The Blessed

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Chapter 28

The base was bouncing as Daean shot some electricity into the radio, the music roared to life as everyone shouted,

"Party Time!" as Zack started opening the boxes with a crowbar, and passing out drinks to the vying hands. Darius gave a small smirk as he pushed the tables out of the way to make room for the growing number of dancers. Daean smirked as he raised his hand above his head and the room filled with electricity dancing on the ceiling. Big Mama hopped over the counter and started to organizing the drinks as quickly as she could, before the drinks were slid down the table. Darius and Lucius clashed glasses,

"To old friends," Darius shouted,

"New Allies!" Shouted Daean,

"And the hope for a better future!" Lucius and the rest of the crowed finished as everyone started to down their drink. Sam was sitting at the end of the make shift bar table as he played with his ice. Sam gave a mild smirk when Daean was approached.

"Daean come and Dance with me," smiled Chrest as she grabbed his hand,

"No thanks I can't dance," Daean answered Honestly, Chrest paused a moment as she looked over her shoulder.

"Neither can half the other people here," Chrest smiled as she successfully pulled him of the stool. Lucius slammed his empty drank down as he got up as well. The song changed as he started to disco on the floor with a goofy 'I know I look like a fool' grin on his face as he pulled of some over exaggerated dance moves.

"GO, GO, GO," Chanted the crowed as they started to clap in rhythm, as Lucius started to moon walk. Darius grinned as he started to levitate him up as the shouts got louder, and in a blink the cape was hanging from the ceiling as people started to flout up and dance upside down. Alicia frowned a bit as her hair dangled as she stole Chrest's Dance partner.

"So did you ever think we would be dancing on the ceiling of a military base?" asked Alicia as she spun around.

"Honestly I gave up thinking a long time ago after last couple of things that I have been thru, now I just roll with it," Daean chuckled.

"Well at least we got something to keep us occupied," Alicia laughed.

"Hey Sarten," Zack tapped the older man on the shoulder, As Sarten turned away from the red head he was dancing with.

"Yeah?" Saten snapped not happy he was being interrupted,

"I got an idea," Zack smiled, Sarten raised an eyebrow, "Don't give me that look come on, it will only take a moment. Zack gave a wave of his hand as Darius slowly put him back down on the ground. Big Mama nudged Sam,

"Could you do me a favor and collect some of the glasses?" asked Big Mama, Sam shrugged as he got up watching Zack and Sarten vanish.

"Nick, Nick, Nick," The group chanted as the fifty something started spinning on his back, before rotating back to his head. Lucius grabbed alevitating drink below him as he tired to bust a move as well only to fall on his face.

"Ouch," Daean laughed, as the crowed looked down to see Darius stand up and the next ong start, he started swinging his legs as he bent his hat down and opened up his jacket, the ladies screams as he slowly levitated up with the rest of the party. Sam looked up at them and rolled his eyes as he set the drinks down and walked out.

"So is this standard for the MRF to throw a party after every victory?" asked Big Mama, with a sly grin on her face as Darius sat back down the party slowly returned to the floor as he looked up to see Sarten and Zack messing with some string on the upper walk way.

"Hardly," Darius smiled as he grabbed a small glass, Big Mama poured another glass tossing it down the bar, as it was caught.

"Pity if that where the case I would have headed to the America's a lot sooner," Big Mama joked,

"Not much different only a lot greener," Darius smiled, as he watched a silver mirrored ball slide down and stop over the dance floor.

"Okay light it up!" shouted Zack as Sarten plugged in the power cord and on started up s good dozen lights. The over head lights started to dim down as Darius looked over to See Lucius slowly turning the lights down.

Hope entered the room walking past Lucius who quickly clapped along with the crowed as the group started to move around again. Hope Sat down next to Darius who was patting his brow with a small towel.

"You have gotten stronger," Hope acknowledged, as she sat down catching a sliding drink without taking her eyes off Darius.

"Glad you noticed," he gave a weak smile, as he started to nurse his second drink. "What do you think?" asked Darius as he looked over at the hooded woman.

"About?" she replied, Darius hesitated getting a feeling she didn't really want to talk but she did sit right next to him.

"Well everything the army we raised the people we have gathered, are we on track are we behind schedule?" Darius shrugged, "You fell comfortable with our odds, I mean what of all this?" he asked raising his voice as he spun in the chair. He raised his hands to the partiers behind him, "I mean did we ever do something like this?"

"To be honest," Hope frowned, "No, and yes we have armies back us up but it has done little good in the past, After everything I have come to a conclusion that it is a mindset not so much a numbers or power," Hope replied, as she took a large gulp down.

