The Blessed

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Chapter 29

"Okay now, um we decided that you would make a good officer," Lucius practiced, "And that we agreed to give you the job," Lucius smiled to the mirror. The smile slipped away, "I look like such an idiot." Lucius sighed as he hung his head over the sink.

"Hey Lucius you in?" asked Sam as the brunette walked in, "You we could use some decorating every room here looks the same it kinda creeps me out," Sam admitted.

"Oh yeah, never noticed but your right," Lucius realized as he looked around his own room. Each room in the base had a bad a, sink and enough room to hang you a few pairs of pants.

"Still not much you could do with these rooms anyway kind of a last minute fit," Sam pointed out as he looked over at the sink a make shift bucket.

"Well you use what you can, still if Sarten runs out of things to do we could always get him to streamline the place," Lucius laughed, Sam thought about a moment and shrugged.

"So going to pay old cold shoulder a visit?" asked Sam,

"Yeah, let's go I know were his room is but I haven't seen much of him since we took over," Lucius waved as the two left the room.

"Just a classic case of do any job for the right amount of money, I think he has a good reputation which is why he is still around," Sam informed,

"High class?" asked Lucius,

"Hardly," Sam scuffed, "He's reliable and will stick until the job is done, outside of that no amazing powers. "He just been blessed with a normal appearance," Sam shrugged.

"All the same there must be more for us to trust him with such a scale of men around 200," Lucius pointed out,

"He has something few have discipline," Sam answered,

"Ah makes sense I guess, well her I am thanks for the information," Lucius shrugged, as Sam nodded and walked away. "Kinda wish you would have asked him yourself," Lucius muttered under his breath as he knocked on the door

"Come in," said Justine, as the door opened a hair, Lucius opened the door all the way the room felt darker for some reason. One thing that stood out the most was that he had bolted two hooks in the wall were he kept his metallic limb. Lucius stepped in as he looked over to see Justine. The man was sitting on his bed with only a white tank top on and a pair of shorts his arm was resting not too far away. He was using a dumbbell with his good arm. Lucius looked at him for a moment waiting for the man to finish. After a solid moment the man stood up and tossed the dumbbell to the side, grabbing a small towel he wiped his muscled body of before hanging the towel over his neck. "So what do I owe the pleasure of one of the dead Land's finest today?"

"Cute," Lucius smirked, "Well as you may or may not know we have decided to start organizing," Lucius informed.

"About time," Justine muttered, Lucius ignored him as he kept his cool,

"We set up some officers and we decided you would make an excellent addition," Lucius explained as he folded his hand behind his back. Justine studied him a moment, but after a long moment finally answered.

"not interested," Justine answered, "You start to organize and people expect you to stick around, I don't plan on doing that. I just want to finish the job," Justine answered.

"Understandable, however you see don't have many competent fighters. This could on for a good long time," Lucius replied as he looked up at the ceiling. "It could take weeks and I assume you have better things to do that watch us organize trying to find someone to do this job," Lucius pitched. Justine groaned at the idea, and he sat down resting his clean shaven chin on his fist.

"Fine, I however want something in return," Justine answered,

"That would be?" asked Lucius not too sure on the subject.

"Information, I want full access to all records and that includes the generals as well," Justine demanded.

"That's not something I can give, I will talk to the others and see what I can do," Lucius frowned not liking the idea one little bit.

"Then I will come with you," Justine frowned as he grabbed his arm of the wall and quickly re attached it. The arm hummed as it flexed once he was satisfied he put on a long sleeve dark blue jacket and black pants. Lucius frowned at him but walked slowly back to the tower.

"So information," Hope repeated as she clasped her hands together, she sat at the head of the table Justine sitting in Darius's old chair.

"Is that so hard to provide?" asked Justine shrugging. Hope raised an eyebrow; the dig would not bother her anymore than any other dig at her capabilities.

"It's not a matter of ability more of trust," Hope answered, "We know little of you and as such do not trust you,"

"Do you honestly trust those in this room few of us have much experience," Justine replied as he looked at some of the others.

