovered over them a moment," Everyone, keep your guard up but don't shot at the helicopter unless it fires if they want to retreat let them," Darius ordered as a small latter dropped down. Mabush climbed on as the other two flew into the opened side door. Adam stood there glaring down at the group. As Mabush climbed in,

"Head to the nearest base and evacuate it," Adam ordered, as he motioned for the pilot,

"Why?" asked Mabush,

"This time, neither your honor," Adam pointed to Elleana, "You hard headiness," He pointed to Mabush, "or Your past life," He pointed at Phylor, "Will prevent this after I am done there will be a bomb that will level the base and everyone in it," Adam growled. "From now on all of you will be stationed at troy, I will have no more mishaps cause of you three," Adam growled.

"Going to separate us as well?" asked Elleana waving her hand as she walked over to her seat.

"Sure why not, I have enough trouble working this army and each of you will be given a job, if you fail you will be killed I have no need for you if you can't perform even a simple a task as these next ones," Adam promised as the Chopper moved off to the next base.

The group waited for the transport to vanish as the group quickly scattered, Nicholas approached Daean rather quickly.

"Since this was our first successful outing I was wondering if me and a few boys could gather up some drink and celebrate," asked Nicholas. Daean shrugged,

"Um if you believe so, if you can get enough to headcounters I think it wouldn't hurt to celebrate a job well done," Daean shrugged not seeing the harm in such an activity. Zack gave a celebratory arm pump.

"Fantastic!" Zack shouted, "We found more than enough gem, in the base to pay for enough drink to get everyone wasted," Zack smiled, Daean frowned a bit not so sure he should have allowed the idea anymore. Zack Dashed of waving Nicholas to run as well, Darius walked over and patted him on the back.

"I hope you realize what you have done right?" Darius frowned a bit,

"Yeah, kinda regretting that now, but I already said yes," Daean frowned as he crossed his arms.

"Oh well, I think it's time to start stripping the area down, Sam is looking for some transportation in the area. If you need me call I have something I got to go and see before we leave," Darius explained. He patted Daean on the shoulder before disappearing into the crowed of soldiers. Daean looked around for a familiar face, when he noticed Lucius standing on the bent up wall still staring at the sky. Daean quickly looked for a way up when he noticed a bent but usable latter.

Daean walked up next to the knight, glancing down he saw Sam pull up in a rather large dump truck. Sam waved them on as the small army started to pile in metal, as a few others were directed to the other trucks.

"Seems you've gotten stronger," Lucius admitted, "Not many can survive an encounter with a druid knight fallen or otherwise," Lucius admitted in a rather cold voice.

"She was holding back, to be frank I don't think her heart is in what see is doing," Daean admitted.

"She likes to draw things out," Lucius shrugged,

"She burned wave city trying to kill Darius the first time the meet," Daean replied.

"Leaving a good half a thousand people dead, burned, or injured. That's not something a person does, accident or otherwise she me must be dealt with," Lucius argued. "She, she is fated to be killed by one of her friends. I never thought I would see a time when I would have to," Lucius frowned as he looked down at his boots.

"What do you mean?" asked Daean as Lucius explained a bit of Druid tradition, and the seer's thought of the future. "Seems silly to me," Daean frowned,

"She has yet to be wrong," Lucius admitted, as he turned to face Daean. The young man shrugged a bit,

"Just by telling someone the future it changes the ideas and decisions of the person. Perhaps by being informed she choice her path, or in a sense decided yours. You have no way of knowing what to expect I do know this. She could have flash fried me or Hope and we would have been killed. She spared Sarten, kept Darius alive and is one of the major reasons so many broke out successfully, these don't seem like the work of a would be dictator. This sounds like a person who believes they are doing the right thing. She seems trapped and with you here who knows how she feels," Daean explained. Lucius looked at Daean a moment, He opened his mouth and closed it not sure how to respond or if he even wanted to.