"What kind of mind set?" asked Darius, Hope shrugged,

"If I knew the answer to that we would not be speaking," Hope replied, as she spun around resting her arms on the bar table. She watched Alicia and Daean dance to the beat of the music and color flurried around them and the crowed.

"What did I do?" she wondered to herself as she focused in on Daean the young adult a grin on his face despite everything.

"You okay?"asked Darius as he watched the woman space out for a moment.

"Yeah just wondering is all, you know something this time I decided to just wing it a lot of my decisions are based on past events but it seems so familiar and so foreign at the same time," Hope frowned.

"What do you mean?" asked Darius having picked up a bit but wasn't entirely sure.

"Before I traveled thru time, I went thru a lot with this group, and I heard a lot more. However this feels a lot like the first adventure before I was twisted by all this time travel. But it feels so different from any attempt before," Hope mused.

"Maybe you are starting to find your namesake," Darius smiled, Hope spun back in her chair and finished her drink.

"I very much doubt that," She finished as she got up and walked away. Darius smirked a bit, as he motioned of Lucius.

"What's up?" Lucius asked as he slated a bit before striating up,

"Um never mind, how you sober up and we talk in the morning," Darius frowned as he noticed the glazed look in the knight's eye. Lucius shrugged, "All the same were in the world is Sam at?" Darius wondered out loud.

Sam frowned a bit as he walked out onto the outer wall; He pulled out an old wooden Hair brush and sat down next to it. As he looked up and tried to find the big dipper.

"So what are you doing out here?" asked Christina, as she walked over to Sam,

"I not a big party person to be honest," Sam answered, "Not a big crowed person, or people for that matter," Chuckling a bit as he looked up at her. "You can sit down if you want," Sam offered as he moved the brush and patted the metal next to him. Christina shrugged and Sat down bending her legs to her right side.

"So you really a doctor?" asked Sam a mock smile on face, he woman shook her head as she looked down. "Don't want to talk about it that's fine with me," Sam shrugged.

"It's not that's it's," She paused as she heard a smash,

"Easy on the glasses!" shouted Big Mama, as the two glanced back, "You break another I break you!"

"Like I said, I never got a degree, to be honest I don't deserve to be called a doctor just a nickname that was given to me and it just stuck," Christina frowned,

"Well earned all the same saved a lot of lives today, that has to be worth something," Sam shrugged giving her a pat on the back. Sam sat there as the woman began explaining her life's story,

"So after that my father taught me everything he knew about medicine," She finished with a deep sigh.

"So your father was from Eden, funny never heard of the man before," Sam frowned a bit,

"You've been to Eden," Christina realized, a little stunned, Sam nodded not really thinking much of it.

"Oh yeah I was born there I was one of the few that had parent enter into Eden being born on the outside, so when I found my way out of the walls I took to it rather well and I got my blessing," Sam shrugged a bit.

"Still I can't believe they would kick your mom out on such a petty offence, as robbery," Sam frowned,

"Well they claimed she was a spy, and my father didn't believe it and went after her, turns out she was, and he paid for it with his health and got strapped with me," She frowned.

"Still want to meet her?" asked Sam, Christina shook her head now as Sam turned back. "Well it looks like things are finally calming down a bit,"

"So it seems," Christina echoed as the two ventured back inside the group over all was thinning now a lot people red faced, either from the drink or dancing on the ceiling he did no, the radio finally closed off, and Sam walked up to the upper room and flipped of the colored lights.

"Well thanks for talking," Sam shook her hand,

"Thanks for listening," Christina replied "Well best be of to be tomorrow is not going to be fun,"

"That's what you think," Sam smiled evilly as he walked away picking up the radio as he went, "Time to show what happens when you drink too much on a military base," Sam smirked to himself.

Daean sat up with a start his head hitting the top poll keeping his ten up as the sound of a trumpet roared to life. The poll fell with the rest of the tent as Daean scrambled out. Daean hopped putting on his pants and quickly stripped of his white t-shirt he usually slept. Daean stopped a moment to button up his red Jacket as he looked over to see Zack hopping as well only to fall on his face.

"Got no coordination?" Daean laughed as the trumpet stopped before repeating the call again. Zack shot him a dirty look as he quickly pulled up his pants. Everyone fumbled into line as they looked over to see Sam finish of his last note.

"Good morning everyone," Sam chuckled a mocking smile on his face as the rest of the group yawned. "Well I decided to keep up over all shape we will start up with a nice brisk jog, since last night was so long. I figure, a short one is in order today," Sam nodded. Daean almost felt the dread creeping up on the group."So we shall start off with a nice short five mile jog," Sam ordered. Nobody moved as Daean felt his jaw go slack. "Well what are you standing around for get moving I will have Hope Teleport a mile out? That way if you want to live, you better start moving," Sam frowned nobody took to that idea as Daean groaned as he started running.

