The Blessed

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chapter 3

Images of a pub flashed into his mind; a woman put her arms around him as he sat in a big chair. The smell of smoke filled his nose as faces blurred.

"Smoke, Smoke?" shouted Deaen as he sat up in his bed, the young man's head was spinning as he tried to figure what was burning. Daean leapt out of his torn covers as his head twisted trying to find the source of the smell. The boy looked out the cracked glass the sky was filled with black smoke, a cruel red shaded the earth, he turned on his heals when he hear a shot form a basic rifle. He dashed out of his room leaving his blanket on the cold ground as he dashed into the main living room. Then he saw his father staring out the window with an uncaring look on his face. "Father what is going on?" his voice trailed off as his father dropped to the ground knees then chest. Charred wounds in his Father's back became visible, Daean leaped to his father side, but all he could do was get his hands bloodied. Daean tried to keep his hands steady for his father's sake, but his hands fumbled and his father falling to the ground. The man tumbled to the ground a small necklace dropped from his Father's hand as Daean pushed his father's side.

"Dad? Dad," Daean chocked a bit, "talk to me, dad you'll be fine, you told me to wrap a wound up, yeah you'll be fine," Daean rushed over to his bed grabbing his blankets, quickly finding wholes he ripped his blanket up wrapping his father as tightly as he could.

. He looked at it for a moment before clipping it around his own neck, then out of the holes and cracks door and saw lights moving in the distance. "The Angels?" Dean glared while his hands unknowingly danced with lighting as his mind connected the dots. On instinct he raised his hand towards an approaching trooper whose armor glowed as his scream filled the darkness. His hands stained with his father's blood "I want my father back!" Daean looked down at his hand, "I want them all dead!" Daean was shouting as he forced himself onto his feet the shaking had stopped.

Daean stared as lighting danced between the bodies then to his own hands he stared for a moment in fear, when the sounds of a screaming woman entered his ears he dashed back into the house were a woman shot up from her bed and vanished. Daean looked around in confusion his mind forgetting his rage from a moment ago.

Then appeared in front of him as the screams filled the night no reached the boys ears. Daean recognized that scream ready to help, he was faced by the vanishing woman now in the door way. "Get out of my way!" shouted Daean, who tried to push past her as he walked back to the door. She grabbed his wrist twisted it and slammed him into the hard floor. Deaen glared hard his lighting shot out at the attacker but woman was already gone. As Daean got to his feet Lighting crackled and his cold anger grew his eyes narrowed as he shook his hand. She appeared again at his side delivering a cold punch, he toppled to his left then she appeared slamming into him a second time then in front delivering a brutal uppercut. Blood spilled from his jaw as Daean fell on his back his arms flailed out at his side. Daean spit out blood as he dug his hands into the wood as he looked up at the hooded figure. His hands surged with electricity as the figure vanished again; Deaen got back up slowly to his feet as his eyes darted around. He slowly backed into the wall, then dashed for his father's room where he grabbed a simple Hand gun of the dresser. Before he could use it however, his wrist was grabbed and twisted causing him to drop the weapon. The weapon rattled a second on the floor before he dropped for the weapon, but it vanished before he hit the wood floor on it recoil. The boy looked up at the figure the silver weapon aimed at his head. The figure had a long worn cloak, The cloak shadowed everything with the exception of two Hazel eyes that looked strikingly familiar. The boy knew enough that wood wouldn't conduct electricity but it could start a fire. He kept his face as his mind worked. The bolt Zapped from his eyes, the figure dropped the weapon as sparks flew and a fire started.

The house went up like a match, as the figure recoiled to guard and back off. The boy Backed slowly into his own room as the flames burned at him. The boy turned, his only escape the window. Daean leaped out smashing out a window as the house went up like a giant match.

Daean rolled as he ripped out a bit of glass from his side. He stood up as he crouched, the figure walked out of the flames, Daean glared at the figure when a familiar scream filled the night. Daean gave all thought from the figure as he ran off. The figure appeared in front of him,

"I am not done," said the faceless woman, as she drew a sword. She also produced a rapier and tossed the blade at his feet.

A questioned look adorned the young man's face as he picked up the weapon a surge of electricity charged threw the weapon. She held out her own as she charged while lighting coursed thru his blade. He gripped the hilt with one hand as the figure charged. Daean guarded, as her blade slammed into his. Again and again each time being pushed back, His blade held in a pitiful defense.