"I will think on this, she said she would be killed by a friend, she never said how or when," Lucius realized as he looked at his helmet. Daean gave a small smirk and walked off,

"Daean get your ass down here and help, we can't do all the work on our own," Hope shouted, as Daean frowned.

"Slave driver," he complained as he slid down the latter. Lucius frowned watching Daean vanish into the crowed. He turned back as he looked back at the sky as he reached into his armor and pulled out a blue rock shaped in peace sign.

Darius walked down the long hallway, each step seemed to take him backwards as he reentered the room he had discovered Michael in. Walking in and studying the walls, and saw nothing of any value until he noticed a small computer. Walking up to it he flipped it on and quickly copied the pass number and coordinates for the next base. Quickly scrolling thru he found some information, and a small video.

"Michael voice log number 124. The newly minted troy, has been crafted thanks an unknown benefactor and seemingly brain dead blessed. With the new wall, we crafted a laser system it took massive work but it will fry anything that moves into range. As of now the small cave is now the only way in or out. We have a special password system for any aircraft in the area as well. We set up a password at each base in case someone forgets when gain more members. I advise against it but since one way is the only safe way in I guess it has some merit. Voice log end," The voice of Michael droned over the computer.

"Good thing I never wandered around looking for it then," Darius frowned a bit as he turned to see a carving in the small bowl Michael had been in. It was a small carving on the floor in the shape of a tombstone. "Here lies Michael Sherman a proud soldier of the MRF," Darius read. Pulling out his sword he stabbed under it and lowered himself to one knee. "I understand," Darius murmured to himself as he reached out with his finger to add to the memorial. Darius stood up and walked out of the room.

Darius turned back one last time as he saw Michael wave at him still in His MRF outfit. He blinked and the man was gone but he couldn't help but smile as the door closed behind him.

The Elevator slide open as Darius looked around the sound of a dozen trucks roared in his ear as he noticed the base had been stripped of most of its metal. A few building only had the cement remains of its foundation. The outer walls and the main tower hover remained intact he looked over to see a few of the trucks had farming equipment, food motor parts as well as a large amount of MRF transport trucks as well.

"Where you been?" asked Alicia as she jogged over to him, "We got a jeep up front Hope wants you to ride with her, me, and Daean,"

"Lead the way, man they work fast," Darius relized,

"We only got what we could carry in the trunks without forcing people to walk," Alicia explained when they were suddenly honked at.

"Move it grandma!" shouted Zack with a playful smile on his face, Alicia stuck her tongue out at him, "Oh yeah real mature!" Zack shouted back as he rolled up the driver seat window.

"Take it easy let's get moving before he starts cat calling," Darius chuckled as he leaped up into he into the back of the Jeep. He looked in the shotgun to see Sarten laying back panting like a dog.

"What happened to him?" asked Alicia as she poked his face,

"I pushed him a little too hard," Sam shrugged as he started up the jeep, when Nicholas Drove up in an old truck, the back filled with bottles.

"Is that beer?" asked Sarten as he perked right up, Sam rolled his eyes as he frowned at the beverage.

"You got to be kidding me who allowed that drink of all things, this is a military operation not a frat party," Sam complained as he slammed his head on the steering wheel.

"Oh relax we won are first real fight let us drink and be marry," Sarten smiled,

"Sorry Sam," Daean apologized, as he twirled his thumbs in the back seat, Sam glared at him for a moment as the jeep revved up and everyone started forward.

"So can anyone give me a run down on our supplies?" asked Darius as Hope passed him a note pad. The group hit a bump as some of the papers tried to scatter. Darius struggled to re clip them,

"That's a lot of stuff," Daean commented, as he looked over Darius's shoulder to inspect the equipment.

"Well are worries are over we got more than enough ammo now to start using long range weapons," Darius smiled, Sam nodded.

"Let's just hope that little fact we get me thru the night," Sam muttered as he glared at Nicholas in his rearview mirror.

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