The Blessed

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Chapter 30

"How much longer is this going to take?" asked Zack as he looked over at Daean who was sitting cross-legged trying to call up a thunderstorm. So far he had a small group of grey clouds but was having trouble getting the lighting to strike.

"Hey this isn't as easy as you think," Daean growled, "It's a nightmare getting anything to hit. Not mention I am trying to guide more than a half a dozen of these things at one!" Daean growled in frustration.

"But we have been here for three days," Zack complained, "at this point we should call up the troops and raid the damn place," Zack frowned.

"We are still recovering from the last outing, if you want something to do sharpen my sword," Darius growled finally having enough of Zack's complaining. He tossed his blade at the man as well as a water stone.

"Are you kidding me?" asked Zack as he held the blade and stone, a look of horror on his face.

"That's an order," Darius frowned as Zack started to sharpen the blade grumbling about how unfair it was. Darius looked over Chris was out of ear shot as well, he walked over behind Daean,

"I take it your concerned about something," Daean frowned opening on eye to stare at Darius.

"Yeah we have been picking them off for three days now, no reinforcements, no sign of the generals nothing but the bare minimal to keep the outpost active," Darius frowned as a bolt struck another fallen Angel. Darius watched as the man was quickly carted off, to be replaced again and the body thrown into an unused building.

"You suspect a trap?" asked Daean,

"A big one, that's why I haven't called anyone in," Darius answered, "To knight me and you are heading in alone. See if we can stir something up," Darius whispered.

"Sounds good to me," Daean nodded as he went back to work, Darius frowned as he started think of a way over the wall without getting caught. "So it in by night fall?" asked Daean,

"Nope we will head in at the start of dawn, mix it up a bit, so get lots of sleep," Darius advised as he walked away and headed to the jeep.

"Time to get up," Darius tapped Daean on the shoulder, Daean tried to push the hand away but was to slow. "Get up," Darius snapped as he levitated Daean up then dropped him over the side of the jeep. Daean shook his head and was about to shout at him, when he looked up to see Darius in a balck outfit. Darius was cover head to toe and now had hood and black cloth mask on.

"Um why are you dressed like a ninja?" asked Daean, "more importantly how are you dressed as a ninja we had no room for anything extra to be but in the jeep," Daean reasoned. Darius rolled his eyes as he grabbed his sleeve and turned it out to show the red uniform had been reversed.

"They had some black dye leftover, and used it color the inside of are uniform. They knew are infiltration habits and the uniforms worked in our favor," Darius answered.

"But with the metal plates that would be impossible for that to be effective," Daean frowned, Darius pointed to a small back slit around the elbow and partly slid out the metal plating piece.

"That' going to be a pain to put in and out," Daean frowned.

"Better protection or bigger hassle you chose," Darius smirked wryly, Daean rubbed the back of his head. As he took off his jacket to start pulling out the metal pieces out, Darius frowned a bit as the jacket was flipped and he put them back in using his blessing.

Daean looked himself over now covered in black cloth testing to make sure all the metal was in its proper place he looked up at the sky still dark but one could see hints of the sun.

"You know how would you pull this off with a beard on?" asked Daean remembering the six inch beard Darius had sported when they first met.

"I would find a way," Darius smirked, "All the same we don't have much time, so let's get in and out fast,"

"Anything to look for in particular we need to keep an eye out for?" Daean asked, as he strapped on the utility belt.

"Death, machines, cameras, sensors, blessed, or anything that can kill an army," Darius explained.

"Um how will I know If I see the first or last one?" asked Daean a little confused.

"More than likely they will have a big sign that says 'in case of attack use this' outside of that just look for anything that sticks out from the last to bases," Darius instructed he looked over at the other two. "You keep an eye out, if anything goes wrong call up HQ and send reinforcements," Darius ordered. "Let's go," Darius instructed.

Daean quickly followed crouching and leaning forward, he followed Darius in a long zigzag pattern as the made it to the tower without being spotted by the flood lights. The two set their backt to the wall as the light narrowly passed by.

"Well so far so good," Darius smiled as he looked over at Darius how had an over sized grin on his face. "Having fun?" asked Darius,

"We should do this more often," Daean smiled, "When that light almost hit us my heart skipped a beat," Daean smirked as he looked up. "So are we scaling the walls?"