"Attack!" ordered the figure, and after a moment of hesitation he did so. He batted back, "More force, keep your sword high," the figure directed as he soon picked up the basics along with a few cuts up his arms and legs. The lighting ripped along the blade but the figure would dodge just in the nick of time as the boy added his new found talent to the blade. The figure weaved around the blade with little problems and the lighting rod never came in contact. The boy fell on his butt as he locked up at the figure panting. Then the figure vanished and Daean frowned he got off his feet then ran off in the direction of the town.

Daean went wide-eyed as he says the entire town in flames even in the distance the flames reached farther than the highest building. The entire area was surrounded by shining troops each with black metal armor instead of the usual inspiring chrome. Daean dashed off toward them but the troops seemed to just stand in place when shooting echoed in the town. Daean dashed past the line surrounding the men didn't stir but when he turned around they shot at him. Daean flinched as a eclectic barrier formed around him. Daean heard screams and not questioning the luck turned to the closest building.

The wood door gave way as Daean called out into the flames, The night erupted into gun shots, as the droops started to move in.

"Shit it's a suppressing fire," growled a man,

"Wait Sheriff Tom?" commented Deaen in confusion.

"What you think I would abandon this heap of wood, Even with a good size evacuated, they still got some people round up. Shit I had hoped we wouldn't have to worry about these people with such a small population. We need to get out the plan on blowing this place sky hugh et Dar he needs to know there is no one left,"

"What about you?"

"I'll Stall for time, now go this place will fall down if we keep talking," Deaen hesitated a moment "GO already!" The figure turned and dashed out the front door.

The town was up in flames as a small group of men circled around a group of dead bodies where two men fought one giant the other was the bearded man from earlier in the day. Alicia on the ground next to him, she was nursing a wound on her arm.

The rest of the Angels crouched to the side as the man held a giant Gatling gun aimed at the bearded man. The bullets started of slow as he aimed at Dar the bullets went at his own men deflected off by some unseen force the man danced around the big man. Keeping low but keeping his body in the air the man twisted with military precision. The giant feeling frustrated tossed the gun and pulled a large hammer off his back. The giant charged forward as he swung his hammer around. He sneered evilly as he looked past the bearded man at the girl behind him. Daean's blood boiled as he charged even more electricity thru his sword which started to glow blue as lighting danced to the ground he charged the bigger man. The bearded man made a quick motion with his Hand and Daean stopped his charge in midstride.

"What the hell?" asked the young man as he looked to his feet.

"Keep back, this man is far too dangerous, I'll deal with him, you handle the followers, just stay away from the hammer" ordered the man as he drew his blade than a 45, Caliber hand gun in his left. The Giant smirked as a helmet shifted up covering his face. As the Giant swung his hammer around; the bearded man leapt up onto the poll of the hammer. The bearded man slammed his knee into the Giant's helmet. The Giant stumbled back as he growled in frustration, the bearded man shot at the Giant's head. The iron was even scratched as some unknown force deflected the gun. The Bearded Man only growled in annoyance as he landed behind the Giant.

Daean easily dealt with the brainless fools as each suit of black iron seemed to stand still and shoot which did little good. "Bad aim and brainless," frowned Daean. Daean quickly grabbed Alicia and half dragged her behind a few barrels not in danger of catching fire. Daean turned his hand around the cover shooting electricity blindly with the curve of his hand.

"Cool sword," said Alicia, the weapon remained at his side as the two hid between bolts and gun fire. The weapon like all of its kind was small bladed with a guarded hilt to protect the hand, the guard shone brightly as it twisted around in a thin weave creating an integrated but natural guard, that shone even in the dark. The blade was a technological marvel taking the lighting and harnessing it instead of being destroyed despite its unnatural glow.

"Some person gave it to me after kicking my ass," muttered Daean as he whipped at his face remembering the blood. He looked over at his friend a quick moment and seeing she was in okay condition despite the cuts and torn clothing. Daean got back to his feet as his lighting was absorbed by sum unknown bubble. Daean growled in frustration as he charged up more energy in his hand not even sure how he was doing it. Alicia looked at his hand in admiration. Deaen braced himself as he shot again and again until the bubble seemed to pop as Deaen shot one last bolt that made the soldier scream as he was knocked to the ground. The smoke filled Daean's noise when he saw a rifle aimed at Alicia. He grabbed her by the shoulder, and in one fluid motion shot a fist filled with lighting as the bubble shattered and the unfortunate soldier's screams joined the others. As Daean's fifth opponent fell, Seven others drew their weapons and started forward as the giant slammed his hammer to the ground causing everyone to stumble. With the sudden distraction, Daean was able to get in close and attack with his new rapier. Daean was silently impressed as his blade cleaved a Soldier's head clean off.