"If only you knew," Hope smirked to herself, "I know enough, I know Sam is deserter, Darius is MRF, Alicia and Daean are small town villagers, Big Mama a bar keeper, Lucius a druid knight and Nicholas a professional mercenary. I however no little of you," Hope replied. Justine looked at Sam for a moment,

"True, I suppose but those are simple things I am a simple bounty hunter," Justine replied. "Asked to do a job, and to help speed it up I will take on more responsibility if need. I however can't do that without information," Justine reasoned.

"I agree, on the information," Sam replied, the group all looked to him, "He is welcome to it but he has to show us what he can do, first,"

"I like that idea," Lucius agreed to that, Nicolas was about to speak up when Hope interrupted,

"Peace, as much fun as that would be, I think it would be a good idea, Justin has no powers, and his gun arm would easily kill most in the room in a strait fight," Hope explained, "but outside of that we know very little of your over all skills," Hope frowned.

"How about a fight then we can pick some form the higher ups and see how he matches up?" asked Big Mama, "besides you guys haven't had much training and this would be a good way to inspire moral," Big Mama added. The group looked at Hope and she shrugged,

"I seem to be out voted, but I would prefer to talk to Darius and Daean about this first, they are on duty but they do have a say in the matter," Hope advised as she pushed her earring.

Darius frowned as he noticed the jeep phone ringing. "Not even an hour out and they are already calling us," he muttered. "Chris you answer it," Darius ordered as he leaned back in the back seat. Chris looked over at Zack who was driving, Zack shrugged and Chris answered the phone.

"Um hello?" asked Chris,

"Chris why are you on the phone for, you know what never mind," she ended quickly. "Put him on the phone," Chris looked over at Darius as he made a slashing motion over his neck.

"Not available," Darius mouthed not wanting to talk to the woman. Chris held the phone over to Daean,

"Why?" asked Darius as he held his hand over the bottom of the phone,

"Nothing, I just don't trust her and I really don't feel like being manipulated," Darius frowned as he took the phone.

"You think I do?" asked Daean, shaking his head,

"Hello," Darius sighed, as he put the phone over his ear,

"took you long enough," Hope growled over the phone, Darius rolled his eyes. "Don't roll your eyes at me," She snapped as Darius jumped quickly looking around to see if he was being watched. "No am not watching I just know you that well," Hope informed with a sigh.

"That's a scary though," Darius muttered,

"Pay attention, Justine has accepted the position," Hope informed, Darius balled a fist in celebration. "However he wants information, and I have a good idea why and it's not for are best intentions," Hope explained,

"I can see how that would be dangerous in the wrong hands," Darius admitted, "However most of us are still growing it would be pointless to think he would gain much from a few sheets of paper,"

"You would be surprised, I can smudge some of it but he's sharp, but there is some good news," Hope added, Darius waited for her to continue.

"Well?" he finally asked,

"There is a demonstration a small one and I should be able to get, something back from him," Hope informed. "I do however need to make sure I can go thru with this," Hope explained.

"You're asking us for permission?" Darius simplified a little stunned as he looked over at Daean, who shared his disbelief.

"Why is that so hard to believe?" asked Hope, Darius suppressed the urge to slap his own forehead as he explained.

"You never asked me or anyone what we thought you usually just did whatever the hell you wanted," Darius frowned. Zack looked at the two out of the corner of his eye,

"Okay, well as much as I would love to have everything taken care of, you two are part of the overall structure and it would look bad, if nothing else, if I didn't get your input at least," Hope admitted.

"Fine I am not there so do what you think is best," Darius nodded, "Let me guess you need to get Daean to okay it as well?"

"That would be nice," Hope replied, Darius smirked a bit as he handed Daean the phone. Daean put the phone to his ear,

"What's up?" asked Daean,

"The sky," Hope answered dryly, "Sorry bad joke um yeah I set up a tournament there are some ulterior motives asked Darius for the details do I have your permission to go ahead with it?" she summed up.