"Not enough time," Darius frowned, Daean's brow scrunched up in confusion. "So promise me one thing,"

"What's that?" Daean asked a little concerned as he scooted a way from Darius in concern.

"Don't scream," as he quickly thru Daean up on the wall, Daena landed as he waved his arms to keep from falling over. Quickly seeing a fallen Angel walking with his back to him, he took of his clove and charged up some electricity in his hand quickly grabbing hold of the man. The fallen Angel had a short spasm before going limp; Daean set the prone figure down gently as Darius landed not too far away. Daean gave him the thumbs up as he slowly lifted Daean and gently lowered him on the other side of the wall. Darius motioned to the shadow under the walkway, Daean nodded and quickly followed after him. Darius raised his hand as he lowered to the ground; Daean followed trying to find what he was worried about. About twelve troops marched past them Daean watched as the group headed to a small later next to were the railway connected to the outer wall. Daean shot Darius an accusing glance as Darius rubbed the back of his head.

Darius frowned as he looked over the base had an inner wall similar to the second base they had ventured to. Darius looked around the main holdings the base had very little, small buildings scattered about, the base was far to understaffed and so little was here he wondered what could possibly be here that warranted a base at all. Darius scanned the area finding a gate but no latter on the inner wall. Quickly tossing Daean over, he crouched down and leaped over after.

"This is to easy," Darius frowned, "This has to be a trap," Darius realized, the inner area surround a small tower like the other bases but he only spotted about two or three men standing guard.

"Daean stay here," Darius ordered,

"Where are you going?" asked Daean not really wanting to left in the middle of an enemy base.

"I am going to go spring the trap," Darius smirked,

"What do you want me to do?" asked Darius, still not keen on the plan.

"Well if you hear an alarm going off and a large number of troops entering the tower. Probably a good time to start blasting a way out," Darius answered as he quickly made his way to the tower. Darius concentrated for a moment before leaping up on to the upper walk way; Darius landed without a sound and drew his sword. Darius made a silent Dash quickly stabbing a guard threw the back and into the Heart. Quickly catching the Guard by the shoulder he pulled the guard back and gently set the prone body down. Darius looked down around the inner wall; Daean had made himself scarce and no alarms.

Darius flung some of the blade of his sword leaving a mark on the wall, as he quickly started to the top. Darius spotted a second guard and quickly sliced of the guards head. Turning over he quickly spotted a small hallway to the main computer room. Darius quickly sheathed his sword and pressed the power button.

"Hello, Darius," Adam smirked, the man rolled his eyes, expecting something like this to happen, "So glad to see you alive and well, but you are a bit late," Adam admitted as he checked his analog watch under his sleeve.

"Sorry I had a bad feeling this was a trap and was a bit more cautious than I normally am," Darius admitted as he tried to cancel out of the video feed to find the information he needed.

"That's okay, so how's the weather?" asked Adam with a rather broad smile on his face, Darius stopped his typing to look up at the screen.

"Your stalling," Darius realized, as he turned back to the door. The door slammed shut and locked.

"Stalling me," Adam repeated looking hurt, he patted his chest, "Darius I would never stall," Adam lied, "Without a reason very valid reason," Adam added hastily as Darius tired to turn the knob. "You now for special accessions, like birthdays, last minute preparations, and the occasional bomb," Adam smiled as he screen shrunk to reveal a red timer.

"Bomb?" exclaimed Darius as he turned around to see it was now at two minutes and thirty seconds. Darius opened started to count down in his head as he returned to the computer.

"Come now Darius, I would never leave the keys to stop the bomb on the computer with the timer," Adam frowned looking a little insulted. Darius clicked a small radio, as he started to hunt.

"Well I kind of figured that, however even if you erased the information I need it should still be on the computer. This disk," he smirked as he pulled out a disk from a round shaped pack on his belt. He quickly found the disk drive and he entered the disk.

"Oh but what about poor Daean," Adam asked, "He isn't exactly in a safe position right now, oh he even has company," Adam smirked as a second camera feed appeared as Chris opened the main door with Zack right behind him.

"Idiots," Darius growled as he slammed his fist on the keyboard.

"One minute," Adam reminded, "Well I would love to keep you company but in classic Saturday villain style I have fireworks show to get to," Adam winked. "Besides I gain nothing for keeping you company have fun!" Adam shouted as Darius dashed out of the room ignoring as he mentally reminded himself of the time.

