The Blessed

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Chapter 31

Daean frowned as he dropped the now meted part of the main computer next to back wheel of the truck. Darius was thumbing, over there levitating what he could the group was still in deep thought over Chris.

"Darius," Chrest asked as she tried to get his attention. "Darius!" she shouted, the man snapped out of his daydream, accidently dropping the rock and metal he was levitating.

"Yes," he snapped rather frustrated he was interrupted, She looked around at the others and Darius followed as well. "Oh, well there isn't much point in staying here," Darius frowned. "Let's see if we can gain anything from these computer parts, and if not we will have to search out the final location and hope for the best," Darius frowned, "Everyone load up we are moving out someone pack up the equipment," Darius ordered the troops quickly got to work as they packed in the remains and started file in. Daean was the last to get in he looked back and in the shadow of the front gate was a poorly shaped metal headstone.

"Here lies, Chris, a good teen and better friend," Daean nodded one last time as he stepped into the van and sat down next to Darius.

"Okay, everyone is in time to, okay jokes over un-lock the door," Sam frowned as he glared in at Chrest, She stuck her tongue out and pointed. Sam grumbled as he walked to the back, he got in only to trip on the top of the tailgate. The group chuckled at Sam who stood up and sat down opposite Daean.

Darius was slowly wrapping up the equipment as best he could slowly placing the disk like objects as carefully as possible. Daean frowned not really caring at the moment and leaned back as best he could. The truck started up and the bumps started up.

"Ouch," Complained Daean as he rubbed the back of his head,

"Yeah you get use to that after the first dozen trips in one of these things," Darius smirked as he finished packaging everything up and putting into a separate, over the shoulder, bag.

"Oh yeah you really know who to keep the troops happy," Daean winced as the group was shook up some more.

"Why do you think I wanted to drive?" asked Daean, as he crossed his arms and looked out the back.

"Bet you would have rammed into every pot hole just to spite the Murf boy over there," pointed out of the solder, Sam gave him a glare as the guy backed off.

"That's beside the point," Daean frowned, "Well when we get back to the base I am going to want a full debriefing," Sam informed as he looked at Daean. Daean nodded as Sam turned back to the view. Daean looked over at the front of the truck wondering what Alicia was doing.

"Alicia?" asked Chrest as he placed her hand on the younger woman's shoulder. Alicia shook under the grip as she buried her face in her hands. "Alicia what's wrong?" Chrest,

"What do you thinks wrong," Alicia snapped as she glared at her, "We lost another one, and, and, I wasn't able to help. Now Chris is dead we have no hope of getting the new password and coordinates," She carried on.

Alicia calm down," Chrest hushed,

"Don't tell me to calm down, that just makes me feel worse," She muttered he tears had stopped but she was now glaring out the window. Chrest frowned as she flicked her wrist and a small hanky metalized and she handed it to Alicia. Alicia blew her noise, in silence as she looked out the window in silcence. "It's just," Alicia frowned, "There was nothing we could do, and ever since this all started, I haven't," She fumed, She slammed her fist into the side of the door. She blinked, and looked over at Chrest wasn't moving, the truck wasn't moving. Alicia took a deep long breath and just released it. Feeling her frustration dissipate she leaned back into the chair. Whipping her face with her sleeve she finally relaxed as time started moving forward again.

"Sorry, didn't mean anything by it," Chrest apologized as she glanced over at her.

"No its fine, I am still upset with Chris dying, I have some real medical training now and it useless I couldn't help at all. It's frustrating always being the one person nobody needs to have around," Alicia frowned.

"This isn't about Chris is it?" asked Chrest, She shook her head,

"Never even met him, he was young and it was a tragedy but, I can't help but not feel anything over it, yet part of me things I should be," Alicia admitted.

"Sam just wanted every death to be remembered he wasn't too thrilled about the party and I think that was just his breaking point," Chrest frowned as she looked back at the small window to see Sam glaring over at Darius.