Not long in Daean started to stumble as he placed a hand on the outer wall to steady himself. He placed a hand on his ribs normally he could do this but with his bounding head and late night parting he wasn't up to it today.

"What's a matter Daean?" asked Darius, the man shared Sam's mock smile.

"Oh nothing just choking on a lung," Daean countered waving it off,

"Hey they got water waiting for us next time around," Darius informed, as he gave the rest of his to Daean. The teen caught and downed it, as he took a deep breath as he started to run next to Darius.

"Hey something has been bugging me," Daean frowned,

"Oh, Um well these feeling for woman are completely natural," Darius answered a mock smile on his face. Daean gave a small shove, shaking his head,

"Not that you remember when we left back to the camp after well you know," Daean looked away, Darius patted him on the back for support.

"Yeah I remember you want to know more about the man in black, right?" asked Darius recalling the fight himself.

"Yeah who or what was that?" asked Daean,

"I am surprised you didn't ask me about him sooner to be honest, but we have been a little busy," Darius realized looking back at everything as well as his own disappearance from the group for a time.

"Let's see, here well to be honest there is no name for it, Kami never really explained it to anyone but we, those who believe have a noticed a connection. It had popped up not thirty years after Kami took over," Darius explained as he looked over at Daean.

"Some say he is the Devil to Kami, it wouldn't be too hard to believe all that thing does is kill, and is held responsible for the death of many who actively speak out against Kami. However those who don't believe think it is just a monster Kami uses to kill those who fight against him," Darius replied.

"What do you believe?" asked Daean, Daean opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted.

"Come on you two we got a time limit," Nicholas growled as he urged the two men to run faster.

Daean dropped onto a bench with the rest the whole army was warn ragged and it was even worse for those who stayed up to late.

"Well hope you all learned a valuable lesion," Hope called out as the cloaked woman walked among them. "As much fun as it was to watch you all drink and be marry. We will be incorporating rules and regulations, we have designated officers and we will start organizing ourselves.

"What?" "How come," "It was one night," were the general comments many made, Hope raised her hand.

"Yesterday has proven two things, we a treat and we are unorganized," Hope announced. "We lost less than 200 men during that fight," Alicia started the group quickly calmed down. "And instead of mourning the loss, or even respecting them you went out and got drunk, nobody was on patrol, nobody on look out. If they had attacked we would have been decimated," Hope shouted a lot of people were looking down at their boots at this point. Each officer will be chosen and each will be sorted into smaller more manageable groups. You're dismissed," Hope nodded as she walked away, "Darius summon up the other we are going to be having a meeting," Hope ordered. Daean frowned feeling responsible for the current situation.

The old monitor room Adam had once used had been gutted and now was simply filled with a long table and chairs, a small map of the area between Africa and Asia showing the area as well as markings indicating the places the fallen Angels had a base or still occupied. Hope and Darius sat at both heads as everyone started to pick a seat to sit in. Sam sat to the right of Hope; Daean sat to the right of Darius; with Hope and Lucius in the middle next to Sam and Alicia next Daean. Nicholas sat next Lucius and Big Mama next to Hope.

"Well the fun ride is over, guess it had to happen eventually," Big Mama frowned,

"No, we are keeping the bar, I couldn't survive this job without it," Darius chuckled, he looked at Hope who was now glaring at him. Darius raised his hand to his mouth as his smile vanished. "All the same," he cleared his voice. "It would be bad to get rid of it how we will need to put limitations on who, when and how much," Darius explained.

"As well as no leaving the bar with any I know a few who don't drink that could be coned into getting the some," Hope added as she looked over at Daean.

"What?" Daean asked as he shrugged,

"Seems reasonable I take it you already have idea on who should be our officers," Nicholas commented as he looked at Hope.

"What makes you thing I do, I am hardly gathering people here," Hope shrugged,

"I just assumed," Nicholas started,

"Stop right there, that's the problem you assumed, no I have been looking over things and this isn't something I am fit to decide," Hope admitted.

"Put that in the record book," Sam muttered, Hope glared at him but Sam just whistled a short tune ignoring her.

"All sarcasm aside it would seem odd if Daean didn't get a say in the matter," Hope continued as he motioned for Daean.

"Yes we have about five officers each officer will more or less keep a small portion of people regulated, and keep up on food, training, and free time. During battle we will take a more active role but the will have a say and will be involved in any future meetings," Darius explained.