Daean frowned as his shield deflect the bullets of the growing number of fallen Angels surrounding him. HE summed up a few bolts above his shield electrocuting them as they got closer.

"Daean!" shouted Zack as the inner gate opened up and Zack charged the mass. Zack quickly decapitated two soldiers as his shield rippled form gun shot. Zack tossed, Daeans shield to him bashing a few to the side. Zack sheathed his sword as he charged up energy in right hand, he caved a fallen angels metallic helmet with one solid punch. The Fallen Angel flew into the crowed crating a small path to Daean.

Zack re-drew his blade as Chris kept close behind, holding his blade with two hands. Daean grabbed his shield and quickly surged electricity into it. Bashing a nearby fallen angel with the cut of the diamond shaped shield. The body dropped still surging with electricity, as Zack stood to Daean's right and Christ to his left.

"You two shouldn't really be here," Daean frowned,

"You complaining?" asked Zack, with a smirk,

"To be honest not really," as he swung his bright rapiers as tow fallen Angels dropped before him, "But I got a feeling Darius is going to be made.

"What is fifty laps for a friend in need?" Chris asked as he parried a blow, Daean smirked as he cut the attacker down.

"This doesn't look to bad," Zack smirked confident in there odds, "With your electricity, my powerful right, and Chris's um Chris-ness," he added dumbly as Chris shot him a hard look. "Nothing can stop us!" Zack proclaimed. As HE slashed the neck of one of the troops that entered his bubble shield,

"Heads up," Chris warned, as the other two glanced up to see three drop down from the walk way behind them,

"Drop back," Daean ordered as he shot a blast of electricity at the three before leaping back to avoid the three above them.

"They are getting better," Chris frowned, as one of the fallen Angels pointed a finger and suddenly the spike limb suddenly jetted at him. He moved to the side cutting the limb of as the metal splashed like mercury on the ground. The group watched in wonder as the metal suddenly moved like a snake back to the owner.

"That's new," Zack frowned, as the other fallen Angels started to replicate the move.

"But hardly problematic, just makes a bigger target for me," Daean smirked as the electricity into the metal fingers as the front line suddenly dropped to the ground.

"Nice," Zack smirked, "We got more jumpers," Zack warned, when they the jumpers were smashed mid air by a metallic door.

Darius dropped to base of the tower, raised his hand and the attacking group was suddenly slammed into the wall.

"Thirty seconds, run for the door!" shouted Darius as he decapitated three recovering fallen Angels that blocked his way. The three went wide eyed as they quickly dashed for the inner door.

"25 seconds," Darius thought to himself as he blasted the inner gate to keep it from closing. "20 seconds," he counted as he was half way to the outer gate cutting down a charging Fallen Angel. He turned to see a large group of sharp metallic fingers charging behind him. Daean raised his hands as a small storm of Electricity jolted the limbs and the corresponding troops dropped from the iner wall to the ground.

"Are we going to make it?" Chris shouted as he spun around an attacker allowing Zack to punch the troop of its feet.

"OF course," Zack smirked,

"Ten seconds," Darius remind, "Damn not enough time, stopping he grabbed at the metallic door. The door groaned in protest, "Five," he remind himself as the door fell to the ground, "Four"
the door flew over head. "Three," he was starting to sweat as the door crumbled around them. Darius gripped his hands as it formed a half circle. "Two" it started to fall around them. The bomb went off,

"Shit," Zack swore, as flames started to lick around three foot gap between the ground and the bottom of the shield.

"I miss counted," Darius realized horrified, as the others realized the blunt of the explosion had just ripped the tower apart. The group dived to the ground as a defining explosion went off.

Daean blinked as a jolt of electricity woke him with a jump, "Damn I feel like I got tossed into a drier," He muttered as he rubbed his swore head. He looked over to see Zack near the edge of the shield; Chris curled up next to him, and Darius laying near the back. Daean stood up as he felt the weight of his shield, sighing a bit he unstrapped he listed to it clang on the ground as he looked down at Chris. He looked over at Zack near the edge and noticed the rebel's hands were slightly burned. Daean walked over and dropped to his knees. Rolling Zack over the older man had lost his eyebrows and his face looked black. Placing his hand over Zack's chest he felt a faint heart beat,

"Mom?" Zack mumbled

"I certainly hope not," Daean joked wearily, as Zack blinked; he flexed his fingers a bit but winced.