"Probably cause we are so un-organized it's a wonder this 'army' is still functioning at all," Alicia snapped. Then a small smirk formed on her face,

"Looks like someone has found something to do," Chrest murmured as she revved up the truck. "Look another bump," She smirked as the back of the truck bounced.

"My head!" shouted Daean as the group in the back chuckled at his misfortune. Alicia looked into the back of the truck as the group shared a small laugh. She gave a weak smirk as she started to think over her idea.

"Okay I re organized all the files, took down personal notes on different people, and recognized each file so we know exactly who is under who," Alicia frowned as she slapped Chris's file onto the ground. "So now that we got that out of the way some care to explained why nobody besides Justine actually went thru their files?" Alicia growled as she level a glare at the group.

"You offering?" asked Justine,

"Finished, no thanks to you and that mess you made, you impatient bastard," Alicia snapped, Justine instantly shut up.

Darius allowed himself a small smirk, approving of Alicia new if more than likely momentary take charge attitude. Looking over he watched Sam grab the file to inspect it, Darius shrugged it off as he wondered exactly what had killed the Chris. "The explosion the shrapnel blood loss, my own stupidity for thinking the two would obey orders," Darius pondered.

"So each of you will be going over all your files for men under your lead; As well as any military movement to be brought up in meeting to be confirmed as well by a two thirds majority agreement," Alicia informed as she sat down. Darius looked over at Hope who was smirking in satisfaction at the change of events.

"So what are we going to do, the death was cause The two both disobeyed orders, there should be repercussions," Nicholas frowned.

"That would be pointless and possibly harmful," Sam pointed out, from behind the folder, "And these files are all out of order," Sam frowned.

"Ignoring the second part, the loss of a close comrade will be more than enough for him," Darius interrupted. "He was put under me and as such I fell no reason to give Zack anymore grief over the death," Darius informed.

"Your soldier may have died but Zack is my under me all the same," Sarten informed. "Something should come of this. So who about he works under Alicia as her assistant since she plans on bring more organization to are paper work," Sarten offered. The group nodded in acceptance,

"He was only 16," Sam frowned as the file fell to the table. He glared hard at Darius, "Why would you bring a 16 your old onto a mission like this, hell why didn't you take more than just three men all together?" Sam questioned.

"It was a infiltration mission, Hope green lighted it, and I tool Daean, and two people to inform the army if anything happened to me. I honestly didn't thing Zack or Chris would get involved,"

"What was his blessed ability?" asked Sam as he clapped his hands, Darius had to think for a moment,

"He had the ability to, unlock just about anything," Darius frowned as he realized not only was the information he need gone a way around it was now gone as well. The group all just stared at him as Daean looked over and picked up one of the hard drive disks.

So now what?" Snapped Sam as he glared over at Hope, Hope held out her hand,

"A solution will present itself," she replied as she looked over at Daean. "Careful with that you don't want to hurt yourself. Darius frowned as he looked to Daean and then to Hope again.

"Solution, you travel back in time give me the damn password!" Darius shouted as he slammed his fist on the table.

"Excuse me?" asked Big Mama as she looked down at Hope, "You mean to tell me you know the passwords. Sam had now turned his glare at Hope,

"I said no such thing, time traveler does not mean all knowing," Hope frowned, as she leaned back in her chair. "I will not, and cannot repair your mistakes Darius we will have to Hope an opportunity comes knocking," Hope explained.

"Hey look at this," Daean laughed as he used his electivity and was now spinning the disks in mid air, "This is so cool," Daean laughed, the group turned to Daean now all blinking in confusion.

"Daean knock it of this not the time to be playing with junk," Darius frowned, as Daean looked away and realized what was going on around him. Daean dropped the disks and on dropped, Darius frowned as he grabbed one of the disks.

"22.7314 north by 39.1223 East," Darius blinked, "Pass code: 6202010," Darius shook his head and blinked.

"You have got to be kidding me," Sam frowned, "Since doesn't work like that," Sam frowned, "No I don't believe it," Sam denied.

