The Blessed

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Chapter 32

Daean twiddled his fingers as he felt more and more guilt stake up on him. "And that's why Sam had to go back to get the van," Alicia explained. "Daean relax, it was fun to have something to do besides being the damsel in distress. Cheer up I don't blame you and neither should you," She frowned as she hugged him from around his neck.

"I still feel bad," Daean admitted, as he looked out the window, "So that's the red sea huh?" asked out load as he looked out of Sam's window.

"Yeah according to the bible thru an act of God Mosses parted it," Sam informed,

"Sounds a little farfetched," Daean frowned Sam gave him a small smirk,

"This is coming from the guy who shot out how many volts of electricity?" asked Sam as he put his eyes back on the dirt road.

"Point taken," Daean admitted,

"Wouldn't be cool to have a place out by the sea?" asked Alicia as she looked over at Daean. Daean shrugged,

"Not sure to be honest it pretty cool looking," Daean admitted but didn't feel to comfortable about living near the water.

"Wouldn't recommend most large bodies of water have a lot of pirate problems the only safe area would be the Caribbean near Eden, almost all the other areas are pirate infested. Makes me wonder why they have a base all the way out here," Sam admitted,

"You think they were building a navy over here?" asked Daean, a little worried since they had no way of combating land to ship very well.

"I don't think they had the resources to be honest," Sam shrugged.

"I have been going over it and I agree, the seems to have a lot more than they could get from raiding the local area," Alicia admitted.

"Someone has been doing research, I am impressed," Sam smirked

"Well this stuff isn't free, but it does make me wonder where they get there funding," Alicia admitted as she rubbed the back of her head. Daean smirked,

"Well this Alicia we are talking about she has a knack for noticing things like that," Daean admitted thinking back. "Let see there was there was the missing battery, the extra farming equipment," Daean listed off. "Now that I think about Alicia here, knew a little bit of everything,"

"Well it was a small town I didn't have much to do but learn about the area," Alicia admitted, as she looked down at her lap. Soon a small base loomed in the distance. The base had no light on nothing seemed to move on the outer walls.

"Sam you getting a reading?" crackled Nicholas over the radio. Alicia grabbed the radio, and despite worrying situation was smiling as she answered.

"Sam said now but that's not a guarantee in this area," Alicia replied, as she gave Daean thumbs up. Sam rolled his eyes in amusement as Nicholas responded,

"We should stop the army and head in on foot just a few of us to scout it out, I don't like the looks of this," Nicholas admitted.

"Okay," Alicia agreed as Sam parked the truck and pocketed the keys. The ringleader all met at the front and formed a small circle.

"Okay so we head in around the outside and see if the base is still active. Nicholas will take point in his rock skin. And the rest well see if they can find anything," Hope explained.

"This feels like an even bigger trap than the bomb at least that place had a guard," Daean frowned.

"I just hope this isn't one elaborate trap," Sam frowned,

"Lucius move quickly around the right; I'll take the left and have everyone form a defensive line around the trucks," Sam. The knight nodded as him and Sam quickly moved to organize a long line in the sand, quickly grouping the trucks together and spreading out the arm around them.

As the two worked a line the others quickly formed an arrow and started to move each person with their hands on their shield generators

The sun was starting to set as Alicia looked up at the now darkening sky, the outer walls seemed stained with seaweed around the lower area of the walls. Alicia gulped when they finally reached the outer wall.

"Alicia you okay?" asked Daean as he looked over at his friend, she was shivering a bit.

"Me, yeah I am fine," She smiled back, "I am just remembering all those ghost stories you father use to tell us around the fire,"

"Yeah he sure told a good ghost story, but they way things look bullets are going to be are biggest issue," Daean admitted as everyone started to pull out grappling hooks. The group all went stiff when the main gates opened up. The group froze waiting for anything to come out of the gates and after what seemed like an hour Daean started to move to check it out. Daean frowned seeing nothing he waved the others over and pulled out his revolver.

Nicholas moved to the point again with Daean right behind him keeping his scoops on the upper walkways. The group got about mid way when the sun finally set, everyone retrieved a small flashlight and clicked them out.