"Um, sure?" Daean answered as he looked over at Darius for some kind of explanation.

"Good have fun with the raid call if you need anything," Hope answered hastily as she hung up. Daean looked the phone very confused as he opened his mouth but closed it as he held the phone away from his ear.

"What?" asked Daean not sure what the call was all about. "I guess that shows how important I am. Care to help me out here?" Daean frowned. Darius rolled his eyes as he tapped him on the forehead giving him a run down on the conversation,

"Dude," Daean shook his head wildly, "Talk about a moment in someone else's shoes that felt weird,"

"Now that that's taken care off we need to focus on the task at hand," Darius nodded,

"What was that all about?" asked Chris, as he looked back at the two,

"To be honest I haven't a clue she just needed are okay is all," Darius frowned, "I think she just wants are take on sharing information with a new officer,"

"Officer, were we chosen to be one?" asked Zack as the jeep swerved,

"Eyes on the road!" Darius ordered as the jeep recover from the sudden lake of attention.

"No you weren't chosen," Daean informed, "For now obvious reasons," he added silently, Zack frowned a bit,

"Not cool," Zack frowned, "Can you believe this they don't trust us to lead,"

"I have no issues being in charge sucks," Chris frowned. "I prefer to let others deal with these sort f things and just you stick to the shadows,"

"Great a glory hound and I wall flower," Darius frowned, "This is going to be so much fun," he frowned to himself.

"So how are we going to do this?" asked Sam, as he looked over at Hope, the Sun was pretty high up now and a small crowd had gathered about. Lucius had created a small circle indented down a foot or two.

"I believe in a practical method he is going to spar against someone else," Hope answered as she pulled out a yellow rock.

"Ah even match I see," Sam winced as he turned away from the rock. "Still not a fan of those, things," he commented. Sam wisely shut up at this point as a nagging questioned loomed in the back of his head.

"I know you're going to ask, it's just a matter of time," Hope smirked as she pulled her hood farther down.

"Don't know what you are talking about," Sam dismissed as he walked away from her. Hope started to count down from ten. Ten, Sam disappeared behind the wall, nine stops and looks back a moment, eight pulls out his book, seven stairs at book, six leans back around the corner, five starts to walk slowly back, four starts to run, three tries to stop, two does stop inches away from hope, and One.

"Who is he going to be fighting?" Sam blurted out,

"Thank you for volunteering, Sam," Hope smiled, as he cursed kicking at the ground,

"I hate you," he growled as he stepped down in the small arena. "I really am to curious for my own good," Sam sighed as he took of his uniform, under it was a black tank top and decently toned muscle. Nothing as impressive as the six-pack he was facing against.

"Kick his ass!" shouted one of the troops as Lucius stepped forward,

"Listen I have no idea how this normally works so um fight till I say stop and no crippling or killing blows," Lucius shrugged. The knight raised his hand as Justine bent his knees and turned his body perpendicular to Sam. Sam raised his fists in front of his face ready for the worst as he looked back at the yellow crystal. Justine quickly dashed as his metallic right. Sam ducked only to block a fast kick at his face. Justine thru a left knocking Sam o the ground,

"This is what happens when you ask questions," Sam smirked to himself as he swung his foot to trip the older man up. Justine leaped over the kick as Sam rolled with it before twisting onto one knee. Justine quickly swung another kick at his head, Sam ducked under the blow and smashed his fist into His legs. Justine backed off as Sam leaped back to his feet.

"We want some action!" shouted one off the soldiers. Sam looked over,

"Yeah yeah let's kick me around some more," Sam frowned as Justine motioned for Sam to attack. Sam sighed,

"Well give' them what they want," Sam frowned to himself as he charged, throwing a quick jab, Justine grabbed his wrist and twisted it. Sam stumbled a bit as he felt his legs being taken out from under him. Sam slammed onto the ground as he felt his arm get shoved behind his back. Sam bit back on his scream as pushed of the ground with his left hand. Quickly releasing he rolled over Justine released his arm in surprise as he song his left arm blindly to his right.