"Seems like a lot for one man to handle," Alicia pointed out. "I am going to go out on a limb and say, they will be having people under them to help handle the grunt work as well,"

"Correct they can set it up as they chose," Hope nodded,

"Okay well I don't know much about the people here so let's start of Big Mama, and Nicholas already have leading experience, so there a given," Daean offered. Darius nodded in agreement. "Um Dr. Eyes, is level head she would be good as well, I think those we designate as healers should also be designated to her as well," Daean reasoned.

"Sounds fair," Lucius added,

"Okay that leaves to spots who else?" asked Hope,

"If I may Sarten would be a good candidate as well, he has done more for are group than anyone," Sam interrupted.

"That and you have a soft spot for him as well," Darius joked,

"Hardly leadership is a burden this is payback," Sam smiled. Daean shrugged,

"Zack would be a good choice, he is well received and would make a good leader," Lucius brought up.

"On the battle field perhaps, but I think we should keep him with Sarten the two seem made for each other," Nicholas added clasping his hands next to his chin. He gave a dreamy sigh with an over the top smile on his face.

"Noted," Alicia frowned as Darius gave him a nudge to knock it off, "What about Justine?" asked Hope remembering the man vaguely.

"I guess, I do remember him he is a rather straight-forward person. I am not sure he will take the job," Daean replied.

"What about Crest if he doesn't take it?" asked Lucius, "I know she would be better suited under Dr. Eyes but she is powerful and well liked," Lucius added for good measure.

"Sounds good," Daean nodded his approval, "However what is are next course of action?"

"The next place is just east of scavenges," Darius informed.

"Interesting so are best bet would be to send a small task for to scout the area and bring in others if we need to," Daean summed up.

"Well now that we got everything taken care of we should get working on everything," Hope informed as she stood up everyone fallowed suit and started to exit. Darius looked at some of the old monitors. The wires had been pulled but he felt the need to look at something while thinking.

"Um Darius, can I have a word with you?" asked Alicia,

"Sure thing Alicia," Darius smiled as he looked over at her,

"I was wondering could you tell me anything about an Arch Angel called Gabriel?" Alicia asked. Darius studied her for a moment. Alicia looked down blushing a bit as she rubbed at the scuff marks on the floor with her shoe.

"Well, yes I do now about him, but to explain him I would need to explain the Arch Angels," Darius started,

"Not this crap again, Arch Angels are a myth they are not real in the slightest, even if they did exist there wouldn't be a difference between them and your average Angel," Nicholas frowned.

"What do you mean?" asked Alicia,

"It an old rumor, you see blessed are allowed into Eden but none have ever been part of the fighting force. The Arch Angels are just a kiddy tail to get those youngsters who have blessed power hope of joining," Nicholas explained.

"Oh," Alicia frowned a bit, "But I did meet an Angel that claimed the name," Alicia informed, Nicholas shrugged.

"Good be his real name but I doubt he is the real McCoy," Nicholas dismissed. Alicia looked at Darius for an explanation on the subject.

"Well, yes it a story about a Gabriel, the hand of God so to speak, well let's see, there was the legend of the fourth rebel group," Darius recalled. "The Dead Land Bandits," Darius scratched his head trying to remember. "Let's here there was the Gabriel and the Roman, Emperor. There was a druid based one, the legends do pop up but if I remember my favorite was the one about Black beard," Darius smiled fondly.

"Really do you think you tell me some day?" asked Alicia, Darius shrugged,

"I don't see why not when we have more time some day, perhaps," Darius replied not seeing the harm in spreading the legend.

"Seems like a waste of time," Hope interrupted,

"Why don't care much for heroes?" asked Darius in mocking tone,

"Not at all its just seems out of place to be talking about legends in the middle of a war room," Hope pointed out.

"So it seems, to bad if you had brought it up it would have made a great tale to tell on the way to scavenges," Darius frowned remembering they do much talking during the walk.

"Yeah lets all sit around make smores and tell stories next chance we get," Lucius smiled, Sam rolled his eyes.

"We have gotten so far of topic," Big Mama smiled as she exited the room, Sam and the other soon followed. Darius grabbed the door, as he looked back to see Hope doing what he was doing not moments ago.

"Memories getting to you?" asked Darius,

"Insightful as usual," Hope smirked as she turned to face him. "But you are correct, I think you Daean, Zack, and Chris should go I am tired and I wish to rest," Hope explained.

"Sounds good I don't see the point of all keeping together, going to train anyone or you know do something besides brood?" asked Darius as exited the room still looking in.

"Well we shall see, I am not too interested but I couldn't hurt to improve the overall skill of this Army you have gone and created," Hope replied. Darius nodded approvingly as he closed the door and got ready for the next walk forward.

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