"Okay fan out everyone break up into pairs and start to circle the area. Try and find some lights," Big Mama ordered. Everyone nodded as the group quickly scattered, and entered one of the local buildings.

Daean opened the door up and fiddled with the light switch. "Nothing," he frowned as Alicia pecked around using her flash light.

"The whole place has been gutted," She frowned as she looked up at Daean, "Look around not a thing, no hooks or wires the place looks like they built the structure but never anything else," The two quickly moved farther in to the building each inspecting each room but fining nothing in it.

"Daean?" asked Alicia as she looked around her friend having vanished from sight. She quickly whipped the flash light around trying to find him.

"Ahh," Daean shouted as he rubbed his eyes, watch were you swing that thing," Daean frowned as he blinked trying to recover from the sudden flash of light.

"I am so sorry," Alicia apologized when their walky-talky acted up,

"Alicia, Daean, come in are you okay?" Called Sarten of the com. Alicia hastily grabed it from her belt.

"Nothing, we are good, Daean just screamed is all," Alicia responded into the devise.

"I did not scream," Daean denied as he frowned at the coment.

"Nothing on are end," Sarten admitted, "Everything in the outer walls is cleared out. Me and Justine here hasn't seen so much as a rat let alone a piece of furniture,"

"Hope took the north side by herself," Big Mama cut in.

"Hope she knows what she is doing," Alicia frowned, "A dark base his hardly the places to be hanging out let alone explore by oneself," Alicia bit her thumb in concern for the woman's wellbeing.

"I wouldn't worry about her too much," Justine sounded in the distance. "That old Hag is more grief than she is worth,"

"Hag am I?"Hope growled as he hered the echo reverberate of the wall's from Justine jumping in surprise.

"Holy cow," Sarten muttered "Give a man a warning next time," Daean and Alicia chuckled at the idea of Hope scarring two fully gowned men.

"What's so funny asked?" Lucius as he walked up next to the chuckling duo. Daean's heart skipped a beat but he didn't react as Alicia jumped in surprise.

"Lucius, so that means Sam is hanging around here as well," Daean realized as Alicia playfully glared at Lucius. The man gave a good natured smile at the woman,

"Yeah, he is looking for Big Mama and Nick," Lucius replied.

"the north areas are cleared," Big Mama informed.

"Good, every one meet up at the inner gate after each is done with their instructed area," Hope ordered everyone agreed and quickly got moving.

Alicia traced her hand on the outer wall, as the group walked back to the inner gate. She frowned as she felt the small dents in it. Nicholas was waiting outside the inner gate and it opened up slowly.

"You head on in I am going to check the door for any sensors or camera's," Sam informed as he walked over to the left door and started to par it down. Nicholas nodded as the group looked around, the area was filled with boxes as Justine and Nicholas nodded to each other.

"Start taking apart these crates, make sure there is nothing living in any of them," Nicholas ordered.

"Hold your horses I can do this easily enough," Dr. Eyes frowned as she blinked and was soon inspecting the boxes. "Nothing all the boxes in this area are empty,"

"A delay tactic?" asked Justine a little concerned,

"Possible we should move quickly to the main security room to make sure everything isn't going to blow up in the next ten minutes," Daean agreed not wanting a repeat performance. The group quickly dashed to the main tower and after running up the spiral stairs they entered the main room. Daean quickly moved and pressed the power button and Adam flashed onto the screen.

"Hello Darius, wait your not Darius," Adam relized as he looked at Daean, The young man gave him a dead look.

"Never would have guessed," Daean frowned as a green energy field activated cutting them off from the only door.

"Well, I had a speech worked out and everything, does this mean the dog is dead?" asked Adam a little hopeful.

"No but, we decided he should sit this one out," Daean admitted, "He is hardly a dog by the way after all he has been thwarting your plans a lot lately," Daean pointed out. Adam shrugged,

"It matters not but the game is costing me far too much I decided, that I will wait it out and we shall end this soon enough in my northern base," Adam explained, as a small icon appeared. "This will give you all the passwords and I have left a thumb drive to down load them onto. We will meet one last time to end this," Adam explained as Daean quickly followed the onscreen instructions.