"Ouch," Sam mouthed as he hand hit dirt, shaking his hand in a vain attempt to numb the pain he stood up. "Mind putting me out of my misery this is humiliating?" Sam asked a weak smirk on his face as he looked at the crowd a lot of them were now down right laughing. Sam soon felt a knee to his guts as Justine raised both fists to crash down to end the fight.

"Stop," Lucius ordered waving his hands end the fight before Sam was badly hurt. Alicia panicked as she realized that wasn't going to leave a small scratch. She quickly drew her staff, as she slowed down time around her. She dashed in slamming the tip of the poll into Justin's face, The blow was hard but he was still moving slowly. She quickly grabbed Sam's collar and tossed him away from the blow as time returned to normal. The blow missed Sam was skidding on the ground and Jusnitn was knocked out of the arena. The crowd went silent as Sam blinked up at Alicia than over at Hope with a hot glare. The crowed missed this as they started to cheer and whistle.

"Alicia," The small group chanted as the poor girl turned red. Justine stood up dusting himself off as he looked over at Sam. The crowd picked Alicia up to carry her away as the two men never broke eye contact. Justine glared hotly as Sam gave him a dark smirk, Justine turned away as Sam brightened a bit and waved at Alicia.

"Get me down," she mouthed,

"Not a chance Alicia enjoy your new found fame!" he called after her; she vanished into the cafeteria as he turned to stare at Hope.

"What did you do?" shouted Sam, "Now you just made her a target as well, We had everything figured out. Daean is going to pissed when he finds out about this," Sam shouted.

"I doubt that," Hope dismissed, "He may even be proud after all she seemingly surpassed you in skill, why are you so upset you walked away without any major damage thanks to her," Hope shrugged as she opened up a vanilla folder. Sam seethed,

"We had an agreement, I told you I wouldn't put up much of a fight. For whatever reason you have I would hide my skill. So why pray tell did you manipulate Alicia into getting involved?" Sam asked,

"I can't control her I hardly talk to her; I think you are over thinking things. Justine will be her soon if you would please escort yourself out," Hope ordered.

"I don't see what the point is I think he knows I was holding back," Sam replied as he walked to the door. Hope didn't reply as the door opened up and Justine glanced over at Sam, the two glared by Justine moved past him after a split second.

"So good to see you by all means look away," Hope invited Sam frowned as he slammed the door behind him.

"What was that about?" asked Justine, as he as cleaned his ear with his pinky. Hope waved him off,

"Nothing you need to worry about, and it's something between me and him so by all means," she slammed a stack of files down on the desk. "Have fun," she smiled. The clock ticked away as Justine slowly fingered threw the files he finally set the final one to the side as he clasped his hands in front of him waiting for more.

"Well?" he asked as he motioned at the files which he had stacked neatly at the corner of the table.

"Well, what?" she asked But a small eye roll signified she knew exactly what he wanted,

"Were is the files for the heads, namely yours," Justine asked,

"I would hardly worry about that, I have had little time t work on anything substantial. They have been busy and I have had little time to work on their files. Most are blank here this one I had hoped to keep out of the public but I think you might find it interesting," Hope explained as she took out a key and unlocked the top drawer. She teleported behind gently placing the file in front of him Justine reached over but her hand kept the file pinned down. "This isn't something I am going to hand over I am showing you this only to prove my honesty. The other files are not finished and you can read them when they are, clear?" she asked. Justine nodded as he looked at the file name.

"Shiva?" he asked, as he looked up at her, she gave smirk as she teleported away.

"Hey Alicia," Greeted Sam as he walked up to Alicia who had been released from her crowed and she gave him a hot glare as she put her hands on her hips.

"Care to explain?" Asked Alicia, Sam frowned nervously, as he tried to think of a acceptable explanation.