"Well it's all we've, got to go on," Hope replied sounding very uncertain even to herself as she looked at the others.

"Please tell me someone wrote that down," Daean frowned as he looked over to see Hope quickly scribbling down the coordinates.

"That would be about the red sea, that be about a two day drive, are best bet would be to head there as a full group since it would be impossible for us to call in reinforcements," Nicholas frowned,

"SO its decided then everyone pack up we got one last base to raid before we take the fight home," Hope announced an amused smile on her face.

"Since and computers don't work that way," Sam reasoned in frustration,

"In world filled with super power, decomposing men and woman, as well as God living in the former state of Texas. I wouldn't question it too much," Lucius shrugged. Sam rolled his eyes,

"Whatever, well let's get organized and get everything moving," Sam frowned as he got up out of his chair. The rest stood up,

"So we plan on coming back here?" asked Nicholas as Darius followed Sam out of the room.

"Take everything we would need for a long siege," Justine frowned, "IF we go in full force we could be there for a good long time," Justine explained,

"So, keep a small group here to keep the farming equipment running. A small group of trucks to guard and transport," Daean guessed.

"Sounds like a plan, if I ever heard one, so who is staying this time?" asked Nicholas,

"I would say Darius, he recent screw up will need time to settle, he may not be in the best of shape to lead," Big Mama offered.

"SO we will put him in charge of food movement?" asked Daean, The two looked over at Daean,

"Actually that would make perfect sense," Nicholas admitted, "Daean, I have to admit I didn't really expect much from you. I am happily surprised you are level headed enough to put forth such good idea," Nicholas admitted.

"Hehe," Daean chuckled as he looked down an embarrassed grin on his face. "I just go with what I think works best," Daean replied. "I mean you guys where probably thinking along those lines anyway," Daean smirked as he looked up at them.

"All the Same, time to suit up," Lucius nodded as the rest got up to get ready, "Daean, you talk to Darius and make sure he is informed of everything," Daean nodded as he smiled at Alicia who turned away. Daean shrugged and quickly dashed out to catch up with Darius.

Quickly dashing down the stairs he spotted Darius walking along the outer wall, quickly dashing up the latter Darius was standing still watching the sun set.

"You know it's not as green out west more red and orange," Darius frowned. "It's a good way to measure distance but the stars are still preferred," Daean didn't speak, "I have lead a lot of battles, and I will be the first to admit I am not bad at it. But this one, ouch," He frowned as he leaned his head back. He looked over at Daean a small smirk on his face.

"You're going to be," Daean started but Daean raised his hand to cut him off,

"Benched, yeah I know, that want me to cool off, give me time to relax," Darius smirked. "Its kinda really I came over here not really expecting success and even now it still eludes me,"

"What are you talking about you've been searching for a long time, you served out here not many people can do that on their own," Daean frowned as he held his hand to the setting sun,

"It took years for my father to grow anything, he had to rely on the kindness of the people here," Daean explained. "You however survived in a hostile environment for two years with now help. Not to mention they tried to kill you of, you had to have been getting close it was just a matter of time," Daean defended.

"You really mean that," Darius smiled as he looked over at Daean, "Thanks, it's funny I hate my blessed ability but it's all that I have been able to use to help, You Daean you've got skill but you done a lot more than anyone could have asked for,"

"I had a lot of help, and got my ass kicked even more," Daean frowned, "to be honest I want to be like you always helping and protecting. Even if it was because you felt guilty you tried to get me a new home as well. Darius you're far too hard on yourself, you snuck in orchestrated a break out from the inside. Half this army is alive thanks to your efforts," Daean admitted giving Darius a pat on the back. "Let's face it you have lead the most attacks than anyone else here, you have done the most, so let's face it the more you do the more chances you have to screw up," Daean reasoned.

"Gee thanks," Darius smirked, "The more I do I was going to screw up eventually," he was all but laughing at this point.

"Well you did give us are new direction and are fourth password, even without intending to you still gave us what we needed. Think of it like a well earned vacation," Daean smirked.