"Everything seems in order," Daean frowned as he looked back at the exit,

"So it seems, well is there any way I convince you to join my side?" Adam asked.

"Give everyone back their homes and lives, that would be a good place to start," Daean frowned,

"You don't know what you ask but I suppose I can't expect you to understand things from my point of view," Adam frowned.

"You may be in the right or the wrong, but to be honest I have seen what you are willing to do and I could never allow myself to join you cause of that," Daean admitted, as he stared at the man.

"I suppose you are correct, come let us end this next we meet, if we meet will be face to face I look forward to meeting you soon, Daean," Adam frowned as the commuter flashed off. The group turned around and the green field flashed off.

"Well that was unexpected," Daean frowned as Sam busted into the room,

"We got a problem we just got word From Darius, the main base is under attack," Sam panted out. "I got everyone moving but we don't have much time it's going to take at least two days to get back," Sam announced the group exchanged glasses as Daean quickly charged out of the room. Daean leaped of the side of the building and quickly dashed to the front gate.

"No time to lose every one pile into the trucks Drop some gear if we have I want us there by tomorrow!" Daean ordered as everyone quickly followed orders and started to pile in.

"Incoming!" Shouted Zack as The group leaned against the outer wall's ledge on the upper balcony.

"This is bad," Chrest frowned, "We only have about three hundred here," Chrest informed as Darius pulled out a grenade and lobbed it over the wall.

"We should have anticipated this," Darius frowned, "Keep that Door held!" Darius ordered as men and woman kept pilling things on to keep the door form breaking down.

"The eastern Wall has been breached!" Darius was informed, growling his drew his sword and quickly dashed to the point of entry. A small wedge in the wall had been blown opened as about twelve fallen Angels had started to make their way in. Darius leaped in font and quickly sliced down three of them before raising his hand and blasting the rest back out.

Darius activated his shield planted his feet as he readied for the next round. The fallen Angels quickly charged back in some started to open fire. Darius raised his hand as his gun floated outside of his shield and quickly head shot the idiots. Three changed him as Darius concentrated on his blade sharpening it to an almost inhuman sharpness. And a flash cut three down one right after the other; a Fallen Angel Sporting a katana and started stabbing at him. Darius quickly cut the sword in half before a swift stroke and the man's head was on the ground. Darius concentrated with all his might as he started to grabbed the extra metal and force it back into place to prevent any more from entering.

"Get some blow torches over here and seal this area off," Darius ordered as a few Fallen Angels started to climb over the wall. Each pulled up a rocket launcher about twenty all together and aimed. Darius frowned.

Zack charged the group as he drew energy into his fist the first one spotted him put it was too late. Zack rammed his fist into the first helmet, shattering it in a single blow his fist kept going until all twenty dropped to the ground headless. Zack gave Darius the thumbs up as Darius quickly levitated the rocket launchers and all twenty fired. Darius leaped up to the wall.

"Impressive," Darius admitted, when a man in a blue cape leaped over the wall, The man quickly swung to hammers at his head. "Mabush," Darius frowned,

"Surprise surprise," Mabush smirked as he took of his hood. Hi helmet was only up around the back part of his head.

"What happened to you?" asked Darius concerned that the man's helmet wasn't all the way up.

"Your electrical friend burned out my suit they had to rip my helmet off in order for me to breathe. I owe him a good head smashing but first you," Mabush explained as he moved to take Darius's head off. The man smashed his hammer knocking Darius Katana out of his hand. Darius felt a spike from the man's armor go thru his side. Darius frowned as he grabbed his wounded side. Zack Charged from the side to punch him only for his feet to get taken out with a well placed hammer throw.

"Shit," Zack swore as he rolled into the ground. As Mabush cast of his Blue Cape His armor was now light spiked with a small inch long spike on each knee and elbow. He was now sporting a pair of ripped black pants. His armor was now grooved around the jest allowing it to bend now that his suit was so badly damaged.