"Not my greatest idea in the world, I can't move dude," Zack admitted, "What a trip," he smirked as he flinched again.

"Yeah I am going to check the others, you well you know," Daean smirked,

"Very funny," Zack muttered as he relaxed his head fell back to the dirt, "Ouch," he frowned as Daean got back to his shaky feet. Daean went off to Chris and checked, the heart beat faint but alive as well. Daean forced himself back to his feet, as he walked over to Darius,

"I am fine," Darius cut in before Daean dropped to his knees a third time, Darius rolled over onto hi side as he pushed himself back to his feet. Darius raised his hands up, the dome around them rumbled as he slowly pushed it up. "Need to move, if I don't we could suffocate," Darius struggled out as a small bit of air flew in.

"That's smell," Daean frowned as he covered up his noise, the smelt bothered horrible but he kicked his shield over to catch the dome before it feel back down. Darius dropped to one knee panting to regain his breath.

"Why are you so tired?" asked Daean as he patted his friend on the back,

"I," Darius started, "I had less than five seconds to create something to protect against a mass explosion," Darius wheezed, "IT was very tiring, I need rest wake me if anything happens," Darius panted out as he dropped back to the ground to recuperate.

"Darius and the others are down!" Sam shouted, as he dashed out of the meeting room. The troops all paused. "Well get a truck ready, inform the other heads we have no time to lose," Daean ordered. The soldiers below quickly scattered like ants, as Daean leaped over the railing and somersaulted to the ground swiftly. A transport truck suddenly spun out in front of him. Daean blinked, "Alicia, when did you get that good at driving," Sam frowned she stopped after a really fast turned and the truck wasn't on its side.

"Yeah good, um how about you drive," Chrest frowned as she dragged a now shaking Alicia out of the driver's seat. Sam pulled open the truck to see Alicia still nervous; giving a small sigh he clicked on his belt and slammed on the accelerator.

Daean frowned as he slumped against the side of the wall; he winced as he felt his back to feel something wet, checking his hand he saw a bit of blood. Checking his back he had a bit of shrapnel nothing serious but painful. Daean's eyes went wide as he quickly crawled over to Darius to check his uniform over for blood.

"What are you doing?" asked Daean frowning as his rest was being interrupted,

"Looking for shrapnel, we don't need anyone bleeding out," Daean frowned as he stopped satisfied when his search came up empty. Daean quickly moved to Chris checking his sides he then reach around. "Shit," Daean swore as he slowly flipped Chris to his side,

"What?" asked Darius as he sat back up.

"When need some couth or something Chris has got bits off shrapnel in his back," Daean frowned not sure what to do. Darius quickly regained his energy and crawled over,

"Set him on his back, I have a bit of Chrest's water," Darius frowned, as Daean rummaged thru sleeves to brink out a small bottle. Darius ripped open Chris's shirt as he start to check for something. "Open it up," Darius ordered as he held out his hand, pouring on som water Darius quickly inspected the wounds. "No bubbles thank Kami," Darius sighed, okay get me some bandages we need to get him wrapped up as best we can.

"Shouldn't we take the metal out, that can't be good for him," Daean frowned as he handed the gauze over.

"That was super heated that would kill any bacteria, messing with it now would get him infected. So help me wrap him up," Darius ordered as he grabbed the material and started to wrap him up.

"So what, now?" asked Daean, Darius pressed his earring,

"Now we call in some help, if it isn't already on the way," Darius frowned, "Hope I got bad news for you," Darius frowned, Daean laid back down as he looked over at Chris the teen's breath was still shallow. He looked over at Zack who was now crouched down against the crumpled up metal. Zack didn't look to good either but all they could do now was wait.

Sam applied the break as they appeared outside of the ruins of the fourth base. The bases outer wall was now a mass of rock and scrap. The only parts still standing was the inner wall's gate frame. A small. The troops quickly dropped out of the back a few now sporting Ak-47's but the majority still sported a shield and sword.

"Spread out and see if you can find and stragglers," Sam ordered, "Alicia, Chrest, both are with me the rest follow me and keep your weapons loaded," Sam ordered.

"No need ten gems says they are under that dome," Alicia pointed as she quickly ran off to the object a few yard away from the outer gate frame. Sam shrugged as they quickly dashed after, the group found a small gap.