"Walk with me," Sam offered, the two quickly started walking around the outer walls, which now had gained line of dirt around the bottom. "The whole thing was a set up, she wanted to me to see what Justine could do. I would fight with as minimal as possible to push out his skill. However I underestimated him and I almost lost my head. So thanks for that," he smirked as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I was going to say you're much more skilled than that and I was concerned. So you weren't expecting me to step in?" Alicia asked,

"I didn't, but I have reason to think Hope did," Sam frowned,

"Why is that?" she asked stepped in front of him, Sam looked down at his feet to avoid her gaze. "Well?" she asked as she leaned forward trying to catch his eye.

"I had asked Hope not to draw any attention to you, and she did the opposite," Sam admitted silently.

"And why would you ask that?" asked Alicia, as she followed Sam's gaze,

"Well um," Sam stammered out not really wanting to admit anything to her. "Well, I uh I kinda, well like you," Sam admitted now red as a tomato.

"Oh," Alicia responded a little surprised,

"Yeah I like you and you remind me of someone I once knew so I got a bit of a soft spot for you," Sam admitted.

"Well that explains that then, sorry I put you on the spot then," Alicia apologized when suddenly she felt a quick peck on her lips. Alicia was stunned but when she looked to find Sam he had disappeared from sight.

"All hands to bed!" Shouted Big Mama, squad three report to the outer wall!" ordered Big Mama. Alicia shook of her shock as a small smile formed on her as she touched her bottom lip.

"So making your girl friend look good I see?" Justine asked Sam turned having entered the bath house. Sam glared as he saw Justine how was leaning against the wall behind the door. His arms were crossed as he glared at him. Sam shrugged,

"Tell me your theory and we'll see were this goes," Sam frowned,

"I think you set that up, so Alicia would look stronger than both of us, that way people would stop questioning why she was on the liberation board. That's what I thing and you used me as well as yourself to show the military her skills," Justine explained. Sam gave as sad smirk,

"It's possible but to be honest it has nothing to do with her as far as I know," Sam admitted with a shrug.

"Right, like I am going to believe Hope's golden boy is in on the action?" Justine asked,

"Like I would tell you what to believe, however be warned Hope doesn't trust you and well I don't have much of a choice in these matters. So watch yourself especially around her," Sam cautioned. "Now if you don't mind I would like to take a shower in peace," Sam frowned as he pointed to the shower. Justine didn't say a word as he stood up and walked out, Sam nodded as he grabbed a towel only for the whole stack to fall on the floor.

"You got to be kidding me," Sam frowned as he bent over to pick up his mess.

"You making a mess?" asked Lucius as he stepped away from the sink,

"Um, care to explain?" asked Sam as he notice lucius had shrunk down his armor and and now how stripped pajamas on over it, as well as a matching stocking cap.

"This well, I can call on the earth as such metals are available, it's harder but I can do it. I usually shrink my armor down and wear cloths over it. Like this why is it that suprising?" asked Lucius.

"Let's see you sleep, with it on you eat with it on, what to bath with the thing on as well?" asked Sam.

"Of course not that would be silly," Lucius smiled, "This armor cleans itself no need to take into the shower with me,"

"Off course," Sam answered, "How silly of me, just so you know you're in charge of the patrols tonight,"

"Oh time already, well yeah, no sleep for me tonight oh well. I guess I will head up to the observation tower, see you in the morning,"

"Have fun and keep an eye out for Justine," Sam warned Lucius eyed him carefully for a minute taking in the implication.

"Okay," He smiled time to get moving, Lucius quickly moved through the base heading to the tower his cape flowing behind him.

"How is he doing that cape thing I don't feel a breeze," whispered one of the soldiers. Lucius smirked a bit as he quickly moved up the stairs. Pausing a moment to lean on the rails he over looked the base. The walls and buildings now hard a used look to them, dirt lined the bottom as well as bits of patch work that had yet to be fixed. The man walls were repaired and the flood light turned to the outside, as small groups of soldier walked along the tower. With a nod his smile fell from his face as he entered the main meeting room. Sitting down he kicked up his feet rested his hands behind his head to relax and wait out the night.