"I think it still looks more intimidating, maybe I should thank Daean, for what he did after I kill him," Mabush smirked as he cracked his neck. Dairus's face darkened,

"I think you need to stop talking before you find yourself in a world of hurt," Darius threatened,

"You after all the screw ups you caused, let's face it That Sensor on your teams more deadly than you are," Mabush dismissed. Darius could feel his fast twist in anger,

"Sam, that miserable little traitor?" Darius shouted, "Than fool is hardly a treat at all he turned tail an run if anything he couldn't handle came his way," Darius roared as he rased both hands Blasting Mabush thru the metal wall. Darius walked out of energy rippling around his body as his eyes seemed to faintly glow.

Darius raised a hand and all the Fallen Angels in front of him were blasted away, He casually walked as all the attention was soon turned to him. Crossing his arms than flicking them apart everything on both sides was leveled. Mabsuh dashed to his feet quickly charging he leaped in the air and swung a massive sledge hammer at Darius face.

"That all you got," Darius frowned the weapon stopped an inch away from his face. He held his hand behind him as His Katana raised into his hand. He waved his Hand over his blade as he noticed the Fallen Angels were converging on his position as well as the other recovering. Swing his Blade one slash to the right and then following one to the left. A large recent Shape leaped from each swing slicing down both sides of the army. Most had dodged by now a good portion of the invading force was now dead or injured. Mabush tried to pull himself away when he was suddenly floating in front of Darius. Ignoring the panic stricken look on the man's face he flexed his fingers and tossed the man back. Twisting with one long Swing he finished of the invading forces.

"Incredable," Zack murmured out as the rest of the army gathered on the outer wall in shock. Darius looked at the Wall to see three long slash marks. The three attacks did a well enough job but the cuts were very poor.

"I suppose if have something to work on," he frowned as he walked back to the hole he had created.

"Darius," Chanted Zack, as he pumped his fist in the air, The Chant was soon joined in "Darius, Darius, Darius," The now growing number of people started to chant. Darius allowed a small smirk as he tried to take a step forward only to stumbled to the ground.

Zack quickly dropped to the ground and quickly helped the man to his feet. "Okay everyone start gathering up the bodies we need to rebuild the outer wall," Zack ordered everyone quickly complied as Chrest walked over and put an arm around her neck. Zack complied as well and the two quickly helped Darius back to the base.

"Well now that was fairly entertaining," Elleana chuckled as Mabush limped onto the helicopter, Mabush glared at her but said nothing as he sat down in his chair and strapped himself in.

"Bad news Adam your plan didn't work," Mabush frowned as he talked into the head set he was putting on.

"Hardly, I control every soldier on the field, but from this distance my reaction time is extremely slow. However when the final fight comes I will be much more prepared for battle," Adam frowned. "I had hoped to weed on some more of their men before they started down the path to the final fight,"

"So once again I am used to weed out the weak," Mabush frowned, in disgust.

"I would hardly care soon there will be more blood to suit your needs," Adam dismissed,

"I want a fight the drives me to my breaking point once again, he has not killed me. Darius is hardly what I seek in a fight," Mabush growled. "I miss Rome there I had a line of worthy opponents some returned again and again for glorious battles. Her I am nothing but a garbage man," He slumped in his chair.

"You're so pathetic, we are trying to change the world, not satisfy you," Elleana rolled her eyes at the man finding nothing interesting about death or destruction.

"For someone so set on change you have worked the most to prevent it," Mabush challenged. "Why you are here is still beyond me," He muttered.

Adam hung up the line uninterested with their spat, he stood up from his metallic throne Phylor was standing not too far away. With a simple thought he bent the once proud man to his will and he followed him out onto a balcony. EH smiled as he took in the view. The outer walls were almost 50 yards high, and they still looked small before him a single long pyramid stretched to it height length supported him as he looked over the area. Sandstone building filled with equipment and men stretched out between him and the 10 Yard thick wall. The area was amazing and soon he would add to the army he was building with the remnants of this opposing fraction.