"Yeah I well I didn't do it on my own," Darius smirked back,

"Yeah you had the great and talented boy form a small town and recently lost family," Daean smirked as he pounded on his chest. "Boy that's so cliché," Laughed Daean, Darius smirked as well, as the two shared a loud laugh.

Alicia was walking around the trucks making sure everything was strapped down and organized, the other soldiers were prepping their gear, while others were loading gear. She looked over to see Sam talking to Nicholas and motioning wildly with a note pad in his other hand. Alicia walked over to the pair as they finished talking.

"So make sure all the radios are all on the same station and we will have every group separate the trucks with about 5 rows of twelve," Sam explained, "One moment," Sam frowned as he noticed big Mama had dropped a box of ammo. Alicia stood next to Nicholas as she watched Sam help her gather everything up.

"What a guy," Nicholas smirked,

"Sam's weird like that," Alicia smirked, "One moment he will cut you down the next he will help you out,"

"He's seen a lot," Nicholas observed, Alicia looked at him confused, "You pick a thing or two on reading people in my line of work. I have seen him space out in thought and he seems to hold a large respect for just about everything. I heard he was ticked about are lake of respect for the dead during the last outing," Nicholas frowned.

"Yeah, he is a piece of work all right, don't think I have ever seen him smile either," Alicia reasoned.

"Seems like the type to smile only when he wants to he is honest if nothing else," Nicholas smirked. "Here is something for you, Big Mama asked what he thought about bring in cigarettes for the troops. He told her," Nicholas smirked, "You bring anything like that I will use it as an excuse to take the beer out as well," Nickolas mocked. "Never seen a guy so many opposites at once, kind of makes me wonder what shaped him,"

"Yeah why a guy like him is being a hermit out in the middle of the dead lands," Hope frowned as she started to wonder.

"My best bet is betrayal of some kind," Nicholas reasoned, as Sam started to walk back over to the pair.

"Hello Alicia," Sam greeted, as he inclined his head a bit,

"That was nice of you," Alicia smirked as she watched big Mama walk away, Sam waved it off,

"Guess chivalry isn't dead yet," Nickolas chuckled,

"Hardly, she needed help and someone had to, why not me," Sam shrugged, not really seeing anything in it.

"Well I will start working on the radios," Nicholas explained as he walked away.

"So anything you need to point out on marching rank?" asked Sam as he started to walk along the trucks his hands folded behind him.

"Not really everything seems fair point," Alicia replied,

"Glade to see the beautiful supervisor approves," Sam smirked as he looked over at her. Alicia froze up for a movement as their eyes meet.

"You hardly need supervising you group is the most organized out of everyone here," Alicia shrugged.

"Nope Justine's got his much better than mine, he's got everything fixed perfectly," Sam reasoned as he looked over at the professional mercenary.

"Well wasn't it your idea, to space out the medics so like we did?" asked Alicia Sam shook his head again.

"No Dr. Eyes advised that I just used it," Sam admitted as he pointed to a soldier to drop something off in one of the trucks father down.

"I am not going to get you to take credit for anything are you?" asked Alicia as she stopped and put her hands on her hips.

"Nope," He smirked as he looked back at her, "I have no original ideas, of my own I just incorporate what I see works and twist to my own uses," Sam admitted,

"You worked with the military before then?" she asked,

"I thought we were clear on this yeah, I worked, but not one that you would know of," Sam smirked,

"Try me," Alicia dared,

"Okay Project blessed, small military operation designated to hunting down blessed that were a treat to locals, I was part of a group that took on Shiva in the North America's. When I got back the group had been shut down so I decided to follow my mentor's last words and stayed out here to keep an eye on Shiva," Sam explained,

"So you lost your mentor then?" Alicia asked,

"More or less yes, all the same, I would prefer to talk about this, if we most, in more casual setting say lunch sometime?" Sam asked.

"I take I am not going to get anymore answers unless I comply," Alicia frowned,

"Come now you're a smart girl, probably could however I believe if you want something you need to give something return. All I ask is for your presence," Sam replied.