"Well if it isn't Daean's new shield, and if I were to take a guess," Sam smirked,

"You guys okay?" Sam called in, as he leaned his ear in to hear his echo,

"Not sow load," Groaned Zack,

"We found them get over were we need to lift this," Chrest ordered, Alicia looked around to see the other troops quickly dashing over to help. She leaned down and looked in only seeing shadows

"Hey Alicia," Daean chuckled,

"You okay?" asked Alicia know full well the stupidity of the question,

"How nothing to bad, but let's just say I will not be standing in front of explosions again," Daean chuckled. "They have a habit of being hazardous to your health," Daean laughed.

"Seconded," Zack muttered, as the group was flooded with sun light as Sam and the others pushed the cover off.

"Chrest, Chris needs you," Darius motioned as she quickly moved over to see him.

"This is bad he has lost a lot of blood," she frowned as she looked over him. Darius stood to his full height holding his side, when he notice the blood that had pooled under Chris. "We need to get him to the truck, quickly," Chrest instructed. Two troopers quickly dashed back to the truck, Daean turned away, swallowing hard as he walked away to the truck.

"What's wrong?" asked Alicia as she turned to him,

"Just, it's just the sight of his blood its bothering me," Daean frowned as he walked back to the truck to rest. Alicia watched as Chris was quickly taken into the back of the truck,

"Alicia," Chrest called, Alicia stood up and quickly entered the back with a few others of the medical corps, Dr. Eyes had founded.

"So, any luck on the data?" asked Sam as he looked over at the inner ruins. Darius shook his head,

"It was the data or four lives," Darius frowned as he limped over to the truck as well, Sam frowned as well.

"That's remains to be seen," Sam replied, "What are you standing around I want the rubble of the tower cleared we need to see if we can salvage the data we need," Sam ordered. The others quickly scattered under Sam's orders.

"You're rather pessimistic about his chances," Darius commented as he looked over at Sam,

"The amount of blood he lost I don't think his chances are very high at all," Sam frowned.

"He will make it!" Zack shouted, "He has to," the black haired man whispered, Sam rolled his eyes angrily as he moved past him.

"Tell that to the last hundred we lost, last time, in my eyes one man is hardly a detrimental lose," Sam shrugged,

"You bastard!" Zack shouted as he grabbed Sam by the collar Darius tried to move to stop him as a smack echoed the area. Sam was now sporting a fist size burse on his face. Zack glared at Sam, how remained indifferent when Zack noticed a small amount of water fall past Sam's eye. Sam swatted Zack's arms away and quickly walked to the tower.

"You'll see!" Zack shouted, "He'll be just fine," Zack calmed down as he looked over at Daean,

"We can hope for the best," Daean smirked, when Chrest boots hit the dirt, the group quickly surrounded her.

"There is not much I can do for him, he lost too much blood," She frowned. "I am sorry," she apologized. Everyone felt a cruel feeling of dread, Zack felt to his knees as he looked at his burned hands, no longer caring about his own well being. Daean lowered his head in respect; Darius went over to other side of the truck leaning up against it for support as Alicia started to weep inside. Chrest looked over to see Sam with his hands folded in what appeared to be prayer.

"If anyone has anything to say now would be the time to say it," Chrest frowned, "The blood loss is getting to him and I don't know how much longer he will be with us," Chrest informed. Zack leaped to his feet as he entered the back of the truck.

"Chris, hey body I am sorry, I shouldn't have convinced you to run in with me, it's my fault you're in this shape," Zack apologized. Daean turned away from the noise trying his best not to listen in.

"It's okay, I wanted to go we needed to help Daean, he's the leader an all," Chris whispered. Daean shook his head.

"This is my fault is I hadn't been so interested in all the movement I wouldn't have been spotted," Daean frowned to himself. He looked up at the sun, Daean frowned as he closed his eyes in a cruel feeling of defeat sunk in.

Zack dropped out of the truck, "He's gone," Zack frowned as Chrest gave him a comforting hug. Daean looked over to see Zack shaking silently in her hands. HE looked farther in and surprisingly saw Sam with a shovel as it started to dig a grave for the fallen Comrade. Darius suddenly walked over with his own shovel, and soon Zack joined them. Daean stood up as well and grabbed a shovel out from under the bench in the truck and quickly walked over to help.

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