"Soon Kami, you will face me," Adam smirked to himself, as he looked back at Psylor, "What do you think after we get rid of this army I think we should continue building up are navy and we shall sail to Eden and crush this god in his own home,"

"An excellent plan, my Lord," Phylor forced out, his eyes glaring at Adam in pain,

"Yes your old student has proven very skilled I wonder if the fates will alow you your final fight with him," Adam mussed out load. "I bet it will, the world has a way of building things to a climax like that. Still it seems so poor for the world to be so predictable," Adam frowned as he returned to his room monitors littered the area like books in a library.

"What do expect, all must play there parts," Phylor frowned fighting every word that came out of his mouth.

"Sometimes I think you can read my mind, Phylor, I really do. Cause every time you tell me exactly what I want to here," Adam smirked to himself as he returned to his position a small blueprint for a large transportation ship appearing in front of him.

Daean quickly leaped out of the Truck as he stopped dead, a large pile of bodies were lying out near the side of the wall.

"Dude, what the hell happened here?" asked Lucius as he looked around,

"We should check to see what happened, Daean I believe Darius is laying in his courts could you go get him, we have a meeting to attend," Sam instructed Daean nodded and quickly dashed for the main gate.

"Okay everyone help with the Burials, Sarten if you would be so kind," Lucius ordered, Sarten rolled up his sleeves as he wrinkled his noise.

"I really hate this job," he frowned thinking of the smell from the dead bodies.

The table was now completely covered in files as one had to dig just to see the metallic top. Alicia had been pulling out maps and documents to try and find any leftover information on the base.

"Here," Alicia frowned, it was a small file that Darius took he was still shaking all over from two days ago but he couldn't complain when he first woke up he went right back to sleep.

"That explained, the outer walls are littered with laser turrets those things would fry anything that tries to get close. With the one exception for that one path way locked up and surrounded by explosives," Darius sighed,

"With are luck he will set the whole thing off the moment we enter the area," Frowned Nicholas as Darius passed the file.

"We could Have Lucius create a secondary amount of earth to walk around us that way if any explosions do go of we have support as well as protection," Big Mama offered.

"That could work but I would be very tired if anything did go off," Lucius frowned, "It may be easier to do maybe six to twelve at a time," Lucius offered not to bother by the idea.

"I could activate the codes myself," Nicholas offered, "With my hard skin if he activates when we open the door. As long as the cave doesn't come down around my ears I should be fine,"

"Sounds acceptable, However according to this it's a wide open path with two sniper towers almost a foot ball field high. No cover will be a big issue," Alicia realized.

"The shields should hold but the Gates will be a big problem we will need an infiltration team or something cause if those gates don't open. Well are shields won't be able to hold forever," Sam pointed out.

"To high for a decent stair case they would be able to take out any structure I create with enough time," Lucius frowned,

"I could get in," Chrest offered. "I could turn into water slip inside and fight the controls," Chrest admitted.

"You would be on your own the area that controls the gates will be heavily guarded," Darius warned.

"We have nothing better, and once those gates open it will be one massive clash between the armies, so who wants to lead the charge when we get those gates open?" asked Hope.

"This sounds like it is going to be a blood bath," Dr. Eyes frowned, Justine as well as a few others agreed.

"I think its best we each take some time off and prepare are selves for what could possibly be are final days," Sam offered, "This isn't going to be easy and not everyone has family but all the same if you have anything you want to do now would be the time to do it," Sam informed a few nodded in agreement but nobody spoke up.

"Well if there is nothing to worry about, I have some place I would like to visit," Daean admitted as he stood up. "I will be back in time for the dead line," Daean admitted as he thought back to his home. If he was going to march into hell he was going to say his piece to his father and mother first.

"Fair enough," Sam nodded, Daean exited as the others started to fill out. Alicia stood up as well when a hand caught her shoulder.

"I 'O' Sam, let me guess you think now would be a good time for that date," She smiled Sam nodded giving her weak smile."Well let me get my things and I guess we can find some place relax," Dairus frowned at this but said nothing as he walked away as well. Each had their own destination in mind as Hope Staid sitting.

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