"Bastard! Stand still," shouted the giant under his helmet as the bearded man ducked again.

"Above average military armor, below average human intelligence," muttered the man. "Just my luck" The Bearded Man continued as he leapt above a second swing and fired another round as he flew over using the force to get free of the Giant's reach.

Daean held his blade out in front of him as six figures formed around the burning rail area. Daean charged forward and swung at a soldier as his blade danced with lighting. The swing missed but the lighting caught anyway and the man was fried. Another Soldier leapt at Daean who over powered the Soldier's shield with lighting which sent him sailing thru the air and into a burning building. Daean backed away slowly, caught between flames and the four remaining soldiers while Alicia pressed up against his back to escape the heat. Daean felt the flames lick at him as Alicia pressed closer almost digging into his skin with her nails. His frustration boiled over as everything covered in metal became one giant lighting rod. All the bodies fried as the giant sparked with electricity as he continued to swing away but was otherwise unharmed. Daean collapsed as Alicia tried to help him away from the dead bodies and burning building dropping in the dirt as the bearded man fought on.

The giant tossed his hammer back over his shoulder as his fist became spiked. The Giant charged forward his spiked fists aimed at the Bearded Man's head. In one motion the Bearded Man grasped the Giant's hands and flung him into the air. The Bearded Man leapt up after his opponent and unloaded a round of bullets at the Giant who slammed into the earth creating a small crater. He roared at the bearded man in front of him as he took out two smaller hammers and charged Dar who dived under them and slammed his fist into the Giant's armored gut. The giant's helmet shifted back down into the armor; as he spit up blood while glaring at the smaller man. The Giant noticed Daean and Alicia attempting to run past him and grinned. The Giant dropped his hammers and grabbed Alicia in one hand and Daean in another and proceeded to toss them into the wooden tower of the burning town hall. The burning building started to collapse after a moment as the burning wood gave way. Alicia screamed in fear as the flames started to drop around. "No!" yelled the bearded man as he raised his hands in front of him. The burning bits stopped in mid air as parts fell down around the two. With a quick motion, The Bearded Man tossed it at the giant who growled in rage as he batted some of the debris into the Sheriff's office. The giant looked at what was left of his troops and growled. The Giant pointed at the bearded man and after giving a quick motion with his hand across his own neck, He turned to run as one of the other buildings collapsed blocking any attempt to follow. The man Growled in frustration the burning rubble, the man frowned when another building started to collapse.

"Look out!" shouted Daean, as the Bearded Man turned to the falling building, The man put both hands in front of him as the burning wood suddenly stopped. "Holy Shit, he's a blessed." The man's face twitched as the building was slowly pushed away. The Building was released and crashed down kicking up ash and dust. The man quickly ran over to the pair, and motioned to follow,

"If we stay here we make get suffocated from all the smoke," said Darius, he raised his hand and the man's pack Flouted over to him. Daean coughed as the three ran out of the burning town.

Daean looked back as the last of the buildings collapsed and noticed the body of the sheriff not too far out in front of the town. Daean bowed his head a quick moment as an explosion rocked the night. The group disappeared into the darkness as the black troops melted into memory.

Alicia started to stumble but Daean picked her up bridle style as he continued running after the bearded man. The group continued on without meeting any more troops, and after the fires seemed like embers in the distance Dar finally stopped.

The Bearded looked tired as he tossed a large blanket at the two as night began to fall. They sat together round a fire watching the burning town in the distance become a speck of smoke. Daean and Alicia huddled under the surprisingly warm blanket, Alicia leaned on him as she drifted into sleep. Daean on the other hand couldn't as Alicia's black hair smelled thick with smoke so he reached into his pocket and pulled out the small chain with a ring on it that his father had dropped earlier.

"Mom," thought Daean as he looked over at the bearded man, who fell asleep as well, but even in sleep seemed respectable. Daean wrapped his arm around Alicia and waited for the sun to rise.

Daean rose first having fallen asleep sometime in the night. The Bearded Man gave out a low grown now awake and facing the sun a dying fire as he twisted on the ground. The figure from last night appeared before them and Daean fingered his blade as the figure held out its hands in a gesture of surrender. The Bearded Man suddenly appeared behind her his blade near her neck.

"Hello Lt Darius Hennison," she smiled, as Daean looked at the man in shock

"What the hell is going on here?" Dean said in shock as he looked at Dar surprise evident even on his face.

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