Lucius cracked open an eye as the door he faced opened up, groaning at interruption he simply waited for whoever to enter the room. "And, surprise, surprise, Justine," Lucius frowned as he remained perfectly still.

"Sleeping on the job how lax," Justine muttered as he closed the door behind him,

"What's lax is your ability to sneak," Lucius countered as Justine calmly turned away from the door. Lucius slipped on foot under the table.

"Well I guess you know why I am here," Justine shrugged, as he looked at Lucius. "Nothing personal but I like to know who I am working with," Justine answered. "That and I don't really trust you,"

"Oh yeah cause sneaking into the man base to take something you were told not is, totally trust worthy," Lucius commented his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Well pardon me for being this up, but two members of your team have some serious connections with the fallen Angels. That's not something I plan to over look. I will finish this job with you in charge or otherwise," Justine reasoned.

"I will admit, despite my own understanding of the situation, that argument from first glance would be understandable," Lucius admitted Justine took a step back surprised at the addition. "However I have a job and I will force you out the door if I have to," Lucius warned.

"We must do what with believe his right," Justine shrugged as he locked the door closed. Justine clicked a small ammo clip into his hand as he aimed to shot at Lucius. The Knight kicked the desk at him knocking chairs to the ground. Justine rolled to the side as the table slammed into the wall. Justine started to dash along the wall to aim when Lucius leaped at the wall. Pushing at Justine from the wall with a solid kick, Justine fell to the ground as he was kneed in the chest, rubbing the bruise he quickly shot at the knight. Lucius held his hands up to cover his face as the bullets scratched and deflected of his armor. Justine rolled backwards onto his feet, as he released the clip and flexed his metallic fingers to a reflex to make sure he could use his finger properly again. Justine quickly punched at Lucius head but the knight dodged it only for a blade to pop out cutting a small line on his chin. The Knight frowned as he licked his thumb to whip of a small drop of blood.

"Anyone asks, I cut myself shaving," Lucius smirked, making a metal not to keep Justine's right away from his face at all costs. Lucius put up a solid guard allowing his armor to defend against the vicious barrage of rights. Lucius then caught the fist and with a twist Justine was on his back as Lucius pinned him down with his leg. "SO you going to leave now?" asked Lucius looking down at Justine.

"Not a chance," Justine growled as he grabbed Lucius's foot and twisted the man off him. Lucius fell to one knee as Justine rolled to the side and onto his feet. Lucius gave a soft smirk, the man's attitude while commendable was not working in his favor.

Justine looked to the cabinet; he quickly dashed at it only for a green cape to wrap around his face. His feet fell from under him as he was tossed back to the door. "Well, that's that," Justin admitted, as he mulled his options over in his head he quickly slid his hand into his pocket.

"Finally giving up?" Lucius asked, not in the least bit believing it.

"Yeah your too strong for me to beat, I have to admit you're very skilled," Justin admitted as he pushed the table out of the way. Justine opened the door and shut it behind him. Lucius looked over as Hope appeared next to him.

"I wonder if he suspects, that I saw him detach his hand?" asked Lucius as the two turned a bit to watch the metallic hand move to the cabinet. He walked to grab the object but was stopped.

"Don't worry about it," Hope dismissed, "I don't want it to be too hard for him,"

"But I thought," Lucius started but Hope stopped him,

"No I wanted you to fight against him to get a taste at what he could do those files have nothing the soldiers couldn't tell him. So don't worry about it," Hope shrugged as she walked over to the table. She quickly turned it right side up, and pushed it back into place. The door opened and closed behind him and the two quickly went to fixing up the room.

"I wonder what Darius and Daean are up to right about now," Lucius smirked as he sat back down.

"Probably sleeping on the job," Hope shrugged. As she looked over to the window and she saw the small hints of a thunder storm in the distance.

"You were saying?" asked Lucius as he walked over to the window as well, Hope smirked a bit,

"I can't be right all the time," Hope smirked.

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