"Well since you put me on the spot, I suppose it wouldn't hurt tell you what you find a nice place and I would be more than happy to," She smiled.

"So it's a Date then, I'll let you know when I have everything ready for," Sam smiled but before Alicia could protest he had vanished in between the trucks.

"Ah date huh?" She mused to herself, "I have no idea what to do during a date," Alicia frowned when someone put tapped her shoulder. "Eek!" She jumped grabbing her pole to swat the person.

"OUCh," Daean frowned as he rubbed the side of his face,

"Oh I am so sorry it's just I have been so jumpy," Alicia quickly apologized, as Daean rubbed the side of his face.

"So what was that all about?" asked Daean, "And where did you get the new staff?"

"Oh the staff it was a gift from a helper after Shiva, he called himself Gabriel, it sound silly but he helped me out and gave me this staff, and helped me get back to base," Alicia replied.

"I heard you were walking but I just thought," Daean frowned, "Crap I was suppose to talk to you about that I am so sorry. I guess I had that hit coming," Daean frowned as he folded his hand over his eyes.

"You've been busy I don't expect you to be taking care of me all the time, and me and Sam were just talking," Alicia answered. "I was hoping to learn more about him, but unlike Lucius and Darius who tell all, he still has yet to answer a strait question," she frowned. Daean frowned not sure he licked her recent interest in the older man.

"Understandable, I guess I wouldn't mind talking to him more, now that I think about it ever since the breakout we haven't been having out at all," Daean realized.

"Well we best get back to work," Alicia chirped, as she quickly got back to her inspection. Daean frowned,

"Woman, never understand why her attitude flip-flops so much," Daean frowned,

"Well it could be because Sam asked her out on a date," Sarten explained as Daean quickly spun around to see the metal legged man standing behind him.

"Really," Daean realized as he looked back around at Alicia,

"Yep, too bad you missed out huh?" Sarten frowned, "She is quiet the girl, I honestly thought you two were going to hook up, but I guess you value her friendship too much to chance it," Sarten theorized.

"Yeah, I don't think I am doing to good at being a friend either," Daean admitted,

"Understandable you are the figure head, and you have been busy," Sarten reasoned,

"That's hardly an excuse, in trying to protect he have I driven her way already?" Daean frowned,

"It's not easy to balance everything out go talk to her, we are not due to leave, until tomorrow so have at it," Sarten shrugged. Daean nodded, as he quickly dashed after her. "I don't think that was my wisest decision but, I would really hate to see the kid lose his only friend," Sarten mumbled to himself.

"Okay think something to talk about, powers, now um let's see her, um life after all this that's it," Daean nodded to himself as he walked up to Alicia for the second time. "Alicia," Daean called making sure not to startle her a second time.

"Oh, Hi Daean something bother you?" asked Alicia,

"Yeah, well I was wondering what are we going to be doing after all this is over?" asked Daean,

"Well, despite Hope's warming after seeing all this I would prefer to try and settle down again. This isn't the life I want Daean I want to find a place to plant some roots," She admitted.

"Sounds fair enough, any place in mind?" Daean asked, trying to keep the conversation moving.

"Daean, look I understand why you want to talk, don't worry we are still friends, okay if you want us to stick together. I would like that but for now I have a job to do so we can talk latter, okay," Alicia answered giving him a soft smile.

"Right," Daean frowned feeling very dejected; He was startled when he found himself in a hug.

"You're my best friend Daean," She smiled, Daean flinched at friend by Alicia didn't notice. "I know what I want you good guy but now isn't the time for us to be talking. We got jobs to do okay," Daean nodded in agreement feeling more alone now than ever. "Smile Dean, we can talk on the way to the base," She reasoned Daean nodded in agreement.

"I would like that," he smiled she patted him on his un-bruised cheek as she turned around to get back to work. "But ever since we left home I feel more and more alone," Daean frowned. "I guess I hoped we would always be together," he frowned as he felt alone despite the number of people around him.

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